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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested and that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. utterly and completely out of evidence was a mexican drug lord el chapo is found guilty of running a massive smuggling operation after a sensational trial in new york. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up venezuela's opposition leader tells cheering supporters that u.s. aid will enter the country next week despite president maduro has plans to block it . out of the study is not happy about it it's not doing to trick president trump
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says another u.s. government shutdown is unlikely despite his misgivings about a congressional compromise. and health experts raise concerns about how facebook screens posts facilis side risk. mexican drug lord man is facing life in prison after being convicted by a us court of running a smuggling empire the trial of el chapo as he's best known was packed with tales of grisly killings there's equal pay offs and elaborate trafficking schemes. reports from new york. after jury convicted joaquin el chapo guzman on all counts u.s. prosecutors made it clear the story of the man who was once the world's biggest drug trafficker was finished his conviction we expect will bring
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a sense of life without the possibility of parole is a sense from which there is no escape and no return. this conviction is a victory for the american people who is suffered so long and so much guzman made billions pouring poison over our southern border as the verdict was read in the packed courtroom under tight security guzman initially looked shocked but he then flashed a thumbs up as he was led away by security guards from the courtroom through a back door moments later those months wife who sat through every day of the long trial left the courthouse to a crush of reporters she didn't respond to questions as she got in the way. guzman's highly paid defense attorneys said they would appeal and accuse the u.s. government of using guzman's conviction like it was a prize in the war on drugs course is
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a trophy for the government i mean that the cocaine flow doesn't stop with joaquin guzman being convicted only for god's sake does anybody think that does anybody think that that suddenly anything's changed. over the course of the trial jurors saw pictures of guzman's diamond encrusted pistol and heard stories about him ordering killings of rivals including one for the crime of failing to shake guzman's hand but it was guzman sinhala drug cartel that often took center stage several of his former top level associates testified against him lifting the lid on a multibillion dollar operation that utilized all the tools at their disposal to get their product across the mexican border well this is the last chapter of el chapo guzman drug trafficking career it's by no means that in depicts story for his sin a lower drug cartel back in mexico it continues to be the biggest drug trafficking
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organization in mexico now run by two of those sons and it continues to traffic drugs throughout the world gabriel's on doe. brooklyn joseph maloof is a legal expert and he joins us now via skype from maryland choice of this was a very public trial was it a fair one. well i think it was fair to an extent they included different crimes from six different federal jurisdictions three different states so they were able to argue separate planes at the same time and the jury didn't have an opportunity to judge each one separately in that sense i think that's unfair i also think it's very difficult that no one would know who or chappell is in there for jurors who heard of chapter or skate from prison they heard that chopper liked to have sex with young girls call them his vitamins all of those things i think one could say made the trial on fair to el chapo having said that but didn't take
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advantage of his opportunity to present evidence he called one witness the prosecutor called fifty six so old chap who could have had a much better outcome had his attorneys really presented an affirmative evidence you know actually witnesses improved of his claims which they did not testify might they be in a pair. there will be an appeal very certainly will be and this is the kind of case that has a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole and therefore on lives in the real estate in the chapel has no chance whatsoever of ever getting out i think that the appeal will deal with evidentiary rulings by the court there were many ok sions where the judge would not allow the defense attorneys to question the witnesses further and therefore they have arguments that judge was not fair and that the witnesses could have said more other minor things in the case nothing
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significant i think that this is going to be a very difficult appeal for a chopper to win ninety five percent of appeals are not won so this is going to be very difficult clearly of victory for the government in getting one of the most notorious drug dealers behind bars testify recalling el chapo gave an interview to sean penn in a jungle hideout at one stage did his statements outside the courtroom impact the trial itself. absolutely there were two major statements one was a sin of you were champagne and kate dill gusti oh the soap opera star chappell was obsessed with and what he said in that video the jury heard so instead of here informal chappell directly as to why he was not guilty what they heard was an interview where old chap was talking that in his home town you have to be a drug dealer from early on if you want to get a job now that may have played well in mexico and other places but it did not play
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well in front of a jury should remain white also there was a recording of an audio recording of all chapo negotiating the sale of. tons and tons of cocaine to the united states. chapel never got up and took the stand to explain what that was about all that what they heard from the chapel was admissions of guilt and consequently of chopper would have been much better off not talking to sean penn on anyone else about his transactions this is been described as a trophy trial has it sets any kind of precedent at the trials of its nature. absolutely this is a trial of a very notorious drug dealer which in the past trials would have been done separately would have been much more difficult in this case the governor who is extremely aggressive now what they're going to do is grab all of their witnesses whether they are waiting to be sentenced or not and whether they're going to benefit from the testimony or not bring in more all in put as many cases together
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as you can and let the jury judge all of the cases at the same time it's what they did with all chapel and he worked very well joseph mini for a legal expert speaking to us from maryland thank you so much joseph thank you for having. venezuela's opposition leader says u.s. aid supplies will enter the country next week speaking before cheering supporters one said he was issuing a direct order to the military to let it in but the armed forces have so far remained loyal to president nicolas maduro who says the aid is a political ploy to raise about reports from caracas. he wants to keep up with the pressure on the government of nikolai would or that's why venezuela's self declared interim president called his followers to take to the streets once again. we are nonstate february third is the day for humanitarian aid to intervene in israel or we stand by all sectors delivery drivers nurses medics to get ourselves
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organized dixie on silas came all the way from berlin her son was killed during the protests two years ago. and all these i am demanding justice i am demanding freedom i am honoring all the children that have died i'm here for everything that is happening in this country people are dying of hunger and a lack of medicines. food and medical supplies mostly coming from the u.s. have arrived at the border between venezuela and colombia why though says more is on its way there are thousands and thousands of people in this part of the city that it's difficult to move the specific demand in this demonstration is that they want to force the government to allow aid into the country the other demand is that they would like for free and fair elections to take place in venezuela because they believe that last year's election process was filled with irregularities. towards the center of the capital government supporters were also on the streets to voice their opposition to any type of foreign intervention for the last four months. has
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been part of the government's militia he says he's ready to defend his country from foreign aggression. i cannot trust in humanitarian aid that has not been requested in venezuela we didn't have an earthquake or a war that justifies them forcing aid into the country we want to solve our problems if they want to help us they should give us back the money they are withholding that's in the banks in europe in the u.s. . but support for the president does not appear to be as high as it once was the economic crisis has left millions of people struggling to buy basics and medicines and that's why many in traditional neighborhoods have joined the protests one one of the we are protesting for the old people because their name madison's because we want a free country freedom to do and what we want the opposition is calling on the military to rise against people. and now the following donated supplies in those
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are not to syria even the. military and civilian employees that of the border requested they are allowed to humanitarian aid without drama without confrontation and fulfill that. you need to allow the aid in to save the lives of. either the problems of the solution and life. but the military leadership remains known by the widow and they played a role in his administration. the opposition says we will continue pushing to break that relationship. well as to isabel mentioned president nicolas maduro had his own rally in the capital here's some of what he had to say. let the drums of war stop but the approach of invasion recede and burns we will so you in a single chorus with one voice we want peace we want happiness long live the national union live peace to victory always thank you god bless you may god bless
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our beloved as we were. last in america editor lucien newman is also in caracas and sent us this update the demonstrations organized by opponents of president nicole last mughal in the capital and indeed all over venezuela were impressive here and got access tens of thousands of people turned up to show their support to self-proclaimed interim president door and his call for aid of food and medicine that is being gathered now in neighboring colombia and neighboring brazil to be allowed to cross over here into the president held a far far smaller gathering near the presidential palace he told his supporters there that while they may be quote invisible they were invincible so he tried to sound cheerful but at the same time he has reiterated that under no circumstances will he allow that aid to come into the country which is increasing the tensions and the confrontation that is likely to occur if and when the opposition makes good on it of all now to try to move that aid into venezuela on the twenty third of
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february. donald trump says he is not happy with a deal on border security that's denied him funds for his long promised war but the us president hasn't rejected the the agreement outright as political allies urged his support his our white house correspondent kimberly how has. an agreement in principle which would avert yet another u.s. government shutdown but will the u.s. president veto the deal my happy new year first laughs i just got to see it here interest no i'm not i'm not happy and monday night democrats and republicans crafted an agreement giving donald trump just one point three billion for eighty eight kilometers of border fencing not a wall it's a small portion of the five point seven billion trump requested added see even less than what the democrats agreed to give him last december before the impasse for
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that reason there is doubt whether he'll approve the deal i strongly urge the president. to sign this agreement no one gets everything they want in these agreements the president must sign it and not not not cause another shutdown at a cabinet meeting on tuesday trump told reporters he's still considering his next move however it's clear he hasn't given up on his signature campaign promise to build a wall along the southern border of the united states and mexico i consider everything i'm considering over the white house has said repeatedly it believes the president has the legal authority to declare a national emergency to build the wall that would allow trump to access already approved funds but democrats say the emergency is manufactured and have promised to challenge such a move in the courts lawmakers have until friday to get the agreement through both houses of congress and signed by the president but the u.s.
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president is under constant pressure from prominent conservatives not to sign the agreement and they were public in fact supports this corbridge compromise you all have to explain if president trump chooses to veto the legislation some government agencies will begin shutting down and hundreds of thousands of government workers will once again be off the job for the second time this year kimberly healthy at al-jazeera the white house still ahead on al-jazeera how fuel shortages in pakistan are leaving the economy running on empty. and as nigerians decide who will take charge of africa's biggest economy we report from a remote corner beset by poverty and conflict.
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we've had some rather active when she weather across central parts of china more rain and snow into those central parts as we go through the next comes i think area klatt here they will be some places of disturbed weather so go through wednesday push out into thursday that rain pushing up toward shanghai eight degrees celsius thought and right into the southeast and cold hong kong at around twenty three twenty four degrees over the next couple of days fought a drought say for the philippines but then lovely here over the next few days plenty of tropical sunshine but the shot was that it will be on the way much of malaysia into indonesia more big downpours coming through across java easing up towards some outre and up towards the middle a peninsula a little change for thursday by thursday you might just catch one or two showers into central pass off the philippines plenty as shallow as maine while some long spells of right into the northwest all of india just spinning out of northern
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pakistan out of afghanistan our wintry mix will continue to just ease its wear a little further east was slightly warmer in new delhi at around twenty five celsius for a time temperatures fall back on thursday as the cloud just rolls through some wet weather such a possibility too over the northern plains of india for southern parts of india it should be fine and dry but the shaft return for a good parts of eastern sri lanka. good weather sponsored by countdown anyways. again i'm standing as the reality of the mineral resources and hydrocarbon why are they so we were imagining you guys are going to finally form a government. the toxic land essentially now and the more we lead police down the more they push back we knew it was coming to pass was to be sent back and wait long are we surprised them with a preemptive strike. on. welcome
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back. a reminder of our top stories in so miss mexican cartel boss joaquin guzman has been convicted of all charges at his drug trafficking trial in the u.s. el chapo as he's special no one is like you just spend the rest of his life in prison. venezuela's opposition leader says humanitarian aid will be allowed into the country next week president nicolas maduro though insists it will be blocked because he sees it as a political tool to remove him from power. donald trump says he is not happy with a deal on border security that's denied him funds for his promised war but the u.s.
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president hasn't rejected the agreement out right as fellow republicans continue to support. harvard university experts have raised concerns over the ways facebook screens posts for a suicide risk this study calls on the social media giant to be more transparent and photo session ethical guidelines in twenty seven thousand facebook began using artificial intelligence to identify posts videos and streams containing potential self harm the company reviews any content that's been flagged up and works with fast responders to send help when needed the algorithm was introduced in response to a string of high profile incidents involving uses live streaming violent and graphic events including murder and suicide the study commends facebook for being innovative in its suicide prevention efforts but says the tool is no different from a medical research program the authors argue facebook should get consent from its users fast. well not has
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a spot when kay is an associate professor of human sciences at old dominion university and she joins us now via skype from chesapeake in virginia i'm wondering how much impact have facebook's policies actually had in practice on suicide prevention this is something new that they don't and they have teamed up with over fifty organizations to be a bar up a resource that to anyone who is come in with some type of risk in their messaging that they're posting on social media has it works. right now i don't know if it has worked but the idea is that this effort would work because it is really advertising for brand of individuals who see these messages so also get help and give them resources not how they can help their ranch to prevent suicide so they have resources for brain and resources for individuals who are to live with that oh and maybe utilize oddie xpress to really come up with
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a tool that will be six that are beneath you at that age but right now they don't have a date on whether or not is right because informed consent is so important. people should have the action whether they want to agree or disagree with having their post great and so this concept is very new but it's innovative and that they have teamed up with not only researchers and professors they have often teamed up with people who have lived experiences where they try to commit suicide not as a how would an informed consent where because surely people who have suicidal tendencies could simply opt out of wanting to have that they put a screen. yes so one consent is just what it what it states you are being employed and of what is what is happening so facebook will let you know that they will be screening posts that they will be providing relief for in there and as a result of this and you have the absent to act and say yes i agree or no i don't
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agree. problem is if these individuals are suicidal and they act out they not get the resources so the net makes the prevention efforts worthless because the people who really need their resources may not even act into this garbage so what could facebook do to be more ethical about this but still be effective one of the major things that they're going to have to campaign and really market at to why does is important to the users they need to let users know that what they're doing their their effort is to really prevent so was that how i'm quite not here is not and evasion of privacy but but it's actually trying to save lives and they're going to really have to market that and i have not seen that done yet do you think other social media networks should try to do something similar i think that is also media networks it definitely tried to make something again so we'll try to help prevent
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cases facebook have taken a first that because they have been indicated in so many different. issues suicide you know didio taken everything has been actually put on facebook so they've been one of the first who actually take a stance but definitely twitter and others said rollo now has a spokesman k. there speaking to us from old dominion university thank you very much not cash for joining us thank you. a politically charged trial has started in spain threatening to inflame tensions between the central government and pro independence supporters in the castle and region twelve separatist politicians are accused of rebellion and other charges stemming from their roles in an independence declaration and twenty seventeen david tacey reports from madrid. as the jailed catalan leaders arrived at the supreme court their supporters were calling it nothing but a political show trial the spanish authorities live streamed the pictures as the
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trial began claiming the proceedings were free and open meaning when ali but the former president of catalonia now in exile had words of support for his former colleague sitting in the dock. d.v.c. an honorable and innocent people democrats people who have acted under parliamentary mandate sitting in the dock as if they were criminals but i hope the court case will bring about the opportunity that's been still has to impose a fair sentence that is acquittal. the rebellion charges facing some of the leaders will only stick if it's proved they'd cited the violent scene where the referendum took place in twenty seventeen their defense lawyers refute the charge the state is accusing the independent this movement to be violent but in the words no wonder the violence of the process came from the states and came from the spanish police it's strange to see today that. hundreds of people hundreds of policemen will come to the court to testify and this is the same people who beat the voters in the trial
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is set to last at least three months by then the government in spain may have changed the spanish prime minister sanchez needs the votes of the cattle and separatists m.p.'s to get his budget through parliament. a promotional video has been produced by the spanish government extolling the positive side. of the country this is the real spain but extreme right wing has managed to penetrate police lines guarding the courts precinct message outlawed those who want to destroy spain they will soon dispersed david chaytor al jazeera the trade. seventeen people have died in a hotel fire in india's capital new delhi a large group of wedding guests were staying at the hotel in an area known for budget accommodation thirty five people were rescued most of the deaths were due to suffocation and investigators are
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trying to find out just what caused the blaze pakistan's fuel shortages are cutting into every part of the economy major industries and consumers alike are finding themselves in a desperate situation because of increasingly high bills come all the reports from islamabad. the morning and. the d. how did you go it's are doing brisk business because of the cord read by gore days across the country including businesses such as bakeries and complaining that their three northern gas pipeline system is not able to give them the gas necessary to keep their businesses running the country is seeing a shortfall of all the more than fifty percent and above when it comes to gas delivery pipelines. because. they're shipping and and that all the so-called viral thread consumers. are already complaining that their.
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marks for their gas bases. are previous bills with sixty to sixty five thousand but from last month it increased incredibly a winter gas office they said gas is going to be expensive and you have to pay it we have this small business and we have to pay sellers and other expenses we also think you to shut down our business. we have fed up of paying bills we're not able to give education twa children me a pain electricity bill gas this is just tom and tonight as if come here at the gas office but no one's listening to us and indeed a serious crisis for a country where you already cash strapped a budget gone the rupee is using its value and it seems that people across the country are now also losing their patients. the people of africa's most populous nation and its biggest economy votes on
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saturday for a new government nigerian president in twenty fifteen with the promise of fighting corruption and defeating boko haram four years on the people in borno states are losing hope of ever feeling safe from the armed groups attacks on that idris reports from one eye states capitol might agree. despite stitches from mrs here and say jury is out our book a trip for two days with a trip let's just keep book at the end of last year the children were barely two weeks old when the family fled back in for the second time she arrived by degree a city the family left six months yet to rebuild their lives. finally the recent attack was more ferocious i came face to face with a broken heart i saw them i was very frightened that he's one of several thousand people displaced by the renewed fighting. the nigerian army has recovered at the areas briefly occupied by the fighters and says it's consolidating its gains by
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motivating and rearming its troops. from issues new formations to come for the new challenges the. u.s. mission is facing is indeed across the country but despite recent successes by the army displaced people like zara and considering the return to baghdad. i was not going back we went back and nearly lost our lives will stay in my degree. launched an insurgency in iraq the strike during two thousand and nine aiming to establish a caliphate the violence in the decade old conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced more than two million people for a fraction affiliated with isong has claimed responsibility for most of your thoughts in a region where targeted mainly sick or close is a government agency but there were two experts say the government of crumbling tried lisanne i like area new to order to deliver the product. some falling it
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was in nigeria including the united states said earlier we want of possible attacks my book i heard of the elections and was a few days to the vote that is in sight in some remote communities in nigeria as all the east. al-jazeera might agree nigeria. this is al jazeera and these are all the top stories the mexican cartel boss joaquin guzman has been convicted of all charges at his drug trafficking trial in the united states el chapo as he's known is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison he's accused of pocketing nearly fourteen billion dollars as the decades long head of the notorious in a low a cartel. venezuela's opposition leader says humanitarian aid will be allowed into the country next week president nicolas maduro though insists it will be
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blocked because he sees it as a political tool to remove him from power. let the drums of war stop at the throats of the receipt of the single kooris with one voice we want peace we want happiness the national union live peace victory always thank you god bless you may god bless our beloved. donald trump says he's not happy with a deal on border security that's denied him funds for his promised wall but the u.s. president hasn't rejected the agreement outright trump's demand in december for five point seven billion dollars from congress triggered a thirty five day partial closure of the federal government the acting u.s. defense secretary has reassured iraq's leaders about the presence of u.s. troops in the country patrick shanahan has been meeting a rox prime minister abdul mahdi in baghdad last month president trump angered the government by saying he wanted troops to stick around and keep an eye on
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neighboring iran shanahan says he respects iraq's sovereignty what's being described as the trial of the century and a stress test for spanish democracy is underway in madrid twelve catalan separatist leaders involved in the failed independence bid two years ago are on trial in the supremes court they face up to twenty five years in jail if convicted of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds seventeen people have died in a hotel fire in india's capital new delhi a large group of wedding guests were staying at the hotel in an area known for budget accommodation thirty five people were rescued most of the deaths were due to suffocation and investigators are trying to find out just what caused the blaze those are the headlines join me for more news here after inside story.
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what's the future if a caution on years of dependence movement separatist leaders accused of rebellion face trial in the trid well divisions in spain b. why did this as an inside story. welcome to the program i mean there's a problem when you pushed for independence from spain and twenty seventeen government leaders in madrid did everything they could to stop those they declared the secession referendum illegal and police blocked polling stations leaders who organized the vote have gone on trial in madrid and what the supporters of.


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