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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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guarantees turkey seeks russia and iran also have another demand they want turkey to clear a demilitarized zone from fighters in the province the province is under the control of high up the heat a sham a group many in the international community consider linked to al qaida. to crush i'd like to stress the creation of the deescalation is a temporary measure the rest of the rebels shouldn't go unpunished. that may be a threat of a russian backed syrian government offensive that turkey wants to prevent so as not to cause a humanitarian crisis on its border. syrian people especially in our brothers and sisters are trying to stay alive they've suffered enough and the pizza difficultly we will continue to do what we should be doing based on the memorandum we're determined not to make the situation worse the strategic interests of russia iran and turkey not just in syria means their differences are unlikely to affect their alliance but turkey's feeling the pressure. the u.s.
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and israel have singled out iran is the main obstacle to peace in the middle east over two days of talks in warsaw the u.s. vice president also said he was saddened by europe's stance on tehran and called on the block to withdraw from the nuclear deal. has more now from warsaw. the u.s. may have changed the title of the warsaw meeting but that's had little impact on its focus from the outset it was clear that this was a gathering game that's garnering support for american and israeli policies against iran and she says to build a misleading without running iran it's just not enough there maligning and eleven. syria and iraq. three that he's boss and has a lot of these are real threats there are others as well but you know you can't get peace in the middle east that pushed. the governments of iran whose president was
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meeting sarkisian russian counterparts in the black sea resort of sochi described the conference in poland as a circus the u.s. said sixteen nations had convened in poland as requested but this agreement among the participants was evidence some european union countries some low level diplomats apparently not toppy with washington's with the pool from the iran nuclear deal american vice president mike pence said he was saddened at the psalms the time has come for our european partners to stand with us and the iranian people . to stand with our allies and friends in the region. the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the around nuclear deal and join with us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the arena people in the world the peace security and freedom they deserve arguably the biggest beneficiary from the warsaw conference was benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister meeting publicly with senior ministers from saudi arabia bahrain the
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u.a.e. and on none furthering his agenda of normalization with arab governments or their sports change. or stand in what threatens our future what we have and security and the possibilities of cooperation that extend beyond security everywhere on the waterfront of the members of the warsaw meeting was intended to for their peace and security in the middle east however critics will say that its may have very well done the opposite by enabling that's and yahoo has government international law and continues to illegally occupy arab lands and by favoring a more confrontational this approach rather than a diplomatic one when it comes to iran. and still to come in this half hour. the netherlands have a. have a. person's prime minister suffers and now that the fate of the hope for exit
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strategy. how it is too disappointingly dry in northern queensland has been flooded in the last three or four weeks but it's still wet season it should rain every day and it isn't really doing that most of the action is nice circulation of cloud up of of and beyond in fiji so whilst it is dry it's also quite warm can shouldn't be thirty three thirty five degrees and has been recently should be near thirty one a variation in the tropics that is quite notable is warm for the south but no longer hot there the thirty mark in sydney camber and brisbane and is warming up in adelaide at twenty nine after great disappointment in the teens recently hotter still in percy's a humid heat as well twenty nine to thirty one degrees come saturday with the daily show a rare event that this taran in queens and maybe it's
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a new south wales mostly though it is turned into quite summer which is a nice change after site similarly for north island of new zealand it's ok but this cold front is going towards the south island there is some rain on batty spicey across now some wanting to is gone released optically active system and you should enjoy some nice sunshine on friday and indeed saturday for the most part with unforeseen the colder breeze many slightly cloudy in the far south as out on but for the most part you know new twenty or beyond in the sunshine. a team of chinese scientists embark on a daring deep sea mission searching for rare resources and new species one of the nice reveals china's underwater hunt. on al jazeera. the week began with news of ninety day truce in the tip to tap the u.s.
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china trade war the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the white house says president trump will sign a compromised border security deal to avoid another government shutdown the loss of a clear national emergency to secure the funds for his border war rival meetings have taken place to address stability in the middle east and russia's president hosted his turkish and the rainy and counterparts for talks on ending the war in
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syria meanwhile in warsaw the u.s. surge dozens of nations to further isolate iran and the car bomb attack on a military convoy in india administered kashmir has killed at least forty four people it's the worst the tax on indian forces since two thousand and two. as we were mentioning at least forty four people have died in the worst attack on indian forces in kashmir since two thousand and two a car laden with explosives slammed into a military convoy on a heavily guarded highway in the pool while the district of indian administered kashmir india's prime minister has called the attack the spectacle with more details years from hommage on june. multiple casualties after a blast along a highway in indian administered kashmir one of the worst attacks to hit the disputed himalayan region in almost three years according to reports the majority of those killed were indian paramilitary personnel when
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a car filled with explosives rammed into a military convoy in the district of. the attack happened on a main road that connects the state capitol street to gar to the city of jammu pictures from the blast site showed bodies and body parts strewn across a wide area the you know on the bed i was sitting inside my shop and all of a sudden an explosion happened it was very massive and felt like the building would come down i came out on so smoke up the side of the explosion and the breeze from vehicles in there kashmir has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred seven both countries claimed the area i think we've seen this coming for a. group gesture what they've been trying to get me running for the last few months especially because. indigenous. groups like. there being were less contained but in doing so your cause especially
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so question which is you know. in the last two growing up years tens of thousands have been killed in the past three decades and the uprising against the indian administration this latest violence comes just a day after dozens of high school students were wounded when there was an explosion in their classroom in kashmir. al-jazeera at least eight people have been killed and dozens injured in a week of anti-government protests in haiti the unrest was sparked by rising inflation and a corruption scandal linked to a scheme providing cheap oil from venezuela our correspondent in haiti. has sent us this update from pa to parts. we're in downtown port au prince where people are picking up the pieces after days of on rest thousands of people took to the streets of port au prince and of practically burn down a good section of the city a lot of this debris that you see used to be shops used to be stands this would normally be a bustling part of town with lots of commerce it's practically at
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a standstill today if you see down the street those are barricades that people have set up to prevent access to the to the parliament to prevent road access so people have a hard time just getting around the city the big concern right now is over further loss of life as there have been several people that have been killed already within the context of this political crisis now the root cause of this why are people so upset a lot of it has to do with the scandal we're billions of dollars in money that was allocated for social development projects is simply unaccounted for so not only are haitians calling for the resignation of the president saying that they have zero confidence left in the government what they're asking for is where that money went . venezuela's supreme court says board members of the state run oil firm who have been appointed by the opposition will not be allowed to leave the country this comes after the chief prosecutor announced an inquiry into the appointments to him and. we have opened
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a few investigations against citizens illegally and unconstitutionally named as executives for diverse. this is in addition to susan she appointed as ambassador in an illegal and unconstitutional manner in the same way by the opposition leader. of power thing in venezuela the government there says sixty four containers of medical supplies from cuba china and other allies have arrived in the country health minister cattle of those says the government has made an investment of more than twenty five million dollars to secure the medicines president nicolas maduro is backing along going block on usaid entering venezuela from colombia the opposition's envoy to the u.s. says urged the international community to help open thousands of windows to let aid in well he was addressing an international conference of the organization of american states in washington gabrielle is on the was there. this meeting was being billed as the global conference on the humanitarian crisis in venice well there
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were more than sixty five different government delegations that were invited to this meeting that was sponsored by supporters and close aides of one why do on clear how many of those sixty five countries represented here but i can tell you this room was entirely full during the meeting of various diplomats who were here the big headline is that they announced that they've received one hundred million dollars in aid that's been pledged from various countries to venezuela going through the opposition meaning why though some of this one hundred million was already previously pledged to other parts of it were a new money that was pledged on this day comes from various different countries canada taiwan germany the u.s. holland and the european union just to name a few of a clearly this was a day where. and his representatives here in washington as well as the many countries that recognize quite as the president wanted to show solidarity in moving
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their cause forward. unions have expressed the bitter disappointment that means that airbus is to cease production of its super jumbo a three eighty aircraft production is stand in two years' time as a result of fulling orders threatening thousands of jobs that are reports now from . aviation fans call it the super jumbo a three eighty s. the world's biggest passenger plane when it launched in two thousand and five bosses of the european plane maker hoped it would revolutionize long haul travel but now the and its production in twenty twenty one i mean there's been speculation . for years that we were ten years to even three eighty three becomes clear when we were probably at least ten years too late or more powered by four engines the a three eighty double deck can carry more than five hundred forty passengers butt. since its creation its been plagued by delivery delays rising costs and falling
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bosses say the final blow came after to buy based airline emirates reduced an order of the model by thirty nine planes because of a fall in demand bosses of call the decision to end the a three eighty painful and disappointing but they admitted it made no financial sense to continue with such a large aircraft when the trend in airline travel is toward smaller planes like these trained between when airlines expected superjumbo to be the flagship of their fleet that switched very fast to airlines recognizing that actually there are smaller aircraft that seat a good amount of passengers but a far more efficient and it's the efficiency that is. shareholders have welcomed the end of the a three eighty considered by some as a financial drain indeed the company also announced a jump in profits on thursday but workers will be concerned as some three thousand five hundred jobs across the company are likely to be affected will now focus on
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smaller planes but there will be many people who'd be sad to see the end of an aircraft widely regarded as a feat of engineering. or al-jazeera to lose from its britain's prime minister has suffered another humiliating defeat after m.p.'s voted against her breast strategy in response to raise a maze office said the opposition labor party had made a no deal exit more likely by voting against the government leave her has the latest. i said the right two hundred fifty eight the nose of the left three hundred three. a humiliating blow for the british prime minister she hopes for a straightforward parliamentary vote reaffirming her efforts to renegotiate a revised breck's a deal with brussels so the no. that many m.p.'s within her own party abstained from voting claiming the wording of her motion implied no
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deal gregg's it would be ruled out a possible no deal remains for many back city is the u.k. strongest negotiating position the prime minister was absent from the chamber the opposition labor leader wasn't the government cannot keep on ignoring parliament all plowing on towards the twenty ninth of march without a coherent. she cannot keep on just running down the cook and hoping that something will turn up that will save her day and save her face the government's initial withdrawal agreement was rejected by a record majority of m.p.'s last month the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two forcing the prime minister back to brussels to renegotiate the controversial backstop insurance policy in the deal designed to avoid customs checks between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. this latest vote isn't legally binding but it's
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a huge embarrassment for the government especially was trying to secure concessions from brussels. before the vote britain's breck's secretary said the government's main goal is to produce a deal the whole of hollywood. as we prepare to exit the european union this government is focused on its most pressing task to deliver a legally binding change to the back story and we are committed to delivering on marcie demand to resume as promised parliament will have another chance to express its opinion on her breaks it plans at the end of the month before that it's a race against time to find fresh common ground with the e.u. . the hopes of a significant breakthrough are slim brussels insists it will not reopen the original withdrawal agreement or change its position on the irish border. theresa may still believes there's a battle to be won in brussels a growing number of british m.p.'s don't if you think europe is of
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a nation increasingly at odds with itself. while supporters of bracks and say there's nothing to be scared of when the country needs the european union however the dutch foreign minister is saying the u.k. is the parcher as something far more frightening he's tweeted this picture of breck's at monster lying on his desk it's part of a promotional campaign for that's companies to check for any potential impact of breck's it on their businesses as in the very scary more on the web site al-jazeera dot com. now reminder of our top stories the white house says president trump will sign a compromised border security deal to avoid another government shutdown he'll also the clear a national emergency to secure the funds for his border wall the senate has just
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voted overwhelmingly to pass the border security bill with by bipartisan spending to avoid the shop there. rival meetings have taken place to address the ability in the middle east insall chief russia's president has hosted his turkish and iranian counterparts for a fourth round of talks on the war in syria like the emir putin an ally of president bashar al assad says he is ready to drive the fighters out of it. meanwhile the u.s. has called on dozens of other nations to further isolate iran the comments come from a meeting in poland where representatives from sixty nations have attended what was largely seen as an anti around conference sponsored by the u.s. vice president mike pence here's how some of america's traditional allies singling out the european countries standing by the iran nuclear deal the time has come for european partners to stand with us and the right people. to stand with our allies
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and friends in the region. the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the around nuclear deal and join with us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the iranian people region and the world the peace security and freedom they deserve at least thirty nine people have been killed in the war start tackling indian forces in kashmir since two thousand and two a car laden with explosives slammed into a military convoy in a heavily guarded highway in the strict of indian administered kashmir india's prime minister has called the attack despicable british m.p.'s have handed out another defeat the prime minister to resign may after rejecting a motion to endorse our government's approach to brecht's it and peace voted by three hundred three to two hundred fifty eight against continuing to support plan to seek changes to her breath city from brussels. those are your main headlines
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stay with al-jazeera up next it's one zero one east china's on the water hunt for watching. al-jazeera with interview. a team of chinese scientists are traveling to places where no human has ever been. in barking on a daring deep sea mission into a hunt for rare resources and new species. i'm steve cho on this
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episode a one on one east we go on board with so much china's top engineers and scientists as china explores the depths of the indian ocean. i think ari ari ari because of which they might turn if say i will. die i want to have to start my. chinese doing laps of a chinese race to achieve in the middle of the indian ocean. the ocean and the shape of engineering in college a lot of all of my classmates. have no chance so god bar the she. has a chance. she's a trainee submersible pilot and she's anxiously awaiting her first ever deep sea dive which no woman from china has ever done before you know she's part of
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china's mission to be a world leader in these final frontier. they're in a rice against countries like russia india and japan you know if she gets the chance to dive she'll go nearly three kilometers under the sea to search for new mineral race horses and signs of life. maybe i can friend a song new alamosa new plants and of the sea that is can't be a friend before but human but i friended and maybe i can give me it's a name. and there's. there have animal in the word and their music johnny and wow it's guru that. she's working alongside ninety five crew members on this ship just four of them when. they're
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also carrying fixed long a three person submersible that can take researches deep under the sea than any other machine on. looking for the nation the forms of wadi face the ward where we've my feet come the fall we feel we're being might be coming from that's cool part. of the four women on this mission one of them is a microbiologist dr who will study whatever life forms are brought to the surface plants and animals including tiny microbes known as. they come hand though mario are a hi pam fisher and the are a price and they kind use it's more of basic process or nutrient too so i and that's kind of condition where they're leaving and that's kind of a compound where that you kill out where you are is similar to what was happening
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you like billions of years old gold when there was no live in on earth is six ice me you look for the live well meaning you need. here's our goal or to look for the lives us me when the company to different for the recess is a. while many scientists believe evolution began to email motions the creatures found may be the most basic and systems of the mind morning. and there is one type of habitat in the deep ocean where you expects to find an abundance of them. there is a big hero will say that all kinds of life form might be from title what has little one base a week where the last was already making the news in years i'll go and i know they are the other girl i always had told it was size walford. yeah we shoot you make
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science very exciting which of these exciting this is what i want to do science and i feel exhausted i feel alive i feel myself well i'm too sighs everyone's anxious to get the first dive underway you want samples of marine life down there. easy and the other trainee pilots want to see how it's really done else it's very hard and at the heart of this mission professor tao wants to find hydrothermal vents and shot the size of their mineral deposits is very exciting because this is the first for the indian ocean for the chinese and the the first time for the balance for us hydrothermal vents are like springs of burning hot water he said by day to save all kinds the law of ones will guide us to our target extinct things like an extinct volcano are these empty chimneys have cooled off leaving rich lies
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of mineral deposits for the taking getting too close to a lot. the end could endanger the scouts and its crew but the rewards of exploring any event are enormous. curveballs manganese compaq and other precious metals is a very very credits for us to to search for the hottest will feel good and the loss on the sea floor. on about to see them explore the dragon vent field an area known for underwater volcanic activity. it's near where the antarctic australasian and african tectonic plates me. even if it be down to a dragon feel. the. fear when tao will pilot the first dive one of only two pilots qualified to drive the submersible jour own.
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he's the expert training young recruits like he. i hope for they will go out forever quickly quickly yes and in that time maybe maybe they can. just use my forty dives we only have two professional pilot and. a lot more than that to me and also you know more than into our country so i sing very it's a. responsibility to me even knows that one day soon it will be her turn in the driver's seat for style yes maybe it's a lost interest. so a little faith. finally the ship is in position. the submersible has been checked and food is ready to pilot the first dive. you'll be going in like three kilometers underwater. the crew have enough
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oxygen and power why to larger than ten hours. but lots can go wrong in that time. it takes over an hour to reach the bottom of the our ship. the deeper the submersible goes the dark and cold. dropping to two degrees celsius. four hours pass with little signs of life. then the tains lead geologist professor tao spotted something. with a lot so much hope greg ship so i think that's the area we're looking for.
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all. only when the area is teeming with life which means they must be close to hydrothermal vents. aware of any lacking of honor the venom at the big fish there that's the area where. that's the very excitable. at last they spot the vance or. do need to be careful as they move the sob closer to the boiling hot water. when you'll was with a walk when was very busy very busy. you needed to construct all your and which. the submersible is built to withstand extreme elements but it has an achilles heel its windows. the water spewing from a hydrothermal vent can reach four hundred degrees celsius. if they get too close
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the plexiglass windows would melt and the sub would implode. but fernie to get close to the bed to take a sample of its crossed. but there's a problem. then realized that are left to the bin that was on the first black smoke. and out of the same time all or right window was or somewhere in america goes to the remains of the ocean current has pushed the sob over the stream of a vent the window may not withstand the hate adjuster. us into. he manages to move the why.
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then not out of danger yet. to get the sob. back to the surface they made to drop two hundred eighty whites. but only one white with a sense that it's a massive problem. with real fos being left in the ocean. the submersible has seven directional propellers two of these are off with rusty but they designed for steering around the ocean floor north for pushing the south up three thousand maces we have white still attached i was right about it because of just tool. cannot fail. can go anywhere. the sob barely moves.
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and by now they've been under for almost ten alice. shall soon run out of. band the sod starts rising it's. finally it breaks the surface. and. when the sob is safely back in its cradle the tamed realizes how lucky they caught .


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