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and from studio fourteen here. to the news. by the way. turns east mom had been sound man has just arrived in the first stop of a three country tour of asia. and the war in yemen have hurt relations with additional can this. international isolation. also on the grade what to do with. syria this is posing
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a dilemma for kurdish led forces especially leading up to the u.s. withdrawal president donald trump wants european countries to take and prosecute their foreign fighters and france is home to europe's largest jewish community but untie semitism is on the rise their official figures show there's been a seventy four percent increase in offenses against jews. and many are blaming the protest movement but other factors are what's fueling the rise in hate speech. in india. more than troops. on on line through you tube facebook live. and at al-jazeera dot com thank you very
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much for joining us saudi arabia's crown prince has just arrived in pakistan his first visit to the country since he was appointed to the throne these are live pictures from an air base near where the saudi crown prince's plane has just landed he's about to get off in just a moment hopefully we will see those live pictures when he does the pakistani government has stepped up security ahead of mohammed bin solomon's arrival some social media sites or posts to the visit have been shut down and gatherings of five people or more are banned in areas covered by the special security measures pakistan is the first stop of an asian tour taking in five countries but the crown prince's trips to indonesia and malaysia have been postponed. due to visit india and china in what is being seen as an attempt to restore his image after the scandal over the murder of journalist. and the ongoing saudi led war in yemen.
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now let's take a closer look at the three countries the saudi crown prince is visiting and their human records rights record in particular in pakistan international and human rights watch say in forces appearances are widespread and the government is increasingly cracking down on its critics had been some and then moved to india in the lead up to national elections there hindu nationalism has led to increased violence un experts have called for investigations into extra judicial killings while the government recently raided foreign charities and rights groups and china has been criticised for placing up to one million wigger muslims in camps and detaining hundreds of human rights lawyers and activists or let's speak some more about this not to sami hamdi who's editor in chief of international interest which is a current affairs magazine he joins us live from milan so we're back to see the saudi crown prince. arrive in israel about his plane has just landed there these
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countries that mohammed bin salman is visiting also have a questionable track record when it comes to human wise china india pakistan three very big powers nonetheless in asia what kind of a support do you think is looking for there and what might he get from them. i think we have to ask ourselves first and foremost why mohamed bin sentiment is starting to move his trajectory towards china towards india towards pakistan when he has been relying so heavily on donald trump we know that he's been offering hundred ten billion dollars worth of contracts to donald trump donald trump has been standing with him on the shoji affair however i think this visit shows that all is not well in this relationship or this romance that everybody has been painting between mohamed bin saman and donald trump donald trump deeply resents the opec institution which is technically run by the saudis and in part by the russians and indeed there is a law being passed now by congress that is being that is going to allow the u.s.
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to prosecute opec states if they try to play with the price this is a big thing for saudi arabia which its whole foreign policy is built on oil it's built on iran co it's built on this ability to manhandle countries through its oil mohamed bisan man once essentially to rebuke trump to essentially say trump you can't do this to us i have other allies i can go to china i can go to india i can go to pakistan the reason why i believe that this visit is a reaction and it's not something that mohamed bin sentiment is proactively seeking other investors is because mohamed bin said man the affair is still rife everybody's still talking about it it's still affecting his image if you notice the india indonesia and malaysia visits have been postponed because he's worried about this backlash that might take place so why risk this p.r. only if you are desperate that's why you would do it so what kind of support exactly is he looking for from pakistan india china and in what form will this support come. he's looking for money the problem is that with vision
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twenty thirty after the show and after the european union last week put saudi arabia on the list of nations that have the potential to sponsor terrorism businesses are not as encouraged to invest in saudi arabia or indeed in vision twenty thirty indeed many businesses are not quite sure if mohamed bin sentiment will be in power in the next five ten years as a result of these various p.r. disasters that have pushed members of the royal family to push king sentiment to make some changes to mohammed bin sermons rule he's looking from china is looking for money alternative investment to invest in vision twenty thirty saudi arabia is in desperate need of diversification it continues to rely on oil it is looking for political leverage from pakistan it is looking to india in order india one billion big economy it is looking to encourage the indians to come and invest in saudi arabia i'm not sure china will take too kindly to saudi arabia neither will the indians this is a desperate plan by mohammed bin sentiment to save salvage whatever he has he's
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about to receive a royal welcome right now in islamabad where as we can see from these live pictures the pakistani prime minister is waiting for him down the steps of that airplane for him to come down lots of dignitaries on hand there but this trip this visit is in contrast i think to his introductory tour in twenty eighteen when he visited the u.s. then dined with dignitaries and celebrities like jeff bezos what will it take for him di thing to be readmitted into that if that what is new is looking for or is that too little too late you think. i think the problem with mohamed bin said man is that he can't find some way in which to leverage trump it is trump who is undermining saudi arabia and undermining mohammed bin sentiment it is trump who came out in front of a rally and said that i told king said man that he wouldn't last two weeks without american support so he's got to pay that so that's what donald trump said trump has
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undermined mohammed bin said meant to such an extent and the problem for saudi arabia is in the past it was able to use oil prices to leverage donald trump but the problem is because mohamed bin segments position is so weak he desperately needs trump to be seen to be publicly supporting him because he doesn't have popular support or family support or the like so that one had been said many centuries to do is to get trump off his back he needs to manhandle trump in the way that the old kings used to do with oil prices the problem is however is that trump is threatening mohammed bin sentiment on every angle whether it's the laws on congress whether it's threatening him over the shoji affair that if he doesn't fall in line then perhaps they might instigate changes within saudi arabia i don't think mohammed bin said man there's anything that pakistan or china or india can do to restore this particular image there's nothing that these visits can do the purpose of these visits is essentially to try to say to trump look trump treat me a bit better or i will go to china but trump i don't think would buy into that he would tell the saudis listen you fix those oil prices and you fall back in line. that's very interesting that you talk about the purpose of the visit because
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there's a lot of what a lot of our viewers are asking so another question here from another viewer who asks what will be the impact of m.b.'s his visit to pakistan in particular pakistan of course a very interesting country because this is a country that did not want to be directly involved in the saudi led war in yemen we continue to watch the live pictures of the pakistani prime minister waiting for mohammed bin salman who finally the door of the airplane has. opened and the crowd crown prince of saudi arabia is about to come out as the pakistani prime minister continues to wait for him so. what can a country like pakistan then hope to get out of mohammed bin salman's visit. i think it's not necessarily just what pakistan can get out of sight or both what kind of pakistan maintain with saudi arabia let's remember there are many pakistani citizens living in saudi arabia there are many pakistani citizens who are there who
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rely on saudi government to look after them imran khan is unlikely to irk a saudi king when so many pakistani citizens are living in saudi arabia this is about maintaining relations let's remember the armies of pakistan and saudi arabia share extensive links with one another the pakistanis essentially train much of the saudi army they share intelligence on different areas in the region also let's remember they have historic ties in iran can may have his issues of muhammad bin saman indeed the pakistani people might have their problems but if you are the prime minister of pakistan you don't want to make life difficult for the fact is we are just on a very warm embrace there as the crown prince of saudi arabia finally came down the stairs of his airplane which i landed just a few minutes ago near islamabad it's eight a ten pm in islamabad fifteen ten g.m.t. sanjay arabia's crown prince on his first asian tour which has taken him to islamabad for us as we can see on those live pictures is also due to travel to
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india and china as well we've been talking about what the saudi crown prince is looking to achieve with this for his visit to asia as the crown prince of saudi arabia especially at a time when he has been somewhat shunned by his western eye lies in the wake of the yamaha shoji merger and of course the saudi led war in yemen which has been criticized in the u.s. by the u.s. congress in a number of european countries and i think has again the saudi crown prince arriving in where he's been greeted by the prime minister imraan khan one last question before we let you go and thank you so much for being with us for this live event as it happens. we talked about what the saudi crown prince hopes to achieve we talked about what asian countries hope to get how worried would the u.s. be about this what is perceived to be a pivot to asia and is it a pivot to asia by the saudi crown prince. i think the u.s.
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we have to separate them between congress donald trump and perhaps the pentagon i think depends again believe that they need to keep very good relations with saudi arabia is one of the main driving forces why they have protected mohammed bin said men in the him and the pentagon and donald trump because they believe that iran is the threat and indeed they believe that this was so conference that took place whereby all of the arab nations they sat with some israeli counterparts they believe that's a big step forward in terms of moving the attention away from israel to the arena and saudi arabia is very important on that particular front congress however believe that mohammed bin cement has made their relations with saudi arabia untenable they cannot simply ignore this for shoji affair which has blown up so much all the war in yemen and saudi arabia for all of the reforms that it it claims that it's going to put forward is committing just as many transgressions against human rights and prison activists imprisoning the likes of men to do is shut their eyes is that if you and these other various religious scholars so i think with
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regards to the u.s. when they look at saudi arabia they will see a feeble attempt to switch towards the east because i don't think china or the russians truly believe that saudi arabia is key in on moving towards the eastern side of things they are seeing that the arab states whether it's you eat qatar or saudi arabia they believe heavily in washington they continue to expand military bases to spend their money on washington desperately trying to appease washington and i think this the russians and the chinese unless they see heavy they see billions starting to be spent either on patriot missiles being bought from the russians by the billions being spent within china or beijing until saudis put their money where their mouth is with regards to china the russians they will never believe them more only the chinese and the russians have good relations with the iranians and they're not going to sacrifice that relationship for the sake of saudi arabia which is not sure if it even wants to leave the u.s. this is just saudi arabia a vessel state of south of the u.s. which is upset at the way trump is treating and is trying to protest against the way trump talks about it varies is how trump views saudi arabia and i don't think he's going to take it very seriously very interesting to talk to you. you so much
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for your insight sammy hamdi of the international interest magazine joining us there from milan thank you and if you get a chance read this very interesting opinion piece by award winning pakistani journalist on why pakistan should not take saudi money he believes that pakistan needs to rethink its decades old transactional relationship with saudi arabia because it cannot afford to be a battleground where saudi arabia and iran settle their scores a very interesting piece read is on our web site at al-jazeera dot com now as we've heard the sound led war in yemen is what's also disrupting the kingdom's relationship with many of its traditional allies and the conflicts there shows no sign of ending saudi state media say yemen's who the rebels have killed at least nine saudi soldiers in a renewed military offensive the attacks happened in the southern saudi provinces of osier just on and on as the word spread of violence since
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a un brokered peace deal was signed in sweden in december priyanka gupta has the details. fierce fighting in the northern front lines of yemen who the rebels say they have launched major attacks on saudi u.a.e. backed forces across the border in saudi arabia over the past three days a number of saudi soldiers were killed and their military positions captured according to hooty media sources saudi media is also reporting the deaths of soldiers who they say the attacks will not stop and let mr miller watch out our operations will continue and in the coming days the lot of violence further as the war on yemen continues and the coalition continues to violate their obligations and promises under the hood data agreement the army and resistance fighters have no alternative but to continue to fight and intensify their tactical operations. this is the first significant escalation in violence since the u.n.
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brokered cease fire deal was signed in sweden last december the head of the u.n. mission tasked with implementing that deal in the port city of hadera that is trying to stop the conflict from getting any worse but the realities on the ground are a sobering reminder of the challenges this agreement was sort of blown up side down by focusing on sunday the. bourses a major humanitarian access and that's fine but if you say a ceasefire and her date and it's ok to have. ongoing war and the rest of the country that's not a good thing and this is the consequence of the fighting for millions of yemenis go back and her family were forced to live under a tree after escaping bombardment of the saudi border starvation has weakened her so much that this twelve year old now weighs just ten kilos for twenty two million yemenis who desperately need aid to survive war fighting means even more suffering
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. it looks like both sides are not very serious about ending the war and it seems that yemen the un envoy to yemen mr martin griffiths is going to have to pull a lot more weight on putting pressure on to these parties meaning that he's going to have to rely on the british government and the american government into saying that hey the international community here wants peace and therefore that's what's going to happen politicians in the u.k. and the u.s. a stepping up pressure to stop exporting arms to saudi arabia with the hope of preventing the world's worst humanitarian crisis from get even worse. in other world news u.s. president donald trump has demanded britain france and germany take in eight hundred eisel fighters captured in syria and put them on trial in a tweet says the caliphate is ready to fall the tentative is not a good one in that will be forced to release them the u.s.
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does not want to watch as these isis fighters permeates europe which is where they are expected to go we do so much and spend so much time for others to step up and do the job that they are so capable of doing we are pulling back after one hundred percent caliphate victory. surprise many of his allies back in december when he announced that u.s. troops in syria would be pulled out a timeline has not yet been confirmed but his special representative to syria says the withdrawal will not be abrupt or rapids james jeffrey insists it will be a step by step process speaking at the munich conference earlier he says the u.s. will consult closely with this partners on the issue imran khan has more now from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. james jeffries was likely designed to call the phase of america's european allies about the withdrawal from syria of those two
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thousand troops now the europeans will be taking a very close look at what that withdrawal actually means they'll certainly publicly that hasn't been a plan presented to the european allies about what the europe what the withdrawal might look like most of the stages it might take and how long it might take so these are all words i think designed many observers to calm the phase as i say of the european allies and also to try and calm the fears of the syrian democratic forces who have been at the brunt of the full front of much of the fight against i salute still continues i say was lost on klav is in syria the village of and it still continues bali's the syrian democratic forces spokesman he's been speaking to the a.p. news agency and he's saying that there are about a thousand civilians that are trapped in that village but i still have dug tunnels and that's where they are hiding in effect he says they are using. civilians as human shields and i waltzed all of this goes on in that fight against isis last on
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clay goes on president donald trump keeps talking about the caliphate the self declared state the ice and declared in two thousand and fourteen if you speak to iraqi government officials they'll tell you that the caliphate actually came to an end in two thousand and seventeen and they are very confused as to why the u.s. president is using the word caliphate right now however this is all going on as people are trying to take a very serious look at what any u.s. withdrawal might mean how staged it's going to be what the plan for that might be and what's going on in this battle against isis last on clay. it's estimated iran thirty thousand people from more than eighty countries have joined deisel since twenty fifteen many have come from tunisia with roughly six thousand recruits saudi arabia is a second largest source of four invite is two thousand five hundred saudis have joined eisel in western europe france has the highest number of eisel foreign fighters with at least sixteen hundred that's followed by the u.k.
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with nearly eight hundred fighters in iran six hundred from germany and an estimated three hundred people from the united states have traveled to iraq and syria to join the armed cope well let's make some more about this not a simon conks who is a human rights lawyer with the open society justice initiative is via skype from london very good to have you on the news great simon donald trump so wants europe to take back and prosecute its fight is these a fight is who were captured and are being held right now by kurdish fighters in northern syria first of all does the us legally have a say in what happens to these fighters it's not up to the us but there is a rule of international law that it's people have citizenship of the states and that those states are generally presumed to be responsible for those people the whole international legal order rests on the idea that each of us is a citizen of at least one states that states responsible they have to protect us
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but also they may be responsible for punishing us in situations where we commit crimes that brought the fighters are from all over the world as we've seen many from countries in europe including france and germany what has been until now the process once they have surrendered all have been captured to bring them to justice . well as i understand it very few people have come back and the approach of european states is very mixed i think so francis said that it will take people back and will look into prosecuting them whereas the british home secretary has recently said that the the young woman should mean that they go home would not be allowed back and that he will use powers under english law to prevent her from coming back to the united kingdom so what happens then with these fighters if they can't go back to that country. well there's a legal issue and there's an international relations issue i think the legal issue is that states it's very doubtful the states have the power in these situations to
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prevent people coming out clearly they have powers to prosecute them for crimes that they've committed abroad and they may may use those powers but the idea that the united kingdom can say to the kurdish rebels or the united states you know you quarter you keeper is in my view anyway very dubious under international law but also there may well be competition in the in the states in the courts at the united kingdom it's likely that should mean that they go would challenge the decision of i'm secretary that she wasn't allowed to return to the united kingdom and those challenges will raise i think very difficult legal issues clearly from an international relations point of view for a state to say she's not our problem she's your problem it's very problematic for the relationships between states so states are going to cooperate then generally speaking they look to other states to take responsibility for their own citizens particularly in a situation as we see in in syria and iraq where state control is is weak
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and where there isn't a local state that's in a position to give people a fair trial for what they may have done salman khan's very good to talk to you about this thank you so much for your insight salman khan on immigration and human rights so i joining us there from london now as the i thought caliphate we forty leni is its end tan dreads a foreign nationals including women and their children are ending up in a detention camp run by the syrian democratic forces so show me a producer has been looking at that and other stories on this hour some incredible stories coming from out there with a lot of people fighting in three years now so some of the women and children are talking to western journalists in a last ditch attempt to get out of syria now few days ago we reported on a couple of friends i saw a man and their children who were found in the back of a truck after they managed to escape ices territory involved was that i said they paid smugglers to get them out. you know we have nothing to eat only iraqis are
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locked have food they're allowed to go outside while we're locked inside i just have to keep my children alive because my husband died in an airstrike the house next door was hit the roof collapsed over us of course we would credit we lost everything by coming here what are we supposed to do we got stuck because trapped by the propaganda more stories are coming out because this week a nineteen year old german citizen was found with her two children in an s.d.f. custody camp and on her way to ascension center who is now leonora says she wants to return home and explained why she ends up in syria she says when she was just sixteen years old it's very hard specially in the area where i live is german it's not a lot it's. it's very hard to live. like a muslim and when i was going to syria one trouble i have everything i can marry it i can have kids i can pray i can cover my face everything that does
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but i forget i live in a. as we said earlier most countries don't want to take back citizens who joined eisel because they fear they'll be a securities threats and in the u.k. that debate is happening right now among politicians and members of the public after a british newspaper on thursday found one of three teenagers who left england and twenty fifteen to join iceland pregnant shamima begum told the times she wants to return after losing her two kids calling to her family she's actually since had her baby her third child have begun hasn't received much sympathy despite some believing she should be given a second chance and it's mainly because of her saying in the interview that she doesn't regret going to syria in fact the u.k. security minister has actually told local media he won't put british lives at risk he said to help her return that's another sticking point for many people also on
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social media seems to be that they don't want to the taxpayers' money money that the goes towards tax to be used to deal with british citizens who joined i saw and it's become such a strong debate with people calling into radio shows to talk about this but they're also pursing polls on twitter like this one here whether she should be able to return home and this one ninety four percent of people said they don't think she should returns that's a majority then they're not so forgiving but some people also believe that she has been very vulnerable and groomed and that's why she should be allowed to return to be rehabilitated another point a point of view is that as a british citizen she should be allowed to return and receive a fair trial under british law but we do have to know what you think so do get in touch with us i once heard so you can send me those thoughts it's sara thank you very much for that and i want to point you to this very interesting documentary on al jazeera dot com on radicalize youth in europe it's part of a special series we thinking radicalization examines how the west stealing with
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perceived threats of a post nine eleven world affects young people vulnerable to radicalization and very good document. on our website at al jazeera dot com there are the news great on al-jazeera if you're watching us on facebook live coming up a story from our friends at a.j. price on our found the doors president elect my ebook kenny and later on the grid iran's foreign minister accuses washington of demar demonizing his country for decades while the latest from the munich security conference to stay with us. hello has been a lot of rain in afghanistan in the last day or two rain of course snow as well depending on your height above sea level as you can see it's moving away the cloud suggests is going north woods and the forecast for monday reflects that once it's gone through the weather is fine it's find
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a way back through iran through the event indeed even in the eastern med spot the showers there are virtually none i think we might be seeing a slow change of season they will run you overnight the following day nothing much happens here there is a curl of plaid that runs down through the caspian sea and you have got rain or snow from tehran northwards that's the next frontal system which will move slowly probably enhanced the rains over afghanistan again but to the west over than a rant of the middle east and in the arabian peninsula or the northerly breezes briefly picture of the schimmel for two or three days it's not particularly cold war nor particularly dusty one and the showers have already finished ahead of it now we have seen is a very wet river weather recently in the eastern side of south africa more especially in mozambique and you might see why winds a suggestion the circulation in here has said in the forecast in mozambique and once again in madagascar more than one circulation suggest once more in housetrain and therefore local flooding.
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every dude is being am it's being late and it's being measured to support intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are a lawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. big could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents on al-jazeera. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people still missing when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development new to invest in making sure the people on the left behind is iraq has teams on the ground join us for this historic step in american politics to bring you more room moved we need
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documentaries and life moves on and online. and. and. the. headlines on al-jazeera and the top trending stories on our web site al-jazeera dot
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com a top trending their president trump demanding that europe take kundra device will find those who've been captured in syria a story that was covered today on the news grid also trending what i india's options against pakistan after kashmir attack we'll have more on that in just a few minutes including reaction from social media with south pakistan questions india security lapses after the kashmir attack same story and also the rainy and foreign minister saying that israel is looking for war a warning that came at a unique security conference we'll have more on that in just a few minutes here on the news grades but much more on the stories now it's like i'll call we take you to france now where untie semitism is back in the spotlight after a spate of high profile incidents in recent weeks that have shocks the country the latest one an attack on a leading french jewish intellectual get caught during a yellow vests rally in paris but he's intervene to protect finck in court when
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several men began hurling insults telling him to go back to television and we are france fingal cart initially supported the yellow vest movement but criticize it in a recent interview with french media some yellow vests protesters have expressed racist or on tice emetic views online and on the sidelines of protests. well french president emanuel condemned the attack on social media saying the anti-semitic insults he was subjected to are the absolute negation of who we are and what makes us a great nation we will not tolerate them now french authorities say this been a seventy four percent increase in unties americans then since twenty seventeen france is home to europe's largest jewish community with six thousand people many say the anti-government yellow vest movement has fueled hate speech israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has repeatedly appealed to french jews to move to
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israel since the twenty fifteen attacks on the satirical newspaper and a jewish supermarket in paris less than eighteen thousand people have moved to israel in the last three years though two hundred thousand people have indicated in a survey in two thousand and fifteen that they want to leave france and speak to google who is a political theorist at the university of nottingham he joins us from paris thank you for your time you go so of course anti-semitism is not a new phenomenon in france but why has there been such a shop increase in america tax recently. that's a very good question i think as you mentioned there in your report there's a queer has been a question of whether there is a link between the yellow vest to join movement and a rise in anti semitism i think it's difficult to make that straight amalgamation. event that happened recently was that this chain of bagel restaurants called bagels stein was also had graffiti on it saying juden jews jews out but the owner
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quickly said when you know you can't link that to the yellow vest because it was a day before the protest it wasn't even on there the path that they were meant to take so there's a real question as there's clearly elements of within the yellow vest that are anti semitic you mentioned on the think in court and reception he got yesterday and also on law and we've also had examples of some of yellow vests doing the infamous canel salute which was popularized by an anti-semitic humorist called judoon in so it was definitely seems to be descendants in europe i think as you said there is or does been a rise across europe and in france but across europe of populism that has allowed a certain type of language to gain more currency than perhaps it would have done before and i think link that i think there's definitely a question of the role social media has played in this i think as you mentioned would be naive to think that in some anti semitism has ever gone away but and but
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social media has allowed it to type of say these types of things that perhaps weren't as much said before france do you think in the e.u. in general helpless against anti-semitism the french government has called for a firm response to these series of anti-semitic attacks but what can they do concrete lee about. that's very difficult indeed i think it's the problem that lots of governments are facing today with the rise of fake news and also conspiracy theories that fuel these types of these types of sayings i think third there is a legal operative starts involved in it was also in terms of protection i mean if you go client was there but then ultimately use oh sure the way by the security forces so it's a very very difficult i think a lot of it has to do with how you're going to regulate the public sphere specifically regulate social media and the role that plays and the large under looks has to look at a whole range of battery of the legislation that might be able to try to address
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some of those problems but it's a very very difficult one to address because straight on we've heard prime minister netanyahu of israel calling on the french jews to return to go back to israel to go to israel do you think this these attacks these types of incidents that we've seen recently will lead more jewish people leaving france and other european countries to go to israel i think there has been an increase of jews going back to israel but then there are no never there's often some who go to israel then come back to france and in many ways if that is really the response then you're kind of giving in it's kind of accepting the fact that these countries are smiting you can't live there anymore and then you leave i think that would be a real considered to be a real failure and go for those people who want to find out to semitism for also that states in the public forces response to the jews were to leave i think the environment has to be created again where they feel that they are protected that they're secure in their countries in which they live and that they're fully fledged citizens and they can believe they can participate in our types of life if it was
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just everybody to go to israel then they would just mean european politicians have failed very interesting talks you eagle you go to whole show from the university of nottingham joining us there from paris at h.b.o. show if you want to find him on twitter thank you so much for your time thank you. an israeli film dealing with a tension between a person's roots and their identity has won the top prize at the berlin film festival director was on hand to receive the coveted golden bear ward synonyms sounds the story of an israeli man who tries to suppress his origins after moving to paris even refusing to speak hebrew the filmmaker has acknowledged it steams could prove controversial in israel but his urging audiences to see it as a celebration of cinema india's government has withdrawn police protection for five separatist leaders in indian administered kashmir in the aftermath of tuesday's suicide attack that killed more than forty police offices
6:39 pm
this was the worst attack on security forces in thirty years of conflicts the indian government has vowed to retaliate and is blaming pakistan the pakistani government has denied any involvement a curfew is now in force in the region now wave of attacks against kashmiri muslims in other parts of india has sparked been sparked as a result and it seems social media might be fueling its areas back with details on that we often find that was customary related stories than people have been mourning the deaths of the indian soldiers but there's also been a lot of violence against the kashmiri population. the. is started when several protests were held shortly after the attack with people chanting slogans against kashmiris calling them traitors some protesters have set fire to cars and even times kashmiri properties in germany and an arrest has pushed authorities to impose a curfew in the area. the woman the whole of one because of this dangerous
6:40 pm
situation in germany when a curfew has been imposed as a precautionary measure today this curfew will remain imposed and people are advised to stay indoors and not to believe rumors that people have spread on social media which say otherwise those who are found guilty of spreading such rumors will be punished after analyzing the situation we will decide what further steps to take but for now we asked people to stay indoors. and i have been a number one actually being harassed throughout different parts of india just like these kashmiri traders is all captured on this and they say they've been warned to actually lose a country pakistani based on group josh and how many has claimed responsibility for thursday's attack and from kashmir university students are mung those who fear for their safety it's outrageous in reaching because kind of this
6:41 pm
kind of violence is normalised back home but here the the we it's been joined out by whatsapp propaganda primetime news channels chip just accompanying nationalists you know being for people's blood it gets really scary. we'll just end on the streets because some kashmiris are also being at times on social media in fact hundreds have people of people all the reactive quango over this facebook states is that's gone viral saying that the only solution to solve the unrest is to kill muslim question is that in response to all the hosts of it see we've also been seeing trending called s.o.s. kashmir kashmiris and some people are offering to help kashmiris who are under attack even opening their homes to them we're also seeing responses like this one where people are calling out and see kashmir protests in south delhi saying the actions of opposites of patriotism see gets ninety of what's happening then we always want to hear from you specially if you are in kushner in some an area that
6:42 pm
we're very much interested in so you get in touch the hashtags aging is good what are india's options against pakistan after the kashmir attack prime minister narendra modi is under heavy pressure from his supporters to punish pakistan especially with india's general election barely months away this speech from al jazeera dot com looks at the different options a different scenarios for india's prime minister in venezuela thousands of volunteers mob allies by opposition leader one dora heading to the border with colombia in a bid to bring in aid airlifted by the u.s. military but the shipments have been blocked by president nicolas maduro who accuses washington of waging an economic war john hendren reports. massive us c. seventeen cargo planes bearing aid made the journey from florida's homestead air force base to colombia but the hardest part of the journey lies ahead the short trip over the border to venezuela venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered
6:43 pm
the army not to let it in he says the aid comes with strings from the us which he says plans to use it as a trojan horse to overthrow his regime. opposition leader won by dole who proclaimed himself interim president held a rally in caracas before supporters or used the marquee today we're here saying to the world dressed in white that our movement is profoundly peaceful but our movement is also profoundly determined and it's not foolish for being peaceful nor is it going to stay stalled no sir it is profoundly determined that not only humanitarian aid enter but that the usurpation stops once and for all the u.s. military airlifted tons of aid hoping to undermine me in his struggle against who now has the backing of more than fifty nations including the us why dose says he has hundreds of thousands of volunteers ready to distribute the aid and urge the army to lead it in los altos the message to the venezuelan armed forces seven days
6:44 pm
for humanitarian aid to enter a week for you to do the right thing to put yourselves not only on the side of the constitution we are authorizing the entrance of not only humanitarian aid but also humanity is no exaggeration to say the aid comes with strings the u.s. operation is designed to foment regime change and that's why much of the international aid community is not joining in the international committee for the red cross and united nations relief agencies are refusing to coordinate with the u.s. they say aid should not come with strings that madeira retains the backing of russia and china and claims to have brought nine hundred thirty three tons of medical supplies from china cuba and russia. why do is calling for nationwide protests this week to support volunteers planning to travel to the border with colombia to bring the u.s. aid john hendren washington well despite president ban on u.s. aid coming in from people and goods that continue to cross the venezuela colombia
6:45 pm
border on a daily basis alison the. report on that the image of oil tankers and shipping containers blocking this bridge in the colombian border has become the symbol of the standoff for control of venezuela. president nicolas maduro remains firm in his opposition to allowing the food and medical supplies from the united states into his country but the reality of the border is more complex than the blocking of a single bridge almost every night at eight o'clock the last venezuelans hastily make their way home over two other bridges in the city of. their open to foot traffic during the day and as they shut down at night trucks filled with projects appear what do you carry i think that sugar is the answer. that september venezuela halted experts to colombia they kept importing much needed goods shipping agents
6:46 pm
say they've been a swale and government uses corporate thieves to buy food from colombia and then distribute it in food boxes for the four. weeks count to ten trucks lining up on this bridge alone they carry food medicine and so chemicals among other things and exporters tell us that i have been there mainly as a being locked hearing cope with that. and some of the products being brought or being used in the same way that aid might be used at this warehouse we found food kits being prepared to be shipped to an independent organization quietly providing aid inside venezuela exporter just seeds that means to says that the u.s. aid could also be imported legally just like any import but there's a reason it isn't being allowed in but i know it sounds paradoxical to talk about
6:47 pm
a blockade and the media shows that bridge but on the other two bridges merchandise goes through the issue with the political we could find a foundation willing to import it and we could do it legally if they force it in the venezuelan government could argue that it's contraband and confiscate that colombia's foreign ministry says trade with been this way last fall in more than ninety. percent in a decade in the us the age should simply be let in in four years working at this border i've seen the tragedy of thousands and thousands of kids and sick people in turbot conditions i'm convinced that there is no other option but helping the people in need humanity should be above any political and diplomatic tensions but with neither side in business well appearing willing to negotiate the aid shipment on the border will remain the flashpoint of the growing political struggle alison the m.p.'s. and don't forget we've got a special page up at al-jazeera dot com with our latest updates on the venezuela crisis sets at al-jazeera dot com let's take
6:48 pm
a look now at some of the other stories making headlines headlines around the world this hour anyone's foreign minister has warned world leaders that there is heightened risk of conflict with israel speaking at a major security conference in germany mohammed java diary said israel is looking for conflict with iran he also criticized what he called washington's obsession with this country certainly some people are looking for war we are in a syria who is looking israel we are in syria on the invitation of the syrian government for the sole purpose of fighting terrorism no other no other reason for our being there i think last i checked international law while waiting lebanon's airspace and shooting into syria is a violation of international law and the international community and of all people in europe which believes international law as the pound ations of international order is blaming us and not blaming the israelis for violating international law. so let's make up to the risk is great is risk is great but risk will be even
6:49 pm
greater if you continue to turn a blind eye to severe well issues of international law nigeria's military has rescued at least eighty people held captive by criminals in the in the northwestern state of zamfara an air force spokesman says men women and children from local communities were among those freed in the operation six suspected gang members were arrested in bangladesh at least nine people have been killed in a fire that broke out in a slum this in the port city of chittagong at least four of the victims come from a single family the blaze gutted nearly two to two hundred homes before it was controlled firefighters say it may have been caused by a short say it. are you watching us on facebook live coming up a story on a modest fashion show put together by a singaporean designer in tokyo that's my friends at a.j. price and coming up in sport a slam dunk superman is in the house ahead of the n.b.a.
6:50 pm
all star game. with a rich canton totally in australia wild and ferocious in bangladesh. earthrise redresses the balance between endangered wildlife and the noisy neighbors. that in the forests right there and there's nothing between how you how would that any human habitat learning to live together. how many people here have seen a tiger but you can go really examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air boss over the risks of a no deal breaker sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed
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to inform motivate and inspire resilient people are really afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera. thank the thank you by the school years joe and it's not been a good twenty four hours for the world sample for this absolutely folly or right has been forced into an embarrassing u. turn off to being a teaser shortchanging a caddy that he used last year coaches regular back man couldn't make the trip to mexico as my cobra classic in november which meant that local caddy david ortiz the man with coach here in these pictures stood in coach i went on to win for the first time in four years impacted one point three million dollars caddies can usually
6:52 pm
expect as much as ten percent of the winnings and o.t.s. asked for less than four percent just fifty thousand dollars but stuck rigidly to their pre-tournament agreement and gave him just five thousand when quizzed about it this week defended himself saying for a guy making two hundred dollars a day five thousand is a good week while those comments didn't go down well and creature has apologized he's going to pay all teams the full fifty thousand a make a donation to charities in the cancun area of mexico. you treat people the way you want to be treated. you know that want to and then you put the shoe on the other foot and i think those are the two simple rules that i think i've always followed think everybody should follow i missed the boat with with this one i did not put the shoe on the other foot i did not. do a good job there and i think in any situation if you can just understand where
6:53 pm
somebody else is coming from makes it makes the world a whole lot better place and. i missed i missed that one well coaches regular full time caddie jonah wood has defended him online he tweeted mats his entire family and team have never been anything but generous inclusive respectful and complementary of me and the job i do for him i wouldn't work for someone i didn't respect or who didn't value my opinion to crucify for one mistake feels wrong. basketball's already hugely popular in africa and now it's set to get even bigger the n.b.a. has announced its backing a new pan african league which will launch in two thousand and twenty twelve teams from nine countries will play each other with qualifiers starting later this year the new boss he will africa has already got the backing of a famous fan who's featured prominently in the launch video.
6:54 pm
for that if you put it out for you will be rewarded. i hope you learn to score what it means to play as a team. and that. even if you are the best player your job is not just to show off for your job is to. do. well since leaving the white house the former president of the united states barack obama has been spending his time on the court in africa that was i am launching a community center in kenya last year is also tweeted this i've always loved basketball because it's about building a team that's equal to more than the sum of its parts glad to see this expansion into africa because for a rising continent this can be about a lot more than what happens on the courts and the n.b.a. has been involved in nurturing african talent for almost a decade they've run
6:55 pm
a junior league community training camps and even launched an n.b.a. academy in senegal last year earlier we spoke to the n.b.a. global broadcast of any bones so who told us that the league is a game changer that those in africa must make sure the talent isn't taken away from the continent. this is huge because you know many people would say that africa is the next frontier when it comes to international talent going into the n.b.a. with the announcement yesterday of what m.b.a. and feeble are saying as i did go in to dedicate support financial support to the development of this league in africa meaning that the problem that we've had in africa over the years is that we didn't have the infrastructure for boston all to be able to grow so the n.b.a. are saying that now they're going to give financial support to build this ecosystem where we're not only natural nurturing the talent but also building facilities to enable this league to grow this season started with twelve african players and also one hundred and four international players there are three n.b.a.
6:56 pm
players that came straight from the grassroots through the basketball without borders program you know luke burrage muti who now plays for the clippers joel embiid who's one of the huge stars of india who plays for the sixes and then you go pasco cecum who also is a huge star for the toronto raptors so this is where n.b.a. seeds good business you know if they're going to be creating you know a lot of stars come out of africa by the year twenty twenty five but then most people will also say that was the different densified these talents that have played in a possible african league and go straight into the n.b.a. how does a sustain or grow to sports in africa many may say that it shows a lot of light on what's going on in the continent but also we in danger of losing our greatest players to delhi instead of them staying in africa and building a sport that people will come to respect and also want to be part of in future or bust people's biggest names including joel embiid but he mentioned that a garing up for the all-star game in charlotte later over the years the n.b.a. sixty machine game has turned into
6:57 pm
a full weekend of events where stars can show off their skills like joe harris in the three point challenge here but the most impressive on saturday came from the oklahoma city thunder has had a nice slam dunk contest. let's go for possible legend shaquille o'neal who stands . two meters sixteen. and he finished off with an elbow dunk and that was just the first round winning this contest superman was most definitely in the building. all right well peter we are back more eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i will hand you back to fully impressive that slam dunk thank you so much joe for that that will do it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times a.j. news great for me fully back to the whole team here in doha thank you very much for watching we'll see you here in studio fourteen at fifteen hundred g.m.t.
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on monday by from. i am. the week began with views of ninety days truce in the tip for tap us china trade all the world's largest supply of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest one call to we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. and hundred forty on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
6:59 pm
a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the morning bunch of. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them and almost. always. sound the boxset faces you read. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. swear every. iran's foreign minister warns israeli and american policies toward tehran are increasing the risk of war in the region. live from london also coming up a top u.s. official says the withdrawal of american troops from syria will not be rushed and will be carried out in close consultation with washington's allies. saudi crown prince arrives in pakistan as part of a regional tour designed to seal investment deals and boost relationships with asian allies.


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