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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the wound. sentiments when you call her and al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. venezuela's opposition leader rallies his army of volunteers to distribute american a. down jordan azhar zero live from doha also coming up munich security conference exposes a growing rift between europe and the u.s. over iran. syria and russia agreed to open up humanitarian corridors to allow thousands of refugees to return home. and pro and anti bragg's it campaign as mr bring social media to the streets to make their case to the people in the u.k. .
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thousands of volunteers in venezuela have registered to travel to the colombian border to bring in u.s. aid they took an oath before the opposition leader one guy bill in the capital caracas more than two hundred tons of aid is arriving the colombian border food and medicines from the u.s. has become a key issue in the past juggle between president nicolas maduro and one why don't do it has refused to allow in aid from colombia he says is all part of the u.s. policy to remove him from power says venezuela is starving you know what i mean there was here. of course the volunteers both but will not only be at the border on the prairie twenty third there will be demonstrations at all of the cities of venezuela for the aide to. john hendren joins us live now from washington d.c. john so the first of several u.s. military planes carrying aid has arrived on the colombian border with venezuela what more can you tell us. that's right daryn these planes came massive c.
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seventeen cargo planes from homestead air force base all the way from florida landing in nearby colombia but the longest or the most difficult part of that trip is getting across the border into venezuela because that is where president nicolas maduro has asked the army to block aid coming in from the u.s. as you mentioned he says that aid comes with strings and the u.s. has made it pretty clear that it is hoping for a regime change in venezuela and that aid would then go to the help of why do who has amassed as you can see on their screen a little earlier all of those people in white who now say he says there are hundreds of thousands of them who say that they are volunteers ready to distribute that aid interesting thing is at that border the army has let individuals cross over on foot so. is hoping that they will be allowed to cross over with that
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u.s. aid and in there are humanitarian supplies there are there's food there's medical supplies and what they call hygiene kits he's hoping that they will be able to carry that over and distribute it throughout the country and he says within a week famines of people could die of that aid does not get into the country and john venezuela's president has vowed not to let any u.s. aid into the country how much is this likely then to escalate the diplomatic standoff between us and washington. this has to intensify that conflict is hanging on there he says this aid is not needed he still is recognized by china and russia and cuba and they have all given aid he says and he believes that that is enough that this aid is not needed and he's very concerned about the u.s. using the aid as a trojan horse in order to overthrow his government so that conflict can only increase at this point nevertheless his putting together his own army of the army
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of volunteers to distribute that aid so the conflict is going to intensify over the coming days what exactly becomes of that and whether that overthrow of the government that the u.s. and fifty other countries are seeking whether that will come to pass we'll just have to wait and see john thank you. well venezuela is acute economic crisis has seen soaring inflation levels which are expected to hit ten million percent this year and is not just hurting those in urban areas rural voters under this name loyal supporters of the madeira government are also struggling farmers have been hit by shortages of everything from fertilizer to fuel as a latin america at its end of the newman discovered in the cold war. the fertile hills and mountains of venezuela are home to one of the world's most sought after delicacies workers in corn the garcia family makes its living from subsistence farming and their main source of income are these. it's the wrong material of
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venezuela's prestigious chocolate city. but times are hard says luis got to seattle there's no money for fertilizer a pesticide anymore and water is scarce so the cow trees aren't producing as they should. be president chavez used to give us credit that he died and that was it now we have no help. the communities land used to produce enough to buy supplies and clothe their families but now they say they're barely surviving on another carbohydrates that they can grow here but at least they have fruit despite the lack of water and fertilizer the orange grove has been generous the problem is they have no way to get these oranges to market transportation to is at an all time premium and the few cargo trucks that are available are charging a fortune and so they say it's very likely that these oranges or stay here and rot
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. luis garcia is a card carrying member of the ruling socialist party and tells me he wouldn't betray the revolution but he's losing patience with president nico last mughal going to get is already he's got to fix this because the same way that people put him in the palace we can take him out we're the ones who decide ok. for his neighbor fifty five year old son either fixing all this is a matter of life or death she had him a sec to me six months ago and explains that she needs radiotherapy just stop the spread of her cancer see i've asked the government for help but there's nothing at the public hospitals they turn me away i'm sick but what can i do to get my treatment when there is none available. people here boast that they're proud of their simple life but they say they've never had to struggle like this. and hopefully it's been this way life will get back on its feet. to see in human. power
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in israel or. with the rebels in yemen say they have launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia the armed groups there has taken a number of saudi military positions south of the city of jos than and also injured saudi fighters and captured a large amount of arms near national run it's the most significant border fighting to take place since the stock on agreement in that deescalate and the fighting was signed last december well this talk of agreement was brokered by the un during talks aimed at ending yemen's nearly four year war who the rebels and yemen's government agreed to a cease fire in the strategic port city of her data while the truce has largely held both sides were meant to have withdrawn the forces from the city by general that never happened and the man the un tasked with overseeing the cease fire resigned after only a month in the job a prisoner swap was also agreed during the talks that's also yet to take place when
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the real crew is a former u.s. diplomat who served in yemen he says the stock can deal didn't take into account the realities on the ground. things have been deteriorating partly because of the inability to implement any of the provisions of the stockholm agreement the two sides have not been able to meet face to face on the ground because of mutual suspicion and i think to some extent this agreement was sort of further done upside down by focusing on her data of course it's a major humanitarian axis and that's fine but if you say a ceasefire and her data and it's ok to have. ongoing war in the rest of the country that's not a good thing if you had done it the other way around with the general cease fire first and then you start working on improving things in her day that i think this
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would have been a better way of go it being about it as it is there's major fighting in the north of the country along the saudi yemeni border and in fact there are yemeni troops supported by saudi arabia inside yemen in the north in the northwest specifically which means. they're trying to encircle and further ham in the who thief force and that could lead to a major early escalation of the fighting now one major conference two very different messages at a meeting on global security in germany u.s. vice president mike pence gave european leaders a dressing down over their continued dealings with iran the e.u. to put out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal the german chancellor angela merkel had a more positive town bar reports from the. she's the face of the european union and the style of war to defend multi-lateralism german chancellor and going
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to merkel is also a vocal critic of u.s. president donald trump's foreign policy is on this is anybody's ballister so i get what i'm missing you know iran is developing a ballistic missile program in syria and has a hand in the yemen conflict that the question is do we abandon the twenty fifty neatly deal or use it as a lever like my. us vice president by turns addressing a skeptical audience brushed aside accusations his country was pulling back from global obligations the vice president sharply criticized the e.u. for not falling in line with us to isolate iran the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and join us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary. china is on
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a charm offensive sending its biggest delegation ever led by political bureau member young. chinese officials are eager to ease growing fears among world leaders that beijing is using its telecom company while we just buy when other countries while way as a company is cooperating very closely with european countries in the fourth industrial revolution we should all work together and chinese law doesn't require companies to install back doors or collect intelligence russian foreign minister sergei lavrov faced the daunting task of convincing world leaders his country is committed to global stability the e.u. and the us. have imposed a series of sanctions against russia following is an accession of crimea its role
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in the ukraine crisis and violating the one nine hundred eighty seven nuclear treaty. new cracks are forming in old ones a deepening we need to build a new pen european home no matter how strange that might seem now u.s. president donald trump took the world by surprise when he announced he would withdraw troops from syria a decision many worry will drag the country towards one certainty in afghanistan the americans are in favor of peace talks with the taliban will have a bigger say but many doubt the shifting your strategy will lead to a lasting peace about al jazeera munich. tonsil break you're not a zero when we come back generous to main contenders in the presidential election all those people are forced to wait another week to the. vatican expels a former u.s. cardinal who is accused of sex abuse more than things. hello
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there the rain is beginning to pull itself together over parts of china recently we've been seeing a fair amount of traffic drift its way across us in the south it's given us a few outbreaks of rain and in the north that cloud is beginning to thicken up as well so as we head through sunday and monday then we're going to see some heavy rain over the northern parts of vietnam and across the border into china and then that pushes its way northward as we head into monday monday is the really wet day very heavy downpours out of this and a lot of snow in the north as well but for the tools the south though and the rain here it's really quite subdued currently most of us in the philippines are seeing some fine weather as we are across parts of vietnam through cambodia and into thailand for the northern parts of thailand i think they'll be more showers as we head through sunday but for the south or just be one or two isolated showers across parts of somalia today and into java borneo too will be seeing some showers but in
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between this should be some good spells of sunshine too as we head out towards the west warm weather system is beginning to move away from the eastern parts of india and through bangladesh but as that one today is the next one is working its way towards us so here it is on sunday then making its way through parts of afghanistan into parts of pakistan in the northern parts of india bringing us a fair amount of snow is it does say for the south though is looking mostly fine and dry. sponsored town. actually against addiction very thing that brought her down now she can teach people who. to come back up. it's hard for me to believe that he's going to get a full time job in radio but i have to be supportive family i have to learn and put my pride aside in just say ok dad we have got your shoes but we have to leave speech and health i'm going to keep on working part time this moment i feel good holiday. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour thousands of volunteers in venezuela have registered to travel to the colombian border to bring in u.s. aid they took an oath before the opposition leader one guy don't work in the capital. if you doubled in yemen say they've launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia the most significant border fighting to take place since the stockholm agreement aimed to deescalate in the fighting was signed last december. and u.s. vice president mike pence has called on the e.u. to pull out of the ten to fifteen iran nuclear deal at a security conference in munich his speech highlighted the divide between the u.s.
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and its allies over iran but the german chancellor angela merkel called for dialogue. about syria and russia saying they're preparing to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home to camp on syria's border with jordan is home to forty thousand refugees russia says to cover it all to open along the border on tuesday it will give people living in a rock band camp twenty four hours to leave meanwhile in syria's eastern border with iraq kurdish led syrian democratic forces are continuing their offensive against eisel area in the region of darrow's or as the last pocket of territory controlled by the armed groups. i still is locked down under our fire it will be a matter of days to finish their presence in the. east of the euphrates river near the iraqi border we destroyed their ability to return fire deaf i tis a holding civilians as human shields in only six hundred to seven hundred square metres in by
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a group. imran khan has more now from on the turkey syria border. throughout saturday we've heard various different statements from a few different sources about what's going on with the other but whose village the last enclave of i sold is now surrounded by the syrian democratic forces the syrian democratic forces themselves have said that they surrounded the village and they are about to announce what they are calling good news soon now that comes hot off the heels of a statement by the u.s. vice president mike pence who said at this very hour the last mile of territory in syria where the black flag of dosh once flew dyce is the arabic acronym that the americans use is being captured also we've heard from the syrian observatory of human rights now they've said that they have heard that the fighters have actually surrendered and that the battle is actually over but we have heard that officially from the syrian democratic forces now on friday the u.s.
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president donald trump said that he would have good news in the next twenty four hours that the caliphate would have been destroyed completely not schools some confusion here within the region the iraqi government says the caliphate was actually destroyed the so-called declared state of isis was actually destroyed in two thousand and seventeen and i saw themselves haven't actually referred to the caliphate since two thousand and seventeen when they lost their territory haitian zaslow only returning to their normal lives up to days of violent protests thousands of demonstrators have been demanding the resignation of president zuma now maurice he's been accused of failing to address soaring inflation and alleged misuse of funds on a rapidly has more now from port au prince. we're in port au prince where there is a sense of calm that's returning to different parts of the city as you can see people are out and about there's vendors out on the streets selling different products this doesn't mean that tensions are gone it doesn't mean that the discontent is over there are still pockets of unrest in the city where
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demonstrators continue to call on the resignation of the haitian president for those who have the means some have begun leaving the country for those who don't the discontent continues they continue to voice their concerns their anger over widespread poverty over worsening living conditions and over the issue of corruption the united states there are reports that the united states is planning to send food aid to help prevent a humanitarian crisis here in the country given that many people are having a hard time finding access to food finding access to clean water but in the meantime as you can see things are sort of returning back to normal port au prince once again looking like for the prince but the unrest remains pockets of tension remain and it's unclear still what exactly is going to happen in the coming days. bad weather and logistical challenges are being blamed for nigeria's election being pushed back a last minute decision to postpone the ballot by a week caught everyone from voters to candidates of god the natural commission says
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many states simply weren't ready to hold the election and more time was needed to ensure the elections were free fair and credible mamma do reports. this is nigeria's mom and the sport independent electoral commission chairman mahmoud who is facing could simple postpone the elections of the last minute value and so today. he insists the decision was taken to address the many challenges the tump of the petition for the elections. and. elections will. not open. in the morning. michel. yet we are determined that holmes must haunt on the same time any improvement. in this way no elections we start. this is very important to public perception of elections and this we. created. the commission hopes the
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delay would mean that everything would all smoothly next week but not everyone is convinced we had reports in various places of compromises that have been done in can iran is returned some members of the independent national electoral commission and because those. highly india decided to act fast on post one of the election so dissolved the explosions giving up charlie troop are not actually ready to judeans have been here before both the past two elections were postponed one of them for weeks but what nigeria's actually angry about this time around is the shop they were given before the postponement was announced the electoral commission made the announcement just three hours to the time the polling stations were expected to offer. voters reacted with a mixture of anger frustration and was initially with some describing the electoral
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body as a disgrace this is the height of incompetence you call tree has never experienced this that could be caught on the off election as x. let's look look look what you mean to record of. immediately this money we're finding out that yes the election i called off. is very disappointing very separate and i was really showing for them to you as an engineer i feel so embarrassed. nigeria's two main political parties the ruling all progressive congress a.p.c. and the peoples democratic party p.d.p. swiftly condemned the delay and accused each other of trying to manipulate the. prison mamadou bahati i'd come and appeal to no judeans to refrain from civil disorder the presidential and parliamentary votes have been is scheduled for saturday twenty third february governorship state assembly and local government elections will now be held on saturday the ninth of march mohamed atta walsh's era
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abuja nigeria security has been stepped up ahead of the saudi crown prince is two day visit to asia had been sound man asparagus trip by a day and will arrive in pakistan on sunday gatherings of five people or more now banned in some areas social media sites oppose the visit also been shut down thousands of people have gathered in iran damone the deaths of twenty seven revolutionary guard soldiers the men were killed in a suicide car bombing in iran sistan and baluchistan province this week the head of iran's revolutionary guard has threatened retaliation for the attack. the vatican has expelled a former u.s. cardinals in the roman catholic church of a historic sexual abuse claims theodore mccarrick is the most senior they've got to be dismissed from the priesthood in modern times rob reynolds reports. theodore mccarrick is the highest ranking catholic clergyman to be punished in connection with sexual abuse the vatican announced he has been defrocked completely removed
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from the priesthood both abuse and its cover up can no longer be tolerated and a different treatment for bishops who have committed a quarter of up abuse in fact represents a form of clerical that is no longer acceptable mccarrick was accused of sexually abusing minors including teenaged altar boys and older seminary students studying for the priesthood and we're talking about accountability for bishops and we're actually doing it it's not talk that talk to we walk and talk does also a very important signal for auspicious that we are not above to rule the carrick who is eighty eight rows from parish priest to bishop of diocese in new jersey and was made a cardinal and archbishop of washington d.c. by pope john paul the second. for years complaints about mccarran sexual activities
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circulated among clergy and parishioners priests in new jersey and new york wrote letters to their bishops and warned vatican officials about mackerras conduct and the parents of children who had been molested and adults who said the cardinal abused them as boys also spoke out numerous reports on macare it began emerging publicly in the media indicating high church officials including former pope benedict the sixteenth were aware of the allegations but kept quiet last year pope francis ordered mccarran to a church facility in rural kansas to pray and make penance in seclusion the decision to remove him from the priesthood is nearly unprecedented church scholars say you have to go back centuries somebody told me to the council of trent that's almost five hundred years ago for similar situations where a cardinal
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a former cardinal was laicized so it's a it's a very big decision in the history it's a landmark decision in the history of the church the action comes as pope francis prepares to preside over a meeting of leaders of all the catholic bishops conferences the world wide hold specifically to address the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults in the church rob reynolds al-jazeera washington the british regional airline flying be a mine has fallen for ministration blaming its collapse on the rising costs and uncertainty of a brags that the no cost carrier immediately stopped operations and cancelled the world flights its parent company but his middle and said it won't rearrange all reschedule bookings and unemployed more than three hundred fifty stuff on operate the routes to twenty five european cities. campaigners on both sides of the brain that debate are exploring new ways of getting their messages across social media is
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one big platform but a group of activists that once the u.k. to remain in the e.u. is using more traditional techniques to gain online attention is made back. some political activism begins before dawn billboards have been springing up across the country giant tweaks highlighting some of the predictions contradictions and hypocrisy ease of britain's leaders it started as an idea or months friends it's now an anonymous guerrilla ad campaign under the hash tag led by don't case before we knew where we put our kids that bad and going out almost every night putting out new posters and now here we are one month place and we've got ninety thousand pounds in the bank from the crowd fonda and the going up around the country because of the nature of digital news where we forget so quickly what was said there's a real appetite for something in the real world the breaks a referendum rewrote the rules of political campaigning for the first time and
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service for and against breaks it realize the full unregulated power of social media to influence voters clearly social media still is a massively important vehicle fact service and political campaign is all this group is doing is using an a long time takes to get its unique message across. this is what happened when the group turned their attention to the opposition labor leader jeremy cool been installing a blank billboard and the politicians home and tea breaks a campaign has turned up and filled in the gaps with their own slogans but i think the main prominent pro bricks in activists are also attempting to reach new audiences. the multimillionaire owner of one of britain's biggest pop change has come under fire for sending copies of this probe themed magazine to potentially thousands of homes come on guys let's get real we're talking about saving thirty nine billion pounds i live in a thing lost power three gaining control of fishing increasing democracy i mean
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what's not a lie. meanwhile in central london a restauranteur who put an empty. slogan at the bottom of customer receipts has faced violent threats and then one case is they say we must burn the place. to be burned up and then the other one they put an image of her go. straight to you know it breaks it's created a war of words facts figures and promises repeated on buses boats and bridges some entirely false the official vote leave campaign spent three and a half million dollars on targeting ads at specific groups of people on facebook help you get to win the twenty sixteen referendum. says the votes more or more people have started to question the authenticity of messages in social media and the power of political advertising it's led to a political climate where everything and nothing seems true where some feel
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motivated to promote or challenge brand breaks it in new ways leave. london. forget you can catch up on all the news on our website ever it is on the spring in the address al-jazeera dot com. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera thousands of volunteers in venezuela have registered to travel to the colombian your bring in u.s. aid they took an oath for the opposition leader one glide though in the capital caracas more than two hundred tons of aid has arrived at the colombian border john hendren has more from washington d.c. . these planes came massive c. seventeen cargo planes from homestead air force base all the way from florida landing in nearby colombia but the longest or the most difficult part of that trip is getting across the border into venezuela because that is where president nicolas
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maduro has asked the army to block aid coming in from the u.s. who the rebels in yemen say they have launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia it's the most significant border fighting to take place since the stockholm agreement aimed at deescalate in the fighting was signed last december. u.s. vice president mike pence was called in the e.u. to pull out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal at a security conference in munich his speech highlighted the divide between the u.s. and its allies over iraq but the german chancellor angela merkel for dialogue. russia and syria say they are preparing to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home more than forty thousand refugees live in the camp on syria's border with jordan. security has been stepped up ahead of the saudi crown prince's two day visit to asia minor been some on
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perspectives trip by a day and when i arrive in pakistan on sunday gatherings of five people or more now banned in some areas thousands of people have gathered in iran to mourn the deaths of twenty seven revolutionary guards the men were killed in a suicide car bombing in iran's baluchistan province this week the head of the revolutionary guard has threatened retaliation over the attack and the vatican is expel the former archbishop of washington d.c. from the priesthood after an internal investigation found him guilty of sexual abuse they had on my character was accused of abusing three miners and harassing other clergy the eighty eight year olds thought to be the first cardinal bishop in the us to lose his rights to the priesthood the sexual abuse but those are the headlines from news continues on al-jazeera after inside story statement that's watching battle.
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i'm ashleigh. on the president. of the. president's campaign. a constitutional crisis. welcome to the program. after making threats for months donald trump has finally declared the us mexico border a national emergency this will allow the u.s. president to bypass congress and divert government funds towards his much vaunted border wall the decision is drawing widespread criticism with.


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