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and for you. the thai opposition party that one of the princess to run could now be thrown out of elections and ordered to disband. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a possible showdown it better as the opposition sets a date for humanitarian aid to enter the country the president says that's not going to happen. a crucial vote in spain's parliament that could lead to an early general election. in iraq where the campaign is on to save the country's cultural
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heritage and treasure after years of. the type. of the king's older sister for prime minister and next month's election is facing dissolution the election commission has recommended to the top court that the time wrecks a charge party should be dissolved earlier the commission declared princess. in eligible to run saying the royals should be above politics. is linked to exiled former prime minister thaksin shinawatra al-jazeera is way hey reports from back from bangkok. this decision from the election commission to recommend that the thai rak charge party be dissolved recommending that to the constitutional court was expected really given who would involve sort involves the royal family it involves the palace and the royal family the monarchy is seen as being above politics in
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thailand whatever the palace says must be listened to and followed this all came about after a shock announcement on friday morning that this party was nominating princess to wander up the older sister of the king as its sole nomination at sole candidate to become prime minister but later on the same day the palace issued a very strongly worded statement saying that this candidacy this nomination was inappropriate and unconstitutional and because of that strongly worded statement from the palace it was imaginable really that the election commission would decide anything other than recommending that this party be dissolved so it's now up to the constitutional court if it does dissolved charges it will be the third political party backed by the former prime minister attacks and shinawatra who was removed in the coup back in two thousand and six to be dissolved by remembering though that he still has his main party the main party that he backs who are thai running in this
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election that is the party that was removed when it was in power during the most recent coup in two thousand and fourteen david struck first as a historian on thailand he discussed the options before timon's constitutional course. the constitutional court could simply say well she was a candidate that shouldn't have been that we later knew could should not is not appropriate as a candidate and leave it at that the constitutional court also could disband the party which has happened three or four times in recent history and they've all been parties connected with the former prime minister and now in exile types in china what. the implications are i mean what's interesting is that not only that she decided to run but who or which party she decided to run for and it was the tire accent thai party which is a more democratic party it's one of the parties that said they won't join the
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military parties in any coalition and it's a party connected to toxins in awhile so. at even though her candidacy was. not approved it still shows some sort of leaning toward the more democratic parties in thailand be that the the military party's on the side possibly of the monarchy or britain certain persons within the monarchy. the pretty good type of iraq a type party maybe despair but it may not really matter because there are three parties right now closely connected to talk in china what and what they call the democracy party and they could still a lot of voters would simply vote for one of the other two parties that as well as opposition leader has vowed to bring in humanitarian aid despite opposition from president but otoh want to go i don't know said that he was issuing a direct order to the military to allow the us supplies in thousands of his
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supporters took to the streets of the capital caracas on tuesday as to supporters of the government al jazeera so there's a bow reports. he wants to keep up with the pressure on the government of the wood or that's why they declared interim president why they will call his followers to take to the streets once again. we are nonstate february twenty third is the day for humanitarian aid into venezuela we stand by all sectors delivery drivers nurses medics to get ourselves organized. all the way from her son was killed during the protests two years ago. i am demanding justice i am demanding freedom i am honoring all the children that have died i'm here for everything that is happening in this country people are dying of hunger and a lack of medicines. food and medical supplies mostly coming from the u.s. have arrived at the border between venezuela and colombia why though says more is
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on its way there are thousands and thousands of people in this part of the city that it's difficult to move the specific demand in this demonstration is that they want to force the government to allow aid into the country the other demand is that they would like for free and fair elections to take place in venezuela because they believe that last year's election process was filled with irregularities. towards the center of the capital government supporters were also on the streets to voice their opposition to any type of foreign intervention for the last four months. has been part of the government's militia he says he's ready to defend his country from foreign aggression. i cannot trust in humanitarian aid that has not been requested in venezuela we didn't have an earthquake or a war that justifies them forcing aid into the country we want to solve our problems if they want to help us they should give us back the money they are withholding that's in the banks in europe in the u.s.
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. but support for the president does not appear to be as high as it once was the economic crisis has left millions of people struggling to buy basics and a medicines and that's why many in traditional neighborhoods have joined the protests on one of the heat a look we have protesting for the old people because they're in a madison's because we want a free country freedom to do and what we will and the opposition is calling on the military to rise against. and allow the following donated supplies in. syria even the. military and civilian employees that of the border will aggressively allow the humanitarian aid without drama without confrontation and fulfill that to have you need to allow the aid in to save the lives of. either the problems of the solution and life. but the military leadership remains known by the widow and they play
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a role in his administration. the opposition says they will continue pushing to break that relationship. as you heard interest report president the doura held his own rally in the capital here's some of what he had to say. let the drums of war stop that the threats of military invasion recede and burns will say in a single chorus with one voice we want peace we want happiness long live the national union live peace to victory always thank you god bless you may god bless our beloved. spain's minority socialist government is facing a crucial test in the coming hours which could trigger a snap election parliament's two votes on budget plans put forward by prime minister address sanchez the outcome depends largely on pro independence cattle and parties who have so far opposed is not far from the parliament building in madrid the trial of twelve separatist leaders charged with rebellion for their role in
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declaring capital and independence in twenty seventeen started on tuesday i was there as david chase is in the spanish capital. the socialist prime minister pedro sanchez of course runs a minority government now he's trying to push through the parliament his budget for this year now that includes an increase in social spending a rise in the cost of pensions and also the minimum wage and on top of that he said he'd like to increase investment in catalonia but there's a sticking point now he needs the support of the catalonian separatists m.p.'s to get this budget through because he had talks with them which broke down last friday in which he refused to exceed to their demands for independence to be on the table in the round table talks it means that they're probably going to withdraw their support so it looks like these budget measures will fail and pedre sanchez will
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have to call a snap election it wasn't until june next year but it's likely he will call in the election for april and of course this means very worryingly that a new player on the scene santiago a scholar who leads a fox party now they gained eleven percent of the vote down in andalucĂ­a breaking thirty six years of socialist rule it really was a landmark victory for them gaining eleven percent of the vote and he's got some very extreme views very much aimed at trying to expel what he called illegal immigrants more than fifty thousand of them he's wrote back on that but he still determined to weaken domestic violence laws because he feels men are being unfairly prosecuted by those in that school with great anger amongst women's groups but it does seem that there's more political turmoil ahead here just as the trial of the catalan sepsis leaders is going around the corner in the supreme court. the chief
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defense lawyer for the former boss of japanese concha has resigned a second attorney has also quit without explanation carlos cohen has been in a japanese detention center since his arrest in november he denies a complex ford scheme underreporting his income while he served as one of the world's best known company executives. weather update next year on syria then started decides to reopen a controversial offshore detention center today after a big part of entry defeats on immigration. by some iranians accuse the government of broken promises forty years after the revolution. as though there were thing lots of dry fine weather across the southeast in parts of asia at the moment there are a few places where we're seeing some showers and those that we've seen have
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certainly been heavy recently in the northwestern parts of borneo some places are reporting over one hundred millimeters of rain five very very wet for us in a few areas will be rather wet again as we head through thursday and into friday mostly it's going to be the southwestern parts of borneo through parts of java and into somalia we see the showers for the north is largely fine and dry so most of us in thailand will get away with a dry day as we will across cambodia into vietnam and for the majority of us across the philippines as well as just one or two areas where we're likely to see a couple of showers down towards australia and we've been watching this little weather system make its way across us that brought us some rather strong winds and a few outbreaks of rain and also tend the sky rather a funny shape there as we had a dust storm make its way across sydney all of that dust is now making its way across the tasman sea towards new zealand you can see this on the satellite picture the brown color showing the dust as it makes its way towards new zealand so we'll
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see it in the next few days behind it though it will be a lot brighter and less dusty deficit name as we had three day and force in perth that should be fine at twenty eight. with the most billion people in the world production is under increasing strain to keep pace with the growing global population zero is environmental solutions program discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably. just found this. is the vegetable of the. food for thought on al jazeera.
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again this is al-jazeera a reminder of the main news this hour the type political party that nominated the king's older sister for the post of prime minister and next month's election is facing dissolution election commission has recommended to the top court the thai roxette charge should be dissolved. and as well as opposition leader who has ordered the military to allow aid sent in by the u.s. into the country by the twenty third of february the generals of so fast a president nicolas maduro rival rallies were held in the capital caracas on tuesday. and space minority government is facing a crucial test in the coming hours which could trigger a general election parliament is to vote on budget plans the outcome plans largely on pro independence catalan parties so far opposed it. strongly as
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government says that it will reopen an immigration detention center on christmas island that's after opposition m.p.'s managed to push through a new bill that calls for asylum seekers to be sent to offshore prisons in other countries to get treatment in australian hospitals christmas island as a remote australia territory closer to indonesia other the mainland prime minister scott morrison says this will act as a deterrent to asylum seekers who risk their lives at sea trying to reach australia . my job now. is to ensure that the come my job now is to do everything within my power and in the pair of the government to ensure that what the parliament has done to waken up orders does not result in bites coming to a stride it is still the case that al government is running border protection in this country and that of itself is a great the tears well here's a closer look at how a story is offshore processing policy works asylum seekers sailing certain cities
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here towards australia are intercepted by the navy instead of having their refugee status assessed within a straightly at their detain for processing on the pacific out of the room some asylum seekers were also sent to man a silent in papua new guinea but that center was closed in twenty seventeen however hundreds of people remain stuck that refugees seeking medical treatment could now be taken to the remote australian territory of christmas island which is closer to indonesia than the mainland david manne is executive director of refugee legal and independent community legal center specializing in refugee and immigration law he says the christmas island center was inhumane and should not reopen. the christmas island detention facility which is being an operation on and off for almost two decades has is effectively in our being there myself we've had met with represented many people who've been helping. it is a detentions
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a huge detention center which should times has killed over two thousand people asylum status of sorts or particular strain yet and has been widely condemned as i think prison like editions which are for family and of people who've already fled from so it is a. very serious concern to hear the government suggesting that we regard. these to change and center which is cause such to be additional harm to people who fled from it is also not the kind of place with the in any way suitable to hold people who. want to be brought back from the roof and managed. to require who is seriously ill and require urgent medical intervention and is simply not the kind of place where i think we should be held. and as of south africa's
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largest union holding a strike of a large scale layoffs and state's own funds and private companies it comes just months ahead of national elections where president soran opposes governing african national congress hoping for another term in office let's go live now to johannesburg al-jazeera as malcolm webb is at a rally there malcolm one of the strikers demanding. was. one of the key demand of the people saying it's the day that there are no opposition reforms africa's states and our utility that really is the boundary of the thousand people talking about avoiding people here say that is going to be privatized i see that's going to shock us that somebody you know imposed so congress trade unions is cool it's nearly was a million members today do not go to work find out later in the day how effective that would be to cross the country here certainly
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a lot less than what they would have hoped for they were saying the fifteen thousand people would come witness was probably not even one tenth of the congress enjoyed even during the last ten years its popularity will go to one of the reasons that its members feel that hasn't been very effective that lobbying the ruling african national congress bringing through any changes the legislation that actually i think sex. workers and with elections ahead in may one of the implications of the strike for the ruling a.n.c. . no no president zuma pose a really nice this is the trade unions i again sees expected to get less of the vote said than it ever was before the legal right you know my mother our allies to back them so they can try to keep them in jersey a little bit at the other end of a question. of reforms liberal economic policy. rises exactly the
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opposite of what these one was the only one that going to see. this going now there's nine lives between on the one hand the big business and foreign investment on the other hand the demand that the unions who support me. many thanks i was there as well when that live in johannesburg. all flights in and out of belgium have been cancelled due to a nationwide strike aspace has been restricted until weapons say evening the country's three main trades unions protesting against low wages the strike has also affected state run hospitals and the country's police force. some countries are sniping a u.s. sponsored meeting about iran's role in the middle east but poland which is hosting the talks says that iran will not be the only item on the agenda and says the delegates will also discuss the presence of i saw and the war in syria into serious reports from warsaw. american hopes of uniting the world against iran won't be an
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easy task for the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. crucially important countries are either pulling out or sending low level delegations to the warsaw summit aimed at curbing iran's growing influence in the middle east will have sixty countries over thirty foreign ministers there from every continent save for antartica this is a global coalition that has got to deliver on the important mission as reducing the rest of the disseminator from the middle east for forty one. iranian leaders who are not invited are denouncing the summit as a u.s. and iran circus. the trump administration reimposed sanctions last year after pulling out of a two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal between iran and world bar was the e.u.
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that decided to stay responding to international concerns about the conference and its motives polish government ministers say it will cover syria i still yemen terrorism trade and security. the e.u. alone does not in my opinion kiri sufficient political weight to try to really influence the situation in the middle east only working together with the united states and broadly speaking to the community of democratic countries can we have a positive influence and achieve peace is stable is ation of the situation in the middle east. seventy countries are invited. many are worried about a u.s. backlash if this the summit analysis dart the gathering would ever be able to achieve its goals if you don't have russia you have the indication by europe that they're not going to send high level people. and lower level people i think that's
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a sign and a signal our concern but also the limitations of working so not only regarding. the u.s. for it but the u.s. has staunch supporters in the middle east such as saudi arabia the u.a.e. . which have repeatedly called for a tougher stance against what they say is iran's destabilizing role in the region the summit which the u.s. hopes will show how it can build a global coalition against iran could cause embarrassment for the trump administration some countries are staying away while others are distancing themselves from the u.s. approach against iran's regional ambitions which combines sanctions with threats of international isolation. unemployment and economic hardship were among the issues that drove iran's islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine when
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millions of people brought down a corrupt monarchy but forty years on many iranians say they get to see the prosperity that they were promised same bus traffic reports now from turkey from the power of protest and armed rebellion ayatollah ruhollah khomeini was able to call upon helped him take control of iran in eleven days but consolidating the gains of the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution would take years. the new government struggle to suppress insurrections of its own and the economy all but collapsed revolutionaries have been jockeying for political position ever since and iranian people say their leaders have forgotten khomeini's revolution was actually about them. at a museum dedicated to iran's first national bank there is more wealth in a single display than many iranians may see in a lifetime. a literal treasure trove filled with the precious things of past kings . within these stately halls there is great optimism about iran's future.
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they don't want to miss their home machine always problems are being imposed sanctions or war but the islamic republic with its rich resources of suitable geography and how well i predict the economic future of the country will be. one of the reasons iranian supported khomeini was because the majority of the country's wealth was in the hands of the few something that seems to be happening again the revolution played out on streets all over the country and once monuments to the strength of buildings city square statues have since come to symbolize the power of the religious movement that saw them torn down but as the years have gone by many iranians say the promises of prosperity that same movement made have not been kept . as often happens when there is economic decline many say things were better in the past in the time of kings. the problems we have had in the last two or three months are unprecedented war with iraq for eight years and we
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didn't have this level of inflation in poverty president rouhani promised a lot but he lived the people who handled the war why did they do nothing for the people. with them as a religious person i hated. to say silencing muslims was betraying the koran we believed in the koran but now i'm sixty five years old i don't believe in the koran or mosques i believe nothing. have been betrayed they broke my heart government leaders say they're doing their best and blame american sanctions as well as pointing to macro economic indicators that seem to show iran is on track to be classified a highly developed country it's a sign they say that things aren't as bad as they may seem but the high cost of living means problems that are playing out inside people's homes is where ronnie and leaders seem to be losing votes. on the acting u.s. defense secretary has reassured iraq's leaders about the presence of u.s.
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troops patrick shanahan that iraq's prime minister. in baghdad last month president trump angered the government in iraq by saying he wanted troops to stick around there and keep an eye on neighboring iran shanahan says that he respects iraq's sovereignty or many of iraq's most important dog a logical sites lie in ruins the battle against isis or conservation experts from the european union are helping iraqis protect what's left of their heritage as charles transferred reports from baghdad this is all that's left of nimrod the ancient assyrian city founded three thousand years ago i shall fight is seized the areas of territory in north western iraq five years ago. other than destroying historical sites and artifacts they regarded as on islamic this was nimrod before eisel arrived considered one of the world's great archaeological treasures once home to an assyrian king guarded by giant stone carvings
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a winged beasts known as la. slew of the smashing many of the artifacts using sledgehammers and power tools by some detonation barrel bombs to blow up the city. the explosion felt like an earthquake according to people i'm sure it was two years ago precisely i was in the middle of it was just ten days after the site was the great it so i discovered what i mean society testing just been taken back from this so we have course discovered the magnitude of their the midges but we saw also the diversity of what we can define as a crime scene. the conservationist says it's been a challenge for the iraqi army to clear mines an improvised explosive devices from the area without causing even more destruction had a lot of people accessing the sites which was not found so you have
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a individuals who are needed to every a policeman everybody and moving out of it so it's difficult to fathom the shocking level of destruction committed by ice all not only on iraq soccer logical heritage but on archaeological sites across the region now in recent years a lot of artifacts have been stolen and it's believed many of them about themselves in the private collections intelligence services here are now saying that they believe a lot of the money is going towards funding terrorism. security experts from the european union advisory mission and iraq want to build a database to help track missing artifacts and return them to iraq when we arrived here in two thousand and seventeen i've already got the task from europe from brussels to do something on the protection of cultural heritage because the culture of this country is also the culture of europe it's the start of the civilization so
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we are very keen to help the iraqis protect after decades of war thousands of years of iraqi history lies in ruins in a region often called the cradle of civilization the challenge now is to save what's left john strafford al-jazeera baghdad. it is good to have you with us hello adrian fitting in here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the thai political party that dominated the king's older sister for the post of prime minister in next month's election is facing dissolution the election commission has recommended to the top courts that tie rocks a charge should be dissolved one hour from now to serious way hey in bangkok. this all came about after a shock announcement on friday morning that this party was nominating princess you want the older sister of the king as its sole nomination it sole candidate to
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become prime minister but later on the same day the palace issued a very strongly worded statement saying that this candidacy this nomination was inappropriate and unconstitutional and because of that strongly worded statement from the palace it was imagined of all really that the election commission would decide anything other than recommending that this party be dissolved but as well an opposition leader has ordered the armed forces to allow the delivery of aid sent by the united states within the next ten days president nicolas maduro who continues to have the all important backing of venezuela's generals threats of invasion must stop spain's parliament is use a vote on budget plans the outcome depends largely on pro independence catalan parties who have so far opposed it the chief defense lawyer of the former boss of japanese car giant nissen has resigned a second attorney is also quit without explanation because cohen has been the
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japanese detention center since his arrest in november he denies a complex fraud scheme of underreporting his income while he served as one of the world's best the company executives australia's government says it will reopen an immigration detention center on christmas island after m.p.'s of the lower house passed a new bill that calls for asylum seekers sent to offshore prisons in other countries to get treatment in australian hospitals christmas island as a remote australia territory members of south africa's largest union are holding a strike to protest large scale layoffs at stays or private firms and private companies it comes just months at a parish or lections where presidents are run opposers governing a.n.c. is hoping for another term in office is the headlines more news on al-jazeera after earthrise next. a team of chinese scientists embark on a daring deep sea mission searching for rare resources and new species.
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reveals china's underwater hunt. on al-jazeera. there are seven and a half billion people on earth and they all need to be bad. for producing food requires huge amounts of land water and is one of the major contributors to pollution and climate change. half of the planet habitable surface is cultivated for crops the forests are being cleared for industrial animal farming and commercial fishing isn't emptying our thieves of marine life. with a worldwide.


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