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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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they suffocate us stede our money and then say hold on to the scrum and put on a show for the world venezuela with dignity since no to the global show knowledge or money or not. and now to add insult to injury the opposition controlled legislature has named a new board of directors to take over the u.s. based company. citgo operates refineries and supplies some fifty five hundred petrol stations in twenty nine u.s. states. and israel a supreme court which is loyal to president nicolas my little issued a rapid response. to this is yet another assault by the national assembly which has been declared a more full against of it as well as most vital resource its decision regarding p.b.s. say a constitutionally protected company void and have no legal effect the judge also ordered the extradition of the board members named by the national assembly the
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trumpet ministrations prepares to announce yes war sanctions aimed at further tightening the economic news on president of the sea and human got access. claymore head on al-jazeera breaking his silence haiti's president projects demands to step down but calls for a dialogue after a weekend demonstration. and taking its business elsewhere why amazon no longer wants to set up shop in new york. hello the weather continues over a rather unsettled thread across central parts of john a lot of cloud here what's of ryan and in the same place and pieces of snow for a toddler so pushing his wife toward shanghai where temperatures will struggle to get to around sixty degrees celsius for the southeast right in hong kong we getting
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up into the low twenty's over the next couple of days whether that wintry weather the rain sleet and snow that will continue into central parts of a sunday night to some cloud and rain just pushing its way down towards the southwest north northern parts of vietnam could also see some one said weather for most of india china is fine and dry and indeed across much of india it is fine in dry but you push a little further north there is some wet weather around that's sliding its way off pain to nepal some wintry weather over the high ground here twenty celsius the top temperature for new delhi so strong struggling a little on those temperatures for the south bengaluru chennai getting up to about thirty one thirty two degrees over the next couple of days but about. a few showers just creeping in here a special little further north some wet weather some wintry weather just coming out of northern pakistan into afghanistan for a time we've also got some rather disturbed weather making its way across iran for a time that will make its way further east.
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talked to al jazeera. we ask you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want to be a limitation of an india although that's not exactly my point we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. watching out to zero let's recap the top stories for you guessed president donald
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trump says he will declare a national emergency to secure funding for a border wall with mexico earlier a congress passed a spending bill without money for the border to avoid another government shutdown trump is expected to speak with them the next hour. as well as president has accused the u.s. of trying to destabilize his country at an interview with al-jazeera nicolas maduro also criticized european nations for supporting u.s. military intervention. and his government is promising a strong response against pakistan which it blames for an attack on endian administered kashmir they killed forty four of its soldiers on thursday delhi has seven pakistan's envoy and handed over a diplomatic protest note. denies supporting the group thought to be behind the attack or part manly has more. scenes of devastation body parts strewn across the highway in the indian administered kashmir dozens were
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killed when a cop packed with explosives rammed into a truck that was part of the security convoy india's prime minister modi observed a moment of silence to remember the victims before he gave a strong warning mass but you don't let it go i want to tell the terrorist groups and their patrons that they have committed a huge mistake and they will have to pay a big price for this. it's the worst attack to hit the disputed himalayan region in three decades the. group. says it's responsible for the attack although denies any involvement india has accused it of allowing armed groups to operate freely pakistan's foreign ministry issued a statement calling the attack a matter of grave concern saying they've always condemned heightened acts of violence in the valley india has taken diplomatic steps including shutting down trade between the neighboring nations. has been divided between india and pakistan
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since one thousand nine hundred forty seven both countries claimed the area tens of thousands have been killed in the past three decades. this latest attack targeted a large military convoy investigators are still trying to piece together how the armed group was able to strike such a sensitive target what is the nature of the explosion. what does it not all subject of mr nation as india's national investigation agency begins its work activists are on the streets of indian administered kashmir with many chanting anti pak fence logans and the government to shut down internet in some areas the military has imposed a curfew in parts of india in the midst of kashmir in attempt to restore calm nor about a man the al jazeera the fight against the war in yemen and the iran nuclear deal are among the issues dominating our security conference and determining leaders
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from the u.s. russia and the european union will all be addressing delegates are trying to live now from munich so i just gave a list there but let's talk about the middle east for us what's expected to be discussed. richelle the middle east is an issue which is going to be debated closely by the world leaders attending the munich security conference for different reasons they say that they are concerned about the war in syria particularly about the conflicts in yemen and there is this drive by the international community to put an end to the conflict in yemen which has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and how to that that would be the biggest challenge facing the key players here because the ultimately need to put more pressure on the sandy led coalition and convince all the parties are viable potts's in yemen to set aside their differences and negotiate
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a political settlement the report issued by the minutes ago to conference says that . says seven countries in the region are some of the most spenders when it comes to defense spending which creates more concerns about instability in the in the region and this is now the call for more cooperation between all those members to try to solve some of the problems that face particular when it comes to the in the fight against. so it was their focus yesterday on the international stage a two big meetings one in poland and one in sochi and russia how is iran being discussed there. it will continue to dominate the agenda but it's a defining issue particular with the analysis of america pushing for a united unilateral approach with more international isolation against iran we're
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expecting us. president mike pence to deliver a speech asking the e.u. to stay away at all to withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal something which is dismissed by the e.u. the journalist sentiment among many key players is that the only way to engage with iran is to stay in the nuclear deal and to find other diplomatic means because ultimately if you want to solve the crisis in the war in syria or the war in yemen you need to have the iranian on board the biggest concern is that the aggressive approach by the americans could create a backlash among the iranians and that could decide to further destabilize the region. for a second at hussian thank you spain's prime minister petro sanchez has called for a general election after losing an important budget vote will now head to the polls on the twenty eighth of april this will be the third election and for years on
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wednesday politicians his support and dependents for the catalonia region were among those who voted against the proposed budget. spain must continue to advance and progress from a point of tolerance and respect from moderation and common sense excluding politics from frustration growing and creating employment redistributing wealth consolidating and recognizing not just the rights and liberties we gained in the last forty years but also expanding the perimeter of those rights and liberties strengthening social cohesion and territorial cohesion as the only guarantee to preserve spains unity for this new with the powers given to me as prime minister of spain and after consultation with the council of ministers i propose dissolving the chamber of parliament and the convocation of the general elections for twenty eighth of april by. professor of comparative politics a competence a university and she says the right wing party could make gains in the election.
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the most polarized political reasons the endos wouldn't date or shipping. by many illegal forces in these feuds to gain the sunnis it and they are the parliament in april. these days we were thinking about three different dates april may and the four but probably the april. call it is the best one for the actual government plan to. do to they go and they can sell a really powerful these girls against nationalism and the right with fire authorities and then profit are those the or the way in the main local and york and elections this is a first hand at the strain by a choir it will. be at the parliament on the side all these suits whereby
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of the popular party because we were an exception in europe an exception here in which we have only one b. . inside there and then we got liberals conservatives democrats and right wing string right. people so now they are guests getting out of the back of the book we are so now we know it sadly who are who are the forces behind that so i don't think they will get more than and ten percent of its autobots. i think after protesters take and demanding haiti's president step down from now moyes to quit at least eight people have been killed in the protests haitians are angry about rising food and food prices that as government corruption and i. reports from the capital port au prince opposition leaders say they will continue to call for moyses resignation. the streets of
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port au prince are quiet. but many fear the violence which is gripped the country for more than a week could begin again at any moment the anger here stems from a government audit which discovered more than two billion dollars in development funds are unaccounted for the money in question was part of an oil assistance program called bit look at a difficult time. for president. we've. but what i've. been spending. all those. lies they don't realize the evidence of mismanaged funds can be seen across the country in unfinished infrastructure projects like this half built overpass even renovation the national parliament building a multi-million dollar effort financed in part with bit to get even money is still
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far from completed more than seven years since construction began. making his first public appearance since the protests started on february seventh president condemned the violence on the streets but didn't outline any steps toward finding a resolution today an aide to the haitian president says the flames of the discontent are being fanned by the president's political opponents. ation politicians always want to get rid of the president after a year or two that's why we have this chronic instability the president wants and he's open to have a frank dialogue. well the latest protests in haiti are linked to the bad look at even scandal discontent with the government has been mounting since the aftermath of the two thousand and ten earthquake where more than one hundred thousand people were killed with widespread poverty a declining economy and new evidence of systemic corruption and you're finally reached a boiling point on the streets of the haitian capital we're in downtown port au
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prince where there isn't an easy call as people pick up the pieces after more than a week of protests there are still roadblocks set up that are preventing the free flow of traffic and the tension that seems to suggest that the unrest may not be over just yet anti-government demonstrators have renewed calls for more protests continuing to demand the resignation of the president a condition that moyes has made no indication of accepting the more moderate figures of the opposition are calling for a national dialogue one that includes voices from all sectors of haitian society however remains to be seen both sides will be able to find a lasting resolution to the ongoing political crisis. and dizzy to port au prince. yes tech giant amazon has to change a billion dollar plan to build its headquarters and new york the deal announced in november was set to bring twenty five thousand jobs to the city political opposition and a backlash from taxpayers has forced the online retailer to abandon the project
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christen salumi reports. the announcement that amazon was canceling plans to move to this new york neighborhood brought cheers from city council member jimmy bramer and a grassroots coalition of opponents amazon chose to walk away rather than fight for what it believed in. but not everyone was celebrating the. goal was some local residents came out to heckle the politician a minute jamie upset over the loss of jobs amazon had promised to bring twenty five thousand of them and local investment these guys didn't act on the behest of the community act in the behest of their own political careers period new york's mayor and governor were among dozens around the country that fought to woo amazon offering nearly three billion dollars in tax incentives and construction grants to bring the company right to this neighborhood in new york city but almost as soon as the deal was announced there was opposition and backlash. local legislators who
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weren't consulted on the deal held hearings and citizens paraded amazon representatives concerned about increasing congestion as well as the cost of living in their neighborhood. while property owners and some trade unions favored the deal and the revenue it would bring other unions complained about the company's labor practices and you know there's no reason that we should have ever been giving or even considering giving three billion dollars to the richest corporation in the entire world and to the richest man in the entire world amazon said in a statement that it was clear they didn't have the necessary support of local politicians though polls show the move was supported by seventy percent of new yorkers the governor called it a loss but i've never seen a more absurd situation where political pandering and obvious pandering so defeat it's
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a bona fide the economic development project amazon says it will not look for a replacement site at this time instead focusing on its existing offices and expansion plans elsewhere in the country kristen salumi al jazeera new york flights were temporarily grounded at devise main international airport after a suspected drone activity air traffic was suspended for a little over thirty minutes as airport authorities investigating the situation answering calls delays and morning departures and arrivals and the region's busiest airport flying joins us for habited within five kilometers of the airport and carries a strict penalty case. i'm richelle carey these are the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he will declare a national emergency to secure funding for a border wall with mexico earlier congress passed a spending bill without money for the border to avoid another government shutdown
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trump is expected to speak within the hour. and israel's president has accused the u.s. of trying to destabilize his country in an interview with al-jazeera nicholas wonder oh says the call by the opposition back by the u.s. to bring in aid next week he says it's nothing but political theater and he will not accept it but are also criticize european nations for supporting u.s. military intervention in the past. i think that some europeans made a mistake when they supported the american war in iraq can you ask any of the coalition countries was it necessary to intervene militarily in iraq and divide it and kill millions of its people i think the also made a mistake when they bombed in libya and killed more than one hundred thousand civilians can these areas be corrected i think they made mistakes in the destructive policy approach in syria and are making more mistakes with venezuela. and his government is promising a strong response against pakistan which it blames for the worst attack in india
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and administers kashmir and decades at least forty four indian soldiers were killed by a car bomb on thursday pakistan denies supporting the group that claimed responsibility for that attack. spain's prime minister pedro sanchez has called for general elections after losing an important budget vote voters will now head to the polls on the twenty eighth of april this will be the third election in just four years on wednesday politicians who support and dependents for the catalonia region were among those who voted against the socialist prime minister's proposed budget and wrangling about the trial of twelve separatist leaders on sedition charges. haiti's president says he will not step down a week after violent protests all the deaths of at least eight people from an employee's has called for dialogue demonstrators are angry over rising prices and corruption during the protests police have resorted to using live bullets to disperse crowds. fired for temporarily grounded main international airport after
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a suspected drone activity air traffic was suspended for a little over thirty minutes this incident caused delays in morning departures and arrivals in the region's busiest airport as the headlines the news continues keep it on al-jazeera the stream is that next. counting the cost this week young that unemployed in africa is most populous nation joblessness is such a huge problem in nigeria. the means for global travel oppression just like you and me look inside turkey goes to states counting the cost on al-jazeera. and here in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube today our second extended episode on nigeria why aren't more women in politics the strain speaks of women about their political aspirations and their thoughts on the country's upcoming
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elections you can join us with your questions and your comments what more can be done to improve political representation for nigeria and women let us know be are you sad or on twitter. nigeria is africa's largest democracy but it has one of the lowest percentage is female political representation on the continent women make up only six percent of the country's national assembly and no nigerian woman has ever been elected president vice president or governor so what should be done to increase women's participation in government well joining us to discuss that in. june to see it she is a politician and gender activists and. she's a social democratic party candidate running for a seat in the house of representatives also and. she founded an organization
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whose objective is to promote female politicians in africa and in lagos isabella i can say she is the host of the nigerian politics program politico politico. chatty hannity's at christina do you remember that moment where you feel i am going to run i am a politician when did you know. i've known that for many years ago. i wanted to make i knew i wanted to sing make a difference in the world i knew that i wanted to be stressing but i just didn't know how and when or if it was going to be on the governmental level or on the non-governmental level but. what i didn't know. what i didn't really think about was what i was what i have experienced as a female politician join to give us one story to tell you faith that explains that experience was. my story have many staffers but. i get that
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this one when i came out to run for office i first of all i worked as an assembly for two years and i worked very closely with the later and while i was there i had developed a strong interest in becoming a lead grader because most of the legislative work there are either incompetent or not really sure what they're they're really not sure what they're doing some of they're not there for the right reasons. when i decided to run i join the. political party in office if he sees. what i joined. the governor of the state had a mockery and he told me. he will me what do you think he would give me. what do you think and what did he say how did he tell you to step down. were there
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was a mockery there were three one primary but the first two went well he was very happy with my background and the way i introduced myself and what i said i wanted to do for the people why i was running for office but the third one didn't go down well with me. called all the candidates in the state and when i got my card he called me up i stood up he called me by my name and i stood up and he said to me i scored seven percent and he looked at another guy and said you scored ninety percent and i was standing there one quarter what if you put us on to court and you've got to be are you going to accept the decision of about to make christina let's kind of change our weather because he said you know you'll say we had many chances why do you think he still can't wait to be candid conference because i think i think you have to be honest i think monday i thought ok i feel i said that the governor felt that the other guy had more money than myself all right
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good story bad story. abdul. are you getting into politics when you told you will strengthen your family that this is what you were going to do was a reaction. i was crazy to going to politics so the young woman who has young keep the thought i was in wasn't. we what i was doing. the folks i was crazy so why do you want to go into policy. you don't need one man who has a kind heart like you important politics has a lot of people but actor won't question if we don't john politics is good people then how can we change the game of the politics how can we bring to our people to deep end up democrats so that was a major reason when they when they thought their hearts the question said they were
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going to support me the have a good heart i have the mind of the people at heart. so i wanted to share one of the perspectives from our community and it kind of echoes what you were saying there about what people first told you when we asked our community why do you think there are more women in nigeria in politics low any is one of the people that responded and he said women are meant to bear children not to injure themselves in politics so bad said we got lots of people who disagree with him and i wanted to play a video comment from one of those people she sent us this is the executive director of step one theory and she's also an author and a job. and she explains some of these thinkings that lead to women not wanting to go into politics have a listen there is no way we will not one day we presume to do and politics lies in our culture. for example i have a friend who is willing for the house of representatives and she was asked if she
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had to keep permission from my husband be for money for this this is the situation we find here. and i think to improve this we need to. begin to get rid of my digital political parties to ensure the world has additional women in key political positions as well as the continual goes on the buttons of to fuel production positions and to rule the company in this. so in do you are working to tell the stories of women in politics and of course you also ran in your primary to talk to us about that the things that you face and link it to that first tweet that i read there because there's a lot of people that feel the same way if you did. well i mean the conversation when you're running for office my family where i come from. my family my mom supports my brother did not and then back home if you're not married i'm not married it's a problem or you're not married yet you're still young why are you doing this and then if you're married as
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a nigerian woman and your husband does not come from where you come from are trying to run for office in the like or your husband is not from here it means you or your loyalty to your husband's people and then if you're married to you know your husband is not from there you are running your husband the husband's place so no issue to oh you don't come from here so we just do not have a place this so much does talk of your lose your prostitutes there's the whole mansplaining every time you're trying to get something done someone who is not really as intelligent as you are trying to tell you this is how to go about it you're meeting with and you know i would love your singing i know audience would love to hear a little bit of the mansplaining you've experienced can you remember i like my signing a stage we're here in the shadow you know you can i came from the national. i walked at the head office of our party of course after present of my party in the media have done a lot of work like that you go to the village and you go oh and
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a young man's his young minute he goes you know this politics thing ha let me tell you what about the i'm like no i've been here for a while i've done this have done that yes but you know you're a woman let me teach you and it's very condescending there's a nature to it and when you try to tell them look i know what i'm doing you are you're taught to be rude of course your terms for women was strong you know there's the b. word that i can't mention here you be called rude you're trying to be a man you're. a lot of people also tell you belong in the kitchen what i mean is because you're not married that's why you have the time for all of this when you marry us about and then there's the f. word where the thing fell. and it's about being on the sea or you know one of those families yes i am one of those feminists exactly why i'm here is that i say when and you are saying it is very true because cultural conditioning and the media that's the space i play in is also a compass it import train women in politics so you want things like movies things
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like soap operas there's a particular one i watched and a woman was running for office and the men around her in her party told her she needed to get married just so she could have a better chance at running so i think the media doesn't always portray women who are in politics give them enough space give them enough mileage but that being said some of these women also have the restaurant's ability to push themselves forward so i host a political program called political politica and i made it conscious decision to be as many women as possible but i have had instances where our reach out to a woman and she will tell me that her husband said she has to be back at home at a session time and he doesn't want to on the roads another woman has told me she was doing a photo shoot and i said this is only going to take thirty minutes of your time i'm coming with my crew to record you to give you an opportunity to speak about what
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you're offering people but yet you're finding excuses so i will tell you about the nine you saw tell you about child so i think the media can do all knots more by given ample opportunities for these kind of conversations to happen if you don't only be a special edition for women in politics with men in politics should become the norm and i think women themselves need to put themselves for what they can't always blame anybody and the other thing is that some of the other women don't believe in supporting women they put a glass ceiling and that's ceiling and at senate i've had people tell me that look if you're going to wrong for him. the best you get deputy governor all household for you going to senate but presidency forgets about governorship forget about a woman can only do well at standing a woman can do lots of people who have started. isabella it's interesting yeah because i just saw a tweet that said the same thing this is al has that this is
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a man saying it has and says women in a jury are the enemy of themselves they don't vote a woman candidate we saw in the past when a woman president got only one vote during party primaries while many women were among the delegates so that's one person echoing that intimate that there is not i don't port but i just wanted to give you one more for just one second there wanted to give one more perspective because i want to share this this is from. ingrained prejudice against women is deep rooted in one theory or no matter how subtle you find even happens in some first world countries that are guilty of this she belongs either in bed or in the kitchen and not in an office and it will take a long time to get over this so i bring this one up gas and audience because we know that this same type of thinking has been seen even the highest levels of nigerian politics a passive one over to you so i mean indian avidya i know you want to get in here but let me just play this because then you can balance on the back of this this is
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your president president bihari back in twenty sixteen talking about where women should be where their place should be have a less. indi go ahead. i would say that i do not think that president will hire is the person to talk about women's participation in politics or to sound off on him but one thing is very clear his wife did show up that does not belong to any of those rooms and she's not campaigning that's an issue for the day now going forward that statement women hate each other or do not support that women it doesn't mean their social conditioning of course a lot of women in one two are on that be tricky and do not believe that they belong in sets and spaces it's not out of reach for the next woman i mean mill politicians when ogun state this we can deal with the western in each other and that does not
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come out as men hate or the men men mill politicians arrest themselves all the time it doesn't come out as men thought it meant but does not it is a very easy to true out for disadvantaged groups primarily being women it's very easy to trust women and one woman does not agree with the other or we men hit all the women these we men are not conditioned even i was not socialized no conditions what's leadership not to see women you know as neat as if my mom did not end up breaking down more than becoming a professional herself i don't think i'll have seen it most of her sisters were married off before they even touch ten years old that is the norm where i come from you know so women don't know what there is that socialization is does for solicitation to see that and your husband is telling you these young men on sweet sound that writing this kind of writing those things are not in your fifty's or sixty's they've been lots of my generation so girls like me who are seen as i remember is that understood many girls are coming just what with many wild ideas you know wanting to take over the war but by the time to get to jess to god as we
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does with our conditioning we meet them and then you start hearing them talking about their husbands houses so that's the situation now but we had many a day let me point out here you know i think. that because she's here i think we're impatient. thank you very much i mean i think you know what to india said it's a mind we what happened might i think we should talk denarii saying women don't support women and i think it's one of the tactics of the men and they were made to be the issue we have been where we should still lives our children you know we do what economics for a picnic said you know in twenty so it's a day to take on ready is for us to close the gender gap because you know some of this is as children play the structure. i think. of our culture are ok go ahead christina can i just add something to what you said in terms that we are sometimes where i kind of agree
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with her in terms of we should stop this thing about women who are a woman but if we want to look at it critically. how come we don't have we were we were boys where the boys who are the boys who are running for office how come we don't have that woman we don't have. christina you can start and i can't have any career that again i also got. him and asked her many qualities for a better a fender and a lot of what are we men i help a lot of. women and one hundred line nance's but indeed there are women as well as each other that they're most likely going to talk about their children their husband before they start talking what is now no women in politics at a golden corral you know when i just find out that. any of the isabella just let him have to strafe because no one can he you can talk all over each have a bill and you go ahead. yes thank you very much i think we need to change the
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narrative of the where we should shall i go to ground and i said i was speaking according to the water economy for us in twenty eight in the i report shows that the why good political leadership because we have not we went up to. no address the issue of women in politics in the way that you know they are so many things are practically just part of it was just i was out to grant is also one of the foundation also in the mix i know the economic our practice of revenge as being a job for them is just not to our progress but we need to change american and also with planning what it's called we need for women get more women involved into the practice structure will have more women occupied people who shawn in political leadership in political practice then we cannot talk about change you know bridging the gap in political leadership and also a change in the mindset of our would be just the doesn't matter what your money does about to put in just the women and the people called the holy grail was that
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there would be grown up part of what the bible run us said about the potential for women that women cannot be double women correct that are you know that's why it's on women why is that not going to be ok we want to go out of representation i represent the people if you can give up the ship was the shawn or chairmanship position which of microcredit been so i think you know we have a lot of usuals all sectors that need to be thought of when we want to address ok women empowerment ok guess i mean i'm going to live on a little bit average and thank you thank you that way you're going to i want to show you this picture keeping following on nigeria the sign twenty nineteen special programs and special coverage in order that twitter tweets going out that you will see this site is here this was a former candidate for this time and a lot of shit so her name is bobby and second and she dropped out. in january she's very prominent she's
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a former minister very well known she talks about the barriers to competing in politics in nigeria have a listen because. there were women. or the parties to. or the party platforms part of what happened was it was impossible for them to be primaries or paul or when the fact. they were asked for. counterpart. political parties very important for you to actually kind of electoral breed. so the running. sweetly was one thing that actually really was all over very excited about it but of course when she left that race there was a lot of talk have a look at this here this is being circulated online this week one person says what happened is a major setback in the possibility of
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a female president in syria she has set a bad record for female politicians and it's very unfortunate this is coming after accusations of wrong during during the campaigning you do here please let's not downplay the efforts of more courageous and genuine female presidential candidates and he names one right here who are willing to fight until the end madam this really is not the s i unit of nigerian women in politics is about when i walk us through that what are the views race of people that you've talked to at this moment in nigeria in politics. so i have interviewed dr is a queer city before she quit the presidential race and also the lady mentioned in the tweet you need to a.j. and i feel that sometimes women go into this race without counting the cost i'm not realizing that as a woman people will fest judge you on your agenda so anything you do or don't do
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they will say well it's because she's a woman and i'll give you an example when we had the vice presidential debate that was an opportunity for the vice presidential candidates the female candidates present to really make a case not just for themselves but for the gender because we are not starting at the starting block was thirty hundred meters from the starting blocks but sometimes they don't leverage those opportunities and the cultural conditioning like in dimension it's still an issue is still an issue because they're not enough role models they're not you know people coming out to say this is my story and i just wanted to touch on something which is you will see men sponsoring other men and you will see men coming out to endorse men but how many women are doing the same we talk about political godfather as men one montreal that well we don't talk about political godmothers i can mention on my political aisle because i don't have and i can't talk about political godmother so yes it's one thing to say women support women but i think courting them in the open i think can we don't have
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a state and i'm. not it's not enough tonight i join us we can all put our money together if such is such an important thing for all of last week we do when we put little money little money little money if everybody did that you have no you have to the next election cycle i just thought it would be money to watch a female candidate that you believe in that excusable money or we have rich women who are ok and so different in quality at their friend during some during like during my campaign during my home thing yes during my campaign for state house of assembly a lot of bread. well we have to understand why how do we manage. yes let's take the journey of because of money politics you know many women who mentor you who will be there for you and have all the good intentions for you are really not on the same financial comic standing remember where clinical. sites for us now these women started and what it's one thousand men of the meant is that it would
11:44 pm
have gone on to go off nursing it was king because these women don't have the same opportunities and with this opportunities come the ability to give you these blokes who want to most of these young men are going to see that it was going to go for margo and the whole network three men do not do this we men can support you and mean so well for you put your names in many things were you to go to what did you not have that i want to give you we have to look at this google and look at the reality of what is on the we men do not women in business i would not mention one general women's names were you threat that every time they have to apologize for you. so every time. a bank executive is called to talk about anything in the media she has to tell you instead of telling your women are. going to hell so how in the end it's about i said you know there's so much more to talk about which is really good because we have another show that is starting online the moment that we finish on t.v. many here. in this part of the conversation with this week from deborah who says
11:45 pm
that one thing is common amongst all of our guests today is that they have stepped out of the norm there still so much work to be done to reach into the mindset of other women but i'm positive that it's ok so this conversation isn't over we aren't going to go from t.v. on to online to do this if me computer laptop this is the u.r.l. of even need al-jazeera. dot com forward slash nigeria stream and it's long as i spelt it correctly we will magically be taken to you tube show which is starting pretty much right now to do a dot com forward slash nigeria stream and see you there online in less than sixty seconds see. the area.
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the area. the area. the area. the eh. with the most eight billion people in the world food production is under increasing strain to keep the pace with the growing global population al-jazeera is environmental solutions program discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably . eighty thousand just from the spit of the bread it's unbelievable
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to see there's the vegetable of the scene right there. for thought on al-jazeera. called the must most are saying has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence wars of drug we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom.
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a team of chinese scientists embarked on a daring deep sea mission searching for rare resources and new species one of the nice reveals china's underwater hunt. on al-jazeera. zero. zero zero live from studio fourteen here headquarters i'm has come to
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the news grid national emergency donald trump is expected to make the declaration this hour after congress passed the spending bill bill without money for his proposed mexico border wall the decision would allow the u.s. president to bypass congress giving him access to billions of dollars to build it we're live at the white house. the munich conference global security is taking center stage in germany more than five hundred leaders and policymakers are meeting to talk about the world's pressing issues from syria yemen and iran to climate change this week to former nato chief anders rasmussen. and. in an interview the venezuelan president says he will not bow to international pressure for him to step down and he has harsh words for the united states. accusing him of trying to be stabilize his country and as nigerians head to the polls on saturday
11:50 pm
for presidential and parliamentary elections we talked to some in the community about the main issues of concern. in the show use the hash tag. along with the news grid live on air and streaming on. line through you tube facebook live on al-jazeera dot com good to have you with us on this friday any moment now we're expecting to hear from u.s. president donald trump as he declares a national emergency to get funding for his mexico border war he's threatened to do it several times before but after agreeing to avoid another government shutdown and sign a bill that does not include a border war the white house says the president will go around congress and make that declaration so we're now waiting for the announcement in the rose garden it is a decision that democrats in congress say they will fight and opponents will likely challenge in court or kimberly how is watching this for us from
11:51 pm
washington with the white house behind her there so kimberly this was in many ways a defining issue of donald trump's presidential campaign back in twenty sixteen and it is with this decision now that we're expecting it is likely to be front and center of his presidency. yeah it was a signature campaign promise on the campaign trail of twenty sixteen and since then donald trump has been working very hard to try and construct his border wall you're right in this latest funding that has come from congress the president did not get what he was looking for he got one point three seven five billion but not for border wall it was for of security fencing and other border security technologies this is a president that likes to win this is a president to like simple straightforward messaging he needs to deliver on his campaign promise because he has been largely blamed for the government shutdown
11:52 pm
that happened a few weeks ago for thirty five days polls showing that not only don't trump was blamed but his party the republican party the president now take another course knowing he can't shut the government down one more time he is signing the spending bill but he is signing it with the announcement or the declaration of a national emergency what this does is this allows the president to have the optics of winning of being able to deliver on that campaign promise that he is going to build this wall what it also does is allows him to access funds that have already been approved by congress in order to deliver for his supporters and you're right this is going to be challenge legally and also in the u.s. congress that's why we expect that will also be a campaign issue come the twenty twenty presidential election so once a president declares this a national emergency as we're expecting kimberly will what's likely to happen next . well first of all there are going to be battles there's going to be
11:53 pm
a ray of legal court challenges but we also know and we've heard from the democrats who now control the house of representatives that they are going to challenge this legislatively that is expected to pass this is a party that is largely for the last two years been in opposition to almost all of donald trump's policies where things get tricky has and is in the senate that is controlled by republicans we know that some republicans in the senate are ideologically opposed to the president using the national emergency declaration in order to access these funds the argument has been made by democrats that this is a precedent you know many would argue that this is a precedent that started about twenty years ago and each president has successively taken more and more power away from congress and its oversight what we expect now is this will become an issue in the u.s. senate if there is a legislative challenge on this whether republicans members of the president's own party will defy him or they will go along with him that is still unclear you know
11:54 pm
this is going to be politically hazardous isn't it for for republicans in the senate kimberly because there's there's pitfalls are the way is in their way whether they choose to back trump or oppose him. right that's the question but we should point out that congress has given the president and all presidents under the u.s. constitution broad authority when it comes to national emergencies to two to act in this matter what congress hasn't done is given the president the power to spend the money as he sees fit congress it's a co-equal branch of government with the white house has always been in control of what's called the public purse so this is where the debate comes the president has the power to declare a national emergency in fact there have been serves about sixty that have been declared since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine i believe thirty one are still in place from all of the presidents but the question becomes whether or not the
11:55 pm
president is using these powers in the right way many would argue that this is different this time because he is accessing funds in order to deliver on a campaign promise which many people debate is not a national emergency so what are americans saying about all this secondly obviously didn't he didn't have public opinion on his side during the thirty five days of the u.s. government shutdown what what what is what's the u.s. public saying about this expected decision to declare a national emergency over this border. well the american public is pretty consistently divided on this issue well there were many even conservatives that did not support donald trump shutting down the government over this issue this issue in and of itself has americans very divided there are certainly not millions of americans that believe that illegal immigration is a problem they elected donald trump to come into this white house to address what
11:56 pm
twenty years of presidents and congress has not addressed so when it comes to this issue there is going to be support for the president taking this course of action but there are many that are nervous about this sort of creeping imperial power as sort of the broader use of power by the white house that is an issue that could have conservatives rethinking how this proceeds so when it comes to american reaction those who are on the sort of the left of the political spectrum certainly are very opposed to this but there are also those on the right that are concerned about this because the manner which is proceeding versus going the typical course through congress in order to have this money approved in the standard sort of fashion so again some conservatives support this but are a little bit nervous about how this is going about yeah and as you say there kimberly i think you alluded to this earlier that there are issues of constitutionality around this decision whether whether it is congress or the
11:57 pm
president that has the authority to do this is there a danger particularly for republicans that this might set a precedent if it's successful. so that in the future if there's a democratic president and then that person whoever it may be may use that newfound authority to make the decisions that he wants as well. yes that is the argument but you know you could make that argument and fact that argument was used under barack obama there were a lot of people that were very critical of his use with regard to the health care act with regard to the issue of protecting those that have been brought to the united states illegally and we've also seen this under george w. bush as well following the september eleventh attacks there has been repeated accusation against increasing number of presidents that they are abusing the powers
11:58 pm
of the office that when they can't work with congress because the elections have given that check and balance that they try to circumvent what we've seen in those cases up to this point is the courts for the most part slapping down those efforts or are trying to help them in some way so we could see that again of course if this makes this all the way to the supreme court we've had a change in the supreme court donald trump has been able to appoint two people to the supreme court so this is going to be a different case and a different test of the case given the fact that there is now a new makeup on the supreme court that is more conservative we'll have to see there's a lot of out answered questions in all of this but what we can tell you is that the white house is vigorously defending their actions to act in this matter the white house has been set since september maybe even august through mick mulvaney the former director of budget now the chief of staff he has not only been looking for different pots of money that could be accessed these are funds that have already
11:59 pm
been accessor approved by congress but he's also been working with the legal team to defend the use of this money so what we know for now is that there are going to be about three different buckets where this money is going to come from there's going to be about six hundred million in terms of funds coming from the seizures of law enforcement it's called forfeiture funds from the u.s. treasury there's going to be a two point five billion. counter-drug funds from the department of defense and another three point five billion in military construction funds through the department of defense this all comes together to lower than the five point seven billion that donald trump was looking for from congress originally but this is what we understand the white house has carved out what we are now waiting for the president to announce officially all right kimberly for the moment thanks very much kimberly how could live for us there in washington outside the white house we are expecting to hear from president trump in the rose garden at any moment this hour and we will of course go to that as soon as it happens one of course here from you
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on on this and all of the other stories that we're covering here on al-jazeera you can send us your comments to any of our online platforms were on twitter just use the hash tag a j news grid when you do contact us on twitter handle is a j english were also on facebook facebook dot com slash. or you can send us a message on whatsapp or telegram at plus nine seven four five zero one one four nine our venezuela's president nicolas maduro has criticized the donald trump saying what he calls the u.s. president's infected hand is harming his country with who is refusing to bow to international pressure to step down from a sink to rebuild venezuela's shattered economy he's accusing washington of stealing billions from his nation and then offering what he says are crumbs of aid which he will never allow in would do well so criticize european countries for supporting u.s.
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military intervention. a little perfect he will go. over your i think that some.


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