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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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no. no no. no no. some people bought. a stark warning from enron it says there's a great risk of conflict with israel. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president donald trump says european allies should take back hundreds of myself i says and put them on trial. he finds is in yemen say they've launched a major attack cross the border with saudi arabia because of the killing saudi soldiers. and the u.s. and there's tons of aid to colombia destined for venezuela but president has but
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dora's says it will never cross the border. iran's foreign minister has warned wald leaders that there's a heightened risk of conflict with israel speaking at a major security conference in name mohammed serif said israel is looking for conflict with iran you also criticized what he called washington's obsession with his country after u.s. five mike pence called leaders to withdraw from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. certainly some people are looking for war we are in syria who is looking israel we are in syria on the invitation of the syrian government for the sole purpose of fighting terrorism no other no other reason for our being there i think last i checked international law while waiting lebanon's airspace and shooting into syria is a violation of international law and the international community and of all people
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in europe which believes international law as the foundations of international order is blaming us and not blaming the israelis for violating international law so this wake up to the risk is great is risk is great but risk will be even greater if you continue to turn a blind eye to severe world nations of international law. joins us now live from munich and as it was there is still a response been to his vice president mike pence calling on the e.u. nations to abandon the iran nuclear deal. would basically the general sentiment among the key players here is that they would like to maintain the nuclear deal on going to merkel the german chancellor insisted that this could be the only way to engage with the iranians diplomatically and to maintain some sort of political levers to bring the iranians into some sort of concessions in the near future when it comes to tackling different regional issues
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i think the concern among many european players is that with the u.s. pushing for this unilateralist approach towards iran there is a risk for a backlash further violence and instability becomes higher this was more pronounced today in the speech of joe adds that if i was here last year when study if i was using his charm and charisma to try to tell the world that iran is willing to negotiate politically and reach out with the west and turn the page of the decades of the more city and tension today it was a different very aggressive saying that the united states of america is bullying the world that the europeans are trying to fall into the trap of be falling behind the lines of the united states of america saying that's ultimately it's the americans and the e.u. who are violating the international law while while ago i spoke with haass because once it below see above the state above the speed of the iranian foreign minister.
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zarif about her own position when it comes to the two thousand and fifteen year and this is what she had to say as when you was a strong supporter of the. nuclear agreement with iran that we want to stick with supporting that. i've had for many years there at the security conference when you have the cash for a missile say. well basically shaikh mohammed one of the. minister spoke about the need to engage in dialogue with the with the iranians saying that that's that's the best way out saying that as far as qatar is concerned if things that dialogue could be the best way to end all the regional problems that the region faces but at the same time he hit back of the book agent countries saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind him and egypt saying that's how come you want us to be part of the same alliance he
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was talking about us pushing for some sort of an out of nato in the region when four countries of of that alliance are. to the state of qatar saying that ultimately his country country remains open about first to try to solve the g.c.c. crisis on the issue of iran and. he was asked about some sort of a qatari iranian rapprochement and he said well we are neighbors we share the biggest gas field in the region and this is geography dictate in its rules on us and they were the ones who opened their airspace when the four neighboring countries impose an land and sea blockade on us and that his country remains committed to. dialogue with iran on the palestinian issue the qatari foreign minister mentioning the ultimate deal that the americans are trying to work of the details said that qatar committed to
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a political way out of the israeli palestinian conflict however it has to be within the internationally recognized. which is a palestinian state with. its capital ok. that from the munich security conference thanks very much ashton. u.s. president donald trump says britain france and germany should quote take back and put on trial more than eight hundred i still find his captures in syria on to as a truck goes on to say the caliphate is ready to fall ill turn to is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them the u.s. does not want does not want to watch as these isis fighters permeate europe which is where they're expected to go we do so much and spend so much time for others to step up and do the job that they're so capable of doing pulling back after one hundred percent caliphate victory in iraq conjoined us live now from that's on the
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turkish syrian border iran who are these eisel fights what's your reaction to being told to take them back. well firstly we have to say that we don't actually know who these ice will fly says president donald trump is referring to whether he's referring to the eight hundred number being people being captured over the years in syria and. us arrest in custody at the very least or whether they. captured in this latest operation by the s.d.f. against isis enclave in who's because he does mention the caliphate and his tweets as well so this is all the confusion of who the fight is actually might be all the way from france britain and germany and therefore is he putting pressure on his european allies to take them back all the way from different countries and. he's
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trying to just put pressure on the european allies to actually take much of a bigger role when it comes to securing and helping end the conflict in syria now the u.s. president does want withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria jim jeffries the syrian u.s. or an envoy has been speaking he said that any u.s. withdrew always be abrupt it will be staggered it will be measured this will take place over a period of time the turkish defense minister. been speaking he says he won't allow allow terrorist groups either the wife or i supply has to be within syria itself so although donald trump is vague it does look like he's trying to put pressure on europe to take a bigger role in the syrian conflict i mean was always the final push but this last i sold pockets of bob the final push to take it over how is that going.
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well according to most of all he's been speaking to the a.p. news agency he's the spokesman for the. it's come to a bit of a stall they are on the outskirts of the village they say this about a thousand civilians trapped inside and joyful fighters are using in effect human shields and haven't been able to negotiate misrata tearing chordal allow them to come out there is still shelling taking place on fighters but they have dug a number of underground tunnels and it's likely that they'll be in those underground tunnels with the civilians on the surface so there's intense moment going on in the bottle. village itself with a very confident and they say that good news that's their words not mine will come shortly. place and see what that means as many thanks indeed for joining us from gaza on top. now saudi state media say gammons who the rebels have killed at least nine saudi soldiers in a renewed military offensive it's actually happened in the southern saudi province
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as of a set and not run the worst spate of violence since the un brokered peace deal was signed in december practical up to reports. fierce fighting in the northern front lines of yemen who the rebels say they have launched major attacks on saudi u.a.e. backed forces across the border in saudi arabia over the past three days a number of saudi soldiers were killed and their military positions captured according to hooty media sources saudi media is also reporting the deaths of soldiers who they say the attacks will not stop and yet mr miller are watching our operations will continue and in the coming days the advantage further as the war on yemen continues and the coalition continues to violate their obligations and promises under the hood data agreement the army and resistance fighters have no alternative but to continue to fight and intensify their tactical operations. this
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is the first significant escalation in violence since the u.n. brokered cease fire deal was signed in sweden last december the head of the u.n. mission tasked with implementing that deal in the port city of who is trying to stop the conflict from getting any worse but the realities on the ground are a sobering reminder of the challenges this agreement was sort of blown upside down by focusing on sunday the. bourses a major humanitarian access and that's fine but if you say a ceasefire in her day and it's ok to have. ongoing war and the rest of the country that's not a good thing and this is the consequence of the fighting for millions of yemenis go back and her family were forced to live under a tree. after escaping the. starvation has weakened her so much that this twelve year old now weighs just ten kilos for twenty two million yemenis who
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desperately need aid to survive while fighting even more suffering it looks like both sides are not very serious about ending the war and it seems that yemen the u.n. envoy to yemen mr martin griffiths is going to have to haul a lot more weight on putting pressure on to these parties meaning that he's going to have to rely on the british government and the american government at the saying that hey the international community here wants peace and therefore that's what's going to happen politicians in the u.k. and the u.s. are stepping up pressure to stop exporting arms to saudi arabia with the hope of preventing the world's worst humanitarian crisis from get even worse priyanka gupta is here. still ahead here on out is there are security forces an end in the midst of kashmir impose a curfew after an attack that killed dozens of troops. and disappointment and
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frustration over delayed elections in nigeria as questions are raised over how much it will cost the country. has more rain developing in china is our frontal system is going to eventually edge slowly eastwards to as you see the last twenty four hours not much is going on is clear skies frosty nice tempered by day still above freezing but only just. to minus six in the tar which is really quite high but this cloud in. the right is running out through shanghai also goes for the sun yellow sea and into the korean peninsula probably in the south of japan by the time we get to choose day it starts off as snow but you see it disappear it is now all right so temperatures on the whole are starting to rise in this part of the world the rain itself is quite surprisingly heavy now as the cold tucks into it as you can see but look how fast
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the rain tends to progress i'm going between monday and tuesday so monday night in the rain in hong kong it'll rain in most of southern china to be honest you must be doing so on tuesday it shouldn't really do that at this time the is a little bit early for spring rains but that's what we have effectively spring rains already south of that is a big gap over most of southeast asia not much is going on share was occasional was you know it is but then you pick up a bit of a cluster in some borneo and to the east so be done in java and temporarily and returning sumatra as well. a story of revolution defiance and murder them go by. a major figure in the war against the french occupation. wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong one whose bravery even impressed his enemy and to inspire others in the fight for independence after
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his death that you're going to be getting a lot of b. ben mcgeady the algerian revolutionary on al-jazeera. now again you are watching our. top stories this hour iran's foreign minister has warned world leaders that there is heightened risk of conflict with israel and also criticized what he called washington's obsession with his country the u.s. called on the e.u. leaders to withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal. u.s. president says european allies should take back more than eight hundred iso
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fighters captured in syria and put them on trial he says the so-called caliphate is ready to fall. and the rebels in yemen say they've launched a major attack cross the border with saudi arabia is the most significant fighting since the cease fire agreement was signed last. chance for tech giant amazon to expand into saudi arabia are under threat because of a dispute between the company's c.e.o. and the saudi crown prince and twenty seventeen amazon announced it was planning to build several data centers in the kingdom as part of its expansion in the middle east gnostic crown prince who had been solomon met with the amazon boss jeff beck a trip to the us bought analysts say plans and now want to hold off to accuse the saudis of being involved in leaking his private phone messages and photos but saudi crown prince is due to arrive in pakistan in the coming hours as part of an asian tour that will also take him to india and china security has been stepped up ahead
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of his arrival has more. pakistan is planning a royal welcome for saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman pakistan and saudi arabia have long been allies but this is the first visit for the crown prince since he became heir to the throne u.k. well might have put on a solid to put on a both but they are our old friends and their policies are in favor of pakistan. they will increase their wealth by investing in pakistan this is useless for our people. prime minister imran khan wants to make a good impression but mr khan is looking to take. one is that billion dollars package is called mint in the country konami quite a second is foreign direct investment cons overture comes as much of the world has either shunned criticized or chosen to keep an arm's length from the crown prince
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both turkish and american security agencies have concluded that mohamed bin salmen ordered the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi the veteran journalist was killed and dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october cond just two months into his tenure never joined the global chorus of outrage against the kingdom and the prince. later that month he was one of a few leaders to attend a financial summit in saudi arabia a pet project of bin solomon intended to elevate the country's image and promote foreign investment there would be no political cost for him to muster could quote him at the moment it's not important what the world is thinking the crown prince plans to show his appreciation by injecting billions of dollars into pakistan's economy. since the nine eleven attacks pakistan has been viewed as a vital player in combat ing armed groups and maintaining regional security but
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overlooked when it comes to foreign investment prime minister khan is banking on the fact that were saudi money is invested other countries might follow natasha can aim al-jazeera. has the latest now from islamabad. go dead over a taliesin but it will be on the own two rods some of them as i dived a few days earlier they were the forward by our day several hundred dead and have been completely bugged and invaded has a very large delegation but also important to note that kind of them bolton and the unprecedented security where doris day is going to be the legs and legs of security around the brain drain me denis law my bod is likely to be staying at the prime minister and rennie a dr then doctors down. bod he will be received by the prime minister the president
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. members of the senate will be given a red carpet treatment but all the pomp and ceremony that relationship in the video do on the go are days away and the saudis are very much interested in sketching out that crude oil refinery diagram that gave them an area finding capability outside tell a good a.b.i. india range of any conflict in that region so it is a security interest for saudi arabia and the interest of august on which also wants other regional countries to come together by gets done of course now has a favorite or a role to play it wants to send a signal that it wants to see more harmony amongst the islamic state within the middle east and of god who wants them to end right standby gets on to try to get it out of its economic trouble. a twenty four hour curfew is in force in indian administered kashmir after a suicide bombing killed forty four security personnel on thursday and his
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government issued a safety warning following reports of kashmiris being targeted in response to the incident been calls for a shutdown to protest against revenge attacks and john lewis says he and other parts of india bombing was the worst of its kind in the thirty year conflict in the himalayan region. the situation turned bad a sub attackers did a lot of damage to public property we are appealing to the people of germany whichever community they belong to to identify the people responsible for the attack so that in future the brotherhood that we have here can be maintained having one jacob is the director of the end of conflict want to so he says customary muslims are being targeted despite extra security measures. there is an ongoing going to do in niger what this fear and what that inside because you know and or slow in the gym will be good but the spite that couldn't do it was leaves happy target the leader the capital not the state in general which is
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a digital media to our city as well as you know a lot of muslims operate out of it that the police of course is taking steps to ensure that it doesn't happen anymore but to take it cue from dr you also have such incidents be repeated in other parts of the country including it. it will turn around and some other places the government of india has issued a. notification to the look of police to take action to run necessary but that's that's that's and that in my opinion is not good at that given the fact that there is an election an account in the book my style and given the fact that this is a video writing party that is in power bt house in the past tended to install those right wing feelings but i'm here to talk meetings with his visitors to some extent at least and it was made by that because bt so i think the political leadership by
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mr downwards would add to it clearly the shoes statements and warnings to the government there is that these actually not go unpunished there is minutes left at tons of aid to the colombian town of kuta on the venezuelan border present that has meant there is blocking rosette but it's a case in washington of sending of a crumb's whilst maintaining an economic war so the medicine from the us have become a critical issue here in the palace struggle between the president and opposition into one quite day john hendren reports. massood us c. seventeen cargo planes bearing aid made the journey from florida's homestead air force base to colombia but the hardest part of the journey lies ahead the short trip over the border to venezuela venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered the army not to let it in he says the aid comes with strings from the us which he says plans to use it as a trojan horse to overthrow his regime. opposition leader won by dole who
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proclaimed himself interim president held a rally in caracas before supporters or today were here saying to the world dressed in white that our movement is profoundly peaceful but our movement is also profoundly determined and it's not foolish for being peaceful nor is it going to stay stalled no sir it is profoundly determined that not only humanitarian aid enter but that the usurpation stops once and for all the u.s. military airlifted tons of aid hoping to undermine me in his struggle against who now has the backing of more than fifty nations including the u.s. says he has hundreds of thousands of volunteers ready to distribute the aid and urge the army to lead it in los altos the message to the venezuelan armed forces seven days for humanitarian aid to enter a week for you to do the right thing to put yourselves not only on the side of the constitution we are authorizing the entrance of not only humanitarian aid but also
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humanity is no exaggeration to say the aid comes with strings the u.s. operation is designed to foment regime change and that's why much of the international aid community is not joining in the international committee for the red cross and united nations relief agencies are refusing to coordinate with the u.s. they say aid should not come with strings that madeira retains the backing of russia and china and claims to have brought nine hundred thirty three tons of medical supplies from china cuba and russia. i do know is calling for a nationwide protest this week to support volunteers planning to travel to the border with colombia to bring the u.s. aid john hendren. washington nigeria's military has rescued at least eighty people held captive by criminals in the northwestern state of zamfara an air force spokesman says men women and children from local communities were among those freed in the operation six suspected gang members were arrested. in zamfara have been
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vulnerable to attacks by gangs who killed several people last yeah the postponement of elections in nigeria has been a major inconvenience for millions of voters especially those who've taken long and expensive journeys to cast their ballots on saturday the election commission size delayed polls by a week saying it needs more time to ensure a free and fair vote but there are concerns the decision could lead to a low turnout. from lagos. some nigerians say the postponement of presidential and parliamentary elections by a week is disappointing frustrating and a national embarrassment many people had to travel long distances to vote with the head registered long my family don't think just because of the election without all you've done. i've been the way you start to come on votes all suddenly we just all guards the electrons postpone was in spencer and. the election commission
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announced a delay just hours before polls was due to open on saturday saying delays in transporting election material and sabotage are to blame get in here now to tell me the idea whether or not. what i can be made tell you that i don't like it or not even you have to postpone why i was to come back to come on my last because it's my civic rights which i said was that but questions are being asked about how much it's going to cost nigeria to reschedule the polls nigeria is africa's the biggest economy but that hasn't translated into jobs it's estimated more than nineteen million people live in extreme poverty the election delay will mean it will cost more money some nigerians say could have been used elsewhere nigeria has postponed elections before in twenty eleven and twenty fifteen economists say this is already affecting the economy. as investors and the business community and that's why he's turned off costs you know and now we have to now see
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a situation where this really has to be repeated mystery and unfortunately between now and next week we're likely to see a lot. of some of these first time voters insist despite the delay they are still determined to vote they hope whoever wins will create jobs. or not. i will say the delay caused doubt on the election commission's credibility and competence and that could affect voter turnout how to. al-jazeera. president donald trump is picked for ambassador to the united nations has withdrawn her nomination as the new it says in the best interests of her family a state department spokeswoman and former fox news anchor described the past two months since she was nominated as bling trump is expected to announce her replacement soon people in haiti have valid to keep protesting until present juvenile moyes resigns as calm in the capital off the days of violent
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anti-government demonstrations but despite the president's announcement of new economic measures many say it's not enough money reports from port au prince. we're in port au prince where there is a sense of calm that's returning to different parts of the city as you can see people are out and about there's vendors out on the streets selling different products this doesn't mean that tensions are gone it doesn't mean that the discontent is over there are still pockets of unrest in the city where demonstrators continue to call on the resignation of the haitian president for those who have the means some have begun leaving the country for those who don't the discontent continues they continue to voice their concerns their anger over widespread poverty over worsening living conditions and over the issue of corruption the united states there are reports that the united states is planning to send food aid to help prevent a humanitarian crisis here in the country given that many people are having a hard time finding access to food finding access to clean water but in the meantime as you can see things are sort of returning back to normal port au prince
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once again looking like for the prince but the unrest remains pockets of tension remains and it's unclear still what exactly is going to happen in the coming days. to watch al-jazeera top stories iran's foreign minister has warned us that there is heightened risk of conflict with israel criticize what he called washington's obsession with his country vice president mike pence called on leaders to with drools in the two thousand and fifteen. certainly some people are looking for war we are in the studio who is looking we are in syria on the invitation of the syrian government for the sole purpose of fighting terrorism no order no other reason for our being there i think last i checked international law in lebanon's airspace and shooting into syria is a violation of international law and the international community and of all people
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in europe which believes international law is the pound ations of international order is blaming us or not blaming these readings for violating international law so this wake up to the risk is great risk is great but risk will be even greater if you continue to turn a blind eye to severe while nations of international law. present donald trump says european allies should take back more than eight hundred i still find is captured in syria and put them on trial as the so-called caliphate is ready to fall if the rebels in yemen say they have launched a major attack cross the border with saudi arabia is the most significant fighting since a cease fire agreement was signed in sweden last december the twenty four hour curfew is in force in indian means that kashmir after a suicide bombing killed forty four security personnel on thursday india's government issued a safety warning following reports of kashmir is being targeted in response to the
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incident have been cause for a shutdown to protest against revenge attacks in jammu city and other parts of india plans for attacks giant amazon to expand into saudi arabia are under threat because of a dispute between the company's c.e.o. and the saudi crown prince and his boss jeff best sources accuse the saudis being involved in leaking his private phone messages and photos and the u.s. president's pick for ambassador to the united nations has withdrawn her nomination as the new us says it's in the best interests of her family trump is expected to announce her replacement soon. stay with us.
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i'm ashleigh version c. for the whole donald trump's unprecedented step to migrants of mexican. president's campaign promise. a constitutional crisis. a welcome to the program. after making threats for months donald trump has finally declared the us mexico border a national emergency this will allow the u.s. president to bypass congress and divert government funds towards his much vaunted border wall the decision is drawing widespread criticism with.


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