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tv   The Problem With Plastic  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2019 11:33am-12:01pm +03

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two point five percent year that means twenty five percent that they get that means in a century there will be nine states a little us as food items for in your and. that's when it is so and come back with you know so it way to solve this won't change our way of you know the culture and we nor the way that is what we call into great is this management it is this management the lateness we only use in sixty seconds with the at me that when greece and all of those of the. you know prague i think even time it's not something that happens if they every year you know betty crocker is not right if that happens only from time to time in this specific process under certain conditions and only then we can use seven sixty sides which have to be a certain size which are effective but also their government really friendly france so china has had io there speaking to us from sydney thank you very much francisco
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and congratulations on the report thank you very much. hungary's prime minister has called on voters to defend christian nations against immigration it's all ban has launched a rightwing campaign to get more gratian legislators into the european parliament elections are due in may outside the presidential palace one hundred cells and he government demonstrations they say the country is sliding away from democracy or ban announced tax breaks and generous subsidies to encourage families to raise more children well two very different movies have won big at the british academy film and television awards in london from the red carpet charlie and the reports. walking the red carpet for the back afterwards the british academy of film and television arts celebrities old and new hoping to see their work on it at the end of it and for the man who wrote directed shot and edited his own story came. the
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way to. unfold so who i know you thank you. thank the mexican director won best film best director best cinematography and best foreign language film for roma the tale of his childhood in one nine hundred seventy s. mexico city. yet. still a lot of. i'm very happy that based on our ng the story. of a woman who saw the mystic worker from indigenous background. the specific color of this film is mexico so i want to thank also mexico the cost of crude british film the favorite also handsomely rewarded picking up six prizes including outstanding british film best supporting actress for rachel vises performance and best actress for libya coleman's vicious
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a body meant for the british queen. we having amazing knowing. this wickedly funny film is about less unknown royal queen and two women in her court fighting for her affections used greek directed to most has taken lots of artistic license with history to create a brilliant cynical comedy i did years look at me did you look at me. the bathroom was a watched closely in hollywood where on cheese day the final voting process for the office because open most of the british voters for those awards are also members of this academy making these prizes and important projects because success. never had structure going to these awards celebrated traditional storytelling no special effects needed to captivate new audiences and carry off the prizes.
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still ahead on al-jazeera the footballer who died in a plane crash in january is on the edge by his film and from there we'll have that story.
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now it's time for sports here's. thank you so much will have been building up to this for weeks now but lindsey vonn has officially retired and raced for the final time and not surprisingly she walked away with a world championship medal she was third out of the gate in the women's downhill and or a sweden and despite falling in the super g.
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earlier this week she did not hold back vonn threw everything at it as she raced down the mountain and it paid off the american superstar was in the lead when she crossed the line and later moved into third place bonded plan to retire at the end of the season but had to make it sooner after struggling with some of the issues for me i just know that what i'm capable of and what i'm capable of pushing through and and i knew that i was he will of pushing through the pain and you know one last time and and i did that so i'm not surprised that. you know i like i said every athlete has their own obstacles and i. faced mine head on today and i conquered them only one skier has been more successful and that's in the marston mark this week one eighty six world cup titles in his career he was watching and waiting for her at the finish line in aura and congratulated vonn on an incredible career with
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a huge ok a flowers. i know they say five hours you think it's going to break you. know it's going to break it but for me i'm sure that others. will vonn is one of only six women who have won world cup races and all five disciplines of alpine skiing downhill super giant slalom slalom and super combined and she's taken the overall world cup title four times in her career but injuries meant that success did not always translate to the olympic sage vonn won her only gold medal in the downhill at the vancouver olympics back in two thousand and ten and also picked up two bronze most recently in the downhill and chain last year her success has raked in multiple sponsors as you can imagine she has deals with the likes of red bull rolex and under armor last year she was estimated to have a net worth of six million dollars now we spoke to former olympic skier who used to race against vonn and enter viewed her after today's race. so fitting that such an
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amazing record breaker for us court even breaks the record on the average private race as one song she became. ever to win a medal in six words chapman chips she was really nervous before the race she said to me at the edge that i couldn't sleep last night i couldn't eat this morning and i think shows you how much it meant to her just to be in that star again knowing that this is the last time she was going to perform entertaining race for the whole world she's so talented and she's just got so much self belief that even when she was coming back from every one of these horrendous injuries that she had that she could be the best and yes it was tough to race against her but in a way that inspired you to go out there and be better stronger faster because she really did enervate the sport of women skiing around the world i think skiing is her happy place she's been through so much in her career but she's always fought to get back because she act loves to ski she's a born racer she switches on in that stargate and and she's in that moment she
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knows that she's going to risk it all and that's why she seems so entertaining to watch sometimes not for the right reasons because as she does push that boundary she does push her limit and crash and that's what makes us so iconic as well do you believe because of what skiing has bought her life the opportunity to set up her own family and help hundreds of young girls to achieve their dreams she will stay involved she said she was there she doesn't know in what capacity right now but she's going out there she's got to have surgery again which is a shame. but after she said surgery after she's healed mentally then she'll have that freedom to choose what she wants to do because she will have that office will be thrown at her left right and center and right. well just for the record the gold medal in that event went to slovenia as defending champion. she backed up the title she won at st moritz back in twenty seven team as a clean run which saw stewart walk in time nearly half a second quicker than vonn korean suitor of switzerland finished with the silver
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medal. manchester city are back at the top of the english premier league table and they did it an emphatic sile on sunday by crushing chelsea six nil sergio ag├╝ero netted his third hat trick of the season and eleventh in a man city shirt raheem sterling scored twice and. also hit the back of the net to complete chelsea's misery we have a leader but liverpool has one more game and i think so does a thing my feeling is going to be in the last games importance again after we have done that season being there that is what i am proud to most most satisfied normally that people drop fell down after would we have done the season and still we are there and that is nice really nice. so city back on top but only on goal difference and liverpool do have a game in hand and that defeat was so bad for chelsea that they have now slipped behind arsenal in the standings tottenham beat leicester in the day's other game to stay in the chase christian over an all joe was
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a force to be reckoned with for you ventus in the italian serry on match against swallow ronaldo saved tempt at goal was finished by sammy the deer out for the first goal of the night the second was a header by rinaldo his eighteenth legal of the season even set up third with a final score three nil. the argentine footballer who was killed in a plane crash in the english channel last month has been honored at his former club in france before nonce kicked off their french league team against name a round of applause was held for a million of sala he'd spent four seasons with nonce before signing for english premier league team cardiff so it was on his way to cardiff when the plane crashed his body was recovered this last week. the funeral of a fifteen year old footballer who lost his life in a fire last friday has been attended by hundreds of mourners in rio christian.
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candido was a goalkeeper at flamingo and had featured for brazil's national youth team he died along with ten of his teammates when a fire destroyed the team's training center the club says an air conditioning unit sparked the flames. england's impressive six nations rugby form has continued with a commanding forty four eight victory over france in london on sunday the english followed on with their impressive win over ireland last week week with another good showing jonny may help himself to a hat trick as england ran in five tries in total the french simply had no answer. we feel we probably left fifteen to twenty points on the field. there's a lot more in this team and we understand that and we committed to be the very best we can be. when we get back together on wednesday will start the prices again of you know we can get better again boston we're also host to the ice cross championships the high adrenaline sport made it stadium debut in fenway park that's
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home with the boston red sox crash ice features some of the best gators in the world racing for a time shoulder to shoulder and reaching speeds of up to eighty kilometers an hour luckily for us though they also each wear go pro cameras on their helmets the americans were the clear leaders winning it for the men and women that's all your sport for now we'll have more for you later. and that's it for me. so ron will be here in just a moment with more of the day's news. i made it to every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were told on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine they're listening post on al-jazeera. leader and her husband
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gavin were sleep when four teenagers broke down the back the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march twenty sixth jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival of federation square in the center of melbourne to gird shoot of african young people coming together and knowing there was a fort bragg get out of the car by rolling rolling fuel or some of it was because the place become involved and we started charts and they just tables and that crowded all narrative in the media at the top and a lot of political pressure on. these people to commit crimes and every single race holy month gets blamed for the actions of a few. people have to base saif i have to feel saif side there's
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a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this well in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business and unfortunately smelly business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are landed together the recycling becomes difficult to impossible under science that office solution it's very easy for us to have one hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. venezuela's self declared leader reveals how he plans to get u.s. aid into the country in defiance of the government. and his rival president because maduro appears with a loyal soldiers warning that they're ready for any threats from enemies.
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i don't see how raman you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha are also coming up with ice all squeezed out of syria we'll look at the threat it poses in afghanistan both on the battlefield and in universities also warning that the world's insects are hurtling towards extinction threatening a global ecosystem catastrophe. welcome to the program russia and the u.s. have offered a very different solutions to the crisis in venezuela now both countries present a draft resolutions to the united nations security council washington back self declared interim president one. its resolution calls for free and fair elections and the delivery of international aid. on the other hand supports president nicolas
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maduro its counterproposal criticizes any efforts to intervene in venezuela's domestic issues no date has been set for the vote well inside of venezuela. to block food and medicine from entering all or most genocidal tons of usaid remains stuck on the colombian border as well as military has so far refused to let it in under orders from president maduro he says the aid is part of the u.s. ploy to remove him from power why don't he says he'll use volunteers to open new age routes. into the country. i understand that they want to block the aid because that's what a victimizer does it makes them seem almost genocidal by their actions they're killing venezuelans killing children who are protesting killing fernando abandon opposition lawmaker i understand that they would want to deny this and not allowing the humanitarian aid the regime should know it this is a crime against humanity gentlemen of the armed forces. from caracas.
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one way though and members of the opposition are getting ready for a week of what expected to be intense protests they're already calling for some groups to demonstrate on monday a massive demonstration in other parts of the country on tuesday other protests on wednesday the idea is to pressure the government to allow them to get aid into the country we already know that some aid is arriving medicines and food to the border between venezuela and some type of other aid is also expected to try to enter the country between the border on brazil and venezuela and why the offset today also that some aid could be i gather at some caribbean island with the help of the motherland but it's not clear we child is going to take place what we know is that many in venezuela are in desperate need there are shortages of food because of the prices mostly people cannot afford some of the basic items because of
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hyperinflation changing prices are changing from one minute to be other there's also an enormous forty off the medicines were in a hospital a few days ago where babies are dying because of lack of proper medicine to treat diarrhea for example so the situation is dire here but the government is saying that aid of being used politically by the opposition who is demanding that the press and precedent calls for free and general elections for now president. elections are won't be happening in venezuela any time soon nicolas maduro meanwhile insists his soldiers all ready to defend venezuela against the united states and the rest of its enemies state television pictures of attending military exercises in the northern cities of. say me. today the most important military exercises that our republican history recalls have been successfully initiated throughout the national territory the most
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important because of the situation we are living you are. real threat from the imperialist government of donald trump against the peace of venezuela the head of the empire has threatened us and that is generated indignation rejection by all the people of venezuela and of the world's public opinion. as well as economic hardship has been especially painful for vulnerable elderly people or latin america and it's a lucy in human went to see how residents are coping. this is hill of hope western venezuela in old age home where destitute or abandoned senior citizens are meant to live out their last years with dignity. but as always in times of acute economic hardship it's the youngest and the oldest who suffer most in the absence of full time staff seventy nine year old. keeps the gate locked and helps those who can't walk because he still can. we help each other out amongst
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ourselves i call most everyone he suffers from hypertension but there's no medicine here. until you are no solace could walk and see when he came here three years ago now he's blind from untreated cataracts can't walk and his tormented by a hernia i think. last night i was in terrible pain. i cry from the pain i am very sad. only god knows how long i'll remain. sometimes there's nothing to eat we have no help from the government there is no one to help us. the home is a foundation that runs on donations but they've dried up so there are no nurses or doctors and very very little food. the cook says it wasn't always that
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way. they used to throw away the food once there was abandons of it until the crisis came the crisis began six years ago she says most of the donors have left the country hyperinflation has led to widespread poverty and scarcity of almost everything. it's time for dinner and so on you have a c.e.o. who's confined to a wheelchair helps guide freddy beneath this who's blind to the dining room and this is the dinner for the i will eat also grandfathers as they're called it's corn flour boiled water because we're told it's been more than a year since they received any donations of milk and this will be the last thing they're going to eat until tomorrow. the cook and the cleaner will be leaving soon and they'll be left alone to put themselves to bed no later than six so they won't feel so hungry until breakfast. they are resigned they say to being forgotten in
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a country with so many other desperate need. you see in human. the u.s. military says it's likely to begin pulling troops out of syria in a few weeks but the top american commander in the middle east cautioned that the exact timing would depend on how things are going around the top administration has been sending mixed messages or when the withdrawal will happen has been from surprise many of his allies in december when he announced all u.s. soldiers would come home immediately having defeatism. but rebels have been making advances against honestly what's being billed as the final battle to seize the armed groups last and the offensive by the kurdish syrian democratic forces will be his focused. on the eastern village of buchholz there's been heavy fighting since the offensive began on saturday twenty thousand civilians of left the area but
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hundreds are still thought to be inside one armed group affiliated with the s.d.f. says it wants everyone out before they can advance further troops also been talking about withdrawing troops from afghanistan and his administration is negotiating with the taliban but i sill is making inroads there and it's attracting fighters pushed out of syria and iraq there are also concerns that universities are being used to recruit feisal tony berkeley reports from the mountainous border regions bordering pakistan. in the wild and rugged areas of eastern afghanistan life it is difficult at the best of times now it has become the main battleground against i saw a fight that i saw is not losing these militia know the capability of the men their fighting commander zeitoun knows better than most he was and i saw fighter this is video of him when he was with the armed group he joined for idealistic reasons he says he left when he witnessed the brutality that some of the humble. i saw was
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very cruel to everyone they killed people slaughtered them they used bombs they did whatever they could i had to leave his advice three assassination attempts the last a few days ago when a magnet bomb was attached to his car in a crowded marketplace killing one of his men and badly injuring him people here are scarred and scared by ice all the group launches regular attacks from mountain hideouts and bloodshed is a constant fear to mohit goals nine sons were killed by eisel one was hacked to death with an axe. i don't have power to take my revenge otherwise i would have a hammered him all over his body from head to toe i would keep him for a week and then let him die slowly because that is what he deserves. with the afghan army overstretched in the fight against the taliban militias are the first line of defense in one go home province where some good dozen i learned they are
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tough and not far from here if we leave this area they will come back to destroy this place again but we will fight again until we die then they are back use these militias have only basic arms and equipment they say is insufficient to really fight i still they need more and us air power alone is not enough to destroy eisel bases or prevent their operations that needs to happen on the ground the network of tunnels and i saw hideouts in the tora bora mountains are easy to defend and almost impossible to attack from the ground commander zeitoun points out the spot where the americans dropped their biggest non-nuclear bomb containing ten thousand kilos of explosives to try and destroy eisel positions the militias say it made no difference. if the u.s. paid the amount they spent on this mother of all bombs we could have finished deisel. local commanders say that eisel here has men from chechnya turkey and pakistan in its ranks but communities fear that if i saw he's pushed out of syria
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it will rebase to afghanistan. and this was the foreign fighters a very cruel and don't have sympathy for anyone the local i saw have at least some feeling for afghans but foreign isolator cruel or their hearts are made of stone on the battlefield i still may be contained for now but it's taking ground in the propaganda war last week afghan security services arrested a cleric and a professor who are alleged to be eisel spies western diplomats report that afghan universities have become fertile ground for eisel recruitment one car university in jalalabad was closed for a time last year so recruiters and sympathizers could be cleared out. but there's not people who are using illicit deal for political lethal together gargling can bring that ideas to work again the interest of the country in the remote militia outpost facing eisel positions the hope is they get western support and weapons.


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