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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 46  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2019 10:33am-11:01am +03

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yes is that really because we know that our computers our telephones all of that can be compromised the video can be switched on and maybe the audit committee switched on mostly they can log what we vote of the keyboards they can even and this comes from the snowden disclosures they can even use my queries apparently to being more into the screen and read what you're typing. we live in a digital world where little remains unseen turning privacy into another luxury good. bleak science fiction visions of a powerful surveillance apparatus with seemingly endless technical possibilities
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now only seems a question of time how does this change our behavior if every move we make every word we say is recorded in our lives which roles will we have to play and who's writing the script. having lived with that sense of endemic surveillance i can tell you it's a corrosive to human spirit so once you lose that have privacy and you start to self censor you start to be an effective and fully integrated system of that country supremacy in my view is the last defense against a slide towards a police state or to tell a terry innocent if you what are your rights from mormons you've lost in a life time and that's why this matters is because it happened and we didn't know me or the whole.
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so you say you have nothing to hide see and nothing to worry about i have nothing to fear you'll hear all that language ok fine church heard yelling deliver house yes well just give me your keys yeah a car rental car or other readily said yes if you're heartless do you do you use google you have a genome account you have facebook will give you all your passwords you have a medical records turned those over to me to oh by the way all those bank accounts and telephone records you just given to me for safe keeping you can have independent courts can you have an independent critch none of that an issue now has the potential to know every source of every journalist and every story. following the e-mails following the forms following the people with their g.p.s.
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with their rifles. this is. the op this year here and. talk to me at the meeting master general is not about. it's not about surrendering me it's about surveillance us. it's about watching the company for everybody in the country and on a global scale. in harsh contrast to the recently emerged facts great public outcry has not yet been heard. now why don't people care in the u.k.
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it's a very easy answer partly it's cultural because he's still in love with james bond and political leaders immediately came out in defense of the intelligence agencies saying we know what they do they follow the law everyone go back to sleep don't worry so the train you sit in the u.k. and it wasn't i think in as i said a usa brazil and germany but it's amazing how quickly people forget or in this and this does my message to. the next move in pursuit of endorsement of this mission and something kind of ground of. me in bushland. t.v. nixon berger middle boy. in that.
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when it became known in autumn two thousand and thirteen that the private cell phone of german chancellor angela merkel was tapped by the n.s.a. the public outcry in germany was initially large until then the german american friendship had been close and germany believed to be an equal partner the united states. to friends spine and friends of course they do everybody does this i mean we caught the israelis spying on us several times what did that do to our relationship but not really anything because we know everybody does that ok if you're a leader of a country in the world you are a target everybody wants to know what you're thinking so you are a target friends and foes everybody's looking to see or trying to find out what you're thinking universally true i mean that's that's why diplomacy was started right back and thousands of years ago so so i mean it's nothing new chancellor
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merkel when she found out as to her private phone was being tapped i mean she should have and understood that from the beginning i mean there and her security should have told her that from the beginning and given her some protection since all the leaders understood it the fact that it's exposed you have to be a object maybe publicly but in reality afterward you the relationship is too important to jeopardize just for a simple thing that you already knew was happening. as a humanist and i know that this you mention. this into this year that in different states and that would be key leaks it's the n.s.a. affair that. looks. to their to one was all ha's and to seek. good. kind on the mukesh cuts on what's in the cinema before google now to only give us a visit that's only part of my. problem
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in relation to bulk surveillance is exactly the same as the problem of global warming second to say it's not a bit over fact here right now individually why is global warming interested in your and why is an essay interesting you quote a warning affects everyone because in general changing things folks violence affects everyone because it leads to a general change in the nature of so isolation or warming is invisible.
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impenetrable you're only trying to glimpse maybe today was a bit harder i don't know coincidence. similarly massive surveillance is invisible it's conducted at these points that connect continents together or by. taking its fangs into google. and these are extremely physical and complex technologies that everyone except specialists does not understand specialists understand that and saying everyone else my god can you see what's happening certainly relation to greenhouse gases climate scientists understand that saying my god can you see what's happening in the case of. climate science well there's a counter lobby which is the fossil fuel companies and all those profiting from that in the case of boxer violence there's the surveillance industry and intelligence agencies and so on and all those who are sucking down that information
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and profit from it and inform all the other direction so very similar. the fear of terrorist attacks makes the mass surveillance a necessary evil for many the much quoted if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear after legitimizes the snooping of covert agencies yet many are unaware of the actual extent of the surveillance. basically a big digital program which provides the raw data and then we analyze it so it can be subjected to rules written. or. it says everything i do. is being analyzed it's being weighed it's being measured. but the intelligence services are not the only ones monitoring communications and
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processing massive data. also private. corporations like google amazon facebook and apple collect millions of pieces of information about us to analyze and monetize. that's a click is a south fork that's not on sacked that i am personally since there was stuff this i don't since there were and it's just there are nine v.h.f. and a slick not a c. there or stuffed i guess it does i'll skip all i did the other isn't we don't really know what exactly happens with our own digital trails our data is transferred invisibly to huge data centers. sublimating into a complex new identity creating our digital self.
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smartphones capture a communication behavior along when where and with whom we talk the data we create assembling our digital self is also of interest as a juicy source of information for the intelligence community. i don't do those coolest life. and it's not just i phones that's all this life it is i mean most smartphones of these days. they were tapping the fiber lines between the google servers yet. they didn't even know this is going on . i had a lot of. surveillance and also the trees had to as a light it came out it was spying on us and the national security agency it was asserted there was
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a risk plane coming into the embassy to apply for asylum. you've got to remember that inside the intelligence community there trumpet these things they're holding these guys up and as examples to say look if you say what's going on. even if this even if you do it for the right reasons even if you do it at the right way there will be record. every through dinner is being analyzed it's been great and it's been measured but i didn't do it for six months. and it's not just my faith is that i lost my faith i mean a small fans of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe that started something that was over
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a week that i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of dictatorship digital dissidents on al-jazeera. however we've got more rain and snow pushing into the west coast of the us sad it will turn cooler across much of the united states as we go through the next couple of days disturbances to work at pos of california further north little rolling back in across the pacific northwest so that basin places of snow will gradually push into central areas push further east temperatures taking a tumble d.c.
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and in new york where around seven celsius for sats days you go into sunday skoda still two or three degrees celsius night as the snow coming in across the prairie is pushing towards the upper midwest minus three the top temperature in chicago will still see some bits and pieces of snow just around northern pasco for you at this stage ally struggles to get to around thirteen degrees celsius we have got logically skies meanwhile across the caribbean that we have some wet weather just around cuba that's pulled out of the way where the cloud over the next day or two but it's looking good for the most part kingston gets up to around twenty nine celsius and will see plenty of sunshine the ride across the caravan into south america out across much of argentina southeast and possibly still will see some shop showers longer spells of rain that rain peping out more as you make a way towards rio the sunday afternoon.
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with the most billion people in the world production is under increasing strain to keep pace with the growing global population. series environmental solutions program discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably. eighty pounds just from this bit of litter. and. there's the vegetable of the sea right there. for thought on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and jordan this is the hours they were news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes because we have an invasion of drugs invasion of gangs invasion
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of people and it's not acceptable justifying a national emergency us president donald trump ensures he has the funds to pay for a wall in the us mexico border. saturday's anticipated election in nigeria is postponed until next weekend we'll be live in up and. protestors in haiti remain defiant and say they won't stop demonstrating until the president steps down. skipping school to save the planet the growing youth movement raising awareness of climate change. first some breaking news out of nigeria presidential elections have been postponed until next weekend voters were set to go to the polls this saturday. following a careful review of the implementation of his logistics and operational plan
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on the determination to conduct free fair and credible elections the commission came to the conclusion that proceeded in with the election of a should do. is no longer. the commissioners decided to issue the press additional national assembly elections decided to turn deferred february twenty nineteen at least sixty six people have been killed in northern nigeria police discovered the bodies and eight villages in khartoum a state twenty two of them were children the state government says arrests have been made and has called in the public to avoid revenge attacks will nominate joins us live now from the capital boojum ominous talk first about the election postponement what more details are emerging about this and why.
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well daryn it's happened of the last minute the electoral commission have been huddled in a meeting with four in under local observers for most of the evening and it's just about a few hours but two three hours before polls were expected to authentic and now we have a situation where the electoral have been postponed for about a week the chairman of the independent national electoral commission of nigeria mahmoud yeah qusay says that this was something that they could not avoid and he say it was not visible to hold the elections at the plant time due to logistical problems that had happened in many places that cross that country material essentially have not arrived in most of the put in some of the polling stations in some of this state or the contrary he said that they have identified
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the challenges and now will take the week that they have to rectify them and ensure that there are small elections another. official of the electoral commission was porter saying the sub. is a danger to the democracy of nigeria had been committed and there was no way the elections would have been held today and some grisly news in the north of the country mohammed reports a dozens of people including many children have been killed in could do mistake what more do you know. well it tells us his country would not know who actually cut it out this up hark in but what we know is that the north is a security area where the book has been very much active and it's one of the constants the electoral commission and extension of the government hide. over holding the elections of this time book while on my book methods are sick of that
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it is that against the holding of the elections of course they are. fighting the government or do not want to see any of its activities including the elections take place in their country but hundreds of thousands of security personnel have been deployed across the country to ensure that the elections take place small early. so far now all we know is that the elections have been postponed most security personnel who have been deployed will continue to be in on station to assure that once that it reaches then up saluted in all security fears across the country all right a moment ago in a boojum ahmed thank you now a group of texas landowners are file the first lawsuit challenging the u.s. president's declaration of a national emergency donald trump declared emergency on friday to gain access to
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billions of dollars for his controversial border war with senior democrats and republicans quickly accused him of a gross abuse of power can be hard to reports from washington d.c. . to fulfilling a twenty sixteen presidential campaign promise in a most unconventional way i'm going to be signing a. national emergency. after the us congress refused this week to approve president trump's request for five point seven billion to build a wall along the u.s. southern border trouble circumvented the legislative body by declaring a national emergency truck now has access to eight billion dollars already approved by congress to build three hundred seventy six kilometers of wall to stop illegal immigration even though the white house won't say exactly where we want to stop drugs from coming into our country we want to stop criminals and gangs
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from coming into our country his democratic opponents in congress say the crisis is manufactured and motivated by racism there's concern about this february tenth tribe tweet yarg use a wall is needed to stop the influx of forty two million latin americans into the united states something trump says would be a disaster. opponents are vowing to overturn what they say is the president's power grab and defend congress's constitutional authority to decide how taxpayer money is spent through legislation and in the courts but trump is pushing back arguing other presidents have also made emergency declarations to achieve political goals like president george w. bush made similar declarations after the september eleventh attacks those continue to this day trumps already anticipating legal challenges but he expects to prevail in the courts as he points out he did when his ban on travelers entering the united
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states from some muslim majority countries was also challenged we will then be sued and they will sue us in the ninth circuit even though it shouldn't be there and we will possibly get a bad ruling and then we'll get another bad ruling and that will end up in the supreme court and hopefully will go. a fair shake and will win in the supreme court but the legal and legislative challenges will be long and lengthy with presidential campaigning already underway donald trump's attempt to keep a twenty sixteen campaign promise has become a twenty twenty presidential campaign issue as well kimberly helped get al jazeera the white house trump has described an invasion of migrants drugs and violence flooding into the u.s. from mexico so let's take a closer look then illegal immigration across the border is a twenty year low and a war one prevent migrants crossing at legal points of entry to request asylum
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sponsoring the war will stop the flow of drugs but the government's own figures show that eighty to ninety percent of parents cocaine and methamphetamine a traffic through official entry points with marijuana being the only exception the president also made bold claims about the country's murder rate saying thousands of lives have been lost we didn't but there's little data linking crime to immigration article heyneke space. it was the longest government shutdown in history brought on by u.s. president donald trump in hopes of getting funding for a wall in the southern border. eight hundred thousand federal workers went without pay trash piled up at the national parks and important government work like giving farmers loans didn't get done so president trump bought he reopen the government saying he wanted to give congress time to come up with a compromise now that it looks like they won't give him his wall after all he's making the unprecedented move of declaring a national emergency which allows him to take money that congress voted to spend on
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other things and diverted to build the wall it's a move he has long hinted at the president says you know fairly often. this is fifty times presidents have declared a national emergency but it's almost always to target foreign countries like iran or south africa for. or tide or haiti after coup. it has been used in other ways to combat the h one n one flu pandemic and after the attacks on nine eleven but it is never been used to get around congress which under the constitution has the sole power to spend the government's money democrats had hinted at a likely legal challenge but there are a lot and they. thought the constitution. and. having the courts decide could take years chris adelson wrote a book about this law and he says there is another way in theory members of congress if they believe that this is
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a contrived emergency which it pretty clearly is. even some republicans are saying that they would take a vote on legislation to reject that finding and repudiate the murder scene basically cancel out what the president has done and we are building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary this was a key campaign promise of the trump campaign. he promised mexico would pay for it they are not so now he's taking this unprecedented move to try and make it happen but it's far from certain this will work or that his promised wall will ever be built patty klein al-jazeera washington or jamie zammitt was a political science professor at iona college she explains more about the challenges trump concise. he's not going to get his money until this is sorted out in the courts what's unclear now is if the courts are going to accept that the
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congressional democrats have standing to sue in this case it may be being that other people have standings to see with the state attorney generals for instance people who live on the border where this wall is supposed to be built in raise issues of eminent domain so it's unclear yet who the courts will see as having standing to suit he's not going to be able to use the money until this is sorted out in the courts whether it's expedited or not most legal scholars say this is going to take months if not as you mentioned the years it cut because we've never seen this happen before for all the states of emergencies that have been declared since the one nine hundred seventy s. about fifty eight it's never been done in this kind of situation where congress has considered and rejected the request instead it's been done in situations where there's a real emergency and the congress doesn't have time to consider the request so post nine eleven for instance those are the kinds of emergencies bre used to seeing
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there and many of those not this kind.


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