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everyone has a voice from the twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation amount is iraq. this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way where there are people who don't leave. al-jazeera. back to go this is the news hour live from a head quarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes notorious mexican drug lord rocky in el chapo guzman is found guilty on all counts in an international drug distribution trial will have the very latest from outside the court in new
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york. the venezuelan opposition leader one guide o'reilly's thousands of his supporters in caracas and says aid supplies will be brought into the country despite a government backed also this hour in spain the trial of twelve separatist leaders threatens to reopen a divide that could tear the country apart and improve the sport including. with you. was. to be the refugee footballer returns to australia after more than two months in jail in thailand we'll hear from him. we begin with breaking news this hour out of the united states where after nearly three months after the money and more than a week of deliberations a new york jury has reached a verdict in the trial of information. this mexican drug lord talking guzman as
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chapal is also known has been found guilty on all counts he's accused of pocketing nearly fourteen billion dollars as the decades long head of the notorious simoneau a cartel let's go straight to game that is on to who is outside the court in new york so gabe finally a verdict and it looks like and chappell will be facing life in prison yeah without a doubt he will be facing life in prison as a matter of fact and that's because twelve person jury here in brooklyn new york outside this federal courthouse just came back a few minutes ago with this verdict guilty on all counts what chapo guzman was facing an eleven count indictment by u.s. federal prosecutors here in new york of the counts eleven count indictment range from everything from running a criminal organization to drug trafficking to even conspiracy to commit murder now
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this was a trial that went on for many many weeks the jury clearly spent several days deliberating over this very complex case that lasted several several weeks finally came back with this guilty on all counts we have not heard from guzman's defense attorneys or from the prosecutors they have not come out of the courtroom yet guzman looked stunned when the jury read their guilty verdict but this clearly will in what has been a long saga in the. life really of one of the world's biggest drug traffickers. a trial that lasted more than two months is finally over trucking guzman the way to no one by his infamous nickname of el chapo or shorty was charged on ten criminal counts drug trafficking money laundering and leading a criminal organization just to name a few over the course of the trial the jury heard the following tales of guzman's dramatic escapes from authorities through underground tunnels once he escaped naked
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through a specially built tunnel under a bath tub that escaped he was with his mistress who testified in court guzman's wife watched on they saw pictures of guzman's diamond encrusted pistol and the jury heard stories about him ordering the killings of rivals including one for the crime of failing to shake guzman's hand but it was guzman sinhala a drug cartel that often took center stage at the trial several of his former top level associates testified against him lifting the lid on a multimillion dollar smuggling operation that smuggled cocaine into the u.s. through tunnels in hollow penya pepper cans and even in bananas. and there were allegations of political corruption at the highest levels former mexican president keep union nikto was accused of receiving a one hundred million dollar bribe from guzman in unico denied it according to
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organized crime experts the trial has done nothing to curtail the activities of guzman cinna low a cartel nine out of ten politicians are funding their political campaign through dirty money. right now through survey said we have conducted by interviewing politicians saw. you know our criminal network was the most powerful the most effective network still is. in capturing the political system in mexico and that network is intact has not been touch regardless if the way to is in jail guzman's defense attorneys wanted to pivot the trial away from their clients alleged wrongdoing to focus on official corruption but the judge blocked their efforts leaving the defense with few options other than to argue chapo guzman was being set up as the fall guy. now even if guzman was found guilty of one of the ten counts against him it would have been a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison he was found guilty on all ten so
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guzman will never be a free man again now the prosecution put on a very extensive case that lasted several weeks they called fifty six witnesses there were hundreds of photos recordings exhibits that they put in front of the jury over the course of this trial the defense on the other hand just put up a thirty minute defense and the and called only one witness the defense was basically arguing that they wanted this to be a trial about government corruption in mexico they were saying chapo guzman was basically set up and it was clearly the jury did not buy that even at all now that's probably why this jury took several days to come to this ruling because even though there was so much evidence against guzman they had a long list of charges against him and they had to go through each and every one of them so that's the latest from here outside the federal courthouse in brooklyn we
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expect to hear from the defense attorneys and the prosecution here the next few minutes thank you very much for that game is on the reporting there live from new york in other world news venezuela's opposition leader says aides will be allowed into the country on february twenty third one has been speaking to his supporters at a rally in caracas supporters of president nicolas maduro still gathering elsewhere in the city and on venezuela's border with colombia sound off continues meanwhile over tons of aid sent by the united states has ordered the military to block the aid convoys saying the much needed assistance is being used as a political tool by washington the idea that we bring you a very clear message today the time the future is on the side of democracy every day that passes we need a new abbasids or a new country right. nice's us we mobilize hundreds of thousands and millions all across venezuela each passing day i remain in office as interim president of
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venezuela each of these days is a victory for that is we are. a speaker latin america is a lucy and human life for us now in caracas lucy is so high exactly does one on getting the aid into venezuela on february twenty third apologise for that we rather they're going to try to the. sorry lucille remiss at the beginning of what you were saying there because there was a problem with the line just go ahead and tell us how exactly plans on getting this aid into venezuela. exactly president nicolas and i would have said that under no circumstances will he allow it to pass he has so far the backing of the military but he is giving another ten days for this to happen he says it's going to be brought in with human cargo ours that they're going to set up a mobile account to distribute this aid but what really what i seem to think
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feelings but he's getting more time hopefully and it's from his point of view for president nicolas not going to be pressured into the picture dating and that is really the key right now this is a political battle of the wills a confrontation about the humanitarian aid as it is being called is really being used as the center of a but it's really supposed to lead to three and into and transparent and internationally supervised and actions so that president nixon lots of little will be forced from power and that is his endgame that's very very clear joining me here one of the things he said foley was and he sent it to the international organizations humanitarian organizations and the church for helping him in his efforts but one of those organizations that is not part of this is the international red cross and joining me to explain why now is not so long god who is the spokesman for the international red cross thank you for joining us from awful
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why is the red cross not wanting to cooperate in this effort with the opposition actually getting powerful decent since the beginning is always the same we need the conditions in the field of war if you're not neutral in barcelona and independent ways how would a red cross organization is working all around the world so what we're saying to all depart this is please don't use humanitarian aid as a political tool and that's what you're seeing now i'm fortunate to be yes you did asked a few weeks of what we are experiencing is that the money that it's been due is by both parties as a political tool not meanwhile people are suffering enough and the steel as information they're presenting. but he seems to be gaining a throughout a lot of minutes on the course volunteers are doing their best the but then you go obviously an international star wars president is going to have a has said over and over again that you would not accept humanitarian aid from abroad because that could be used as a pretext for international intervention is that the way humanitarian aid works
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again you money that i need must be punishing dependent red cross is working in a very crazy its own all around the world and obviously i want you money getting aid is nothing to do with the way bones or any issue it can create problem to any country but then again we need the political debate to step back and all the political parties needs to step back and give eyes i mean eyes and all the other you might going to gaze ish and go to the station and it is a recent work you know neutral impartial and even though i feel that on the thank you very much for sharing your thoughts without you well there you have it this is going to is a high stakes bet right now on both sides president we call last night little is expected to address supporters downtown in another part of the city from what we've seen the crowds are very much smaller than the ones that came out here to show their support for opposition leader i got back to you now foley thank you very much for that lucy and human life for us in caracas we want to take you now back to the united states and outside the court in new york where the verdict was just
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announced a short while ago in the trial of a taurus mexican drug. guzman who has been found guilty on all ten counts in his drug trafficking trial in the u.s. let's listen to the attorney general of the eastern district of new york this is written down here service the n.y.p.d. are court security officers v.h.s. is several protective service and others who are of through selfless service vigil we protected the courthouse in the surrounding area on the twenty four seven basis under challenging circumstances. this trial has pulled back the curtain on international drug dealing in a way that no other trial has revealed that guzman and his coconspirators were responsible for smuggling hundreds of tons of cocaine heroin methamphetamine and marijuana into the united states it also revealed that they
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were only able to operate on that scale because of endemic corruption this is unacceptable and it will end this is a day of reckoning but there are more days of reckoning to come we would like to thank the judge for a fair and efficient trial and most of all we would like to thank the jurors for their commitment their patience and the careful attention they paid to the evidence throughout the long course of this trial i now like to give you the next presenter acting da administrator who don't dylan. richard donohue the attorney for the eastern district of new york speaking to reporters there after the verdict in the trial of notorious drug lord like email chappell guzman the notorious mexican drug lord who has been found guilty on all
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counts in his international drug trafficking trial in new york el chapo as is popularly known. accused of pocketing nearly fourteen billion dollars as the decades long head of the notorious illinois a cartel in mexico. moving on now and we head to spain where a politically charged trial has started in madrid threatening to inflame tensions between the central government and pro independence catalans twelve catalan separatist leaders have appeared in court on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds they face up to twenty five years in prison for their role in catalonia spread for independence in twenty seventeen david chaytor has a report from a trade. as the jailed catalan leaders arrived at the supreme court their supporters were calling it nothing but a political show trial the spanish authorities lifestream the pictures as the trial began claiming the proceedings were free and open meaning when ali but the former
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president of catalonia now in exile had words of support for his former colleague sitting in the dock. d.v.c. an honorable and innocent people democrats people who have acted under parliamentary mandate sitting in the dock as if they were criminals but i hope the court case will bring about the opportunity that's been still has to impose a fair sentence that is acquittal. the rebellion charges facing some of the leaders will only stick if it's proved they'd cited the violent scene where the referendum took place in twenty seventeen defense lawyers refute the charge the state is accusing the independent this movement to be violent but in the words the violence of the. the group process came from the states and came from the spanish police it's strange to see today that. hundreds of people hundreds of policemen will come to the court to testify and this is the same people who beat devoted the trial is
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set to last at least three months by then the government in spain may have changed the spanish prime minister sanchez needs the votes of the catalan separatists m.p.'s to get his budget through parliament on wednesday a but that now doesn't look likely a lot more political turmoil is set over the next few weeks david chaytor al-jazeera but treat. plenty more ahead on this news hour including as nigeria prepares to vote for a new government report from the northeast where security remains a major concern for us hunted by the taliban we hear from afghan interpreters who live in fear because they worked with british soldiers and japan's olympic swim hope reveals she has been diagnosed with leukemia people have that story in sports coming up meet.
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coalition airstrikes in eastern syria have reportedly killed at least sixteen people including seven children the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are facing tough resistance from eisel fighters there as a group things onto its last remaining enclave on the border with iraq hundreds of civilians are trapped in the besieged area imran khan reports some guys on the turkey syria border. coalition air strikes it's harvesting eisel fighters in eldar who's. the village is their last remaining stronghold in northeastern syria the safety of civilians caught up in the fighting is becoming a major concern. during a lull in fighting on the ground kurdish led syrian democratic forces and i saw fighters are reportedly negotiating a monetary encouraged to let civilians out there is a way out if you know the right people and can afford it to wives of isis fighters both french paid smugglers to get them out of the village in the morning we have
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nothing to eat only iraqis are locked have food they're allowed to go outside while they're locked inside i just have to keep my children alive. s.t.'s commanders say the majority of the estimated six hundred two thousand i saw fighters who remain are foreigners with plenty of combat experience. there are two factors that have a direct impact of this battle first of all the terrorists here are the base the terrorist group as from different foreign nationalities including europeans afghans pakistanis and iraqis these are all professionals and have past experiences in other terrorist groups including al qaeda and so on the second factor is that they are defending their last headquarters. is very concerned about the civilian population within the village and says the battle is being slowed down because of it it says that it is a ruse in the civilian population as human shields and that the your poison will
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take longer than we originally estimated. doesn't it. the people of africa's most populous nation and the continent's biggest economy votes on saturday for a new government by gerry and president mahmoud abbas won the twenty fifteen election with the promise of fighting corruption and. for years on end boyo state in the country's northeast has been especially hard hit by the armed groups attacks reports on how security remains top of the agenda. despite stitches from a sincere and surgery. trip for two days with a triplets. at the end of last year the children were barely two weeks old when the family fled back in for the second time she arrived my degree a city the family left six months earlier to rebuild their lives. in the recent attack was more ferocious i came face to face with boko haram i saw them i
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was very frightened. is that he's one of several thousand people displaced by the renewed fighting. that are joining army has recovered at the areas briefly occupied by the fighters and says it's consolidating its gains by motivating and rearming its troops. formations new formations to conform with the new challenges the birth of a smidgen wolf that is what we are facing is indeed across the country but despite recent successes by the army displaced people like zara and considering the return to baghdad i was wrong we're not going back we went back and nearly lost our lives will stay in my degree. launched a new so you're seeing all these try joining two thousand and nine aiming to stop the ship cultivate the violence in the decade old conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced more than two million people for
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a fraction of here it did with high cell has claimed responsibility for most of your thoughts which are very targeted and made me sick or false as a government just because i want to it's my favorite government the family tribe is going to nigeria need to order to deliver the product. some forming it was in nigeria including the united states said earlier want of possible attacks my book was prompt ahead of the elections and with few days to the vote that is in sight in some remote communities in nigeria's call the east decreased al jazeera might agree nigeria saudi gaba share who is a retired nigerian air force captain he says the military has managed to weaken book koran but it remains under resourced. we have to say that compared to watch when the government or the current government came there has been improvements which can be measurable for example in terms of area controlled by the boko haram when this government came about. or someone to look at
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a government when the effective control of the james as of today i don't think. you will you will see one or two places well we'll see there is a boko haram holding court in the place so in that time we can see there has been some improvement if we look at the number of course of people killed from the conflict in the not used also from two thousand and fifteen to two thousand and sixteen two thousand and seventeen it has always been a downward. downward trend in the adoption of numbers fortunately the stats will indicate that since the twenty trips one thousand one thousand nine nigeria has actually not been spending kamil that it would security challenges that its present it so yes we have to agree that this issue of our equipment subtly the nigerian un forces can do with much much more equipment there is also the issue of numbers given the expanse of land over which the force is operating and or that's a critically challenge in the hinterland the current strength of the nigerian and
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forces is highly inadequate. in libya fighters loyal to warlord highly for have ties say they have seized libya's largest oil field the so-called libyan national army tweeted that it met no resistance to take control of the oil fields the n.a.c. share which is a further challenge to the un backed government in tripoli hours weeks of fighting with several armed call mahmud abdel wahab has more from tripoli. what's her pind. field in the souls of libya is a kind of hand over of the oil field to have towards forces without any military confrontations we understand that six military brigades were responsible for protecting the oil field three of them were affiliated with the u. and bag the government of national accord which is based in tripoli while the other three brigades were fully united with warlord khalifa haftar what's happened is that through negotiations and talks between tribal leaders and militia
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leaders in the sales of libya they managed to convince. groups inside assure our oil field to take the side of have to and let other brigades affiliated with have to to enter the field without any military confrontations but we cannot separate that from the fact that have stood as trying to gain more to tutors in the sales including oil fields oil in on a steel installations military camps and airports in order to put more pressure on the government of national accord we know that in mid january have to this forces launching a military campaign in the south under the banner of fighting terrorism and military and criminal gangs in the south but many people here including government officials say that is raising this banner as a pretext to gain more to two days in the south was so that he can put more
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pressure on. a government of national accord we know that in in december in september two thousand and sixteen have to this forces took control of the oil christians area which includes the four major oil ports in libya and until today they have not left the oil christened area they want to again more to do you want to achieve more progress on the ground so that they can put more pressure on the western the camp which includes the government of national accord seventeen people have died in a hotel fire in india's capital new delhi a large group of wedding guests were staying at the hotel in a district known for budget akamai dacian thirty five people were rescued most of the deaths were due to suffocation investigators are trying to find out what caused the place pakistan is facing nationwide fuel shortages and is affecting all sectors
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of the economy from major industries to the consumer reports from islamabad. it's not a cold windy morning and. that the how did you cross are doing brisk business because of the cord read by gold there is across the country including businesses such as bakeries are complaining that their three northern gas pipeline system is not able to give them the gas necessary to keep their businesses running the country is seeing a shortfall of almost fifty percent and when it comes to gas delivery pipelines. because. they're shipping and and that all the so-called viral thread us consumers . are already complaining that they have no marks for their gas bases. they passed our previous bills with sixty to sixty five thousand but from last
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month it increased incredibly a winter gas office they said gas is going to be expensive and you have to pay it we have this small business and we have to pay sellers and other expenses we also think you to shut down our business. we have fed up of paying bills we're not able to give education twa children me a pain electricity bill gas this is just tom and tonight as we've come here at the gas office but no one's listening to us they said indeed a serious crisis for a country with you already cash strapped a budget gone the rupee is losing its value and it seems that people across the country are now also losing their patients. still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour. just so you know we're building the war larry with promises from donald trump about a compromise reached by democrats and republicans to avert a government shutdown and want to provide him paid funding for his border wall ross
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we follow the story of three filmmakers on a path of restoring saddam's forgotten history and the champions league return stated tonight i rejuvenating manchester united will pay p.s.g. paedo have that story coming up a shot to stay with us. follow the rains falling heavily again in iran this massive trial that suggests much the same of course for some it's going to be snow maybe the further north and for the both of you all the mall is it is the snow afghanistan the most obvious case here once it's gone the sun's back and lend degrees into ran well which back to levant is looking fine for wednesday but your time has come again for more rain coming through lebanon israel and probably syria consists concentration is turkey and the
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induced suddenly breeze ahead will be a fairly dusty world want to bring a bit of warm so i suppose up through northern saudi arabia but the country breeze the northern is still blood the lighter down through the gulf states certain q.h. your bahrain to qatar twenty seems to pick up at the skies now are clear once more and there's a picture that suddenly breeze increase in temperature in riyadh twenty four. that's jumps science through the tropics to something after the familiar line is a climber's law school line or shouts from angola dancers zambia to was the southeastern part of south africa every day you could use a big strong guy for this and this is no exception i think the next two days you'll see just a was durban also in the forward line of the wall twenty six. a story of revolution defiance and murder them build a life member of
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a major figure in the war against the french occupation. french from one person brave even in prestige and one to inspire others in the fight for independence after death and give that a good deed to get everything i yell out of the bend mcgeady the algerian revolutionary on al-jazeera. and reported on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the war.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the world's most notorious drug trafficker chapo guzman has been found guilty of all ten charges against him a jury in new york reached a verdict a short while ago the former leader of the notorious and i know a cartel is likely to spend the rest of his life in a u.s. jail he'll be sentenced on june twenty fifth venezuela's opposition leader says aid will be allowed into the country on february twenty third has been speaking to his supporters in caracas president has ordered the military to block aid convoys at the border with colombia saying they are a fanatical tool from the united states. and in spain separatist
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leaders have appeared in a court in madrid on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds if faced up to twenty five years in prison for their role in catalonia as failed independence but in two thousand and seventy. the february twelfth marks international day against child soldiers in the past seven years a number of children being forced into combat has risen more than one. hundred fifty percent between two thousand and twelve and twenty seventeen the rise school child soldiers international found un data had recorded more than twenty nine thousand cases of children being recruited into conflicts those cases were spread across seventeen different countries in africa the middle east then southern asia the exploitation of girls has also increased with many being use in support roles and as domestic and sexual slave or fight is sandor olsen is the program manager at child soldiers international she explains what's behind the rising number of children in combat. we know that over the last couple of years verification methods
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have improved but we also know that the number of conflict has increased and that access to reaching these children is incredibly difficult so even if we see this big increase which is very worrying we know that it's unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg children have for a long period of time been used wherever there has been conflict or more and more involved and those children are closer to that to the front lines to being recruited and conflict is not only as you mentioned happening between two nations they're happening between communities between regions children have been recruited and used by our marketers in countries such as syria afghanistan but again the difficulty in verifying these cases is is very large so we don't have the actual numbers we have a lot of unverified reports so we know that the problem is is much faster than than the verified cases actually will let us know these cases that we call verified they
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often are helped or released by by un in their partners but there's a large number of children who will never be identified by these actors and will escape on their own accord and for them it's it's much more difficult to access any type of assistance so what we need to do is work together and support the communities of return to which the children come back home to so that they are able to cope and take care of their children. it's also interesting it's also important to remember that if a child even having lived through these traumatic experiences receives proper support from the family from the community and an opportunity to to go back to normal lives so in opportunity to go back to school for example they will recover and they will be able to to go on living their lives as their peers. the acting u.s. defense secretary has arrived in the iraqi capital on an unannounced visit patrick
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shanahan is expected to get an update on the country's progress in its fight against isis or while in baghdad is also discussed the future of american troops in iraq and syria he said monday in afghanistan where he met president ashraf ghani the afghan interpreters who have worked with british soldiers are pleading with the u.k. government to grant them asylum many are in hiding after getting death threats from the taliban which sees them as traitors tony berkeley has a story from kabul intimated that we were on the frontlines with nato forces in afghanistan but now they and their families hide in the shadows hunted by the taliban which calls them traitors i'm scared of that and i'm sure if the kids me they would kill me because the have we have evidence of them when interpreters like. i don't of there has been kids so did is no difference for them for the taliban they're too scared to show their faces too terrified to
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give their real names these men serve british forces as interpreters often in the most dangerous provinces but the u.k. government has refused to give them asylum even though their lives are in danger why did people have been abandoned by the british government what is their fault where are the human rights where that a high ranking officer they don't care about us or way the british parliament don't care about us why they have turned on their plant blind eye i honest they have certificates of commendation medals awarded to them they were the eyes and ears of british units in the front lines and their work was essential to operational safety it made them hated by the taliban and i saw definitely they would not talk to us anymore so they were still there they would kill us. not only me everyone because they did for in the past you saw time and saw this the biggest they are not leave us alone they've been refused sanctuary in the u.k.
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and denied protection by the afghan government they have reason to be afraid sec'y dad afghan was an interpreter for the americans he was abducted tortured and killed by the taliban and his body left in a car pool street as a warning he is one of many afghan interpreters who be murdered the interpreters who work for the british victims of a hardline immigration policy introduced by prime minister to resign may when she was home secretary of troll afghan interpreters are only allowed to settle in the u.k. if they served in helmand province for one year between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve most of these men serve for up to six years but before that period the united states and other nato countries have be more sympathetic to afghans who work for them in afghanistan the us for example granted asylum to nine thousand former employees and seventeen thousand dependents britain by contrast has given sanctuary to just over a thousand and their position has been widely condemned by many including
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ex-military i think were treated very badly in turkey's gave it gave a lot of the lives lost the people into being killed and without we could not have done our work in afghanistan and so for them i think i believe they were generally better. to them. abdul served the british for four years three of them in helmand to escape from his home in logar province because of taliban death threats he now lives in hiding with his wife and seven children was on that how could the when we have a lot of enemies we are hiding and we are moving from one place to another we are all in danger including the children and we always worry about what will happen when we leave home because there are many taliban's buys around that's abdul says he's not resentful towards the british government but he wonders how it can abandon those who loyally served with little thought for the consequences tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. the labor party in israel is helping for every viable in april
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spot and entry elections but that's unlikely because of the way the country's politics have drifted steadily to the right that reported on them. in the jerusalem side street labor activists gather for the party's primaries the atmosphere is hardly high energy with polls suggesting the majority of candidates being selected are all but guaranteed to lose enables election i really hope that things will change because here in israel things can change in a week you know something could happen and so i'm trying to be optimistic because you know otherwise it doesn't really help it's very difficult it's hard time but we were. hopeful maybe traces its roots to the my party movement of david ben-gurion israel's first prime minister but left wing labor hasn't won an election since barak's victory in one thousand nine hundred nine israeli politics has moved to the right ever since. polls suggest labor will win as few as five seats in the next parliament or knesset until recently labor was part of the zionist union alliance
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which has twenty four members one israeli newspaper on monday depicted the late labor leaders you've been and shimon peres urging ben-gurion not to look at what had become of his movement for the last twenty years labor party members have had to adapt to a steady decline in their electoral fortunes but this year it does seem different rather than fighting for power this party is battling for political relevance or swim celestial that's one reason the emergence of benny gantz to offer an alternative to the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and attract support from labor voters the security of their accounts labor's leader has advocated a mix of traditional left wing politics with right wing tinges for example on illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank which he says should stay put . he's been clear that labor would not serve in the netanyahu led coalition government but voters who want netanyahu out a bubble. seymour prepared to bet on former army chief gunther what's happened to
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laver is that they've had some bad leadership they've had a leader who is in the wrong place at the wrong time but it's not an indication that the party will die it's not an indication the peace camp will die and it's not an indication that the israeli left will die it is though few would predict to come back in time for election day when april ninth. west jerusalem. republicans and democrats in the u.s. have reached a tentative funding deem to avoid another government shutdown it includes funding for president donald trump's border wall with mexico it's still unclear though how much money has been allocated for the project a congressional aides have been quoted as saying it's as much as one point seven billion dollars but that falls well short of the white house says demand for five point seven billion dollars is still no guarantee the deal will go through as it still has to pass the house and senate and president will also have to agree to sign it rob reynolds has more from the border city of el paso where trump has been
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campaigning for the wall. president donald trump came to the west texas town of el paso calling again for a border wall and railing against migrants he claimed bringing in crime and drug use when you have thousands and thousands of people coming from guatemala from honduras and el salvador and they march up through mexico and by the way if we didn't have walls in those areas in some cases that we put up in many cases where we reinforce in many cases where our great military helped us with barbed wire. you would have people pouring in trunk is not popular in el paso he won only about twenty five percent of the vote here in twenty sixteen while the president was being cheered by his supporters inside the el paso county coliseum a protest of his visit was underway outside led by former el paso congressman and
9:43 pm
potential democratic presidential contender in two thousand and twenty eight zero zero rourke o'rourke pushed back against trump's message of fear let's make sure that we refer george human beings our fellow human beings with kindness with respects with dignity let's not be afraid of our own shadow. or who we are let's own this moment in the future and show the country there's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the us mexico border. many people here are upset with trump's false claims that el paso was a cesspool of crime and violence before a border barrier was built here in two thousand and eight and last time he said a couple of lines so i don't. i don't know if you care to like tell me more lines as lived here all my life i feel safe the mayor of el paso and other
9:44 pm
officials have pointed out the city was among the safest in the u.s. even before the border barrier was built but trump scoffed at the local officials and their facts i don't care whether a mare's a republican or a democrat they're full of crap when they say it hasn't been i think. in a remarkable coincidence of timing as trump visited el paso we're broke in washington of a budget breakthrough to prevent another looming government shutdown. we can reach the agreement in principle. between us oh and the homeland security and the other six moves oh we are staff so we work and fevers leave to put all the particulars together people familiar with the talks reportedly say the deal would give trump only enough money to erect just eighty eight kilometers of
9:45 pm
border barrier still a long way from the large scale project trump says he won't give up on rob reynolds al-jazeera el paso. still ahead on al-jazeera japan's status well number one. on that coming up next stay with us. the earth.
9:46 pm
the earth. welcome back the story of a group of young filmmakers from so don who struggled in
9:47 pm
a country where the film industry is much neglected has been shown at the berlin film festival as a d.m. baba reports from berlin it is one of two new documentaries that give a rag himself cartoon behind the headlines. picking up relics of a bygone era for the sudanese filmmakers started out in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's now they're determined to revive interest in their country's neglected cinema or industry. as easier said than done as the film talking about trees makes clear. it follows their efforts to screen forgotten classics and cartoon something that riles plenty of curiosity that is very near mint with brain tissue and they would look and see us regularly here in the real camera stand and see. maisons they're doing on the moon in the
9:48 pm
cinema again. and the winner when they're in winter's you know that of the daily question as well as bringing their story to berlin so hey guys mulberry has helped them restore some of their groundbreaking films made decades ago and they're also showing in the festival. the question of hope i hope you can regenerate. like this and i learned that on them the value of friendship real friendship and the value of sometimes taking the you choose. to take the difficult things you know not to compromise you so i do my sil are we having this here it might be ok. if i did take out the other might be a different generation and a different struggle in how to morph side by mar was a rather mysterious and i think it follows a group of women who find solidarity through playing football despite skepticism from some quarters of them rather than having to laugh at.
9:49 pm
the difficulties they face from family traditions to politics to religion or echoed in the way the director had to operate. and how the law if you would go on to the streets with a handheld camera completely by himself no crew not to be seen as conspicuous quite a small camera and was just filming and observing society observing football games and so you see that in the documentary you know it's very shaky scenes and hand-held scene but it's rufo to just the sense of being there. audiences here have been treated to films from across the middle east and africa for many years now but these sudanese filmmakers hope that soon people will be talking about their country for more than just political unrest and conflicts that involve al-jazeera. mark williams is associate professor of film and media studies at dama university in england he says these sounds can help raise awareness about the historical value of cinema and audio visual on forms what this film and what the
9:50 pm
efforts of these filmmakers provides is an opportunity to have an international conversation about what most people don't realize is a very pressing and dire circumstance regarding moving image history people are often accustomed to seeing hundreds of cat videos in our popular streaming channels they don't recognize that motion picture history is is not. ubiquitous and is not eternal it's in fact turning into dust so the exigencies don't necessarily have to be placed in the framework you're suggesting where you're taking food out of people's mouths but it can be placed into an international conversation with organizations very concerned about and committed to helping to save this history that can can provide some support and can be provided communities
9:51 pm
to help help address these needs tempus for the thank you very much bahrain's refugee footballer hakimullah baby is back in his adoptive home of a strain of to being detained for nearly three months in thailand. the twenty five year old arrived in melbourne just hours after being released from jail in bangkok following the thai attorney general's decision to drop bahrain's extradition request he has refugee status in australia he fled bahrain in two thousand and fourteen or to be accused of crimes during the arab spring which he denies a lot a.b.c. being sentenced to ten years in absentia and claims he faces torture or even death if he returns craig foster the former stray a football captain spearheaded the campaign to. getting released. now what do you think is generally done meant to be what i would to take this event is why i feel much for my kids because it's going to touch on i think that to be put to you will
9:52 pm
rise i think you'll always be noticed i don't want to spend sitting on yes i would be strong together just want to stand out here on this night i did this my candidacy just didn't i didn't didn't see it yet but. if i can put it this study and i would be don't use that idea i don't strongly and thank you but it's good to have a care be both. other baby was wearing the football shirt of pascoe vale the semi pro team he plays for in australia the club told us they're not expecting him back on the pitch in the near future. we saw and heard so on be a great feeling to obviously spy out of the crowd for another year at least give him a couple years now we want to say where you are bringing up being the great force that he said that he wasn't good you know and it was really struggling you lost a lot of white knight kings a very solid. pretty good show and you look for
9:53 pm
a job and imagine what he's mentally it's like being held in jail probably thinking that you know he's lost we. can start climbing again and get back to. train and go on our honeymoon but maybe. england's world cup winning goal keeper gordon banks has died at the age of eighty one is former club stoke city announced these deaths saying banks passed away peacefully overnight club said they are devastated but couldn't be more proud of him banks one seventy three caps for england and was part of the famous team that won the one nine hundred sixty six world cup on home soil beating west germany in the final is also famous for one of the greatest saves in the history of football denying pele in the one nine hundred seventy world cup the champions league returns on tuesday in a rejuvenated manchester united will host paris and men in the first leg of their
9:54 pm
last sixteen tie now when the draw was made many would have favored p.s.g. to win the senate counter at united have since x. chose a marina and the new man in charge only going to solve is on an eleven game hot streak with ten wins and a draw. we're given us the best possible opportunity on the way we've gone into this game now because we're confident we've found. what kind of i found out what team we have we look at looking like a team the playing style he was talking about that we we're. agreeing on how we should approach games so. if there was ever a chance or any time to to go into big games like this it's now for us to compare it with one hundred eighty minutes and we have a second leg to paris and feel very strong and comfortable in the process you know i would say it's a fifty fifty game but on this kind of level it's one of these games where the
9:55 pm
details like you get a decision from the referee against or for you you get the yellow or red the red like anything can make the difference you get the leader you get big like it's it's not tight but it's so close game you risky champion michela shifrin makes headlines when she races then when she chooses not to the twenty three year old won last week's super g. at the ski championships in order sweden and then set out several events this week she is now preparing to get gold in the upcoming join slalom and slalom but after ski legend lindsey vonn retired on sunday sure friend says she has a lot to learn before stepping into a new role as the next face of sport. i would like to believe that just being a really like kind person and a good athlete and having success in the store is enough to really promote it but it's not really i mean there needs to be some some drama some excitement some some really big personalities and for me maybe i'm growing into that and right now i'm
9:56 pm
just trying as hard as i can to balance my own schedule and. ski as well as i can because i'm a big goal is is not to be dramatic it's to be. in the start gate ready to win. she was the star of the pool at last year's asian games in jakarta but now a japanese swimmer because key has announced she's been diagnosed with leukemia the eighteen year old won six gold medals in indonesia and was tipped to be one of the faces of tokyo lympics in her home country next year posted the news to her twitter account saying her diagnosis came after she returned feeling unwell after training to to australia or the international olympic committee or in tokyo inspecting the progress of the venues for the twenty twenty olympics with five hundred twenty seven days to go some of the facilities are nearing completion the canoe is eighty percent finished with the volleyball arena about halfway down the gymnastics and
9:57 pm
quite expenses among others have yet to be booked and japan's tennis world number one saga has split with her coach sasha bryan the pair had worked together since twenty seventeen and since then osaka has enjoyed an incredible rise to the top of the world rankings she won the u.s. open in september and made it back to back grand slams winning the australian open last month or so racing in britain will resume on wednesday after nearly a week of cancellations because of equine influenza a sports governing body had mets there is still some risk but says the decision was unanimously approved by the industry veteran recommitting and will be strict biosecurity control measures in place at race meetings and horses that have not been vaccinated in the last six months will not be able to race this is good news for horse racing with the child and festival just a month away. thank you very much for that peter that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera. remember plenty of world news on our website at
9:58 pm
c.n.n. dot com for me for the bad people in the whole team here in doha thank you for watching we are live next from london you scented to stay with us on the air. on line three with the answer for them we've not got this or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about the legal front you have seen what it can do to
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somebody people used in multiple drugs including the fun and some people are sick you know everyone has a voice from the us your thoughts here twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on mt is iraq. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition what child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago joan leaves with some missionaries who says she's proved by the marriages have been a quantum richard is a missionary who rescues goals the money goes to buy a get outrightly a local neighbor one big truck to gil before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years in your mind dice the brothers con still go to get money wife the two thousand mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the balkans route
10:00 pm
begins to close for refugees it has become a race against time for one syrian family. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left at home. sky and ground a witness documentary on al-jazeera. one of the world's biggest drug traffickers the mexican is found guilty on all ten counts at his trial in new york. on the international drug dealing in a way that you know where the trial. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up thousands protest against the
10:01 pm
venezuelan president the opposition leader says aid will enter the country next week. separatist leaders start their defense in court against challenges of a.


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