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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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it's in syria and whether or not they're going to to to pull out which is seems to be an ongoing question doesn't it absolutely i mean you would get the feeling this is we're no longer living in the obama. of the under the nazis admitting certain past mistakes and let's compromise and so on so forth everything we hear from the iranians and the americans at this point in time is political it's one sided and there is no giving on anything none of them is going to admit any faults and everyone is going to be accusing or the other side of being behind all evil in the region and so i think the president rouhani even in answering one of the questions spoke about american conspiracy against syria so not only that the united states would continue to get involved in syria according to their and president but there is but that the that the americans are conspiring against the syrian people so i think this polarization between iran and washington would of course continue to haunt syria will continue to haunt the region in general and that's what we've heard again from person prince i know you want to talk about that later but just to
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respond to to that because i think the rangers are responding the americans basically when penn says we can't have peace in the region unless we confront iran well that's the iranian president's response all right so moving on then the united states is stepping up its efforts to isolate iran a used a meeting on security in the middle east to call on the more than sixty nations attending to join in putting pressure on tehran the european union sent only low level delegates though to the talks in warsaw despite that u.s. secretary of state mike punk peo pushed for unity he said any solution to the unrest in the middle east was impossible without first talking to iran. if she is to build the middle east without running around it's just not there but one influence in lebanon. syria and iraq. region who do so mosque.
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has all. these are real threats there are others as well but you can't get peace in the middle east which. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu echoed the u.s. stance of uniting against iran first degree murder. or struggle journey. for some six foreign ministers representatives of dozens of government. and israeli prime minister. foreign ministers. arab countries stood together in school. for our unity against a common threat. is live for a say in warsaw so what more did we hear from the leaders there are
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on this what they what they are calling a. conference on the future of the middle east very much the focus on iran and what the u.s. and israel see as the need to confront iran. well let's take a step back for a second remember how this conference came to be initially was an invitation sent out by the united states to countries around the world to confront what to describe as the iranian threats that's was and received very well by european countries on the european union as well not kind of forced the u.s. to change the title of this conference albeit so very generic peace and security in the middle east one but having said that that's just been a false pretense because everything that's been said publicly so far has as we've just heard been about iran be it from the israeli prime minister who is probably the most senior statesman attending that or just summits or the u.s. vice president mike pence what other trying to achieve we're still not quite sure
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because even though that's and he always said that he was hoping for some sort of unity amongst nations who wanted to go to war with iran not to confront iran simply but actually engage in military. militarily with iran when the united states through might compel said that obviously there needed to be some sort of dealing with iran or confronting iran but nobody's actually come out with some sort of timetable or some sort of communique that's will be agreed upon and it's important to note that it's not just iran that's on the agenda all these the palestinian issue the continued illegal key patient of palestine and other issues that's major stakeholder palestine is not present either because of the perceived bias of the trumpet ministration in favor of israel so both in the rain in question there's no iranians there's no more russians and the europeans as you mention have downgraded their representation and on the palestinian issue there's no palestinians as well as the fact that several arab countries are not happy with the way in which things
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are being done it's very difficult to see what they are going to achieve we are waiting for some sort of final statements or other speeches to be made. people. hoping maybe one of the tangible things that will come out of it is possibly some more insights into this deal of the century that's been drafted we understand by krishna president donald trump's son in law and senior white house advisor however up until now has them the only real positive for anybody in here has been for the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been able to maybe show that his. country's government has been able to meets with arab regimes publicly obviously everybody knows they've been meeting in secret over the past few years but this normalization between. the israeli government has not become public and not something that's nuts and yahoo for sure will be happy about. and as far as the israeli prime minister benjamin mixon benjamin netanyahu is motivation for coming
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there as you say he's been meeting with gulf leaders is this his way of of telling the israeli people that i'm the leader. that you need do you need to stick with with the with the israeli elections coming out. of course i mean for sure you've got to read into the context of this i think the fact that he decided to talk about swore ahead of the elections is something significant and not coincidental on the fact that he is showing that he is the statesman that's welcome from east to west around the world he was sent the sage that family photo lost lights and obviously was one of the people that are trying to show that he's calling the shots and in reality he has been at least the israeli agenda has been the one that's been a driving force flushed by a very pro israel administration in washington one that says openly admitted to being so and therefore it is something that he will definitely want to play to i
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mean the fact that there is such a high level of israeli journalists here in the media corps that has accompanied the israeli prime minister is something that's going to be very noticeable as far as the israeli prime minister is concerned when he's looking to try and address his electorates back home and therefore looking into the kind of same division will context of each governments is something that's important on the flip side if you look at the gulf countries that have been trying to maybe cozy up even more to washington and the trumpet ministration the fact that they have been happy to meet publicly with the israelis also should be read within the context of their cozying up to the trumpet ministration and trying to win favor with that's administration vis a vis the g.c.c. crisis and other regional issues as well. all right nischelle live for us there in warsaw thanks jim our back to our senior political analyst juan bashara now so you
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alluded to this earlier my what about what's happening at that conference in warsaw they're calling it a. meeting on the future of the middle east but others will say that this is essentially an iran bashing session what what's your what's your view on that absolutely i think you know anyone who knows who's door to door with we know that he's probably laughing it is grave now for the incredible misuse of language right so this meeting is called the ministerial meeting on peace and security in the middle east peace and security because everything you hear specially from the start of the show promise that has been you know is about combating confronting and war right and outside in the street you have president thrums personal lawyer or additionally are you leading a demonstration against iran asking for change the same thing for president trump's national security adviser who always wanted the war against iran and and now we
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heard from secretary vice-president pence speaking only in terms of confrontation and combating iran and that there will be no peace and imagine we live in this in this area. that there will be no peace for us unless we have to or to confront iran its own most maddening this polarization that's being created and in the midst of the polarization as we've heard from what we see is an attempt at normalizing relations between arabs and israel against the backdrop of basically forgetting about or oppressing anything about palestinian rights so what we have is almost if you don't know if you see him as like he's good he's ruiz goes with the glitter and shine the israeli prime minister it's almost like he's the future bride of the arab gulf princes and this is just the engagement date and he's promised to be where did to the are a prince and he just so happy he's beyond himself that
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a last the dream of israel zionist leaders that they could forge relations and normalize relations with the arabs while at the same time completely neglecting the question of palestinian rights and even continuing to colonize palestine that has been always the dream of israeli zionist leaders and that is basically coming into life as we see it to the unfolding in warsaw all right senior political analysts. breaking things down for us i say much more all right and we want to hear from you on all of these stories you can send us your comments as always to any of our platforms we're on twitter is the hash tag a.j. news great our handle is a.j. english and we're also on facebook of course facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or you can send us a message on whatsapp or telegram or plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine.
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so to other news now india's prime minister is calling the bombing of a military convoy in indian administered kashmir despicable the explosion killed at least thirty nine indian people in district june reports. multiple casualties after a blast along a highway in indian administered kashmir one of the worst attacks to hit the disputed himalayan region in almost three years according to reports the majority of those killed were indian paramilitary personnel when a car filled with explosives rammed into a military convoy in the district of. the attack happened on a main road that connects the state capitol street a guard to the city of new pictures from the blast site showed bodies and body parts strewn across a wide area. now in the backyard i was sitting inside my shop and all of
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a sudden an explosion happened it was very massive and felt like the building would come down i came out on so smoke at the side of the explosion on the breeze from vehicles in there kashmir has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred seven both countries claimed the area tens of thousands have been killed in the past three decades and the uprising against the indian administration this latest violence comes just a day after dozens of high school students were wounded when there was an explosion in their classroom in kashmir. al jazeera. now foreign aid remains blocked from entering venezuela u.s. president donald trump says president nicolas maduro in venezuela is making what he calls a terrible terrible mistake by stopping deliveries and the u.s. president says all options remain on the table to force due to out you see a new man now from the capital caracas. opposition leader
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one why doest sounds confident that nothing will stop him from bringing food and medical aid into than israel on for every twenty third from across the colombian and brazilian borders. the president nicolas maduro vols to use the army to block it calling the main the usaid an imperialist trojan horse. so what is plan b. in israel as army remains loyal to mother little. one suggestion from opposition coalition leader. is to accuse smug little of crimes against humanity if he blocks the aids passage when there is a genocide or crimes against humanity the world cannot stay in the front when we are asking is. peace a peace mission that helps. me the lever to those who are mostly need she wouldn't say whether that meant using military force but on wednesday u.s. president donald trump refused to rule it out when he met colombian president even
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a key ally and staunch opponent of mughal i just want to thank the president for working with us and we're working together our militaries are very focused on working together. let's see how it all turns out. another strong man near the colombia border says that minister is ready to defend itself from what he believes is the likeliest threat military aggression from colombia freddy but not argues colombia's leader is taking orders from his mentor former president. a sworn enemy of my little. buddy bases colombia doesn't need the americans to invade venezuela because the colombian armed forces are ready to do it over the natives logistical support from the us. why the law insists he wants to avoid a military conflict but. hoping the threat of land might convince venezuela's
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military to turn on this as more calls for dialogue appear to fall on deaf ears the clock is ticking and there are absolutely no signs of a compromise on either side and significantly for the first time the opposition appears to be united in that the only thing it's willing to discuss with president my little is the time and manner of his departure. and that something muddle insists is non-negotiable as the high stakes power struggle as collates. see in human i'll just pass on the number of protesters killed in a week of demonstrations in haiti is rising and so is anger against the president he's blamed for food price rises and government corruption the latest casualty count is a least nine dead and dozens wounded man want to apollo has more now from the capital port au prince. was another protester shot dead in the streets of the
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haitian capital. goods they fired tear gas they fired real bullets but we are determined to get rid of is over that this month. thousands of haitian nationals continue to join the protests in port au prince all of them calling for the resignation of president shut down maurice. right now we will not have a dialogue with moyes we can have that dialogue when he has gone in the last two years haiti's economy has suffered a sharp financial decline and a fast climbing inflation rate critics accuse the president and his cabinet of corruption and failing to follow through on promises to improve the national economy. eats it immediately says there's been a tipping point in the haitian people have lost all confidence in the government there is a confidence crisis. people don't trust government peapod obvious they don't expect solutions from government they don't even believe in what they saying and maybe
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that's why they don't then it's because for eight days now because they are free they don't know what to say to reconvenes didn't know what to see to really make people believe. tensions remain high or across the city demonstrators preparing for more clashes with police have set up street barricades all over town some taking advantage of the chaos have looted shops and grocery stores in the center of town. there have also been attacks on the presidential palace most recently an angry crowd attempted to block road access to the airport ongoing anti-government protests have brought port au prince to a standstill schools are closed supermarkets are closed government services have been halted the economic impact of the political crisis over the last week alone could be measured in the tens of millions of dollars a staggering amount of money for what is already the poorest nation in the
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americans. despite calls by the international community for a dialogue president has not made any public statement on the unrest for nearly a week with violence escalating it appears there's still room for the political crisis to worsen. ages parliament has overwhelmingly approved constitutional changes removing term limits for president the fact that his sisi until twenty thirty four of the changes still have to go through several stages of approval before it gets put to a national referendum sisi was due to stand down in twenty twenty two when his second four year term ends. now the u.s. house of representatives has voted to pass a resolution to end american military involvement in the war in yemen it is a rebuke of the trumpet ministrations support for the saudi u.a.e. coalition there the measure will now go before the senate and faces a veto from the u.s.
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president or let's find out what people are talking about in sport today is far hasn't thank you so much on video refereeing proved to be a broad success at the world cup in russia last year but the decision has yet to be made on its use at the women's world cup in june but ahead of the tournament in france female referees themselves are making major strides funding un reports from doha. this could be the start of a new era in football an all male tournaments officiated entirely by women for the under seventeen teams from all major clubs like real madrid and p.s.g. are in qatar to compete for.


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