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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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one of the nice reveals china's underwater hunt. zero. spain's governments on the brink of the castle and separatist cause he's pull less support during a crucial budget vote. ballot out of mr barr and this is al-jazeera life from london insect coming up the toil position parties left fighting for its survival of the nominating the king sr to be its candidate for prime minister. a president deters a critic who was one of several journalists named time magazine's person of the year is arrested in the philippines. and iranians
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rally against their government in poland as the u.s. gathers its allies prevent whitey branded an anti is wrong concepts. spain's opposition is urging prime minister pedro sanchez to call an early election after his government's budget was defeated in a key parliamentary votes the bill failed after parties from the catalonia region refused to back it their support had been conditional on having direct talks with madrid about self-determination catalonia sanchez is expected to make an announcement on friday off to chairing a cabinet meeting if he calls a general election it will be spain's third in five years. or so as a bulldozer most of the order today in parliament we have witnessed don't want to hear it only slowed useless more precisely it marks the end of pedro's time chances
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of government leaders to al-jazeera as david chaytor has more from madrid. it was an emphatic defeat for the socialist prime minister pedro sanchez out of the three hundred fifty m.p.'s in the parliament one hundred ninety one voted against his budget and the crucial factor was that the two parties of made up of catalan separatists who want independence would drew their support and that was what actually killed the budget and now he's got to decide the prime minister exactly when he will cool. election it seems inevitable he will have to but at the moment they're saying they're going to wait until the cabinet meeting on friday to make that decision but i've been speaking to one of his cabinet ministers and they painted a pretty. unclear picture about what was lying ahead but they are fearful most of all about the rise of the extreme right let's hear what you have to say
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that i feel. the only that today has proven that the right wing in this country is trying to stop the social progress presented in the budget i think they're trying to stop the country from moving forward and therefore their place in all kinds of obstacles to prevent an economic recovery from reaching panhead becoming a reality. and. so we could appear that the catalan separatists m.p.'s have made it almost certain if this early election goes ahead of that when the trial of their separatist leaders ends they'll be a very different shape of government in power in madrid and a government that doesn't want to have any dealings with them atoll and it could make it very much harder for the catalonian issue to be solved and resolved in some way so that is most likely to mean it will remain an open wound in spanish politics.
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there are typeless capacity the want of the king sister to run as its candidates the prime minister is battling for survival judges are deciding whether a case to ban the thai rak party can go ahead the king intervene to stop princess standing in next month's election the first since the military coup five years ago when haye has more from bangkok and a warning his report does contain flashing images. two weeks ago the thai rak said chart party entered the political spotlight as they launched their election campaign the leaders talked about the need for thailand to innovate. but the candidate chosen to stand as prime minister proved to be an innovation too far in a country where the monarchy is regarded as above politics. princess who was ruled ineligible after the palace sidhu nomination was in violation of royal tradition
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and culture and highly inappropriate after a complaint from an independent constitution monitoring organization the election commission has recommended that the court dissolve the party if the court agrees it would be the dissolution of a political party backed by former prime minister taksin shinawatra who lives in exile after his overthrow in the two thousand and six military coup. talks in china what has spent his political career fighting the establishment and on friday ties thought he had staged a major coup himself by having a member of the royal family fronting the campaign for one of his parties but it appears to have been a major miscalculation dissolution would also mean the members of the party's executive committee would be banned from politics for a minimum of ten years. last week the party's advisor and a long time tax an ally told al-jazeera about his concerns that the campaign and
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next month's election. won't be free and fair it is designed in the first players so that he. will be able to extend its power. to thailand's military leaders who form the government since the latest coup in two thousand and fourteen removed texans main party per tie it still able to take part in next month's votes. the decision by the election commission to ban the thai rocks a charge party came the day after a t.v. station owned by the chena watts was ordered off the air for fifteen days the government's national broadcasting body said voice t.v. was showing provocative content that caused confusion and social division the fact that the punishment is dealt out at this time. right about when we were heading towards a potential return to democracy. is highly inappropriate. there are a few guarantees in thai politics but it's likely there will be more volatility before
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the election due on march the twenty fourth when hey al jazeera bangkok. a journalist in the philippines who was one of several people named time magazine's person of the year has been arrested on libel charges mariya ressa is the c.e.o. of the news website rappler she's repeatedly clashed with president roderigo to target a publishing news reports critical of his anti drug crackdown she says the case is meant to silence her website but i know is i have not gotten an official copy of the deal jay and when we would have the chance to file a motion for reconsideration we should the fact that an arrest warrant has been issued well really interesting and i will follow i just shocked that the rule of law has been broken to the point that i can't see it the international court of justice has ruled that iran can proceed with its bid to recover billions of dollars of assets frozen. by the united states judges at the un's top court rejected u.s.
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efforts to have the case thrown out they'll now hold further hearings to determine whether iran can get back the two billion dollars frozen by the u.s. supreme court three years ago the u.s. wants the money to be given to victims of attacks blamed on iran. but it comes as delegates from sixty nations gather in the polish capital walsall for a two day conference on iran and the middle east sponsored by the united states vice president mike pence son secretary of state mike pompei o a both there along with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but most nations have sent lower level delegations a french based group of dissidents iranians have been using the event as an opportunity to rally for regime change in their country but back in iran the foreign minister dismissed the duty as dead on arrival. it's another attempt by this stage to. an obsession to get on. and i think the fact that.
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they're not even aiming to produce a greek text rather than just attempting to make a statement by going to. is in warsaw for that conference and jamal perhaps he should start by explaining why this meeting is so controversial. well felicity i mean it starts with the people who are very maybe the people who won and that's the first points of contention initially this was meant to be the summits that's was put together by the united states to combat it's what they described as the iranian threats the fact that the european countries found not to be probably something let's productive and needed to maybe really focus its efforts to concentrate on the wider middle east force the united states to change that piracy to a more generic general peace and stability in the middle east as tight or not
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also turned out to be problematic because for example the palestinians obviously there are calls of which is probably at the core and central of the issues in the middle east they decided that they wouldn't be attending because of what they describe as clear bias from the trump administration in favor of the israeli policies of illegal occupation illegal settlements in particular moving the embassy to jerusalem or occupied jerusalem and therefore the fact that both iran and the palestinians on president shows that's true of the major players or at least stakeholders rather in the conflicts that continue to beleaguer the middle east on their begs the question what exactly can this conference achieve what exactly given that was the expectations one of the hopes all of the aims that this conference. well as we heard from the iranian foreign minister there it's very unclear exactly what the united states wants to achieve because it hasn't really sets
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a proper clear. let's say set of goals or at least maybe some sort of draft resolution paper which usually is the case in international summits and conferences like this it would appear that the trumpet ministration has been a big fan of holding international summits to try and maybe a sore it's. a position as a walled leader tom's done some of the things like this in the riyadh prior to the gulf crisis and the blockade on qatar as well as obviously the summits and with north korean leaders over the north korean leader and others so whether it's just a p.r. strategy or there's something more to it obviously we'll wait to find out the raw murmurings of possibly this much talked about but little known about the end of a sentry that has been put together by george bush not trump son in law and special advisor at the white house maybe we'll get some more details about that's maybe there will be some sort of a communique that will talk about maybe a united effort to try to bring an end to the war in yemen they spoke about that in
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their press conference the u.s. secretary of state mark paon is polish counterparts just twenty four hours ago but it is very vague in terms of what they're trying to achieve and the likelihood is that maybe nothing significantly tangible will come about aside from maybe another example of how fractured the international community is when it comes to issues in the middle east particularly when we're talking about iran and the nuclear case or the illegally occupied lands in palestine or indeed the continuing war in yemen and syria tomorrow in mosul thank you and i just want to bring you some breaking news which ng us out of iran because according to the false news agency twenty members of iran's elite revolutionary guards been killed in a suicide isaak in the south east of the country the talk happening already between the cities. and hush a volatile area near the pakistani. apparently it was an attack on a bus transporting the security forces say twenty members all their arms elite
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revolutionary guards killed in this suicide attack according to the falls agency. still ahead so on the program calls for apple and google to pull an app for secures to facilitating the tracking of women in saudi arabia. and from bahrain the refugee camps to the world cup how cricket is changing lives in afghanistan. and we're seeing a fair amount of drift its way across the southeast in parts of china at the moment there it is on the satellite picture just gently working its way towards the east it might be thick enough in a few spots to give us the old outbreak of rain but i think really it's going to be friday where we see the cloud thicker and we see some heavier downpours this is just pushing its way little bit further south so quite
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a bit of heavy rain for some of us here and then that will stretch up towards the east as well even further towards the west and for some of us across india we've had a fair amount of snow recently as this system has been making its way across and that's given some of us some snow and some rain as well where it's not quite cold enough to snow and that system is just edging its way eastwards as we head through into friday as well with still lingering so some of the thing yet more wintery weather then there's a bit of a break if you had for the south is largely fine enjoys a bangle every day getting to around thirty degrees in the sunshine but for sure lanka yet more cloud yet more showers here and some of the showers over sri lanka over the past day or so have been pretty heavy for the arabian peninsula here well it's quite cold in doha or at the moment twenty three degrees is our maximum temperature there's another weather system making its way towards a safe still love risk of seeing a few more showers over the next few days. a
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face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the unconventionality of life witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera breaking news at least twenty
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people have been killed in a suicide attack on an iranian revolutionary guard bus. in the southeast of the country that's according to state media. spain's opposition is urging prime minister pedro sanchez to call an early election after his government's budget was defeated in a key parliamentary coach bill failed after parties in catalonia refused to support it. and the future of the thai rak such a party which tries to make the thai king sr its candidate for prime minister is now in doubt the election commission has requested that the constitutional court binds the thai rak. in haiti at least five people have now died in daily anti-government protests which should be running for almost a week dozens of inmates have also broken out of jail as protest has stopped police from reaching the prison people i'm crazy about rising costs economic stagnation and corruption demonstrators want president juvenile voice to step down drop out of
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money. a man shot dead by police his body lying near the presidential palace as angry crowds gather in protest. hundreds have arrived from haiti's slums to the capital porter plants with a message for president jovan i'm willing to step down. i'm on the ballot everyone in haiti is asking for jordan to leave but he refuses we ask ourselves does he want to die in power or does he want people to put the country down like the let us come up on the court i mean this situation because a president juvenal was a calm go to school he's a thief and he must go if not will burn down the whole country where in the streets until he leaves. haiti suffering from a failing economy and skyrocketing inflation president moyes is being accused of systematic corruption an official order to support in january implicates him in the
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embezzlement of funds it also accused former ministers of a possible misuse of development money by venezuela. what the government makes the budget just for them this is not how you provide change the government took their money and spent it on themselves on people who don't deserve it. during his election campaign noise a promise food on every plate a money in every pocket. we went to elections a part of the population voted i am president i am ready to speak to all my brothers and sisters over the difficulties the country is facing to my brothers and sisters in the opposition the doors open so as to reach a solution you know. since moises inauguration two years ago inflation has risen to fifteen percent. bakeries of closed people can't get a loaf of bread. many people are calling the protests food riots saying they can no
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longer live without the basics of the u.s. has recalled all nonemergency past now and the u.n. base so i was three nations according on the cover. to engage in talks so far the president has remained silent but the protesters say they will not stop until they get home through. a twelve hour vigil has been held overnight in the venezuelan capital caracas to remember students killed during years of political turmoil in the country which all began with a march through the capital of tuesday night people held placards which read no more dead which will coincide with venezuela as you state which commemorates the young people who fought and died during the country's war for independence in eight hundred forty. nigeria's election commission is promising that sounds of a presidential vote will go ahead despite another fire at one of its offices the third plays of its kind within the last two weeks destroyed thousands of voting
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machines in a number of states president mohamed do bihari is running for a second term he's facing businessmen and former vice president a t.v. crew a back up and around seventy other candidates or several people were killed in assam he didn't want to biharis rallies on queues day witnesses say the rush happened off the president but finished addressing the crowds in the southern city of port harcourt. i have signed a peace accord according pledging to participate in free and fair elections the leaders of nigeria's most popular political parties had worried observers with accusations of blocking access to campaign rallies and vote rigging plans. and exactly is what we're doing and. the future. of country. for. the trees this
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is evidence the true. disposition. electrum outcomes members all south africa's largest union are holding a strike of a lone scale layoffs at state and private companies the group represents what because across mining money for trying to finance the public sector through its alliance with the a.n.c. it's previously been able to influence government policy the strike is taking place just months ahead of national elections with president sarah brown opposes governing and saying hoping for another term in office is in john's book. members of congress a south african trade unions demanding an end job cuts in the public private sector is also calling for the uk officials and business people to be prosecuted one of the key to that opposition to the reform plan reforms the south africa's state
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electricity company. employs about fifty of the baby governments and to divide it up these people say that's going to mean privatization job cuts now coming to this is particular to the bones of south africa's elections and the ruling a.n.c. are expected to get less than they ever have before. the support of the trade unions for them is going to be crucial cyril ramaphosa the president made the backing of trade unions and other organizations to be able to maintain the majority of the a.n.c. on the other hand is those trying to please business leaders in front of us does he want the states owned enterprises to be slimmed the made more efficient they want to see a smaller public sector the police opposition these people are going to vote had their own budget is going to have been notified.
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a nationwide strike in belgium is paralyzing air traffic seaports and train services all flights in and out of the country have been canceled for twenty four hours tens of thousands of airline passengers are affected strikes being called by belgium's three major trade union federations which are demanding an increase in wages benefits and pensions. the european commission has proposed adding seven countries including saudi arabia to the e.u. money laundering blacklists the list focuses on governments the e.u. thinks do little to thwart the financing of illegal armed groups and organized crime tensions between the e.u. angry as have increased following the murder of the saudi journalist jamal has shown inclusion on the list means european banks have to apply its height of controls on transactions britain and france are against adding saudi arabia apple's c.e.o. tim cook says he'll look into complaints that a saudi government up available on the app store and via google play helps men to
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track and restricts the movement of women known as absa the is a government pool full the process is applications for documents such as possible so vehicle registration critics say it facilitates saudi arabia's guardianship system which bans women from traveling and accessing services without the permission of a male relative. well the app shop allows men to specify where women under their guardianship such as wives and unmarried daughters are allowed to travel and when a woman does use her passport at a border crossing or airport check in the app enables an s.m.s. alert to be sent to the male guardian m c international and human rights watch of court on apple and google to consider the discrimination and abuse of women facilitated by the app us democratic senator ron wyden has written to both companies in them to stop their stores being used to promote saudi arabia's quote horror surveillance on control of women and as the online backlash against the app
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got this pace many of the reviews on the google play sites are in fact posts condemning it as harmful and dangerous or political science professor best monye says while the app is an example of gender discrimination it does make it easier for women to travel by replacing the need for filling in paperwork. it's a sort of government type of. act that's really supposed to facilitate paperwork i mean rather than having to go to your local ministry and file and it's very people work you can do it all online and it's really trying to convention the fact that much of the middle east is very much hyper connected of course the app is in general at least the feature of the app that sort of is meant to allow a guardian to give authority to allow a woman to travel is of course very offensive i think for a lot of women not just at the basis you know so it's such a such a travesty in many ways but i think in many ways you might also see that there will
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be saudis who will argue that in fact this may allow more women to trouble that are fact grouted than having a male guardian go to that local ministry to file the necessary paperwork can all be done online and therefore facilitate women's travel outside the country again because the default is that women can't go outside the country without their male guardians permission that doesn't take away from the fact that obviously the very basis of the guardianship laws are offensive in nature but it's not the out that's the problem it's the law now with macedonia has put up road signs with this new name on the border with greece macedonia was officially renamed as north macedonia choose state marking the end of a decades long dispute with its self and neighbor rob began when macedonia became a new nation in one thousand nine hundred one adopting the same name as a greek region. afghanistan cricket team is preparing to play in this summer's world cup in england it is the latest stage in a remarkable rice for the sport which is seen afghanistan come from nowhere to the
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world's top twelve nations in less than two decades many players learn cricket as a direct result of the war as well fiji's across the bull's eye in pakistan just anybody just covered in jalalabad cricket is having a huge pulse if effects on afghan society. no matter whether it's a cold winter or be hot summer in afghanistan is always the season for cricket even with no more than a piece of wood for a bat a rocky piece of ground for a pitch and a stone for the wickets most young boys and many men have been hooked by the phenomenon of cricket which has swept the country. these boys shout out the names of their cricketing heroes six years ago they would have been of pakistani players today they're all afghan it's a remarkable story that has taken afghanistan from the rocky outcrops to the best cricket grounds in the world in less than twenty years afghanistan has gone from nothing to being the latest member of the international cricket council the i.c.c.
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and the elite group of twelve top cricketing nations. but in twenty eighteen we beat bangladesh and sri lanka we drew with india and we got a full membership of the i.c.c. these are amazing achievements for the afghan nation we are playing now on grounds where they had never heard of afghanistan before. the afghan cricket board now has five stadia in the country and a flourishing youth policy minus cricket we are nothing because when we were young we played on the cricket. we don't have any good opportunity for the education for those kind of thing but the cricket was free for us so. i think a lot helped us then but now we are here. afghans started playing cricket in the refugee camps of pakistan and since then it's become more than just a sport it transcends political cultural and religious divides and if anything it's become the one unifying factor in forty years of conflict could only walk your
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sport on cricket is the ambassador of peace the afghan cricket team has always given the message of unity and brotherhood to the entire nation and brought us together the afghan cricket team is the source of unity among afghans. which started cricket in. their love cricket and also. good support for cricket all of it in their time so that's why we are here cricket has its own followers and its own language and it doesn't involve wall cricket is it. for many meaning for us for other people who are as far as one is and it is i mean a happiness if. it's happening. and in a country where so many have been traumatized by years of conflict cricket is providing therapeutic qualities that are helping relieve stress good noise. if afghans didn't have cricket they would take drugs or take part in war other miserable things psychologically cricket takes their mind away from bad things
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people want participate in elections but they will in cricket has become essential to the afghan people. afghanistan can't entertain foreign teams on home soil because of the war that's another goal but for these boys the hope is one day they can emulate their heroes and play for the national team and in some of the biggest cricket leads in the world for one of those few afghan success stories how's that tony burke out a zero jalalabad. and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera at least twenty people have been killed and several others injured in a suicide attack on an iranian revolutionary guard bus in the southeast of the country that's according to state media the attack happened on the road between the cities of the high dollar hush near the pakistan border so far no person or group has claimed responsibility it comes as delegates from sixty nations gather in the
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polish capital warsaw for the next two days for a conference on iran and the middle east backed by the united states u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompei o a both there along with the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu but most nations have sent low level delegations a french based group of dissidents iranians have been using the opportunity to protest for regime change in their country but back in iran the meeting is being dismissed as irrelevant. spain's opposition is urging prime minister petro sanchez to call an early election after his government's budget was defeated in a key parliamentary vote the bill failed after parties from the catalonia region refused to back it their support had been conditional on having direct talks with moderate about self-determination such as is expected to make an announcement on friday after chairing a cabinet meeting if he calls a general election it will be spain's third in five years or you are going to go as far as a bulldozer today in parliament we have witnessed
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a lot of spirit in the slowed useless more precisely it marks the end of pedro something out of the government leaders of. the future of the thai political party that tried to nominate the king sr the prime minister is under threats after princes supergrass candidacy was ruled inadmissible the election commission recommended the thai rak the child policy be dissolved. a journalist in the philippines who was one of several people named time magazine's person of the year has been arrested for libel maria ressa is the c.e.o. of the news website rappler she has repeatedly clashed with president bush. she says the case is meant to silence her and her website and those selections headlines here are this morning's for you in about twenty five minutes time but stay with us up next it's witness trips.
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when the. government through the company of a grown woman. or are you a visitor will. go over. their government would you break it down by double.


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