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discovers a new way of feeding the world. eighty pounds of murder just from this bit of liquid that's unbelievable. there's the vegetable of the scene right there. taking aim at a wrong again the u.s. says confronting tehran is key to peace in the middle east. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the joint resolution is a push to end u.s. support for the war in yemen is one step closer to becoming reality challenges remain. it's the end of the runway for the world's biggest passenger plane as
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a bus pulls the plug on the a three eighty. knots backing down in haiti protesters sick of corruption and the rising cost of living keep up the pressure on the president to resign. the u.s. is seeking a new era of cooperation to confront threats in the middle east secretary of state mike pompei or has been speaking at a u.s. led meeting to discuss the region's future he listed iran as one of the challenges tehran was not invited to the events being hosted by poland the missing comes with rising tensions between the u.s. and iran after president trump withdrew from the twenty fifteen iran you kid. arab and israeli leaders were in the same room sharing a meal and exchanging views they all came together for
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a single reason to discuss the real threats to our prospective peoples emanating from the middle east the united states seeks a new cooperation between countries on how to confront these issues the united states will continue to lead our middle east security issues we will continue to be a force for good in the region today is proof of that commitment we hope new partnerships emerge into these talks we need to be bound we need not be bound by the past when a bright future demands new cooperation. and there was a huge amount of for the. what's actually on today's agenda. well the issue of iran is definitely going to dominate the agenda today although all the organizers are saying this is going to be a. brainstorming about the issues to be setting the middle east earlier.
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today there was a meeting before the summit between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and they spoke about iran saying basically that there's absolutely no way to talk about stability in the region as long as iran continues to support proxies and him mention of books like hezbollah in lebanon and the hope these in yemen what we're seeing is basically. we're expecting to hear from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he's going to deliver a speech. think iran is definitely going to be on top of his agenda the iranian government has been very quick to it saying that this is an attempt to undermine the government describing it as an. iran. to finish it is going to be the top issue today. hashim it's a conference on the middle east but there are other rivalries also involves how's
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this all playing out with the u.s. relationship with europe and russia. well this is this is this is one of the things in this is why the e.u. for example decided to send a low delegation to the conference saying that basically if you don't invite iran for example or the russians you won't be able to solve problems in different places for example in syria where the russians have huge leverage and where the iranians themselves have a huge influence over the political establishment and they have troops based in syria if you don't have them if you don't engage with there's no way you can enforce a unilateral approach to the conflict in syria and the same way for yemen for example the for a british prime minister during the hunt serve that is going to seize the opportunity of his presence here to push for an and to the conflict in yemen by the same time it's very difficult to solve the problem without engaging with the
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iranians who are keep player in the region the middle is another divisive issue we're expecting the president trump jared's pushed to deliver a speech about his peace plan a plan that has been rejected by the palestinian authority which is not here saying that the vision of that is going to be presented by jones bush now will undermine the national interests of the palestinians al-jazeera as hassam a whole bar at following developments for us in warsaw thank you hashem. well iran's president is in sochi with his russian counterparts to discuss syria's war they last met in september and since then the u.s. has announced plans to withdraw its troops from the conflict and wants to fill that void and tehran believes the assad government should take back control so in a hot air reports from tehran. they last met in teheran in september the presidents
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of russia iran and turkey are partners in the so-called asked on a process on syria since then the us announced plans to withdraw its troops from the north east a corner of syria which is under the control of the kurdish armed groups the white p.g. turkey wants to fill the void and create what it calls a safe zone in syria along its borders iran however shares russia's position allies of the syrian government are referring to the one nine hundred ninety eight at an agreement between syria and turkey the best way. to defend syrian turkish borders. legitimate concerns of turkish neighbors about terrorist attacks from syrian territory to make sure that the syrian government has control of its territory we have the. greenman and we can see how best we can use that agreement the kremlin has been encouraging talks between syria
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and the wife for a peaceful handover but it is also trying to push for direct contact between syria and turkey and that is where the ad in a dream and comes in that agreement and that syrian government support for the p.k. case the kurdistan workers party which turkey considers a terrorist organization russia's message was that turkey can rely on syria to reign in the white peachey which turkey says is an offshoot of the p.k. k. or up between the once close allies is seen as a positive development by iran i think. however all of them can remind the. mend. changed. erdogan has talked about low level contact with the syrian government through the intelligence services russia iran and turkey differences but their
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strategic interests means they find common ground none of the countries want to risk rupturing their relationship russia doesn't want turkey to move to the us iran wants turkey to remain an economic lifeline turkey wants a seat on the table the defense ministers of turkey and russia have been meeting to determine the roadmap for the post u.s. period the fate of now under the control of what many in the international community regard as an al qaida linked group seems to be a park in egypt russia has been pressuring turkey to act against them to avert a syrian government offensive that could cause a humanitarian crisis on its border. deals are in the making russia promise to move from the border promised turkey security
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guarantees or it could allow turkey to set up a temporary safe zone that is all on the table when the three presidents meet in sochi. the world's largest passenger jet is having its life cut short bus is ending production of the a three eighty in two years' time threatening thousands of jobs the announcement was made after a drastic reduction in orders by the super jumbos largest customer emirates airline one small and cheaper to run substitutes instead the european aircraft manufacturer had high hopes for the double decker when it first took to the skies in two thousand and five singapore airlines passengers were the first to fly the new giants two years later but aircraft sales failed to take off the a three eighty was designed to overtake the aging seven four seven jumbo jet built by boeing in america although popular with both pilots and passengers airlines struggle to fill the five hundred or so seats needed to make a profit and the huge size of the four engine jets means they're more costly to
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maintain than twin jets natasha about the joins us live from airbus headquarters in the french city of toulouse where the bosses have been speaking so natasha this is the end of an era. it is indeed i mean in terms of the aviation world it is the end of an era the end of this plane that aviation fans call the super jumbo the world's knowledge us passenger jet it can carry more than five hundred forty passengers double decker people have long said it's a feat of engineering but air bus buses here and some news are speaking at the moment they've already put our to statements saying that they will end the production of this aircraft in twenty twenty one it's an aircraft that has over the years been hit by various the delivery delays cost problems and many other issues including falling on orders now with me now to talk a bit more about this is alex much he is an aviation analyst alex there are many
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there have been many delays over the years with the air bus many problems with air bus i should say with the a three eighty but the final blow in a way is the reduction in an order from the emirates airline it is so the a three eighty program has actually been on the line for quite a number of years now and that's purely air bus responding to the market demand airlines simply do not want aircraft of this huge size anymore which is unfortunate for the program because this is a wonderful jet but the whole order was hanging in the balance with emirates they've reduced their route as expected and as a result now they have announced the planned closure of the program in twenty twenty one why did emirates reduce their order in this way because they have always been the biggest customer of the a three eighty exactly ultimately airlines in the middle east race took place orders for the a few eighty but where some gulf carriers were far more sensible ordering around ten you had huge over ordering from the likes of emirates who are based in dubai who had a very ambitious perhaps two on business outlook for the future of
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a basically a child who demanded super jumbo jets they have recognized that there is not that demand as you age travel tends to decline in terms of international travel on this scale of an a three eighty and as a result they've reduced their hence now. bus have no further eight thirty customers left we just fourteen more deliveries to emirates three to a japanese airline and that's the end of the eighty or the end of the a three eighty but what does this mean for us as a company what will it mean for the shareholders or shareholders have responded positively actually because they do not want the a three eighty they like the efficiency of the a three fifty for example which is a much more efficient economically craft and is able to seat a near enough amount of passengers so their focus is there so the markets have reacted positively to this news but for the whole of course the if you're not into production is a loss they'll still be about flying for a good number of years though right alex matcher us aviation analyst joining me there on the end of the a three eighty in terms of production of course there'll be
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an impact on the workers a line bosses are saying some three thousand to three thousand five hundred positions could be affected and they're in discussions with the unions at the moment as there is an attack about the speaking to us from airbus headquarters in today's thank you natasha. a whether is next but still ahead on al-jazeera the man on a mission to strike a deal between the world's two largest economies before march fast and. tomatoes onions and clams old was ever sort of magical is that thirty percent more expensive than turkey than a year ago the government has brought in some measures to bring food inflation down but will its work i'm seeing i'm close all in a stumble. at over there this fairly subdued across the southeastern parts of asia at the moment
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so we're seeing lots of sunshine around for the philippines and across through buzz of it now through cambodia and into thailand plenty of sunshine here for the sound just a handful of show is really across parts of somalia down through parts of java and across into borneo as well in these showers are likely to continue as we head through friday and saturday but in between those showers there should be some good spells of sunshine as well if they want to heavy ones perhaps but even between they should all say be some fine weather to be found too as we head down towards australia the showers in the north also fairly subdued at the moment so not really a great deal showing up on the satellite picture and this is the time of year you'd expect the monsoons they are not a great deal going on monsoon whites currently will be more in the way of cloud over parts of western australia that is gradually drifting its way away from us there and that will allow the temperatures in perth to roy's over the next few days so on friday will get to around twenty nine degrees by saturday were up at thirty one in the temperatures will continue to climb as we head through the next couple of days the southeast corner were largely fine and dry first him melbourne there
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getting to around twenty six before the towards the east though we're watching a storm hey you can see all the wind secular around that it's been meandering around that region for the past few days. recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield the call the new regime placed in different value an effort from the right move in and repair of then abandoned for a lifetime we should be ashamed. for ministry for for all concrete all division over three people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops they've given not the forgotten heroes of empire. era.
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welcome back i missed as a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. says it's seeking a new era of cooperation to confront threats in the middle east secretary of state's mike compare spoken to u.s. led me to discuss the region's future he listed iran as one of the challenges tehran was not invited to the event being hosted by poland. the world's largest passenger jet is having its life cut short and bus is ending production of the a three eighty in two years time threatening thousands of jobs the announcement was made after a drastic reduction in orders by the super jumbos largest customer ever at. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to end american military involvement in the saudi embassy led war in yemen the measure now faces
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a contentious voters in the senate and president donald trump says he'll veto it she had returned to reports from washington d.c. this is a five minute. this is the vote that the house of representatives then controlled by the republicans refused to allow last year with control having shifted to the democrats passage of a resolution demanding u.s. involvement in the human didn't was never in doubt nearly the bombs that have fallen say the same thing made in the united states of america they fall on whether they fall on hospitals and on homes they fall on funerals repeat refugee camps and school busses i am mindful that this debate is taking place a day after the president disregarded the wall and failed to report to congress who was responsible for the murder of journalist jamal to show. the murder of dramatic last october has mobilized members of congress against the saudi led war in yemen
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in fact as one republican noted democrats didn't seem concerned when the previous president began helping the bombardment of a country that would have been nice if our friends were equally concerned with president obama actually was committing us to kinds of activities we're talking about but things have changed and if anything anger has grown on capitol hill for several reasons the white house is refusal to meet a congressional deadline to definitively conclude whether crown prince mohammed bin salman was responsible for the killing a new york times report that revealed u.s. intelligence had intercepted a phone call in which the crown prince threatened to put a bullet into the journalist reports that despite having been officially fired as a result of his role in the killing of the shoji south alcatel he remains a close aide of the crown prince and the report that u.s. weapons supplied to saudi arabia have ended up in the hands of al qaeda fighters in yemen but it was seen as a split between conservative and progressive democrats the republicans did manage to get bipartisan support for an amendment to the bill allowing the president to
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continue what it calls appropriate information sharing with the saudis last year a similar resolution was passed in the republican controlled senate an unprecedented assertion of congressional authority limiting the powers of a president to make war under the war powers act the resolution sponsors are hopeful it will pass again in the senate however without a two thirds majority from both chambers of congress president trump can and has indicated he will veto the bill the first veto of his term and the administration maintains it is acting appropriately america's not caring for america taken more action in response to the tragic murder of jamal khashoggi i will continue to take more action but if the white house had hoped that opposition to saudi arabia would dissipate in washington in twenty nineteen they've been disappointed she ever tansey al-jazeera. washington. venezuela's all important oil revenues are wanted by the opposition controlled congress opposition leader one quieter has named
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a new board of directors for the state's oil company and its u.s. subsidiary the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuela's oil industry last month president nicolas maduro describes those sanctions as criminal while donald trump says maduro is making a terrible mistake by blocking deliveries of foreign aid and the u.s. president says all options are on the table to force majeure out there see a new man reports from the capital caracas the. opposition leader one white door sunk confident that nothing will stop him from bringing food and medical aid into than israel on for every twenty third from across the colombian and brazilian borders. but president nicolas maduro vows to use the army to block it calling the main the usaid an imperialist trojan horse. so what is plan b. of an israel is an army remains loyal to mother little. one suggestion from
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opposition coalition leader. is to accuse me of little of crimes against humanity if he blocks the passage when there is a genocide or crimes against humanity the world cannot say in the front what we are asking is. peace a peace mission that helps these food and medicines being delivered to dos who are mostly need she couldn't say whether that meant using military force but on wednesday u.s. president donald trump refused to rule it out when he met colombian president even a key ally and staunch opponent of mughal i just want to thank the president for working with us and we're working together our militaries are very focused on working together. let's see how it all turns out. modest. strongman near the colombia border says that minister is ready to defend itself from what he believes is the likeliest threat military aggression from colombia
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freddy but now argues colombia's leader is taking orders from his mentor former president. a sworn enemy of my little. already bases colombia doesn't need the americans to invade venezuela because the colombian armed forces are ready to do it over the natives logistical support from the us. why though insists he wants to avoid a military conflict but he's hoping the threat of one might convince venezuela's military to turn on model this as more calls for dialogue appear to fall on deaf ears the clock is ticking and there are absolutely no signs of a compromise on either side and significantly for the first time the opposition appears to be united in that the only thing it's willing to discuss with president mahmoud is the time and manner of his departure. and that something mother insists is non-negotiable as the high stakes power struggle as
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collates. you see in human i'll just see that access. at least nine people have been killed and dozens injured in a week of anti-government protests and haiti demonstrators are angry about rising prices and corruption they want the president to step down. is in the capital port au prince was another protester shot dead in the streets of the haitian capital. not on the drugs they fired tear gas they fired real bullets but we are determined to get rid of his over the this month. thousands of haitian nationals continue to join the protests and court appearance all of them calling for the resignation of president maurice. right now we will not have a dialogue with moyes we can have that dialogue when he has gone in the last two years he's economy has suffered a sharp financial decline and a fast climbing inflation rate critics accuse the president and his cabinet of
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corruption and failing to follow through on promises to improve the national economy cities not connected with each of the media says there's been a tipping point in the haitian people have lost all confidence in the government so there's a confidence crisis people don't trust government people they don't expect so lucian's from government they don't even believe in what they see and maybe that's why didn't they it's because for eight days now. because they are free they don't know what to say to really convince you know what to see to really make people believe. tensions remain high or cross the city demonstrators preparing for more clashes with police have set up street barricades all over town some taking advantage of the chaos have looted shops and grocery stores in the center of town. there have also been attacks on the presidential
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palace most recently an angry crowd attempted to block road access to the airport ongoing anti-government protests have brought port au prince to a standstill schools are closed supermarkets are closed government services have been halted the economic impact of the political crisis over the last week alone could be measured in the tens of millions of dollars a staggering amount of money for what is already the poorest nation in the americas . despite calls by the international community for a dialogue president bullies has not made any public statement on the unrest for nearly a week with violence escalating it appears there's still room for the political crisis to worsen. port au prince. the u.s. treasury secretary is in china to try and end a trade war between the wilds two largest economies stephen and u.s. negotiators hope to reach an agreement on tariffs before
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a deadline in months without a deal on u.s. taxes on chinese goods will rise to twenty five percent adrian brown has more from beijing. well it may be valentine's day but there's not much love lost between trade negotiators from china and the united states the u.s. treasury secretary steve minucci in left his hotel in beijing on thursday morning saying he was looking forward to these talks but he wouldn't elaborate for these talks to succeed though there has to be some goodwill on both sides both sides are trying to reach a framework of a deal that they can put to president xi jinping and president donald trump for them to sign but there are a number of sticking points for the united states it's the issue of verification making sure that china sticks to its word on what is agreed here in beijing i understand that the two sides are discussing a mechanism whereby tariffs would be automatically raised if china didn't keep to
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its side of the bargain now of course the united states has other complaints it believes that the way china does business is unfair many of its trade practices it wants reformed in particular the vast subsidies that the government gives to domestic companies here in china and of course there's also the issue of companies here in the united states who enter into joint venture arrangements with chinese partners being forced to hand over their intellectual property their know how as a condition for doing business here in china but these are big complex issues and it's doubtful that they can be resolved between now and early march so i think what you're likely to see here in beijing a best is a partial superficial deal on the issue of tariffs and the two sides would have to continue negotiations on those other outstanding issues are fair prices and turkey have soared to a twenty year high the government has set up markets to sell discounted food and that's putting some companies out of business some costly early reports from
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istanbul. the cost of vegetables is dominating headlines in turkey food prices in january where more than thirty percent up on last year now at a twenty year high high at which i'm retired prices a sale ever hated i'm not sure how people make a living i wouldn't survive on my pension if my son can help. a tasty economic state their agricultural ministry should adopt more flexible policies to cater for the needs of a population of eighteen million people four million syrian refugees and millions of tourists. give them our families labors seed energy and transport costs have risen considerably also there's a flight from the farming sector storms and floods have left farms under water turkey needs an immediate climate change strategy mark at the present trajectory prior john accused traders and supermarkets of manically to the crisis describing
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them as food terrorists with less than two months to go before local elections the government decided to act it's set up tents and stalls and turkeys to large cities ancora and a stumble to sell fruit and vegetables at fifty percent less than shop prices the moves led to long queues but shoppers say it's worth the wait whenever i am a retired the seller is good can you imagine all of a sudden markets cut the price fall by now but small retailers including some of those in this farmer's market say they are suffering because of their downs vow to punish supermarkets and wholesalers position it's going to target the municipal discounted sales continue it will harm our business we don't have such a margin profit to compete with this and some shoppers say they aren't benefiting from the municipal markets and believe the movies purely political because of the forthcoming elections possible then like i'm just back from the municipal stall
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market they really want to help they should subsidize the farmers in small rooms. help them with the cost the government discounts will be extended to include rice and pulses as well as cleaning products for inflation is this wired as a ticking time bomb for the turkish economy by many experts say if the government had taken the necessary measures earlier it could have been road to other council and the new plan for sits on sales doesn't go far enough to not go sort of elders or some will. understand it hey with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. is seeking a new era of cooperation to confront threats in the middle east secretary of states mike one payer called for unity to tackle regional challenges including iran and syria tehran was not invited to the event which poland is hosting. arab and israeli
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leaders were in the same room sharing a meal and exchanging views they all came together for a single reason to discuss the real threats to our perspective peoples emanating from the middle east the united states seeks a new era of cooperation between our countries and how to confront these issues the united states will continue to lead our middle east acuity issues we will continue to be a force for good in the region today is proof of that commitment we don't new partnerships emerge from today's talks we need to be bound we need not be bound by the past when a bright future demands new cooperation the wilds largest passenger jet is having its life cut short airbus is ending production of the a three eighty in two years time threatening thousands of jobs denouncement was made after a drastic reduction in orders by the super jumbos the largest ever. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to end american military support for the saudi emirates he led war in
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yemen president on will trump says he'll veto the legislation if senators approve it venezuela's all important oil revenues are wanted by the opposition controlled congress opposition leader one who has named a new board of directors for the stage oil company and its u.s. subsidiary the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuela's oil industry last month president nicolas maduro has described those sanctions as criminal a u.s. judge has ruled donald trump's former campaign chief violated his plea deal by repeatedly lying to f.b.i. investigators poor man a ford faces a longer jail term because the ruling means prosecutors will no longer be bound by an agreement to recommend a lenient sentence none of what's been questioned by the murder investigation into russian meddling in trump's election those are the headlines they'll be more news here after people in power. we
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understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. sun and most times i you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to you. al-jazeera. during world war two the british empire recruited hundreds of thousands of african soldiers to fight in africa asia and the middle east when peace came the survivalists faced discrimination and neglect many being abandoned to poverty and the shaming act of cologne you disregard now we've been to investigate the plight of britain's african veterans the forgotten heroes of its empire.


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