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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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underneath the door and with it. we're not talking just a marshall we're talking to. the u.s. president european allies to take back hundreds of fighters and put them on trial. and there are more. live from doha also coming up usa tons of aid to colombia destined for venice why in a box the government says it will never cross the border. pakistan has to roll out the red carpet for saudi's crown prince mohammed bin. plus disappointment and frustration over delayed elections in nigeria as questions are
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raised over how much it will cost the country. u.s. president donald trump is edging britain france and germany to take back and put on trial more than eight hundred i still find his captures in syria on twitter he went on to say the caliphate is ready to fall the alternative is not a good one and that we will be forced to release them the u.s. does not want to watch as these isis fighters permeates europe which is where they are expected to do so much and spend so much time for others to step up and do the job that they are so capable of doing we are pulling back after one hundred percent caliphate victory imran khan joins us live now from gaziantep on the syria border say him on the big question of course is what happens to these fighters who are from all parts of the world what's the process when they surrender or captured.
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well what happens is when they surrender or captured the s.d.f. the syrian democratic forces take the eisel fighters to a separate prison within their territory where they held for questioning if there are wives and children for example they are taken to another camp where they processed and kept there but what donald trump seems to be saying is that they're in u.s. custody now that's causing some confusion because they're actually being held in s.t.'s camps he seems to be saying that actually they're in aleko state and europe needs to take them back so it's a very confusing tweet that he sent how and it's also causing a lot of worry about what the actual process might be and how europeans are likely to respond as well to donald trump telling them to take the fight is back.
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well they're going to come up with a number he said hundred fighters he wants europe to take back but what we're hearing is the vast majority of those fighters on european that's all they're from pakistan they from iraq they're from turkey they're from places outside of europe so why he specifically singled out europe we're not entirely sure we do know that the us president wants american troops to withdrawal from syria so this may well be a way of him putting pressure on his european allies but whether his european allies can actually take those voices back and put them through the through the legal process is very unclear now take for example the british foreign office what they've said is that if they've broken local laws then the british foreign and commonwealth office cannot help those fights as they are subject to local laws don't clearly syria is not in a position where there are a unified set of local laws because all of the ongoing conflict now when it comes to wives and children
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a voice will fight as the british foreign income with offices said if they can get to a embassy in either iraq then they'll be offered consular services if they are a british citizen and they can be brought back to the u.k. but the u.k. doesn't have any diplomatic representation within syria itself it doesn't have an embassy in damascus so right now anybody that sort of british origin for example is going to have to either nice a wife for example get two and then with another mc and a third party country all they'll be subject to staying in the nest year prison until there is some sort of resolutions of the syrian conflict and joining us there from guys thanks very much. the rebels in yemen say they've launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia young the group says it's taken a number of saudi military positions south of the city of. rebels also injured a number of saudi fighters and captured a large amount of arms. is the most significant border fighting to take place since
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the stockroom agreement aimed at the escalating the conflict was signed in december well that stockholm grammont was brokered by the un during talks aimed at ending m. and silly four year war the rebels and yemen saudi backed government agreed to a cease fire in the strategic port of her data once the truce largely had its sides were meant to have withdraw from the city by the seventh of january that never happened and the man the un tasked with overseeing the cease fire resigned after only one month on the job a prisoner swap was also a great joy in the talks in sweden and that's also yet to take place yemen analyst . danny says there needs to be more international pressure to end the fighting. it looks like both sides are not very serious about ending the war and it seems that yemen the un envoy to yemen mr martin griffiths is going to have to pull a lot more weight putting pressure on to these parties meaning that he's going to
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have to rely on the british government and the american government into saying that hey the international community here wants peace and therefore that's what's going to happen so it's really important to see how the two sides in the conflict don't want to see peace but the rest of the world is kind of ready for it especially because of the humanitarian crisis there are two two options for yemen either war or peace and we know that war is only going to make things worse and peace is the only way to save yemeni lives and so it's kind of the only game in town we're going to find out what's going to happen very soon on monday when the united nations has its close meeting about yemen and we're going to find out what's going to happen next i expect that they're going to put more pressure into both. on to the u.n. envoy and to pressure the war in sides in this conflict to kind of be serious about the peace that's going to that has to happen in yemen for the sake of humanity and for the sake of ending a famine and to save an impoverished country the u.s.
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military has lifted tons of aid to the colombian town of coots hill in the venezuelan president nicolas maduro is blocking the shipments accusing mortons of sending over crumbs whilst waging an economic war on venezuela food and medicine in the us has become a key issue in the power struggle between the presence and opposition leader one. hundred reports. message us c. seventeen cargo planes bearing aid made the journey from florida's homestead air force base to colombia but the hardest part of the journey lies ahead the short trip over the border to venezuela venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered the army not to let it in he says the aid comes with strings from the us which he says plans to use it as a trojan horse to overthrow his regime. opposition leader won by dole who proclaimed himself interim president held a rally in caracas before supporters or today were here saying to the world dressed
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in white that our movement is profoundly peaceful but our movement is also profoundly determined and it's not foolish for being peaceful nor is it going to stay stalled no sir it is profoundly determined that not only humanitarian aid enter but that the usurpation stops once and for all the u.s. military airlifted tons of aid hoping to undermine me in his struggle against who now has the backing of more than fifty nations including the u.s. says he has hundreds of thousands of volunteers ready to distribute the aid and urge the army to lead it in. i saw those the message to the venezuelan armed forces seven days for humanitarian aid to enter a week for you to do the right thing to put yourselves not only on the side of the constitution we are authorizing the entrance of not only humanitarian aid but also humanity is no exaggeration to say the aid comes with strings the u.s. operation is designed to foment regime change and that's why much of the
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international aid community is not joining in the international committee for the red cross and united nations relief agencies are refusing to coordinate with the u.s. they say aid should not come with strings. madeira retains the backing of russia and china and claims to have brought nine hundred thirty three tons of medical supplies from china cuba and russia. is calling for a nationwide protests this week to support volunteers planning to travel to the border with colombia to bring the u.s. aid john hendren. washington. security has been stepped up ahead of the saudi crown prince says two day visit to asia have been postponed his trip by a day well now arrive in pakistan on sunday reports pakistan is planning a royal welcome for saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman pakistan and saudi arabia have long been allies but this is the first visit for the crown prince
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since he became heir to the throne. to put on a both but they are our old friends and their policies are in favor of pakistan. they will increase their wealth by investing in pakistan this is useless for our people. prime minister imran khan wants to make a good impression by mr khan is looking to. one is that being the package is called mint and the country cannot be quite second is foreign direct investment khans overture comes as much of the world has either shunned criticized or chosen to keep an arm's length from the crown prince both turkish and american security agencies have concluded that mohamed bin salmen ordered the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi the veteran journalist was killed and dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october cond just two
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months into his tenure never joined the global chorus of outrage against the kingdom and the prince. later that month he was one of a few leaders to attend a financial summit in saudi arabia a pet project of bin solomon intended to elevate the country's image and promote foreign investment there would be no political cost for him to muster could put him at the moment it's not important what the world is thinking the crown prince plans to show his appreciation by injecting billions of dollars into pakistan's economy. since the nine eleven attacks pakistan has been viewed as a vital player in combat ing armed groups and maintaining regional security but overlooked when it comes to foreign investment prime minister khan is banking on the fact that were saudi money is invested other countries might follow natasha can aim al-jazeera. said i has him on al-jazeera why germany and the u.s.
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are divided over a key issue at a major major conference on security. plus the vatican church expels a former us kovno over sexual abuse allegations. and it's gloriously warm in parts of europe at the moment and that warm weather is expected to stick around for a while yet we do have some cloud that's making its way of ireland and off into scotland as bringing some rather brisk winds as well and that's going to be pushing its way southward so more of britain and ireland will be seeing that windy wet weather as we head through sunday and then it looks like it'll also be with us in london as we head through monday so that will drag the temperatures down here elsewhere though it's still going to be very warm with paris up at twelve degrees
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and forcing beilin will be up twelve towards the east is also mode for us in kiev are temperatures topping at around four now for the other side of the mediterranean there's a little bit more unsettled weather hey we're watching a few showers over the northern parts of libya and egypt and those will still be with us as we head through the day on sunday for the west we're seeing rather large amounts of cloud to gradually work their way across pause about geria but that does break up as we head into monday as that one breaks up though another one is working its way in so it looks like we'll see some rain in morocco including force in rebuts for the central belt of africa plenty of sunshine here as you'd expect at this time of year the showers they usually a long way south and we'll see just one or two for us as we head through sunday including in brazil. welcome to alton vines. a soviet era automobile manufacturing booky both.
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with the decades old boardwalk is being torn up and re written by scientific. and western style management and socialist workers. appeared destined for a cockroach the russian shop a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching out there is a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump is a european allies to take back more than eight hundred i said find his captors in syria and put them on trial he says the caliphate is ready to fall. if the rebels
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in yemen say they have launched a major attack because the border with saudi arabia is the most significant border fighting to take place. it is aimed at deescalate the violence. and the u.s. military is airlifted tons of aid to the colombian town of kuta on the venezuelan border the nicolas maduro is blocking the shipments accusing the u.s. of sending crumbs was waging an economic war on. let's return to our top story the u.s. president's tweets on eisel fighters and for more on this we're joined by sami neda the director of the levant institute for strategic affairs he joins us now from beirut good to have you with us so. throws up a number of questions namely who are these eisel fighters where are they from man who has jurisdiction over where they should go. i mean these are the remaining fighters of. of there are now located and to the
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north of eastern syria and is small village or small city called it's near did is at the front here of between iraq and syria and so there is no today with. the collapse of the syrian state we can say that it is no should addiction that can have a direct autoroute the on these groups however now the big question is in the case of an american was pro would who would fill this vacuum left by that was that all of us troops will be in the same will we be in the same situation in two thousand and eight with a unilateral you as was the role would have created a void that has been laid to by iran at first and then in two thousand and fourteen with the fall of. this is the big question i mean last week chancellor merkel to
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criticize this us was that old saying that this will be to the advantage of russia and iran to major regional power especially iran that is at all not to say at war with the united states of america and even mr trump. yesterday i mean it was a hint in direction of the european framing that i should question as a method of fuel up. security and saying it's up to the european to fill the void to share the good this is a recurring theme in tampa. because even if hundreds of nice as we've been saying have been surrendering in the big caps in this last final pockets that i still hold on to in syria we are hearing reports that there are indeed
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thousands of fighters still spread out across the region. definitely first of all these fighters they have they have not been dealt with this is wrong the second and which is more important that the root causes that led to the emergence of aristide he had won it calms. political grievances ethnic a good even says and the poverty that is widespread in this city gent all of these food causes of that led to the emergence of the are still here and. some observers say that it's a matter of between six to twelve months to have that the surgeons of this group in case of rapid was that it was proposed it comes back to the original question doesn't it that is this europe's responsibility to take on these faces and put them on trial. this created
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a big debate in france because the big question when will they put these fighters if they would put it in french prisons that is all knows that these prisons have become. an organizing for those two to gather and to organize themselves. and the utopian large public do not want does not want these fighters to come back again be it of trouble and they are responsible of their wrist acts sunny neda good to speak to you thanks very much for joining us there from beirut thousands of people have gathered in iran to mourn the deaths of twenty seven revolutionary guard soldiers the men were killed in a suicide car bombing in iran sustainability province on wednesday the head of
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iran's revolutionary guard has threatened retaliation over the attack. we will get revenge for the blood of our martyrs on the saudi arabian and emirates government we ask the president has time to harney on to head of simply national security council to keep our hands free as they've promised for coming out retaliate three operations. at a major conference on global security and germany the us vice president given european leaders a dressing down over their continued dealings with iran mike pence says the e.u. to pull out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal but german chancellor angela merkel struck a more positive note i should all of our reports from munich. she's the face of the european union and the style of war to defend battle is a german chancellor and going to merkel is also a vocal critic of u.s. president donald trump's foreign policies when they see anybody listen i get what
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i'm missing you never iran is developing a ballistic missile program in syria and has a hand in the yemen conflict that the question is do we abandon the twenty fifty neatly deal or use it as a lever to my. u.s. vice president by turns addressing a skeptical audience brushed aside accusations his country was pulling back from global obligations he said that's under u.s. leadership i sill is on the brink of total defeat in syria pan's outlined a series of sanctions taken against russia and china for expanding military capabilities and violating trade agreements the vice president sharply criticize the e.u. for not falling in line with us to isolate iran the time has come for our european partners to stop undermining u.s. sanctions against this murderous revolutionary regime the time has come for our
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european partners to stand with us and with the iranian people our allies and friends in the region the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and join us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the uranian people the region and the world the peace security and freedom they deserve. china is on a charm offensive sending its biggest delegation led by political bureau member young. chinese officials eager to ease growing fears among world. leaders that beijing is using its telecom company who are we to spy on other countries while way as a company is cooperating very closely with european countries in the fourth industrial revolution we should all work together and chinese law doesn't
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require companies to install back doors or collect intelligence russian foreign minister sergei lavrov faced the daunting task of convincing world leaders his country is committed to global stability the e.u. and the us have imposed a series of sanctions against russia following is an accession of crimea its role in the ukraine crisis and violating the one nine hundred eighty seven nuclear treaty. new cracks are forming in old ones a deepening we need to build a new pen european home no matter how strange that might seem now the munich security conference draws a last crowd of policymakers and experts it's a debate offer a glimpse into possible shifts in following policy and changing priorities u.s.
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president donald trump took the world by surprise when he announced he would withdraw troops from syria a decision many worry will drag the country towards one certainty in afghanistan the americans are in favor of peace talks with the taliban will have a bigger say but many doubt the shifting your strategies will lead to a lasting peace about al-jazeera munich. president trying his pick for u.s. ambassador to the united nations has withdrawn her nomination for the new art says it's in the best interests of her family and state department spokeswoman and former fox news anchor described the past two months since she was nominated as grueling as expected to announce his next choice for the position. seven soldiers have been killed by boko haram fighters in southern need share six others were injured during the raid on friday in a village near the border with nigeria the interior minister says the army captured eight of the attackers three vehicles loaded with ammunition were also seized
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a postponement of elections in nigeria has been a major inconvenience for millions of voters especially those who have taken long and expensive journeys to cast their ballots on saturday the election commission sized to delay the polls by a week saying it needs more time to ensure a free and fair vote there are concerns the decisions could lead to a low turnout. as more from lagos. some nigerians say the postponement of presidential and parliamentary elections by a week is disappointing frustrating and a national embarrassment many people had to travel long distances to vote where they had registered long my family don't produce because of the election without all you've done. i've been the way you start to come on votes all suddenly we just all died electron was postponed it was in spin from. the election commission announced a delay just hours before polls was due to open on saturday saying delays in transporting election material and sabotage are to blame get in here now to tell me
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the ideologue are not going to school when i go on living or tell you that i doubt you like it or not even you have to postpone why i was to come back to come on my last because it's my civic rights as i said was that but questions are being asked about how much it's going to cost nigeria to resettle the poles nigeria is africa's the biggest economy but that hasn't translated into jobs it's estimated more than nineteen million people live in extreme poverty the election delay will mean it will cost more money some nigerians say could have been used elsewhere nigeria has postponed elections before in twenty eleven and twenty fifteen economists say this is already affecting the economy. investors and the business community and that's why he's turned off costs you know and now we have to now see a situation where this really has to be repeated mystery and unfortunately between
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now and next week we're likely to see a lot of. some of these first time voters insist despite the delay they are still determined to vote they hope whoever wins will create jobs. or not. at the stated in a cost out in the election commission's credibility and competence and that could affect voter turnout how tight. make us. the mask and has expelled a former u.s. cardinal from the roman catholic church of a sexual abuse allegations head on mccarrick is the most senior figure to be dismissed from the priesthood in modern times rob reynolds reports. theodore mccarrick is the highest ranking catholic clergyman to be punished in connection with sexual abuse that in announced he has been defrocked completely removed from the priesthood both abuse and this cover up can no longer be tolerated and a different treatment for bishops who have committed
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a record of up abuse in fact represents a form of clerical that is no longer acceptable mccarrick was accused of sexually abusing minors including teenaged altar boys and older seminary students studying for the priesthood if we're talking about accountability for bishops. we're actually doing it it's not talk it's all to we walk and talk. does also a very important signal for auspicious that we are not above to rule the kerik who is eighty eight rows from parish priest to bishop of diocese in new jersey and was made a cardinal and archbishop of washington d.c. by pope john paul the second four years complaints about mccarran sexual activities circulated among clergy and parishioners priests in new jersey and new york wrote letters to their bishops and warned vatican officials about mackerras conduct and
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the parents of children who had been molested and adults who said the cardinal abused them as boys also spoke out numerous reports on macare it began emerging publicly in the media indicating high church officials including former pope benedict the sixteenth were aware of the allegations but kept quiet last year pope francis ordered mccarrick to a church facility in rural kansas to pray and make penance in seclusion the decision to remove him from the priesthood is nearly unprecedented church scholars say you have to go back centuries somebody told me to the council of trent that's almost five hundred years ago for a similar situation where a cardinal a former cardinal was laicized so it's a it's a very big decision in the history it's a landmark decision in the history of the church the action comes as pope francis
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prepares to preside over a meeting of leaders of all the catholic bishops conferences the world wide hold specifically to address the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults in the church rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. and what challenges there are the top stories u.s. president donald trump is edging european allies to take the eight hundred five says captured and syria and put them on trial and the caliphate is ready to fall m. on com has more from gaza on the attack in syria. well what happens is when they surrender or captured. the syrian democratic forces take the fighters to a separate prison within their territory where they are held for questioning if there are wives and children for example they are taken to another camp where they
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processed and they are kept where donald trump seems we say is that they're in u.s. custody you know about causing some confusion because they're actually being held in s.t.'s camps and he seems to be saying that actually they're in our custody and europe needs to take them back. to the rebels in yemen say they've launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia. media and saudi media sources are reporting a number of saudi soldiers dying in the fighting it's the most significant border fighting to take place is the stockholm agreement and deescalating the violence was signed in december the u.s. military has lifted tons of aid to the colombian town of computer on the venezuelan border president nicolas maduro is blocking the shipments accusing the u.s. of sending crumbs whilst waging an economic war on venezuela. saudi arabia's crown prince is due to arrive in pakistan his first visit to the country since he was
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appointed to the throne the government has stepped up security ahead of mother been some months arrival crown prince is two day visit will see him holding talks with pakistani prime minister in monk on signing a number of investment deals. u.s. vice president mike pence has called on the e.u. to pull out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal at a security conference in munich chancellor angela merkel defended germany's decision to stand by the deal and called for dialogue president donald trump's pick for u.s. ambassador to the united nations has withdrawn her nomination for the new says in the best interests of her family state department spokeswoman and former fox news anchor described the past two months since she was nominated as grueling. you had more. story.
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and. i'm ashleigh merchant see for the whole donald trump's unprecedented step to stop migrants of the mexican border will the u.s. president's campaign promise. a constitutional crisis this is inside. a welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan after making threats for months donald trump has finally declared the us mexico border a national emergency this will allow the u.s. president to bypass congress and divert government funds towards his much vaunted border wall the decision is drawing widespread criticism with.


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