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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2019 6:00am-6:32am +03

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it's hard for me to believe that he's going to get a full time job in maine but i have to be supportive family i have to put my pride just say ok we have our issues but we have to speak and i'm going to keep on working part time this moment feel good hard. on al-jazeera. is a sense from which there is no escape and no return. mexican drug. likely to see how these days in the u.s. prison after being found guilty of running a massive smuggling operation. i'm sam is a than this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up but as well as opposition
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leader tells cheering supporters u.s. aid will enter the country next week by the president's opposition. australia says it's reopening an offshore detention center on christmas island prison refugees arriving by boat we meet the afghan boys dreaming of cricketing glory as their team prepares to take on the best in the world. mexican drug lord joaquin guzman is facing life in prison after being convicted by u.s. courts of running a smuggling empire the trial of chapo as he's known was packed with tales of grisly killings political payoffs and elaborate trafficking schemes cabral i was on the reports from new york. after jury convicted joaquin el chapo guzman on all counts
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u.s. prosecutors made it clear the story of the man who was once the world's biggest drug trafficker was finished this conviction we expect will bring a sense of life without the possibility of parole is a sense from which there is no escape and no return. this conviction is a victory for the american people who is suffered so long and so much guzman made billions pouring poison over our southern border as the verdict was read in a packed courtroom under tight security guzman initially looked shocked but he then flashed a thumbs up as he was led away by security guards from the courtroom through a back door moments later those months wife who sat through every day of the long trial left the courthouse to a crush of reporters she didn't respond to questions as she got in the way.
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guzman's highly paid defense attorneys said they would appeal and accuse the u.s. government of using guzman's conviction like it was a prize in the war on drugs course is a trophy for the government i mean that the cocaine flow doesn't stop with joaquin guzman being convicted only for god's sake does anybody think that does anybody think that that suddenly anything's changed. over the course of the trial jurors saw pictures of guzman's diamond encrusted pistol and heard stories about him ordering killings of rivals including one for the crime of failing to shake guzman's hand but it was guzman cinna low a drug cartel that often took center stage several of his former top level associates testified against him lifting the lid on a multibillion dollar operation that utilized all the tools at their disposal to get their product across the mexican border. well this is the last chapter of el
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chapo guzman drug trafficking career it's by no means that in depth as story for his similar law the drug cartel back in mexico it continues to be the biggest drug trafficking organization in mexico now run by two a bill chappell sons and it continues to traffic drugs throughout the world gabriel's around zero zero zero brooklyn but as well as opposition leader says u.s. aid supplies will enter the country next week speaking before cheering supporters on those said he was issuing a direct order to the military to let it in the armed forces of so far remain loyal to president nicolas maduro says the aid is a political ploy for isabeau reports from caracas. he wants to keep up with the pressure on the government of nicola michael wood or that's why venezuela's self declared interim president one way the will call his followers to take to the streets once again. we are nonstate february twenty third is the day
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for humanitarian aid into venezuela we stand by all sectors delivery drivers nurses medics to get ourselves organized. all the way from her son was killed during the protests two years ago. i am demanding justice i am demanding freedom i am honoring all the children that have died i'm here for everything that is happening in this country people are dying of hunger and a lack of medicines. food and medical supplies mostly coming from the u.s. have arrived at the border between venezuela and colombia why though says more is on its way there are thousands and thousands of people in this part of the city that it's difficult to move the specific demand in this demonstration is that they want to force the government to allow aid into the country the other demand is that they would like for free and fair elections to take place in venezuela because they believe that last year's election process was filled with irregularities. towards
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the center of the capital government supporters were also on the streets to voice their opposition to any type of foreign intervention for the last four months. has been part of the government's militia he says he's ready to defend his country from foreign aggression. i cannot trust in humanitarian aid that has not been requested in venezuela we didn't have an earthquake or a war that justifies them forcing aid into the country we want to solve our problems if they want to help us they should give us back the money they are withholding that's in the banks in europe in the u.s. . but support for the president does not appear to be as high as it once was the economic crisis has left millions of people struggling to buy basics and then medicines and that's why many in traditional neighborhoods have joined the protests one day i'll know one of the he the work we are protesting for the old people because they're in a madison's because we want
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a free country freedom to do and what we want the opposition is calling on the military to rise against people. and now the following donated supplies in the senate are seriously. military and civilian employees that of the border will aggressively allow the humanitarian aid without drama without confrontation and fulfill the role you're meant to have you need to allow the aid in to save the lives of. either the problems of the solution and life. but the military leadership remains know the widow and they played a pivotal role in his administration. the opposition says they will continue pushing to break that relationship. that is have all got access. to or isabeau mentioned president nicolas maduro had his own rally in the capitals of what he had to say was. let the drums of war stop but the threats of military
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invasion recede and burns will say in a single chorus with one voice we want peace we want happiness along with the national union live peace to victory always thank you god bless you may god bless our beloved. opposition demonstrations were also held in cooter on the colombia venezuela border that's where the aid sent by the u.s. is being held a town has become a focal point of the standoff with venezuela military stationed nearby blocking the border crossing organizers told the crowd the three million venezuelans who have flowed will soon be able to return home. it was only doing this plaza has been the blanket and the shelter of millions have been as wayland's who are watching me today from madrid ecuador and peru they will pass through this plaza and in the same plaza i now say to them get your suitcases ready we will soon be back in our land. protests against haiti's president have ended a sixth consecutive day in the capital port au prince one person died on tuesday as
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the demonstrators continue to fight with police demanding president job and was is resignation blaming him for inflation the government's failure to recover billions of dollars in misused funds some protests these are huge on looting shops in the city to a standstill. the street is government says it will reopen an immigration detention center on christmas island it's in response to new legislation passed by parliament it allows asylum seekers on existing offshore centers easier access to mainland hospitals the prime minister says reopening the christmas island prison camp will deter more asylum seekers from risking their lives at sea as look more closely at how australia's offshore processing policy works then asylum seekers sailing via indonesia towards australia are intercepted at sea by navy vessels instead of having their refugee status assessed within australia they are detained for
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processing on the pacific island of now rule they were also sent to manor silent in papua new guinea that center was closed in two thousand and seventeen but hundreds remain stuck there new arrivals look set to be taken out of the remote christmas island which is closer to indonesia than mainland australia policy is designed to deter future asylum seekers from making the dangerous journey by boat making it clear they won't be allowed into the mainland dawn trump says he's not happy with a deal on border security that's denied him funds for his long war but the us president has rejected the agreement outright as political allies urged his support here's our white house correspondent kimberly halkett. an agreement in principle which would avert yet another u.s. government shutdown but will the u.s. president veto the deal and my happy here first glance i just got to see it here
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just know i'm not i'm not happy on monday night democrats and republicans crafted an agreement giving donald trump just one point three billion for eighty eight kilometers of border fencing not a wall it's a small portion of the five point seven billion trump requested added to even less than what the democrats agreed to give him last december before the impasse for that reason there is doubt whether he'll approve the deal i strongly urge the president. to sign this agreement no one gets everything they want in these agreements the president must sign it and not not not cause another shutdown at a cabinet meeting on tuesday trump told reporters he's still considering his next move however it's clear he hasn't given up on his signature campaign promise to build a wall along the southern border of the united states and mexico i consider
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everything i'm considering everything the white house has said repeatedly it believes the president has the legal authority to declare a national emergency to build the wall that would allow trump to access already approved funds but democrats say the emergency is manufactured and have promised to challenge such a move in the courts lawmakers have until friday to get the agreement through both houses of congress and signed by the president but the u.s. president is under constant pressure from prominent conservatives not to sign the agreement and they were public in fact supports this corbridge compromise you all have to explain if president trump chooses to veto the legislation some government agencies will begin shutting down and hundreds of thousands of government workers will once again be off the job for the second time this year kimberly health hit
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al-jazeera the white house. the acting u.s. defense secretary has reassured iraq's leaders about the presence of u.s. troops in the country patrick shanahan has been meeting iraq's prime minister. in baghdad last month president trump angered the government by saying he wanted troops to stick around and keep an eye on neighboring iran says he respects iraq's sovereignty still ahead on al-jazeera unchartered waters how business is trying to prepare for. fuel shortages and leaving the economy running on empty. how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast we have around one hundred million americans under some sort of winter storm alert because
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see these massive areas of cloud there's lots of rain down towards the south this no further north than plenty of snow is in places of right along the west coast as well hopefully little dry there for seattle is because through where to stay already having its snowiest february on a record very heavy rain though it's a good part of california thirteen celsius for san francisco and also for los angeles some wet weather too that's making its way away from the southeast and cold of florida will see some of that cloud and right maine also seeing some rain and some snow the snow pushes up into the canadian maritimes in between it's not too bad it's lousy dry and five modest two in chicago turns into a plus for thursday dry weather and that eastern side of the u.s. eastern parts of canada take a look at the west coast though still raining in california that is likely to lead to some flooding some mudslides as well snow pushing in over the rockies meanwhile some very heavy rain same band of rain coming out of florida running down into the
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yucatan peninsula western parts side of the caribbean could see some lively showers but for the most part is fine dry and sunny. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go for. this and that. says something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap lines now infamous mexican cartel boss joaquin guzman has been convicted of all charges after his drug trafficking trial in the u.s. chapo as he's better known is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison venezuela's opposition leader says humanitarian aid will be allowed into the country next week president nicolas maduro is blocking it he regards it as a political tool to remove him from power. donald trump says he's not happy with a deal on border security that's denied him funds for his promised war u.s. president hasn't rejected the agreement outright as fellow republicans continue to urge support. a u.s. senator has joined calls for apple and google to stop offering an app which helps
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men in saudi arabia to track and restrict the movement of women called shirt at the at. eagle moment portable processes applications for things like passports and vehicle registration inside the kingdom you can be downloaded from the apple store and google play critics say it facilitates saudi arabia's guardianship system which bans women from traveling and accessing services without a male relatives mission is what u.s. senator ron wyden said it's unconscionable that google and apple are making it easier to track women and control them troll when rather than how they travel these companies shouldn't enable these abusive practices against women in saudi arabia i said only has officially been renamed north macedonia and being a decades long dispute with greece starting on wednesday north macedonia will be included in road signs one on its border with greece the nato flag has also been
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raised as the newly named state prepares to become a member of the military alliance the dispute between the two countries started after macedonia formally a part of yugoslavia became a new nation in one nine hundred ninety one adopting the same name as the adjoining creek region. the region of normandy in northern france relies heavily on cross channel trade with the u.k. there's britain for passage depart the e.u. is concern but also hope and tasha partly reports from the port city of wisdom with his rolling hills and quaint cottages normandy east charm is distinct for more than a thousand years this french regional the english channel has had links to britain when the conqueror was born in this castle in ten sixty six he invaded england and became king. today it's trade that's the main bond the u.k. is an important export market for this cheese factory but with britain set to leave
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the european union managers are worried feel included working for. rex it scares us because when i'm a british clients they aren't sure what's happening we don't know if they'll keep buying because maybe costs will change so we are closely following what's happening with bricks it normally these ports rely on cross channel trade is the biggest one million passengers and three million tons of goods pass through each year ferries are turned around as fast as possible to save time and money port officials say breaks it would slow down the process record for the cabinet you're there'd be more controls passenger goods will need to go through customs they'll be extra checks for lorries as the u.k. will be out of the customs union animal and plant checks will have to be done in another zone near the border there's little doubt but when britain leaves the european union the impact felt across this region while windies leaders are of
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course concerned some are also trying to regs it into an opportunity when in the army militia we have many industrial links to the u.k. pharmaceutical aircraft in comedy factory and many of them will need to be aware their business is in that is europe so if they want to be in europe but near the u.k. nobody's perfect nominees council has been campaigning to attract british entrepreneurs richard baker says the uncertainty surrounding brags it persuaded him to move his firefighting business from the u.k. to france last year even though he still feels very attached to england very much monaco roloson of the also but i've also been a european because that's when you're talking about a block of trading nations that seems to day in the global world you have to be a picture of to make make that survival many people in normandy feel close to their neighbors across the sea and regret. britain's decision to leave the e.u. some say that is the u.k.
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is sailing into uncharted waters the best they can do is be prepared and make sure that they don't miss the boat natasha butler al-jazeera reece tom frantz pakistan's fuel shortages are cutting into every part of the economy major industries and consumers alive finding themselves in a desperate situation because of increasingly high bills quite high the reports from islamabad. the morning in. the d. how did you cross are doing maintenance because of the cord red i. cross the country including businesses such as the big three are complaining that their three northern gas pipeline system is not able to give them the gas necessary to keep their businesses running the country is seeing a shortfall of all more than fifty percent and when it comes to gas delivery pipeline. because. they're shipping and and that all the so-called viral thread
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us consumers. are already complaining that there's. no market for their gas bases. they passed our previous bills with sixty to sixty five thousand but from last month it increased incredibly a winter gas office they said gas is going to be expensive and you have to pay it we have this small business and we have to pay sellers and other expenses we all think you to shut down our business. we are fed up of paying bills we're not able to give education twa children me a pain electricity bill gas this is just tom and tonight as these come here at the gas office but no one's listening to us they can indeed a serious crisis for a country where you already cash strapped a bug is going to. rattle you and it seems the people across the country are now also losing their patients. seventeen people have died in
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a hotel fire in india's capital new delhi a large group of whiling gas was staying at the hotel in an area known for a bunch accommodations thirty five people were rescued most of the deaths were due to suffocation. time is running out for indian politicians to vote on a contentious bill that would grant citizenship to minorities from neighboring countries but excludes muslims wednesday is the last day the bill can be passed in the upper house before upcoming elections the proposal is made already made it through the lower house where prime minister narendra modi's indu nationalist b j p party has a majority of changes parked protests in northeastern states who fear more migrants from bangladesh will be allowed in the afghanistan cricket team is for pairing to take part of its second world cup it marks a remarkable achievement many young afghans learned how to play in refugee camps
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tony berkeley reports from jalalabad no matter whether it's a cold winter or a number of the hot summer in afghanistan it's always the season for cricket even with no more than a piece of wood for about a rocky piece of ground for a pitch and a stone for the wickets most young boys are many men have been hooked by the phenomenon of cricket which has swept the country. these boys shout out the names of their cricketing heroes. years ago they would have been of pakistani players today they're all afghan it's a remarkable story that has taken afghanistan from the rocky outcrops to the best cricket grounds in the world in less than twenty years afghanistan has gone from nothing to being the latest member of the international cricket council the i.c.c. and the elite group of twelve top cricketing nations. but in twenty eighteen would be bangladesh and sri lanka we drew with india and we got a full membership of the i.c.c. these are amazing achievements for the afghan nation we are playing now on grounds
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where they had never heard of afghanistan before. the afghan cricket board now has five stadia in the country and a flourishing youth policy minus cricket we are nothing because when we were young we played only cricket. we don't have any good opportunities to for the education for those kind of thing but the cricket was free for us saw. i think a lot helps us know we are here. afghans started playing cricket in the refugee camps of pakistan and since then it's become more than just a sport it transcends political cultural and religious divides and if anything it's become the one unifying factor in forty years of conflict could support cricket is the ambassador of peace the afghan cricket team has always given the message of unity and brotherhood to the entire nation and brought us together the afghan cricket team is the source of unity among afghans. which started cricket in. their
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love cricket and also. good support for cricket all this in their time so that's why we are here cricket has its own followers and its own language and it doesn't involve wall cricket is it. true meaning for us for four other people who are as far as one is it is immune to happiness if. it's happening highs and in a country where so many have been traumatized by years of conflict cricket is providing therapeutic qualities that are helping relieve stress. if afghans didn't have cricket they would take drugs or take part in war other miserable things psychologically cricket takes their mind away from bad things people want participate in elections but they will in cricket has become essential to the afghan people. afghanistan can't entertain foreign teams on home soil because of the war that's another goal but for these boys the hope is one day they can emulate
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their heroes and play for the national team and in some of the biggest cricket leads in the world for one of those few afghan success stories how's that tony berkeley out his era jalalabad. fighters loyal to libyan warlord khalifa haftar say they've seized libya's largest oil field the so-called libyan national army tweeted met no resistance to take control of the shar oil field the seizure follows weeks of fighting with several armed groups in the south. mt high rises in homes fit for all the of become symbols of turkey's struggling economy construction has been at the heart of the country's growth but inflation down a devalued currency are threatening to take the industry from boom to bust stephanie decker reports. a little fantasy some gothic a bit of disney and a touch of turkish history that's how this rather unique spire housing development
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has been described to us by its creator but this mountain castle kingdom has been less fairy tale and more nightmare for its developers they filed for bankruptcy protection because they couldn't afford their payments to the bank in essence gaining time the project will go ahead they tell us the economy is struggling largely because of the devalued turkish lira and high inflation work here is now on hold i'm talking on the sort of muscle we made some mistakes that we had conducted the project in phases and not all at once we would have opened the site long ago but there was high demand so we thought we could easily sell them all this is why we are facing problems now around three hundred of these castles have been sold we're told and there are around seven hundred thirty in total now one of these units have still not been finished in this project in particular is aimed at buyers from gulf countries but what is happening here is indicative of a wider trend of the struggling construction industry across the country in
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istanbul turkey is economic capital partially finished building stand idle there are no workers in the cranes to move the construction sector used to be the driving force behind turkey's economy a policy adopted by president regift a party jobs mean votes now we're told people are losing their jobs or haven't been paid in months. biggie building houses mega projects and now they're not being sold so the government introduced measures like lowering mortgage interest rates be looked at the arab states to sell but it only goes so far worse these are ahead of economists we spoke to are just as pessimistic. as they've got the fastest job losses are happening in the construction sector and also the fastest bankruptcies but the real collapse will take place after a local elections on march the. first foot now both the government and the banks are the fearing the big collapse the government has introduced several measures to
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ease the crisis cutting real estate taxes ordering state banks to lower interest mortgages and offering foreign buyers citizenship but so far nothing seems to work this mosque is the proud project the president aired on the company behind it now also bankrupt it remains unfinished many business men say they're waiting for the local elections to be over then hopefully things will improve banking on a young population that will push domestic demand but that has to be in the right economic climate most of the economic predictions indicate that things could get worse stephanie decker turkey. and let's recap some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now the mexican cartel boss joaquin guzman has been convicted of all charges that is drug trafficking trial in the u.s. . is now is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison is accused of pocketing
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nearly fourteen billion dollars as the decades long head of the notorious similar i'll tell. venezuela's opposition leader says humanitarian aid will be allowed into the country next week president nicolas maduro though insists it'll be blocked he sees it as a political tool to remove him from power. let the drums of war stop that approachability invasion recede and burns will say in a single chorus with one voice we want peace you want happiness long live the national union live peace to victory always thank you god bless you may god bless our beloved. one person has died in the latest anti-government demonstrations in haiti protests against the president have ended a six day in the capital port au prince many are calling for jovan unwise aide to resign that angry about rising inflation and the government's failure to recover
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billions of dollars in misused funds australia's government says it will reopen an immigration detention center on christmas island it's in response to new legislation passed by parliament that allows asylum seekers on existing offshore centers easier access to mainland hospitals donald trump says he's not happy with a deal on border security denied him funds for the wall he's promised the us president hasn't rejected the agreement outright his fellow republicans continue to urge his support the act.


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