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tv   The Algerian Revolutionary  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera spain's parliament has just rejected the socialist government's budget setting the stage for possible early elections let's go straight to david chaytor who joins us live from but reza david how did all this play out. yes we've just seen. the socialist prime minister leave the building he lost the vote by one hundred ninety one votes against his budget measures and it's a three hundred fifty seat parliament so he's lost the budget he's now apparently according to local media reports and some of his spokesman going to cool a cabinet meeting and they will then decide an official announcement that snap
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elections will be cool now that are likely to be at the end of april so he's lost his gamble he's lost the budgets and we're going into now a snap election it wasn't jew until june of next year but it now be in april and this is all being caused of course by the catalan separatists and he's did not support him they were against the the idea of the round table talks of failed on friday they wanted in independence to be discussed he refused saying it was against the constitution so he's now paid the penalty he's lost it's lost this government vote the vital budget votes only happened once before in the spanish democratic history and we're now facing a brand new election just at the moment when it appears there's a right wing surge will certainly have moved towards the right wing and it means
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that the pensioners who are outside the days showed you earlier demonstrating will not get a chance to see their pensions increase is not going to be eating grease in the minimum wage all the social spending that he was planning is now lost because he's lost the vote all right david price from in trade we'll check back in with you shortly thank you. the thai party that nominated the king's older sister for prime minister in next month's election is facing dissolution election commission has recommended to the top corps that chart be disbanded when hey has more from bangkok . this all came about after a shock announcement on friday morning that this party was nominating prince's the oldest sister all of the king as its sole nomination at sole candidate to become prime minister but later on the same day the palace issued a very strongly worded statement saying that this candidacy this nomination was inappropriate and unconstitutional and because of that strongly worded statement
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from the palace it was imaginable really that the election commission would decide anything other than recommending that this party be dissolved venezuelan opposition leader one has demand that the armed forces allow the delivery of aid sent by the united states within the next ten days president nicolas maduro who continues to have the backing of the military says threats invasion must stop that of a news site in the philippines has been arrested on liable charges after c.e.o. maria ressa has repeatedly clashed with president nicolas president to territory pardon me but the ports against his anti-drug crackdown has treasury secretaries in china as the world's two largest economies try to end a war of trade stephen moore chen is holding two days of talks with beijing's top economic advisor biased or merely if he. were trying to reach a deal on trade tariffs ahead of a march first deadline arising boko haram attacks as forcing thousands of nigerians
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to move to neighboring cameroon the un says thirty thousand people from the northern borno state have fled in recent days fearing more attacks by the armed group the violence has displaced more than two million people since two thousand and nine. members of south africa's largest union are holding a strike to protest large scale layoffs at state owned firms and private companies it comes just months ahead of national elections. a nationwide strike in belgium has paralyzing air traffic seaports and train services all flights in and out of that country have been cancelled for twenty four hours all because sector workers and who putting police hospital air traffic control staff are demanding higher wages so the headlines keep it here much more to come on al-jazeera out as her world is next.
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on the fourth of march one nine hundred fifty seven a thirty four year old algerian revolutionary commander was captured by french paratroopers during the battle for the capital algiers he was taken to a farm outside the city and summarily executed by a french army officer. algeria's national liberation front had launched its war of independence and as commander in algiers this man was
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a prime french targets. in custody he bravely resisted interrogation even impressing his enemies. another will take my place he proclaimed and in doing so inspired thousands to go on an achiever his dream of independence after his death. this is the story of law to be been. the algerian revolutionary. bynum he was born in this remote house in the tiny village of equations in north eastern algeria four hundred kilometers from the capital algiers he was a serious studious boy. algeria had been a french colony since eighteen thirty and the family home was not far from a major colonial military base and both had an influence on the young.
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man in the youth and cynthia get out actually it was where they meet and there are no notes and if i mean the internet. and i don't get is that you know they look at you know where did that and be with any one and. know i've been with. i'm going to cut a lot of the billion made in that order as renee loader going to some. lunch or the men so your computer. has a coalition forces going through to come along the. method and the general running send. the amount to call some there were one. the young billion he d. had a religious education in his grandfather's onic village school and mosque the building
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was later destroyed by the french authorities. government education was in french but here he studied arabic and the car on. atom. and nobody else sense and yet they got out there. that are best i know what happened when you're going to war and. you have the war and peace and there's been going when the end you were of the war and was and is that when you cover make it for them at the center and in their own c.e.o. and have a look and or even just. a half of island a power to listen and then to stop the torture methods i don't see. any. who have eric had to refer.
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out to be a would have carried. when he was six been in heat he was sent to his uncle's in but about eighty kilometers from home to attend french primary school. but his father insisted that he preserve his arabic language and islamic faith. so i have a large role maybe better better of a whole new i eat with a cafe slam yesterday that zara we had a month of that look where he from a few better from a few biskra and i'm sure you have a weird as him be having a bottle with it is the other version of collision other us off when one us about can mean a living at the cottage i wish i had that a tough a walk in the hay to doto sleep today if he and i did better not have you bet. any as you think but the second yet said he went at the natural head yes so much and that meant it but not if that is.
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when he'd gained his primary school certificates menem he rejoined his family who were now in biskra two hundred kilometers from and. they'd been forced to move there when the french authorities had harassed them and seized their property. in biskra to be attended level college now renamed yousef and i'm with the school. it was here that the teenager lot of began to make his own way and joined algerian muslim scout movement. in the one nine hundred thirty s. the scouts was one of the few organizations that enabled younger algerians to get together socially and get useful technical training at the same time. for ben
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in his that's meant using the group for his own purposes. he was already becoming a political animal. but is no mia and had the mineral content of the can the whole legal. team. and their ability that i'm a comet at it but. because we're looking for measurable amount i want. mr leavitt as years. into the abyss you know a little earlier just then we're looking good is the mad and it's there millennia. going to come we're thirtieth midsomer surface level. when he quickly became a scout group leader and started to learn military basics his mission in life was developing. how to be asked to work in
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a french military barracks in the ammunition department. no one knew why at the time although an algerian officer called last hired noticed he was quote curious. what have you got or soley soli so legally with. you can your girly man child ask up who were and who had just overheard the help was. a shock to me the. who are cared for because she never asked and only vehicle could tell us. what were lost. and they live. below that case malcolm but it creates mortality be. sure to tut. tut. bad a back. door marked the. bad tell me how you have your cult
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political god. killed for good to. get me. to. the issues just jeff and ask that matter why the fish yet you are the enemy that cannot ask any accuracy and on those this mountain so the government said this was so that he jet and man you met . where nasa is really and it meant that humanity had to hand it back again congress had yet to receive yes that was. in one nine hundred forty two billion hedy joined the algerian peoples party p p a it had been banned by the french in one nine hundred thirty nine but was secretly active in biskra. a local p.p.
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activist mohammed is sami had spotted the young bynum he in the scouts and recruited him to the party this gave him an in to leading independence movement figures like mohammed. and hammered bill with dad who would later become his close revolutionary associates. usually. but the p.p.a. was banned by the french so other leaders of the independence movement like that had to have a bass started a group called the friends of the manifesto and liberty which brought together all the nationalist groups in algeria it was effectively a cover for the p.p. a been him he joined the biskra branch.
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on the first of many. great international workers day and the week later the official end in europe of the second world war. many men had just taken part in the french war effort against nazi germany and had been promised more rights if they helped the allied victory in world war two. but instead a month before the french had exiled the leader of the algerian peoples party. to the congo another colony in africa. or goodness. to philip or me me or allah. and they are. lucky to get.
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more that are there and they are. yet in those men lived there now there are people who midi or darkness or do they made it on. the lead and did all. the marchers banners sad an end to occupation and free missiles. and the protests turned violent when a fourteen year old muslim scout in city was shot dead by police for waving an algerian flag. the violent clashes escalated and led to the death of over forty five thousand l.j. in men women and children in cities gelman and. what became known as the massacre of the chief lasted two months. some death toll
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fakers are much higher. some welcome good of about the bad. any most of. us when you are some sort of en. route than a few. well you can walk out with all of that into me as you have them in the comfort of marine. one occasion even cover the heart of the new zealand the and then you're going to need it. in you email we need to the real world that is better and. or as obscure as your own in. bed with that doesn't mean anything it mean. what kind of it would help. and that it would have been about well that her. money and wealth really have no idea of the edit she had that monsieur when i got there was that when we decision.
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yes. i mean in the end. what herrick's yet there is that when abbey. after his release from jail been him he was a marked man by the french considered to be armed and dangerous. his details were widely circulated to our friends security posts. it was now that's been him he d. adopted his own nickname the part time after him ileana as the pattaya a peasant who became a major figure in the mexican revolution thirty years before. the potter commanded the liberation army of the south of peasants and farmers and fought guerrilla battles against the mexican elites. but made him he wasn't just of the parts a movie fan he was also an actor and performed the lead rule in a play based on
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a novel translated by an egyptian writer called for the sake of the crown. he used to play about a revolution in the balkans to push his independence message to the algerian public and when the french figured that out they banned the production across algeria. little i had. some bad bad. might just have to many americans or ran. a hive. and under. a new. book. out of kick me rather bitterly been made huge imagine. where were added to. our friendship of us heard it it didn't need.
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them as well bottom. live you would need the bad. and. i would have a really is that of others as a. revolutionary actor and sportsman the algerian peoples party had the football team in biskra and been kept ten. the squad were all members of the nationalist movement the article most of. the the. girl quite literally in the book we'll see the most brilliant feed mill not of no let me give him an illusion of the feel good looking fellow tomorrow. is of a book. sort of book in league of tara there
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are no. spots chief. or other. articles that would lie or latics i really would love a collage but yeah so. yeah media has a what and who. did what and what do you know they are. in july nine hundred forty six. returned from exile in the french congo but was placed under house arrest in algiers. founded the movement for the triumph and defense of liberty is the m.t.l. deal as cover for his algerian peoples party. which was still banned
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after the city for massacre the year before the movement no longer started struggle as purely political. at the first congress of the combines p p a and m t l d in algiers in one nine hundred forty seven they decided to launch a paramilitary wing called the special organization. when the party leadership patch appoint the head of the paramilitary special organization in biskra law to be been he was the obvious choice. in the spring of one nine hundred forty nine billion he didn't have to biskra and move to constantine. yes. in somewhat of arson in. the one i shot c. a c. b. the one you should do what you then have the one post now. i'll ask. where leader
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was says that and one of them i said are you i mean i was about eight i had one can't see him. one of them must. back at s.s.e. up. in one of must. build up so. well a kid. when media can suck little milk ashoka it don't sit they can consider g.e. a key. that a schmo previously proved in the regime who are prolly the g.v. illiterate. provided it no longer stick. a
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quarter more protests are door tricky over the the. look. as the head of the special organization constantine law to be been in he does home became his base for meeting other leading party figures and officials. his father allowed him to use his younger sister very far as his private career around the city as the french administration would never suspect a young girl. three five remembers a twelve. can you with that and a new regime and definitely be less a good way to help your cause. and he said there are plenty of them as you may said yet you will acquit on the battlefield of the present. but only you and you go away yet i am and not. content to have that luxury . when i can't get any bishan with that something that we love if they any lemke
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know we have any. city feel he said briskly back the russian debt and yes we are yet. when other than going to help but there's no way to get where it is just very young man may she did that may have she did that yeah and there may have been looking at that and yes. sir. in one nine hundred forty nine billion he became head of the p.p.a. armed wing in both city found constantine and then deputy chief of staff of the special organization for all of eastern algeria in one nine hundred fifty replacing mohammed. the aim of the organization was to develop into a viable paramilitary force to take on the french but three years into its development it was discovered and dismantled.
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more than four hundred of its members were arrested in him he demanded to escape and left for algiers but was convicted in his absence and sentenced to ten years in jail. by. mean having who. were dark. and there are. a near death in the policeman who shot back at. that year. or.
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the demise of the special organization led to a split in the algerian peoples party with one side loyal to its leader. and others calling themselves centralists. been in hedy and his supporters thought that military action was the only effective way of achieving independence and in march one thousand nine hundred fifty four set up the revolutionary committee for unity and action. they try to reconcile miss ali and his supporters with the sensualists but failed the revolutionary committee our crew finally ran out of patience with messily and the refusal to embrace military action and this was a turning point for the whole movement. the only way forward for the crew was to split completely from the algerian people's party that. they would go on to form
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the national liberation front the f.l.n. and launched the war of independence on the first of november one thousand nine hundred fifty four the fight for the future of algeria at began. there is growth in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we're not looking at the news some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. we showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. the two thousand mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the balkans route begins to close for refugee it has
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become a race against time for one syrian family. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left at home. sky and ground a witness documentary on al-jazeera. and under ported world on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. a team of chinese scientists embarked on a daring deep sea mission searching for rare resources and new species.
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reveals china's underwater hunt. zero. i'm richelle carey and ohio and these are the top stories on al-jazeera spain's parliament has rejected the socialist government's budget and that could force the prime minister pager sanchez to call early elections catalan parties have refused to back the spending plan unless the government open negotiations on and dependents for the region david chaytor has more from the train we've just seen federal sanchez the services prime minister leave the building even lost a vote by one hundred ninety one votes against his budget measures on his of three hundred fifty parliament so he's lost the budget he's now apparently according to local media reports and some of his spokesman going to cool
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a cabinet meeting and they will then decide an official announcement that's not the elections will be cool now they're likely to be at the end of april the thai party that nominated the king's older sister for prime minister in next month's election is facing dissolution election commission has recommended to the top or the thai rocks the chart should be disbanded earlier the commission declare prentiss and eligible to run saying royal should be above politics. as linked to exiled former prime minister x. and center on that as well an opposition leader one quiet show has demanded that the armed services allow the delivery of aid sent by the united states within the next ten days as nicolas maduro who continues to have the backing of the military says threats of invasion must stop. the head of a news website in the philippines has been arrested on libel charges after c.e.o. maria race has recently clashed with president bradley go to territory with reports
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against his anti-drug crackdown. arisan taxes forcing thousands of nigerians to move to neighboring cameroon says thirty thousand people from northern borno state have fled in recent days more attacks by the armed group the violence has displaced more than two million people since two thousand and nine. a nationwide strike in belgium has paralyzing air traffic say forts and train services all flights in and out of the country have been cancelled for twenty four hours tens of thousands at airline passengers are affected public sector workers including police hospital and air traffic control staff are demanding higher wages. so the headlines are turning out to al-jazeera world the algerian revolutionary.
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a young man from a small village in eastern algeria had joined the algerian peoples party and risen through its ranks to become a leading figure in the fight for independence from french colonial rule in the one nine hundred fifty s. . he was allowed to be. and he and his fellow river lucian aries decided to split from the party because of its refusal to endorse military action as a part of their strategy. on the twenty fifth of july nine hundred fifty four twenty two men met in the in a modest quarter of them cheers. their agenda was to discuss the launch of a national revolutionary war the only way in their eyes to rally the algerian people around the idea of independence. the twenty two attendees elected leadership
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committee of six. when they expressed concern about the lack of potential revolutionary fighters across the country. through the revolution into the street he fads and the people will embrace. that. walk. around the local remember familiar with. will never cease to be the sort of boom movement i have a little of you well. sorry. you have equipped to form a procedure. there isn't really enough and in.
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the night of a valid one for the entire a while been there now i walk a million in. march and. then i have an amendment and we're at their hey can we may have million of all your friends around tora. mosul have been plenty and the. month of the year will be. bad bad blue. i'm sat back home kennedy. a. lot of been here but i. was. home. at the top of up the up towards him from the. table was funny. there are
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many and him or her usual people. will be there. in the heavy limb and the admission well if you are by your back you know those who are where had been with they want to be alec which is alien here monkey but. for the long. that i met can. remember what a smack in the neck and i reckon some me comes in to add on the first of november one nine hundred fifty four the committee announced the formation of a new political party the national liberation front or f.l.n. and its military wing the national liberation army. they divided algeria into five zones and been he was made commander of zone five the home of western algeria . his dream of seeing algerian finally take military action against the french in
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the fight for independence was about to be realized and maybe the author who lives a life. in the navy from there from of. the war will call. mercier here and there were a warm crowd. handy early. funny you'll be off about the get go let me just get at the ball to get it they might. start of the revolutionary war was announced on the first of november one thousand nine hundred fifty four at twelve midnight. but only twelve hundred combatants took part nationally with just four hundred weapons and
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a few conventional bombs. the initial attacks targeted john darm ri stations military barracks weapons depots as well as property owned by french settlers. the dates and time were chosen as a surprise military tactic and because large numbers of french soldiers were going on leave for the christian festival of all saints. bynum he operations in the or end zone in western algeria. but me the. there. had been me.
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maybe you. had c.s.e. in. purab beer. and yam that can. marry and fills in. their cars but. you had to figure out the home scene democratic friends i mean. in which he did in. most of them would aid and then he. comes as it were head it off it was. a method of arms if they had to fall out of the media.
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and the f.l.n. first priority was to contact all the different independent groups and mobilize them to join the revolution. but the lack of weaponry was a major problem. in him he also lost right hand man like abbeville malik come dawn in the first few days of the war and i met the band captured in april one nine hundred fifty five and least three give teens. been him he traveled to cairo where the f.l.n. had its main political branch there he met ahmed among others who agreed to send weapons be a morocco buy ship. we have do a new. version had a book that is a year with of a million add them with of a meal on the shelves on via comes
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a home scene where you have a judge and then out of the minister. who thought but look them with the could have you thought i was stuff. that i knew most go well that i added to that would have had the adult all of the other off going to. man a very occasional and the going forward will be either for the cards or the other for their fields as any a million a year. in august one thousand nine hundred eighty six nearly two years into the war the f.l.n. leaders met at the small forest location in this two man valley. lot of people and he chaired the conference. before tsunami the f.l.n. had struggled to recruit troops obtain arms and race finance. after so ma'am they emerged with a clear strategy and genuinely shared leadership in. the conference also promoted
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bin hedy to the rank of colonel moved him to be commander of the capital and charged him with launching the battle of algiers. he'd be thim self in the old city the cost and began planning a bombing campaign. with a very intimate. scene once a month a bit with. visions of them feet. and how would it just. seeing from a hobby a dialup net that phil being. a female about him seeing. the battle of algiers started on the thirtieth of september one nine hundred fifty six and lasted just less than a year. been in he decodes needed urban operations by guerrilla fighters are few day even based in the narrow streets and passages of the cost but.
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he also recruited explosives and bomb experts to produce devices to be that's needs it in city streets for maximum impact like the famous milk bar attack. it's was carried out. by two women. women had now joined the ranks of the fedayeen it was easier for them to move around the city as they could often a void detection at checkpoints especially if they were not veiled. the war of independence was no longer confined to borders zones and the mountains it was now on the streets of the capital and bynum hedy was constantly coming up with new ways to broaden the conflict and attract greater attention.
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that meant mccalmont as a member and if you. have the best actor or if you had it him in. it that. kind of would show you what you were shouting would ask him at bet you have been given me yet is that what you mean is that what you have. been in he seized the moment to quote throw the revolution into the street. the eight day general strike into a rally all of julian's around the f.l.n. and internationalize the algerian question. the twenty eighth of january one thousand nine hundred fifty seven turned cities across algeria into ghost towns french troops forced shops to open and rounded up people to take them to work. they
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detained twenty three thousand people but a further four thousand went missing while hundreds were tortured or killed. them being. tallahassee out of even looked at me out with look at me he had me data i mean yes it is the measure shadow that both of the fall so i will i'm going to. obey i need. a vote up i don't have to side with at this audience i'll see you all bet and had. can mean a lot for all because somebody way it really was sure that i had been him to be a new developments to you and just as you saw it i thought of it as if you were for what i. was now a seriously marked man and the french ramped up their efforts to capture him. as they searched the cost in moved rapidly from one hideout to another.
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the net was tightening. then on the twenty third of february one thousand fifty seven been in hades luck ran out. a lot of people in v.t. feen smiling here with his captors was tracked down in the european quarter by a french officer must fend be shot. when not that but can you not be sure you wouldn't notice. that a bear now had a nation that gives the men in matter. and in this woman we met at the request ladder. and you can bet we wish to share any of them to see her . again would help. them have been nice with new moshav be heather.
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i don't know where you know but all of them and about it would be shocking that the mission. would get me mad at me now because make it you make it. necessarily half way to getting. us. in the mold of the behavior come up with a doomed human at the fs so what. wish to human is no they have thought they ought to. had. a tough year to how out of my home could have been out there. last car even the last career fair and when do we really look at them and if so and i'm really you doing this as an area where they are thirty of will be there were maybe five times that there would be going to any what i had as a country i don't see or will be taken to him. but i heard it is the modern day.
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lifted it colonel fell bizarre was commander of the third colonial parachute regiment and personally interrogated bin he. was impressed by bynum he does defiance in the face of adversity. he put huge pressure on but in he but the algerian refused to crack he continued to smile since his arrest. it was a symbolic smile of defiance which inspired those who came after to continue the struggle . abuse are other and yet tougher than me said jean bad. of another to me of our own thoughts mothers if i were to be anyone with them and a willingness. for just
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a row of. we're mad littlewood he. used to have all of it was silence what was i was minimal how about out of me when they didn't. know who follow my opinion for you to get the hell you took a minute he did result yet the out there for a start and you know who the. years you've been used to be that there was that it could be south african was any sign of a bug up by the bizarrely in the media and they call it a kind of he was a part of there were. often for a third he thought it was he had a p.c. is already in use on i don't know who or know him do you know mickey in ship. and. g.-d. . and i don't know if you know painter we've heard of them and painted a couple. i don't know when i type either and i knew personally i have the going with a have this one for. a test and my best method of a father. who thought as.
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i look at it was upset kylie and i can to come to join the. i what i want sort. of been he could have been cutting up. lee there were some scenes that i bet. mad the woman at the. site has mass ad would you go to the because i want to have sort of fantasy i. can also as machine who's honest let me get out of here in the national sales i've been meeting a little haven't finished since i've been here you would you not be shot. corner under. the commander of french troops in the battle of algiers was general jackman. he became frustrated with slow progress with ben p.d. and ordered him to be transferred into the hands of major paul both of us on the
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night of the third of march one thousand nine hundred haven't. been him he was beaten and tortured with water and electricity. gas is reported to have removed some of the skin on his face as a form of torture but ben he still wouldn't talk. been made into a hit live the it's a list so let's talk about force here was the bashir heard the moment a hack. scheffler. back at. school he did. write down a culture. that my bed is declared can work in which you can believe just as a country had hassle is declared. bad before we.
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say no paki deal. say may. no more of the. same meter this is a cessna. to the lab even kneedeep will secure the boom in jail by example see don't. sample a more our county. has about the events of the third of march one nine hundred fifty seven to the french press in two thousand forty three years on. he told how when him he was taken to an isolated farm outside and cheeriest there his unit had more freedom to operate beyond wartime conventions. handcuffed and blindfolded he was then hanged to make it look as though he'd committed suicide.
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the french press release two days later and then he had hanged himself with strips of material torn from his shirt. japan school in the classroom. a lot more there labby been midi. also do today can a city bus receive day. may i feel me city the extra more. in a day. or no sale of you. day. executives. have a way to talk to the. last year on the. wizard and that is them and what of them would i want to hear to come with them see that as a government with
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a mission what it was about us and them. were off if you're going to mission. and to another but there you had it it's about. one of our it up without us with. you then. where you're the one the mule. but look how on earth any of them and. but who would. have any. incentive. meant that if you have been there. and met. the mcconnachie heating engineers is the marchers memorial and commemorates the war of independence. the algerian war and did five years after the death of the edge of
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people. on the nineteenth of march one nine hundred sixty two and independence from france was declared on the fifth of july. the food details of been p.d.'s death didn't come out until less by then a general spoke to the press and wrote his own account of events in two thousand and one. without any apparent humorless a father has talked about his death squad in algeria and said he'd acted with the tacit approval of the french government in paris. a famous poem about venom he called him a son that kept shining until the dream of independence was realized. when papa. where there can a some sort of the setter cafes i have
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a war zone where no pocket most of the cover for a lady or don't wear them front of where there's some say led by the ill. part of the last hour of policy when this is a was somewhat of the forwards area of the circle that. difference here. after independence this street where the battle of algiers was fought was renamed. as a tribute to the old julian revolutionary. between two thousand and two thousand and seven the one knowing racist murders in different parts of germany but the police were painfully slow to track down the killer.
3:57 pm
al-jazeera world reveals the truth about the deaths linked by a single weapon. the involvement of the far right and the serious political fallout that ensued the cheska murders case solved on al-jazeera. and we've had some very heavy showers a ripoff of south america recently seen in the region in the northern parts of argentina through paraguay and into brazil this is the area we've seen the wettest
3:58 pm
of the weather the heaviest of the showers but they are now trucking away towards the north so i really seeing some of the moment and it's still going to stay wet for much of the day or wednesday for the south it turning a bit cooler for say one of the reason no higher than around twenty three degrees maybe just sneaking up to twenty four as we had three day on thursday there will also see the showers return over the northern parts of argentina in the southern parts of brazil's or here it's like it will turn wet once more for the central americans lots of fine weather to be found head not a great deal of wet weather except for in the north of alma you can see this streak of cloud there working its way up into parts of north america we're also seeing some showers ahead of it over the yucatan peninsula and into cuba and this whole system gradually sinks its way southwards as we head through the day and into thursday so more of us will see that wet weather for the day that would have to eat away from the uk attempt and into and through honduras but the rain will still be heavy for some of us. and cuba for north america then there is that massive
3:59 pm
storm as it is working its way eastwards it is a lot quieter today. the weather sponsored town. we one hundred times i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera document. trees live. continues with spirit. impacts. so many people have gone to jail as a result of rewind on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else. because you have people. on political issues. believe.
4:00 pm
in. this is zero. and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. parliament rejects the government's budget proposal paving the way for a possible early election. journalists in the philippines who was one of time magazine's persons of the year and has been critical of the president is arrested. party but wanted a princess to run for prime minister faces being banned from the long delayed general election next month.


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