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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the mission as complete liftoff. launched in two thousand and three the opportunity rover touchdown a year later and for almost fifteen years nessa scientists have explored the wonders of mobs through the robot opportunity provided evidence of liquid water delivered remarkable geological data and enabled scientists to delve into the possibility of life. but they say opportunity taught them just as much about robotic engine e.-ring. designed to travel a thousand meters opportunity ended up roving forty five kilometers is you know i think if you had sat me down and fed me truth zero and said before we went ok swears how long you think they're really going to last hour so i think we'll get six or eight months out and if we get lucky we might even get a year fourteen and a half nobody nobody expected that opportunities retirement why would be the end of
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my exploration but it's all over for this hardworking little rover space lovers will always hold a soft spot for one of the originals about unity is lost but neva forgotten medium the hall and al-jazeera right time for a sport with andy a thank you so much for a shell around which would have taken a big step towards reaching the champions league quarter finals a late goal from our core sense share gave the title holders and soon one victory in the first leg of their last sixteen sign with i.x. kind friends and also on the scoresheet veralyn arms to down rail aiming to lift this trophy for a full strength. and also utah who added but if you want to we know how to play well and we played the game well at the moment so we have to work hard we work hard are the moments we have to create opportunities we created opportunities and that shows the strength we have. well taught and be brushed off three nil at home in wednesday's of the last sixteen games all the goals coming in the second half sun here men young that song an unfamiliar on say the scores in that one. if you will
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of us is before the game we have really three no overall to say. great result for us we're not there yet but. a big step closer or parry sun japan are also looking good for a place in the last eight after their two no away when i've in manchester united on choose de result they produced without neymar the world's most expensive player is instead working hard to recover from a broken bone in his thoughts as an injury that set to keep him out of action and still at least april and one that he seems to prefer gets about while watching his team might score against united. a guy the last thirty two of the europa league get started later on this thursday with the competition taking on added significance for chelsea's under pressure manager emirates yes sorry last time out his team were beaten six nailed by manchester city in the premier league that was chelsea's biggest defeat in close to thirty years and saw them slide down to sit in the table sorry an aside i'm now in sweden to take on mama. we know that.
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because. the but we will we will too. the odds are against those odds are. eighty million. turn over against for the hundred fifty million to him over so the scots that's the reality but. who were fools finking the leicester winter premier league. so if anything could happen in football well video refereeing proved to be a success at the world cup in russia last year but a situation is yet to be made on issues at the women's world cup is coming up in june but head of that sort of it's in france female referees are still making major strides funny in when reports from doha. this could be the start of
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a new era in football an all male tournaments officiated entirely by women. under seventeen teams from all major clubs like real madrid and p.s.g. are in qatar to compete for the outcast international cup and for the first time it's just women making the calls. this comes as an all female roster of referees and assistance was announced for the women's world cup in france this summer. the referees are using the tournaments to hone their skills on video assistant referee technology v.a.r. it was used at the men's world cup in russia and there's a good chance it'll be introduced to the women's tournaments to our first goal is just to continue to improve the official so when we get to france that they are in top condition that we have support the tournament in a way that it deserves really the best referees and the best performances and i
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really expect nothing less and this tournament and seminar here that we're in qatar is really the way that we can fine tune but with only a few months to go until the world cup fever has yet to make up its mind on using v a r and that's raising concerns that the women's tournament won't have the same level of refereeing persuasion as their male counterparts perhaps one day will see a woman take charge of a match at the men's world cup the german bundesliga broke new ground in twenty seventeen when they used a woman referee for the first time but that's still a rarity it's a sport dominated by men and like the players women officials still have a long way to go before they draw level fifo maintains that the training is to keep the same level of consistency among the male and female referees despite the very different challenges you have. you have to sacrifice your time.
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many things that for for being here because we are athletes as well many people things that we are only different variables but there we are and that we have where we are in our competition as well it may still be a struggle but tournaments like this one increase the possibility of women regularly calling the offside rule to all major matches not just their own. in al-jazeera. or golden state warriors five game and be a winning streak has ended they were beaten by the trailblazers in a heated game in portland kevin durant's and steph curry each had thirty two points in the game to three times for those who were leading in the fourth when the warriors german green was called for a flagrant foul on the blazers collins overstates coach steve kerr not happy at all about the call and he received jetted from the going ball going on to be champions one twenty nine to one of seven. in toronto the rams is ready to beat the
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washington wizards for their six straight win especially can score a three hundred forty four points lead the raptors to a one twenty nine to once once you win on toast forty three wins heading into the all-star break a fun choice for. carolina place given has become the fifth top twenty players opponents of the cats are open due to injury australian open champion. another high profile absence say it all mainstream and how it is top seed is die hard the twenty forty champion winning her opening match against the cicerone current straight sets if she wins this tart's all the remaining will move from three to two in the world rankings. and julie kirby also through to the quarterfinals the third seed fighting off of that sermon challenge here by in its concert of a star year. curve of our closing eights much points winning this one six one seven six. ok most sports throughout the day but that is it from
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a spin andy thank you very much and thank you for joining me for the news hour here on al-jazeera there is much more news to calm i'll be back on the other side of the break if you're. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people who need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development and move to invest in making sure the people know where three hundred al-jazeera has teams on the ground joined up for this historic step in american politics to bring you more room moods we need documentaries and life moves on and online.
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to. the carter center. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do in united nations these people are out there going anti-riot you know. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. with the most brilliant people in the world production is under increasing strain to keep pace with a growing global population al-jazeera is environmental solutions program discovers
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new ways of feeding the world sustainably folks online. just on this bit of the thread. and see there's the vegetable of the scene right there. for thoughts on al jazeera. long. an explosion goes off in indian administered kashmir killing at least eighteen people most of them security personnel. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera from soha also coming up two meetings one region and conflicting objectives a push to ensure stability in the middle east is causing division rather than unity
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. the u.s. pushes its middle east agenda at a conference and poland bron isn't invited in describes the talks as a sort. of the runway for the world's biggest passenger plane and air bus is pulling the plug on the a three eighty. security forces appear to have been the target of an attack in indian administered kashmir a bomb went off in the district of killing at least eighteen people most of them members of a paramilitary force fifteen people were injured but al jazeera sources on the ground say the number of dead could be much higher it tack happened on a highway that connects the state capital from a car to the city and his prime minister has termed the attack despicable tweeting at the sacrifices of the security personnel in vain. this is a real you know. i was sitting inside my shop and all of
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a sudden an explosion happened it was very felt like the building would come down. on the side of the explosion on the breeze from vehicles in the air. as the car is a senior journalist based in indian administered kashmir he says the attack highlights a security challenge at about coming elections. yeah basically they said to talk it was that i mean if the pope is gone why is that bus coming from jim who and david shouting in a bus and this bus bowed to make the maximum impact at all and put it to the fifty he had to be half men telling and most of them and majority of them entities and i do you know them have lost their lives and several of them are battling for their lives in the military then actions are. different and even they part of an election taking place in africa so this is
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a major control the indian. who recently said months or a. minute and just me and they were claiming that they will finish all these militants in two months and also that election and then beheaded but this last has . given a strong message to indian troops that militant. militants have been the strong message to them that they are present in boston and going to strike any time. two meetings are taking place with conflicting visions for the middle east the presidents of russia iran and turkey are in the russian city of sochi for a fourth round of talks on syria yet to announce new measures on the ground in syria sources say that joint russian and turkish patrols have begun in the countryside meanwhile in the polish capital warsaw sixteen nations have gathered at the u.s. led meeting where iran appears to be the main target the u.s.
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secretary of state might pompei it says the meeting represents a new era of cooperation between arab and israeli leaders iran is call the gathering a circus ever porters covering both of those meetings warsaw first we're going to go to zain a who is in tehran so. the meeting in sochi tell us more about what we know so far leaders have made opening remarks. well yes they're supposed to reach some sort of a consensus on what will happen once u.s. forces withdraw from the northeastern corner of syria their differences are out in the open turkey was hoping to get russian and ukrainian backing to create a safe zone in syria along its border it wants that safe zone for two reasons for security to push the kurdish armed group the white b.g. away from the border and for humanitarian reasons so that refugees can return the message from russia and iran was very clear to turkey no that cannot happen and if
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it were to happen you're going to need the consent of the syrian president bashar assad the iranian president even going further saying that iran is ready to help you know efforts that are being exerted by russia to improve the relationship between ankara and damascus and that is significant the turkish president and the syrian president they were close friends before the two thousand and eleven uprising since then erdogan has supported the opposition he has called the syrian president a criminal so now you're hearing the iranian and the russian president telling him you need to make their reach some sort of cooperation with the syrian government also more pressure being piled on turkey both the iranian president's and the russian president talking about that deal that turkey was supposed to implement russia really has been patient over recent months that they didn't create this demilitarized zone free of weapons and free of radical fighters now both these
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presidents telling or they're gone our patience is running thin terrorists must leave so there is no consensus among these partners these partners in the so-called than a framework writes in her life for us in tehran thank you zain us so let's go now to warsaw where our correspondent paul is so the meeting there are obviously this u.s. led meeting the focus really has been iran what has president mike pence been saying about iran jamal. well he's come out pretty critical of european countries who selves have been critical of this meeting is. sad that european allies. not followed suit in terms of the us withdrawing from the iran deal and that the european countries were trying to find a way to circumvent the american imposed sanctions on iran and that it was high
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time that those european allies followed suit and. took a stronger stance against iran obviously this is something that not only the americans have been pushing but also the israeli's prime minister binyamin netanyahu spoke over how this was a meeting of countries that agreed to the need for war with iran something obviously that will send alarm bells of course many countries in europe it's important to note that it is because of this fixation on trying to find some sort of conflict with so herad or maybe in abandonment of the diplomatic course which many european countries have chosen over the years that's why the e.u. has sent slow level delegations and representations the french the germans and the european union themselves to sing to send civil servants or low level ministers to represent themselves here what appears to be the case is that it is the israelis who have stood to benefit most out of this meeting so far aside from the rom stop
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rhetoric against iran it's been an opportunity for the israelis to get the legitimacy from representatives of certain arab regimes who have met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu publicly and here's what he had to say about those meetings. i struggled during. sixth form to. represent. dozens of government. and israeli minister of. foreign ministry. on. the. school. unity against a common threat. so what's also at stake here with regards to this proposition just the issue with iran but also obviously the palestinian question the continued illegal occupation of palestinian land in this much talked about deal of
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a century that's been put together by. us president donald trump's son in law and special advisor on the middle east whether we're going to get more details about this we're not quite sure but the palestinians on one side of this conflict are not represented here because they say the u.s. has lost its ability to be an honest peace broker in this conflict because of the fact that it's moved its embassy to illegally occupied jerusalem and the continued bias they say that the trumpet ministration demonstrates with regards to this issue the most one of the most senior people in this conference is israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that's increased hope.


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