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troops leave and any plan to set up a safe zone in syria along its borders would need the consent of president bashar assad's government the turkish government's concerns should be taken into consideration we believe cooperation with the legal government of syria and deployment of syrian soldiers alongside international borders is going to be more sustainable iran continues to be willing a long side russian friends to play its role in order to ensure friendship between syria and turkey turkey's president or god once a close friend of the syrian president has been a staunch supporter of the opposition since the uprising began in two thousand and eleven. recently acknowledged that there have been low level contacts between turkey's and syria's intelligence agencies the turkish government wants. to push. its border it considers the group a terrorist organization and a threat to its national security iran is. calling turkey's security
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concerns but they want the agreement of nine hundred ninety eight to be revived which means damascus will reign in the white b.g. and provide the guarantees turkey seeks russian iran also have another demand they want turkey to clear a demilitarized zone from fighters in the province the province is under the control of. a group many in the international community consider linked to al qaida . i'd like to stress the creation of the it lives on of deescalation is a temporary measure the rest of the rebel shouldn't go unpunished. that may be a threat of a russian backed syrian government offensive that turkey wants to prevent so as not to cause a humanitarian crisis on its border. syrian people especially in our brothers and sisters are trying to stay alive they've suffered enough and pete significant we will continue to do what we should be doing based on the memorandum . we're determined not to make the situation ours the strategic interests of russia
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iran and turkey not just in syria their differences are unlikely to affect their alliance but turkey's feeling the pressure. to hand out. the u.s. and israel meanwhile have singled out iran as the main obstacle to peace in the middle east during two days of talks in warsaw the us vice president also lashed out at europe for its stance on tehran and called on the block to withdraw from the nuclear deal. has more forceful. the u.s. may have changed the title of the warsaw meeting but that's had little impact on its focus from the outset it was clear that this was a gathering game that's garnering support for american and israeli policies against iran and she says to build a middle east without running iran it's just not off their malign influence and eleven years that syria and iraq. reach that he's lost and has a lot of these are real threats there are others as well but you know you can't get
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these millions without pushing that. the israeli prime minister who has one eye on the general election in april went one step further yesterday we are. going to struggle turning. some sixteen foreign ministers representatives of dozens of government. and israeli prime minister here foreign ministers from arab countries stood together let's go. to school or so far in unity against a common threat to remain here the government of iran whose president was meeting sarkisian russian counterparts in the black sea resort of sochi described the conference in poland as a circus the u.s. said sixteen nations had convened in poland as requested but this agreement among the participants was evidence some european union countries some low level
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diplomats apparently not happy with washington's with the pull from the iran nuclear deal american vice president mike pence said he was saddened at the psalms . the time has come for european partners to stand with us and the right people. to stand with our allies and friends in the region. the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the around nuclear deal and join with us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the iranian people the region and the world the peace security and freedom they deserve arguably the biggest beneficiary from the warsaw conference was benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister meeting publicly with senior ministers from saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and on man furthering his agenda of normalization with arab governments the warsaw meeting was intended to for their peace and security in the middle east however critics will say that it may have very well done the opposite by enabling that's
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and yahoo's government international law and continues to illegally occupy arab learns by favoring more confrontational this approach rather than a diplomatic one when it comes to iran. at least forty four people have died in the warst attack on indian forces in kashmir since two thousand and two a car laden with explosives slammed into a military convoy in a heavily guarded highway in the poor woman district of indian administered kashmir india's prime minister has called the attack the speakable. reports. multiple casualties after a blast along a highway in indian administered kashmir one of the worst attacks to hit the disputed himalayan region in almost three years according to reports the majority of those killed were indian paramilitary personnel when a car filled with explosives rammed into a military convoy in the district of full while the attack happened on
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a main road that connects the state capitol street a guard to the city of new pictures from the blast site showed bodies and body parts strewn across a wide area this is why you give the vet had i was sitting inside my shop and all of a sudden an explosion happened it was very muscle and felt like the building would come down i came out on so smoke up the side of the explosion and debris is from vehicles in there. kashmir has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred seven both countries claimed the area i think we've seen this coming for a while because istanbul just grew gesture what they've been trying to get our interest me really for the last few months especially because of a couple of indigenous. terrorist groups like. there being were less contained by the indian security forces especially so question which is you know or somewhere in the last two going up the tens of thousands have been killed in the
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past three decades in the uprising against the indian administration this latest violence comes just a day after dozens of high school students were wounded when there was an explosion in their classroom in kashmir. i'll just see it. coming up on this news hour from london air bus says it's graphic production of the a three eighty after it's a dream of dominating the skies with the world's largest airline or fails to takeoff plus. britain's prime minister suffers another defeat over her breasts and strategy and then scorch the reigning wimbledon champion closer than other types and in syria but that's. at least eight people have been killed and dozens injured in
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a week of anti-government protests in haiti the unrest was sparked by rising inflation and the corruption scandal linked to a ski providing cheap oil from venezuela al-jazeera is money well wrapped hello sent us this update from port au prince. we're in downtown port au prince where people are picking up the pieces after days of on rest thousands of people took to the streets of port au prince and of practically burnt down a good section of the city a lot of this debris that you see used to be shops used to be stands this would normally be a bustling part of town with lots of commerce it's practically at a standstill today if you see down the street those are barricades that people have set up to prevent access to the to the parliament to prevent road access so people have a hard time just getting around the city the big concern right now is over further loss of life as there have been several people that have been killed already within the context of this political crisis now the root cause of this why are people so upset a lot of it has to do with the feds look at even scandal were billions of dollars
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in money that was allocated for social development projects is simply unaccounted for so not only are haitians calling for the resignation of the president saying that they have zero confidence left in the government what they're asking for is where that money went the vice president of the opposition run national assembly in venezuela says nicolas maduro as opponents will unite behind one candidate standing gonzalez's said they would consider including proma do m.p.'s and members of the current military leadership in a transitional government the president of the assembly opposition leader. addressed workers in the capital earlier of the speech was then laid by a power blackout. if you're. going to rest assured that the new government will protect you because nicolas mother would has not protected anyone absolutely no one when it comes to the misery suffered by the public the lack of security people being persecuted what should be protected by right
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guarantees from the unions respect for the constitution for human rights for labor rights and what should be protected times the rights of the worker. meanwhile venezuela's chief prosecutor has opened an inquiry into the opposition's appointment of directors for the state run oil firm the board members were named on wednesday to oversee pay the verses and its houston based subsidiary should go. to him and. we have opened a few investigations against citizens illegally and unconstitutionally named as executives. and. this is in addition to appointed as ambassador in an illegal and unconstitutional manner in the same way by the opposition leader. of power. and the people now being investigated were being told are being prohibited from leaving the country by the supreme court will bring you more developments on that story as we get them here on al-jazeera well venezuela's
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government says sixty four containers of medical supplies from cuba china and other allies have arrived in the country health minister catalog says the government has made an investment of more than twenty five million dollars to secure the medicines president nicolas maduro is backing along going block on aid from entering venezuela from colombia also is they the opposition's envoy to the united states urged the international community to help open thousands of windows to let in but he was addressing an international conference at the organization of american states in washington gabrielle is on the was there. this meeting was being billed as the global conference on the humanitarian crisis in venice well a there were more than sixty five different government delegations that were invited to this meeting that was sponsored by supporters and close aides of wanted why do it's unclear how many of those sixty five countries represented here but i can tell you this room was entirely full during the meeting of various diplomats
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who were here the big headline is that they announced that they've received one hundred million dollars in aid that's been pledged from various countries to venezuela going through opposition meaning why do some of this one hundred million was already previously pledged to other parts of it were a new money that was pledged on this day comes from various different countries canada taiwan germany the u.s. holland and the european union just to name a few of a clearly this was a day where wide though and his representatives here in washington as well as the many countries that recognize quite as the president wanted to show solidarity in moving their cause forward. unions have expressed the bitter disappointment at news that airbus has the seas for the auction of its superjumbo a three eighty aircraft production is the end in two years time as a result of falling orders threatening thousands of jobs reports the.
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aviation fans call it the super jumbo the airbus a three eighty s the world's biggest passenger plane when it launched in two thousand and five bosses of the european plane maker hoped it would revolutionize long haul travel but now the and its production in twenty twenty one i mean there's been speculation. for years. ten years to create the thing becomes clear we're probably at least ten years too late or more powered by four engines the a three eighty double decker can carry more than five hundred forty passengers but since its creation it's been plagued by delivery delays rising costs and falling orders bosses say the final blow came after to buy based airline emirates reduced an order of the model by thirty nine planes because of a fall in demand process of call the decision to end the a three eighty painful and disappointing but they admitted it made no financial sense to continue with such
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a large aircraft when the trend in airline travel is towards smaller planes like these trained between when airlines expected superjumbo to be the flagship of their fleet that switched very fast to airlines recognizing that actually there are smaller aircraft that seat a good amount of passengers but a far more efficient and it's the efficiency that is. shareholders have welcomed the end of the a three eighty considered by some as a financial drain indeed the company also announced a jump in profits on thursday but workers will be concerned as some three thousand five hundred jobs across the company are likely to be affected will now focus on smaller planes but there will be many people who'd be sad to see the end of an aircraft widely regarded as a feat of engineering natasha al-jazeera to lose france. britain's prime minister has suffered another humiliating defeat after m.p.'s voted against her bracks his strategy in response to resign may's office said the opposition
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labor party had made a noble exit more likely. against the government barker has more. ice to the right two hundred fifty eight the news of the last three hundred three. a humiliating blow for the british prime minister she hopes for a straightforward parliamentary vote reaffirming her efforts to read it go to revise bricks and deal with brussels so the nerds have it. but many m.p.'s within her own party abstained from voting claiming the wording of her motion implied no deal brecht's it would be ruled out a possible new deal remains for many black city is the u.k. strongest negotiating position the prime minister was absent from the chamber the opposition labor leader wasn't the government cannot keep on ignoring parliament or plowing on towards the twenty ninth of march without
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a coherent. she cannot keep on just running down the cock and hoping that something will turn up that will save her day and save her face the government's initial withdrawal agreement was rejected by a record majority of m.p.'s last month the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two forcing the prime minister back to brussels to renegotiate the controversial backstop insurance policy in the deal designed to avoid customs checks between northern ireland and the republic of ireland this latest vote isn't legally binding but it's a huge embarrassment for the government especially was trying to secure concessions from brussels. before the vote britain's breck's secretary said the government's main goal is to produce a deal to hold the pilot was supposed to as we prepare to exit the european union this government is focused on its most pressing task to deliver
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a legally binding change to the back story and we are committed to delivering on mark key demand to resume is probably a parliament will have another chance to express its opinion on how breaks it plans at the end of the month before that it's a race against time to find fresh common ground with the e.u. . the hopes of a significant breakthrough are slim brussels insists it will not reopen the original withdrawal agreement or change its position on the irish border. theresa may still believes there's a battle to be won in brussels a growing number of british m.p.'s don't the view from europe is of a nation increasingly at odds with itself. all supporters of bracks and say there's nothing to be scared of when the country leaves the european union but the dutch foreign minister is seeing the u.k. is the part something far more frightening he's tweeted this picture of a brick set monster lying on his desk it's part of
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a promotional campaign for dutch companies to check for any potential impact of bricks set on their businesses. scary still to come in a year after a. leading . now it might still be snowing on the very edge of europe and certainly in western russia moscow's it's frozen snow but despite all this cloud you see the pictures rather one of the early spring from the point of view of temperatures up to ten
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degrees in vienna still six in bucharest and no way hey do you see any snow in the forecast with the exception of the high ground in eastern turkey now this is largely a result of the sun last evil bit longer by day and it's pulling up some warmth from the south this southerly breeze of course coming across western europe that combination gives us teens in most western nations are going to be pretty close in central europe as well still still on the ground in places of course they'll be a bit of a thought but that she'd just feel remarkably warm it is after all only february the still some disruptive weather though in the central particular the eastern mediterranean so whilst you're enjoying maybe low twenty's in morocco in the sunshine which will i think cloud up come saturday you still got longshore breeze just not warm with cloud rain in libya a movie across to north and egypt and that's the active weather most of north africa is quite quite you know we have some pretty big showers recent peace in parts of the congo uganda and particularly further size that this position of
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course will last for a little while longer yet. a team of chinese scientists embarked on a daring deep sea mission searching for rare resources and new species one of the nice reveals china's underwater hunt. on al-jazeera. and this is different whether someone very or somewhat of a red bull does matter we think it's how you approach a vigil and often it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. get a story in the out. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how why will recent influence the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights america. just evolved over the course of the oppress the favor of
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a martin luther king and continue to keep the negroes to be defensive that's what they mean by that about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face all known to see of. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the white house says president trump will sign a compromised border security deal to avoid another government shutdown also the clear a national emergency to secure the funds for his border war rival meetings have taken place to address stability or the lack thereof in the middle east in. russian and turkish presidents but for talks on ending the war in syria meanwhile in warsaw
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the u.s. surge to dozens of nations to further isolate iran and the car bomb attack on a military convoy in indian administered kashmir has killed at least forty four people it's the worst attack on indian forces since two thousand and two. hundreds of i so fine has have surrendered to syrian democratic forces in the last territory that i saw controls in syria that's where kurdish fighters have launched a final push against the armed group in the village of bug in the eastern region thousands of people have fled to s.t.'s held positions to escape the violence yes the f.s.b. and sorting civilian men from women fearing eisel fighters are hiding among them imran khan has the latest. in turkey. those were told within the russians turkish forces began. their present or two on the turkish president. and said that as a sort of
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a corporation russia and turkey the group to start joint patrols in order to contain radical groups his words not ours so this comes as the syrian democratic forces are still fighting the last own claim of i still fight with in the village of. now what we're hearing is at least two hundred forty one fights was surrendered through with the. indeed across it forces the s t f the fighters will likely be taken to a prison just outside of the village and that's well they'll be held for processing but they're all women and children women who've been merits are still fights as they'll be taken to a separate town you have been hearing from women and children in the past few days to get from the women who say that they want to return back to their home countries we've heard from some french women and some british women in the us from gay straight through to media organizations now because all of
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a negotiation that's reportedly taking place between fighters and leisel fights is about establishing a hero it's very encouraging to a lot of people out yes the air forces i'm actually moved into the village they were in the village a few days ago fighting but now they're on the outskirts where there is shelling taking place they are putting pressure on those isis fighters claim that person as well and that's why we're saying number of isis fighters reportedly two hundred forty one hours before it is giving themselves up. hundreds of thousands of people across florida have been remembering the high school shooting in parkland exactly one year ago students and families how the minute silence at marjorie stoneman douglas high school where fourteen students and three staff members were killed on february fourteenth last year the shooting was carried out by former students grieving relatives are again calling for more gun control in the united states reasonable gun control legislation and reasonable gun control laws are for the
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safety of humanity for all of us every one of you standing here everyone you know. i walk down the path today. and it was just like reliving last year when we walked down the path. this has to stop. well the shooting sparked a national youth movement culminating in last spring's march for our lives where more than one million protesters turned out across the country the movement is credited with boosting youth turnout in november midterms estimates show a jump from twenty one percent to thirty one percent and even higher in florida where of course the shooting took place state legislature has passed sixty seven gun control or gun violence prevention bills in two thousand and eighteen with restrictions on the under twenty one's and domestic abusers but nearly one thousand
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two hundred children were killed by gun violence or gun accidents in the last year and that excludes an estimated thousand more who killed themselves with guns well eugenia watt vigeland is the associate director of gun violence prevention policy at the center for american progress he joins us live now from washington d.c. sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so it's been a year and it has been a year where the issue has been highlighted and some steps forward have been taken but do you think they've been significant enough. so as you mentioned there has been significant steps at a state level you mentioned the sixty seven laws that have passed at a state level that are common sense measures that will reduce gun violence in contrast only nine that we can see that we consider dangerous regulations such as arming teacher were passed out of state level so there's a huge difference there you can also see as you mention on the on the midterm election in the last year gun violence was one of the main issues was actually the
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fourth main issue for borders according to exit polls and they voted for four for politicians that were willing to act to reduce gun violence in this country and you can you see that the house immediately took steps by introducing h.r. eight which is the background checks bill that would expand background checks not only to sales at gun dealers but also to private gun sales at gun shows and online so yes they are steps that have been taking that obviously more and more needs to be done we do advocate for an assault weapons ban we advocate for more research on gun violence among other things we know that a lot of the legislation obviously gets stuck when it comes to politics in the u.s. because it's such a divisive issue with a lot of people just opposing any kind of reform that would smack of gun control to them or you know of sort of stopping them having access to guns but because of the
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changes that have come about from the midterms are you hopeful that in a sense we're going to get more change in the coming year than we have in the first year after the parklands shooting. i do i'm very hopeful first of all because of the response from survivors the students particularly the students for on from parkland that have raised her voice that create awareness in this country you see the polls people now support almost one hundred percent universal background checks more than sixty percent of the people support banning assault weapons you see come in sense measures that are highly supported by the u.s. population now you see the house has been acting and that's going to put a lot of pressure on the senate and the senators that are up for election in two thousand and twenty need to be paying attention to this need to hear what people are saying we need to hear what people are demanding the people united states no longer want to see ninety five people killed each day with a gun and more than two hundred being injured there no longer want to see
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a mass shooting so the people in politics here in washington need to hear that what do you think it was about the talk on shooting that i guess turned into a catalyst that that brought about you know the first steps of this change because it dreadful though it was of course it's hardly unique. i mean in that regard i'm not particularly certain of what it was i can speculate that you know numerous mass shootings have been happening in this country including the deadliest one which was in las vegas on october two thousand and seventeen and then the southern and springs shooting in texas a month later so there have been a couple mass shootings happening. and then parklane happened and i also want to recognize the bravery and the way that the students have raised their voice in this country using social media demanding their politicians take action i think those two factors are very important in why the parklane movement. became such
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a so powerful that it affected the midterm elections in november will be interesting to see what if any and hopefully there will be a changes we're going to see in the coming year for the moment eugena vigeland associate director of gun violence prevention policy at the center for american progress sir thank you so much for having shared your thoughts with us thank you for having us the senior democrat on the u.s. senate foreign relations committee has called on the trumpet ministration to turn over all documents related to the killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi senator ball but menendez sent a letter to secretary of state might pump ale requesting records about whether any senior saudi official including the crown prince mohammed bin someone was responsible for his death was killed last october after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul his body has never been found. an award winning journalist has been freed on bail in the philippines a day after her widely condemned of arrest on libel charges maria ressa heads the
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news website rappler which is known for criticizing president through a difficult that she says the government is trying to intimidate and silence her the charges relate to an article published in two thousand and twelve about a business men's alleged links to organized crime. the final campaign rallies have been held ahead of saturday's presidential election in nigeria the electoral commission says eighty four million people are registered to vote for the people's democratic party which held a big rally on thursday says there are voters on the register who actually died on wednesday president mohammed who bihari and his closest challenger a teco signed a pledge for a peaceful paul well the youth vote is likely to play a major part in the terminating who will win saturday's vote rising unemployment and inflation has left many young nigerians frustrated reports now from of.
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absalom mohammed says he's voting for the first time in saturday's election but he is frustrated the twenty year old from his school and can't find work to try and survive he sells water on the street taking a lot of them are lucky i want the government to look after the poor and give us jobs i also want to pull titian's to deal with insecurity in the country. when president muhammadu buhari won the election four years ago he promised to fix nigeria's economy it's an important issue. million nigerians are extremely poor for extremely poor it's a major concern and. millions have been out of jobs. we didn't last for years so it's an important conversation for two thousand and nineteen. or oil rich nigeria is africa's biggest economy but that hasn't translated into jobs the majority of voters in africa's most populous nation are
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thirty five or younger presidential candidates promise to create more jobs if they win but some nigerians say they are tired of the promises they want action. and is one of those losing patience. he repairs motorcycles but there are days when he has no clients and that means no money to take home. it's. god's. is which want to give us that is why we always go. the twenty five year old like so many unemployed young people is hoping one day he will find a steady job how to make. up which are the largest bank in the united states that's j.p. morgan is creating its own cryptocurrency dubbed j.p. mcor in the cryptocurrency will have a fixed value we dream of all for one u.s. dollar or the bank says the additional cohen will make money transfer is
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instantaneous but it's intended to be used by major institutional customers initially and not individuals j.p. morgan moves trillions of dollars around the world.


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