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now over what the president didn't say now the reaction on twitter here in haiti already has been quite negative we can confirm that the president's political opposition has already called for more demonstrations to take place on the streets of port au prince tomorrow people here want answers for what happened some more than two billion dollars in development funds that are unaccounted for there was no mention of that in the president's speech today and what we're hearing from protesters on the streets is that they want the president to resign they've lost all faith in the government they've lost confidence in the governmental system in haiti and they want the president to resign but we're also hearing from more moderate voices who say that the only way the only path toward a lasting resolution to this crisis is a national dialogue but it has to be a dialogue that includes the voices of haitians from all sectors of society. well still ahead on al-jazeera. every day it feels like this shooting is happening in our happened yesterday our will happen tomorrow one year after a deadly shooting at this school in florida survivors reflect on what life has been
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like since i'll tell you why i am asked will stop building the world's biggest passenger plane. our last acts of winter storm is scooted through the eastern side of cows and ny and all those snow on the ground the temperature all that and others where they should be but the massive cloud further west that covers the entire pacific coast has brought loads of rain as fast as san diego there's more to come of these snow retard is a proper good winter storm which is a sort of thing you want but disappointing if you're in san francisco morning because sunshine now there's more snow coming out of these inside the cabinet at the temperatures toronto's but freezing this will be the wet snow that falls a big flakes falls on the ground doesn't last for too long there is cold return to
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minneapolis the upper midwest even chicago talking about subzero by day as a next one has more snow working in it tails off a long way south probably oklahoma and beyond the dallas system enjoying the warm so twenty three degrees that snow just dip down long way then back up through a pro higher valley to the east once more and the cold isn't was extreme as it was it is normal winter to be honest but this is nice for the late snow in it to the south and west squat weather in the caribbean the heaviest showers of moved out of cuba towards his band you know and you can see some to mean there could well be a wet place come friday but saturday it looks dry in fact most places are enjoying the sun. recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield to call the new regime faced a different idea of an afterlife and. then abandoned for
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a lifetime and we should be ashamed. for the three for for all country on this big over three people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera. you're watching out just a reminder now of all headlines the u.s. congress has passed a bipartisan bill to avoid another government shutdown it does not include money for dogs for the war with mexico instead he plans to declare a national emergency to secure the funding. the senior democrats in the u.s.
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senate foreign relations committee wants the trumpet ministration to hand over documents related to the killing of saudi journalist or moussa show records about whether any senior saudi official was responsible for his death have been requested . president nicolas maduro has invited don trump's new special envoy to on his way to visit caracas follows a pledge of support from a dude by about fifty member countries the united nations on wednesday. two rival meetings addressing the stability in the middle east of wrapped up in europe in poland the us stepped up its efforts to isolate iran at the conference attended by sixteen nations. russia's president hosted turkish and iranian leaders for talks on how to win the war in syria comes next so i hold the reports on the.
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this so-called guarantors of the syrian peace process the president of russia iran and turkey are partners in the astronaut negotiating framework the leaders met to find consensus on how to carve up syrian territory following the planned u.s. withdrawal of american troops from an area under the control of the kurdish group the wipe it was clear even before these so much began that they didn't agree russia and iran told turkey that the syrian government should we gain control of north east syria wants us troops leave at any plan to set up a safe zone in syria along its borders we need the consent of president bashar assad's government the turkish government's concern should be taken into consideration we believe cooperation with the legal government of syria and deployment of syrian soldiers alongside international borders is going to be more sustainable iran continues to be willing a long side russian friends to play its role in order to ensure friendship between syria and turkey turkey's president or the guard once
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a close friend of the syrian president has been a staunch supporter of the opposition since the uprising began in two thousand and eleven or to guard it recently acknowledged that there have been low level contacts between turkey's and syria's intelligence agencies the turkish government wants a safe zone to push the allied kurdish armed group the y.p. from its border it considers the group a terrorist organization and a threat to its national security iran and russia are acknowledging what they are calling turkey's security concerns but they want the. adena agreement of nine hundred ninety eight to be revived which means damascus will reign in the y p g and provide the guarantees turkey seeks russia and iran also have another demand they want turkey to clear a demilitarized zone for fighters in the province the province is under the control of. a group many in the international community consider linked to al-qaeda.
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i'd like to stress the creation of the it lives on of deescalation is a temporary measure the rest of the rebel shouldn't go unpunished. that may be a threat of a russian backed syrian government offensive that turkey wants to prevent so as not to cause a humanitarian crisis on its border. syrian people especially in our brothers and sisters are trying to stay alive they've suffered enough and the pizza difficultly we will continue to do what we should be doing based on the memorandum we're determined not to make the situation worse the strategic interests of russia iran and turkey not just in syria means their differences are unlikely to affect their alliance but turkey's feeling the pressure. hundreds of i saw fighters have surrendered to syrian democratic forces in the eastern region of the. kurdish fighters launched a final push against the group in the us the area is the last territory that
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controls and syria thousands of people in flood held positions to escape the violence has been sorting civilian men from women fearing i still fighters are hiding among them. security forces appear to have been the target of an attack in india in the administered kashmir the bomb went off in the district of pull killing at least eighteen people most of the members of a paramilitary force fifteen people were injured but our dizzier sources on the ground say the number of dead could be much higher. february the fourteenth is known as valentine's day in some countries for the people of florida in the u.s. it marks a day when a shooter killed more than a dozen high school students in the years since the debates have a gun laws and whether to tighten them has continued but little changed al-jazeera as i do joe castro has more. it's been a year since valentine's day turned into
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a day of horror at stillman douglas high school a former student armed with an assault rifle opened fire on his classmates and teachers killing seventeen i guess right here samantha grady dove behind a bookcase and lived but her best friend died beside her i do feel the question of why am i still here but because i know that i have some sort of purpose that kind of hoops me going that purpose for many parklane survivors manifested in a student led movement calling for stricter gun control laws in the u.s. marches in washington and around the world garnered close to a million supporters president donald trump met with parkinson's in the days after the shooting and pledged to make american schools safer and said he was unafraid to take on the powerful n.r.a. gun lobby to do it but since that washington has done little to change gun laws and
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now the number of americans who want stricter gun laws has fallen from seventy one percent a year ago to fifty one percent today historically we've seen after any one of these big mass tragedies that draw a lot of media attention we see a spike we see people start to care we see people say we need better policies we need better action we need more than thoughts and prayers but then as time goes on people just lose interest meanwhile twelve hundred more children have died of gun violence in the u.s. since parkland. a project by team journalists tell the story of each a six year old shot while playing video games a three year old in a drive by shooting how many more children have to die before we take even the most basic of steps to limit the bloodshed democrats in congress reintroduced legislation in recent days to ban the sale of high capacity magazines but in
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florida a new state law mandates more weapons in schools not less an armed guard is now present on every campus five mass shootings a week that is but current average in the united states according to independent data collectors the unrelenting pace begs the still unanswered questions why do they keep happening and what can be done to stop them. castro al-jazeera washington. the shooting sparked a national youth movement culminating in last spring's march for our lives more than a million protesters turned out across the country lawmakers in twenty six states and washington d.c. passed sixty seven new gun safety laws in two thousand and eighteen four states raise the minimum age for firearm purchases seven states strengthened or expanded background checks for gun buyers but nearly one thousand two hundred children were
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killed by gun violence or gun accidents in the last year not including an estimated thousand more who kill themselves with guns as speak to joe the sucker and in baltimore he's a trauma surgeon founder of this is our lane and was himself a victim of gun violence good to have you with us first of all practically speaking we know that we know that a lot of laws have been changed or some laws sixty seven but practically speaking how much is actually changed since the parkland shooting. yeah well first let me just say you know today is a day that we don't only remember the seventeen that we've lost the park will end but we commit as americans to ensure that that does not happen again to other kids and citizens all across this country i think that's an important
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thing to start out with. since the park wind incident i can tell you that this country has been really energized it's an energy like we've seen never before and i think young people have really demonstrated to americans and to our elected officials that these type of senseless tragedies which are preventable we have a responsibility to do more than just simply give our thoughts and prayers and condolences to what do you think elected officials are actually doing more sold some prize now. well i think when you look at most governing happens in america most governing happens at the local level and so as you alluded to there's been over sixty seven pieces of legislation that have been passed in states all across this nation but what we've also seen with this one
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hundred sixteen congress is we've seen over thirty bills related to firearm legislation that have been put forward and you know specifically we just had eight h.r.a. which is the bipartisan universal background check bill that congressman mike thompson and peter king introduced and that just got passed by the house judiciary committee and is going to the floor for a vote so we have seen really some movement that we haven't seen in many years and joseph i'm glad you mentioned the bill if it gets through congress are you optimistic it will be a real game changer well i think when you look at such a complex health problem there is no one solution these you know this public health crisis requires us to approach this in
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a multifaceted manner and one of those is closing the loopholes that exist when we talk about purchase of firearms we know that about one in five firearms are purchased with no questions asked which means that thousands of firearms get into the hands of felons domestic abusers and those that are potentially a harm to themselves or others or are good to get your thoughts on the thing so much. will soon end for the auction of the a three eighty super jumbo the world's largest passenger plane for the option of a plane which can carry up to eight hundred fifty people will stop in two thousand and twenty one the decision came after the dubai based emirates airline cut its orders bosses made two hundred thirty four of the super jumbos to date less than a quarter than expected the decision could affect as many as thirty five hundred
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jobs a manufacturer and manufacturers who operate in four major european countries u.s. tech giant amazon is ditching a billion dollar plan to build its headquarters in new york the development deal about in november was set to bring twenty five thousand jobs to the city of political opposition and a backlash from taxpayers has forced the online retailer to abandon the project kristen salumi reports. the announcement that amazon was canceling plans to move to this new york neighborhood brought cheers from city council member jimmy bramer and a grassroots coalition of opponents amazon chose to walk away rather than fight for what it believed in. but not everyone was celebrating. god some local residents came out to heckle the politician a minute upset over the loss of jobs amazon had promised to bring twenty five
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thousand of them and local investment these guys didn't act on the behest of the community act in the behest of their own political careers period new york's mayor and governor were among dozens around the country that fought to woo amazon offering nearly three billion dollars in tax incentives and construction grants to bring the company right to this neighborhood in new york city but almost as soon as the deal was announced there was opposition and backlash. local legislators who weren't consulted on the deal held hearings and citizens paraded amazon representatives concerned about increasing congestion as well as the cost of living in their neighborhood. while property owners and some trade unions papered the deal and the revenue it would bring other unions complained about the company's labor practices and you know there's no reason that we should have ever been giving or even considering giving three billion dollars to the richest corporation in the entire world and to the richest man in the entire world amazon said in
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a statement that it was clear they didn't have the necessary support of local politicians the polls show the move was supported by seventy percent of new yorkers the governor called it a loss but i've never seen a more absurd situation where political pandering and obvious pandering so defeat it's a bona fide economic development project amazon says it will not look for a replacement site at this time instead focusing on its existing offices and expansion plans elsewhere in the country kristen salumi al jazeera new york. that's recap the headlines now the u.s. congress is pasta a bipartisan bill to avoid another government shutdown it does not include money
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for donald rumsfeld to war with mexico though instead he plans to declare a national emergency to secure the funding john hendren has mall from washington d.c. . the opponents of the president now have two options they could pass a bill forbidding him from using these funds for a border wall that would likely pass the house of representatives where democrats are in control but it would likely not pass in the senate in even if it did the president could veto it and then there would have to be a two thirds majority in order to override that so they're unlikely to succeed in that route the other option they can take is to go to court and say this is not a national emergency the senior democrat on the u.s. senate foreign relations committee wants to trumpet ministration to hand over documents related to the killing of saudi journalist. he wants records about whether any senior saudi official was responsible for his death president nicolas
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maduro has invited donald trump's new special envoy to venezuela to visit caracas in interview with associated press he also revealed venezuela officials have been holding talks privately with the u.s. despite the standoff follows a pledge of support from a doodle by about fifty member countries at the u.n. on wednesday trump administration has repeatedly called him a do it's resign and recognize the observation leader as the interim president haiti's president has addressed the nation after a week of violent protests at least eight people have died since the rallies broke out of the capital port of prince last thursday protesters are calling for jovan and mores to resign that angry over rising inflation and allegations of government corruption rival meetings of taken place to address the brothers in the middle east russia's friends event hosted his turkish and iranian counterparts for talks on ending the war in syria in war so though the u.s.
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dozens of nations to further isolate iran. hundreds of eisel fighters have surrendered to syrian democratic forces in the eastern region of the. kurdish fighters launched a final push against the group while back the top of the hour. the week began with views of a ninety day truce in the tip for tap u.s. china trade will the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. during world war two the british empire recruited hundreds of thousands of african soldiers to fight in africa asia and the middle east when peace came the
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survivalist faced discrimination and neglect many being abandoned to poverty in the shaming act of killing you disregard now we've been to investigate the plight of britain's african veterans the forgotten heroes of its empire. you're stuck in zambia nov twenty eighth and the royal visit is underway red herring right off my piece here today if you want. to try to write their cover for you sick of campaigning to take a. minute
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right yes one. hour now ninety four years or. oh is this for all of this in by our. own warped tour. we suffered there or. just in closer was one of several hundred thousand africans who fought for the british during world war two and one of the many who later felt abandoned to a life of poverty and neglect. you know what if my house look ah little. prince harry has come to zambia to pay his country's respects to its african veterans justin hopes his meeting with the prince will also raise awareness of his plight so you can try a tool will be poured into you who you call mark those are the armies of course
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these are ours is not good. breeders and ourselves. to give them. out or when we come back our love for work or anyone you never forget me because we will give. a lot in africa yet on the kenya front many different types of men are defending the british empire during the second world war more than half a million african troops served with the british army many deployed thousands of miles from home across the continent the middle east. it was part of the largest single movement of african women overseas since the slave trade. it would expose them to the horrors of past two in the deserts in the jungle cost many thousands of lives during the service person would also subject these men to systematic racism and prejudice and on their return they would suffer the
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indifference of an empire on which the sun was soon to set now with the number of persons african veterans when ling fast there are callers to fully acknowledge those sacrifices and belatedly to make amends for that post-war neglect we should be ashamed but back from the scene for all concrete all they think all the time we have an opportunity and that twilight to get that right it's not too late. to do them when they don't run but. we're at the door do door do no good that kind may yet be bloody but i don't know that god will go down by need your nine and up by new night but they're going to new one one zero with the least i know you have a good background there were no good that i know well he said i didn't go to work near no good they're going to get well so i know they're all good i went through.
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a civil war graves cemetery near mount kenya. buki and gash infinity have come to pay their respects to the fourteen comrades. both men fought for person during world war two facing death and hardship and battlefields far from. what could have . little quantum by walking around in. a little movie that i know. now will. let me know i'll talk i knew my way with the dog regular well that's all going my bill now well. as with many soldiers recruited from vs colonies. lysle idea of what was a stake in this war. may not be a bad one about the room in the name but by the green it would dry run when brand new brought by bombarded.
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the new the north. little. bit. i don't know what. like. all those. when woodward subic out in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine european powers had colonized most of africa person quickly put his many african colonies on a war footing much as it had done in world war one some years before. yes at first officials with don't fall about the row so called native african so which is might play in the conflicts. some were even opposed to giving them mixing them with white soldiers reflecting the white spread prejudice of the time racism was pervasive in the one nine hundred thirty s. and forty's it was perfectly acceptable to be a racist and polite western society. still look upon the words of rudyard kipling
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when you call people. devil and child timothy parsons is a historian and one of the roads leading both overseas is east african army he champions the rights of these cologne you're a soldier is and has dedicated his life to chronicling their lost history the imperial system was riddled with racism there were people who are unapologetic racists at all levels of civil society and all levels of the military institutions might feel obliged to keep them in political and economic and. no one volunteers to live under an empire their authoritarian states that are almost invariably one hundred percent built by conquest the subjects of empire have no rights now british empire was arguably the most benign of the world's empires
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they justified these conquests on this paternalist idealistic rhetoric and on the assumption that africans read an inferior stage of development and then needed a helping hand. by nine hundred forty nazi germany and he said talley and allies were making gains in europe and north africa isolated. and increasingly concerned about the japanese threat to its asian dominions desperately needed more troops so despite earlier reservations it turned to a sex ricky conan is launching an intense recruitment drive. where ninety. good wrong go where i knew that was where my not bad there were. many africans were reluctant to enlist in this white man's war but britain had three key tactics to recruit them the first was presenting army life is economic opportunity another was propaganda. war that hitler wanted to seize that land land
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that of course had already been colonized by the purchased themselves. new movie. but there we got our. group of the regular going to guy would they do that got the damn near got mad through to get there. there was a third means of recruitment force officially conscription was ruled out and the lisp was supposed to be entirely voluntary but desperate to raise numbers colonial officials would often pressure local chiefs in out is to find the men and turn a blind eye to how they went about it. the way men were actually recruited was often that the chiefs would press gang men in some cases they would press gang men who were out of favor men were definitely swept up into the combat units who were absolutely not tears. grayson beef
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a widow now living in the highlands near nairobi remembers how the chief's men snatched her husband from their village before he was sent off to north africa and . i'm one year and go. wherever that i'm in going or what our boat will or why i don't know no wonder good that we were no will do moment now while quiet brian mann on now where with them in my local language. and no net radio no letter we're nowhere to ask why did they are we're not going back to our new home. now good where they are not and i been near one now. although one of those who volunteered to use a b o two faced miserable conditions in the forests and steep river valleys of heavy rain tropical disease and fick jungle russians were in short supply gloom where. they don't need to be excluded that the budget the government companies
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would do a thing. which i did grant corny and i told them not to be a good worry when you had to be a little. book i learn no either. in theory african soldiers in persons forces were subject to the same military discipline as all its other troops however in reality there was some notable differences they were barred from becoming commissioned officers and from disciplining lower ranking white soldiers more disturbingly corporal punishment which the british army had officially outlawed for decades elsewhere was still used against african troops throughout world war two beatings one not uncommon where you are where you were we were all going to ok them we're going to make them mean by we my weemba or did. i love. you know when he one on one with. me about the go ahead to get up you know we don't.
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know didn't or now what the idea. did you have a nanny nanny but maybe it will not will be a now do it now women will remember that we had to get it. not at between that. teasing eyes as if. nothing because you wanted the media but love was the word that. was not when a person is willing recruits he was sent to ethiopia and somaliland as a signalman relaying messages between units if you're done in a world alone here's a. young lad to be brought back. i'll go along on your gambling the wrong way i'm going to go. the route because you are no pal. would reach your. high rank of. we have a new boy we haven't.


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