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designed to inform motivate and inspire people are really afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera. zero. zero zero and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me and i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes president donald trump says european allies should take back hundreds of ice and put them on trial. what they find as an yemen's have launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia reportedly killing these soldiers and iran's foreign minister blames the u.s. for demonizing his country for decades after comments by the american vice
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president i'm joining with the sports as well the world's top goal. for short changing the caddie who helped him to a one point three million dollars victory. u.s. president donald trump says brushing france and germany should take back and put on trial more than eight hundred captured in syria on twitter trump goes on to say the caliphate is ready to fall the alternative is not a good one and that we will be forced to release them the u.s. does not want to watch as these isis fighters permeate europe which is where they're expected to go we do so much and spend so much time for others to step up and do the job that they're so capable of doing we applauding back to one hundred percent caliphate victory let's go now to our correspondent in iran con he's
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joining us live on the syrian border let's talk more about these five. because who are they do we know how many are actually from europe. well the figures about how many foxes are actually from europe clouded in mystery what we do know what the. foreign fighters with in the village six hundred thousand but the places that they come from suggest. european and great number of people from chechnya from pakistan and iraq making up the vast majority of those fighters so why the president is saying that europe needs to take back these eight hundred fighters that he has named we don't know quite simply europe won't be able to take back those forces. we've heard from bali he is the spokesman for democratic forces he said that the fight down
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because. in effect holding about one thousand civilians hostage within the village itself in the tunnels and preparing for. the reason why we haven't seen the go into the village they go in in the early days of the operation but they haven't been back in since they've been actually shelling from the outskirts of the village but the do say that they will be resolved soon and victory will be declared so that might be result again going back to the issue of the fighters given the conditions in syria how they add their families likely to be handled and whose responsibility will they be and rot. well the actual processing is quite simple once. he's taken to a. prison story in. for example they're taken to
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a separate camp now what seems to be not understanding is. to apply within the countries themselves say for example you are a fighter from the u.k. the foreign ministry said in the u.k. that those won't be able to come back to the u.k. they'll have to be tried under the local laws of the country now the conflict in syria means they could be languishing in prison for a very long time if you're an isolated wife and you're british if you can get. to a ministry an embassy rather in. iraq then you'll be offered services so there's local laws that do apply as well there's real concern however from europe about the american withdrawal from syria they say it's premature the german chancellor angela merkel actually said at the munich security conference this is also likely to be
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playing into the hands of domestic politics for president. talking about the caliphate. of iraq. for the caliphate actually came to an end in two thousand and seventeen so why he's referring to the end of the caliphate now is also confusing to many in the region. and. you know you touched on the reaction from the americans withdraw. from all sides about that but how do you think they're likely to respond. saying about again about. taking them back and putting them on trial. well there needs to be numbers involved i mean it's clear that the european leaders don't think the u.s. withdrawal from syria is a good idea they saying is premature but they don't know how many actual fighters from europe are being held either in. a hold up in the. so you need to have a number for europe can probably react also europe needs to understand what the
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president means it seems to many people in europe that he's alluding to the fact that it's actually that those prisoners are actually under american jurisdiction there have been held by the americans and the s.d.f. say well actually they've been held by us we are backed by the americans but they're being held by us in prisons and camps. that we run europe needs to really take a look at what actually means and then they can react properly but the reaction we've seen so far is one that the syrian withdrawal by the americans is premature and it's likely to destabilized the area around. refugee camp and on the border with. iran thank you very much for that for now on live and let's go now to. the he's joining us live from new neck and has a brain any reaction to president obama's where you are at the security conference
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and munich hashim. it is about the reaction so far from the european leaders but to get it from the u.k. from germany about those tweets made by u.s. president although i have to say that the syrian issue and the security what is happening in parts of the country particularly in a controlled area has been largely debated over the last few days here in munich with international security i expressed concern about the ramifications of non-poor today to pull out of troops by the americas and i think one of the reasons why the security and why security officials are concerned about it is the issue of the i still find it is. also i said prisoners in the camps and the europeans are tight lipped about the numbers of those people and what should happen to them and to talk more about that particular issue is mr du who is the secretary general of the secretary general of amnesty international. from
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a human rights perspective what do you think should be the best way to handle the issue of those president as mostly from europe and their own families when we're talking about hundreds of people firstly we should just say look at the motivation behind the tweet. tweet. probably was to distract from his domestic problems with the news so setting that aside i think european governments do have obligations to this it isn't. that we think that if people engage in human rights violations and walk crimes governments have a right to try them back home in the courts in terms of law as amnesty of course we see do that but they're fair trials but do not you know use the death penalty so i think these are citizens of these countries their responsibility to them many of them when their very young age and so on so it's very complicated and there's a need for thoughtful application of do you have any concerns because sometimes the security aspect prevails over humanitarian aspect but because europe has been beset
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by violence attacks by some of the people who are operating in the past with groups like i said that security warning could prevail over humanitarian aspect talking about families kids children pregnant women who are saying now we would like to go back home i think it would be unfortunate if narrow security interests override the human rights last question to you you've seen the debates over the last three days here it's mostly about the giants of politics talking about the future of the country we haven't heard a lot about the minorities about the bust up of the children and. sadly the conversation here is not we need to be this conversation is more about protecting the current system and trying to protect those that benefit in privileged terms from the current system it's all about. rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic while humanity is sinking the. sad reality is you know albert einstein once said
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the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again they're expecting to get different results we are stuck in an old approach we need new thinking and the new thinking has to be a redefinition of what human securities human security should be just stability and national civility should be about employment about environment and gender equality and so on and this we bring that we will not have security in the thank you very much indeed. secretary general of amnesty international has basically come in i don't. exactly what has been said by many human rights activists over the last three days is that there needs to be genuine debate about the children the women affected by war in places like yemen and syria and hashim also. iran's foreign minister has been speaking at the munich conference let's listen to what he said. yesterday right here in munich. mr pence repeated the sparse
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when he and again he demanded that europe must join the united states in undermining its own security and breaking a topic age so as expected how a shop retaught american vice president mike pence is common. it was expected elizabeth for the prime minister for the foreign minister of iran to hit back of the statements made by the american vice president that this is early here in munich but also in warsaw where he was pushing for this international coalition against iran of scenes that we've lost here here in munich partly charming cories matic trying to reach out to the world saying another best chance is to engage diplomatically with the iranians and partly aggressive when saying that the israelis are trying to drag the region into conflicts and wars today i've
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seen a difference being very aggressive hitting back of the u.s. vice president saying that the americans fixation with iran is a thought and that the americans would like to undermine. also issued a warning to the e.u. saying that the e.u. should not be beholden to the americas or the e.u. should show independence saying that he's determined his country is determined to maintain a ballistic missile system because he says when the u.s. and the europeans were buying weapons and of fighter jets to the. well thing gulf nations they were never sending any weapons to the iranians and therefore they had to real life or the resources and build a strong ballistic missile to defend their own country to the point where he said that he was concerned about imminent about the potential for a confrontation with israel so i think he was trying to say that in a way or another if the americans are willing to move ahead with their plan to further isolate iran it could just backfire and you could draw. drag the
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whole region into further violence and instability russian thank you very much for that for now that is. with all the latest joining us live from the munich security conference thank you hashem let's move on to other news now in saudi state media says yemen's healthy rebels have killed at least nine solve the songs in a renewed military offensive the attacks happened in the southern solving problems of assiut. and is the worst face of violence and say un brokered peace deal was signed a december priyanka got there reports. fierce fighting in the northern front lines of yemen who the rebels say they've launched major attacks in saudi u.a.e. backed forces across the border in saudi arabia over the past three days a number of saudis soldiers were killed and their military positions captured according to who the media sources saudi media is also reporting the deaths of
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soldiers who they say the attacks will not stop and. watch our operations will continue and in the coming days the advantage further as the war on yemen continues and the coalition continues to violate their obligations and promises under the hood data agreement the army and resistance fighters have no alternative but to continue to fight and intensify their tactical operations. this is the first significant escalation in violence since the un brokered cease fire deal was signed in sweden last december. the head of the u.n. mission tough but implementing that deal in the port city of who is trying to stop the conflict from getting any worse but the realities on the ground are a sobering reminder of the challenges this agreement was sort of blown upside down by focusing on sunday the. bourses a major humanitarian access and that's fine but if you say
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a ceasefire and her date and it's ok to have. ongoing war in the rest of the country that's not a good thing and this is the consequence of the fighting for millions of families and her family were forced to live under a tree after escaping bombardment the saudi border starvation has weakened her so much that this twelve year old now weighs just ten kilos for twenty two million yemenis who desperately need aid to survive while fighting begins even more suffering it looks like both sides are not very serious about ending the war and it seems that yemen the u.n. envoy to yemen mr martin griffiths is going to have to pull a lot more weight on putting pressure on to these parties that meeting that he's going after rely on the british government and the american government at the saying that hey the international community here wants peace and therefore that's
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what's going to happen politicians in the u.k. and the u.s. are stepping up pressure to stop exporting arms to saudi arabia with the hope of preventing the world's worst humanitarian crisis from getting even worse priyanka gupta is here. well as we mentioned it is the most significant border fighting to take place since a cease fire agreement was signed in sweden in december that agreement was working by the un during talks aimed at ending yemen's nearly four year war with the rebels and yemen saudi backed government agreed to a cease fire in the port city of the day that. well the truce has largely held by the five one meant to have withdrawn their troops from the city by january seventh and that's never happened and the man the u.n. put in charge of overseeing the cease fire resigned after only a month on the job a president swap was also going to your own the talks in sweden and that's also get to take place let's get more on this we're joined by andreas create an assistant professor at king's college london stiffened studies department and he's joining us
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live from london this to craig always good to have you with us on al-jazeera so the hope is continuing to attack the saudis how concerning is it for saudi arabia that this rebel group can keep on and flecked doing this sort of damage you know good morning i mean this is very serious because this is a war over narratives as much as it is a war on the ground and the saudis have to obviously project. can convey the message to their own people on the ground that the able to keep the security in saudi arabia and protect the sovereignty of the saudi kingdom and they have had trouble since two thousand fifteen to actually protect the southern border leading to almost. of the southern border towns. not allowing people to return because they were fearful that you know who these current stage these kind of attacks into saudi territory and you know potentially the saudi forces national guard and the infantry are able to actually stop with these from doing so there's
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significance of that is that the movies can now say look we have a no other we stage another escalation here we're able to cause damage we will to punish the saudis when necessary and inflict damage is and what the fact that the who these can carry out these types of attacks on the saudis on saudi soil in a four years into this war would that make the saudis any more likely to negotiate an end to the war. yeah i mean the saudis want to get out of this war they know they can't win it the who these obviously have a lot longer breath they have a lot more strategic patience in this and they're willing to sustain this longer than the saudis obviously for the saudis is a lot more damaging a lot more hurtful but we should also not forget most of the fighting that has been going on over the last six weeks of very much since the beginning of the year has take shifted from the date all the way to the northern provinces of sadar and larger and along that border line the border is very blurry the border has not
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really been in any way been formalized to that extent and any any infiltrations or for the elements into salutary authority is something that the saudis have learned to sustain the issue with that particular attack now is that it causes saudi casualties that in itself is a problem but overall it's a tit for tat we've seen this going on for months now and the problem is the saudis want to find a way out those are trying to put more pressure but they have been retaliated on the other side as well i mean there was as of last territory in other parts of the northern of the northern. border area so it's something that for both sides is a stalemate that they call and when mr craig thank you as always for your time we appreciate that as andreas create live and london thank you there plenty more ahead on the new solid including the u.s. and its tons of aid to colombia destined for venezuela a president who asked not do it all says it would never cross the border security forces an indian administered kashmir impose a curfew after an attack that killed dozens of troops and coming up in support of
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the challenge is action from the world skiing championships as mccain a chef for an ad so yes another gold medal to her collection. security has been stepped up in pakistan ahead of a visit by saudi arabia's crown prince mohamed been summoned postponed his trip by a day of the five on sunday as part of a two day as natasha going to aim has more. pakistan is planning a royal welcome for saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman pakistan and saudi arabia have long been allies but this is the first visit for the crown prince since he became heir to the throne u.k. well might have put on a solid to put on a both but they are our old friends and their policies are in favor of pakistan. they will increase their wealth by investing in pakistan this is useless for our
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people. prime minister imran khan wants to make a good impression but mr khan is looking to take. one is that bailout package is called mint and the country cannot because second is foreign direct investment khans overture comes as much of the world has either shunned criticized or chosen to keep an arm's length from the crown prince both turkish and american security agencies have concluded that mohamed bin salmen ordered the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi the veteran journalist was killed and dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october cond just two months into his tenure never joined the global chorus of outrage against the kingdom and the prince. later that month he was one of a few leaders to attend a financial summit in saudi arabia a pet project of bin solomon intended to elevate the country's image and promote
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foreign investment there would be no political cost for him to muster could put him at the moment it's not important what the world is thinking the crown prince plans to show his appreciation by injecting billions of dollars into pakistan's economy. since the nine eleven attacks pakistan has been viewed as a vital player in combat ing armed groups and maintaining regional security but overlooked when it comes to foreign investment prime minister khan is banking on the fact that were saudi money is invested other countries might follow natasha can aim al-jazeera let's go now to a pakistan cost on come on high the his life and lama bob mohamed bensalem on coming come all with a bang delegation and meeting the key focus on pakistani politics and the military . where to big would
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be an understatement and go dead over a solid b. but it will be on their own some of them as they dived a few days later there was a forward far day every day to have been completely booked and indeed this is a very large delegation but also important to note that kind of important and the unprecedented security where door that is going to be the legs and legs of security around the brains rennie's in islamabad is like need to be staying at the prime minister and rennie and i've been down that. he would behave by the prime minister the president. members of the senate would be given a red carpet treatment read all of the area many. and his trip coming come on at a time when pockets found has increased tensions with saudi's rival there rob.
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absolutely in fact. the reason that these. what they call. a blue just on the train in have warned that they may cross the border and this is happening dime when. the relationship is going forward because the. board that illusion djibril are very ordered one that is where the very much interested in setting up the crude oil refinery gave them finding capability. so did the around of any convict in that region so they did the think go to. the arabia and then in the interest of bargain on war and other reasonable gun to come together by gets done of the. one
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thing that signaled that it wanted to see more harmony among the islamic states within the middle east and of course one of them doing red dawn drive to get it out again or make trouble come on thank you very much for that for now that correspondent come out and live in islamabad now rights activists say the three countries of the crown prince's eliciting have questionable questionable records on human rights and pakistan his first stop amnesty international and human rights watch say in full service appearances a widespread to as the government is increasingly cracking down on its critics mohamed then moves to india in the lead up to elections there hindu nationalism has led to increased violence un experts have called for investigations into extra judicial killings while the government recently raided foreign charities and rights groups and china has been criticized for placing up to a million weak and muslims and re-education camps and detaining hundreds of human rights lawyers and activists well let's get more on the visit we're joined by is
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often just fun he's a professor of politics. and international relations at. university and he's joining us also live from islamabad very good to have you with us on al-jazeera we'll start with the well prepared for mahama been some on what you make of it you know given the promises that we heard from enron khan especially on the campaign trail on being a very different kind of leader could really stand up for human rights. i think that we have seen that they would often as a white even a lot of credit would give is to with him and started the moment new to foreign direct investment in leading the government is expecting some kind of investment which could create the job market that's why we are looking at this a visit very significant and but what about you know the fact that mohamed bin psalm on has been facing a lot of criticism a lot of condemnation especially following the murder of journalist jamal kushal
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and again as i mentioned him on khan talking about how he was going to be a different kind of leader does what's going on now with this welcome in pakistan show that foreign direct investment that investment and pakistan the economy is a little bit at the end of the day more important to enron kahn and to the country look. this is very important when we look about this murder of the killing of the journalist to show that is very different but in fact there is a focus on it and didn't make any statement of what it and he wanted to create a more called evolution or sustain a call to literally saw the saudi arabian especially with the reality because we needed six billion and they agreed already quite a bit of project and now he's coming up with the you can see a number of the memorandums about eight member and they're going to decide. we will be there naturally for him and at the moment the most important thing is the
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national interest and within the national interest if there is a foreign direct investment there would be an economic stability which entails political stability so rather that he's not looking on the other issue my understanding is that for him as you said that what is important for him the foreign direct investment which created job markets all you proved he called me a pox on his report thank you for your time on this we do appreciate that that is. live and thank you now in a few moments we'll have the weather weather ahead disappointment and frustration. as questions of how much it will cost the country and sports for showing you one of the. that's coming up with joe.
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did you know as it was the first nation to ban the use of plastic straws but it will unfortunately that hasn't helped very much in the grander scheme of things it's set in middle of all the age of the. season and it is of course a sense of violence against fairly regularly and this. here is no exception now is the out of bounds of this site has been catching vanuatu cerny two hundred thirty millimeters of form in the last four days that's not a lot to be lost in the grand scheme of things but of course these starters don't just produce rain they also produce wind and of course highways and that's unfortunate it's called a small amount of destruction along the shores of locally built houses which i suppose you might expect so this is the center of the storm then you can see we are right there but like the last story it's been a slow moving wanderer this is where it came from the carroll sea coral sea wander
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around it's still sitting there it's moving very slowly but it is quite a strong storm much of it is if anything strengthening wave height nine meters sustained winds one hundred twenty kilometers per hour now this single hang around for a day or so then it will drift down towards new caledonia and eventually you'll feel it i think on the coast of queensland. sponsored by katherine was. the week began with the use of a ninety day truce in the tip for tat us china trade war the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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only you and a fish for all practical purposes yes i support science and truth one of the figureheads for the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence then that justifies anything to do except that religion has done good things despite all of our mad beliefs and americans believe that science holds all the and says the world be a better place if religion disappeared tomorrow yes mehdi has a sign guys. the to have you with us on the al jazeera news out of these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump says european allies should take back more than eight hundred
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isis fighters captured in syria and them on trial he also says the so-called caliphate is ready to fall with the rebels and launched a major attack across the border with saudi arabia is the most significant fighting since the cease fire agreement was signed in sweden last december now a twenty four hour curfew is in force in indian administered kashmir after a suicide bombing killed forty four security personnel on thursday india's government issued a safety warning following reports of being targeted in response to the incident that had been calls for a shutdown to protest against revenge attacks in the city and other parts of india those days bombing was the worst of its kind in the thirty eight conflict in the himalayan region. the situation. because did a lot of damage to public property we are appealing to the people of germany whichever community they belong to to identify the people responsible for the attack so that in future the brotherhood that we have. let's get more on this now
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we're joined by a happy man jacob director of the conflict monitor and he's joining us from the indian capital new delhi mr jacob always good to have you with us on al-jazeera says lee what more are you hearing about the attacks against. you know all good it's all b.s. and your book well i'm going to rage and they're going to be about what happened two days ago it will you are hot sauce that is not a diet that there is an ongoing going to do in what this year and what that inside because you know and or soul in the gym will be good but if spike they're going to do was he was happy that the media capital of the state in general which is a digital media to our city as i was as i was you know a lot of muslims i beat out at that that the police of course is taking steps to ensure that it doesn't happen anymore but that taking a cue from dr you also have such he said as you have beat it beat it but in other
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parts of the country including it in the capital he did it all tonight around and some other places so you're looking at the students who are studying up from this you it's possible they're going to be directed. by by law because it is part of the country the people who need who's also there was the. asking that it would get their houses so that if he was leaves which maybe it was you know if i think it goes and goes i beat it by to get it if you get it the boss couple of days do. it in various parts of the country and the guy and i think about what her vein you know mentioning that the government has issued a safety who want to know do you think that's enough especially given that this is a government that's been accused of stalking and media and anti muslim sentiment in the country. and you are right the government of india has these huge.
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notification to show that look at least to take action when necessary but that's you know that's that's it but that in my opinion is not good at that given the fact that there is an election going up i mean they're covered but my style and given the fact that this is a video actually a party that is a beach house in the boston that you or i install those that i do in dealings but i'm here to talk meetings with his visitors to some extent at least and it was good but i think it's meaty so i think the political leadership by mr downwards would add to it dearly. to skate demands and warnings to the government here is that these actually long to go on when he has to show off there is no indication of that has that happening i guess what that is this in society to get has this been to the location they have released several social media and it is that the if maybe if he didn't get a space and if they get these they can. come to their house and stayed in the it
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basis that have been at it for them so the this is because i had the easy the breaking up with the location but the government is darkly you know it one of these do we should more students really wanting to do the job or makers to take a thank you as always for your time that is happy monjack of life and death thank you now to libya where people are mocking the eighth anniversary of the start of the two thousand and eleven revolution protests and benghazi eventually led to the toppling of longtime need a moment of offie libyan celebrating bank play of a native that spanned four decades. much many say much has changed political divisions a still taking their toll on the country that's got us all correspondent with at that while he's joining us live from tripoli so how is the anniversary being not. well elizabeth. people have started putting good sit ups on
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decorations for the eighth anniversary but as you know this anniversary comes amid a revell reason political rivalries division and military escalations by have those forces in the south of the country but nevertheless people are very keen to celebrate and mark the anniversary this year we spoke to people in the streets and squares they say that at least the are cheering the end of all forty years of dictatorship that is there. before the uprising that is started in february two in the eleven as you know elizabeth this year what is new this year is that have those forces are threatening to come to the west to tripoli namely but on the other hand a new coalition of former rebels who rose up by kynaston gadhafi into an eleven are now opposing the world a lot of the really for have that many people are watered if
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a new round of conflict might erupt in the capital tripoli they won't be. all of the faith in the revolution is decreasing unfortunately for many people a new round of conflict is erupting in the capital but nevertheless people are going to the squares to the main a square is in the main sit in several cities in libya mistreats to mark this eighth anniversary of the seventeenth of february revolution mark mark thank you for that is much more that there had live in tripoli. but i want to return now to our top story that call by the u.s. for europe to take back i think fighters and it's estimated around thirty thousand people from more than eighty countries have joined the armed groups and twenty fifteen modest have come from to nothing or around six thousand. crudes saudi arabia is the second largest source of foreign fighters two thousand five hundred saudis have joined i sold and western europe france has the highest number of
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foreign fighters with at least sixteen hundred and that's followed by the u.k. with nearly eight hundred five as and around six hundred from germany and an estimated three hundred people from the united states have traveled to iraq and syria to join the group or let's get more on this now we're joined by tom brokaw and professor of law and government at the university of daraa middle school and he's joining us from there very good to have you with us on al-jazeera why do you think president sent out this tweet is he hoping that you have can pick up the responsibility for prosecuting foreign fighters who have committed possibly committed atrocities fighting with leisel. well he certainly wants other countries to pick up the tab i mean is this claim that the fight is one hundred percent over yet there was all this other work to be done by others suggests that it isn't one hundred percent over and that and that there's this fundamental
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tension in what he was trying to communicate on that point but in terms of getting europe to to somehow do more it's not exactly clear what the expectation will be so for example for most european countries for most countries they will have laws about their citizens or people who reside in their territory that relate to activity in those countries so british citizens or people who live in britain in the things they do in the u.k. are what would normally be the subject of parliament and not so much what things what activities people will be involved with outside but it's very different in the united states where they have prosecuted successfully under very wide powers not americans who've never been to america been engaged in terrorist related offenses elsewhere in the south and who is extradited from britain to the united states
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where he is currently in prison and so his call for the europeans be doing things it seems the americans are able to do it in our hands are probably better able to prosecute they want to win are choosing not to which is seems to be what why are they choosing not to because as you mentioned they have more sway thing palis other you know non americans non-nationals and what they do and other countries. but i find it i do find it odd so if you if you are a rule leader who thinks that there's a group of people who are enormously dangerous you think that your country is leading the way in clamping down on things and you have got more powers through the criminal law to to put these people in prison plus you've got a number of european countries that i would be surprised that britain would cause him any trouble at this you might be happy to read the extradition to the united states for trial why isn't he doing it. i'm not quite sure why that is
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the case it might be an effort to try to undermine or put europe under pressure to have more the sweeping powers that america has that's these my best guess so one of the problems that your report mentioned france in particular so france the u.k. germany if someone is a french german british national they will be entitled to go back to those countries they can't be prevented from from coming back but typically what happens is if they dual nationality that british nationality that french national you might be stripped if the person has got something else there or gyptian or jordanian they're afghan and iraqi something else that's usually what's done because it would then render them not stateless they have another citizenship and they can be prevented from for entry into europe trump seems to want something more than just stopping people from entering europe he seems to want people imprisoned of course
1:43 pm
he's not willing to do it himself he thinks i should be doing it it'll take a while to change the laws and i'm seems this is old just a bit more fantasy and then fact that's about thank you very much for your time that is tom fox live and that and thank you. but. the u.s. military has a left of tons of aid to the colombian town of cocoa on venezuelan meanwhile president nicolas maduro is blocking the shipments and she was in washington of sending out the crumbs while waging an economic war for food and medicine from the u.s. have become a critical issue in the palace struggle between the president and opposition data on bible john hendren reports. massive us c. seventeen cargo planes bearing aid made the journey from florida's homestead air force base to colombia but the hardest part of the journey lies ahead the short trip over the border to venezuela venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered the army not to let it in he says the aid comes with strings from the u.s.
1:44 pm
which he says plans to use it as a trojan horse to overthrow his regime. opposition leader who proclaimed himself interim president held a rally in caracas before supporters. today were here saying to the world dressed in white that our movement is profoundly peaceful but our movement is also profoundly determined it's not foolish for being peaceful nor is it going to stay stalled no sir it is profoundly determined that not only humanitarian aid enter but that the usurpation stops once and for all the u.s. military airlifted tons of aid hoping to undermine me in his struggle against who now has the backing of more than fifty nations including the u.s. says he has hundreds of thousands of volunteers ready to distribute the aid and urge the army to lead it in. the message to the venezuelan armed forces seven days for humanitarian aid to enter
1:45 pm
a week for you to do the right thing to put yourselves not only on the side of the constitution we are authorizing the entrance of not only humanitarian aid but also humanity is no exaggeration to say the aid comes with strings the u.s. operation is designed to foment regime change and that's why much of the international aid community is not joining in the international committee for the red cross and united nations relief agencies are refusing to coordinate with the u.s. they say aid should not come with strings. retains the backing of russia and china and claims to have brought nine hundred thirty three tons of medical supplies from china cuba and russia go i do know is calling for nationwide protests this week to support volunteers planning to travel to the border with colombia to bring the u.s. aid john hendren. washington my dear is the military has rescued at least eighty people held captive by criminals in the northwest state of zam fatah an air force
1:46 pm
spokesman says men women and children from local communities were among those freed in the operation success factor the gang members were arrested rural areas and have been vulnerable to attacks by criminal gangs who killed several people last year now the postponement of elections has been a major inconvenience for millions of voters especially those who take a long and expensive journeys to cost their ballots on saturday the election commission decided to delay polls for a week saying it needs more time to ensure a free and fair vote but there are concerns the decision could lead to low turnout has more from lagos. some nigerians say the postponement of presidential and parliamentary elections by a week is disappointing frustrating and a national embarrassment many people had to travel long distances to vote with the head registered long my family don't think just because of the election without all you've done. i've been the way you start to come on votes all suddenly we just all
1:47 pm
guards the electrons postpone was in spencer and. the election commission announced a delay just hours before polls was due to open on saturday saying delays in transporting election material and sabotage are to blame get in here now to tell me that ideologue are not going to school when i go on living or tell you that i doubt you like it or not even you have to postpone why i was to come back to come on my last because it's my civic right as i said was that but questions are being asked about how much it's going to cost nigeria to reschedule the polls nigeria is africa's the biggest economy but that hasn't translated into jobs it's estimated more than nineteen million people live in extreme poverty the election delay will mean it will cost more money some nigerians say could have been used elsewhere nigeria has postponed elections before in twenty eleven and twenty fifteen economists say this is already affecting the economy. and the
1:48 pm
business community and that's why he's turned off costs you know and now we have to now see a situation where this really has to be repeated mystery and unfortunately between now and next week we're likely to see a lot. of some of these first time voters insist despite the delay they are still determined to vote they hope whoever wins will create jobs. or not. i will say that in a cost out in the election commission's credibility and competence and that could affect voter turnout how do we trust. still ahead to on the news out a slam dunk superman's in the house ahead of the n.b.a. all star game show would have more than school.
1:49 pm
from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. the stories. told by the people who live. along. the news as it breaks health officials say vaccination rates here are dropped significantly with details coverage onto the streets to celebrate the country's work by. the tournament. from around the world there's growing resentment towards this currency you know exists here in senegal throughout.
1:50 pm
and israeli film dealing with the tension between a person's roots and their identity as one the top prize at the berlin film festival director now that the received the coveted golden bear award synonyms tell the story of an israeli man who tries to suppress his origins after moving to paris even refusing to speak hebrew. could prove controversial and israel but he's urging audiences to see it as a celebration of. right it is time for sports now here's joe thank you one of the world's top golfers mack has been forced into an embarrassing u. turn after being accused of short changing
1:51 pm
a caddy that he used last year has regular caddie couldn't make the trip to mexico's maya kober classic in november which meant local caddie david ortiz the man with these pictures today in the creature went on to win for the first time in four years and pocketed one point three million dollars caddies can usually expect as much as ten percent and ortiz asked for less than four percent just fifty thousand dollars but stuck rigidly to the four thousand they degrade and just one thousand as a bonus when quizzed about it this week at the genesis open defended himself saying for a guy making two hundred dollars a day five thousand is a good week and that didn't go down well and has now apologized he's going to pay all t's the full fifty thousand a make a donation to charities and they can could an area of mexico. you treat people the way you want to be treated. you know that one and then you put the shoe on the other foot and i think those are the two simple rules that you know i think i've
1:52 pm
always followed it i think everybody should follow i missed the boat with with this what i did not put the shoe on the other foot i would not. do a good job there and i think in any situation if you can just understand where somebody else is coming from that makes you makes the world a whole lot better place and you know i i missed i missed that one away from the county round as a long day ahead of the genesis open to rain delay earliest set things back in the players need to complete both the third and fourth rounds on sunday is justin thomas who leads the way he's one shot clear of adam scott still has fifteen holes of his third round to complaints. tiger woods is seven shots back with a ball out a charge up the leaderboard from him he writes up three birdies and an ego early at round three and still has a lot of holes left to play i thought so
1:53 pm
i thought. now fans friends informant's teammates have been paying their final respects to argentinian strike a million a sala. silence funeral has taken place in his hometown of progresso the twenty eight year old died when a light aircraft he was travelling in crashed into the english channel last month solid just fine for premier league team products the team. if you meet i mean you know you you know he's a he's a great great person very humble very down to of he's ready to to play in the premier league saw a review very set and the whole club feels very sad and cardiff generally feel very sad. incident and today i think it's good for the fans. he did have some good. route seven points clear at the top of the spanish mess he scored and missed a penalty in a one zero win over rail via the lead messi has now scored at least thirty goals in
1:54 pm
each of his last eleven seasons at the club the english f.a. cup dream is over for newport county the fourth to eighteen was beaten four one by premier league leaders manchester city newport gave themselves a chance of causing an upset in this fifth round tie patrik mormons goal made the school to one with ten minutes left the city responded with more goals phil forty scored his second of the game. and we have micros made sure of city's place in the last day. now to an embarrassing admission from the williams formula one team they've been forced to miss the first day of pre-season testing in spain because their new car isn't ready they are veiled the new car last week with a new driver line up in robert competes and george russell but it's not finished yet and they'll now start testing on tuesday morning instead of monday as planned the british team under pressure to produce a good car after the last model ended up bottom of the constructors' championship last season now to one of the closest finishes you ever see at the formula
1:55 pm
a prix in mexico brazilian driver lukas degrassi was trailing until the very last moment but he somehow managed to edge this car past past of her line right on the line. but we just stood in the way of the replay confirm that he denied her line who had led for the majority of the race. here contrasting emotions in the carriages to grassy audi team were ecstatic. that a different story for lines mahindra team and to make it worse by line was then given a five second penalty which meant he was demoted to six place. the final day of the world championships is underway in sweden muscle her show is in action right now looking to defend his slalom title mckayla shifrin fought through a lung infection to win the women's well title for a record breaking fourth time in a row she said she ran out of oxygen hope i don't course it was the second gold of these championships the twenty three year old who also won the super g.
1:56 pm
title. minutes before the second one i must tell you for me you have to do this because she's done me carving to the point that i couldn't breathe and then talking more and then like in this kind of. yeah i was like how can a skier know when i'm this is the humvee link but then you got that years. for the sixty seconds that i needed to perform. i was able to at least merton's is one the biggest title of her tennis career so far the unseeded belgian was up against the top seed simona halep in the quarter you can final person covered from being assessed to break down to fight back to win her first ever premier level torment she also had to deal with back spasms during the match is the twenty three year old win over a top ten player in doha having the under the cobra and t.c.
1:57 pm
perkins on the way to the final. now basketball's biggest names are giving up for the all star game in charlotte later the bucs again is leads a team against le bron james and his draft picks over the years the n.b.a. has a vision game has turned into a full weekend events where stars can show the skills like john harrison three point challenge did the most impressive on saturday came from the oklahoma city thunder is how you do in the slam dunk contest next over a basketball legend shaquille o'neal who stands it to me to sixteen. and finished off with an elbow down and that was just the first round ya'll are winning the contest states man was most definitely it's. not as though your support for now i have to feel later and that was definitely impressive just thank you very much for that and that does it for this al jazeera news hour but do stay with your karla's here without the full news bulletin in just a couple of minutes thank you very much for watching.
1:58 pm
every food due is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured that's why intelligence agencies are they a toss to do things in secret that are a lawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents on al-jazeera.
1:59 pm
with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. here are fluent in world news at the time it was the worst environmental disaster in brazil's history but it was also a tragic foretaste of what was to follow. people in power investigates claims of warnings ignored. and the disturbing ties between lawmakers and the mining industry that led to catastrophe here on trial for dozens and dozens of what just brazil river of mud on. what.
2:00 pm
i'm. hearing. some people want. a stark warning from iran that says there's a greater risk of conflict with israel. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president donald trump says european allies should take back hundreds of myself i says and put them on trial. the fine says in yemen say they've launched a major attack close the border with saudi arabia because of the killing saudi soldiers. and the u.s. and there's tons of aid.


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