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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:35pm +03

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so late hack a stand what what does that mean to get what he gets initially mean he's got to support it all that water that it's within the international community to jenna baucus time to stoke with him or for that that is up against india to go to the united nations to go to the united states anybody is going to send the war to soak or stand by india. at ten o'clock is it just opening what it is doing that is what india has said that that will when it has shut down it is stated the most favored nation status has been been drawn from the company of the iraqi commission but i don't think the isolation of pakistani supposedly at this point of time it's easier said than done ok so if you think that that might be futile for and yet what how do you see this sam potentially ask orating or are spiraling. i see that if the government actually
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before sick i don't take action never broke a military action then gattis that it out against pakistan in the days to come that is every possibility all that is every bozak that it is it is likely that there is going to be an escalation because that incites him but that the elections he did it actions out not to his father but somehow it's going to be the next few months so crime is inevitable these under immense pressure in daily problem from all artist do i act decisively against this horrendous act attack against again for just a jim would because he is still his hands may be tied he may be forced to take action a course of action he has its message that minus us if the government takes evidently action and the baucus un does not respond then of course he believes that they don't stick support buddy bucha send us on side if it spirals out of control that ends is anybody's guess so i do support i might say that all bets are all for all of us i think the every dollar bill holiday how things are going to. be in the in
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the in the next few days time and he says that that pakistan and courage is and supports groups that do things like this you know pakistan as a country as saying you know we're not responsible. can and should pakistan are they in a position to be doing more to suppress groups like this. yes or no or yes because some of the leaders all the debtors to groups getting out at that because he had let us get it or jay said mama the one group that has just carried out this attack yesterday and who are these leaders are not in pakistan most of them are you know. not to behind the bars identical to to the extent that are these these handlers out in pakistan the pakistani state should do more in order to ensure that they don't get me out of these never areas activities but it is also to be noted that many of these. terrorist are groups including that's going to. be
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a similar but has actually getting out that backs against the pockets on our pockets funny state except in fact why should president bush ever was attacked by jay several months i sent him up a sense minutely solutions that i could buy days i bought so that is some truth many dss that oksana has to go more but not all of these. it comes out of the box that he controls i think the their way to deal with these google groups is that pakistan and india itself. begin a guy don't close as they get is to put more pressure on pakistan to seventy price to assign action to some of these strong but i think so because honestly after not take up thank you so much for joining us from new delhi appreciate it was a man a llama as a defense and security analyst based in islam abide shane denies pakistan's involvement and points to human rights abuses an indian administered kashmir. focused on the slog from being in this mess a good time to this attack i as
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a pakistani journalist as a pakistani the epicenter of condemned the setback and i agree with the families of the deceased but having said that india needs to introspect in itself in its own policies in the wall crimes it has been undertaking in indian occupied general and us need since nineteen ninety ever since the. special problems act was implemented in the valley and ever since then did a full impunity granted to the law enforcement agencies and put it only to the indian army to carry out what so that good maybe to suppress the right. the domination and freedom struggle so focused on this far from being dead and any kind of thing going from and i strongly deny that on behalf of my focus on the authorities but having said that india needs to stop jumping the gun on about this phone but in our head in the news hour including spain's prime minister calls for a general election the end of april the third and less than four years. skipping
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school to say the planets are going to get who've been raising awareness of climate change. and sport after more than ten years of playing catch up could this be the car that finally wins for ari another formula one world title. as president tom trumpets on a collision course for the democrats in congress after saying he will declare a national emergency to secure funding for a border wall with mexico a bill to avoid another government shutdown was passed by both houses on thursday but it tonight is trump the money he says he needs to build a barrier john hendren has more from washington d.c. i actually think it's fair politics is president trump ended one showdown with congress he set off another the yeas are eighty three. naser sixty ending the threat of another government shutdown the senate and house of representatives
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passed a spending bill that does not include the five point seven billion dollars president trump wanted for a border wall with mexico but as the president signaled he would sign that measure the white house said trump will also declare a national emergency on the border giving him access to contingency funds that congress has already approved he will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time and i've indicated to him that i'm going to prepare the port the national emergency declaration democratic leaders immediately promised to challenge president trump couldn't convince mexico he couldn't convince the american people he couldn't convince their elected representatives to pay for his ineffective and expensive wall so now he's trying an end run around congress in a desperate attempt to put taxpayers on the hook for it make no mistake.
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congress will defend our constitutional authorities in every way that we can democrats say it's hard to argue that illegal immigration is a crisis when border arrests are at a forty year low we will review our options with the hair to respond appropriately to it i know the republicans have some unease about it no matter what they say because if the president can to clear an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency and in the illusion that he wants to convey just think of what a president with different values can present to the american people democrats and even some republicans warn the president is setting a dangerous precedent opening the door for future presidents to achieve unilaterally what they could not get out of congress a future democratic president they say could one day declare global warming or gun violence to be national emergencies the democrats who control the house have already signaled they will vote on a bill to block emergency funding for
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a border wall but in the republican controlled senate that measure is unlikely to pass if trump can overcome a certain court challenge that would give him the chance to fulfill his promise to funded two thousand mile wall if not the promise that mexico would pay for it john hendren al jazeera washington. our white house correspondent kimberly hocket joins us live from washington d.c. so clearly how is how is donald trump going to make the case that there is a national emergency with the situation when is john hendren a part of the numbers don't back it up and and quite frankly just the optics he was just playing golf the other day with tiger woods and he saying that the country is facing a national emergency. yeah this is going to be a tough argument for this white house there's no question about it what we're told is that they are well prepared and that they have been working on this going back as far as over the summer essentially that is when the white house first directed
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then budget director now chief of staff mick mulvaney to begin not only looking for these funds but also how to sell it to the american public there is no question in all of this donald trump is essentially declaring a national emergency in part number one to fulfill a campaign promise but number two because the optics of this spending bill he's about to sign certainly is not a win for him and this is a president that likes to win so this is a lot about public relations essentially we remember the government shutdown that gripped this this country it lasted for thirty five days the polls showed most people blame donald trump and republicans for that so this is looking like another loss as the president tries to sign this spending bill it only gives a little more than one point three billion for the border wall a far cry from the five point seven that he was looking for so the only way to win this in the eyes of this white house from for president that simple declaratives
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and simple messaging is to sign this legislation but in turn declare a national emergency using money from other areas that have already been approved by the government for a national emergency and we should point out that the congress. has given donald trump the ability and all presidents it's not just donald trump the ability to spend money and broad authority when it comes to national emergency to making that declaration but the spending of the money has always been with regard to the u.s. constitution controlled by congress so when the lawmakers argue that this is a dangerous precedent it is a dangerous precedent but one could argue that this is one that has been eroding for about twenty years. or since the september eleventh attacks and each president successively has been sort of taking more and more power with regard to the outline of how money is spent and how congress controls it and to that point that's that's a great point kimberly and a lot of there are
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a lot of republicans that have pushed back against that trend over the years and now it's their own president that wants to wants to do that is he likely to pick the face some pushback from his own party. absolutely so what we expect we're going to see is not only challenges in the courts that could open a whole array of lawsuits but also in congress nancy pelosi has already said as as the speaker of the house in control of the house of representatives the democratic party that they will challenge this legislatively once that is expected to pass the house of representatives in order for anything to come lott has to pass both chambers the chamber of the senate is controlled by republicans so that speaks to your point it is definitely going to be difficult and probably split the republican party over this issue because we already know that there are some republicans in the senate who are ideologically opposed to the actions that the president is
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taking for the reasons we've just discussed so this is expected to potentially divide the republican party and also make it very difficult for the next two years for donald trump to work with congress over any sort of spending issue expect that what this is lining up is a very big issue when it comes to the two thousand and twenty presidential election all right carefully halkett with the latest there from washington d.c. kimberly thank you. or leaders are meeting in germany to decide how to contain the threat from eisel after the armed group lost almost all of its territory in syria and iraq defeating the group will be among the issues on the agenda at the munich security conference speakers from the us russia iran and the e.u. will be addressing the delegates or governments have adopted different strategies on the issue. for us and munich to tell us and helpings are are getting off to a start there. yes the conference has started with opening statements from. officials from different parts of the
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world the nato chief and also from the german defense minister this is the most important annual gathering on global security it debates different issues of geopolitical significance from the challenges posed by the growing influence of countries like west russia and china to issues like the war in syria the conflict in yemen the fight against isis stability in the middle east and the g.c.c. crisis to name a few and joining me to talk more about those issues is mr durst with director of the stockholm international peace research institute mr done with the report of the munich conference states and china as the biggest what to western democracies is this a sign an indication that both could be on a collision course well i think that you've seen over the past four or five years
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steadily increasing tensions between russia and the u.s. and its allies and in the last couple of years also a build up of tensions between the u.s. and china so i think there is and there is clearly increasing toxicity increasing poison in the international system whether that means a collision course in terms of something so dramatic and so often we we don't really want to. think about it i mean that's that's forecasting that's not for me to say the evidence is of an international system of political relations which is in trouble at the moment and in which there's less cooperation than there had been before this is supposed to be a gathering good balance multilateralism and call for action but we comes to issues like iran the u.s. is pushing for a tougher stance more like salacious of the pushing the europeans to stay away from the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal the europeans are resisting this bush what does it leave the the international corporation well as you say there's a push in different directions that the u.s.
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convened this big conference in warsaw just now and at the same time the major european powers didn't turn up and instead they've been focusing on developing this so-called special purpose physical to try to make trading of financing a bit more possible with iran i don't think there's a big breakthrough on either side so i think there is a it's a static situation and it's a stalemate that is not helpful for iran or for the people of iran who want sanctions relief nor is it actually helpful for peace and security in the middle east where we want to see as you said an increasing cooperation some how they have to get over this moment and in some ways i have to say the u.s. administration has to drop this obsession with iran speaking of the violence and instability and the middle east brings up to the minds. of some of the countries in the region. are stated in the report are some of the biggest spenders in arms sales which raises medicine says about the future of the region particularly comes to the
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issue of human could this be a platform to push for an immediate end to the conflict in yemen which has created the crisis was it i'm sure there will be a big discussion about the situation in yemen and it is it's an enormous humanitarian crisis and it's not clear that the cease fire agreement that the swedish government brokered just before christmas for the her data port for. it's not clear really how well that's working and how well it's being respected i think in the bigger picture the middle east is a region of crisis and conflict and external intervention has sometimes been well intentioned and sometimes not but it has not been helping to ease the region's way towards peace and security so from somewhere the region has to find the resources within it to make not path possible itself with director of the stockholm international peace research institute thank you very much indeed richelle the
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bailouts and all meetings will be closely watched by the international media that would give us an indication as to which way the way is going to blow in the future like meeting between the russians and the americas against the backdrop of the times intention to pull out from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty or between the russian americas of the chinese against the backdrop of the trade war waged by the trump administration against the chinese the biggest concern voiced by the leaders converging here in in mir is that this mounting tension could elise the most unprecedented arms of grace in the region and you could dismantle the international liberal order there has prevailed in the world after the second world war white house press and you know caution and care. i've put it to weather now every time we got a cold wind blowing towards washington d.c. rachela the moment washington state is feeling the wintry effect if you take
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a look at the satellite picture you can see lots of that last little spike ling of shower cloud coming into that northwestern quarter of the u.s. last a cloud to right down into california and we've had more heavy rain and some snow here past few days we have been talking about the tarantula rainfall that has been causing some problems around california and we have seen some widespread flooding actually one of the levees have been broken we keeping a close eye on this is in the north of california and we could have further problems as we go on through the next couple of days so this is the situation at the moment for friday more snow coming into the pacific northwest right down through oregon pushing into northern parts of california san francisco struggling to get to eleven celsius even l.a. at thirteen degrees on the cool side west the east coast is a good deal out of that look at they say seventeen degrees celsius but this area snow that we have moving through the great plains that's going to ease its way further east with some rain on the southern flank dc's down to seven degrees by the
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commie come to sas day that is celsius there over towards the west coast then we go on into sunday more snow that's pushing its way into central areas but d.c. will struggle with show to get to three degrees. still ahead on al jazeera breaking his silence haiti's president rejects demands to step down because for dialogue after a week of demonstrations. again this time the ranging interview with please tell me on some heroes of human rights being celebrated at that shares our length film festival. and sport unless employees return to the world rally championship for this formal former title winner. the two thousand mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the boat comes route begins to close for refugees it has become
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a race against time for one syrian family. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left at home. sky ground a witness documentary on al-jazeera. and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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three kept up stories for you now. and al jazeera in israel us president has accused the u.s. of trying to destabilize his country an interview with al-jazeera nicholas which are also criticized european nations per supporting u.s. military intervention. and the government is promising a strong response against pakistan which it blames for the worst attack in the minister kashmir in decades at least forty four indian soldiers were killed by a car bomb on thursday. president donald trump says he will declare a national emergency to secure funding for border wall with mexico earlier congress passed a spending bill without money for the border to avoid another government shutdown. spain's prime minister has called a general election after losing an important budget vote will now head to the polls
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on the twenty eighth of april this will be the third election and for here on thursday politicians who support independence for the catalonia region were among those who voted against the proposed budget. spain must continue to advance and progress from a point of tolerance and respect from moderation and common sense excluding politics from frustration growing and creating quality employment was redistributing wealth consolidating and recognizing not just the rights and liberties we gained in the last forty years but also expanding the perimeter of those rights and liberty strengthening social cohesion and territorial cohesion as the only guarantee to preserve spains unity for this. with the powers given to me as prime minister of spain and after consultation with the council of ministers i proposed to the chamber of parliament on the complication of
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a general elections for twenty eight years but it's rare as professor of comparative politics a competence a university and she says a right wing party could make gains in the election. most polarized political scenery since the endo's wouldn't danger shipping. by main political forces in these peut to gain the sunnis it and they are the parliament in april. this date if we were thinking about three different dates april may and june the four but probably the april. call it is the best one for the actual government plan chair. indeed they can and they can sell a really powerful these girls against nationalism the right with fire. and then profit out of the way indium a local and your elections this is the first hand at the strain by acquire it would
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. be at the finest parliament but on the side all these suits that whereby all of the popularity because we were an exception a european exception here in which we have only one bead. inside there we've got liberals conservatives christian democrats and right wings green right and people so now they are a guest getting out of there but in the book we are so now we know it sadly for who are who are the forces behind that so i don't think they will get more than ten percent of it's also got. a week after demonstrations began demonstrators began to manning haiti's president step down job and refusing to quit at least eight people have been killed in the protests haitians are angry about rising prices and government corruption and as album reports from the capital port au prince
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opposition leaders say they will continue to call for his resignation. the streets of port au prince are quiet. but many fear the violence which has gripped the country for more than a week could begin again at any moment the anger here stems from a government audit which discovered more than two billion dollars in development funds are unaccounted for the money in question was part of an oil assistance program called bit look at it. the present time comes from. former president hugo chavez who wanted to have self. we've conjured. but what happened. in spending that money and. all those project that they were supposed to realize they didn't realize the evidence of mismanaged funds can be seen across the country in unfinished infrastructure projects like this half built overpass even renovation the national parliament building
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a multi-million dollar effort financed in part with bit to get even money is still far from completed more than seven years since construction began. making his first public appearance since the protests started on february seventh president condemned the violence on the streets but didn't outline any steps toward finding a resolution. an aide to the haitian president says the flames of the discontent are being fanned by the president's political opponents. ation politicians always want to get rid of the president after a year or two that's why we have this chronic instability the president wants and he's open to have a frank dialogue. while the latest protests in haiti are linked to the bad look at even scandal discontent with the government has been mounting since the aftermath of the two thousand and ten earthquake where more than one hundred thousand people were killed with widespread poverty
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a declining economy and new evidence of systemic corruption and you're finally reached a boiling point on the streets of the haitian capital. we're in downtown port au prince where there is in an easy call as people pick up the pieces after more than a week of protests there are still roadblocks set up that are preventing the free flow of traffic and the tension that seems to suggest that the unrest may not be over just yet anti-government demonstrators have renewed calls for more protests continuing to demand the resignation of the president a condition that has made no indication of accepting the more moderate figures of the opposition are calling for a national dialogue one that includes voices from all sectors of haitian society however remains to be seen both sides will be able to find a lasting resolution to the ongoing political crisis went up a little dizzy to port au prince. thousands of striking nurses in kenya have defied a deadline given by the president to return to work or risk losing their jobs
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they've been on strike since february fourth demanding the government pay outstanding allowances and promotions owed to the catherine sawyer has more from nairobi. this is my sorry national referral hospital it's one of four public health facilities a narrow view witnesses joins thousands of those from several counties across the country that have gone on strike saying that they want their demands met they have defied many of them have defied a presidential directive telling them to come back on friday or they will be fired the president to do to get to the day to actually show up. because they were stored . in twenty seven team. implementing. labor cabinet secretaries no compromises not mosque goods walk he says that this
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strike is illegal and has been deemed so by the industrial court which ordered the nazis to go back to walk and allow room for negotiation now there's going to be a big meeting on saturday between health ministry officials government officials and the knox's union as well to mop out a way forward an implementation of this payment of these allowances there. is a process. that is a controversial move. these are not his off public hospitals and they deal with the majority of kenyans who cannot afford to go to expensive private hospitals they walk under extremely strange conditions and they say that disappointed when the government says it cannot afford to pay them yet they see for example members of parliament often increasing their benefits yet they see
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a corruption which is rum punch in this country and they say they just want what used to you to them and that is just about a hundred and fifty dollars each to be paid out that was to be paid out in faces the white house says the u.s. and chinese officials will meet in washington next week they'll continue trade talks after a two day meeting in beijing failed to produce an agreement presidential paying matt u.s. treasury secretary statement a chance to work out a deal on tariffs the two sides are trying to reach an agreement before march first when the u.s. plans to increase levies on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports adrian brown has more from beijing. these talks are now over the u.s. delegation on its way back to washington president xi jinping has confirmed that the talks have effectively been adjourned and they will resume in washington next week the talks did not make the sort of progress that either side had hoped for
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hopes of a breakthrough have therefore been misplaced now remember there is a real sense of urgency to these negotiations because president donald trump had said that unless there was a deal by march the first beijing time march the second washington time that he was prepared to levy new terrorists on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products raising those terrorists from ten to twenty five percent but before the delegation left the delegation including steve minutiae in the u.s. treasury secretary and robert lighthouse or the u.s. trade representative they had meetings with president xi jinping and he offered them words of encouragement. we all think that in terms of maintaining to prosperity and stability of the world as well as promoting global economic prosperity in development our two countries share broad mutual interests. well late
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on friday evening the official chinese news agency should while released more details of what president xi jinping said to the u.s. that occasion they quote him as saying that the united states and china can't live without each other we are willing to solve our problems in a cooperative way but in very nuanced language president xi jinping also said cooperation has conditions now what the united states wants beyond a reduction in the trade deficit beyond you know terrorists is for china to make big structural reforms to its economy its century wants china to drop its current industrial model and to basically become a market economy like the united states but the response from china is essentially a dream on france's growing em patient with britain's indecision over it that's after britain's parliament rejected a motion to support prime minister theresa may strategy to leave the european union
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france's minister says the economy is hurting because of uncertainty in britain is regina's anybody think i'd like to tell operatives friends it's time to decide if they want to live in friendly terms or leave up probably it's their choice the incessant to us reinforce yesterday but another difficult search in the columns of mrs may and then it's hanging over the business community woman and man to man about sentenced to death and me and maher for the murder of a prominent lawyer and close adviser to the head of government on sun searching the men were found guilty of killing at yangon airport in two thousand and seventeen two other men received prison sentences when he was working on reforms aimed at challenging the military's grip on power as that was a setback for searches government which has promised to bring changes after decades of military rule.
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