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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 7  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2019 7:33am-8:01am +03

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the supply of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest one called him we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on his era. and. we have got to give up on. some of my fix now that it's trying to get to that many many years has gone by cutting taxes i haven't shaken this year that did little that just received a see if they said you get to be a defect be assured that come with me and it just. a little richard gaisford and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week spring has been late in coming to sudan the arab spring the government there has been swift to keep a lid on the story of the on the rest france where the online harassment of female
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journalists sometimes comes from their male colleagues a pair of brothers there are two stories and what they reveal about the way journalism is conducted in india plus saudi arabia an official twitter account and a false equivalence for the ages we begin with a near total media blackout in africa's third largest country sudan and the protests there that threaten to undo thirty years of one man rule that of president omar al bashir the demands of those taking to the streets are straightforward the end of the regime and bashir as a response the jailing of protesters clamping down on journalism evokes echoes of the arab spring the day after demonstrations began two months ago the government shut down access to social media platforms despite that twitter and whatsapp are still the main stages for sudan's information war the bashir government is also ordered the printing press is not published in newspapers covering the protests.
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and it's open season on journalists seventy have been arrested half a dozen foreign correspondents including some from this network have had their credentials revoked governments facing challenges to their authority have an array of weapons at their disposal and president al bashir is using just about all of our starting point this week is car to. president former al bashir has a message for would be revolutionaries working online in sudan. asked. him if. it's an argument that would carry considerably more weight if bashir had not first taken power through a military coup almost thirty years ago or of sudan's last elections held almost nine years ago met international standards for fairness which they did not say.
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the president's speech proved how worried here what he is saying stems from. nothing else when a young person holds up his phone in sudan streets he is posing the greatest threat to the regime because he's documenting its crime. there are more than nine million internet users in the country ninety percent of citizens have mobile phones with thing happening now in sudan is all through social media and it's proved very successful you can see what is happening on the streets now is more than made demonstrations and protests this is a revolution in the true sense of the way that you can see signs of a shift a switch in people's ways of thinking a demand for actual change what the sudanese people are calling for is similar in a big way to what people called for during the arab spring. but there is also uniqueness. a point of distinction in that our experience has come
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a coming several years after the arab spring and therefore we have learned from the mistakes made during the revolution that. as have the governments involved and therein lies the rub the protests began in mid december in the north of sudan they were set off by the rising cost of bread and fuel but quickly grew into a movement with more fundamental demands changes to the justice system more political freedoms an end to al bashir is ruled. by the time the protests reached the capital khartoum the government was armed for information domestic media outlets were ordered to stop covering the story online platforms facebook whatsapp and twitter were blocked the clampdown has not stopped activists and citizen journalists from getting the pictures out the security services beating protesters in some cases shooting. or running the most.
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v.p.n. virtual private networks have allowed activists to circumvent the shutdown it's the technology of choice in countries where the authorities cut off access to online sites since v.p.n. allow users to move beyond the control of any government. on twitter photos and sharing. and government just doesn't have any control over that except for trying to have times to interrupt and stroll down the internet but that also america and hasn't really worked people have found ways to spread that information hashtags like us just fall become dave popular and this is just been an incredible way to share information we work to document everything the regime crimes and violations the wounded the mater as many details as paul. people in our videos and
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pictures it is very clear who is committing the crime so the existence of thirty two media acts as a very major deterrent then you have these pro-government trolls that try to influence how news is perceived in salon their call nicknamed edgy dad the attorney or to be translated as of trying a key concern which is a play off of the word jihad that injected in so many different than what subgroups on facebook groups most of them are in sudan but also they went from outside the country you see them always arguing issuing statements trying to push people not to be supportive to the idea of the most threatening. the framing of the demonstrations on television when they are covered by state on channel sudan t.v. and cartoon t.v. as well as the privately owned s twenty four is decidedly pro-government the channels paraded student protesters from darfur in front of the cameras where they were forced to confess their ties to
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a rebel group the sudan liberation army. and. yes them all but a lot. and it had all the elements of a show trial made for television we contacted officials at the sudanese ministry of information to request an interview they declined to speak because the government has banned newspapers from covering the protests the intelligence service the and i s s raided the offices of alger reader last month the paper has not published a print edition since operating online on others like altai are now published blank spaces where protest coverage and doping in columnist would normally be the censorship comes in many forms and it various stages of the publication process the corn each other that are to the security forces offices and they give the morning and they give names this but you can. if you don't in the newspaper we're going to
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punish you before they send their papers to printing there is a security officer always comes to check the newspaper but if there is anything against the law. then there is confiscation of the publishing in this case the entire issue of the paper or the copies will be taken immediately after printing this is of course a double punishment since the newspaper still pays the printing press even though no copies of the paper have been sold so i think and i don't know. if i look at my work over the last two months no more than five of my articles have been published the red lines are decided by the security services so speaking negatively about the security service is unacceptable talk of the army isn't acceptable either an intelligence officer told me i had to stop writing about president bashir now after the huge increase in demonstrations all the red lines that merged into one red line and that is the street. journalist the harassment of
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journalists in sudan is not limited to the domestic media no foreign correspondent there has it easy these days which is why international coverage of the story has been lacking however correspondents from al-jazeera and have it worse their credentials have been revoked it's clear the bashir government fears pan arab news broadcasters more than other international outlets because those channels are telling this story in the language of the sudanese street arab. and that's why you see. and. particularly are videographers being harassed being intimidated even being. much with print especially print but definitely video and photography and especially in arabic because i think it's seen that the government was fearful of. the kind of news coverage that wouldn't have an impact
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on the street help a little to what the redlines being imposed by the sudanese government are in line with the words of the pharaohs i would only show you what i see. the government does not want the people to see anything other than what it deems permissible. therefore the drawing of fred loans is left to the government they wouldn't compass everything there would be no. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers johannah who's so joe there's this story in the french news media several senior journalists most of the men have been revealed to be part of some kind of online harassment campaign targeting female colleagues in the industry with the details well the whole thing definitely has a bit of a me to feel to it the only group is the leak of law that is l.o.l.
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as a laugh out loud it's a private facebook group that included about thirty mostly male reporters and influential media professionals now they allegedly coordinated cyber bullying and twitter campaigns against mainly female journalists as well as activists the allegations against the league of law include a posting rape jokes and photo shop pornographic images of their colleagues their whitely shared it's online harassment of female journalists is a big problem but what makes this story so shocking is that the trolls were random people on the internet they were actually the women's colleagues so who are some of the people who have been implicated in this well some very big names in french journalism among them are alex on the whole the online editor of. one of the country's biggest papers and kissed of cop on the editor of the french edition of slate the online magazine and then signed blood's a freelancer who often works with is has admitted to founding
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a group in two thousand and nine and he posted an apology on twitter saying that he created a monster that escaped that the object of the group was not to harass women just to amuse ourselves but quickly our way of amusing ourselves became very problematic and we didn't realize this and several reporters have been suspended but assured says it has launched an internal investigation but if the me too movement and the way that that story grew is anything to go by i don't think this is the last we'll be hearing on this moving out of the philippines a store. about the news website rappler and its c.e.o. maria ressa we've reported before on the do terror take government hounding this particular website but this latest legal case has to do with the story that the site published many many years ago so walk us through the details well this past wednesday maria ressa was arrested on charges of cyber libel she posted bail a day later and got out but you need to hear the facts of this story understand why she and that their supporters are calling this harassment so this case is related
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to an article that reputation in two thousand and twelve which linked a businessman called will freddo kang to trafficking of drugs and humans as well as his connection to one of the philippines top judges who presided over a case that kanga was involved in now the bizarre thing is that this law under which ressa is being charged which is that two thousand and twelve cyber crime prevention act was passed after the article was published and that law carries punishment of up to twelve years in jail for online libel and according to ressa was at the request six times over the past two months alone for different cases there's no question that this case is politically motivated not unlike the other charges such as the tax evasion case the government brought against ressa and the site three months back ok thanks joe now to a tale of two brothers one business family they are bodies and the news business in india mukesh ambani is the most powerful media mogul in the country one of the richest men in asia he wants television networks that span regions and languages
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news and entertainment and the coverage that he attracts is a study in brand power a measure of the sway that he holds over indian media outlets then there is his younger brother who produces headlines of a different cocked for the past year a new body has been a central figure in a corruption case involving the indian government some suspicious contracts and a multi-billion dollar deal for french fighter planes outlets reporting on this story have faced multiple lawsuits from a new on bonnie's lawyers alleging defamation and misreported the listening posts i mean actually ravi now on two brothers and the way they exert power over the indian news media. in india it's difficult to escape. and their brand name reliance whether you're shopping editor line supermarket fueling up at a reliance petrol station buying
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a reliance mobile phone plan watching the news channel owned by location by name or reading up on news about his younger brother the odd everywhere in games passing. in seventeen we saw that almost fifty someone else and he. was doing that and buying one pulls of the beautiful so the concentration of wealth in that and so few wouldn't is so good and the commander of that school in development stood by nicholas between them so the concentration of wealth in that and so few wouldn't is so good but the command to go to that school in developments to combine it with us between them they are the most bought for business man in this country the creditors are the sons of the patriarch co-founded the crop. and he was a classic or extraterrestrial. but his sons learn to lot of things from him on
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managing because that was one of the things i was telling me showed the way to other industrialists in. one location by me has picked up where his father left off for all of its industries what reliance really specializes in is p.r. and message control headlines new products and innovations are announced at glitzy events that get wall to wall coverage corporate speeches are treated almost like national celebrations but it as and when the lights industry isn't producing business headlines the ambani family delivers gossipy content for the lifestyle. segments of news bulletins the wedding of. ok she's daughter who's watched not just on the subcontinent but around the world why is daughter but we shouldn't be too worried because she's marrying the son of a going to marry me moved into the media sector about a decade ago in two thousand and eight he invested over six hundred fifty five
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million dollars into e.t.v. a major regional media player a year later he loaned more than eighty million dollars to india t.v. one of india's most influential national broadcasters then in two thousand and twelve in his biggest media deal he bought out network eighteen one of the largest media houses in india for almost three quarters of a billion dollars it took him by me less than five years to become an indian media mogul without equal booker is certainly is a very very inventive very very powerful and what the government at the center of i think you can all's he will spar which is unmatched by any private citizen in this country his main asset is cash reserves so none voicing useful in bailing out anybody be it a media company be to buy the fish be it a political act. so his style reign is to help society gives us
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a license to operate you know and making money only is a lot the license of x. and sometimes that help can have a costly day if you're actually just now questions us helps our media company benefits the financial trouble it's not one hundred fifty thousand groups it's two hundred fifty thousand groups he did that getting really hit at that whereas in network eighteen and he did bad twitter on one here who is above it means get better but his influence extends i would say far beyond what it will take you on because for the longest time it is a fact that the bulk of it with yesterday to keep off controversy is a sort. big business ventures of bookish about the case of point being where lots of histories was involved in the dispute with the government with over the k.g.b.'s and gas issue there was lots of but eleven believe it was quite damaging to the body was kept off the story even though it was
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a very juicy story i worked for some day in. t.v. channels with the money to call it. but this i can say with my conscience really very clear that this i was and there were the world we might question i still carry any stories which was related to mr money but i did feel a whole people were asked to moderate stories are going to lay the stories i do not carry the stories but my submission is the most leaves a self-censorship which has been done by the leaders themselves we contacted a number of current and former journalists in mukesh ambani owned outlets we also wrote to the alliance industries itself to get a perspective from inside the empire but the responses to our requests were minimal . contrast mukesh ambani is public profile to that of his brother a couple of years ago anil could have complained that he was ignored by indian media now he probably wishes they'd continue to stay away he's at the center of
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a scandal over a huge defense deal and the coverage now is unfavorable and widespread but the government didn't hasn't answered exactly why and how the onion body group with chosen by me has fought back through a tactic he's used before. late last year his lawyers fired off a c.d.'s of so-called slaps strategic lawsuits against public participation twenty of them alleging defamation and inaccuracy of reporting by both domestic and foreign media and from past experience we know that he slaps his huge thoughts but he doesn't fire them up in court so it's slapped on you if they were withdrawn. but it's never going like it into an active force or lawyers go through the. you know the filings that he that he makes that you know the law for this is what kind of gets us but you know there's expenses involved this type that's wasted had every
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hour that you waste all at about the case every rupee that you waste or not in the body case is that hour at a repeat that could be spent on journalism is could be spread out allies what about these companies are up to. the twin threats the first of litigation the second of the power and prestige of the family name i'm not the only weapons in the ambani brothers arsenal their businesses spend a lot of money on advertising and the ad dollars the brothers pump into the indian media market which is ultra competitive provide them with some c.d.'s leverage so in an model of median india where the newspaper is nor demon with a cup of coffee. we are what you pay for our praise is a fraction of the cost in order to create the most couples in the newsgroup is that all dependent on other places and in that all it is more the be the collective complete. so there is no other cut rates to be quite of and even to be split from
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the music command to most stores. according to the creation by the buying up media outlets is a business strategy in two thousand and fifteen he launched a new mobile ford product a game changer called geo it provided affordable smart phones for indian consumers plus data packages at rock bottom prices and those abani old media outlets they would provide the content news video documentaries films the geo users would demand . however only the outlets is good for business beyond just the needs of geo like his father before her body understands that favorable coverage in the indian market is no mere luxury it's in the city and should news coverage to and against him and his businesses a money knows his media outlets are bored should he need them you know there's nothing strategic on the floor but it's always there to be used when he says. so if
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the time comes that you need to culture something in some state then you have to check in with that. yes now obviously if you are one of the biggest business steaming that then i'll play to exactly been written to your doing sticky try offer and i'm sure it's going to be a strong effort. and you can set the tone for what it was even to say about the. most profitable. and finally saudi arabia wants to get the message out that women who plan to follow in the footsteps of the hof muhammad need to think twice muhammad as the eighteen year old who fled saudi arabia was holed up in a hotel in thailand for a while then sought asylum in australia was turned down before safely surfacing in canada last month which accepted a refugee claim riyadh's anti extremism committee a since put out a video on twitter which warns women thinking of doing the same that if you abandon
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your religion country and family you will have a tragic ending the implications are sinister ashaji esque but the message doesn't stop there it compares women who flee the kingdom to men joining terror groups equating the two was forms of extremism since when has freedom of movement been seen in the same light as killing in a sense since now in saudi arabia we'll see you next hour here at the listening post. between you and the only. such a do you have. to begin with the temple i def of. but. it shouldn't be read and we're going to make this into getting access to them what can the kingdom edginess that is. new to this kind of. jihad.
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and he made by the un no one ethnic in egypt behold he gave one whom i hope he haleh so you. al jazeera is there want us to embrace the good schools today to see what happens next. on the wired budget that we are square mobile barricaded the pool seven
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streets that we need to hear the movies now is what about change people have gone to hear the area the mission of the national army is to sixty one company x. and i'm just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. whether on line. to the leadership for them we've got there or if you join us on the set all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking their help everyone has a voice from the posse or twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on mt is iraq.
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where every. morning more nations are becoming explicit about the fact that the united states is now the single biggest. sure. iran points to the u.s. as a destabilizing force in the middle east. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s.
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special representative hysteria says the withdrawal of troops will be done in an orderly way in consultation with allies. and e.u. delegation which opposition leader.


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