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nations in the last two weeks and he has left it to his subordinates like acting white house chief of staff nick mulvaney to weigh in on what the president's thinking let's say for sake of this discussion that the democrats prevail and the hardcore left wing democrats prevail it was a democrat congresswoman who put out a ten yesterday about zero dollars for da jessel let's say that the hardcore left wing of the democrat party prevails in this negotiation and they put a bill on the president's desk with c.z. money for the wall or eight hundred million some absurdly low number how does he sign that he cannot in good faith sign that it takes a presidential signature i'm sure and spending bill that can you imagine senate republicans would go along with a proposal like that are you that skeptical of senate republican i don't think so but you asked me a question if the shutdown entirely off the table the answer's no. and that no answer is certainly not what americans want to hear here marian because this last government shutdown that lasted thirty five days was very painful for the nation
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and costly to trump who the majority of americans in polls have indicated blame trump for that shutdown marian thank you very much heidi joe castro in washington you with al jazeera live from london more still to come on the program three and a half years after his death alan courage is name lives on the side of right and rescue ship. and why north macedonia is rewriting its textbooks and we live in a company long minutes. hello welcome to the look at the international forecast the weather remains set there across southern parts of china largely clear skies here further north that's where we have the thick of cloud standing its way and we also have a bit of wintry weather as well still
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a fair bit of snow here people on the move of course for the and of the lulu new year new year celebrations where some wintry weather will continue then as we go through choose day in shanghai turns a little milder it turns a lot wetter down into the southeast we'll see temperatures around twenty three celsius there for hong kong as a sunshine continues also sunshine to across the good parts of india down to the south a few showers here and some really heavy rain recently into sri lanka hundred millimeters of rain there in twenty four hours the worst of that is in the process of easing away quietly and down more the west sunshine coming through a lot of sunshine further north as i said we have got some sickening cloud just spilling out of pakistan into the northwest of india could well see some flooding coming in here possibly some snow as well as that wintry mix musical's northern pakistan that makes its way into the north of india twenty one celsius again for new delhi further south is fun enjoy or not poor at thirty one degrees.
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billions of dollars have been stolen from malaysia meet the whistleblower who exposed big deals and criminal cover ups. when east investigates the world's biggest heist. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are.
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welcome back a quick look at top stories this hour now the united states and russia have come up with counter proposals to end the political crisis in venezuela the u.s. is calling for elections while nicolas maduro is still president but russia's plan expresses concern that any attempts to use force to topple him. kurdish led forces backed by the u.s. are trying to push eisel from its last book piece of territory in eastern syria. and the un secretary general has told african beat is that they're setting an example to rich countries in their treatment of refugees and trying to get terrorists made the comments at the start of the african union summit in ethiopia where subjects of refugees will be key on the agenda. now benjamin netanyahu says he intends to introduce what israel is calling its pay to slay law within a week it would allow deductions from the tax money israel raises for the palestinian authority for every person convicted of carrying out attacks against israel the
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p.l.o. office compensation to people who were convicted of those attacks if it would cut revenue to the authority which is thought to be about three hundred thirty million dollars a year in response palestinians have threatened to refuse all revenue they receive from israel carry force it has more from west jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu has long argued against and attacked the palestinian leadership over what it says is a system of welfare payments to palestinian prisoners and what the israeli government characterizes as a form of incitement to carry out attacks against israelis this is the week that he says that this law will come into effect and that next sunday in the next israeli security cabinet meeting is when the first calculation will be made in terms of withholding some of the money that israel raises in taxes for the palestinian authority and pays to the palace in authority every month there has been some controversy over this even within israeli circles wide reports that israeli
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security establishment is worried about the withholding of the money about the effects on potential effects on security cooperation between israeli security services and the palestinian authority in the occupied west bank of course there's also been a reaction from the p.a. as well they say that this is nothing short of israeli piracy and is being done in concert with the americans to inflict further pressure on the palestinians ahead of the rollout of the trump peace plan nonetheless we are in election season at a time when benjamin netanyahu is trying to portray himself as the man of the right with a tough line against the palestinians in opposition to the way he's trying to characterize his main rival benny gantz the former israeli army chief who means trying to say is of the weak left and as well is that there have been a series of attacks tarried out in recent weeks and even over this weekend there's been an attack in which a palestinian or other an israeli nineteen year old woman was killed by
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a palestinian man in a forest southwest of jerusalem the suspect who was after apprehended in ramallah in the occupied west bank on saturday according to israeli media he has reenacted the crime has admitted to a sexual assault and murder this is a crime which is really outraged a huge number of israelis the police are saying they are so. really examining a political motive no direct calling of this as a terror attack by the israeli prime minister just yet either from hamas in gaza and the palestinian authority in the west bank either nonetheless there has been a huge reaction to this and for you know to have delayed the imposition of this law at this time will be politically very difficult for. iran says it's going to expand its missile program despite warnings from the united states you know it's meant was time to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of the islamic revolution that toppled the shah and ushered in decades of hostility between the two powers say in a honda reports now from toronto it has been forty years since the revolution that
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changed the face of this nation iran's pro he policy was reversed little has changed since opposition to the u.s. and israel are still very much part of iran's foreign policy. we shouldn't have a relationship with the us and israel we have a problem with these two countries we are independent and that's why they are putting pressure on us. relations between washington and to her on are at an all time low since president donald trump took office and we imposed sanctions after withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal signed by world powers western sanctions have been a fact of life for decades ever since the storming of the u.s. embassy in tehran in one nine hundred seventy nine and the ensuing hostage crisis but iranians are hurting. we need relations with other countries so that people are not unemployed when rouhani came to power he visited many countries if some allowed
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him to continue everything would be better the iranian leadership did back president hassan rouhani is engagement with the west that led to the nuclear deal it was supposed to usher in a new era in relations until the u.s. withdrew. for years although i told our officials in closed meetings and people publicly that we shouldn't trust american officials promises smiles and signatures we know about the europeans i'm not saying we should not have relations with them but we shouldn't trust them he has been open. to resolving difficulties that iran has with the united states for many years and that's why you got the new and that's why towards the end of. a speech talking about resolving issues if this first step worked out the problem is that the first step the. there seems to be little optimism about the future especially because of what iran's supreme leader considers
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a hostile us administration and its hostile policies towards this country the revolution is about ending western influence in iraq its author is then wanted to explore the ideals to the world by doing that iran are in the enemies it is being he was meddling in the internal affairs of neighboring states and the united states uses iraq i think the greatest threat in the middle east. iran is involved in wars across the region where it backs mainly proxies to her own says it is about countering u.s. and israeli dominance some arab governments see it differently iran's regional ambitions transform the middle east in fact some iranian officials don't shy away from boasting about arab capitals now being part of the islamic revolution. south korea's government has signed a short term agreement to increase the amount it pays to keep u.s.
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troops on the peninsula it follows demands by president donald trump for seoul to pay more towards maintaining the twenty eight thousand military personnel stationed across the country one year deal will have to be approved by parliament. thousands of. areas protested in budapest as viktor orban gave his annual state of the union address most of them are opposed to what they call the slave law a reform pushed by the prime minister to address the country's labor shortage it will allow companies to demand extra hours of overtime from their employees or values the speech to announce a raft of new tax and loan benefits aimed at helping families and increasing the country's birth rate now rescue ship operating the mediterranean has been renamed kurdi after the syrian toddler who died trying to reach europe in two thousand and fifteen the image of the three year old's body washed up on a turkish beach spot global outrage and came to a pit in lies the plight of those fleeing war boy's father abdullah cody has been
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in majorca for the naming ceremony thousands of refugees have died trying to reach europe from turkey and north africa david to has more from new york. the naming ceremony of this ship behind me was a very moving intimates almost informal occasion but for ireland's father. it real work all those very painful memories and we saw him sitting on the dock side his head in his hands going through all those emotions a very difficult time for him also because now so many ports in the mediterranean are closing to the refugees these rescue ships like the one named after island behind me are now being child in the state can't even rescue people at sea anymore because there are so many legal challenges to their operations so a very hard time for
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a dollar for the so many other families who are desperately trying to reach the safety of europe but to describe the situation i had with me the the spokesperson for the sea ice charity from germany which is allowing the ship to go out with adams name on it let's hear what she said about the situation now two thousand fifteen was a year where that a lot of arrivals since then it's dropped but also there's really how do you say the number of cases which are not even known because most ships especially when rescue ships are blocked we don't even know how many ships leave libya and how many make it or you don't make it is really difficult to see you have an overview but i think that every family and every boy like alan krueger who lost his life is one too much and it's not even about how many it's there is even one person having to do this journey and counting and not getting help then that's already too much so
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the ports of europe are closing to the refugees the challenges are still ongoing about how to rescue those who are getting out of the north coast of libya who are trying to find freedom but even in the european union there's no coherent policy no union a talk about how they should deal with this problem a tragic time for the ship to be setting out with an insane. tens of thousands of people have taken part in a demonstration in madrid organized by right wing parties the protest is a calling for tougher measures against catalonia of the region's campaign to split from spain last week minister pedro sanchez announced a plan to appoint an intermediary for talks with separatist center right popular party says this amounts to treason is calling for elections scheduled for twenty twenty to be brought forward. a journalist and vocal critic of pakistan's government has been arrested outside his home in lahore or is one of the son says
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his father was beaten by officers as they took him away on saturday police say he's being investigated for posting defamatory content on social media journalists in pakistan say they're working in an increasingly hostile climate on the prime minister in iran cone now north macedonia has not only changed its name it's also reviewing its own history when six months the young country must rename state institutions rewrite school textbooks and even relabel public monuments but the opposition criticizes the move as tampering with the nation's identity john psaropoulos reports now from scott. these students at lousy state school are learning about an a star she was kind of a hero of the greek war of independence against the ottoman empire at least that's how he is taught in greek schools one hundred fifty kilometers south of here but here in scope here he is taught as a balkan freedom fighter from the south macedonian region what is today greek
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macedonia that is one of many educational issues a joint commission of historians from greece and north macedonia are to resolve before this country's new school textbooks are printed in september the most controversial issue is how schools here will teach about alexander the great need them the disparities i believe that when we teach the era of alexander the great we must go out cosmopolitanism rather than teach in a way that provokes nationalism the main point is not young says to hate each other but to communicate when politicians talk about history i'm not sure anything good will come of it the last time politicians here talked about history they claimed alexander as a macedonian but not a greek hero and spent a billion dollars on statues and public buildings befitting the pedigree they used the name macedonia which is the same as greece's northern region and raised fears of claims on its territory and its history two years ago that government led by the
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right wing via morrow party fell from power the social democrats who stepped in made a deal with neighboring greece to rename the country north macedonia and drop the claim to enchant culture finally tang's got the we are out we are free of the cage that the previous government tried to install in our people's mind that we were some kind of agent muscling us but we speak slavic language you know. the most important with disagreement we say if our and improve our identity our language and we. should be proud of that the opposition via morrow still disagrees for me this is a republican letter going here maybe officially i will have some something kills in the in the in the my face but as for fishel papers i'm still learning the book know who or who they are in macedonia. know where they belong and from where from where they belong north macedonia is
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a country in search of its past it is surrounded by the strong national identities of the greeks albanians gary and serbs they have already claimed every balkan hero and woven their national narratives what is more important those narratives into lock the north macedonian narrative is still being written some raw material for that narrative is to be found in the national museum here are coins with the head of alexander minted in greece but excavated in north macedonia roman byzantine and are also here testifying that empires held sway over this land for twenty three centuries until nationalism was violently thrust upon it jumps at all plus al-jazeera scorpio. just a quick recap the top stories this hour now united states and russia have come up with counter proposals to end the political crisis in venezuela the u.s.
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is calling for elections while nicolas maduro is still president and a draft resolution at the u.n. security council it's also seeking the delivery of aid russia's counter plan expresses concern any attempts to use force to topple the douro opposition leader one power no date has been set for a vote on the last draft meanwhile that israel is opposition leader has been taking part in a religious ceremony in caracas why don't declare himself interim leader of venezuela last month dozens of countries have since indorsed him he says he will look at using volunteers to open up new aid routes into the country in defiance of the government and other top stories kurdish forces backed by the u.s. are trying to push i still from its last bits of territory in eastern syria twenty thousand civilians have been moved to safer areas but hundreds are still thought to be at risk if fence of is focused on the village of near the border with iraq the u.n. secretary general has told african leaders that setting an example to rich countries
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in the treatment of refugees and turn you could terrorists made the comments at the start of the african union summit in ethiopia where refugees will be the main one of the main topics. or the microsoft founder bill gates whose foundation is extensively involved in funding projects in africa also spoke summit my focus is on the opportunity. of the human capital here in africa that have the right things are done with the young people in terms of health and education that there's a very bright future for the continent there's a lot of great examples here. who've done an amazing job getting their primary health care system working and you know no reason why that can't be done in in all fifty four countries. and benjamin netanyahu says he intends to introduce what israel is calling its pay to slay law within a week it would allow deductions from the tax money israel raises for the palestinian authority for every person convicted of carrying out attacks against
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israel if passed it would cut revenue to the authority which is thought to be about three hundred seventy million dollars a year well those are the top stories coming up next on al-jazeera it's one i want to east. it's been branded the world's biggest heist at least four point five billion dollars stolen from malaysia's sovereign wealth fund one indeed. the former prime minister najib razak faces almost forty criminal charges. and
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a malaysian financier jolo is wanted by authorities in malaysia singapore and the united states. i'm steve cho on this episode a one on one east we investigate the deals and alleged criminal cover ups that rob malaysians of billions of dollars and track down the accidental hero who blew the whistle and. it's been a massive full full malaysia's former prime minister not to preside. ousted from power in may last year he's banned from leaving the country and his family homes have been raided. police seizing two hundred and seventy million dollars worth of cash and luxury goods to be good at a lot of gifts it was or not fair you know to parade and to put a value on the steam's as far as i'm concerned i was not doing anything wrong.
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but his knowledge of resample faces mounting challenges a name asis from the past slip seems like up at. kuala lumpur. name is just. the swiss national informant bank it turned businessman is regarded as a hero in what's being dubbed the new malaysia today xavi just is a keynote speaker at an anti corruption summit he provided the crucial evidence exposing the lead scam that saw more than four point five billion dollars siphoned out of malaysia's sovereign wealth fund one aimed. at putting against criminals can be very dangerous they would do anything to keep the money they have no limits
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and with this they took everything from us i spent ten months in jail and they made my wife suffer long they. they still binion's from poor people and just because. i have to forget no they have to pay. home in switzerland the shore of lake geneva offers the serenity xaverian his wife noura crying. the past three and a half years have been tumultuous as the couple found themselves in broiled in malaysia's financial scandal. their nightmare began in twenty fifteen when they were living in thailand and building a resort. laura was visiting family in switzerland with their eight month old son when the thai police arrested her husband for real doria when i went to work or. through matter of time. and the second i
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knew he was arrested i knew it was because it was already and i could feel it was going to be bigger than. than what it was. petro saudi is a company at the heart of malaysia's stolen billion in two thousand and nine it entered into a one point eight billion dollars joint venture with one aim to be. the deal was struck on a make a yacht in the mediterranean on board the now fugitive malaysian financier an alleged mastermind. then prime minister. and his wife rose. in the hosts petro saudi cofounders prince turki a son of the late king of saudi arabia and to record. at the time to record bade
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was one of saving is best friends february two thousand. contacted me a couple of times. office because they signed a deal with the malaysian money and they needed directly the guy that you could trust. to run to run the company. xavi went to work with a record by eight and another director patrick mahoney. but seven months into the job he says things started to sour it said that if you receive a lot of money you become crazy that's a fact i saw the direct starting with buying a flat after you bought. renting your in the south of france it's probably unfamiliar euros week everything becomes like extravaganza so i started to treat me like a star he was treating other people very bad xavier
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resigned april twentieth levon he says he was only two point five million dollars and to ensure he played he had more than two hundred thirty thousand confidential emails downloaded from the company server on to a hard drive. again there were a lot of money involved. the access to the financial doctors of purple so they were going to be what would be i would worry until. three years later he says he still hadn't been paid so he began looking for a potential buyer for the dark. british journalist claire brown had already been investigating suspected corruption behind one in d b what first caught my eye was the fact that the young son a step son of the prime minister of malaysia had been targeted as the producer of
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one of hollywood's most expensive movies the reason or is it is a step son of knowledge of resign act and one of the producers of the twenty thirteen one hundred million dollar hollywood blockbuster wolf of wall street he was claiming he put his own money in and there was really no there was no money behind trees so where was this money coming from and looking into it deeper i had very quickly ascertained that at resist side there was this young financial jonah lomu who was connected to one n.d.p. as the advisor so what i was asking was a very simple question to begin with were the missing billions that no one could account for that had disappeared from one and were they in any way linked to the tens of millions that suddenly the stepson of the prime minister was able to invest in this film about theft and large tracts. those search for
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answers led her to a meeting with xavier in twenty fourteen i went to bangkok and i met this strange man in the middle of bangkok who someone of war may be a russian mafia she was scared and i was going to be in a world that it. luckily that my hunch was correct and it was a former director of patricide none other than. he explained how he gradually had begun to realize there was something very troubling about this joint venture with one m.t.p. . he started to show me some of his emails that he had from this data base. the one in d.b. petro saudi deal struck on the yacht required when major to initially invest one billion dollars in the joint venture and petro saudi to contribute energy concessions valued at almost three billion dollars. it's very easy
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and i listen at money what they did the bin in the front company something that could appear very legal and they found this very beautiful name. it looks like it's the official oil company of saudi arabia that's the only quality but. it is beautiful name so the frame of this gun was established. the emails showed those billions of dollars were the petro saudi energy concessions had been hugely and fraudulently overvalued something's a.v.o. always suspected and now believed was crucial to the alleged criminal scam in two thousand and nine. you can hold and ask me if i knew a company or a guy that could evaluate petrel so the four to billions. i said no
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way i'm going to us. a company that is worth pretty much nothing for the billions but it seems mahoney in a ballet got what they wanted by restricting the work of the value asia is cause of work is to have value. the number of households not. the owner of the typo three just overlooking something is nothing i can see. they're giving privileges of i said that is not but it's not belonging to the scheme. and xavi is cash of documents revealed even more fraudulent activity he was flicking through very quickly and there was there was one sort of bank transfer notice i quote i said to him can we go back and look at that because there was a seven an awful lot of zeros i'm assuming it was
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a seven hundred thousand dollar transfer but actually was there as an extra three cirrus on that was it a seven hundred million dollar transfer and he said yeah seven hundred million. the dart it clearly showed that only three hundred million of malaysia's one billion dollars cash investment made it into the joint venture account. seven hundred million winched to a suite spank account controlled by none other then joe lo who you should of all the red flags like. the money goes through the account and wanted to. go it's longer. according to the daughter tens of millions then allegedly flowed from there to to record and on to prince turki and patrick mahoney. and unknowing to the world back then also as the u.s.
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department of justice alleges into malaysia's then prime minister knowledge of reserve acts personal bank account because they were there with a well. but a symbol of the of the money. the channels the bank accounts and that's when i saw that enormous number being transferred to a company that belonged to that it was an offshore instrument belonging to. that was when i knew i had a earth shattering story. but very real wanted two point five million dollars before he'd give her the dollar i'm not sending this to your back bidder this is worth a lot of one just want to recover my money that i knew this was a story i couldn't just turn away from just because i didn't have a few million dollars in the end one of southeast asia's biggest media financial crepes got in touch and told me that they wanted.


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