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tv   Boko Haram Huntress  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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it was a seven hundred thousand dollar transfer but actually was there as an extra three series on that was it a seven hundred million dollar transfer and he said yeah seven hundred million. the dart it clearly showed that only three hundred million of malaysia's one billion dollars cash investment made it into the joint venture account. seven hundred million winched to a switch bank account controlled by none other then joe law. you should of all the red flags. go through and wanted to. go it's longer. according to the daughter tens of millions then allegedly flowed from there to to record birthday and on to prince turki and patrick mahoney. and are no into the world back then also as the u.s.
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department of justice alleges into malaysia's then prime minister najib resign x. personal bank account because the were there with a well. but a symbol of the of the money. the channels the bank accounts and that's when i saw that enormous number being transferred to a company that belonged to that it was an offshore instrument belonging to. that was when i knew i had a earth shattering story. but very real wanted to point five million dollars before he'd give her the dardar i'm not sending this to the bidder this is worth a lot of one just want to recover my money. i knew this was a story i couldn't just turn away from just because i didn't have a few million dollars in the end one of southeast asia's biggest media financial crepes got in touch and told me that they wanted to speak to us and what would be
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interested in buying salvias story. in february twenty fifth dina deal was done xavier was promised to million dollars by the media conglomerate andrew castle brown left with a copy of the data a few days later she published her first story heist of the century four months later xavier was jailed in thailand on a charge of attempted blackmail against petro saudi it was a terrible shock and there were some very very terrifying pictures i mean he's surrounded by heavily armed guards he was in handcuffs he was being he was being paraded for the malaysian media so therefore you could see that there was conspiracy here at the highest levels. back in malaysia then prime minister najib resign was facing a leadership crisis as he tried to explain one m. degrees mind boggling fifteen billion dollar debt.
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xavi is a wrist was the start of a relentless campaign to discredit the former insider petrocelli announced it was a victim of a crime by an unscrupulous ex employee and hired a dart a security expert who then discredited castle brown t. stated to the world media that i had forged the data and that i had doctored it and that there was you know that i was lying and it was. that these things were being said so i knew something incredibly awkward was going on at a very high level and clearly hugely funded. and things would become even more or just designed a video was about to go into court to apply for bail. while
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. ok but they're open and there's are in this guy. from scotland yard he's an international investigation it's between you between malaysia and thailand the government does increasing wrong but we need you to corporate with us you have to plead guilty. otherwise you go to prison. i'm not going to prison i'm not going to plead guilty of things i haven't done that that's ridiculous. xavier was denying to pale and jail what he didn't know at the time was the englishman the so-called paul scott was not a scotland yard officer but instead a security consultant employed by petro saudi who seemingly had influence over time . i couldn't speak to no one. give me even where he worth. thousands of kilometers away in switzerland nora
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turned to claire rukh also brown for hope. we sat down and i you know and together i wrote the real story against what was being poured out against him in in malaysia and we published that. but then came a phone call for laura from the so-called poor scotch he was with xavier calling from the prison in thailand to tell her scotland yard was on the case laura told me yes they're the same all the savio nice to do is to cooperate with the strategy of the scotland yard detectives to a little crime receive a slap on the wrist at this point i'm beginning to think why is the scotland yard detective asking survey to mit to something and nor someone i don't know but we have to put our trust in them in the hands because so obvious telling me i have to cooperate in prison in bangkok xavi a was cooperating meeting the
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so-called paul's guard and patrick mahoney regularly xavier's says paul dictated a confession it cleared petro saudi and one him to be of any wrongdoing and implicated rew castle brown in a plot to bring down malaysia's prime minister najib resign ak i would have to confess whatever they wanted you have no idea what is the job you have to live up to understand i really wanted to go home to be with my wife and with my son. a bang directions xavier was marched out for a few carefully selected media interviews. a paper closely aligned with malaysia's then ruling party was first stop if you read the interview it's the same structure i started out. i'm a bad guy i'm
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a greedy guy you know the that i've been manipulated i work with journalists bloggers in court the nation with the opposition when most of the point he said class tampered with the thought well you know that's one of those moments i knew i hadn't i knew he knew i hadn't so i knew exactly what was going on i'd taken my own sort of journalistic route to establish by that time that there was no official scotland yard investigation even though the tar i police was saying that they had british scotland yard detectives working with them on the case in bangkok realised that we were talking about an extraordinary conspiracy the most oday shifts conspiracy. the one in t.v. scandal was escalating rapidly phonology brazil news breaking around the world and
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that almost seven hundred million dollars had been deposited into his personal bank account. just as the attorney general was reportedly preparing to charge him with misappropriating one m.t.b. funds the prime minister sacked him from the position it was not merely because charges were about to be double that i had not been fully interviewed and if charges were double before full investigation that's not probable. in orcus twenty fifteen under normal pressure xavier just pleaded guilty ensuring he'd be locked away until after malaysia's next general election i remember it was in the morning. and foreigner. through here couldn't believe.
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just think. with angry with i was being played with being forced to do things i didn't want. my husband i was alone and desperate i had my son there was only three i think it was one of the. of the worst time of my life. but laura didn't cut ties with petro saudi she says they were now promising an early release for her husband patrick called me and he was i mean but you know it's we had to do that for the press for the shaw don't worry you will celebrate christmas song with your husband. and you know this that's the
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point where. you know i have to have a backup plan. and corporate of the thing i was making sure that everything was recorded to make sure that if when the i could prove when they're done. laurie says patrick mahoney pressured her to download an application on her phone so she could record conversations with clear blue castle brown that could then be used to incriminate the journalist. actually i managed to record them . who they are pretty in a way because they forgot that every time they would call me it would've been recorded. many of the recordings are now evidence for criminal complaints the couple have filed in switzerland and the united kingdom and have also been shared with other old thora g.'s including the f.b.i.
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the prime minister of malaysia was often the subject of discussion so this is patrick mahoney and me he's saying that everyone is is in a lot of troubles and the prime minister of malaysia basically is in and it's a lot of troubles because of what they've. said many christian groups. that. he. it seems they are sixteen simulate traveler don't they need lawyers will take care of what are its. that you know it's just that in the cities or people who propose for you that has. a propensity to stop. laura plays another recording with patrick mahoney he tells her he's going to be sent the list of questions the malaysian police will ask xavier when they
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interview him in prison. or survive the case sure. just short sprigg and start. you can see the access he has to prison because paul is going to be sent to a few days before this interview with the malaysian police to prepare him he then tells laura that her husband must stick to the story they have been telling credible kind of civilization. for just a few. finally eighteen months after his arrest xavier was released not because of petro saudi but rather a royal amnesty from the time i keep. them the chair in the gulf you're a free man expelled from the country as a free man. so. you have not the other feeling just hearing it was
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not from the prison. where three were free it's amazing really the lives finished and we started. the fight for the truce. so it was and the third chapter a very bad one. and it was the beginning of a new one. as xaverian noura rebuild their lives at least six countries around the world are investigating one m.t.b. linked to corruption and charges a being lied. to unnamed petro saudi officials are under investigation in switzerland for fraud money laundering and bribery of foreign officials. to record data and the so-called pull scott whose real name is paul finnegan didn't respond to the allegations put forward by one or one ace through his lawyers
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patrick mahoney denies all allegations made against him and any wrongdoing. neither petro salaries headquarters nor former co now prince turki responded to our attempts to contact them. through his media adviser joe no declined to be interviewed i do think they. know there are on the regime this clip at the government as being expected and everything's thanks to the. recently xavier received two million dollars from the malaysian media conglomerate but one wonders if the petro saudi direct is had paid say via the money he says he was on whether the walls biggest heist would have ever been exposed i don't know
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that's that's a beautiful question and if i want to. i will tell you of course i would have given that that. i don't you can go back in the story. al jazeera. where every.
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take the woods possible material eurabia grounded into dust comparable to flour and make a pillow and put it into place where people live the physical a loss and. as well and so many people are thinking this is the silent heat. but doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a movie we have created an enormous and little mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. the united states and russia offer viable resolutions on how to solve venezuela's pundits or christs.
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this is al jazeera live from the headquarters in doha i'm fully back t. ball also coming up. the final push to force i saw out of syria u.s. spots forces prepare for a ground battle. israel says it will implement a controversial new law that will cost palestinians millions of dollars and signs that the u.s. may be moving towards another government shutdown. the united states is seeking to foresee issue of a deliver. three to venezuela using a u.n. security council resolution there's deadlock over a consignment of aid that remain stuck at the border with colombia there's any maturer has accused the u.s. of using aid as a political tool to destabilize his government meanwhile venezuela's opposition leader who has been taking part in
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a religious ceremony in caracas this sunday declared himself interim leader venezuela last month and dozens of countries around the world have since indoor same he says a look at using volunteers to open new aids routes into venezuela in defiance of the government let's get the latest from theresa bowles in caracas for a series of tell us first the status of the aid at the colombia venezuela border right now and will it go far enough to help the people in need in venezuela. well that's the big question now what will happen with the aid and whether it be able to enter the country at all because as we know the government is saying that it won't let it and that aid that is supposed to be at the border is includes who did it include medicine among among other things and what we're hearing is that the opposition is trying to create what is the humanitarian corridor we know that doctors are already arriving at the border saying that they want to help secure a passage for that aid to reach mostly between one hundred fifty and two hundred
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thousand people the opposition says that those are the people that are at risk but it's not clear yet how they're going to pull this through the opposition has been trying to raise tension politically at the border trying to force the military that are over there to decide on which side they stand this trying to create a breaking point let's not forget not more now the military here remains loyal to the government and with a lot modeled on what the opposition is trying to achieve is to make them take sides. if the president declares manure accuses of course the u.s. of using this as a political tool if it gets through to resell what impact will it have on the political situation in venezuela whether they achieve its objective of weakening nicolas maduro. well would have to see what happens with that but what is clear is that there is a political agenda here by the opposition and as i said before trying to pressure
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the military to have so much needed aid on one side of the border and the military on the other side not allowing it to come in for one way though this means that if that aid comes into the country he would be able to provide some type of relief to some people and without having real power in the country but for the government that aid over there were present the real threat that the government has been denouncing over and over again that humanitarian aid has a political it is at the hands of the united states the intention is to intervene venezuela politically to get control of its natural resources the big question is if that aids arrives then how what what will happen in the next few days but what's certain this is going to raise tensions between the government and the opposition that's already calling for more demonstrations we heard. today when he was a mass saying already that they're getting ready for more demonstrations they will begin on monday a massive demonstration today in that act and all around the country demanding the
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government to allow that aid site so many venezuelans desperately need thank you very much for that theresa bill reporting there live from caracas and a partially loaded or oil tanker from sarge arabia is due to arrive in venezuela in the next twenty four hours the vessel can carry up to two million barrels of oil or oil shipments between the two countries are extremely rare russia talking is an independent oil an energy consultant and former opec official he says there is nothing unusual about a transaction. they have their own light oil fields but maybe not enough to provide the mixture to for the late macabre area or for the already norco belt so these are the provinces within venezuela that have heavy oil and extra heavy oil and their operations vary and again i repeat that the fact that they could get in there used to get night oil from the united states now they could get it from somewhere else my guess at the beginning was that maybe the saudi carrier is bringing extra light
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oil from saudi arabia in anticipation of the us sanctions they've had to transition to buy it from the. in other world news kurdish led forces backed by the us are trying to push eyesore from his last pocket of territory in eastern syria twenty thousand civilians have been evacuated from the area held by the group that hundreds a still thought to be inside the offensive by the syrian democratic forces is focused on the village of ruggles near the border with iraq iran contra for some guy. border with syria. it's being called the final battle against isis caliphate that is underway in burgos village eastern syria the kurdish led syrian democratic forces or s.d.s. has the backing of american air power the s.d.f. say they surrounded the villages in the early hours of something morning defeated nice a counterattack and now are inside the village commanders a confident that this will be isis last stand. this battle will be sealed in the
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next coming days. most of the terrorist impacted as a foreigner in the last two months most two hundred cells in were arrested they were foreign. to the four we do there are varying numbers the current to civilians who are leaving by tuesday maybe about a thousand civilians in between five hundred six hundred terrorists so that means that maybe close to two thousand or three thousand civilians eisel once controlled large parts of syria and iraq but a concerted campaign by regional and international forces has forced them back to a small area around the village of booze while s.d.f. military commanders are promoting this as the end of eisel many experts believe the group will continue to pose a threat president trump has been very clear to say that this is to kill off it that is being destroyed not isis to terrorist groups which will continue to survive and as we know isis members have fled to yemen to libya nigeria they're there
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they're scattered about the middle east but of course this is the we believe there are several thousand left scattered around. rockets syria and many of them are foreign fighters. but humanitarian challenges will continue long after the fighting ends around twenty thousand people have been forced from their homes ahead of this old who's including the families of eisel fighters they'll join thousands more in refugee camps where conditions are dire due to chronic shortages of food and medicines much of the country's infrastructure is in ruins and these people won't know when they'll be allowed to return home it's likely the eisel fighters will fight until the bitter end in any reading of ice and propaganda suggests that they are going to fight until the last month however this battle is far from over and the next coming days will be decisive. algis or doesn't it israel's prime minister says he intends to introduce a controversial new law within
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a week it's known as space and this is how it will work the palestinian authority now pays compensation to the families of those arrested by israel under the proposed law israel would deduct an amount equal to that compensation from tax funds it raises on behalf of the palestinian authority if the law is passed it would cut revenue to the authority by about three hundred thirty million dollars a year how the faucet has more from jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu has long argued against and attacked the palestinian leadership over what it says is a system of welfare payments to palestinian prisoners and what the israeli government characterizes as a form of incitement to carry out attacks against israelis this is the week that he says that this law will come into effect and that next sunday in the next israeli security cabinet meeting is when the first calculation will be made in terms of withholding some of the money that israel raises in taxes for the palestinian authority and pays to the palace in authority every month there has been some
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controversy over this even within israeli circles wide reports that israeli security establishment is worried about the withholding of the money about the effects on potential effects on security cooperation between israeli security services and the palestinian authority in the occupied west bank of course there's also been a reaction from the p.a. as well they say that this is nothing short of israeli piracy and is being done in concert with the americans to inflict further pressure on the palestinians ahead of the rollout of the trump peace plan nonetheless we are in election season at a time when benjamin netanyahu is trying to portray himself as the man of the right with a tough line against the palestinians in opposition to the way he's trying to characterize his main rival benny gantz the former israeli army chief who means trying to say is of the weak left and as well is that there have been a series of attacks carried out in recent weeks and even over this weekend there's
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been an attack in which a palestinian or other an israeli nineteen year old woman was killed by a palestinian man in a forest southwest of jerusalem the suspect was after apprehended in ramallah in the occupied west bank on saturday according to israeli media he has reenacted the crime has admitted to a sexual assault and murder this is a crime which is really outraged a huge number of israelis the police are saying they are so. really examining a political motive no direct calling of this as a terror attack by the israeli prime minister just yet no call it either from hamas in gaza or from the palestinian authority in the west bank either nonetheless there has been a huge reaction to this and for benjamin netanyahu to have delayed the imposition of this law at this time would be politically very difficult for him the u.n. secretary general has sold african leaders this setting an example to rich countries in their treatment of refugees and tony of the terrorists made the comments at the start of the african union summit in ethiopia where refugees will
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be one of the main topics bill gates also attended the summit and told leaders his foundation is ready to help the african union transform the continent and my focus is on the opportunity. of the human capital here in africa that at the right things are done with the young people in terms of health and education that there's a very bright future for the continent there's a lot of great examples here. who've done an amazing job getting their primary health care system working and you know no reason why that can't be done in in all fifty four countries al-jazeera has more now on the african union summit in addison . the opening session was addressed by president khatami of rwanda the outgoing african union chair and also the incoming african union chair president el-sisi of egypt spoke as well interestingly the second vice chair of the.


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