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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour law you from coming up in the next sixty minutes venezuela's opposition leader rallies his army of volunteers to distribute american aid. syria and russia agreed to open up humanitarian corridors. of refugees to return home. the vatican expels a former u.s. cardinals accused of sexual abuse. and pro and anti brags that campaign has literally bring social media to the streets to make their case to people in the.
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thousands of volunteers in venezuela have registered to travel to the colombian border to bring in u.s. aid they took an oath before the opposition leader in the capital caracas more than two hundred tons of aid has arrived at the colombian border food and medicines from the u.s. has become a key issue in the power struggle between president maduro. has refused to allow aid in from colombia he says it's all part of a u.s. policy to remove him from power why do those says venezuela is starving. you know what i mean there are theater borders that we're talking of course the volunteer movement will not only be at the border on the twenty third there will be demonstrations at all of the cities had been as well or for the aide to. john hendren joins us live now from washington d.c. so john the first of several u.s.
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military transport planes carrying aid has now arrived on the colombian border with venezuela what more can you tell us. that's right daryn these three planes landed on saturday just hours ago and they made the long journey from homestead air force base in florida but the trickiest part is this short trip over the border now all of that aid is along on the colombian side of the border and and this is really a story at this point of two armies there is the venezuelan army who. has ordered not to let that aid in and then there is this army you spoke of these people in white these volunteers who want to carry that aid over from colombia into the country and they have been led by one guy ito the opposition leader who has proclaimed himself interim president and he spoke to those people in caracas and if everything goes the way he wants it to go those volunteers will go to the border
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the army has in the past allowed pedestrians to cross now if they are allowed to cross they will carry that aid back and distribute it throughout the country that is something desperately does not want to happen he says that aid comes with strings from the u.s. that it's a trojan horse in order for the u.s. to launch a military overthrow of his government and the u.s. has been fairly straightforward in saying that its goal here is regime change that's why it is among fifty countries that have recognized yto as the leader of that country so this is this is going to be an ongoing struggle guy ito says that aid needs to get into the country within the next seven days or and in his mind he says hundreds of thousands of people will begin to starve and john as you say venezuela's president has vowed not to let any u.s. aid into the country how much in terms of the broader picture then it's likely to
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escalate the diplomatic standoff in washington. well of this is certainly an intense standoff right now and madore will will certainly want to do everything he can to stop that aid from getting in as soon as that aid gets in and it gets under the control of his volunteers. will see that as strengthening the opposition and weakening his position so this has to intensify that confrontation that is ongoing as i said so many countries fifty countries have recognized guy you know as the leader of that venezuela nevertheless russia and china have not and a number of international aid agencies don't like the strings that come with the u.s. aid so that's why the international committee of the red cross and united nations agencies are not coordinating with the united states and they say that age should not come with strings john thank you. well done as well as
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acute economic crisis has been soaring inflation levels which are expected to hit ten million percent this year and it's not just hurting those in urban areas rural voters and traditionally loyal supporters of the mature a government are also struggling farmers have been hit by shortages of everything from fertilizer to fuel a lot in america and it's this inhuman discovered in cocoa. the fertile hills and mountains of venezuela are home to one of the world's most sought after delicacies. the garcia family makes its living from subsistence farming and their main source of income are these cow beans the roll material of venezuela's prestigious chocolate city. but times are hard says luis garcia there's no money for fertilizer a pesticides any more and water is scarce so the cow trees aren't producing as they should. president chavez used to give us credit that he died and that was it
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now we have no help. the communities land used to produce enough to buy supplies and clothe their families but now they say they're barely surviving on another carbohydrates that they can grow here but at least they have fruit despite the lack of water and fertilizer the orange grove has been generous the problem is they have no way to get these oranges to market transportation to is at an all time premium and the few cargo trucks that are available are charging a fortune and so they say it's very likely that these oranges will stay here and rot. luis garcia is a card carrying member of the ruling socialist party and tells me he wouldn't betray the revolution but he's losing patience with president nicolas mughal going to get is a little he's got to fix this because the same way that people put him in the palace we can take him out we're the ones who decide ok. for
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his neighbors fifty five year old sort either fixing all this is a matter of life or death she had a msec to me six months ago and explains that she needs radiotherapy to stop the spread of her cancer see i've asked the government for help but there's nothing at the public hospitals they turn me away i'm sick but what can i do to get my treatment when there is none available. people here boast that they're proud of their simple life but they say they've never had to struggle like this while waiting and hoping that in this way life will get back on its feet. to see in human . power in israel. but haitians are slowly returning to their normal lives off the days of violent protests thousands of demonstrators have been demanding the president over no more use resigns he's been accused of failing to address soaring inflation and alleged misuse of funds money from port au prince. we're in port au
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prince where there is a sense of calm that's returning to different parts of the city as you can see people are out and about there's vendors out on the streets selling different products this doesn't mean that tensions are gone this doesn't mean that the discontent is over there are still pockets of unrest in the city where demonstrators continue to call on the resignation of the haitian president for those who have the means some have begun leaving the country for those who don't the discontent continues they continue to voice their concerns their anger over widespread poverty over worsening living conditions and over the issue of corruption the united states there are reports that the united states is planning to send food aid to help prevent a humanitarian crisis here in the country given that many people are having a hard time finding access to food finding access to clean water but in the meantime as you can see things are sort of returning back to normal port au prince once again looking like quarter prince but the unrest remains pockets of tension remains and it's unclear still what exactly is going to happen in the coming days.
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hoofy rebels in yemen say they have launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia the armed group says it's taken a number of saudi military positions south of the city of jan and also injured saudi fight and captured a large number of arms knee and. it's the most significant border fighting to take place since the stockholm agreement aimed at deescalating the fighting was signed last december well the stockholm agreement was brokered by the un during talks aimed at ending yemen's nearly four year war to the rebels in the yemen saudi backed government agreed to a cease fire in the strategic port city of her data while the truce has largely held both sides were meant to withdraw their troops from the city by january seventh well that never happened and the man the un tasked with overseeing the ceasefire resigned after only one month in the job a prisoner swap was also agreed during the talks in sweden yet to take place well
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for more on this let's bring in now bill kuharich in washington d.c. via skype is a former u.s. diplomat who served as deputy chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in sana'a from two thousand and four to two thousand and seven bill this is the most significant escalation in the fight to get the yemen since the start come due were signed last december why do you think this is happening on the ground now . well after a. start of the stockholm agreement back in december things have been deteriorating partly because of the inability to implement any of the provisions of the stockholm agreement the two sides have not been a people to meet face to face on the ground because of mutual suspicion and so the united nations mission brought in a small ship for them to meet out on the sea in order to coordinate the deployment then of course it's not very practical to implement the
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deployment of forces if you are not right there on the ground deciding on the areas to which you are going to be deployed also the simplest part of the agreement the prisoner exchange failed so far the delegations left on monday jordan where they were having these discussions discussions so right now you have intermittent small arms fire and intermittent sling around the circumference of the city so it hasn't broken down completely but i'm afraid that the signs are not very good that this point and the bill that was hoped that the cease fire in her data would impact the rest of the country in a positive way but that clearly is not happening. no and i think to some extent this agreement was sort of further done outside down by focusing on her data of course it's a major humanitarian axis and that's fine but if you say
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a ceasefire and her data and it's ok to have. ongoing war and there is such a country that's not a good thing if you had done it the other way around with a general cease fire first and then you start working on improving things in her day that i think this would have been a better way of go about it as it is there's major fighting in the north self the country along the saudi arabian any border and in fact there are yemeni troops supported by saudi arabia inside yemen in the north and the northwest specifically which means they're trying to encircle and further ham and the who the force and and that could lead to a major early escalation of the fighting right now bill curry there in washington d.c. thank you for your time. now syria and russia say they're preparing to open humanitarian
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corridors to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home the compound syria's border with jordan is home to more than forty thousand refugees russia says to cardozo be opened along the border on tuesday and it will give people living in rock band twenty four hours to move. meanwhile on syria's eastern border with iraq kurdish led syrian democratic forces are continuing their offensive against i sold the air in the region of darrow's or was the last pocket of territory controlled by the armed groups. that is locked down under fire it will be a matter of days to finish their presence in the. east of the euphrates river near the iraqi border we destroyed their ability to return fire. holding civilians as human shields in only six hundred to seven hundred square meters in by a group. has more now from the turkish syrian border. throughout saturday we've
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heard various different statements from a few different sources about what's going on with the other but whose village they lost on claim of i sold is now surrounded by the syrian democratic forces the syrian democratic forces themselves have said that they surrounded the village and they are about to announce what they are calling good news soon now that comes hot off the heels of a statement by the u.s. vice president mike pence who said at this very hour the last mile of territory in syria where the black flag of dosh once flew dyce is the arabic acronym that the americans use is being captured and also we've heard from the syrian observatory of human rights now they've said that they have heard that the fighters have actually surrendered and that the battle is actually over but we haven't heard that officially from the syrian democratic forces now on friday the u.s. president donald trump said that he would have good news in the next twenty four
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hours that the caliphate would have been destroyed completely not schools some confusion here within the region the iraqi government says the caliphate was actually destroyed the so-called self declared state of isis was actually destroyed in two thousand and seventeen and i saw themselves haven't actually referred to the caliphate since two thousand and seventeen when they lost their territory. not bad weather sabotage am logistical challenges are being blamed for nigeria's election being pushed back a last minute decision to postpone the ballot by a week quote everyone from voters to candidates of god electoral commission says many states simply weren't ready to hold the election and more time was needed to ensure the elections were free fair and credible mom of the reports for. this is nigeria's moment of sport independent electoral commission chairman mahmood yoku is facing criticism for elections of the last minute ali also today. he
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insists the decision was taken to address the many challenges the tump of repercussions for the elections. overall assessment of the elections went on. polls will not open it in the morning all of these missions. yet we have determined that course must whore on the same time and in every part. in this way nor elections we use time. this is very important to public perception of elections and this we. created. the commission hopes the delay would mean that everything will all smoothly next week but not everyone is convinced we had reports in various places of compromises that have been done in can iran has retained some members of the independent national electoral commission and because those still highly india they decided to act fast on post one of the
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election so to solve the explosions giving up charlie troop are not actually ready to nigerians have been here before for the past two elections were postponed one of them for weeks but what nigeria's actually angry about this time around is the shop they were given before the postponement was announced the electoral commission made the announcement just three hours to the time the polling stations were expected to offer. voters reacted with a mixture of anger frustration and resignation with some describing the electoral body as a disgrace this is the height of incompetence they call tree has never experienced this that could be caught on the off election does that look look what you mean to record of. immediate need this money we're finding out that yet the election as record of who does that is very disappointing very separate and no one really shone for him as an engineer i think so embarrassed. nigeria's two main
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political parties the ruling all progressives congress a.p.c. and the peoples democratic party p.d.p. swiftly condemned the delay and accused each other of trying to manipulate the. present moment to bill hardy i'd come and appeal to nigerians to refrain from civil disorder the presidential and parliamentary votes have been is scheduled for saturday twenty third february governorship state assembly and local government elections will now be held on saturday the ninth of march mohamed atta walsh's era aboard your nigeria. a lot more still to come here on the news hour including india's government gets u.s. backing as it comes for those responsible for thursday's attack in indian administered kashmir. pakistan prepares to roll out the red carpet for the saudis pound prince mom and in selma and in support america's mckenna shifrin makes history the world skiing championships and sweet that's almost into.
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security has been stepped up ahead of the saudi crown prince his two day visit to asia mohamed bin soundman postponed his trip by a day and will arrive in pakistan on sunday natascha going to reports. pakistan is planning a royal welcome for saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salomon pakistan and saudi arabia have long been allies but this is the first visit for the crown prince since he became heir to the throne gable might have put on a fellowship put on a both back they are our old friends and their policies are in favor of pakistan. to my god he will go they will increase their wealth by investing in pakistan this is useless for our people. prime minister imran khan wants to make a good impression by mr khan is he looking to take. one is that
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package one is called mint and the country konami quotes second is foreign direct investment cons overture comes as much of the world has either shunned criticized or chosen to keep an arm's length from the crown prince both turkish and american security agencies have concluded that mohamed bin salmen ordered the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi the veteran journalist was killed and dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october cond just two months into his tenure never joined the global chorus of outrage against the kingdom and the prince. later that month he was one of a few leaders to attend a financial summit in saudi arabia a pet project of bin solomon intended to elevate the country's image and promote foreign investment there would be no political cost for him to master could put him
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at the moment it's not important what the world is thinking the crown prince plans to show his appreciation by injecting billions of dollars into pakistan's economy. since the nine eleven attacks pakistan has been viewed as a vital player in combat ing armed groups and maintaining regional security but overlooked when it comes to foreign investment prime minister khan is banking on the fact that were saudi money is invested other countries might follow natasha can aim al-jazeera. has a political analyst based in pakistan he says there's no need to tighten security hadn't been someone's visit. apparently there have been some preparations for it greg known for the last several days rather for the last several weeks if you remember several months ago as sittin in the snow above that blog that kept the
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city in a state of animated suspension for a number of weeks nine months ago then we had a second sit in in islam by another by the same extremist organization called the love back. they'd. stage another sit in so and then following that we saw that there were a number of followers of that organization that bent on social media and talk and started talking about different sacks and started talking about some things that i hate speech now but yes reza the and i will offend b.s. is concerned obama been some man in pakistan i do not know any reason. to believe these sanctions of these restrictions do that i will but i think this is a general consensus in the government within the government ranks that the hate speech should not be allowed because it has already hurt bog standard the world
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speed the case of off the us the a b. b. is already a good example so in my judgment. the m.e.'s arrival is not the shoes the shoes that it is the general general atmosphere in pakistan to clamp down on what is called hate speech the sectarian talks now and these kind of things. thousands of people have gathered in iran to mourn the deaths of twenty seven revolutionary guard soldiers the men who were killed in a suicide car bombing in iran says dan in baluchistan province this week the head of iran's revolutionary guard is threatening retaliation over the attack. carine i didn't start that we will get revenge for the blood of our martyrs on the saudi arabian and emirates governments we ask the president has some rouhani on a head of supreme national security council to keep a hands free as they've promised for carrying out retaliatory operations the us has told india it will support any move to defend itself against cross border attacks
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prime minister narendra modi has threatened action against neighboring pakistan after a suicide bombing in indian administered kashmir left forty four soldiers dead more burden monday reports. funerals across india the dozens of security forces killed in a suicide bomb attack in indian administered kashmir earlier prime minister narendra modi held a ceremony for the victims before paying its respects to the families on social media. day drove the car packed with explosives into a security convoy on the highway the worst attack in the himalayan region in three decades he was a member of the pakistan based group jaish e mohammad which has claimed responsibility modi says he will give the military freedom to respond in any way it sees fit. so the exchange of arguments across the line of control for instance by using artillery guns and targeting the
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infrastructure on the stand of camps is one option the other is the use of plants aboard a capability and now here we are talking about where we are why the targets across the border and is there a need to use air power. the move this increased tension between india and pakistan which both claim the entire region the national security advisers of the united states in india john bolton and i. have spoken by phone they say they work together to prevent pakistan from being what they call a safe haven for armed groups. mrs held an all party meeting in new delhi where they passed a resolution condemning the attack and calling for action this is. the country right now is fighting a decisive war and it will reach its final conclusion the sacrifice of our soldiers were not going vain and we are determined to eradicate militancy. pakistan has
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denied any involvement in the bombing. incident is very sad and we condemn it we are never in favor of killing the are never in favor of violence really never on our side to be used for terrorism. as an investigation into in the midst of kashmir into how such a large security convoy was attacked. once the investigation is concluded then only more details can be given as the families come to terms with their loss many are only certain of what the further escalation could lead to the fire that's your about to be out to dinner. time for a short break here and i'll just be around when we come down the sudanese facebook group that evolves from a dating forum to online activism and it's getting a farm's down from the government. tweets on john billboards and messages on receipts the big i'm a little ways breaks that campaign is not getting their message across and it's
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both tough conditions continue to cause big problems for drivers at the run it's me more and stings. the rain is finally beginning to easing california has been very very wet for many of us here and along other parts of the us west coast and up into canada lots of heavy rain has been seen and we will say seen a fair few landslides as well all of that there is an easing and things will continue to dry up as we head through the next few days a few showers perhaps that nothing more than that instead some more intense rain we working its way towards the east we see some in the southeast and further north will be seeing that system freshly turned wintery so also of snow there as we head through the day on monday and heavy rain a bit further towards the south and behind that system the temperatures really are
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dropping away for the central america as we've seen one area of what weather over the past couple of days but that is now easing so most of us will see dry weather on sunday should be some good spells of sunshine around and not really much in the way of showery whether it's. more showers that are a bit further south in fact to rio it's been incredibly wet over the last day or so that area of rain is still with us on sunday still giving us some heavy rain and showers to the so. now for working their way into power and why as well now if we had our way into monday there's not really a great deal of change for the temperatures are on the rise for some of us the romans ari's will be all the way up at thirty one by monday. battling against addiction then very thing that brought her down now she can teach people how to come back i know it's hard for me to believe that he's going to get a full time job in radio but i have to be supportive family after money put my
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pride aside and just say ok dan we have our issues but we have to speak and i'm going to keep on working part time this moment feel good. on al-jazeera. is different from other channels because we're not just there when something happens we are there before it happens for there while it happens and we say we do have a permit for this and a lot of places there's not. the back ground being in love is very it's about syria it's about lebanon it's about the power struggle between iran and saudi arabia it's all there and that's the challenge.
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welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera thousands of volunteers in venezuela registered to travel to the colombian border to bring in the u.s. and they took an oath before the opposition to one guy bill and the couple. who the rebels in yemen said they launched a major action on the border with saudi arabia so most significant fighting to take place since the stockholm agreement and the escalating the fighting was signed last december. and syria and russia say they're preparing to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the refugee camp to return home more than forty thousand refugees given the key. on syria's border with jordan. now the vatican has expelled a former u.s. cardinals in the roman catholic church on the historic section abuse claims theodore mccarrick is the most senior figure out to be dismissed from the
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priesthood in modern times rob reynolds reports. theodore mccarrick is the highest ranking catholic clergyman to be punished in connection with sexual abuse the vatican announced he has been defrocked completely removed from the priesthood both abuse and its cover up can no longer be tolerated and the different treatment for bishops who have committed a quarter of up abuse in fact represents a form of clerical eastman that is no longer acceptable mccarrick was accused of sexually abusing minors including teenaged altar boys and older seminary students studying for the priesthood and we're talking about accountability for bishops and we're actually doing it it's not talk it's otoh we walk and talk does also a very important signal for auspicious that we are not above to rule the character who is eighty eight rows from parish priest to bishop of diocese in new jersey and
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was made a cardinal and archbishop of washington d.c. by pope john paul the second. for years complaints about mccarran sexual activities circulated among clergy and parishioners priests in new jersey and new york wrote letters to their bishops and warned vatican officials about mackerras conduct and the parents of children who had been molested and adults who said the cardinal abused them as boys also spoke out numerous reports on macare it began emerging publicly in the media indicating high church officials including former pope benedict the sixteenth were aware of the allegations but kept quiet last year pope francis ordered mccarran to a church facility in rural kansas to pray and make penance in seclusion the decision to remove him from the priesthood is nearly unprecedented church scholars
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say you have to go back centuries somebody told me to the council of trent that's almost five hundred years ago for a similar situation where a cardinal a former cardinal was laicized so it's a very big decision in the history it's a landmark decision in the history of the church the action comes as pope francis prepares to preside over a meeting of leaders of all the catholic bishops conferences why hold specifically to address the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults in the church rob reynolds al-jazeera washington well let's bring in tim lennon he's the president of the survivors network of those abused by priests he joins us live from tucson arizona via skype timlin and theodore mccarrick is the most senior catholic figure to be dismissed in the priesthood in modern times i mean how significant is his de frank and what message does it send to victims and survivors. well that's an
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important message because as people have mentioned this is a first in centuries but the church needs to continue from there and to kony continue to remove those that sexually abused children and minors and those that are covered up for instance we have a cardinal pell in austria who is recently convicted of child sex abuse he's still a cardinal we have to ship wilson for from a story a convicted of sexual abuse we have a cardinal didn't already know the head of all the catholic. bishops here in the united states was recently accused of covering up and withholding information from the person or is about three abusers so the cover up continues and until the pope take strong action in removes a number of cardinals and bishops yeah i was going to say i mean that's an important point to make because for years rumors of metallics abuse was such
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a late in the vatican was warned about him so why do you think the vatican kept quiet for so long and basically protected him well i think that we've seen that the practice an ideology of the church hierarchy has been to protect the prestige and reputation of the church at the expense of the safety of the children minors and oppression or zz and this all comes just days before the pope prepares to host a major summit on preventing child abuse but isn't this all too little too late for victims and survivors and what do you hope will come out of this papal summit. well i don't think any progress is not too little we welcome all change where we welcome all action what we've seen up until this moment and again up until this moment first time in centuries of the pope has done nothing we've heard the thoughts and
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prayers we've had the penance we've had the apologies we had the washing of feet of survivors we've had all of that all symbolic kind of acts so this may be the first action of removing some of these that are complicit in covering up sexual abuse so we've seen no action yet and we can only hope and expect the pope to be brave and have courageous enough to do something to men in just a final thought some of them for you don't i mean mccarrick is just one of hundreds of members of the catholic clergy some of the you pointed out around the world accused of sexually abusing children of the many years i mean how much do you think this is damage the credibility of the church and where does the church going from him briefly well i think it's up to the pressures of the church to decide what kind of of church that they want what kind of institution to they want do they want an institution where their officials cover up or they're complicit in allowing
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predators to threaten their community so i think it's a prisoner's in need to decide to future of their church for us and stamp in our network of survivors we call in civil society state investigations to look into the church and eighteen states in the united states have done so and we've calling on the rest of the night to do similar to men and thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. thank you now around two hundred thousand protesters a loaner against the trial of twelve catalan separatist leaders calling for them to be released immediately told leading figures are being tried for their roles in the twenty seven referendum and declaration of independence from spain is nothing bob. demanding the release of people they see as political prisoners when spain ruled the twenty seventeen catalan referendum and subsequent declaration of independence illegal it detained many of the movement's leading figures this week they went on
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trial. that is what they are doing to them is unjustified they simply allowed people to build either for or against a dependency the political prisoners deserved to be three one of the first to be arrested was jordi could start head of the army and cultural nonprofit organization its current vice president says politics is being brought into the judicial system but has or support it except when the political prisoners who are acting as political prisoners and the prosecutor in the state lawyers behaving as if this was a political trial which is what it is they're talking about politics but on the. on tuesday catalonia is former president keris was one of twelve secessionist leaders appearing at an initial hearing at the supreme court in madrid after more thank you know the former minister and two others who are free on bail face charges of misuse of public funds and disobedience the other nine defendants were driven from prisons outside the capital they face charges of rebellion or sedition which
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carry greater jail terms. six catalan separatists who fled abroad still face charges if they returned including former catalan president colors put him on this week he insisted he wouldn't get a fair trial i want to return to my home that is obviously i want to be with my family that these clear. but i want to return to a real democracy. a real democracy with a clear separation of powers the madrid trial comes at a time of political uncertainty on friday spain's socialist prime minister pedro sanchez called a snap general election for april after catalan nationalists who backed him helped parliament vote down the government's budget bill. catalonia secessionists hope the election will increase the presence of pro independence parties in the spanish parliament that could have a huge bearing on what happens next in this region nadine barber al jazeera. in
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britain campaigners on both sides of the briggs it debate are exploring new ways of getting their messages across social media is one big platform but a group of activists that wants the u.k. to remain in the e.u. is using more traditional techniques to gain online attention is an e-book for. some political activism begins before dawn billboards have been springing up across the country giant tweaks highlighting some of the predictions contradictions and hypocrisy ease of britain's leaders it started as an idea amongst friends it's now an anonymous guerrilla ad campaign under the hashtag led by don't case before we knew it we put in our kids the data and going out almost every night putting out new posters and now here we are one month later we've got ninety thousand pounds in the bank from the crowd fund and the going up around the country because of the nature of digital news where we forget so quickly what was said there's
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a real appetite for something in the real world the breaks a referendum rewrote the rules of political campaigning for the first time and service for and against breaks it realize the full on regulated power of social media to influence voters clearly social media still is a massively important vehicle for activists and political campaign is all this group is doing is using and a long time takes to get its unique message across. this is what happened when the group turned their attention to the opposition labor leader jeremy cool been installing a blank billboard and the politicians home and tea breaks a campaign has turned up and filled in the gaps with their own slogans but i think the main prominent pro breck's an activist so also attempting to reach new audiences. the multimillionaire owner of one of britain's biggest pop change has come under fire for sending copies of this probe themed magazine to potentially thousands of homes come on. guys let's get real we're talking about saving thirty
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nine billion pounds a limiting loss of paris regaining control of fish in increasing democracy i mean what's not for like. meanwhile in central london a restauranteur who put an empty bag six slogan at the bottom of customer receipts his face violent threats and then one cases they say we must burn the place down meaning the restaurant to be burned up and then another one they put an image of a gallows saying traitorous in a way breaks it's created a war of words facts figures and promises repeated on buses boats and bridges some entirely false the official vote leave campaign spent three and a half million dollars on targeting ads at specific groups of people on facebook helping it to win the twenty sixteen referendum. says the votes more and more people have started to question the authenticity of messages on social media and
2:43 am
the power of political appetising it's led to a political climate where everything and nothing seems true where some feel motivated to promote or challenge a brand breaks it in new ways. al-jazeera london. in sedan an old woman's facebook group that began as a forum to talk about men has turned his attention to the recent crisis that now exposing security forces using excessive force against anti-government protesters mama deval reports in khartoum. security force members armed with tear gas or fire arms are used to facing off against peaceful protesters this could be the easy part of the job for them what they're really scared about now is the work of these young. members of a female only facebook that is unmasking violent behavior by sudan
2:44 am
a security force the group is known as member chart which started out as a charter for girls about boys but since the start of our government protests in december the forum stopped being the automatic. men the chat was originally just for girls if a girl posted a picture of a boy the other members would say what they know about him so she could judge if he's a good potential partner but now it's pictures of security members that have been posted it's turned into a counter intelligence service to support the revolution to get beyond it's like an f.b.i. now boys used to fear it now they dread it even more i mean the security people one of them who was recently exposed by the forum invited friends for his graduation but no one turned up there all broke ties with him. another famous case was a female protester who turned out to be an undercover security operative she became
2:45 am
an example of public shame. people began to cut security members who were exposed they refused to deal with them. after the successful work of the foremost security members began to cover their faces now they're too afraid to have their identity known one protester on discovering that her brother was a hidden security member has denounced him in public these girls are part of a mighty army of nearly three hundred thousand female members their leaders are and they are wanted by. the state is waging an electronic war on the forum it includes hard software programmers to identify the group members have their mobile phones and invade their privacy previously the government thought the form was a joke now they've taken it seriously. for the protesters seeking the overthrow of the government of. national cause has spread its colors and symbols on almost
2:46 am
everything they've been a valentine's. day. on the occasion of. who is your lover sooner. or disease capital u.s. vice president mike pence has called on the e.u. to pull out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal made the comments of a security conference in the german city of new nick his remarks followed the appeal by the german chancellor angela merkel for world powers to set aside their differences and engage in dialogue reports from. she's the face of the european union and the style war to defend of multi-lateralism german chancellor and going to merkel is also a vocal critic of u.s. president donald trump's foreign policies on this is anybody's ballister so i get what i'm missing you know iran is developing a ballistic missile program in syria and has
2:47 am
a hand in the yemen conflict but the question is do we abandon the twenty fifty neatly deal or use it as a lever like my. us vice president by turns addressing a skeptical audience brushed aside accusations his country was pulling back from global obligations the vice president sharply criticized the e.u. for not falling in line with us to isolate iran the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and join us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary. china is on a charm offensive sending its biggest delegation ever led by political bureau member young. chinese officials are eager to ease growing fears among world leaders that beijing is using its telecom company while we just buy when other
2:48 am
countries while way as a company is cooperating very closely with european countries in the fourth industrial revolution we should all work together and chinese law doesn't require companies to install back doors or collect intelligence russian foreign minister sergei lavrov faced the daunting task of convincing world leaders his country is committed to global stability the e.u. and the us. have imposed a series of sanctions against russia following it's an accession of crimea its role in the ukraine crisis and violating the one nine hundred eighty seven nuclear treaty. that was. new cracks of forming in old ones a deepening we need to build a new pen european home no matter how strange that might seem now u.s.
2:49 am
president donald trump took the world by surprise when he announced he would withdraw troops from syria a decision many worry will drag the country towards one uncertainty in afghanistan the americans are in favor of peace talks with the taliban will have a bigger say but many doubt the shifting u.s. strategy will lead to a lasting peace. munich time for another short break here in algeria. families friends and former teammates been paying their final respects to argentina for paula i mean on a sunday morning it's. hard
2:50 am
. the latest news as it breaks health officials say vaccination rates here are dropped significantly with detailed coverage plans put onto the streets to celebrate the country has to work twenty five feet under dodgin to tournaments. from around the world there's growing resentment towards this current view not just here in senegal spread throughout france your progress down forgot.
2:51 am
about time for the sport his son. thank you very much the english f.a. cup dream is over for a new poor county the faulted team were beaten four one by premier league leaders mantissa city four they gave themselves a chance of causing an upset in the fifth round a tie magic on and called made the score two one with ten minutes left the city responded with two more goals that will fold and scored his second of the game and riyadh marez made sure of city's place in the last eight brights in the second team be counted thanks to goals from antony. and your good enough from england international ashley cole gave dobby hope late hon but it finished to want to brighton who are now inside of a first semi final since nineteen eighty three. fans friends and
2:52 am
former teammates to have been paying their final respects to argentina's striker in million. dollars general is taking place in his hometown of progress so twenty eight year old died when a light aircraft he was travelling in crashed into the english challenge last month salah had just signed for premier league team cardiff city you mean i mean you know you know it's a he's a great great person very humble very down to of he's ready to do to play in the premier league so. we feel very sad and the whole club feels very sad anyhow the. general feel very sad. incident and today i think it's good for the family to have some good reason. barcelona have moved seven points clear at the top of the spanish league messi schooled and missed the panel t n a one nil win over need messi has
2:53 am
now scored at least thirty goals in each of his last eleven seasons at the club. or in a four through sickness to win a record breaking fourth straight slam title at the world championships she friend said she ran out of oxygen hoff way down the course on whole way to gold in sweden it was the second gold of these championships for the twenty three year old american who also won the super g. title two minutes before the second one hundred must think me you have to do this because she's done me driving to the point that i couldn't breathe and then talking more and then like in this kind of. yeah i was like how can i ski right now when i'm this is a humvee link but then i got that here and. for the sixty seconds that i needed
2:54 am
to perform i was able to. the former n.f.l. player has fired the protest movement against racial injustice and the u.s. has reached an out of court settlement with the league cup a nikka had accused the team owners of treating him unfairly because of his political views one hundred reports this was the move that collin capper nick says made him a pariah in the national football league capper nick first knelt during the u.s. national anthem in two thousand and sixteen to protest black men shot by police and was later joined by fellow player eric greed and other players last year the n.f.l. banned the practice so the former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback and reed sued alleging the league conspired to keep them from playing cabernet glass plate in two thousand and sixteen president trump criticized the sideline protests that kaepernick claimed got him blackballed get that son of of the field but kapper knicks protests made him a cause celeb among black athletes past and present i'm really happy that collins
2:55 am
managed to. get some analysis with this situation you know he's a talented athlete he should be playing in the n.f.l. i hope he isn't satisfied to his. it is settled to his satisfaction. but it's going to all the details of the out of court settlement announced on friday are confidential but it catherine it had won the case in a hearing with the league arbitrator with damages the former super bowl star could have earned tens of millions of dollars the n.f.l. wants to put the protest if you are behind it the final straw might have been the twenty one nine hundred super bowl the lowest rated league championship in more than a decade at least in part because many african-american entertainers refused to participate and many fans boycotted the game kaepernick who has continued working out shows every sign that he wants to get back to playing football if any team will have him
2:56 am
john hendren al-jazeera. we spoke to an official right he says it's rare for the need to make such settlements this is a league that has forced walk outs instead of giving players what the players think they deserve they went to court in the case of tom brady in the deflated footballs who went to court in the case of adrian peterson is elliot in child and spousal abuse this is not only gives up if it believes it has a leg to stand on the list of names of quarterbacks who are quite clearly worse than kaplan that would be on his worst day were started games the n.f.l. over the last two years the n.f.l. didn't really have a case to go on the last two years of his career he's only thirty one years old he may well never play football again because the n.f.l. can just you know we don't know the terms of this settlement whether kaplan it gets a legitimate shot now but i think his pro football days are done i think he
2:57 am
sacrificed his career for a cause and i think he wouldn't you is knowing that he was doing that so for people to now say he sold out i think are missing the point of what he was doing in the first place in the semifinals has won the biggest title of her career so far the belgian was up against the top seed seem want to highlight the andy qatar open final things were covered from being a said down and a breakdown to have a prayer level tournaments. tough conditions are continuing to cause drivers problems that really sweden overnight need a team within a had a day to forget spectators had to help him out of the snow early on saturday and later on may he was forced to retire after this collision with a train and that's it for me we'll have more later on. summer thank you very much indeed for that all right well that's it for me down to him for this news but don't go away because on the back in a moment with more of the day's news that you've done so much.
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talk to al-jazeera. we ask you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want to be a swedish of it in new york that's what exactly my point we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people need to be heard and
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the story needs to be told we need to invest in development of new to invest in making sure that people are not left behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground joined us for this historic step in american politics to bring you more room moved we need documentaries and life moves on and online whether online. went to the audience or for them not to do this or if you join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are sick you know everyone has a voice and us your thoughts your twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on mt is iraq. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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sentiments when you call her and al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of friends that matter to you. al-jazeera. then as well as opposition leader rallies his army of volunteers to distribute american i. want down in jordan as al-jazeera live from doha also coming up munich security conference exposes a growing rift between europe and the u.s. over iran. syria and russia agreed to open up humanitarian corridors to allow thousands of refugees to return home. and pro and anti bragg's it campaign as mr bring social media to the streets to make their case to the people in the u k.


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