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on economic. remain white. brings you coverage of the issues the candidates and voters i j yeah but. just so you know the building the long. promises from donald trump but a deal to avert another u.s. government shutdown won't provide all the border funding he wants. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead the venezuelan government hands out aid to citizens on the border and announces plans to audit the assets of opposition leader. u.s. airstrikes cause more casualties in the besieged syrian village of. more than
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a dozen people are killed as they try to escape. the trial of those who spearheaded an independence movement in catalonia is set to start in the spanish capital. fellow republicans and democrats in the u.s. have reached a tentative funding deal to avoid another government shutdown it includes funding for president donald trump's border wall with mexico it's still unclear how much money has been allocated for the project but congressional aides have been quoted as saying it's as much as one point seven five billion dollars but that falls well short of the white house is the man for a five point seven billion and there's still no guarantee the deal will go through as it still has to pass the house and the senate president trump will also have to agree to sign it he's been addressing supporters at a rally near the mexican border. so maybe progress isn't made maybe not but i had
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a choice i could have stayed out there listen i could've come out to the people of el paso ah i think i want people to come in to our country but they have to come in illegally and they have to come in america and aren't rob rhinos has more from el paso texas president trump ventured here to el paso a city on the us mexico border to call again for building a substantial border barrier or wall along the u.s. mexico front to cheer the president spoke for several thousand supporters who gave him a warm welcome in a coliseum here in el paso but outside a protest of president trump's visit was organized and underway led by the former congressman from el paso and potential democratic presidential contender for two thousand and twenty beto o'rourke we know that walls do not
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save lives woes and lives. in a remarkable piece of timing the president's trip to el paso coincided with an agreement being reached in washington by negotiators who say they have a deal in principle that would fund some of what trump asked for in terms of oh border wall this would avoid another disastrous government shutdown like the one that occurred in december in january but the amount of money that is being discussed here is hardly what president trump had asked for he originally wanted more than five billion dollars the deal would give him one point three billion dollars that's enough to build about eighty eight kilometers of border wall hundreds of venezuelans living in their border with colombia have received food from the government as it faces faces growing pressure to allow foreign aid into
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the country bags containing basic items items including rice oil and sugar were handed to residents from the town of rent for a small charge president nicolas maduro has blocked u.s. aides saying it's being used as a political tool the country is in the grip of a long running economic crisis and more aid is on its way to venezuela's border as brazil has agreed to set up a store and center on its side tons of food and medicine are already stockpiled in neighboring cumbia the opposition leader was declared himself and term president is calling the government's blockade a crime against humanity well the government is trying to seize the opposition leader's assets saying he accepted money illegally the general auditor is accusing y. dove of receiving illegal funding from overseas obviously we will be nato but we begin he has received money from both international and national soul sees without any justification on the constitutional and legal powers that have been established as
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the candle of the bull evolve in republic of venezuela i have started an essential . on cities in one. case a president maduro is turning to fellow oil producing nations for help the reuters news agency says he wrote to opec asking for its support against u.s. sanctions shortly after they were imposed two weeks ago venezuela has the world's largest known oil reserves but filling up a car with fuel is far from the sea a new man reports from the border city of san cristo. the seemingly endless petrol queue and sangli stall one of dozens that goes on and on more than two hundred cars until we lose count all waiting and praying that they'll be able to fill up before the pump runs dry i am entitled to people sleep in their vehicles like lisa who's been in the queue for three days it made it look here we are
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suffering we have a need we smell like monkeys and all these people jumping the queue how do they expect this country to function we need support. in the country with the walls largest oil reserves scarcity of petrol isn't new especially here in patchy data which shares a border with neighboring colombia. this has been happening for at least three years but every day it's worse. the list of reasons is long with hyperinflation surpassing one million percent petrol is practically free oh my god this bill is worthless and if people don't have change they don't have to pay at all. and this has been feeding a widespread smuggling racket the it goes like this one have not one but two fuel tanks that can hold more than two hundred liters of the world's cheapest petrol much of which makes its way across the border into colombia it is a black market
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a lucrative business that's controlled by colombian paramilitary and leftwing guerrilla groups but it's an open secret. it would be impossible without the participation of venezuela's armed forces and police who are supposed to patrol the border. fredi been whom the government has appointed as the defacto state governor concedes that a parallel economy has been created along the border. because the prize the prince between. a stool large. twenty leaders. of the border and that same container costs one million the profit is extraordinary unimaginable for these mafias. he says authorities are cracking down on corrupt officials although locals insisted hasn't made a dent six months ago president nicolas maduro had promised to raise prices to make smuggling less attractive but still hasn't done so and there's another problem in
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israel a state oil company is producing only a fraction of what it used to and must import petrol that's now even harder because of new u.s. economic sanctions. in the meantime ever resourceful residents of touchy to have introduced a new service to those who can afford it paying for someone to take your place to spend the night in the queue. you see in human. venezuela. at least sixteen people fleeing coalition air strikes have reportedly been killed in eastern syria including seven children the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are facing tough resistance for myself fighters as the group clings onto its remaining enclave on the border with iraq hundreds of civilians are trapped in the besieged area and on monday the u.s. said the coalition may soon declare victory over i saw in the region imran khan joining us from guys in top with the details on the coalition air strike iran and
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the casualty numbers. well that's what we are hearing as you said is there have been sixteen civilians killed at least seven children amongst that number those asteroids took place monday in the early hours of tuesday morning on the outskirts of all but who's village these strikes are designed to try and stop eisel fighters from fleeing the area now that has been a pulls in the fighting we're hearing that the forces are suffices negotiating a humanitarian corridor to allow those civilians trapped in the area to come out safely however that hasn't happened yet is clearly mean to us of isis fighters to keep civilians within the village of. in effect they're being held hostage as human shields but we are going to see much more of these a sticky when you have a language coming out of the coalition that the end is coming soon however it is a very tough ground fight for the forces they have to actually go into that police
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have been inside the village in the last couple of days but they for met with face resistance from those eisel fighters who have had a very long time to prepare for this fight and we know now that there are two french woman emraan who have managed to flee from about booze and are now speaking to the media what are they saying. well these two french women actually paid some smugglers to get them out it's clear that if you want to leave the album. village you have enough money to be able to do so there are ways out and they have been speaking as you say to the associated french. news agency let's hear what they had to say. we have nothing to eat only iraqis are allowed to have food they're allowed to go outside while they're locked inside i just have to keep my children alive because my husband died in an airstrike the house next door was hit the roof collapsed over us of course we would credit we lost everything by coming here what are we supposed to do we got stuck because chapped by the propaganda.
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so clearly very harrowing statements from those women who were married to isis fighters one of them telling you that husband died in a strike and they are out like i say these people were able to escape because they paid smugglers to get them out of the village there are still a number of civilians trapped within the village and as i say there are negotiations going on between us the forces and the arsenal fights is allegedly trying to open up humanitarian corridor but nothing has come of that so far. with an update from thank you all m.p.'s in india's upper house are expected to vote on a controversial citizenship bill that would grant residency to non muslim minorities the bill has already made it through the lower house where prime minister narendra modi's nationalist b j p has a majority so getting it through the upper house is likely to be more difficult the government is making one final attempt before parliamentary elections the legislation would give six minority groups indian citizenship. still ahead on
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al-jazeera hunted by the taliban we hear from the afghan interpreter is live in fear because they work for british soldiers we also follow the story of three filmmakers trying to sign lights on for god history. we've got some quater weather coming into western parts of europe over the next couple of days further east we will see things getting a little more unsettles also piling over towards hungary or mania pushing up into ukraine will be some rain that we saw state that we some snow as well down to the southeast and cold some wet weather pushing back towards city parts of grace western areas of key still wanted to flare is there over that never counts but for
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the the main alpine region in looks like dry over the next day or so and there's asset a weather over towards the west nine celsius in paris could get up to twelve degrees in london feeling pretty good as well with a gentle south westerly wind similar picture has been going into wednesday into wells into northern parts of england darlin that indeed into scotland the winds to pick up but for a good part of england itself it doesn't that bad some pleasant sunshine also coming through that twelve will be that we have in athens right sleet possibly some snow coming in here as we go through wednesday very wet weather pushing its way over towards turkey that could lead to some localized flooding want to see showers a possibility across the north of libya maybe into egypt as we go on through the next couple of days but for the northwest is fine and sunny.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera republicans and democrats in the u.s. have reached a tentative funding deal to avoid another government shutdown it includes funding for president donald trump's border war with mexico but the money allocated here is
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to be far short of his demands president nicolas maduro his government has distributed food to venezuelans in a border city after stopping aid from the u.s. from entering the country brazil has agreed to help store any more aid meant for venezuela at least sixteen people fleeing coalition air strikes have reportedly been killed in eastern syria including seven children kurdish led forces backed by the u.s. are trying to push myself fighters from their last remaining enclave. it was a movement that has divided spain and brought billions outs to the streets and now it's about to enter a new chapter in courts twelve if it separates us leaders are about to stand trial in the spanish capital madrid some face up to twenty five years in prison for what these spanish national government calls a rebellion and david chaytor is joining us now from madrid to talk us through what we expect to see at the start of this trial david.
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the real question is being around the supreme court in madrid is just exactly what who is on trial that many of the supporters of the catch up to speed as you call it today say that essentially it's see is that you should see democratic and judicial institutions of spain itself their own trial yeah they are. tweeting during the course of the journey of the separatist leaders to this court house this morning that essentially this is a political show trial and it won't work they will not be defeated that passions and that political aims will not be changed by this we've already seen of course that there are some a barricade burning barricades and blockages in the inbox alone or at the moment from their supporters but essentially here many people are asking it's the charge of rebellion and a twenty five year prison sentence going to change will help in any way what is
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essentially a political problem politics have been aroused by this case so let's take a look at exactly what's been happening. was the message was clear a united spain and elections now. i. forty five thousand demonstrators from the center on far right gathered in madrid's call on the square this weekend on the eve of the trial they accuse the socialist that minority government of treason for offering to hold roundtable talks with separatists to diffuse the cattle and crisis. amid the growing tensions lawyers defending the catalan leaders who face charges of rebellion and a maximum prison sentence of twenty five years condemned the whole process pitiful . the trial is taking place in madrid spain scuttle a supposedly democratic country a member of the european union but for us this is
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a trial against the ballot box a trial against democracy. why are they being accused of rebellion in order to mung other things to suspend their political rights is the only way to stop them standing in elections. the key issue in the trial will be the violence that broke out during the catalan referendum in twenty seventeen to make the charge of rebellion stick the court will have to prove it was deliberately provoked by the defendants their lawyers will argue it was provoked by the police. all eyes in spain will be on this building the supreme court in madrid for the start of the trial or eyes that is apart from the socialist prime minister pedro sanchez who's more worried about trying to get his budget through the building just around the corner from here the parliament. to do that he'll need to support of catalan separatist m.p.'s the state news agency has already put out reports that
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he'll call a snap election for april if he doesn't get that backing. the trial is actually set to last for three months a verdict is will see expected sometime in august the real question now being on us is will the minority government led by the socialist prime minister address sanchez last that long will it even be here because he faces the question of pushing through his budget in the in the parliament tomorrow and if that doesn't get through there are a fears that might be the election pulled and the right wing that the extreme right wing who show no new ascendancy down in and to do theatre in the southern provinces and being thirty six years of socialist reign and that that they will come through and start setting the agenda and things with very much harder for the catalunya and separatist leaders and a new right wing coalition government so that is the greatest fear all right david
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thank you america's top diplomat has denied his country is attempting a cover up in the case of murdered saudi journalist so busy secretary of state my comp aoa speaking in hungary at the start of his european tour just days ago the white house missed a deadline to report to congress on whether it's police saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman ordered the killing americans not covered up for america's taken more action in response to the tragic murder of jamal khashoggi i will continue to take more action continue our investigation we're working diligently and that we will president's been very clear couldn't have been more clear as we don't get additional information we'll continue to hold all of those responsible accountable and the gallagher has more from washington d.c. . well that response from mike pompei of the secretary of state came after some heavy criticism from senior democrats accusing the trumpet ministration of turning a blind eye and in essence trying to cover up the murder of jamal khashoggi the
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democrats were saying that because this past friday a deadline under human rights law has passed in which the term of ministration was supposed to answer the simple question did mohammed bin some on the crown prince of saudi arabia order the murder of jamal khashoggi that deadline has passed which is led to this kind of criticism from the democrats who are trying to seek the truth is murder who was murdered in october of last year in the saudi consulate in istanbul here's what tom malinowski from the house foreign affairs committee had to say we are actually affirming their life. and allowing him the screw was almost certainly the author of this crime to conclude that in fact he can get away with such things because of his importance because of his position then there are thousands of other jamal khashoggi s. in the united states in europe who are at risk if we allow that message to be sent
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so where does that leave the investigation into jamal khashoggi is death while there is still a lot of pressure in u.s. politics to get to the truth especially from the democratic side but there is also a lot of global pressure remember the un special rapporteur started her investigation just a few weeks ago the results of which should be available in the summer so the pressure still remains interestingly enough a saudi official appeared on the american news networks this past weekend and said look we don't need the u.n. we can deal with this ourselves although the trials will not be public eleven people have been indicted five of them face the death penalty but interesting of that same saudi officials said that they do not know where the remains of the body of jamal khashoggi is behind a footballer had a b.s. back in his adopted home of australia after spending two months in a bangkok jail footballer was arrested in november while on honeymoon in thailand he fled his country of origin in twenty fourteen and received refugee status in
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australia wanted him to return to serve a ten year prison sentence for arson he denies the charges the united nations is urging yemen's rival parties to let it access food aid stored for more than five months supplies for more than three million people or risk of spoiling that's because the world food program grain stores are located in the port city of her data under rebel control for the past three years u.n. envoy martin griffiths says the food there can provide relief for up to a month. in eastern libya forces loyal to warlord twenty five have to have taken over the country's biggest oil field known as the libyan national army the group says it seized and started out of peacefully after it was overrun by a group of state guards and tribesman demanding payment the un back government in tripoli previously failed to secure that fields afghan interpreter is who've worked with british soldiers are pleading with the u.k. government to grant them asylum many are in hiding after getting death threats from
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the taliban which sees them as traitors tony brooklier reports from kabul intimated that they were on the front lines with nato forces in afghanistan but now they and their families hide in the shadows hunted by the taliban which calls them traitors i'm scared of that and i'm sure if the. kids me they would kill me because the have you have evidence of them when interpreters like. i don't of there has been kids so it did is no different for them for the taliban they're too scared to show their faces too terrified to give their real names these men serve british forces as interpreters often in the most dangerous provinces but the u.k. government has refused to give them asylum even though their lives are in danger why did people have been abandoned by the british government what is there for where the human rights where that a high ranking officer they don't care about us or why the british parliament don't
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care about us why they have turned on their plan blind eye i honest they have certificates of commendation medals awarded to them they were the eyes and ears of british units in the frontlines and their work was essential to operational safety it made them hated by the taliban and i saw definitely said they would not talk to us anymore so there was to their way they would kill us. not only me everyone because they're dead for in the past you saw them and saw this the biggest they are not leave us alone they've been refused sanctuary in the u.k. and denied protection by the afghan government they have reason to be afraid sec'y dad afghan was an interpreter for the americans he was abducted tortured and killed by the taliban and his body left in a car will street as a warning he is one of many afghan interpreters who be murdered the interpreters who work for the british of victims of a hardline immigration policy introduced by prime minister to resign may when she
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was home secretary troll afghan interpreters are only allowed to settle in the u.k. if they served in helmand province for one year between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve most of these men serve for up to six years but before that period the united states and other nato countries have be more sympathetic to afghans who work for them in afghanistan the us for example granted asylum to nine thousand former employees and seventeen thousand dependents britain by contrast has given sanctuary to just over a thousand and their position has been widely condemned by many including ex-military i think were treated very badly in turkey as gave it gave a lot of their lives to us the people into being killed by without we could not have done our work in afghanistan and so for them i think i believe they were genuine a debt of honor. to them. abdul served the british for four years three of them in helmand to escape from his home in logar province because of taliban death threats
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he now lives in hiding with his wife and seven children was another falcon the one we have a lot of enemies we are hiding and we are moving from one place to another we are all in danger including the children and we always worry about what will happen when we leave home because there are many taliban spies around. abdul says he's not resentful towards the british government but he wonders how it can abandon those who loyally served with little thought for the consequences tony berkeley al-jazeera a couple of decades ago a group of young idealistic sudanese filmmakers launched their careers but the industry has all but disappeared their story is told in one of two new documentaries at the berlin film festival as nadine barber reports. picking up relics of a bygone era the sudanese filmmakers started out in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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and seventy's now they're determined to revive interest in their country's neglected cinema or industry. as easier said than done as the film talking about trees makes clear. it follows their efforts to screen forgotten classics in a cartoon something that riles plenty of curiosity i get that this is very old. and they would look and see us read here when the real cameras stand. there. and when you see when they're in winter's you know that. as well as bringing their story to berlin so hey gus mulberry has helped them restore some of their groundbreaking films made decades ago and they're also showing in the festival. i tried to answer the question of hope hope you can regenerate. like this and i learned that and then the value of
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friendship real friendship and the value of sometimes taking that you choose. to take the difficult things you need to compromise yourself i do my syllabi other than this yeah it might be ok. if i did take out the other might be a different generation a different struggle in how to morph side by mar was a rather mysterious and i think it follows a group of women who find solidarity through playing football and it despite skepticism from some quarters of them that out of that a lot of. the difficulties they face from family traditions to politics to religion are echoed in the way the director had to operate. if you would go on to the streets with a handheld camera completely by himself no crew not to be seen as conspicuous quite a small camera and was just filming and observing society observing football games
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and so you see that in the documentary you know it's very shaky scenes and hand-held scene but it's a rule for change just the sense of being that. audiences here have been treated to films from across the middle east and africa for many years now but these sudanese filmmakers hope that soon people will be talking about their country for more than just political unrest and conflict there's a lot about al-jazeera. television the headlines on al-jazeera republicans and democrats in the u.s. have reached a tentative funding deal to avoid another government shutdown it includes funding for president donald trump's border wall with mexico but the money allocated appears to be far far short of his demands he has been addressing supporters at a rally near the mexican border. so maybe progress is made maybe not but i had a choice i could have stayed out there to listen or i could have come out to the
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people of el paso. i want people to come in to our country but they have to come in illegally and they have to come in and. hundreds of venezuelans living near the border with colombia have received food from the government as it faces growing pressure to allow foreign aid into the country president nicolas maduro has blocked aid sent from the u.s. saying it's being used as a political tool at least sixteen people fleeing coalition air strikes have reportedly been killed in eastern syria including seven children kurdish led forces backed by the u.s. are trying to push myself fighters from their last remaining on clave the united nations is urging yemen's rival parties to lead it acts as food aid stored for more than five months supplies for more than three million people are at risk of spoiling in the port city of her data which has been under rebel control for three years twelve catalan separatist leaders are about to stand trial in the spanish
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capital madrid some face up to twenty five years in prison for what the spanish national government calls rebellion america's top diplomat has denied his country is attempting a cover up in the case of murdered saudi journalist. the secretary of state my pump aoa speak and hungry at the start of his european tour. any football or hockey minority b. is back in his adopted home of australia after spending two months in a bank called jail the footballer was arrested in november while on honeymoon in thailand he fled his country of origin in twenty fourteen and wanted him to return to serve a ten year prison sentence for arson. those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news for you coming up after inside story. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. is the world failing yemen it's eighty years since a revolution spawned toilets for change instead years of war and the world's worst humanitarian crisis so what parts of their fault this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth pradhan millions of yemenis saw an opportunity for change.


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