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from confess he's not going to get his money until this is sorted out in the courts what's unclear now is if the courts are going to accept that the congressional democrats have standing to sue in this case it may be that other people have standings to see in the state attorney general for instance people who live on the border where this wall is supposed to be built in raise issues of eminent domain so it's unclear yet who the courts will see as having standing to suit he's not going to be able to use the money until this is sorted out in the courts whether it's x. but i did or not most legal scholars say this is going to take months if not as you mentioned years in product because we've never seen this happen before for all the states of emergencies that have been declared since the one nine hundred seventy s. about fifty eight it's never been done in this kind of situation where congress has considered and rejected the request instead it's been done in situations where there isn't a real emergency and that congress doesn't have time to consider the request so
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post nine eleven for instance those are the kinds of emergencies bre used to seeing there and many of those not this time now in an interview with al jazeera venezuela's president has accused the u.s. of trying to destabilize his country nicolas maduro says the u.s. backed opposition's call to bring in a gun for b. twenty third is nothing but political theater and he wanted to separate my dear also criticized european nations for supporting u.s. military intervention he says of the u.s. involvement in iraq and libya has achieved nothing but death and destruction. i think that some europeans made a mistake when they supported the american war in iraq can you ask any of the coalition countries was it necessary to intervene militarily in iraq and divide it and kill millions of its people i think they also made a mistake when they bombed libya and killed more than one hundred thousand civilian
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candie's errors be corrected i think they made mistakes in their destructive policy approach in syria and making more mistakes with venezuela. and. this does not happen and will not happen any material that comes from outside the country must be subject to certain conditions such as inspection and taxes as in all countries whether by air sea or land and then there will be no problems there for the trickle presentation the air attempting on february twenty third will not happen. is after conducting a dialogue with the opposition in the dominican republic we agreed to hold the yearly presidential election in the first four months of last year after which part of the opposition withdrew and did not sign the agreement and eventually was agreed on may twentieth these elections were conducted according to the law and the constitution and with international and local observers ten million voters
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participated in the elections and eighty six percent of the voters voted for me therefore the interim legislative elections were done and anything else is just whims an attempt to destabilize the country from the white house al jazeera as latin america and its on the same human as more from caracas. the u.s. state department has confirmed what until now had been rumors and that is that u.s. military aircraft will be bringing some two hundred tons of emergency food and medicine to colombia which is on the border with it is swear that this is part of the supplies that the opposition leader says he will bring into than israel on february the twenty third defying a prohibition by president nicolas and i will originally why they all said that it would be some twenty million dollars worth of emergency food and medicine now he says that he will probably be able to collect as much as two hundred million dollars worth this as he sends yet another appeal to venezuela's military which
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supports president nicolas maduro telling them they have eight more days to quote decide on whether to defend or say or would support the people in the constitution of in his way a law or defend a dictatorship government protests a broken out again in haiti and demonstrators say they won't stop until the president resigns a job moyes is refusing to step down despite more than a week of rallies which have killed at least eight people were up and i reports in the capital or to prince. dozens of people wait anxiously for a chance to fill containers with clean water. it's a scene playing out across much of port au prince as unleashing wide political crisis continues to wreak havoc on the economy and day to day life. people come from all over from very far searching for water i'm very badly affected by what's going on i can't see my children to school i can't get anything done much of the city is virtually shut down and commerce has been brought to a slow grind at
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a local market frederico one year says people don't have money to buy food and she's worried that violence will start up again. if everything is more expensive now the country is on lockdown you can't go uptown or downtown to buy anything. in other parts of town protesters continue to march on the streets demanding the resignation. the president should know. the president was feeding the flames which is speech yesterday it's clear now deployed patience that leads him to get a need to rise up against a president. demonstrators use burning debris to block the roads this street leads to a hospital but even doctors have been afraid to return to work we're just outside the presidential palace in port au prince which has been targeted by anti-government protesters for more than a week and while a calm has returned to parts of the city this is an area where tensions remain high even now there are fires burning behind me blocking road access and the expectation
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that the unrest will continue while violent clashes between police and demonstrators have mostly dissipated the anger and despair over worsening living conditions in the country persist. joins us live now from the capital port au prince just bring us up to date with the situation today what's been happening. demonstrators once again took to the streets of port au prince today calling for the resignation of the haitian president those demonstrations took place near by the presidential palace more than one hundred people were out there marching on the streets we did hear reports that there were some clashes between anti-government protesters and police forces and like you saw in that report that just a aired the crisis has really put much of port au prince on a sort of lockdown people are having a hard time finding access to water they're having a hard time finding access to food and that's what we saw when we went out on the street city apart from those protests however there are parts of the city that are
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returning to a sense of normalcy people are once again returning to the streets vendors are once again returning to the streets after more than a week of protests and people took taking advantage of the chaos and looting stores and looting stands so there is a sense of normalcy that doesn't mean that the discontent is gone that many people are still angry many people are saying that they're not convinced by that speech given by the president on that on thursday evening saying that a solution to the problems that plague the day to day life of most haitians is on its way yeah the president promised the government would introduce new economic measures to help the people what's the latest on that money go. that was the valve that the president made on thursday evening in that speech when he said that an announcement would be made soon for concrete steps to be taken to address these problems the systemic problems in haitian society unfortunately we haven't heard from either the prime minister's office or from anyone in the government outlining
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what those next steps are going to be exactly so yes people are angry at their protesting over government corruption but they're also angry over the systemic problems in the country that the problems that are new this isn't the first time that haitians have taken to the streets in protest over the economic problems that plagued their lives stated day just six months ago haitians took to the streets after after an announcement of fuel heights high skyrocketing fuel prices and you have to understand this is one of the poorest countries in the world certainly the poorest country in the americas this this is this is a problem that that's coupled with with a declining economy over the last couple of years with skyrocketing inflation made worse by the current political crisis haitians even when things are calm in the country have a hard time finding where their next meal is going to come from or when their next meal is going to come having no certainty over over whether or not their future is going to improve so there's there's it's very difficult to see how people wouldn't
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take to the streets in protest over the conditions here money will thank you unless muslims come here on the news hour including they faced criminal charges in the u.s. and canada so how did these saudi students money to escape from the country. in india warns of a strong response that mourns the victims of the deadly bomb blast in kashmir and in sports the former n.f.l. quarterback has decided not to have his day in court that's hold still to come. now british arms exports to saudi arabia contravene international humanitarian law that's the conclusion of a u.k. parliamentary committee which is urging the government to do more to end the war in yemen it says the justification for supplying weapons to the saudi led coalition is flawed or when in reports from london. since the yemen war began in march twenty fifteen s strikes in military operations by the saudi led coalition forces are
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estimated to have directly killed more than sixty thousand civilians and that's not including the tens of thousands more who have died from starvation and disease. britain has licensed nearly seven billion dollars of arms exports to saudi arabia and the coalition nations since the war started and in twenty eighteen the un report alleged that u.k. and u.s. weapons have been used in attacks which may amount to war crimes now this house of lords committee has concluded that u.k. arms exports narrowly contravene humanitarian law and the government should act challenge the apparent violations much more vigorously put the pressure on the stock of agreement and reveal export licenses and tie them up certainly yes. which would mean clearly closing down to some extent the flow of weapons the government had argued that saudi arabia's own review mechanisms were sufficient but the lords disagreed relying on assurances by saudi arabia and saudi led review processes is
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not an adequate way of implementing the obligations for a risk based assessment they said the government asserts that in its licensing of arms sales to saudi arabia it is now really on the right side of international humanitarian law although conclusive evidence is not yet available we assess that it is now really on the wrong side. in twenty seventeen the group campaign against the arms trade tried and failed to have british weapons exports to saudi arabia declared illegal this new law to report has been published just weeks before the campaigners take their case to the appeal court and when you came eight fighter jets are flying over yemen dropping u.k. made bombs but cannot be divorced from the responsibilities of u.k. government it's time for the government to end its support for this terrible catastrophic war and work towards a peaceful political solution for the moment the u.k. is not yet ready to change policy in a statement saying the key test for the export of items which might be used in the conflict in yemen is whether there is
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a clear risk that the equipment might be used in the commission of a serious violation of international humanitarian law our current assessment is that exports to saudi arabia are consistent with the consolidated e.u. and national arms export licensing criteria this highly critical report from a committee of the u.k. parliament's upper house comes at a critical time in the war in yemen as it approaches its fourth anniversary next month and with western powers increasingly seeking to distance themselves from the conduct of the saudi led coalition and the central message of this report from the lords is that the u.k. government really needs to decide now where its priorities lie paul brennan al-jazeera london meanwhile nine saudi arabian soldiers have reportedly been killed near the border with yemen saudi media says they died during fighting with who think rebels who they say they're following a major offensive by saudi forces in three locations along the southern border.
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turkey's president says the u.s. isn't putting its full weight into the investigation into the murder. this is a new report from turkish police suggest casualties remains may have been burned inside a well the journalist was killed and dismembered at the saudi consulate in istanbul back in october so i'm called reports. the residence of saudi arabia's consul general in istanbul is once again under the spotlight a recent report by police saudi journalist america should just remains were burned in a well used for cooking purposes inside the compound security camera footage leaked to the turkish media late last year appear to show his ship just remains being carried inside the consul general residence in bags and suitcases after being killed and dismembered at the consulate building just meters away. turkish persecutors have not said much on the case but information on evidence has been leaked to the media in bits since the beginning many wonder why it has not been revealed all its ones i think is in danger by you know leaking information to the
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media. it can even lose its value evidence so to share all this evidence with international investigators when the un has the authority to carry out their investigation in addition with the investigation going on in turkey . turkey should thora he says that the murder was ordered by senior saudi officials and accuse the salvage the sharif of not cooperating with their investigation the process has stalled the turks have sad it is time for an international investigation. this was followed by the un special rapporteur agnes column ours was it to turkey for a possible independent inquiry her initial statement back to turkish position but she says her request to get a copy of the crime scene investigation and an order recording of the killing have not been met in our legal system recordings can be counted as evidence only if they
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are obtained by court order we don't know the source of the recordings is it turkish intelligence or the police or some of the country's intelligence who passed it on to turkey i believe the chief prosecutor will soon present an indictment what's important is whether this indictment will mention the crown prince or not if yes this may be followed by issuing a warrant for the suspects mom so now passed in the house shook to murder remains unsolved despite the leaks of information and the efforts of legal and crime experts those seeking justice expect a key to move the case forward at stake is the country's judicial reputation see namco solo al-jazeera a stumble. us off looking into several cases where saudi students at american and canadian colleges were facing criminal charges managed to escape from the country it's alleged the government in rehab may have helped them flee rob reynolds reports . fugitives from justice believed to have been helped to escape from prosecution in
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the united states there are alarmed indications that thought the government has help thought the nationals accused of serious crimes flee the country federal law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into how saudi students attending colleges in at least eight u.s. states and canada managed to get away after being charged with crimes including manslaughter rape and possession of child pornography investigative reporter shane dixon kavanaugh has found multiple cases of saudi diplomats spiriting suspects out of the u.s. in many cases the saudi government has no money and legal. defense prosecutors law enforcement some of these cases the saudi government directly escaped the united states five of the accused saudi men fled the state of oregon
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the state's senior senator wants answers from the state and justice departments the notion that thought eurabia can basically think it is above the law and that's what it looks like to the people of my home state is just unacceptable in two thousand and sixteen up to rahm on neural was charged with the hit and run killing of fifteen year old fallon smart she was imaginative and pathetic. his intelligence two weeks after numerous trial he broke off his ankle monitoring device was driven to the portland airport in a black s.u.v. and was flown out of the country in a private jet authorities believe he was provided with a false passport he like the other man accused is believed to be back in saudi arabia see at least. a legal system that.
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put her killer front of a jury piers in all seventeen saudi men in the u.s. and canada have reportedly disappeared while awaiting prosecution the u.s. does not have an extradition treaty with saudi arabia making it unlikely they will ever face justice robert oulds al jazeera. type on a short break here now jazeera when we come back children behind bars in the philippines critics say the president's crackdown on crime has gone too far and why spain's prime minister has called a snap election for the end of april the third lesson for use in sport as former world number one has reached the first final of the year that still more not status .
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hello we've got more wet weather into central parts of china that rain is why a little further south you see the thick of cloud pushing over towards shanghai as has been the case over the past couple of days not down into the southeast but they make the most of it hong kong twenty four degrees celsius there is that wet weather for the east the side of china central areas seeing some snow and then it's a mix of rain sleet and snow for many as we go on into sunday and that wet of weather will sink a little further south was even hong kong could see a few spots of frank twenty one celsius here to temperatures falling away fun to drive across much of india china philippines also generates a fair the showers say will continue as they should do across much of malaysia northern parts of indonesia still seeing some a rather wet weather for saturday and i think as we go on into sunday what's a still into a good part of java to carter for example could see some localized flooding is the right really sets in through the second half of the weekend could also see some weather making. sway towards flank the eastern side of the island over the next
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couple of days some places the plan just moving in here for much of india it is fine and pleasant sunshine think a cloud up towards northeastern corner make its way further north and east. the weather sponsored by catherine. talk to. you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want to live in india that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is there a. problem it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tigers nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all
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political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow putin's example but how do you measure it really brittanys happinesses but when should it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. welcome back at the top stories here al-jazeera nigeria's presidential elections have been postponed until next weekend voters were set to go to the polls this saturday it's believed there are difficulties in transporting electoral materials to some areas. a group of texas landowners
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a file the first lawsuit challenging the u.s. president's declaration of a national emergency donald trump made the announcement after approving a spending bill to avert another government shutdown. and then as well as president is accusing us of trying to destabilize his country in an interview with al-jazeera nicholas but you're also criticized european nations accusing them of supporting u.s. military intervention. of the philippines government wants to allow prosecutions for children as young as twelve years old it's all part of president regurgitate his crackdown on crime but rights groups are outraged by the puzzle in a country where many children live in poverty in durban reports in the capital manila. ian was thirteen years old when he says he got into trouble with the law he has been living in this detention center for children in manila. we just made mistakes we didn't listen to our parents we don't want to be mix with older ones
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the facility up by progress has helped us a lot at least eighty young boys like ian our house here in the center with a capacity of only twenty the philippine juvenile justice system is already struggling to cope. all minutes apologies are required to have reform centers for children between the ages of twelve and eighteen but data from a coalition of n.g.o.s suggests that of the more than one hundred centers required fewer than half are operational and only eight centers across the country have complied with the basic standards of food and hygiene but now politicians are pushing to lower the minimum age of criminal liability from fifteen to twelve years old upon the request of president to be good at there to. personally i want it at that age even the parents must already be conscious of the child's criminal accountability because whatever happens they will be made
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responsible for the child defeats if they don't end up in job anyway then why not at an early age have them go through lectures with social workers to instill accountability i am comfortable with twelve. since last year police have been rounding up children who stay past curfew in different parts of manila most of them are taken to precincts where they are processed before being returned to their parents the government says it is one of the measures through with the streets of crime like. the command. of the crimes. activists say the government is wrongly fixated on criminal liability they say instead the government should focus on improving existing reform policies there are already in place for children in conflict with the law. this place is called the.
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or house of hope many of these boys have spoken to see life is hard but here they get an education critics say locking them up with adults will only reinforce negative behavior instead of correcting it for now the bill to lower the age of criminal liability is pending in congress. like so many here ian says he feels as if the proposed law wants to choke them. when all they really ask is a second chance to melanie duggan on dizzy or many in. the white house says u.s. and chinese officials will meet in washington next week they'll continue trade talks after a two day meeting in beijing failed to produce an agreement president xi jinping met the u.s. treasury secretary to work out a deal and. the two sides are trying to reach an agreement before march the first when the u.s. plans to increase levies on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods
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india says it will completely isolate pakistan following thursday suicide bombing in india another minister of kashmir at least forty four security personnel were killed and dozens wounded pakistan denies any involvement in the attack or but money reports. a solemn occasion in indian administered kashmir the home minister russian of thing helps to carry the coffin of a soldier killed in thursday's attack. one of dozens of security personnel targeted when a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into the convoy on the highway. prime minister observed a moment of silence to remember the victims before he gave a warning. our producer. i want to tell the terrorist groups and their patrons that they have committed a huge mistake and they will have to pay a big price for this. it's the worst attack to hit the disputed himalayan region in
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three decades the pakistan based group jaish e mohammad says it's responsible for the attack although islamabad denies any involvement india has accused it of allowing armed groups to operate freely it's issued a diplomatic protest to pakistan's envoy in new delhi and withdrawn trade privileges to islam about pakistan's foreign ministry issued a statement calling the attack a matter of grave concern saying they've always condemned heightened acts of violence in the valley. has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred forty seven both countries claim the entire region where tens of thousands have been killed in the past three decades the latest attack targeted a large military convoy investigates the still trying to piece together how the armed group was able to strike such a sensitive target. as
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india's national investigation agency begins its walk activists came out onto the streets of indian administered kashmir with many chanting anti pakistan slogans the government to shut down into this and some areas and the military has imposed a curfew in the attempt to restore calm about a manly zero. more than five hundred leaders from around the world have been meeting in new nick germany to discuss a host of issues including the threat from isis in the last few weeks the armed group has lost almost all of this territory in syria and iraq. five people have been killed in a shooting in the u.s. city of chicago police say the gunman gary martin has been killed the forty five year old was an employee at a manufacturing side in the area five police officers have been injured at
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a maximum we want twenty four today in the world these apartment received multiple calls for an active shooter at six forty one margin in the afternoon and then you actually warehouse at one twenty eight officers arrived and were fired upon immediately two of the initial four officers entering the building and shot additional officers began to arrive more often fired upon a total of five officers were struck by gunfire the other officers on the scene don't even gunshot victims inside the building at this time we have confirmed that five that can be started fees u.s. special counsel robert muller says donald trump's former campaign manager deserves up to twenty four years in prison for it was convicted in norquist on eight counts of bank on tax fraud he's been investigated as part of the probe into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election prosecutors are also urging a federal judge to find money for more than twenty million dollars. schoolchildren
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across the world are opting to skip class to protest against climate change that governments around the world to declare a climate imagines it to tackle global warming is. the next generation is finding its voice. some voices are smaller than others. but together they form a chorus. demanding urgent action on climate change it's a day of course elated strikes by children across the u.k. . with people skipping school to protest are you worried about the state of the planet in the end we want to. keep trying to bring the demands and we love having you let's apply a sense we live without running out of things we need and so i think that somewhere . i knew i would use the school think about you not being in school i don't.
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think there's anything. was said in the demonstration is part of a much wider global movement schools for climate action is growing quickly on social media. in the past few months tens of thousands of children in belgium germany scandinavia and australia have taken to the streets. it began with a fifteen year old swede. who skipped class to protest outside government buildings in september accusing her country of not following the powers climate agreement she even took a protest to the world economic forum in davos that. according to the un intergovernmental panel on climate change there are only twelve years left to bring global warming under control before the damage is irreversible. unprecedented
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systemic change is needed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least fifty percent. why the perceived lack of action when it comes to government dealing with climate change i don't know if you read through this i threw ink gives me this taking its future into down to the people who try to size what we're doing it today i want to say how else are we meant to participate we don't have the food none of us have a voice other than making hot outside parliament here if we want to actually be able to survive rather than have this impending sense of doom that global warming brings. a larger global mobilization of children is planned for next month many of these demonstrators know it isn't enough to be young articulate and informed there's a sense of urgency a feeling that if they don't do something who will. london. france is growing impatient with britain's indecision never brags it britain's
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parliament rejected a motion to support prime minister to resume a strategy to me the e.u. france's europe minister says the economy is hurting because of britain's unpredictable approach should use anybody i'd like to tell our petition friends it's time to decide if they want to live in friendly terms or leave up properly it's their choice the end seventy was reinforced yesterday but another difficult thing in the commons mrs may and it's hanging over the business community and that spain's prime minister. called the general election after losing an important budget vote people were now head to the polls on the twenty eighth of april it will be the third election in four years on thursday politicians who support in the pendants for catalonia are among those who voted against the proposed budget. spain must continue to advance and progress from a point of tolerance and respect from moderation and common sense excluding politics from frustration growing and creating employment redistributing wealth
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consolidating and recognizing not just the rights and liberties we gained in the last forty years but also expanding the perimeter of the.


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