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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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stand. the so a star who is playing in his first find this and sunday going to need surgeries one the second set of morphy's came back in the decider winning six three one six six two for what is eight eighteen p. koreatown. this is the step you know my coach always on me this is a step where we're working you know to have to put out in this situation you know it over the first time and hopefully we're going to have some more as and if we can win more titles definitely we will try it's the n.b.a. all star weekend then a future version of the main game could feature many more african players that's because the n.b.a. has announced its backing a new pan african league which will launch in twenty twenty they've run a junior league community training camps and even launched an n.b.a. academy in senegal last year earlier we spoke to n.b.a. global broadcaster benny bond suit who told us the league is
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a game changer but those in africa must make sure the talent isn't taken away from the continent. this is huge because you know many people would say that africa is the next frontier when it comes to international talent going into the n.b.a. with the announcement yesterday of m.b.a. and c.v.r. say and as i did go in to dedicate support financial support to the development of this league in africa meaning that the program that we've had in africa over the years is that we didn't have the infrastructure for boscobel to be able to grow so the n.b.a. are saying that now to going to give financial support to build this ecosystem where we're not only natural nurturing the talent but also building facilities to enable this league to grow this season started with twelve african players and also one hundred m. for international players there are three n.b.a. players that came straight from de graw streamed through the basketball without borders program you know new berman who now plays for the clippers joel embiid who's one of the huge stars of indian be a who played for the sixes and then you've
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got pasco sitcom who also is a huge star for to interrupt to so this is where n.b.a. season good business is going to be created you know a lot of stuff coming out of africa by the year twenty twenty five but then most people will also say that once the dentist why these talents that played in the box african league and it goes straight into the n.b.a. how does this sustainable grow to sports in africa many may say that it shows a lot of reliance on what's going on in the continent but also in danger of news in our great display is to the league instead of them staying in africa and build a sport that people will come to respect and also want to be policy and future. it certainly is our turn to act leads the world really championship standings after winning the rally of sweden the toyota driver had a huge lead heading into sunday's final power ending stage tannic sealing a fifty three point seven second victory ahead of lapierre finland only belgians terry neuer will by three seconds. and now to an embarrassing admission from the
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williams formula one team they've been forced to miss the first day of pre-season testing in spain because the new car isn't ready they unveiled the new car last week with a new driver line up in robert commits and george russell but it's not finished yet and i'll now start testing on tuesday morning instead of monday as planned the british team are under pressure to produce a good car they last model ended up bottom of the constructors' championship last season. and now one of the closest finishes you'll ever see at the formula eat prix in new mexico brazilian driver lucas the grassy was trailing until the very last moment but he somehow managed to edgy his car past pascal vera line right on the mine. when the replay confirmed that he denied a line who had led for the majority of the race to contrast ing emotions in the garage as the grasses out eating were ecstatic.
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but were a different story it was four very lines mahindra team and it would we made it worse vale and was then given a five second penalty which was meant she was demoted to six place. american governor has won the women's australian open which continues her family's incredible run of sporting success down under a quarter hold seven birdies during a final round including this huge part finished up with a five under par round of sixty seven two shots clear of the field remarkably she is the fourth member of her family to win in australia her sister jessica won the same event seven years ago dead petter won the tennis australian open in nineteen ninety eight and her brother sebastian one of the boys singles title last year it's been dubbed the quarter slam. i think there's something in the air here now i'm just happy to finally be a part of the club you know i kind of felt left out but now it's playing all day for my parents and now i'm really proud of that and that's all the support we have
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in our back to lauren in london. thank you very much and got it for me. here in a minute with a number for a roundup of the day's news thanks very much for watching. the week began with views of a ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade will the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest one come to we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on ounces era. it's the fust day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul.
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this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades on multiples of nearby and out at full says. most hopeful gluten what it is like to be in school up to three years old war. six year old sala that has house of survived an ass like he's home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the past his son for the first day in school is hopeful making new friends would hope is that a company. everything you do is being analyzed it's being wait and measure that's for intelligence agencies are they a toss to do things in secret that are a lawful or clinically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used. a mass
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surveillance digital dissidence on al-jazeera. israel implements a new law that will penalize the palestinian authority for supporting the families of jailed palestinian prisoners. and their entire this is al jazeera live from london also coming up iran's foreign minister warns israeli and american policies towards tehran increasing the risk of war in the region. saudi arabia's crown prince signs deals worth twenty billion
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dollars with pakistan on the first stop on an asian toll. and the region on high alert twenty four hour curfew is imposed in indian administered kashmir. hello israel's government is implemented in law that will take away millions of dollars of tax revenue from the palestinian authority the palestinian government pays compensation to the families of people convicted by israel on charges of carrying out attacks israel will deduct an amount equal to that compensation from tax funds it raises on behalf of the palestinian authority that will cut revenue to the p.a. by one hundred thirty eight million dollars a year for a force that has more from west jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu began his weekly cabinet meeting insisting that he would follow through on the course he said we
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could go to start with holding money from the palestinian authority. today i will submit to the cabinet for approval the deduction of the salaries of terrorists from the palestinian authority money the cabinet will have a detailed report regarding the money from security officials this is important legislation that we've advanced and today we're going to implement it as i promised the money in question is taxes raised by israel on behalf of the palestinians and sent to them every month for years netanyahu and his allies have attacked the palestinian policy. of paying prisoners families calling it incitement to terror pointing to the fact that the longer the sentence the more serious the conviction the higher the payment last july those criticisms were translated into israeli legislation now in the midst of an election campaign in which the right wing vote could prove crucial netanyahu is implementing the law withholding one hundred thirty eight million dollars in palestinian taxes in the face of widely reported warnings from his own security establishment suggesting such a move could in fact increase instability and violence. the palestinian prisoners
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club says about ten percent of the nearly six thousand inmates in israeli jails have been involved in deadly attacks the rest jailed for lesser offenses their families all deserving of support its president says the israeli move will change unnecessary policy. that that aid money that we give to the palestinian families is not for the prisoner or for the martyr who is dead we give the money to the family israel wants to practice collective punishment for most palestinians the system is a consequence of life under occupation abandoning it under israeli pressure is politically all but unthinkable the palestinian authority has condemned the israeli decision as piracy saying it's part of an effort to increase the pressure on the head of the publication of the trumpet ministrations peace plan expected some time after israel's april election are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem a three day security conference in munich has wrapped up with iran's foreign
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minister warning world leaders that there's a heightened risk of war with israel and i am and have had very says israel's actions and those of the u.s. are increasing the chances of a new conflict in the region to manchuria has more from you nick. on the third and final day of the munich security conference it was iran's turn to talk about the challenges facing peace and stability around the world its foreign minister david zarif telling leaders it was american and israeli policies that threatened international security and not those of his government we have long been the target of an unhealthy fixation let's say an obsession which continues to this very day the demonisation of my country has been a convenient cross for seven consecutive american presidents to bed yesterday right here in munich. mr pence repeated this course
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when he added against the demand that europe must join the united states in undermining its own security and breaking its obligations one of the main discussions at the conference was about the true thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal and even though the u.s. on the president donald trump has withdrawn from its senior american politicians continue to stand by the agreement as when he was a strong supporter of the. nuclear agreement with iran and have we want to stick with supporting. their rainy and foreign minister however fail to address to her policies in syria and its support for president bashar assad both are accused of killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and now that's iran and said seems to have won the war it seems that syria is being welcomed back into the international fold but not everyone is happy about that we are seeing countries are running back to normalize with the sierra james inviting this year jim to come back to the
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public and we raise the question what are. what the syrian regime has done in order to be rewarded by normalization rewarded by coming back to the legal fight of says another edition of the munich security conference has concluded yet many of the reasons for insecurity around the wall remain critics say those include some of the leaders who themselves were present at this conference now new challenges were also discussed such as cyber security but it is new solutions to old problems that many are looking to world leaders for. munich when it comes as iranian president hassan rouhani has unveiled a new domestically produced submarine which he says is capable of firing cruise missiles the new submarine which is called a fatty or konqueror was unveiled in the southern province of home a scan its equipment torpedoes and naval mines and especially designed to operate
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in iran's shallow coastal waters unlike the previous russian built submarines submarine say submerged for five weeks. their special envoy for syria has reassured leaders that the withdrawal of american troops in the country won't be abrupt james jeffrey insists it will be an orderly process and carried out in close consultation with allies and one can has more. in was designed to reassure european allies the u.s. special envoy to syria said this on the planned withdrawal of troops from syria first of all this is not going to be an abrupt or rapid withdrawal it's going to be an artillery step by step withdrawal and each point we're going to look at our underlying goals that i just laid out ensure that we have means capabilities and partners that can carry them out for us this still no plan at least one that is public on the details of the withdrawal however there did seem to be differences
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with turkey on what to do about the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces led by the kurdish group white b.g. . at the same conference in munich the turkish defense minister reiterated his country's view that the y.p. g. is a terrorist group the main body main issue of the girls security so that to get rid of. terrorists. regardless of who they are. whoever they are the syrian democratic forces will be concerned that the u.s. has plans and some in the group that the u.s. may abandon them once the fight against isis last enclave in but who was in southeast and syria is over this was one of the syrian democratic forces most from bali has. he says there are about a thousand civilians that are trapped in the village also says fighters have dug tunnels underneath the village and
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a vast majority of their fighters are hiding in those tunnels the u.s. president donald trump says is pull u.s. forces out of syria when the eisel caliphate is defeated with a battle in berlin was approaching a stalemate he may have to wait a few more days before making the victory declaration he's promised iran doesn't it . u.s. president donald trump is demanding that european nations take back hundreds of aso fighters captured in syria he's urged britain france germany and other european allies to bring home more than eight hundred of their citizens who joined us all and put them on trial trump says he will soon announce the defeat of the arsal caliphate. saudi arabia's crown prince a sign several investment deals with pakistan with twenty billion dollars had been sound man made the agreements on his first trip to the country since becoming add
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to the throne the crown prince says pakistan is an important ally for riyadh we believe that pakistan going to be very very important country in the coming future and you want to be sure that we are part of that so. we are waiting for that kind of leadership to partner with and to build a lot of things together today we signed him or use we believe it's the mark of that kind of investment is twenty billion u.s. dollars it's big for phase one and definitely. every month to be in a bigger numbers and it would be beneficial for both countries. very handy is editor in chief of international interest a current affairs magazine with a focus on the middle east he says the crown prince is attempting to gain political leverage over u.s. president donald trump. donald trump deeply resents the opec institution which is technically run by the saudis and in part by the russians and indeed there is
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a law being passed now by congress that is being that is going to allow the us to prosecute opec states if they try to play with the price this is a big thing for saudi arabia which its whole foreign policy is built on oil it's built on iran co it's built on this ability to manhandle countries through its oil mohamed bisan man once essentially to rebuke trump to essentially say trump you can't do this to us i have other allies i can go to china i can go to india i can go to pakistan the reason why i believe that this visit is a reaction and it's not something that mohamed bin sentiment is proactively seeking other investors is because mohamed bin said man the affair is still rife everybody is still talking about it it's still affecting his image if you notice the india indonesia and malaysia visits have been postponed because he's worried about this backlash that might take place so why risk this p.r. only if you are desperate that's why you would do it saudi arabia is in desperate need of diversification it continues to rely on oil it is looking for political leverage from pakistan it is looking to india in order india one billion big
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economy it is looking to encourage the indians to come and invest in saudi arabia i'm not sure china will take too kindly to saudi arabia neither will the indians but this is a desperate plan by mohammed bin cement to save salvage whatever he has in yemen who he rebels and the government of agreed to begin the first phase of withdraw from the area around the strategic port city of data both sides have said they will evacuate forces from her data itself and the ports to sally and rest. un british remit is to allow aid into the country but both sides are yet to agree when.


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