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tv   Bringing Back The Bison  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2019 10:33pm-11:00pm +03

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believe the european union france's minister says the economy is hurting because of uncertainty in britain. anybody think i'd like to tell friends it's time to decide if they want to live with a friend or leave a problem it's the best choice the incessant to us reinforce yesterday but another difficult mrs may never the business community. too many been sentenced to death and me and mar for the murder of a prominent lawyer and close adviser to the head of government. the men were found guilty of killing. an airport in two thousand and seventeen two other men received prison sentences when he was working on reforms and it challenging the military's grip on power and step was a setback for searches government which has promised to bring changes after decades of military rule.
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thousands of students in the u.k. are skipping school to march against climate change it's the first time young people in britain have taken part in a movement that has seen protests across europe since august are calling on the government to take urgent measures to address the crisis need barker has more from london. those early years were to see a demonstration outside the british parliament but it is unusual not of the average joe who is only roughly about thirteen years old the kind of the pursuit and action
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of goes on around the loo when it comes to covert action has led to young people taking things into the own homes they see very much because of a growing international movement called sconce trikes for climate action the lady being big demonstrations that have taken place in front of him belgium scandinavia and germany and though the u.k. dozer how putting a cool takes of fashion in thirty towns and cities across the country mottola but take a look here one of the organizers i know what if you could step down for new books for a second here none of this of course is about a little bit more than people just changing their habits a home about turning off lights about carpooling and things like that what message are you trying to get to those in power. we want days and how it's united and not touring and all kinds of maybe young people feel betrayed we hate because we need to protect off each other because the baton is foreign to us to protect our future
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because they have failed us we have because we need system change we need imminent environmental or forum on i know it's. at the moment they're failing us thank you very much it was you were the system changes that was most crucial elements of this demonstration much more than about shining lights off much more than about thinking how we use cause the feeling here is that because the situation is so dire with the international panel on climate change saying there are only twelve years left to although it irreversible effects on the environment that is really down to the people empowering governments around the world to effect change and to initiate legislation through the government when it comes to schools letting these young people breathe here the government so it is up to the schools to make that decision themselves but when it comes to michigan our will to have lessons on a friday these young people say it's absolutely worth it for the future of the planet. all right time for sport with ana thank you very much to
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a brazilian football team flamingo have been back in action for the first time since a training ground fire killed ten a youth players well around fifty thousand fans attended the game against rivals immanency the match at rio's maracana stadium had originally been due to kick off last saturday just hours after the incident one of the victims of the fire last week were all aged between fourteen and sixteen police are still investigating the cause of the blaze. arsenal suffered surprise defeat against a solver in the first leg of their round of thirty two tie and the europa league or last season's semifinalists were beaten one nil and by the us to make matters worse for arsenal their star striker alexander has said it was a red carded late in the game hell missed the return leg in london. in that the moment we got the chance is more than then but there were people that asked
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action for us is not efficient but we did all of we did that much for four we used in the first ninety minutes there were no other major abscess is serious and then napoli getting wins although latvia went down to severe victories also for valencia and better ryall and chelsea bounced back from their six their loss to manchester city in the premier league to beat mom all to one. you know very well that if you are with mental condition in england in ten days fifteen days here you can you can lose three four but importantly choose so we need consistency we need to approach every mention the same way. not easy but we have to . pass it on our manager and nest of a very good has signed a new deal with the club valverde now has the option to stay with barr cental twenty twenty one he won the league and cup in his first season in charge and right
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now his team are top of the league and in the last sixteen of the champions league in the n.b.a. the new orleans pelicans that beat all the home the city thunder despite losing their top player to an injury the pelicans that anthony davis scored fourteen points for rebounds and two assists he was in the game for sixteen minutes but had to leave off the first half off to picking up a shoulder injury the founders russell westbrook had forty four points fourteen rebounds and eleven assists but it wasn't enough to prevent the pickens winning hundred thirty one two hundred and twenty two. they are land of magic and in the thirteen game losing streak against the charlotte hornets orlando beat them hundred twenty seven to eighty nine for their fifth win and. scored his fifth straight double double with seventeen points and
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eleven rebounds as the magic's first victory over charlotte since december twenty fifth in. florida same principle has said the team needs to reach another level is there to challenge mercy this for the world championships so are you have been showing off the new car they hope will bring them success when the new season begins next month the last drive out to win the world title with kenya rikon in back in two thousand and seven sebastian vettel is joined in the enjoyed then by charles for the latest title bit. excited to start this new adventure obviously is a dream since. i've always been looking at the right hoping to be one day in this car so yeah yeah it's a very emotional day for me and i've also been part of the ferry drivers academy some years now about how has helped me massively to develop as
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a driver four time world champion mckayla shipper and has missed out all gold in her latest tied to run the american finished with a bronze in the giants' event in sweden instead. overcame some high winds to win slovakia's first ever world title has first major gold medal she friend has already won gold in the super g. an aura and the twenty three year old american has one last shot at another medal in such a baseline. i know it's really tough. for me it's amazing and i'm. inside. now i didn't expect today to fairfax and. i've also. had. to time well dryly champion marcus column has made a less than glorious with turn to the sport making his first start and nine years
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the fifty one year old was forced to retire from riley sweden off to this spent. last won the world title in two thousand and two stone is all time is over all the . that's it for me richelle and i thank you very much. to films telling the little all stories of people who risked their lives to record crimes against humanity are being shot at they are one film festival one deals with the nazi occupation of poland the other with a manmade famine in the soviet union under former leader joseph stalin and reports . every twenty third. street looks like all the news. everywhere you go you see. an entry from emanuel ringle believes diary he was instrumental in jews hiding a huge cache of documentation in the warsaw ghetto the nazi occupation. to write.
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the largely young told story forms the basis of history showing at the berlin film festival. this documentary mixes contemporary interviews with dramatize ations to make the individual characters more vivid. the germans are sending. the. german succeeded in not only wiping out the jewish people but wiping out their memory and. to bury the truth so that one day. the story of what really happened could be told from wrong. moscow one another genocide story which had its world premiere in berlin is mr jones it stars james norton as well as journalist gareth jones. again this time arranging an interview with starlin in the one nine hundred thirty s. the reporter battle to reveal what's known as the whole lot of all the manmade
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famine under soviet leader joseph stalin which killed millions of ukrainians. from. all the director says just as jones felt compelled to get the story out she felt compelled to tell his tale and she sees clear parallels with current events you know what i'd call at this. the politicians the corruption of media and the indifference of the general public of the society this is something which opens the door far the disaster we can see on the screen and where it's happened in twentieth century nowadays there's no shortage of reminders of the crimes of the nazis like this memorial to europe's murdered jews but the message from the filmmakers is that people remembering what
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happened shouldn't be taken for granted. and that's why they're hoping works like this get seen by as big an audience as possible. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights. over the. oppressed. continue to keep the negro. malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face. this part
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of south london is home to people from all over the world you might assume this multicultural pockets of the capital is entirely against a brick say it's often portrayed as a defense of whites britain but it's not so with this nigerian restaurant there is a quiet satisfaction of the prospects of the u.k. cutting its ties with europe. rage offering a life. for calm british gladney for breakfast not because i've been anything against the roof and why it's we give was this leveraging some sort of treatment opportunity walk. the fire begin the bridges and visit drives to leave the united kingdom after just a day when. when people come from europe to come to the country to visit and assist them in going into. a field. i feel jealous about.
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rewind returns i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya how was the foot looks. like and the other student rewind continues with spirit child we do stories that have impact on society i testify and to make sure that the bad guys behind bad ass so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work rewind on al-jazeera. democrats saying congress when the president not to abuse his power astonished trump threatens to declare an emergency and to secure funding for his border wall. i'm richelle carey this is. is there a lot for coming out. of the presentation they are attempting on february twenty
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third will not happen as well as president nicolas maduro tells al-jazeera he will not let us aid into his country. and they are promising a crushing response to an attack on indian administered kashmir that it blames on pakistan. after losing a vote on the budget spain's prime minister calls for a general election at the end of april the third and less than four years. us president expected to speak shortly on his plans for a border wall with mexico is on a collision course the democrats in congress after saying he will declare a national emergency funding for one of the central campaign promises a bill to avoid another government shutdown was passed by both houses on thursday but it denies the money he says he needs to build barrier the going live in
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a moment to washington d.c. for the latest political reaction first john hendren reports on they haven't seen congress i actually think it's bad politics as president trump ended one showdown with congress he set off another the yeas are eighty three nays are sixty ending the threat of another government shutdown the senate and house of representatives passed a spending bill that does not include the five point seven billion dollars president trump wanted for a border wall with mexico but as the president signaled he would sign that measure the white house said trump will also declare a national emergency on the border giving him access to contingency funds that congress has already approved it will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time. and i've indicated to him that i'm going to prepare to support the national emergency declaration democratic leaders immediately promise to challenge president trump couldn't convince mexico he couldn't convince the american people he couldn't convince their elected
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representatives to pay for his ineffective and expensive wall so now he's trying an end run around congress in a desperate attempt to put taxpayers on the hook for it make no mistake. congress will defend our constitutional authorities in every way that we can democrats say it's hard to argue that illegal immigration is a crisis when border arrests are at a forty year low we will review our options would be fair to respond appropriately to it i know the republicans have some an ease about it no matter what they say because if the president can to clear an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency and in the illusion that he wants to convey just think of what a president with different values can present to the american people democrats and even some republicans warn the president is setting
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a dangerous precedent opening the door for future presidents to achieve unilaterally what they could not get out of congress a future democratic president they say could one day declare global warming or gun violence to be national emergencies the democrats who control the house have already signaled they will vote on a bill to block emergency funding for a border wall but in the republican controlled senate that measure is unlikely to pass if trump can overcome a certain court challenge that would give him the chance to fulfill his promise to funded two thousand mile wall if not the promise that mexico would pay for it john hendren zero washington. our white house correspondent complete how could trends us live from the white house so clearly president try to make his case for why he says this is an emergency he recently had a. rally in el paso which is actually one of the safest cities in the country. expected to continue to try to make this case even though the polls and the polls
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don't show that americans agree with them. yeah that's exactly what's about to happen and something that the white house has apparently been working on since august when the then budget director now chief of staff mick mulvaney was first directed to start looking at areas of already approved funding from congress in order to try and construct the president's border wall this is really a lot about public relations this is a president that's focused on marketing and messaging and simplistic messages so what we heard in the campaign trail twenty sixteen build the wall build the wall now as he signs this legislation he's only getting one point three billion to build the wall not the five point seven that he was looking for so the president is trying to characterize this is a win he knows that he can't shut the government down again when it happened a few weeks ago for thirty five days most polls show that republicans and donald trump are blamed for that shutdown so this is how the president is trying to show
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his supporters that he is winning that he is carrying out and delivering on his campaign promises by using this funds that have already been appropriated we should point out that congress has under the constitution given the president's broad authority when it comes to national emergencies what they haven't given though is the power to sort of spend as they wish and this is clearly something that is out of the u.s. constitution mandated by congress it's a co-equal branch of government so expect that we're going to see a lot of challenges not just legislatively but also legally so any way to know how this is going to play out as there precedent for this type of situation can really . there have been precedents at the smaller level for example we have seen. accusations against barack obama that he was circumventing congress with regard to health care with regard to protected status for immigrants the courts did slap down
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some of those challenges and this was sort of seen as kind of a test case but this goes much further so the argument that there's precedent in theory of precedent actually this is been going on for about twenty years we've seen the erosion of congressional oversight on the executive branch or the white house what we expect to see playing out with respect to this case is legal challenges but also legislative challenges in the house of representatives nancy pelosi the house speaker has already said she sees this is a gross abuse of power the question will become or shell what happens in the senate we know that the challenges will pass by the democrats in the house the senate is a little bit more tricky is controlled by republicans we do know that some republicans are ideologically opposed to the president taking this course of action the question becomes whether they will defy him block his efforts or support him that is still in question ok i can really help him live for us at the white house can really thank you. the white house says u.s. and chinese officials will meet in washington next week they will continue trade
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talks after a two day meeting in beijing to produce an agreement president xi jinping met u.s. treasury secretary steve minucci to work out a deal on terrorists the two sides are trying to reach an agreement before march first when the u.s. plans to increase levies on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports. and as i was president has accused us of trying to destabilize his country and interfere with nicolas maduro says the u.s. backed opposition's call to bring in aid on february the twenty third is nothing but political theater and they want accept it but are also criticized european nations for supporting u.s. military intervention. i think that some europeans made a mistake when they supported the american war in iraq can you ask any of the coalition countries was it necessary to intervene militarily in iraq and divide it and kill millions of its people i think they also made
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a mistake when they bombed libya and killed more than one hundred thousand civilians can these areas be corrected i think they made mistakes in their destructive policy approach in syria and making more mistakes with venezuela. this does not happen and will not happen any material that comes from outside the country must be subject to certain conditions such as inspection and taxes as in all countries whether by. and then there will be no problems there for the trickle presentation the air attempting on feb twenty third will not happen. after conducting a dialogue with the opposition in the dominican republic we agreed to hold the yearly presidential election in the first four months of last year after which part of the opposition withdrew and did not sign the agreement and eventually it was agreed on may twentieth these elections were conducted according to the law and the
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constitution and with international and local observers ten million voters participated in the elections and eighty six percent of the voters voted for me therefore the interim legislative elections were done and anything else is just whims and attempts to destabilize the country from the white house and as well as top court has. role that opposition appointed oil executives must face criminal prosecution the opposition controlled congress has named a new board of directors for the state oil giant as well as its u.s. subsidiary america my washington obsession by the supreme court which backs president maduro is the latest move in a tussle for control of venezuela's oil revenue will see a new miniport some progress. in the capital of the country with the world's largest fossil fuel reserves practically everything you see was built with oil money and now that money along with an israel is oil production has been reduced to a trickle. last month the us blocked the transfer of dividends from citgo the state
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oil companies us subsidiary its crown jewel. citgo represents about seventy percent of in as well as hard currency a government that is already experiencing an unmanageable fiscal deficit and a suddenly deprived of seventy percent of its income and a government when no one who lend it money is simply economically unviable. that's the point of the u.s. sanctions to strangle than israel economically to force president nicole last month a little out. we had a lot shipment of medicines to last the country through a year and a large battle for all materials for food the contras frozen the contracts are cancelled and the monies they suffocate us steve our money and then say hold on to the scrum and put on a show for the world venezuela with dignity since no to the global show.
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and now to add insult to injury the opposition controlled legislature has named a new board of directors to take over the u.s. based company. citgo operates refineries and supplies some fifty five hundred petrol stations in twenty nine u.s. states. and israel a supreme court which is loyal to president. issued a rapid response. this is yet another assault by the national assembly which has been declared unlawful against a video as well as most vital resource its decision regarding p.b.s. say a constitutionally protected company are null and void and have no legal effect the judge also ordered the extradition of the board members named by.


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