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since then that justifies anything except that religion has done good things despite all of the police in america who believe that science holds. to be a better place religion disappeared yet. here is to distribute american aid. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. and up humanitarian corridors to allow thousands of refugees to return home. on strong allies are many in the u.s.
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are divided over a key issue at a major conference on security. and the vatican expels a former u.s. cardinal of sexual abuse. in venezuela have registered to travel to the club border to bring in aid food and medicine from the u.s. has become a key issue in the power struggle between president nicolas maduro and opposition leader. reports. massive us c. seventeen cargo planes bearing aid made the journey from florida's homestead air force base to colombia but the hardest part of the journey lies ahead the short trip over the border to venezuela venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered the army not to let it in he says the aid comes with strings from the us which he says plans to use it as a trojan horse to overthrow his regime. opposition leader won by dole who
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proclaimed himself interim president held a rally in caracas before supporters oh yes double hockey today we're here saying to the world dressed in white that our movement is profoundly peaceful but our movement is also profoundly determined and it's not foolish for being peaceful nor is it going to stay stalled no sir it is profoundly determined that not only humanitarian aid enter but that the usurpation stops once and for all the u.s. military airlifted tons of aid hoping to undermine madeira and his struggle against who now has the backing of more than fifty nations including the u.s. says he has hundreds of thousands of volunteers ready to distribute the aid and urge the army to lead it in los altos the message to the venezuelan armed forces seven days for humanitarian aid to enter a week for you to do the right thing to put yourselves not only on the side of the constitution we are authorizing the entrance of not only humanitarian aid but also
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humanity is no exaggeration to say the aid comes with strings the u.s. operation is designed to foment regime change and that's why much of the international aid community is not joining in the international committee for the red cross and united nations relief agencies are refusing to coordinate with the u.s. they say aid should not come with strings. retains the backing of russia and china and claims to have brought nine hundred thirty three tons of medical supplies from china cuba and russia. why do is calling for nationwide protests this week to support volunteers planning to travel to the border with colombia to bring the u.s. see john hendren. washington with the rebels in yemen say they have launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia the armed group says it's taken a number of saudi military positions south of the city of tucson and also injured saudi fighters and captured a large amount of arms near it is the most significant border fighting to take
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place since the stockholm agreement which was aimed at deescalating the fighting was signed in december so this was brokered by the u.n. to in talks aimed at ending yemen's nearly four year long war with the rebels in yemen saudi backed government agreed to a ceasefire in the strategic port city of who data all the truce has largely held both sides were meant to have withdrawn their troops from the city by january seventh that never happened and the man the u.n. tasked with overseeing the cease fire resigned after only one month on the job a prisoner swap was also agreed to during the talks in sweden that's also yet to take place human analyst. mahdi says that there is more international pressure to end the fighting. it looks like both sides are not very serious about ending the war and it seems that yemen the un envoy to yemen mr martin griffiths is going to have to pull a lot more weight putting pressure on to these parties meaning that he's going to
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have to rely on the british government and the american government into saying that hey the international community here wants peace and therefore that's what's going to happen so it's really important to see how the two sides in the conflict don't want to see peace but the rest of the world is kind of ready for it especially because of the humanitarian crisis there are two two options for yemen either war or peace and we know that war is only going to make things worse and peace is the only way to save yemeni lives and so it's kind of the only game in town we're going to find out what's going to happen very soon on monday when the united nations has its close meeting about yemen and we're going to find out what's going to happen next i expect that they're going to put more pressure and so both. on to the u.n. envoy and to pressure the war in sides in this conflict to kind of be serious about the peace that's going to that house to happen in yemen for the sake of humanity and for the sake of ending a famine and to save an impoverished country syria and russia say they're preparing
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to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the refugee camp to return home the camp on syria's border with jordan is home to more than forty thousand refugees russia says two corridors will be opened along the border on tuesday and it will allow people living in iraq on camp twenty four hours to leave now in syria's eastern border with iraq kurdish led syrian democratic forces are continuing their offensive against eisel the area in the region of dar's or is the last pocket of territory controlled by the armed groups. down into florida it will be a matter of days to finish their presence in the. east of the euphrates river near the iraqi border destroyed their ability to return fire fighters are holding civilians as human shields in only six hundred to seven hundred square meters in. iran khan as well from gaza on tap on the turkish syrian border. throughout the day we've heard various different statements from
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a few different sources about what's going on with the other but whose village they last on clay of iceland is now surrounded by the syrian democratic forces the syrian democratic forces themselves have said that they surrounded the village and they are about to announce what they are calling good news soon now that comes hold of the heels of a statement by the u.s. vice president mike pence who said this very hour the last mile of territory in syria where the black flag once flew dyce is the arabic acronym the americans use is being captured also we've heard from the syrian observatory of human rights they've said that they have heard that the fighters have actually surrendered and that the battle is actually over but we have heard that officially from the syrian democratic forces now on friday the u.s. president donald trump said that he would have good news in the next twenty four hours that the caliphate would have been destroyed completely not schools some
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confusion here within the region the iraqi government says the caliphate was actually destroyed the so-called declared state of isis was actually destroyed in two thousand and seventeen and i saw themselves haven't actually referred to the caliphate since two thousand and seventeen when they lost the territory of egypt an army says at least seven rebel fighters have been killed after an attack on a checkpoint in the northern sinai region fifteen military personnel were also injured or killed during the exchange of fire eisel has claimed responsibility one major conference two very different messages at a meeting on global security and harmony u.s. vice president mike pence gave european leaders addressing down over their continued dealings with iran carriage they used to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal but german chancellor angela merkel had a more positive tone our reports from munich. she's the face of the european union and the style of war to defend of monti battle is
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a german chancellor and going to merkel is also a vocal critic of u.s. president donald trump's foreign policies on the see anybody listen i get what i'm missing you never iran is developing a ballistic missile program in syria and has a hand in the yemen conflict but the question is do we abandon the twenty fifty neatly deal or use it as a lever like my. us vice president mike pence addressing a skeptical audience brushed aside accusations his country was pulling back from global obligations he said that's under u.s. leadership. is on the brink of total defeat in syria pans a series of sanctions taken against russia and china for expanding military capabilities and violating trade agreements the vice president sharply criticize the e.u.
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for not falling in line with us to isolate iran the time has come for our european partners to stop undermining u.s. sanctions against this murderous revolutionary regime the time has come for our european partners to stand with us and with the iranian people our allies and friends in the region the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and join us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the uranian people the region and the world the peace security and freedom they deserve. china is on a charm offensive sending its biggest delegation led by political bureau a member young just the chinese officials eager to ease growing fears among world. leaders that beijing is using its telecom company who are we to spy on other
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countries while way as a company is cooperating very closely with european countries in the fourth industrial revolution we should all work together and chinese law doesn't require companies to install back doors or collect intelligence russian foreign minister sergei lavrov faced the daunting task of convincing world leaders his country is committed to global stability the e.u. and the us have imposed a series of sanctions against russia following is an accession of crimea its role in the ukraine crisis and violating the one nine hundred eighty seven nuclear treaty. new cracks are forming in old ones a deepening we need to build a new pen european home no matter how strange that might seem now the munich
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security conference draws a last crowd of policymakers and experts it's a debate of a glimpse into possible shifts in following policy and changing priorities u.s. president donald trump took the world by surprise when he announced he would withdraw troops from syria a decision many worry with dread of the country towards what uncertainty in afghanistan the americans are in favor of peace talks with the taliban will have a bigger say but many doubt the shifting your strategies will lead to a lasting peace about al-jazeera munich present for the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has withdrawn her nomination and there now it says it's in the best interest of her family the state department spokesperson and former fox news anchor described their past him out as grueling expected to nominate another candidate for the position. still ahead on al-jazeera a series two main contenders in the presidential election call for calm as people are forced to wait an extra week to vote. sudanese facebook group that of ball from
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a dating form to online activism and it's getting afghans down from the government . and we've still got a fair amount of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing old this cloud swirling its way through parts of iran and then turning back across the caspian sea and also of snow out of this system as we head through the day on sunday afghanistan and towards the north we'll see plenty of wintery weather here behind it and actually a bit of a break in the weather so many of us seeing some quite a spells of weather more in the way of sunshine and cooler conditions so baghdad at seventeen and forcing q eight we should get to around twenty some of that wet weather has been affecting us here in qatar and we're seeing it just gradually
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drift its way southwards on sunday and into monday as it works its way south with the it's breaking up so by the time we get to lunchtime on monday it's really a great deal left to it to talk every day large should be fine with a top temperature of around twenty three degrees say feeling a bit cooler down to was a southern parts of africa lots of heavy rain here and you can see on our chances some of the wettest of the weather is in the east impossible so very heavy downpours have particular parts of mozambique and across into madagascar further west it's generally looking a lot drier and quiet and forcing cape town it should be fairly warm with the top temperature of around twenty five degrees that bright weather does gradually push that right now the way as we head into monday. want to sponsor you tony.
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now watching. the top stories now thousands of volunteers in venezuela have registered to travel to the colombian who were to bring in u.s. aid the ticket before the opposition leader was in the capital caracas. if the rebels in yemen say they have launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia it is the most significant border fighting to take place in the name that the escalating the fighting was
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signed in december. syria and russia say they're preparing to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the rock bottom refugee camp to return home more than forty thousand refugees live in the camp on syria's border with jordan. bad weather sabotage and logistical challenges are being blamed for nigeria's election being pushed back a last minute decision to postpone the ballot by one week caught everyone from voters to candidates off guard commissions says many states simply weren't ready to hold the election and more time is needed to ensure the elections were free fair and credible reports from the capital boucher. this is nigeria's moment. independent electoral commission chairman who is facing crude simple terms of the last minute a little so today. he insists the decision was taken to address the many challenges the tump would put all the elections. over the assistant in the elections went.
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home. in the morning all. yes we have the time and the horse must horn on the same time and the improvement. in this way no elections we is time. this is very important the public perception of elections and this we. created. the commission hopes the delay would mean that everything will all smoothly next week but not everyone is convinced we had reports in various places of compromises that have been done in can iran's returned some members of the independent national electoral commission and because those. highly indeed they decided to act fast on post one of the election so dissolved the explosions giving up charlie troop are not actually ready
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to judeans have been here before for the past two elections were postponed one of them for weeks but what nigeria's actually angry about this time is the shop that were given before the postponement was announced the electoral commission made the announcement just three hours to the time the polling stations were expected to offer. voters reacted with a mixture of anger frustration andras ignition with some describing the electoral body as a disgrace this is the height of incompetence you call tree has never experienced this that could be caught on the off election asax let's look look look what you mean to record of. immediately this morning we're finding out that yes the election . is very disappointing very disappointing no one really shone for them. just. nigeria's two main political parties the ruling all progressive congress
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a.p.c. and the peoples democratic party p.d.p. swiftly condemned the delay and accused it of trying to manipulate the. present moment to calm an appeal to majority and to refrain from civil disorder the presidential and parliamentary votes have been is scheduled for saturday twenty third february governorship state assembly and local government elections will now be held and so today the ninth of march. security has been stepped up at the saudi crown prince's two day visit to asia robin someone postponed his trip by a day and will arrive in pakistan on sunday five or more people are now banned in some areas and social media sites opposed to the visit have been shut down. thousands of people have gathered in iran to mourn the death of twenty seven a revolutionary guard soldiers member killed in a suicide bombing in iran sistan and province this week that of iran's
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revolutionary guard has threatened retaliation over that attack. and it is done we will get revenge for the blood of our martyrs on the saudi arabian and its governments we ask the president has time to harney on to head of simply national security council to keep our hands free foremost for coming out retaliate three operation the vatican has expelled a former u.s. cardinal from the roman catholic church over historic sexual abuse allegations there are characters the most senior figure to be dismissed from the priest priesthood that is in modern times reports. theodore mccarrick is the highest ranking catholic clergyman to be punished in connection with sexual. abuse the vatican announced he has been defrocked completely removed from the priesthood both abuse and its cover up can no longer be tolerated and a different treatment for bishops who have committed a quarter of the abuse in fact represents
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a form of clerical eastman that is no longer acceptable mccarrick was accused of sexually abusing minors including teenaged altar boys and older seminary students studying for the priesthood and we're talking about accountability for bishops and we're actually doing it it's not talk it's all to we walk and talk does also a very important signal for auspicious that we are not above to rule the character who is eighty eight rows from parish priest to bishop of diocese in new jersey and was made a cardinal and archbishop of washington d.c. by pope john paul the second. for years complaints about mccarran sexual activities circulated among clergy and parishioners priests in new jersey and new york wrote letters to their bishops and warned vatican officials about mackerras conduct and
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the parents of children who had been molested and adults who said the cardinal abused them as boys also spoke out numerous reports on macquarie began emerging publicly in the media indicating high church officials including former pope benedict the sixteenth were aware of the allegations but kept quiet last year pope francis ordered mccarran to a church facility in rural kansas to pray and make penance in seclusion the decision to remove him from the priesthood is nearly unprecedented church scholars say you have to go back centuries somebody told me to the council of trent that's almost five hundred years ago for a similar situation where the cardinal a former cardinal was laicized so it's a it's a very big decision in the history it's a landmark decision in the history of the church the action comes as pope francis
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prepares to preside over a meeting of leaders of all the catholic bishops conferences the world wide hold specifically to address the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults in the church rob reynolds al-jazeera washington ten london as the president of the survivors network of those and by priests he says the vatican hasn't done enough to help perpetrators to account. the church needs to continue from there and to can continue to remove those that sexually abused children and minors and those that are covered up for instance we have a cardinal pal in austria who is recently convicted of child sex abuse he's still a cardinal bishop the wilson for from a story of convicted of sexual abuse we have cardinal denard o. the head of all the catholic. bishops here in the united states was recently accused of covering up and withholding information from the person or is about
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three abusers so that the cover up continues we've seen that. the practice in ideology of the church hierarchy has been to protect the prestige and reputation of the church at the expense of the safety of the children minors and oppression what we've seen up until this moment and again up until this moment first time in centuries of the pope has done nothing we've heard the thoughts and prayers we've had the penance we've had the apologies we had the washing of feet of survivors we've had all of that all symbolic kind of acts so this may be the first action of removing some of these that are complicit in covering up sexual abuse by fighters until they are battling to put out wildfires spreading across southern parts of the country and strong winds are making it harder to contain the fires that were sparked by record high temperatures it's all been forced to leave their homes and
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some cities. there's an uneasy calm in the haitian capital after days of violent protests alison's of demonstrators have been demanding presidential nominees resign he's been accused of failing to address soaring inflation and alleged misuse of funds and has more from part of france. we're in port au prince where there is a sense of calm that's returning to different parts of the city as you can see people are out and about there's vendors out on the streets selling different products this doesn't mean that tensions are gone this doesn't mean that the discontent is over there are still pockets of unrest in the city where demonstrators continue to call on the resignation of the haitian president for those who have the means some have begun leaving the country for those who don't the discontent continues they continue to voice their concerns their anger over widespread poverty over worsening living conditions and over the issue of corruption the united states there are reports that the united states is planning
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to send food aid to help prevent a humanitarian crisis here in the country given that many people are having a hard time finding access to food finding access to clean water but in the meantime as you can see things are sort of returning back to normal port au prince once again looking like for difference but the unrest remains pockets of tension remains and it's unclear still what exactly is going to happen in the coming days more than twenty bodies had been recovered during rescue efforts at a flooded zimbabwe mine eight miners had been pulled out alive after being trapped in a gold mine for four days in the town of could doma the government says between sixty and seventy men were trapped underground after heavy rains flooded chaps on tuesday that mine officials say the figure could be higher. thousands of people have marched there much negras capital demanding the resignation of the president milo juneau which is government at the protest was organized after a former ally it is accused party of high level corruption. which has the country
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after authorities then accused him of money wandering in far. and sudan all and all women facebook group that began as a forum to talk about men has turned its attention to the recent crisis we're exposing security forces who they say are using excessive force against anti-government protesters. from khartoum. security force members tear gas or fire arms are used to facing off against peaceful protesters this could be the easy part of the job for them what they're really scared of the ballots now is the work of these young girls. members of a female only facebook unmasking violent behavior by sudan a security force the group is known as members chant which started out as a child for girls about boys but since the start of on thai government protests in
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december the form stopped being romantic. it was a chat was originally just for girls if a girl posted a picture of a boy the other members would say what they know about him so she could judge if he's a good potential partner but now it's the pictures of security members that have been posted it's turned into a counter intelligence service to support the revolution began it's like an f.b.i. now boys used to fear it now they dread it even more i mean the security people one of them who was recently exposed by the forum invited friends for his graduation but no one turned up there all broke ties with him. another famous case was a female protester who turned out to be an undercover security operative she became an example of public shame. people began to play could security members who were exposed they refused to deal with them. all to the successful
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work the poor and most security members began to cover their faces now they're too afraid to have their identity known one protester on discovering that her brother was a hidden security member has denounced him in public these girls are part of a mighty army of nearly three hundred thousand female members their leaders are. they all want. the state is waging an electronic war on the forum it includes hard software programmers to identify the group members have their mobile phones and invade their privacy previously the government thought the form was a joke now they've taken it seriously. for the protesters seeking the overthrow of the government of the shield that's a national cause has spread its colors and symbols on almost everything they've been a valentine's. day. on the occasion of times the who is
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your lover sooner. or dizzy cottle the swiss actor. for playing in the film downfall has died at the age of seventy seven became international renowned for his two thousand and four or trailers that were inside his car which on numerous parody means online and the early days of his career he worked as a bookseller and a paramedic before he broke into film. to recap the headlines now on al-jazeera thousands of volunteers in venezuela have registered to travel to the colombian border to bring in usa it took an oath before the opposition leader in the capital caracas more than two hundred tons of aid has arrived at the clumpy and border medicine from the u.s. it's become a key issue in the power struggle between president nicolas maduro and quiet john
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hendren has more from washington d.c. . these planes came massive c. seventeen cargo planes from homestead air force base all the way from florida landing in nearby columbia but the longest or the most difficult part of that trip is getting across the border into venezuela because that is where president nicolas maduro has asked the army to block aid coming in from the u.s. if the rebels in yemen say they have launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia the armed group says it's taken a number of saudi military positions south of the city of his on it's the most significant border fighting to take place since the stockholm agreement that deescalating the fighting was signed in december syria and russia say they're preparing to open humanitarian corridors to allow people in the rock bottom refugee camp to return home more than forty thousand refugees live in the camp on syria's border with jordan. and last week u.s. president donald trump said the coalition fighting eisel had reclaimed all the
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territory previously held by the armed groups in syria and iraq within the last hour he has been tweeting this is what he wrote the united states is asking britain france germany and other european allies to take back over eight hundred isis fighters that we captured in syria and put them on trial the caliphate is ready to fall the alternative is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them the u.s. does not want to watch as these isis fighters permeate europe which is where they are expected to go we do so much and spend so much time for others to step up and do the job that they are capable of doing we are pulling back after one hundred percent caliphate victory as president mike pence has called on the e.u. to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal at a security conference in munich a speech highlighted the divide between the u.s. and its allies over iran as the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more news to come techno as that next. i made the dish every weekly news cycle brings
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a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah laced that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were told on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine or a listening post on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell of this. is the book of the letters. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian
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