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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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on al-jazeera. one of the world's biggest drug traffickers the mexican chapo is found guilty on all ten counts at his trial in new york. and our intent of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up thousands protest against the venezuelan president it was issued it says aid will enter the country next week. catalan separatist leaders start their defense in court against charges of rebellion. i have to study it i'm not happy about it it's not doing the trick and president trump says a second u.s.
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government shutdown is unlikely despite his skepticism about a congressional compromise. oh mexico's most notorious drug lord has been found guilty of running an industrial scale smuggling operation. chapo guzman faced a three month trial packed with tales of gruesome killings jewel encrusted guns and cocaine hidden in one opinio cans a sixty one year old shot to him for me after escaping jail for the second time in twenty fourteen i need to be recaptured two years later. his trial has pulled back the curtain on international drug dealing in a way that no other trial has. it revealed that guzman and his coconspirators were responsible for. tons of cocaine heroin methamphetamine. marihuana. united states. it also revealed that they were
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only able to operate on that scale because of demick corruption. this is unacceptable that will and. this is a day of reckoning but there are more days of reckoning to come. i was inside the courtroom joins us live from new york gave me a big day in the global fight against drugs it really was and it was a big day in that courtroom i got to say i'm you know chapo guzman is so famous around the world he's just known by his nickname el chapo or the surety as it's known in english and when he was in the courtroom and when the when the jury was reading their verdict. he first looked shocked when the verdict was announced for a minute or two and then he sort of seemed to relax and stood up and he flashed two thumbs up signals to his wife there was in the crowd before he was quickly ushered
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out of the courtroom by some court martials there that's the last anyone from the public is going to ever see probably chapo guzman again and that's because he faces now life in prison without parole if he was convicted of just one of the counts on the ten against him he faced a minimum life in prison he was. found guilty on all ten so chapo guzman will most likely be going to a high security prison in the u.s. never to be seen in public again this is capping what was really a remarkable trial in a federal courthouse in brooklyn. a trial that lasted more than two months is finally over chalking guzman the way to no one by his infamous nickname of el chapo or shorty was charged on ten criminal counts drug trafficking money laundering and leading a criminal organization just to name a few over the course of the trial the jury heard the following tales of guzman's
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dramatic escapes from authorities through underground tunnels one c. escaped naked through a specially built tunnel under a bath tub that escaped he was with his mistress who testified in court guzman's wife watched on they saw pictures of guzman's diamond encrusted pistol and the jury heard stories about him ordering the killings of rivals including one for the crime of failing to shake guzman's hand but it was guzman sinhala a drug cartel that often took center stage at the trial several of his former top level associates testified against him lifting the lid on a multimillion dollar smuggling operation that smuggled cocaine into the u.s. through tunnels in hollow penya pepper cans and even in bananas. and there were allegations of political corruption at the highest levels former mexican president now we keep union nikto was accused of receiving
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a one hundred million dollar bribe from guzman in unico denied it according to organized crime experts the trial has done nothing to curtail the activities of guzman seen a low a cartel nine out of ten politicians are funding their political campaign through dirty money. right now through surveys that we have conducted by interviewing politicians saw. you know our criminal network was the most powerful the most effective network still is. capturing the political system in mexico and that network is intact has not been touch regardless. guzman's defense attorneys wanted to pivot the trial away from their client's alleged wrongdoing to focus on official corruption but the judge blocked their efforts leaving the defense with few options other than to argue chapo guzman was being set up as the fall guy now prosecutors painted this
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verdict as a victory for victory for the people in mexico and also in the u.s. people that were subjected to the terror of chapo and his drug smuggling operations for all the years that he ran it the defense attorneys for el chapo said that they did the best they could they said they were facing overwhelming evidence against their client and in but they also said that del chappell was just being used by the u.s. government as in their words as a trophy or a prize in the fight against the international drug trafficking and in many ways that might be true because in a low a cartel is still alive and well back in mexico two oldest sons are running part of it the last thing i should mention is that the defense attorneys did say they would appeal this verdict but it seems like it would be a very high hill for this verdict ever to be overturned everything is on i thank
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you very much indeed well the trial cost a harsh glare on the corruption that are now because man's counsel to flourish john heilemann has the reaction from mexico city. direction in mexico to the trial the way through really of parking. has been quite muted to the point when bringing up the head of press for the government for any sort of comment a little bit earlier he actually had to ask me what the verdict was so it tells you something about where it is on this current government's list of priorities and where it is on the radar and generally in the media here in the sort of the minds of people it hasn't really been front page news all the way through and that's quite surprising in the way because this was a man that became the sort of shadowy face of all the noise crime in the country he was someone that outwitted the authorities a couple of times in escaping for jail and that for some people made him
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a sort of antihero against what they saw the sort of inefficient and corrupt governments but even when we went to the heartland of his cartel the cinna lower cartel even there it seemed more or less business as usual in that people were telling us that the cartels continue to move vast amounts of drugs but they were still doing business and it really spoke to the fact that despite what he became known as public enemy number one he wasn't the only leader of that cartel. russia's foreign minister has warned the u.s. against meddling in venezuela as the country grapples with a leadership crisis sergey lavrov also told us it just might pompei in a phone call that russia is ready for consultations on venezuela the russian government government has sided with president nicolas maduro in his standoff with the opposition icon. who is backed by washington earlier on tuesday on pay
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insistence that material must go. to twenty european countries which are supporting him. interim president quite though we hope that all nations will see it that way we believe this is the right thing for. freedom and democracy inside of venezuela the humanitarian conditions carol as you well know are catastrophic like bad we're aiming to deliver humanitarian assistance into that country none of those things could happen none of those things could happen with material in charge of the country it is what has driven the devastation on wind or has said aid will enter venezuela next week after thousands of his supporters rallied in caracas demonstrations have been demanding the aid be let in after president maduro turned down offers of help from foreign countries yet if anything we've got we bring you a very clear message today the time the future is on the side of democracy every
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day that passes we need a new a basket or a new country recognises us we mobilize hundreds of thousands millions all across venezuela each passing day i remain in office as interim president of venezuela each of these days is a picture before that is way low all that in america degeneracy and human is in caracas and here the west thousands of people in the streets how much impact will these protests have. lauren it was a very very large demonstration an impressive one on the part of supporters of kwan why there are tens of thousands of people at the very least far more than what president nicolas maduro was able to rustled when he called for a parallel demonstration downtown near the presidential palace however he did seem very very cheerful he said we may be invisible but we are quote invisible invincible how how much of an impact will this demonstration have is still
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a big question it's certainly meant to show how much strength the opposition has how much support he to has but it certainly doesn't seem to be moving the president any closer to wanting to accept this aid from coming into the country under the auspices of his most bitter opponents and that i think is the big question he has the president maduro has said over and over again he will not let it pass and in fact he is now saying and in various interviews with foreign news organizations that there is no humanitarian crisis in this country and that this idea that there are people going hungry or dying from lack of medicine is just an invention being fed by the united states as you can see where he is absolutely digging in his heels and refusing to budge on that score. we just heard a strong warning from russia to the u.s. over the crisis how is international support changing things on the ground. it's not changing very much right now although the opposition is certainly counting
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on this growing pressure from the united states and the not to veiled threat of military intervention of some sort of an or another not only from the united states but possibly from neighboring colombia and from brazil in fact interestingly enough the united the u.s. president donald trump will be meeting with the president of colombia at the white house on tuesday and certainly here in venezuela government officials have told us that they're afraid that they may be discussing just that how much the pump ale and the russian foreign minister will be able to see eye to eye and come up with any kind of an agenda where is is is nobody is anybody's guess but they are clearly on opposite sides of this conflict as well you see in human thank you very much. the politically charged trial has started in spain threatening to inflame tensions between the central government and pro independence catalans twelve catalan separatist politicians appeared in court on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds they face up to twenty five years in prison for their role
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in catalonia has been for independence in twenty seventeen demonstrator reports from madrid. as the jailed catalan leaders arrived at the supreme court their supporters were calling it nothing but a political show trial the spanish authorities though live streamed the pictures as the trial began claiming the proceedings for free and open meaning when ali but the former president of catalonia now in exile had words of support for his former colleague sitting in the dock. of the finnish d.v.c. an honorable and innocent people are democrats people who have acted under parliamentary mandate sitting in the dark as if they were criminals i hope the court case will bring about the opportunity that's been still has to impose a fair sentence that is acquittal. the rebellion charges facing some of the leaders will only stick if it's proved they'd cited the violent scene where the referendum took place in twenty seventeen defense lawyers refute the charge the state's
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accusing the independent this movement to be violent but in the words no wonder the violence of the pro process came from the states and came from the spanish police it's strange to see today that. hundreds of people hundreds of policemen will come to the court to testify and this is the same people who beat the voters in the trial is set to last at least three months by then the government in spain may have changed the spanish prime minister sanchez needs the votes of the cattle and separatists m.p.'s to get his budget through parliament on wednesday. a promotional. video has been produced by the spanish government extolling the positive side of the country this is the real. but extreme right wing has managed to penetrate police lines guarding the courts precinct their message outlaw those who want to destroy spain they will soon dispersed david chaytor al jazeera madrid
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. so there are a growing concern over the civilian death toll in the battle against isolate in eastern syria dozens were killed as they fled the fighting. and nigerians vote on saturday in general elections and for many in the country's northeast the armed threat from boko haram is the main concern. little of the coal side for southeastern parts of australia at the moment some blustery showers are rolling through the but little area of low pressure here bringing some outbreaks of brightness to suggest welcome ryan coming in across tasmania into the eastern side of it maybe even pushing up into the fos out of new south wales with the bushfires continue to rage twenty five celsius in sydney the
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temperatures falling back a little hipper hanging on to the thirty seven the four brisbane thirty three in perth temperatures again on the rise as we go on a day those temperatures do fall back to around twenty eight degrees by this stage those temperatures just aging up into the southeast of melbourne the pleasant day for thursday at around twenty three degrees want to see showers into the north of australia pulling away from the fos out the eastern tasmania we are going to see now the bad weather which is making its way towards new zealand this lovely new zealand at the moment gorgeous sun side all the warm side as well twenty three cells just across just twenty five for open here comes that right at night is its way into the south out of this because through thursday the twenty eight that's eighty and found high thursday afternoon but yes sunshine for new zealand and some sunshine say into japan is of a watery nature as you go through where to stay but brighter and a tad warm with this day.
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with the most people in the world production is under increasing strain to keep pace with the growing global population. serious environmental solutions program discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably. eighty thousand just from this bit of liquid that's unbelievable. see there's the vegetable of the scene right there. on al-jazeera. they're going to top stories around. the world's most infamous cartel boss has been convicted of drug trafficking in the u.s.
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. could face life in prison after jurors in a brooklyn court and i'm guilty on all ten counts. as well in opposition leader has said aid will enter the country on february twenty third next week after thousands of his supporters rallied in caracas. a dozen separatist leaders from the spanish region of catalonia have gone to trial for rebellion they face up to twenty five years in prison for their role in catalonia bid for independence in twenty seventeen. u.s. president donald trump says he's not happy with the proposed funding agreement but does not expect another shutdown like the one here this year the deal agreed by democrats and republicans includes money for transport a wall but nowhere near the full amount the president had demanded a white house correspondent committee reports. an agreement in principle which would avert yet another u.s. government shutdown but will the u.s.
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president veto the deal and my happy here first glance i just got to see it here just know i'm not i'm not happy on monday night democrats and republicans crafted an agreement giving donald trump just one point three billion for eighty eight kilometers of border fencing not a wall it's a small portion of the five point seven billion trumpet quested added see even less than what the democrats agreed to give him last december before the impasse for that reason there's doubt whether he'll approve the deal i strongly urge the president. to sign this agreement no one gets everything they want in these agreements the president must sign it and not not not cause another shutdown at a cabinet meeting on tuesday trump told reporters he's still considering his next move however it's clear he hasn't given up on his signature campaign promise to build
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a wall along the southern border of the united states and mexico i consider everything i'm considering everything the white house has said repeatedly it believes the president has the legal authority to declare a national emergency to build the wall that would allow trump to access already approved funds but democrats say the emergency is manufactured and have promised to challenge such a move in the courts lawmakers have until friday to get the agreement through both houses of congress and signed by the president but the u.s. president is under constant pressure from prominent conservatives not to sign the agreement and they were public and that supports this corbridge compromise you all have to explain if president trump chooses to veto the legislation some government agencies will begin shutting down and hundreds of thousands of government workers will once again be off the job for the second time this year kimberly healthy at
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al-jazeera the white house and the seventeen people fleeing u.s. led airstrikes have reportedly been killed in eastern syria including seven children this comes as the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are continuing their fight against arsenal as the group hold on to its last remaining enclave on the border with iraq iran cohen has the latest from close to the turkey syria border. coalition airstrikes it's harvesting eisel fight is in eldar who's. the village is their last remaining stronghold in northeastern syria the safety of civilians caught up in the fighting is becoming a major concern. during a lull in fighting on the ground kurdish led syrian democratic forces and i saw fighters are reportedly negotiating a monetary encouraged to let civilians out there is a way out if you know the right people and can afford it to wives of isis fighters
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both french paid smugglers to get them out of the village. we have nothing to eat only iraqis are locked have food they're allowed to go outside while they're locked inside i just have to keep my children alive. commanders say the majority of the estimated six hundred to a thousand eisel fighters who remain are foreigners with plenty of combat experience. there are two factors that have a direct impact of this battle first of all the terrorists here are the base the terrorist group from different foreign nationalities including europeans afghans pakistanis and iraqis these are all professionals and have past experiences in other terrorist groups including al qaeda and so on the second factor is that they are defending their last headquarters. very concerned about the civilian population . because it says that.
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we. will take longer than we originally estimated. to in syria seven people including three policemen have been injured by a car bomb. crossing on the border with turkey a crossing is in an area under the control of turkey backed rebels fighting. afghan interpreters who worked with british soldiers are pleading with the u.k. government to grant them asylum many are in hiding after getting death threats from the taliban which sees them as traitors tony betty reports from kabul. and they were on the front lines with nato forces in afghanistan but now they and their families hide in the shadows hunted by the taliban which calls them traitors i'm scared of that and i'm sure if the kids me they will kill me because the have you have evidence of them when interpreters lead. like i don't
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of there has been kids so did is no different for them for the taliban they're too scared to show their faces too terrified to give their real names these men serve british forces as interpreters often in the most dangerous provinces but the u.k. government has refused to give them asylum even though their lives are in danger why do people have been abandoned by the british government what is their fault where are the human rights where that a high ranking officer they don't care about us or way the british parliament they don't care about us why they have turned on their plant blind eye i honest they have certificates of commendation medals awarded to them they were the eyes and ears of british units in the frontlines and their work was essential to operational safety but it made them hated by the taliban and i saw definitely they will not talk to us anymore so they were still there they would kill us not only me everyone because they did fall in the past we saw him and saw this the biggest they were not
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leave us alone they've been refused sanctuary in the u.k. and denied protection by the afghan government they have reason to be afraid. sec'y dad afghan was an interpreter for the americans he was abducted tortured and killed by the taliban and his body left on a kabul street as a warning he is one of many afghan interpreters who be murdered the interpreters who work for the british victims of a hardline immigration policy introduced by prime minister to resign may when she was home secretary afghan interpreters are only allowed to settle in the u.k. if they served in helmand province for one year between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve most of these men serve for up to six years but before that period the united states and other nato countries have be more sympathetic to afghans who work for them in afghanistan the us for example granted asylum to nine thousand former employees and seventeen thousand dependents britain by contrast has
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given sanctuary to just over a thousand and their position has been widely condemned by many including ex-military i think were treated very badly interferes gave it gave a lot of their lives to the people injured were being killed by without we could not have done our work in afghanistan and so for them i think i believe they were genuine and honor. to them abdul served the british for four years three of them in helmand he had to escape from his home in logar province because of taliban death threats he now lives in hiding with his wife and seven children he was in there how could the we have a lot of enemies we are hiding and we are moving from one place to another we are all in danger including the children we always worry about what will happen when we leave home because there are many taliban spies around. abdul says he's not resentful towards the british government but he wonders how it can abandon those who loyally served with little thought for the consequences tony berkeley
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al-jazeera kabul. several people have been killed in a stampede at a campaign rally for president why would you go hari according to his office it happened in port harcourt in rivers state in the southeastern nigeria and comes just three days before the country votes in general elections meanwhile many people in northeastern nigeria still on the threat from boko haram president mahmoud abbas hari swept to power in twenty fifteen with the promise of defeating the group but four years on boko haram is surging back and many are questioning if they can vote for bihari again i'm going to address reports from roger gori where security remains top of the agenda. despite stitches services here and say three that are tracked for today yes with a triplets to escape. at the end of last year. the children were barely two weeks
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old when the family fled back in for the second time she arrived my degree a city the family left six months to rebuild their lives. the recent attack on boggle was more ferocious i came face to face with boko haram i saw them i was very frightened that is one of several thousand people displaced by the renewed fighting. the nigerian army has recovered at the areas briefly occupied by the fighters and says it's consolidating its gains by motivating and rearming its troops. for missions new formations to conform. to the. across the country but despite recent successes by the army displaced people like zara and considering the return to baghdad. i was not going back we went back and nearly
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lost our lives will stay in my degree but what i'm launched an insurgency in northeast nigeria in two thousand and nine aiming to establish a caliphate the violence in the decade old conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced more than two million people for a fraction affiliated with high some has claimed responsibility for most of their thoughts which are their targets if you made me sick or fals as a government agency if you were to ask for favor government from being tried it's going to nigeria need to order to deliver the product. some falling it was in nigeria including the united states said earlier want of possible attacks by boko haram ahead of the elections and with a few days to the vote that is in sight it's about communities in nigeria's northeast. might agree nigeria macedonia has officially been renamed north macedonia ending a decades long dispute with greece starting on wednesday north macedonia will be
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included in road signs starting with once border with greece the dispute between the two countries started after macedonia formally a yugoslav republic became a new nation in one hundred ninety one adopting the same name as the greek region. top stories on arches there the world's most infamous cartel boss has been convicted of drug trafficking in the u.s. chapo guzman could face life in prison after jurors in a brooklyn court found him guilty on all ten counts the sixty one year old shot to infamy after escaping jail for the second time in twenty fourteen only to be recaptured two years later is three months trial was packed with tales of gruesome killings jewel encrusted guns and cocaine hidden in how to pin your cans.
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as well in opposition to one door has said aid will enter the country on february twenty third next week after thousands of his supporters rallied in caracas their insertions have been demanding they be let into the country after person wonder or turned down offers of help from foreign countries. russia's foreign minister has warned the us against interfering in venezuela so again overall also told us extra state my pump am in a phone call that russia is ready for consultations on the crisis and payors insisted that moderate must go. i think that we're now to twenty european countries which are supporting interim president kwaito we hope that all nations will see it that way we believe this is the right thing for. freedom and democracy inside of venezuela the humanitarian conditions carol as you well know are catastrophic like that we're aiming to deliver humanitarian assistance into that country none of those things could happen none of those things could happen with material in charge
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of the country it is what has driven the devastation. u.s. president donald trump says he's not happy with the proposed funding deal but does not expect another shutdown but the one earlier this year trump has stopped short of saying whether he'll veto the deal which was hammered out by republicans and democrats it reportedly falls well short of the five point seven billion dollars trump has been demanding for a border war twelve catalan politicians have appeared in a spanish court on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds to face up to twenty five years in jail for their role in catalonia is bid for independence in twenty seventeen coming up the fight to make food production or sustainable earthrise is next.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. there are seven and a half billion people on earth and they all need to be bad. but producing food requires huge amounts of land. and is one of the major contributors to pollution and climate change. half of the planet's habitable sanford is cultivated for crops but forests are being cleared for industrial animal farming and commercial fishing isn't an.


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