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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 41  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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it was a seven hundred thousand dollar transfer but actually was there as an extra three series on that was it a seven hundred million dollar transfer and he said yeah seven hundred million. the dart it clearly showed that only three hundred million of malaysia's one billion dollars cash investment made it into the joint venture account. seven hundred million winched to a switch bank account controlled by none other then jolo. you should of all the red flags. go through and once in two years ago it's longer. according to the daughter tens of millions then allegedly flowed from there to to record birthday and on to prince turki and patrick mahoney. and are no into the world back then also as the u.s.
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department of justice alleges into malaysia's then prime minister najib resign x. personal bank account because they were there with. the symbol of the of the money. the channels the bank accounts and that's when i saw that enormous number being transferred to a company that belonged to that it was an offshore instrument belonging to. that was when i knew i had a earth shattering story. but very real wanted to point five million dollars before he'd give her the dollar i'm not selling this to the bidder. this is worth a lot of one i just want to recover my money. i knew this was a story i couldn't just turn away from just because i didn't have a few million dollars in the end one of southeast asia's biggest media financial groups got in touch and told me that they wanted. to speak to us and what would be
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interested in buying salvias story. in february twenty fifth dana a deal was done xavier was promised two million dollars by the media conglomerate andrew castle brown left with a copy of the data a few days later she published her first story heist of the century. four months later xavier was jailed in thailand on a charge of attempted blackmail against petro saudi it was a terrible shock and there were some very very terrifying pictures i mean he's surrounded by heavily armed guards he was in handcuffs he was being he was being paraded for the malaysian media so therefore you could see that there was conspiracy here at the highest levels. back in malaysia then prime minister knowledge of reserve was facing a leadership crisis as he tried to explain one in degrees mind boggling
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fifteen billion dollar debt. xavi is a wrist was the start of a relentless campaign to discredit the former insider petrocelli announced it was a victim of a crime by an unscrupulous ex employee and hired a dart a security expert who then discredited castle brown he stated to the world media that i had forged the data and that i had doctored it and that there was you know that i was lying and it was great that these things were being said so i knew something incredibly was going on at a very high level and clearly hugely funded. and things would become even more or just designed a video was about to go into court to apply for bail the chief of police.
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well. and there's a. between. with my leisure and. does increasing wrong with when you do go broke with those you have to prove. otherwise you go to prison. i'm going to prison i'm going to plead guilty of things i haven't done that's ridiculous. xavier was denied bail and jailed what he didn't know at the time was the man the so-called paul scott was not a scotland yard officer but instead a security consultant employed by petro saudi who seemingly had influence over tile farty. i couldn't speak to no one could give me thing you even know where he worth. thousands of kilometers away in switzerland nor
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a turn to clear a castle brown for hope. we sat down and i you know and together i wrote the real story against what was being poured out against him in in malaysia and we published that. but then came a phone call for laura from the so-called poor scotch he was with xavier calling from the prison in thailand to tell her scotland yard was on the case laura told me yes they're the same all the savio nice to do is to cooperate with the strategy of the scotland yard detectives to a little crime receive a slap on the wrist at this point i'm beginning to think why is the scotland yard detective asking survey to mit to something and nor someone i don't know but we have to put our trust in them in the hands because so obvious telling me i have to cooperate in prison in bangkok zevi a was cooperating meeting the
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so-called paul's garden and patrick mahoney regularly xavier's says paul dictated a good. fashion it cleared petro saudi in one him to be of any wrongdoing and implicated rue castle brown in a plot to bring down malaysia's prime minister najib resign back i would have confessed whatever they want and you have no idea what is the job you have to live up to understand i really wanted to go home want to be with my wife and with my son . a bang directions xavier was marched out for a few carefully selected media interviews. a paper closely aligned with malaysia's then ruling party was first stop if you read the interviews it's the same structure i started out. i'm a bad guy. i'm
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a greedy guy you know the that i've been manipulated i work with journalists bloggers in court the nation with the opposition when most of the point he said class tampered with the daughter well you know that's one of those moments i knew i hadn't i knew he knew i hadn't so i knew exactly what was going on i'd taken my own sort of journalistic route to establish by that time that there was no official scotland yard investigation even though the t'ai police was saying that they had british scotland yard detectives working with them on the case in bangkok realised that we were talking about an extraordinary conspiracy the most oday shifts conspiracy. the one in t.v. scandal was escalating rapidly phonology preside news breaking around the world
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that almost seven hundred million dollars had been deposited into his personal bank account. just as the attorney general was reportedly preparing to charge him with misappropriating one m.t.b. functions the prime minister sacked him from the position it was not merely because charges were about to be double that i had not been fully interviewed and if charges were noble before full investigation that's not probable. in orcus twenty fifteen under norma's pressure xavi just pleaded guilty ensuring he'd be locked away until after malaysia's next general election i remember it was in the morning. with. foreigner. through here couldn't believe.
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just think. with angry with i was being played with being forced to do things i didn't want to. my husband i was alone and desperate i had my son know that there was an earth yeah i think it was one of the . of the worst time of my life. but laura didn't cut ties with petro saudi she says they were now promising an early release for her husband patrick called me and he was i mean but you know if. we had to do that for the press or the shaw don't worry you will celebrate christmas song with your husband. and you know
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this that's the point where. you know i have to have a backup plan. and corporate of the things that i was making sure that everything was recorded to make sure that if when the i could prove when they done. lori says patrick mahoney pressured her to download an application on her phone so she could record conversations with clear blue castle brown that could then be used to incriminate the journalist. actually i managed to record them . who they are. pretty the way because they forgot that every time they would call me it would've been recorded. many of the recordings are now evidence for criminal complaints the couple have filed in switzerland and the united kingdom and have also been shared with other all thora
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g.'s including the f.b.i. the prime minister of malaysia was often the subject of discussion so this is patrick mahoney and me he's saying that everyone is is in a lot of troubles and the prime minister of malaysia basically is in and it's a lot a lot of troubles because of what they've. certainly crisper been all that. but he. it seems there are six hundred simulate travelling at the minute. what are its. that you know it's just that in the situation or people who propose for you that has. a propensity to stop laura plays another recording with patrick mahoney he tells her he's going to be sent the list of questions the malaysian police will ask to say
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via when they interview him in prison call or pretty sure to survive in the case journals of human will. if he can stop retrieve the body just short tempered by its time if it's more surrendered to store you can see the access he has to present because paul is going to be sent to a few days before this interview with the malaysian police to prepare him he then tells laura that her husband must stick to the story they've been telling prism of trying to for the military and all of that's our fortresses if you. finally eighteen months after his arrest xavier was released not because of petro saudi but rather a royal amnesty from the time i keep. churning or. your free money expert from the country but as a free man. there may be other feeling to think here and it was
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not pretty. were three were pretty it's amazing really the lives finished and we started. the fight for the troops. so it was a and of a chapter a very bad one. and it was the beginning of a new war. as xaverian lura rebuild their lives at least six countries around the world are investigating one m.t.b. linked to corruption and charges of being laid. to unnamed petro saudi officials are under investigation in switzerland for fraud money laundering and bribery of foreign officials. to recode bay and the so-called paul scott whose real name is paul finnegan didn't respond to the allegations put
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forward by one or one east through his lawyers patrick mahoney denies all allegations made against him and any wrongdoing neither petro salaries headquarters nor former kohl or owner prince turki responded to our attempts to contact them. through his media adviser joe no declined to be interviewed i do think they regret they know there are on the najib regime this clip to quote the government as being expert. everything's thanks to the game. recently xavier received two million dollars from the malaysian media conglomerate but one wonders if the pit crew saudi direct is had plenty to say via the money he says he was on whether the wools biggest heist would have ever been exposed i don't know
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that's that's a beautiful question if i want to be. with you of course i would have given that that. i thought you can go back in the story. and this is different whether someone is going for something that's very red it's just kind of we think it's how you approach an official and i think it is a certain way of doing it to qantas in a good story and fly out. again i stand as a chance geology of both resources and hydrocarbons why are they so who were the most of you guys when trying to form a government that we may have the toughest land a century now where the more we would close down the more they push back we knew it was coming to question was do we sit back and wait or do we surprise them with
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a preemptive strike. until. africa's largest democracy goes to the polls to elect a president parliament and governance corruption insecure or cheat on economic uncertainty that dominate nigerian politics remain widespread al-jazeera brings you coverage of the issues the candidates and voters nigeria voters. you're watching al-jazeera arms around in doha these are all top news stories the acting u.s. defense secretary is in afghanistan's capital of the talks aimed at ending the seventeen year war patrick shanahan will meet two u.s. military officials and afghan president of danny he says he wants i'm gonna stands
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government involved in peace talks with the taliban it's been sidelined because the taliban regards the government as illegitimate up the celebrations are beginning in iran to mark forty years since the islamic revolution thousands are expected it freedom square in tehran where president hassan rouhani will speak later nationwide commemorations started on february the first marking the day that ayatollah ruhollah khomeini returned from exile in one nine hundred seventy nine in the weeks that followed khamenei his followers toppled loyalists of the shah who'd left the country. venezuela self declared leader one. says efforts to block food and medicine from entering almost genocidal tons of u.s. aid remain stuck on the colombian border venezuela's military has so far refused to let him under orders from president maduro that era says the aid is part of a u.s. ploy to remove him from power says he'll use volunteers to open new age routes into the country. the end of it i understand that they want to block the aid because
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that's what the victimizer does it makes them seem almost genocidal by their actions they're killing venezuelans killing children who are protesting killing fernando abandon opposition lawmaker i understand that they would want to deny this and not allowing the humanitarian aide the regime should know if this is a crime against humanity gentlemen of the armed forces trees a boat house crackers. one way to go and members of the opposition are getting ready for a week of what expected to be intense protests they're already calling for some groups to demonstrate on monday a massive demonstration in other parts of the country on tuesday other protests on wednesday the idea is to pressure the government to allow them to get aid into the country we already know that aid is arriving medicines and food to the border between venezuela and some type of other aid is also expected to try to enter the
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country between the border on brazil and venezuela and why the offset today also. could be i gather at some caribbean island with the help of another land but it's not clear we china is going to take place what we know is that many in venezuela are in desperate need there are shortages of food because of the prices mostly people cannot afford some of the basic items because of hyperinflation changing prices are changing from one minute to be other there is also an enormous forty off the medicines were in a hospital a few days ago where babies are dying because of lack of proper medicine to treat. for example so the situation is dire here but the government is saying that aid of being used politically by the opposition has demanding that the press and precedent calls for free and general elections for now. that elections are won't be happening in venezuela anytime soon trees a berber will nicolas maduro meanwhile insists his soldiers already to send
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venezuela against the united states on the rest of its enemies state television is pictures of material attending military exercises in the northern states and around the drills involved empty systems. the u.s. military says it's likely to begin pulling troops out of syria in a few weeks but the top american commander in the middle east cautioned that the exact timing would depend on how things are on the ground the top administration has been sending mixed messages on when the withdrawal will happen as your trip surprised many of his allies in december when he announced that all u.s. soldiers would come home immediately having defeated eisel. and seventeen australian residents are believed to have been detained in china as part of a crackdown on the muslim week of minority activists say the individuals were visiting relatives when they were arrested about a movie a week girls are believed to be held in camps against their will china's government those says the counts of tricks and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies are
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going to follow all of those stories of web sites updated twenty four hours a day we'll have more news in half an hour to read applegate we continue on al-jazeera now with hard earned to stay with us. previously on hard earned i hate walking to the job because i know there's something going to be said there's something going to be done i work or come from a billion dollar company we don't want to live where the we haven't seen any of the past. resumes from a known face i worked at went down and ordered to do is just say oh. but
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i never thought i have to go back to this. time i was walking and he asked me. about being many of. the. good guys called. so.
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what. these a five for fifteen oh ok well i did try your best to free up may fifteenth. when i don't really want you to come out because we're really close to one hundred thousand dollars any more than our job is been very difficult i was trying to put in applications every single day to get a better job i really thought i'm going to go to the military. and dan pfeiffer fifteen offered me a job so i told log or ames. yes well
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now i'm an organizer and i'm trying to get more employees to understand it she deserves respect on the job. d.j. jackson has been hired full time by the workers organizing committee of chicago which is leading the local campaign for fifteen dollars an hour wages there's a lot of potential in this i mean. you're going to want your resume to get your. teaching is making forty two thousand dollars a year twice what he made. but the workload is a lot more than forty hours a week go to the table and then you decide. to say just to really understand the struggles that this job is about i'm not i enjoy this more tiring but i enjoy it i really do we have some international guests with us tonight representative of that union in brazil what is so if there was act act but almost that most the silly the idea that overseeing us even s.e.'s but i'd say at least
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get the lieutenant westside to stay this today the union holds a meeting to gauge support for a one day strike a fast food workers the public purse a look. and war increase or macy's workers just like you guys for me the choice to do that or not do something in life to have success. wrong people working at mcdonald's work and fry machines just wasn't given the opportunity. we're going to have to make a decision. whether or not we should go on strike i'm been in your shoes and i still am in your shoes right now to try naturally i'm just a little bit better but mentally armory where they are and gives me the greatest satisfaction just to see a smile and they can come out and just forget about a four day siege. are you ready to strike.
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fifty six thirty. every day i go to bed and i pray please go up and find something out. and it's almost like god's laughing going we've got to go back. like here's a lesson. it's a lesson all right. i'm not liking it. aside from an eight year stretch in the construction trades emilia stand he has worked in restaurants for most of her life i never thought that i would get back to waitressing.
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french toast the sanity and how would you like to exe scandal and there i go again you know how would you like your eggs oh my god they put cheese in there you know a little johnny wants to order a little johnny takes twenty minutes to order a mickey mouse pancake. and you want to say to the parents you know can you order for a little johnny johnny can talk would you like pancakes for toast ok until. she ordered they have put yours. thank you. part of it i think it's humiliating for me because i thought i'd be some worlds in my life and i'm not. but who do you blame you know there's nobody to blame but i made choices and i live with consequences every day of the choices that i made i had opportunities to go to college and to do other things but you know my drug addiction and alcoholism got in
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the way of that. emilio was ten when her family immigrated from italy. she traces her leaders substance abuse to that painful time. as of the school. i don't recall ever playing with anybody here. there was a lot of irish we were dark haired dark i didn't speak a word of english so we stuck out really quick. the first day of school my family was going to be waiting out here my sister and i because all the doors look the same when out and east side and we just walked. couldn't ask anybody for directions because we spoke no english. and then my family found us what the police my parents were crying and i mean it was just that bad situation all the way along because i.


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