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but communities fear that if i saw he's pushed out of syria it will rebase to afghanistan in the. desert and this was the foreign fighters are very cruel and don't have sympathy for anyone and the local i saw have at least some feeling for afghans but for an isolator crew or their hearts are made of stone on the battlefield i still may be contained for now but it's taking ground in the propaganda war last week afghan security services arrested a cleric and a professor who are alleged to be eisel spies western diplomats report that afghan universities have become fertile ground for eisel recruitment one car university in jalalabad was closed for a time last year so recruiters and sympathizers could be cleared out or talk to the . person there's not people who want to using university for political reasons that give the guard and no one can bring that ideas to work again the interest of the country that in the remote militia outpost facing eisel positions the hope is they get western support and weapons before they have to encounter the battle hardened
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men who will lose syria but not a cause tony berkeley al jazeera eastern afghanistan where the weather is next but still ahead here on al-jazeera the torturous death of a teacher involved in protests feels more anger against sudan's president. and the two very different films of how one big britain's top movie awards like to stay with us here. hello there we've got another winter storm that's pulling itself together across north america this one is made of two sections the first one you can see it working up from mexico and the other area is making its way across the rockies these two sections will gradually pull themselves together and really get going as we head through the next couple of days for monday then lots of heavy rain stretching from
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texas northward and a fair amount of snow on its northern edge but it's choose day that that storm really gets going so here we could see a lot of snow very strong winds and we could also see a fair amount of freezing rain on the transition as well for the south where it's largely rain well here they could be a few tornadoes linked in with this as well but the rest i will comment generally but you can still see another weather system making its way into the northwestern parts the u.s. and that will be bringing us some snow further towards the south and for many of us here is the fine unsettled over the past few days but now we're seeing more in the way of cloud bubble up and i think on monday there's a chance of seeing one or two showers around cuba and that's still with us as we head through the day on choose day towards the west plenty of fine weather to be found here in just one of two showers perhaps if you're unlucky to be further towards the sather for the northern parts of argentina we've seen some more violent storms most of the rain for monday though is overboard as ari's and pushing its way northward as we head into tuesday.
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rewind returns i can bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in liberal i was the top of the class and now i'm like any other student everyone continues with joseph's journey this is. the struggle continues book. from baghdad. till now out of his district's rewind on al-jazeera. of the back you're watching al-jazeera with me cell robin
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a reminder of our top stories the u.s. is seeking to force the issue of aid delivery to venezuela using a un security council resolution as to madeira has accused the u.s. of using aid as a political tool to destabilize his government. the u.s. military says it will probably start to pull troops out of syria in a few weeks but the top american commander in the middle east is cautious about the exact timing. meanwhile the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have been making advances against myself and what's being called the final battle to seize the armed groups last enclave in the east. seventeen australian residents are believed to have been detained in china as part of a crackdown on the mr we can minority activists say the individuals are visiting relatives when they were arrested about a million weekers are believed to be held in camps against their will china's government says that comes a voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies. and thomas joins me now
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from sydney it's a sort of confusing question really is where are these weak as and as they are australian residents how can camber act try and find them. well the way a community in australia is about three thousand strong and there have been concerns about people who go missing but on trips from australia back to china and then go missing for some months now but the way your community here in australia has tried to keep it under wraps they try to keep quiet about it because they're concerned that if they were to go public with names or exact numbers of how many people they believe go missing then others could go missing as well that could be repercussions for wages even here in australia let alone family members back in china but they say now that they're getting very frustrated with the approach of the australian government they say that behind the scenes they've been campaigning to the australian government to do something about these missing people for months and i don't think i'm nuff even anything really is being done now there are
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seventeen people in question two of them the spouses of australian residents here in australia on spouse but fifteen of the seventeen are permanent residents of all stripes and that is only one step below being an australian citizen it is in fact on the track to becoming an australian citizen and normally australia's government does point out what's happened to people in disasters for example with equal treatment for residents or citizens but what the way the community here have told me this monday morning is that they don't think australians government is being active as they would be if these were australian citizens that have gone missing rather than permanent residents who've gone missing now they say that they seventeen people were living in australia many of them to some years they went back to china for short holidays and when they got there their passports were confiscated and many have just gone missing entirely they think that one is in prison they believe that five are under house arrest in some way you china and they
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think that some of the others so we're talking about ten here are actually held in these detention centers in china now that's what they believe but they just don't know and they don't feel the australian government is giving them enough answers all. campaigning enough they say that they've been told by members of the majority chinese ethnicity here in australia that han that it is what han australian residents from china and they go missing on trips back to china that australian government would be doing a lot more they don't think enough is being done not put a request in to australia's government on monday morning to find out what their response to all this is they haven't got back to me as yet the opposition labor foreign affairs spokesperson though she has said that she is very concerned about what she's hearing and while engagement with china is very important source trailer as those with any country it never means we have banned in our values or our sovereignty so that's the official line as i say the way the community here in australia is reluctant to go public with this but they feel they're getting nowhere
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behind closed doors you touched on just earlier in your answer there as well that the conditions even in australia are brilliant that the lady you've spoken to apparently sort of discussing what's been going on has described even harassment of weakness within australia so the both sides. that's right i mean we're hearing stories from her and i can't independently verify this but we're told that we could here in australia sometimes get video calls from china and somebody talks to them they say they're in some kind of security room and then they turn the camera and they show a family member all that we go australian resident back in china in one case handcuffed and they say that if that we get here in australia doesn't give them for example passport details or details of their relatives here in australia or their identity cards if they don't show them those to camera then something will happen to their relatives back in china now as i say i can't independently verify such stories but you do hear those more and more as you do stories of where you go
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australians hare a week of chinese i should say here in australia getting phone calls for example telling them that apostle has been delivered at the chinese embassy camera and he's got to pick them up they don't pick not they try and inquire as to what's happened and the embassy say no wouldn't make any phone calls like those there's nothing for you to pick up here they deny entirely that they're making these phone calls so you wonder if these calls are happening who is making them it's this kind of monday in harassment on the one hand or quite serious harassment on the other threat some would call them and they say that that is what they're living with even here in australia for the believe that andrew thomas there in sydney thank you. thailand's election commission is expected to make a ruling on whether prince. can run for the prime minister's office in march as elections the thai rocks the chart party announced on friday the king's older sister would be its candidate the palace to describe the movers on calls to to tional and in appropriate a small bangkok. officially the election campaign is only
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a few days old already it has been very eventful end on monday the election commission is likely to rule that princess is ineligible to be the prime ministerial candidate for the tie rocks a chart party the party made that shocking announcement on friday morning that she would be the candidate to become prime minister in the march twenty four election and later on friday night the palace responded with a very strongly worded statement saying that this was unconstitutional that it was inappropriate because while she gave up her royal title back in one thousand nine hundred seventy two to she married a commoner and a foreigner she's still very much part of the family and therefore has to adhere to the traditions the protocols the rules surrounding the monarchy so it would really be unimaginable that the election commission would go against the wishes of the palace if it makes its decision on monday this party could also be dissolved
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because of this although we're unlikely to hear any more news about that on monday because that would have to go through the constitutional court also in what's being seen as a tit for tat move a member of that thai rocks a chart party is on monday going to submit a request to the election commission that the candidacy of the current prime minister. who led the coup in two thousand and fourteen is also in eligible because he continues to hold a government office he refuses to really to back down while the election campaign is on and take on a caretaker role so according to this member of the thai rak to chart party he should also be ruled ineligible to be the candidate for another party. government prosecutors in sudan have admitted that a protester died in custody after being tortured the school teacher was detained during demonstrations against the government of the share. of the story
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ah people in the town of is some sudan came out like one family for the funeral of the schoolteacher of the fifth he died while being tortured by members of the state security after he took part in our take government demonstrations. he died in custody members of security killed him he was in a very good health when he left home. friend who was arrested with him said he saw him while being beaten. he lay on me like this off today knocked him down you continue to move sideways from pain and say i are after a while he was completely still the security guy tried to wake him up how by tapping his jeans i told him this man is dead he said let all of you die for your revolution but then i uncovered his body and started inspecting his neck but
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because it was swollen i couldn't tell if it was broken but the marks of torture were very clear on the body. for several days so then the security forces continued to hide the truth claiming that had died of an illness. zoe his family were invited to see his body they were assured that no violations were committed and that he had not been tortured. but that the count turned out to be a lie officials conducted an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. the prosecution has found the death of the person to be the result of several wounds inflicted on him those responsible should face trial according to the law but taking the perpetrators to justice may prove difficult so then the security forces usually refuse to let their members be tried in civilian courts and the belated confession has not satisfied family or the protesters is the turned to
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a public course and for more protests and anger against the government of president omar bashir. in his hometown ahmed's family is still trying to make sense of their loss silence dominates the school where he was teaching his students are unable to get over the shock. a video was made to remember his life it talks about the value of the school teacher to humanity and denounces ahmed's there as equivalent to the killing of the future of an entire nation. where the world's insects are on the path to extinction posing a catastrophic threat to our ecosystems the global scientific review was published by a leading journal called biological conservation its report says more than forty percent
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of insect species are in decline while i third are endangered this means the rate of their extinction is eight times faster the normals birds and reptiles and overall the mass of insects is falling by two point five percent every year meaning they could vanish within a century. we're all in that we have income so we. wanted persistence most people only for cures or charismatic animals what we call charismatic animals such as birds and mammals pandas elephants there's no way that we forget that the days of the eco system is built up and in six months of these better benefits you need to feed on six and the three in six these appear in the whole course of steps will collapse but you get a consistency even more upset and their arrest young ones because all the pollutants that we had been thrown into the rivers for many years and some of this business have gone and cut gone extinct already now down means there's less food
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for some. fish but mainly now we are losing a very important if you're system service which is the unification of the waters so in our way we have to be very very concerned. two very different movies have won big her britain's top film role as the bafta is in london. the favorite took seven awards but netflix black and white feature roma won the best film and best director prizes charlie angela was there. walking the red carpet for the path through the woods the british academy of film and television arts celebrities old and hoping to see their work on it at the end of it and for the man who wrote directed shot and edited his own story came before and only to. unfold so who are the old thank. the mexican director one best
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film best director best cinematography and best foreign language film for roma the tale of his childhood in one nine hundred seventy s. mexico city. they are getting. a lot of. i'm very happy that based on our ng the story. of a woman who saw the mystic worker from indigenous background. this specific color of this film is mexico so i want to thank also mexico the cost of crude british film the favorite also handsomely rewarded picking up six prizes including outstanding british film best supporting actress for rachel vises performance a best actress for libya coleman's vicious a body meant for the british queen. we having amazing knowing. this wickedly funny film is about less unknown royal queen and two women in her court fighting
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for her affections this week direct line to moss has taken lots of artistic license with history to create a brilliant cynical comedy did years look at me did you look at me. yes. the bathroom was a watched closely in hollywood where on tuesday the final voting process for the oscars open most of the british voters for those awards are also members of this academy making these prizes and important projects because success. never had fried chicken and these awards celebrated traditional story no special effects needed to captivate new audience and carry off the prices. al-jazeera.
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you're watching and has their own reminder of all top stories the u.s. is trying to get its aid into venezuela through a u.n. security council resolution tons of food and medicines all star called colombian border present refuses to take it saying the aid is part of efforts to force him from power well. if it's to keep out the almost a genocidal. i understand that they want to block the aid because that's what the victimizer does it makes them seem almost genocidal by their actions they're killing venezuelans killing children who are protesting killing fernando abandon opposition lawmaker i understand that they would want to deny this and not allowing the humanitarian aid the regime should know it this is a crime against humanity gentlemen of the armed forces. the u.s. military says it's likely to begin pulling troops out of syria in a few weeks but the top american commander in the middle east cautioned that the exact timing would depend on how things are going on the ground the troubled
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ministration has been sending mixed messages on when their withdrawal will happen president trump surprised many of his allies in december when he announced all u.s. soldiers would come home immediately having defeated isom. seventeen australian residents are believed to have been detained as part of china's crackdown on the muslim week community activists say the individuals were visiting relatives around one million we girls are believed to be held in camps against their will beijing says the camps a voluntary designed to stamp out extremist tendencies advocates of australia as we get community are calling on the government to secure their release. now the world's insects run a path to extinction posing a catastrophic threat to our ecosystems that's according to the latest report published by the leading journal called biological conservation it warns of forty percent of insect species are in decline at a rate eight times faster than novels birds and reptiles this means all insects
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could vanish within a century scientists warn that ecosystems will collapse without them those were the headlines about with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's a rewind to stay with us. africa's largest democracy goes to the polls to elect a president parliament and governance corruption insecurity and economic uncertainty that dominate nigerian politics remain widespread al-jazeera brings you coverage of the issues the candidates and voters nigeria voters.
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welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey here at al-jazeera english we have built a library of award winning documentaries over the past decade and on rewind we're taking another look at some of the very best of them this week on back to two thousand and ten on al-jazeera follow the heartwarming story of one man's determination to leave the poverty of his west african home in the liberian capital of monrovia risking his life to cross the sahara desert on the back of a pickup truck and the hope of a better life in the west his name is joseph lamo and his drive to make a new life for his family was fraught with setbacks from two thousand and ten here's the extraordinary story of one man's journey from liberia to the shores of america's great lakes this is joseph journey. because if. you're human were you.
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here to see a green truck you're here in front of the green jug you can see you. know that just you see the code just. as you did superstore. our. judge agreed. to. come up our all for the piece you were. after two years of first met. while covering a story on illegal immigration. that was a chance encounter two years ago little did i know that juice its journey would take him from the sahara desert all the way to new york city.
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this is the way out of africa the sahara desert begins just outside the town of in the northeast of mali. thousands of sub-saharan africans come through here every year many without documents but with enough money to pay for a truck ride across the desert. the smuggling of people is a big business here and we couldn't risk filming in town that's why we're out here in the desert trying to meet up with the travellers already on their way to. fifty kilometers out of town is where the smuggling route begins we wait until nightfall when most of the pickup trucks leave. traveling on the smugglers route we came across this broken down vehicle with about twenty guys inside all going to algeria and then on to libya and some even to europe. let me see. my tire my tire busted while traveling in the desert the passengers knew the
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dangers of traveling in the desert packed into old vehicles. joseph is from liberia this is his second attempt to cross the border. a stop it will even though a better him a present. of migrant yes yes migrants what kind of. you. know what. about a one off anina does it want but. somehow they get the truck running again and it's time to go. tens of thousands make trips just like this one it's dangerous people fall off the back in breakdowns leave entire groups stranded hundreds continue to die a year after year these young men have already come a long way conditions are tough but nothing will stop them after reaching. they will look for transport either libya or morocco the launching pads for southern europe but for now they still have four hundred kilometers of desert in mali on
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a twenty seven year old toyota pickup. back in liberia. older brother received bad news. just a journey ended when he was caught by the algerian peace. we don't know how those were real actual migrants. i don't one but i was foreign concerns were very vicious to do with migrants. the authorities took his belongings in abandoned him on the mullein side of the desert border. the family was worried they came together and raised one hundred fifty us dollars hoping he would come home and call us and it was i knew i would see that. no i but he would see the money but then what he summoned to come back. to life. mr and mrs blom move
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were upset with their son and hadn't even told them where he was going and you know what they. have bought i defended. his rule is that it won't cost to the one i want with bill. and with him think about this let me give you my blessing. joseph was back but liberia hadn't changed. just it has a computer science certificate from a vocational college but it's not enough for stable employment here they were calling boats at the beach was still the only job available to him and his friends . i'm fed up you don't know and then i doubt. you know. that. the south don't need this.
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juice if wanted out once again so he took a chance in played what is called the u.s. green card lottery. if you when you can live and work in the united states legally . i was in the lead up to. complain about. you know the. place so. young. but finally a grimmer of hope he was randomly selected for a crucial interview at the american embassy here in monrovia. it seems like joseph luck was finally changing. its josephs big morning but it's important for everyone with a job in the u.s. to see if it can be a vital life to his father's household of fifteen people. who
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said thank you for all of what you've been doing and if i don't follow. along by now he was there once. again you. know i'm feeling very much. as the number was a tree that. i'm very lucky. with. to get rid of. a few steps away is the american embassy in the interview that could change to some slightly. more than thirteen million people from around the world play the lottery each year. but the u.s.
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government only grants fifty thousand visas. millions of the lottery entries come from places like liberia which was recently torn apart by a vicious civil war. seventy percent of the people here live in poverty juice if blamo is not the only one trying to. what are the chances. better than he ever could have imagined. there you go out there.
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doing. well we can just see myself getting never. again never explained what they want to have us do but they were. told that there's so many told. where. a convoy of three cars carrying thirty four people bring joseph to the airport for a late night flight. his immediate family staying the closest to him. that it. was. because of the way you were. was. going to.
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i'm. all good. with. it but i'm nobody. it's the start of a new life for joseph blama. he's one of a million legal immigrants who enter the u.s. each year in new york city is his port of entry. joe i think. yes let's hope. we all use those up just for everyone and i welcome your to do you all. and i wish all the best kept that in your back you've got to get up and go for we think you can do so. just of has a sister he hasn't seen in years who lives in the state of pennsylvania but he
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wants to test the waters here first he has an acquaintance who lives on staten island this is a good place. from my childhood days i'll smallville watching the news t.v. seeing me on the street so i'm very much helping a little from a set. up. but i think doesn't without yeah i have my sister in pennsylvania. well lou truck. ok what i meant to do when i cross or break i'm going to call you by. the time i did that. i thought of this moment you know i know you have. your. truck.


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