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you're a stronger coalition going forward there is no one size fits all approach to permanently defeating isis's influence across the globe our coalition is addressing the threat in each region and what is required from us to beat those threats we view our next steps through a whole of government lens ensuring that we will apply the right set of tools to address each situation. is life force in munich so jim out this is an annual security conference that takes place there in germany and the u.s. representatives one of them we just heard from there have been making the case for continuing the battle against i so want to some of the other issues that are dominating discussions there. well as you mentioned the house of this annual event is focused as a title obviously on security but more importantly of the security of let's say
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rests the liberal democracies or systems let's see it is a gathering of those main powers in the western hemisphere that want to maintain that's as good as there are lies from other regions around the world this year they have been talking a lot actually about the perceived threats as far as they're concerned coming from russia and china saying that there was a need to come but that's enough was probably one of the most significant threats to the west and liberal systems that's existed to date that they are added to the reassurances that the u.s. administration has been trying to give to its allies with regards to the fight against iceland similar groups and that if it were to eventually withdraw from syria though that may not have the large impact will not fight against them as some . who are critical of such a possible will draw were would have it's important also to note that there have been some releases of reports by non-governmental organizations which of coincided with this significance gathering so for example you have save the children which
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has come out talking about at least half a million children dying in yemen you're talking because of either the war or sorry or was it not dying rather but impacted either because of the war or nutrition and other issues as a result when you look at yemen and you look at the gulf region you're talking about seven of the ten largest military spenders in the world in the arab world there so all of these issues being discussed here amongst the different delegates and representatives and wild leaders that will be gathering in the next forty eight hours. and to what extent is confronting iran being initiated because that was obviously. the big big issue in the gathering in warsaw a day earlier one of they've been saying about that. well the difference between the munich gathering and that war so for. them is that munich has a lot more about prudence and even if it is dominated or driven by
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a certain ideology it does open its doors to all sectors so you have for example jobs or if the iranian foreign minister in the past you've had been german that's and yahoo you have obviously mike pence and you know u.s. officials in fact this year will have the largest delegation from congress u.s. lawmakers coming to it so whilst there will be definitely a lot of politicians and leaders gathered behind me who will be pushing for maybe more confrontational approach towards dealing with iran there will also be many who will be insistent that's actually it is diplomacy that will bring about some sort of consensus or resolution there so. iran will be high on the agenda obviously it is extremely significant not just because of the role it plays in the region of the war in syria on terms of interference in different countries affairs in the region as it is accused of but also because of the trade it has with for example the
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united arab emirates or that it has with europe and other countries and other continents as well. lifeless in munich thanks to. the india's government is promising a strong response after an attack in indian administered kashmir they killed forty four of its paramilitary forces on thursday it is pointing the finger at pakistan and summoned its envoy in new delhi pakistan denies any involvement in the attack laura but mentally as. a solemn occasion in indignant minutes to. the home minister of russia nothing helps to carry the company of the soldier killed in third place attack. one of dozens of security personnel targeted when a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into the convoy on the highway prime minister observed a moment of silence to remember the victims before he gave
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a warning. our producer. i want to tell the terrorist groups and their patrons that they have committed a huge mistake and they will have to pay a big price for this. it's the worst attack to hit the disputed himalayan region in three decades the pakistan base armed group jaish e mohammad says it's responsible for the attack although islamabad denies any involvement india has accused it of allowing armed groups to operate freely it's issued a diplomatic protest to pakistan's envoy in new delhi and withdrawn trade privileges to islam about pakistan's foreign ministry issued a statement calling the attack a matter of grave concern saying they have always condemned heightened acts of violence in the valley. has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred forty seven both countries claim the entire region where tens
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of thousands have been killed in the past three decades the latest attack targeted a large military convoy investigates the still trying to piece together how the armed group was able to strike such a sensitive target what is the nature of explosion. what led to this explosion. as india's national investigation agency begins its work activists came out onto the streets of indian administered kashmir with many chanting anti pakistan slogans the government to shut down into the us in some areas and the military has imposed a curfew in the attempt to restore calm lore about a manly zero. plenty more ahead on the news hour breaking his silence haiti's president rejects demands to step down because for dialogue after a week of demonstrations why spain's prime minister has called a snap election for the end of april the third in less than four years. later in
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sport after more than ten years of playing catch up could this be the car that finally wins ferrari another formula one world title. so less than they had before venezuela's president nicolas maduro has criticized donald trump saying what he calls the u.s. president's infected hand is harming his country would do to as refusing to step down despite international pressure he's accusing the u.s. of stealing billions from venezuela and then offering what he calls crumbs of aid which he will never allow in. i think that some europeans made a mistake when they supported the american war in iraq can you ask any of the coalition countries was it necessary to intervene militarily in iraq and divide it
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and kill millions of its people i think they also made a mistake when they bombed libya and killed more than one hundred thousand civilian candie's evers be corrected i think they made mistakes in their destructive policy approach in syria and making more mistakes with venezuela. this does not happen and will not happen any material that comes from outside the country must be subject to certain conditions such as inspection and taxes as in all countries whether by air sea or land and then there will be no problems there for the trickle presentation they're attempting on february twenty third will not happen. so this is after conducting a dialogue with the opposition in the dominican republic we agreed to hold the yearly presidential election in the first four months of last year after which part of the opposition withdrew and did not sign the agreement and eventually it was agreed on may twentieth these elections were conducted according to the law and the
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constitution and with international and local observers ten million voters participated in the elections and eighty six percent of the voters voted for me therefore the interim legislative elections were done and anything else is just whims and attempts to destabilize the country from the white house. again as well as supreme court has ruled that opposition appointed oil executives must face criminal prosecution is the latest move in a tussle for control of venezuela's oil revenues you newman reports from caracas. in the capital of the country with the world's largest fossil fuel reserves practically everything you see was built with oil money and now that money along with and as well as oil production has been reduced to a trickle. last month the u.s. blocked the transfer of dividends from citgo the state oil company's u.s. subsidiary its crown jewel. citgo represents about seventy percent of him as well
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as hard currency a government that is already experiencing an unmanageable fiscal deficit and a suddenly deprived of seventy percent of its income and a government when no one who lend it money is simply economically unviable. that's the point of the u.s. sanctions to strangle than israel economically to force president nicholas mother little out. we had a large shipment of medicines to last the country for a year and a large battle for all materials for food the contras frozen the contracts are cancelled and the money seized they suffocate us stede our money and then say hold on to the scrum and put on a show for the world venezuela with dignity since no to the global show. and now to add insult to injury the opposition controlled legislature has named
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a new board of directors to take over the u.s. based company. citgo operates refineries and supplies some fifty five hundred petrol stations in twenty nine u.s. states. and israel a supreme court which is loyal to president nicolas maduro issued a rapid response. this is yet another assault by the national assembly which has been declared a more full accused of it as well as most vital resource its decision regarding p.b.s. say a constitutionally protected company void and have no legal effect the church also ordered the extradition of the board members named by the national assembly to trumpet ministrations prepares to announce yes war sanctions aimed at further tightening the economic news on president of the sea and human as just got back last week after demonstrations began demanding haiti's president step down job.
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is refusing to quit at least eight people have been killed in protests and haitians are angry about rising prices and government corruption and as educated as many reports from the capital port au prince opposition leaders say they will continue to call for moises resignation. the streets of port au prince are quiet. but many fear the violence which has gripped the country for more than a week could begin again at any moment the anger here stems from a government audit which discovered more than two billion dollars in development funds are unaccounted for the money in question was part of an oil assistance program called bit look at e-bay. defense of time of fun comes from. former president hugo chavez who wanted to have self. we've conjured. but what i've. been spending that money and. all those project that they were
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supposed to realize they didn't realized evidence of mismanaged funds can be seen across the country in unfinished infrastructure projects like this half built overpass even renovation the national parliament building a multi-million dollar effort financed in part with bit to get even money is still far from completed more than seven years since construction began. making his first public appearance since the protests started on february seventh president condemned the violence on the streets but didn't outline any steps toward finding a resolution today and aid to the haitian president says the flames of the discontent are being fanned by the president's political opponents. and politicians always want to get rid of the president after a year or two that's why we have this chronic instability the president wants and he's open to have a frank dialogue. what the latest protests in haiti are linked to the bad look at
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even scandal discontent with the government has been mounting since the aftermath of the two thousand and ten earthquake where more than one hundred thousand people were killed with widespread poverty a declining economy and new evidence of systemic corruption and you're finally reached a boiling point on the streets of the haitian capital. we're in downtown port au prince where there is in an easy call as people pick up the pieces after more than a week of protests there are still roadblocks set up that are preventing the free flow of traffic and attention that seems to suggest that the unrest may not be over just yet anti-government demonstrators have renewed calls for more protests continuing to demand the resignation of the president a condition that has made no indication of accepting the more moderate figures of the opposition are calling for a national dialogue one that includes voices from all sectors of haitian society however remains to be seen both sides will be able to find
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a lasting resolution to the ongoing political crisis up in the. port au prince. still ahead on skipping school to save the planet big growing youth movement raising awareness of climate change. for the less than glorious return to the world rally championship form a title when. we got more clout in writing the full cost across the middle east and some bits and pieces of snow for good measure say that eric spilling out of iraq making its way into iran is making way for more wet weather that strategy since side of the med to cyprus could see some showers longer spells of rain on saturday that wessel weather just pushing i would towards barrett with temperatures will struggle to get around
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fourteen degrees celsius a little bit of a struggle the temperatures to into that western side of iraq kuwait city warming up brightening up twenty one celsius is this cloud and rain continues to drive its way further east was turning to snow over afghanistan pakistan not looking too bad wanted to show was a possibility karate at around twenty six degrees celsius meanwhile behind that there you go perhaps one or two showers towards iraq bright skies trying to get back into lebanon but a few showers still hail nevertheless possibility wanted to shout as to just around the gulf even here in qatar we could see a little bit of what weather has to go through saturday and on into sunday just notice how the temperatures just freshen up a touch for us here in doha with the top temperature of around twenty three degrees celsius elsewhere across the peninsula it is largely fine and dry with the odd shower from the gulf of aden.
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on counting the cost this week young and unemployed in africa first populous nation joblessness is such a huge problem in nigeria what shelving the a three eighty means for global air travel the past just like you and me plus a look inside turkey goes to states. on al-jazeera. rewind returns i can bring your people back to life with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in the liberal was the both of us and no i like and the other student rewind continues with spirit child we have. bad guys behind bars so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work rewind on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching ideas in a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump is declaring a national emergency funds border war with mexico and bypass congress the move will free up six billion dollars to build the war democrats in congress say they will fight the move which they call a power grab. india's government is promising a strong response against. which it blames for the worst attack in indian indian administered kashmir in decades at least forty four indian forces were killed by a car bomb on thursday. well as president has accused the u.s.
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of trying to destabilize his country in an interview with al-jazeera nicolas maduro also criticize european countries for supporting u.s. military intervention in the past. to syria's war and at least nine people have been killed in a syrian army bombing attack it happened in the rebel held city of honshu which is in italy province syrian civil defense volunteers posted this video showing them trying to rescue civilians from the rubble of destroyed buildings nine sandie soldiers have reportedly been killed near the border with yemen saudi media say they died during fighting with yemen's hooty rebels who say they ford a major offensive by saudi forces in three locations along the southern border the armed group has been under constant bombardment by a saudi and iraqi led coalition are dozens of gold miners in zimbabwe are feared
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to have drowned after heavy rains flooded two mines rescue teams are searching for at least sixty people at the mines in the area of battlefields near the town of could almond zimbabwe's rich in platinum diamond gold and several other deposits nigerians nigerians head to the polls on saturday to elect a new president and federal legislators will and three hundred thousand security personnel will be deployed issues that dominate politics sixty years ago when nigeria gained independence from britain remain as relevant today as manage risk reports in the north eastern city of may do goody. after a long heated campaign season nigerians are set to vote election materials have reached one hundred twenty thousand polling stations where eighty four million bridges to voters will elect a president from a list of seventy three candidates will have already received all the logistic terms we have received all the nicest sensitive items we have received the
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sensitive items and boxes the. papers and the rest of them and we have already identified. the vote comes as the country struggles with the same issues that have dominated its politics for years decades of mismanagement and large scale looting of the treasury forced the economy into its worst recession in two thousand is steam it has since emerged from the slump but growth is like there is a need to encourage the growth of the economy to expand you know the capacity of the economy to absorb the excess. labor force that we have so that is a key challenge. the country's largest voting bloc is the one worst hit by the lack of jobs on most one in four of the country's youth is unemployed that's often no i
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mean it's all about the want to. exaggerate the. traits of the town but the flowchart of the same soul even exist but being emotional it's a benefit everybody the culture of it you want the empty promises all the you know all the times all this time around i want them to be accountable for whatever the cd. but the biggest threat to the country is security from the armed groups to communal violence and clashes between farmers and herders tens of thousands of nigerians have been killed in the last decade. the long queues at patrol stations that nigeria became renowned for in previous years they have largely disappeared but africa's largest producer is still finding enough for domestic consumption nigeria's the christian sector has not spread any better over the last three years while basic education is neglected by most state governments university education
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continue to suffer from lack of adequate funding this university one of the largest of nigeria is yet to receive much to democrats to reduce after three months nationwide strike. where we emerge as us president of this election will be dealing with these and many other challenges that some nigerians say previous leaders of either deliberately failed or lack the capacity to tackle. greece al-jazeera. nigeria thousands of striking nurses in kenya have defied a deadline given by the president to return to work or risk losing their jobs they've been on strike since february fourth demanding the government pay outstanding allowances and promotions owed to them catherine sawyer has more from nairobi. this is not national with hospital it's one of four public health facilities no real be aware of joins thousands of others from several counties
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across the country that have gone on strike say that they want their demands met they have died many of them have defied a presidential directive telling them to come back on friday or they will be by the president today to get to the day to fully show that. because i don't think he was talking. about. twenty seven thousand now. i have. to implementing it on the labor cabinet secretaries no compromise. must go to what he's. days that this strike is illegal and has been deemed so by the industrial court which ordered the nazis to go back to walk and allow room for negotiations now there's going to be a big meeting on saturday between the mideast health ministry officials local government officials and the nice's union as well to mop out
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a way forward incrementation of this payment of these allowances. and it is a process. that is a controversial move. these are not his off public hospitals and they deal with the majority of kenyans who cannot afford to go to expensive private hospitals they walk on the extreme heat strain years conditions and they say they're disappointed when the government says it cannot afford to pay them yet they see for example members of parliament often increasing their benefits yet they see a corruption which is rampant in this country and they say they just want what is due to them and that is just about a hundred and fifty dollars each to be paid out that was to be paid out in faces. a new report from turkish police suggest the remains of jamal khashoggi may have been
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burned inside a well at the saudi consul general is residence in istanbul journalist was killed dismembered at the saudi consulate back in october seen in consoling as the latest on the investigation. the residence of saudi arabia's consul general in istanbul is once again under the spotlight a recent report by police suggests saudi journalist a man has shipped just remains were burned in a well used for cooking purposes inside the compound security camera footage leaked to the turkish media late last year appear to show his ship just remains being carried inside the consul general residence in bags and suitcases after being killed and dismembered at the consulate building just meters away turkish persecutors have not said much on the case but information on evidence has been leaked to the media in bits since the beginning many wonder why it has not been revealed all that's ones i think is in danger by you know leaking information to
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the media. can even lose its value as evidence so text that it is should share all this evidence with international investigators when the un has the authority to carry that out of the investigation in addition with the investigation going on into. turkish authorities have said to murder was ordered by senior saudi officials and accused to salvage the surety of not cooperating with their investigation the process has stalled the turks have said it is time for an international investigation. this was followed by the un special report or agnes column our visit to turkey for a possible independent inquiry her initial statement back to turkish position but she says her request to get a copy of the crime scene investigation and an order recording of the killing have not been met. almost. in our legal system recordings can be counted as
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evidence only if they're up to and by a court order but we don't know the source of the recordings is it the turkish intelligence or the police or some other country's intelligence who passed it on to turkey i believe it's done bill chief prosecutor will soon present an indictment what's important is whether this indictment will mention the crown prince or not if yes this may be followed by issuing red bulletin for the suspects turkish says' it has the right to investigate the role of the saudi suspects even if they are not in a country mom so now past and the ship to murder remains unsolved despite the leaks of information and the efforts of legal and crime experts those seeking justice expect turkey to move the case forward at stake is the country's judicial reputation seen on kosovo else as a stumble. spain's prime minister pedro sanchez has called a general election after losing an important budget vote voters will now ahead to the polls on the twenty eighth of april it will be the third election there in four
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years on wednesday politicians who support independence for the catalonia region were among those who voted against the proposed budget and. spain must continue to advance and progress from a point of tolerance and respect from moderation and common sense excluding politics from frustration growing and creating quality employment and redistributing wealth consolidating and recognizing not just the rights and liberties we gained in the last forty years but also expanding the perimeter of those rights and liberties strengthening social cohesion and territorial cohesion as the only guarantee to preserve spains unity for this i announced you with the powers given to me as prime minister of spain and after consultation with the council of ministers i proposed dissolving the chamber of parliament and the convocation of a general elections for twenty eighth of april the spring. france is growing
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impatient with britain's indecision over briggs's that's after britain's parliament rejected a motion to support prime minister to resign may strategy to leave the european union france's europe minister says the economy is hurting because of uncertainty in britain is region as anybody can you kill i'd like to tell our protests friends it's time to decide if they want to leave in a friendly terms or leave or probably it's their choice in the end certainty was reinforced yesterday by another difficult search in the commons from mrs may and then it's had never the business community come in and out is a showcase for the best in british fashion with big name big names like burberry victoria beckham and this with this season's fashion week though takes place just weeks before the u.k. to leave the european union and as emma haywood reports the british fashion council which organizes the event as back calls for second referendum. there's no room for error every garment has to be perfect before it leaves this factory floor
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and. about eighty percent of staff are from eastern europe and of what fashion and to three years creating clothes but big british brands the u.k.'s plan to end free movement of people and goods postbox it is causing uncertainty. people have to act is the end of the day it's a real industry it's not that the glamour that you see on the cap ex what we've got here is people's lives it's real jobs it's the scales and that's what we've got to continue we've got to remember made in britain has got huge potential but we need the workforce to be able to. fashion always tries to be one step ahead london fashion week they're looking to next season only this year that will be well beyond britain's planned exit from the e.u. . and passion is big business the industry adds nearly forty two billion dollars to
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the u.k. economy every year and employs eight hundred ninety thousand people. great empathy and diversity have always been the driving force behind the global success of the u.k. fashion industry being able to access the right kind of talent from both here and abroad is vital to its future fashion industry leaders want the u.k. to be able to continue to recruit and trade freely with europe in the same way they have done play years. catherine hamlet is one of the country's best known designers and often blends passion and politics her message is unequivocal. it's serious saw it i mean kind of breaks itself but no deal is going to be serious thought and why the you know since the twenty ninth launch means it's
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a completely arbitrary date it's got nothing to do with and. the made in britain label is a growing through in the fashion world the industry is hoping politicians will eventually deliver something to allow the u.k. to still be at the cutting edge of this global industry emma he would al-jazeera in them to school children across the u.k. are protesting over climate change they're urging governments around the world to declare a climate emergency to tackle global warming the action is part of a wider global movement involving tens of thousands of children need baka reports. the next generation is finding its for. some voices are smaller than others. but together they form a chorus. demanding urgent action on climate.


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