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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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find avoids the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera. nationwide protests in venezuela calling on the president to allow more aid into the country. and the intent of this is al jazeera live from london coming up. separatist leaders stop their defense in court against charges of rebellion. just so you know what building a wall of a. trump remains resolute as u.s. lawmakers say they're hopeful they can avert another partial government shutdown. and a good welcome home for the bahraini footballer back in his adopted homeland of australia
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after spending two months in jail in bangkok. and over thousands of people are protesting in venezuela's capital caracas backing opposing sides in the country's power struggle one side of those who support opposition leader one who declared himself into in president last month and embattled president nicolas maduro is holding his own rally with young leftists who backed his government stopping aid from entering venezuela he denies there's a crisis and humanitarian supplies being stockpiled just over the border in brazil and colombia. latin america and solution human is in caracas to see what impact the chooses rallies expected to have. alarmed when as you can see there are still people walking towards the march this is this is an
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opposition part of town we have seen tens of thousands of people walking past here marching to a stage where opposition don't want to go idle is expected to speak and make what he calls a major announcement this was called by weisel. essentially to celebrate or to commemorate international youth day and also to honor the students who were killed in anti-government demonstrations back in two thousand and seventeen but the real the most important reason for this is of course is to show how much strength the opposition has not just here in caracas but all over the country where similar marches and opposition rallies are taking things particularly by the border with colombia where food and medicine has been gathered and where the opposition is planning to use members columns they say humanitarian corridors of opposition members of trying to bring it over across into venezuela this is a show as i say it's a show of force right before what many see as the tipping point in this
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confrontation and that is the moment in which the opposition will actually do whatever it can to bypass the bloc that's in the. differences aren't going to find the right word for the containers and all the different things that the government has placed on the bridge between venezuela and columbia to try to prevent this aid from coming into the knitwear laurent and so that's the biggest question is is it the latest hopes of of any kind of why the distribution and then the say. well when i talk about a tipping point that is that takes into account the very very real possibility that president nicolas my little will be able to prevent this aid from. coming into the country he says that it's a trojan horse to a justified international intervention in venezuela but what we're hearing now from the part of the opposition is that if the state is not allowed in then they will have to up the ante as it were and we already have one leading opposition leader
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calling this. calling about the international humanitarian intervention asking the united nations and other countries to move beyond what she says or describes as a sign of genocide or a violation of human rights on a grand scale prevented this in human thank you very much indeed. for tourism who is at a pro maduro rally in the venezuelan capital that's reza how much support does the president have. been going around the city old morning and let me tell you supporters of nicole out mother who have gathered in this plot so that you can see right behind me this is like hell to demonstrations in what is considered to be in venezuela international youth day counter demonstration that they want to send a very strong message trying to tell the world or the venezuelan still do not want any type of intervention in this country but i have to tell him that if you compare
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this demonstration to some demonstrations we have seen in the past there is a very very few people here today i was able to go to one of the opposition is gathering and the amount of the thousands of people that are there is enormous one of the biggest demonstrations i have ever seen in venezuela this demonstration is becoming smaller and smaller earlier today we were able to go to one body don't get up in the hills of that i guess that's because the stronghold on the t.v. small of the supporters of your child is off the floor that bennett made it was about to have a socialist revolution i mean about it people that are just kind of disenchanted are many the reason why is the economic crisis is the shortages. this is the shortages of food there is a struggle they have to line up for hours to be able to get some rights among other things so that's one of the reasons that could explain why demonstrations like this one that goes on we're seeing right now are becoming smaller every day but there's
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a broad thank you very much. a politically charged trial has started in spain threatening to inflame tensions between the central government and pro independence catalans twelve catalan separatist politicians have appeared in court on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds they face up to twenty five years in prison for their role in catalonia is bid for independence in twenty seventeen they would try to reports from madrid. as the jailed cattle and leaders arrived at the supreme court their supporters were calling it nothing but a political show trial the spanish authorities though live streamed the pictures as the trial began with claiming the proceedings were free fair and open meaning when ali but the former president of catalonia now in exile had words of support for his former colleague sitting in the dock. honorable and innocent people
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democrats people who have acted under parliamentary mandate sitting in the dark as if they were criminals but i hope the court case will bring about the opportunity that's been still has to impose a fair sentence that is acquittal. the rebellion charges facing some of the leaders will only stick if it's proved they incited the violence seen when the referendum took place in twenty seventeen that defense lawyers refute the charge the state's accusing the independent this movement to be violent but in the words no wonder the violence of the process came from the states and came from the spanish police it's strange to see today that. hundreds of people hundreds of policemen will come to the court to testify and this is the same people who beat the voters in the trial is set to last at least three months by then the government in spain may have changed the spanish prime minister sanchez needs the votes of the cattle and
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separatists m.p.'s to get his budget through parliament on wednesday about that now doesn't look likely a lot more political turmoil is set over the next few weeks david chaytor al-jazeera but druid. republicans and democrats in the us reached a tentative funding deal to avoid another government shutdown it includes funding for president donald trump's border with mexico still unclear how much money has been allocated for the project congressional aides have been quoted to saying it could be as much as one point seven five billion dollars but that falls well short of the president's demand the five point seven billion dollars no guarantee the deal will go through as it still has to pass the house and senate the president also have to sign it well reynolds has more so the texan border city of el paso. president donald trump came to the west texas town of el paso calling again for a border wall and railing against migrants he claimed bringing in crime and drug
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use when you have thousands and thousands of people coming from guatemala from honduras and el salvador and they march up through mexico and by the way if we didn't have walls in those areas in some cases that we put up in many cases where we reinforce in many cases where our great military helped us with barbed wire. so you would have people pouring in trump is not popular in el paso he won only about twenty five percent of the vote here in twenty sixteen while the president was being cheered by his supporters inside the el paso county coliseum a protest of his visit was underway outside led by former el paso congressman and potential democratic presidential contender in two thousand and twenty they tow or roark o'rourke pushed back against trump's message of fear let's make sure that
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we refer to our human beings our fellow human beings with kindness with respects with dignity let's not be afraid of our own shadow or who we are let's own this moment in the future and show the country there's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the us mexico border. many people here are upset with trump's false claims that el paso was a cesspool of crime and violence before a border barrier was built here in two thousand and eight since last time he said a couple of live so i don't. i don't know if you care to like to how my life as lived here all my life i will say the mayor of el paso and other officials have pointed out the city was among the safest in the u.s. even before the border barrier was built but trump scoffed at the local officials
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and their facts i don't care whether mare's a republican or a democrat they're full of crap when they say it hasn't been a big. five in a remarkable coincidence of timing as trump visited el paso we're broke in washington of a budget breakthrough to prevent another looming government shutdown. we reached an agreement in principle. between this poem that homeland security and the other six mills. we are stamps will be working feverish sleep to put all the particulars together people familiar with the talks reportedly say the deal would give trump only enough money to erect just eighty eight kilometers of border barrier still a long way from the large scale project trump says he won't give up on rob reynolds
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al-jazeera el paso committee has more from washington d.c. in a committee the deal contains a lot less money than president wants for the wall is it really going to have a shutdown. well these next seventy two hours will be critical in trying to determine that mean in negotiations you win some you lose some but right now it's very clear that donald trump has lost when it comes to his ongoing push for five point seven billion to build that border wall on the southern border of the united states and mexico as rob reynolds reported it's just one point three seven five billion right now and as for fencing and other border technologies that's really about eighty eight kilometers mostly in the rio grande valley where there are a lot of problems with the illegal crossings that this will be erected so it's a far cry from the president's signature campaign promise one that he made in twenty sixteen repeatedly an ad why is this a problem for the president well we're not in an election year yet that's next year
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but we're already campaigning in the united states we're seeing both democrats and . running and competing for to try and push donald trump from the white house and so this is going to be a problem for donald trump because he certainly has made this a promise the question becomes will he declare a national emergency and access previously approved funds in order to build this wall so this is the question whether or not this is going to to move forward whether it's going to get the president's signature and whether or not the president is himself going to take other actions when congress has not given him what he wanted so talk us through the process now to get the deal through. yes it has to go through the house of representatives that's controlled by democrats so it's particularly important for donald trump that goes through that lower chamber it also has to go through the senate which is controlled by republicans the big question at all of the floor is whether the president will sign it both chambers
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have to prove it but it has to be signed by the president to become law we're watching very carefully for a cabinet meeting that sets to take place in the next hour at the white house whether the president will speak here domestically in the united states all the networks are sort of focused on whether or not there will be some reaction by the president in terms of next steps this could dictate how things proceed in congress so a lot of waiting on the president's response and reaction to the partial averted shutdown deal that has been struck in congress but still has a long way to go can be how kate thank you very much indeed still to come on al-jazeera a growing concern over the civilian death toll in the battle against i still in eastern syria dozens are killed as they feed the fighting. and nigerians in a general election on saturday with the armed threat from bickel her still the main concern for some of the election.
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how they stay has been a bit of a rarity in china this winter it's just not in beijing for example but we have seen rather more rain that is normal for the science in this streaky cloud suggest more current in the full cost line coproduced spotty rain anywhere really from just outside you not towards the shanghai area won't be a lot certainly to be a one or two day event of light usually for the most part and if you sense if it's still nice and warm hong kong is an obvious case in point of twenty four how it says enjoying the sunshine it twenty seven degrees and it should stay dry. but stop the case to the west same sort of line of latitude massive cloud here over iran know that pakistan in the far north west of india to is india kush are the rain or snow depending on your height above sea level of course and we've seen some unusual showers but further south in the end here's another mass going through the northern
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plains you can see that's the forecast for thursday it's an occasional thing but again there's been more than you might expect so far this winter now the. came in quite suddenly down to the gulf states yesterday it's dying slowly is still a northerly breeze twenty three in doha only twenty in riyadh but clearish skies. i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry. i was little. and the others to. continue with. this is. the struggle continues. to.
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rewind on al-jazeera. and one of the top stories here. thousands of people are protesting in venezuela as capital caracas backing opposing sides in the country's power struggle. a dozen separatist leaders from the spanish region of catalonia have gone on trial for rebellion they face up to twenty five years in prison for their role in catalonia has been for independence in twenty seventeen. the white house says president has not yet decided on whether he'll back a deal to avoid another government shutdown republicans and democrats. which includes more than a billion dollars in funding for border security. at least seventeen people feel
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the u.s. led air strikes have reportedly been killed in eastern syria including seven children which comes as the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are continuing their fight against arsenal as the group holds on to its last remaining enclave on the border with iraq imran khan has. first to the turkey syria border. coalition airstrikes. the village is their last remaining stronghold in northeastern syria the safety of civilians caught up in the fighting is becoming a major concern. during a lull in fighting on the ground kurdish led syrian democratic forces and i saw fighters are reportedly negotiating a monitary in korea to let civilians out there is a way out if you know the right people and can afford it to wives of isis fighters both french paid smugglers to get them out of the village. we have nothing to eat
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only iraqis are locked have food they're allowed to go outside while they're locked inside i just have to keep my children alive s.t.'s commanders say the majority of the estimated six hundred to one thousand are still fighters who remain are foreigners with plenty of combat experience. there are two factors that have a direct impact of this battle first of all the terrorists here are the base the terrorist group from different foreign nationalities including europeans afghans pakistanis and iraqis these are all professionals and have past experiences in other terrorist groups including al qaeda and so on the second factor is that they are defending their last headquarters. very concerned about the civilian population . because of it.
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and that. will take longer than we originally estimated. so in syria seven people including three policemen have been injured by a car bomb at the crossing on the border with turkey the crossing is an area under the control of turkey backed rebels fighting against. the acting u.s. defense secretary is in the iraqi capital baghdad on a surprise visit patrick shanahan is expected to get an update on the fight against eisele he also discussed the future of american troops in iraq and syria shanahan's visit visit comes after he spent the past two days in afghanistan where he meant president ashraf ghani afghan interpreters who worked with british soldiers are pleading with the u.k. government to grant them asylum many are in hiding after getting death threats from the taliban which sees them as traitors tony betty reports from kabul and they were on the frontlines with nato forces in afghanistan but now they and their families
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hide in the shadows hunted by the taliban which calls them traitors i'm scared of that and i'm sure if the teach me they will kill me because the have you have evidence of them when interpreters. like i don't of there has been kids so did is no different for them for the taliban they're too scared to show their faces too terrified to give their real names these men serve british forces as interpreters often in the most dangerous provinces but the u.k. government has refused to give them asylum even though their lives are in danger why did people have been abandoned by the british government what is their fault where are their human rights where that a high ranking officer they don't care about us or way the british parliament they don't care about us way they have turned on their plan blind eye i honest they have certificates of commendation medals awarded to them they were the eyes and ears of
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british units in the frontlines and their work was essential to operational safety it made them hated by the taliban and i saw definitely they were not talk to us any more so they were still there they would kill us not only me everyone because they did fall in the past we saw time and saw this the biggest they were not leave us alone. they've been refused sanctuary in the u.k. and denied protection by the afghan government they have reason to be afraid sec'y dad afghan was an interpreter for the americans he was abducted tortured and killed by the taliban and his body left on a car will street as a warning he is one of many afghan interpreters who be murdered the interpreters who work for the british of victims of a hardline immigration policy introduced by prime minister to resign may when she was home secretary troll afghan interpreters are only allowed to settle in the u.k. if they served in helmand province for one year between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve most of these men serve for up to six years but before that
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period the united states and other nato countries have be more sympathetic to afghans who work for them in afghanistan the us for example granted asylum to nine thousand former employees and seventeen thousand dependents britain by contrast has given sanctuary to just over a thousand and their position has been widely condemned by many including ex-military i think were treated very badly in tatters gave it gave a lot of our lives to the people injured have been killed and without we could not have done our work in afghanistan and so for them i think i believe they were genuine a debt of honor to them. abdul served the british for four years three of them in helmand to escape from his home in logar province because of taliban death threats he now lives in hiding with his wife and seven children was another falcon the one we have a lot of enemies we are hiding and we are moving from one place to another we are
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all in danger including the children we always worry about what will happen when we leave home because there are many taliban's buys around. abdul says he's not resentful towards the british government but he wonders how it can abandon those who loyally served with little thought for the consequences tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. as nigeria prepares to vote for its next government on saturday many people in the northeast a still under threat from boko haram president swept to power in twenty fifteen with the promise of defeating the armed group but four years on boko haram is surging back and many are questioning if they can vote for bihari again we're going to address reports from a degree where security remains top of the agenda. despite stitches services here in surgery desirable worker track for two days without triplets to
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escape. at the end of last year the children were barely two weeks old when the family fled back in for the second time she arrived my degree a city the family left six months earlier to rebuild their lives. when. the recent attack was more ferocious i came face to face with boko haram i saw them i was very frightened. that is one of several thousand people displaced by the renewed fighting. the nigerian army has recovered at the areas briefly occupied by the fighters and says it's consolidating its gains by motivating and rearming its troops. formations new formations to conform with the new challenges the but. as mentioned just what we are facing is indeed across the country but despite recent successes by the army displaced people like zara and considering the
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return to baghdad i was not going back we went back and nearly lost our lives will stay in my degree but what i'm launched an insurgency in northeast nigeria in two thousand and nine aiming to establish a caliphate the violence in the decade old conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced more than two million people for a fraction affiliated with high some has claimed responsibility for most of your thoughts which are very targeted mainly sick or false as a government just because the experts say the governments of them will try to return to nigeria need to improve order to deliver across. some falling it was in nigeria including the united states said earlier want of possible attacks my book i had of the elections and with a few days to the vote with his insight into what communities in nigeria said all the east comedy trieste ideas iraq might agree nigeria seventeen people have died in
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a hotel fire in india's capital new delhi at least four people were injured including a woman who jumped from an upper floor to escape the flames thirty five people were rescued from the hotel which is located in a district known for budget accommodation most of the deaths were due to suffocation. are any footballer hakimullah raby is back in his adopted home of australia after spending nearly three months in a thai jail the refugee was arrested in november while on honeymoon in thailand or any authority is accused of crimes during the arab spring protests in twenty eleven which he denies after thomas reports from melbourne. was in a bangkok prison for more than two months a keen al arabiya dreamed up this moment but until monday it looked less and less likely that it would happen then suddenly he was released and soon on a plane to australia i would defend. this to music to see other people.
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before every death this is what the president thinks it's totally different if more than a hundred people waiting for al arabiya at melbourne airport none for even twenty four hours earlier they'd be here now. late last night because it is very frightening traffic a respected from it is safe now. el arabia led by a writer for a strike in twenty four to after being accused of vandalism during pro-democracy protests australia recognised him as a refugee by last year he was playing professional football in melbourne but in the event l. araby got married and flew to thailand for his honeymoon as a refugee with residency rights in australia that shouldn't have been a problem but somehow an alert was issued and when he landed type police arrested him bahrain began extradition proceedings and despite international condemnation thai courts seem to be pushing them through the thai government said it wasn't its
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right to stop them on monday though a sudden change to thailand's foreign minister made a trip to bahrain thailand's government announced the extradition request has been dropped. was for him to leave a little more than twenty four hours ago this seemed a very very long way away from blix campaign to get the melody free that he seemed to be going into what we now know the pressure to find the seeds was it was a story of diplomatic activity there are still unanswered questions about the process that led to underwrite his arrest and after it's the lack of support from organizations like the asian football confederation they come. to say a rabies case has had one positive effect it's shown a spotlight on bahrain's human rights record the world now understands the absence of rule of law we've all from third learned that there's over five thousand political prisoners in bahrain jails i came al-arabiya doesn't yet have an
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australian passport but this he says is hard not the country he played to get but the one that's given him shelter under thomas al jazeera melbourne a. quick reminder you can catch up anytime with all the stories we are reporting on but check out our website al-jazeera dot com which is live by clicking on the live icon. the top stories on our jazeera thousands of people are protesting in venezuela's capital caracas backing opposing sides in the country's power struggle and one side of those who support opposition leader one who declared himself interim president last month and embattled president nicolas maduro is holding his own rally with young leftists who support his government and who are stopping aid from entering venezuela denying that there's a crisis. twelve catalan politicians have appeared in a spanish court on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds they
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face up to twenty five years in jail for their role in catalonia is bid for independence in twenty seventeen former catalan president got a speech a man who's fighting his own extradition request from germany says spain's democracy is on trial. trialled. that started in madrid this morning. is a test for the whole judiciary system i therefore it is a stress test for the spanish democracy because the judiciary system is one of the basis of the rule of law in our democracies i pulled out all democritus around the world must be inspired by the qatar struggle for democracy. the white house says president donald trump has not yet decided on whether he'll back a deal to avoid another government shutdown that's according to the what is news
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agency republicans and democrats have hammered out the agreement which reportedly includes more than one billion dollars in funds for border security but it's well short of the five point seven billion dollars trump has been demanding for a wall along the mexican border and the seventeen people fleeing the u.s. led airstrikes have reportedly been killed in eastern syria including seven children hundreds of civilians are trapped as the kurdish led syrian democratic forces battle eisel fighters u.s. backed coalition says the s.d.f. is making progress against arsenal which is clinging on to its last remaining enclave on the border with iraq coming up a young liberians journey across the sahara in pursuit of a better life rewind is up next more news for you after that i phone or.
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welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey carrot al-jazeera english we have built a library of award winning documentaries over the past decade.


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