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tv   Food For Thought  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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an easy call as people pick up the pieces after more than a week of protests there are still roadblocks set up that are preventing the free flow of traffic and the tension that seems to suggest that the unrest may not be over just yet anti-government demonstrators have renewed calls for more protests continuing to demand the resignation of the president a condition that moyes has made no indication of accepting the more moderate figures of the opposition are calling for a national dialogue one that includes voices from all sectors of haitian society however remains to be seen both sides will be able to find a lasting resolution to the ongoing political crisis when we're up a little dizzy to port au prince. of a vote is likely to play a major part in nigeria's presidential and parliamentary elections on saturday jobs are increasingly scarce and the cost of living is rising arma toss about young people in the capital of her own looking for change. absolutely mohammed says he's
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voting for the thirst time in saturday's election but he is frustrated the twenty year old from his school and confines work to try and survive he sells water on the street take him to lot of the lot here i want the government to look after the pool and give us jobs i also want to deal with insecurity in the country. when president mohammad do behati won the election four years ago he promised to fix nigeria's economy it's an important issue. and ninety million nigerians are extremely poor for extremely poor it says a major concern and that. millions have been out of jobs. we didn't last for years so it's an important conversation for two thousand and nineteen. it's africa's biggest economy but that hasn't translated into jobs the majority of voters in africa's most populous nation are thirty five or younger
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presidential candidates promise to create more jobs if they win or some nigerians say they are tired of the promises they want action. you mohammed is one of those losing patience he repairs motorcycles but there are days when he has no clients and that means no money to take home. we can go to. war to give us just why we always go there is not. the twenty five year old like so many unemployed young people is hoping one day he will find a steady job. or a butcher and the senate foreign relations committee is demanding answers about the killing of saudi journalists. both republicans and democrats signed a letter to secretary of state mike pompei o requesting documents they also want to know why the white house missed a deadline to respond to a previous request for an investigation by can and has more from washington d.c.
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. well it's another salvato in the ongoing struggle between congress and the trump administration over the investigation into the death of jamal khashoggi the senior democrat on the senate foreign intelligence committee has sent a letter to the secretary of state demanding that all material relevant to the investigation by the department into the murder of jamal khashoggi be handed over to the senate by february the twenty eighth now back in october the senate sent to the trumpet ministration a letter demanding a full investigation into the death and to report back within one hundred twenty days or that report that period expired the last friday there was no response from the trumpet ministration apart from a letter from the secretary of state outlining the sanctions that have been imposed against seventeen saudi individuals in connection with the murder of jamal khashoggi however bob menendez insists that this is simply not enough pointing out
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too that the senate had requested trump administration to investigate specifically the possible involvement of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon in the murder of jamal khashoggi so this once again heightening this ongoing struggle between congress and the trumpet ministration into the investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi and the comfortability for that particular death being attributed perhaps to senior saudi leaders. to film is telling the little long stories of people who risked their lives to report crimes against humanity are being shown at the berlin film festival one deals with the nazi occupation of poland and the other with a manmade famine in the soviet union under former leader joseph stalin and the. very twenty third. i left the street looks like ali is news. everywhere you go you see is an entry from emmanuel ringle bloom's diary he was instrumental in
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jews hiding a huge cache of documentation in the warsaw ghetto during the nazi occupation. to write. the largely young told story forms the basis of who will write our history showing at the berlin film festival. this documentary mixes contemporary interviews with dramatize ations to make the individual characters more vivid. the germans are sending. to. german succeeded in not only wiping out the jewish people but wiping out their memory and. to bury the truth so that one day. the story of what really happened told from our own point of moscow one another genocide
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story which had its world premiere in berlin is mr jones it stars james norton as well as journalist gareth jones. route again this time arranging an interview with style in in the one nine hundred thirty s. the reports of battle to reveal what's known as the hollow them all the man made famine on the soviet leader joseph stalin killed millions of ukrainians. grasp something. full. the director says just as jones felt compelled to get the story out she felt compelled to tell his tale and she sees clear parallels with current events you know what i'd call out this of the politicians the corruption of media and the indifference of the general public of the society as it is something creates opens the door for the disaster we can see
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on the screen and where it's happened in twenty a century nowadays there's no shortage of reminders of the crimes of the nazis like this memorial to europe's murdered jews but the message from the filmmakers is that people remembering what happened shouldn't be taken for granted. and that's why they're hoping works like this get seen by as big an audience as possible.
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time for sport with tara. thank you so much brazilian football giants mango have played their first match since ten of their youth players were killed in a fire at their training camp a week ago fans release white balloons over rios iconic american ass stadium around fifty thousand fans attended the game against rivals fluminense that the game was originally set for last saturday just hours after the incident the victims of the fire last week were between the ages of fourteen and sixteen police are still investigating what caused it. arsenal suffered a surprise defeat again spell a russian side bar to pour salt in the first leg of their round of thirty two tie in at the europa league last season semifinalists were beaten one no way making matters worse for the gunners star striker alexander lakas sat so red for an elbow
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laid on helmets return like in london that the good woman. got the chances more done then but. she is not efficient but we did all of we did that much for for we on the first ninety. there were no other major upset sorry as inter and now police are getting wins although a lot see a went down to severe victories also for valencia and villareal and chelsea bounced back from their six now thrashing by man city in the p.l.o. to be malmo two one. you know very well if you are. you can lose three for choose so we need consistency we need to approach early much in the same way. not easy but we have to do it
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in the n.b.a. the new orleans pelicans beat the oklahoma city thunder despite losing their top player to an injury the pelicans anthony davis scored fourteen point four rebounds and two with sis he was in the game for sixteen minutes had to leave after the first half of the game after picking up a shoulder injury a founder's russell westbrook had forty four points fourteen rebounds and eleven assists you increased his triple double record to eleven games five it wasn't enough oklahoma city fell in the final minutes the pelicans winning one hundred thirty one to one hundred and twenty two. over in orlando florida magic ended a thirteen again this ng st against the charlotte hornets orlando rushed them one hundred twenty seven to eighty nine for their fifth point in a row it looked a bitch scored his fifth string double double with seventeen points and eleven rebounds since the magic's first victory over charlotte since december two thousand
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and fifteen. when you were new york islanders proved why won once again why they have the best offense in the n.h.l. thomas greased up thirty one shots against the columbus blue jackets on thursday the islanders have only seeded one hundred thirty six goals this season and that's the lowest in the league they won on to win this one three napping. goals now an american jordan speed has a share of the lead in the rain affected genius open in california after a seven hour delay due to the weather only happy field managed to tee off three time major champion speed had five birdies to finish on five under par of to twelve holes. he's in joint lead with south korea's sung kang tiger woods will begin his opening round later on friday four time world champion mcallister friend has missed out on gold in her latest title run the american finished with a bronze in the giant slalom event in sweden instead of the hole that overcame some high winds to win flowback his first ever world title in her first major gold medal
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schiffman has already won gold in the super g. an aura and the twenty three year old american has one last shot at another medal in saturday's slalom. is really. the army's amazing. so you know i didn't expect to say to their friends around. i. am so small had. three time grand slam champion actually kerber has reached the semifinals of the katter open the german survived a scare to advance coburn made a final set tie break to overcome her check opponent robert strike over truth since congress first something since she won at wimbledon. and she'll be joined in the last four by twenty fourteen champion simona halep the world number three was a straight sets winner against germany's julia churches. japan's
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kind to corey has continued his fine early season form at the rotterdam open ease into the quarter finals after being earnest opus in straight sets the world number seven is looking for a second title this year having won the brisbane international. and that's all your sport for now will have more later but for now it's back to you very much for and thank you for joining me for the news hour to keep it here and tossed a part of me will be here on the other side of the break with more of the day's news.
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rewind returns a pair brainier people back to life i'm sorry with brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya was the floods and the like and the other student rewind continues with spirit child to do stories that have an impact on society i testify and to make sure that the bad guys behind bad ass so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work rewind on al-jazeera. plays childred in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we
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find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. a story of revolution defines and murder i'm told. by a major figure in the war against the french occupation. the french group. whose bravery even impressed him and. on to inspire others in the fight for independence after death is that a good beginning to a lot of the ben mcgeady the algerian revolutionary on al-jazeera. presentation they are attempting. will not happen. venezuela's president nicolas maduro tells al-jazeera he won't let us aid into his country.
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and this is. also coming up india vows to isolate pakistan after an attack in indian administered kashmir that it blames on. any involvement. on the budget spain's prime minister calls a general election for the end of april and less than four years. the u.s. congress reaches a compromise to avoid a government shutdown president has to declare an emergency to get money for his mexico border war. in an interview with al jazeera venezuela's president has accused the united states
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of trying to destabilize his country nicolas maduro says the u.s. backed opposition's call to bring in aid on february the twenty third is nothing but political theater and that he won't accept it but you're also criticized european nations for supporting u.s. military intervention. i think that some europeans made a mistake when they supported the american war in iraq can you ask any of the coalition countries was it necessary to intervene militarily in iraq and divide it and kill millions of its people i think they also made a mistake when the bomb libya and killed more than one hundred thousand civilians these errors be corrected i think they made mistakes in their destructive policy approach in syria and making more mistakes with venezuela. and. this does not happen and will not happen any material that comes from outside the country must be subject to certain conditions such as inspection and taxes as
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in all countries whether by sea or land and then there will be no problems there for the trickle presentation they're attempting on february twenty third will not happen. soon. so this is after conducting a dialogue with the opposition in the dominican republic we agreed to hold the yearly presidential election in the first four months of last year after which part of the opposition withdrew and did not sign the agreement and eventually it was agreed on may twentieth these elections were conducted according to the law and the constitution and with international and local observers ten million voters participated in the elections and eighty six percent of the voters voted for me therefore the interim legislative elections were done and anything else is just whims an attempt to destabilize the country from the white house. and venezuela's top court has ruled that opposition appointed oil executives must face criminal
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prosecution the opposition controlled congress has named a new board of directors for the state oil giant as well as its u.s. subsidiary a move welcomed by washington the decision by the supreme court which backs president dürer is the latest move in a tussle for control of venezuela's oil revenues you see in human reports from caracas. in the capital of the country with the world's largest fossil fuel reserves practically everything you see was built with oil money and now that money along with that as well as oil production has been reduced to a trickle. last month the u.s. blocked the transfer of dividends from citgo the state oil companies us subsidiary its crown jewel. citgo represents about seventy percent of him as well as hard currency a government that is already experiencing an unmanageable fiscal deficit and a suddenly deprived of seventy percent of its income and a government when no one who lend it money is simply economically unviable.
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that's the point of the u.s. sanctions to strangle than israel economically to force president nicholas mother out. we had a large shipment of medicines to last the country through a year and a large battle for all materials for food the contras frozen the contracts are cancelled and the monies they suffocate us steve our money and then say hold on to the scrum and put on a show for the world venezuela with dignity since no to the global show. and now to add insult to injury the opposition controlled legislature has named a new board of directors to take over the u.s. based company. citgo operates refineries and supplies some fifty five hundred petrol stations in twenty nine u.s. states. an israeli supreme court which is loyal to president nicolas my little
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issued a rapid response. to this is yet another assault by the national assembly which has been declared a more full accused of it as well as most vital resource its decision regarding. a constitutionally protected company are numb and void and have no legal effect the judge also ordered the extradition of the board members named by the national assembly the trumpet ministrations prepares to announce u.s. war sanctions aimed at further tightening the economic news on president of the sea and human got access india's government is promising a strong response against pakistan which are famous for an attack an indian administered kashmir that killed forty four of its soldiers on thursday new delhi has summoned pakistan's envoy and handed over a diplomatic protest note pakistan has denied supporting the group thought to be behind the attack al-jazeera is laura baron manley has more. scenes of
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devastation body parts strewn across the highway in indian administered kashmir dozens were killed when a car packed with explosives rammed into a truck that was part of the security convoy india's prime minister narendra modi observed a moment of silence to remember the victims before he gave a strong warning our producer i want to tell the terrorist groups and their patrons that they have committed a huge mistake and they will have to pay a big price for this. it's the worst attack to hit the disputed himalayan region in three decades the pack some based on group jaish e mohammad says it's responsible for the attack although denies any involvement india has accused it of allowing armed groups to operate freely pakistan's foreign ministry issued a statement calling the attack a matter of grave concern saying they've always condemned heightened acts of
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violence in the valley india has taken diplomatic steps including shutting down trade between the neighboring nations. has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred forty seven both countries claimed the area tens of thousands have been killed in the past three decades this latest attack targeted a large military convoy investigators are still trying to piece together how the armed group was able to strike such a sensitive target. as india's national investigation agency begins its work activists are on the streets of indian administered kashmir with many chanting and pakistan slogans and the government is shut down into that in some areas the military has imposed a curfew in parts of india in the midst of kashmir in attempt to restore calm.
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manly al-jazeera true as a professor of international relations in the indian city of sunny pat pakistan for what happened. unfortunately these attacks that keep. being perpetrated on indian soil from across the border by the obvious groups which are sheltered and sponsored by the pakistanis to the subbasement do not make matters any any any worse and it cannot make it better than it was already it's quite strange as you are right and i think india is looking at military options as diplomatic as pollution and possible resumption off of what you can strike in the sub prime minister modi had ordered two thousand and sixteen there are a whole gamut of you know retaliatory measures to try and establish deterrence as far as india is concerned and if it is an immense most of these farms that is also going to react sharply and the night and as of august in the case soviet parting of
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the ships fighting and i think you need to step up to another level in terms of substituting the isolation campaign because usually in the boston has done this but then again we have let's go off the pressure diplomatic and internationally i think we need to lobby china especially we need to lobby the alternation of islamic cooperation members we need to of course you invest in countries that try and create a regional consensus that this is not acceptable and changed our son's behavior well known as a defense and security analyst based as on the bad she denies pakistani involvement and points to human rights abuses and been administered kashmir. pakistan is far from being. massacred and in this attack i as a pakistani journalist as a pakistani representative condemned the setback and i agree with the families of the deceased but having said that india needs to introspect in itself in its own
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policies in the wall crimes it has been undertaking in indian occupied general and just need since ninety ninety ever since the fourth the special powers act was implemented in the valley and ever since then did a full impunity granted to law enforcement agencies and particularly to the indian army to carry out what you have good it may be to suppress the right of self-determination and freedom struggle so focused on this far from being dead and any kind of involvement i strongly deny that on behalf of all my pocket money authorities but having said that india needs to stop jumping the gun on pakistan i'm a lender misra is a senior lecturer and peace studies islamic politics and conflict management at lancaster university and he joins us now live from there how has this attack affected india pakistan's already strained relationship. well i mean if you look at lita miller's a lot of symbolism involved today when the indian home
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minister was carrying the coffin of one of the fallen soldiers so that speaks volumes and there is a kind of moral dividend on the part of india that it has managed to garner thanks to this attack so if we go beyond this blame game of whether pakistan did it or whether india is going to go for surgical strikes what we need to ask is what is going to happen to the spirit since they've cast memories of peace in class mia in the long run and that is something that has been tossed into the long grass or kicked into the long be something that no one is talking about we've already seen that there has been since the save there is no internet but a lot. in the valley and that is going to get. one is not saying that things are pretty good in the valley jumpman classmate in general but this has given the hardliners in india a free hand to do whatever they want to do in the disputed region the past may second the political establishment in india is also joining ranks together of the
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arch enemy of the ruling. party of the congress the leader of the congress party mr around the.


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