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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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i don't want to. intrude. more and more nations are becoming excuses about the fact that the united states is now the single biggest source of this stuff it is. iran points to the us as a destabilizing force in the middle east. and i missed in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. special representative to syria says the withdrawal of troops will be done in an orderly way in consultation with our lives. and e.u. delegation which had planned to see opposition leader. says it's being expelled
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from venezuela. the world health organization links the anti-vaccination movement to a shop rise in measles on opposite sides of the globe. iran's foreign minister says the risk of a war between his country and israel is rising mohamad job and zarif made the comments during his speech on the final day of the annual munich security conference zarif called the united states a destabilizing force which could increase the chances of a new conflict in the middle east. has more from you nick. on the third and final day of the munich security conference it was iran's time to talk about the challenges facing peace and stability around the world its foreign minister david zarif telling leaders it was american and israeli policies that threatened international security and not those of his government at the recent meeting of let
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me just call it the underbidding. and you open the quest in war so the u.s. vice president. and the secretary of state both blasted europe on european soil. put even attempting albeit without much success to abide by its obligations under the j c p o a and under security council resolution twenty two thirty one yesterday right here in munich mr pence repeated the sparse when he added again he demanded that europe must join the united states in undermining its own security and breaking its obligations one of the main discussions at the conference was about the true thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal and even though the u.s. on the president donald trump has withdrawn from its senior american politicians continue to stand by the agreement as when he was
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a strong supporter of the. nuclear agreement with iran and have we want to stick with supporting. their rainy and foreign minister however fail to address to her policies in syria and its support for president bashar assad both are accused of killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and now that's iran and said seem to have won the war it seems that syria is being welcomed back into the international fold but not everyone is happy about that we are seeing countries are running back to normalize with the sierra james inviting this year jim to come back to the public and we raise the question what. what the syrian regime has done in order to be rewarded by normalization rewarded by coming back to the legal fight of says another edition of the munich security conference has concluded yet many of the reasons for insecurity around the world remain critics say those include some
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of the leaders who themselves were present at this conference now new challenges were also discussed such as cyber security but it is new solutions to problems that many are looking to world leaders for. munich hillary mann leverett is a former white house national security official and co-author of the book going to tehran why america must accept the islamic republic of iran she says mr zarif is worried the us will provoke an accidental war in the middle east. i think for those of us who have known him are not surprised by this kind of speech but its bluntness and its warning of war is something new it's not something the foreign minister zarif says lightly he's been you know in politics and diplomacy for decades and he does not lightly drop those terms warning of war so i think his concern here is important for everybody in the world to know they have taken this position of
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extreme caution so by saying that they're concerned about the possibility of war it is something important and serious but it's not that they're concerned that the united states or israel might launch an all out conventional military attack like the u.s. invasion of iraq for example or the israeli invasion of lebanon on what syria is concerned about is the increased u.s. encourage meant of our so-called allies in israel and saudi arabia in the united arab emirates our increased encourage them and of these so-called allies to be much more aggressive in their military action in their foreign policy and that they may provoke in a sense an accidental war by because by using this u.s. green light for their more aggressive activities so i think that's what this reef is getting at it's not your traditional conventional war that he's afraid of it's they're encouraging meant they're goading their use or proxies in you know whether
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it's in syria or even pakistan well the u.s. special envoy for syria has reassured allies that the withdrawal of american troops from the country will not be abrupt speaking from the munich security conference james jeffrey insists it will be a step by step process and run can report from gaza near the tekkie syria border very soon was designed to reassure european allies the u.s. special envoy for syria said this on the planned withdrawal of troops from syria first of all this is not going to be an abrupt or rapid withdrawal it's going. to be an orderly step by step withdrawal and each point at each phase we're going to look at our underlying goals that i just laid out and ensure that we have means capabilities and partners that can carry them out for us this still no plan at least one that is public on the details of the withdrawal however there did seem to be differences with turkey on what to do about the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces led by the kurdish group white b.g.
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. at the same conference in munich the turkish defense minister reiterated his country's view that the y.p. g. is a terrorist group the main body main issue and we are going to the goals security so the it to get rid of the. terrorists. regardless of who they are going to. whomever they are. the syrian democratic forces will be concerned that the u.s. has plans and some of the groups that the u.s. may abandon them once the fight against isis last enclave in by who's in southeast and syria is over with one of the syrian democratic forces most of all he has. been saying he says there are about a thousand civilians that are in the village also says it's also fighters have dug tunnels underneath the village from the vast majority of therefore it is in those tunnels the u.s. president donald trump says is a pull u.s. forces out of syria when the eisel caliphate is defeated with
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a battle in the approaching a stalemate he may have to wait a few more days before making the victory declaration he's promised iraq how does or doesn't it well on saturday u.s. president donald trump demanded that european countries take back and put on trial hundreds of eisel fighters captured in syria he made the comments in a series of tweets threatening that the u.s. would be forced to release the iceland members if european countries won't take them in western europe france has the highest number of foreign fighters that joined since twenty fifteen with at least sixteen hundred that's followed by the u.k. with nearly eight hundred fighters and around six hundred from germany germany's foreign minister hecker mass responded to trump's appeal on sunday he said it will be extraordinarily difficult to implement as the information needed to pursue criminal investigations can't be guaranteed tom brooks is the dean and professor of law and government at the university of durham law school he says that it might not
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be as easy as donald trump thinks for european countries to take iceland prisoners and prosecute them. he certainly wants other countries to pick up the tab i mean is this claim facts the fight is one hundred percent over yet there was all this other work to be done by others suggests that it isn't one hundred percent over and and that there's this fundamental tension in what he was trying to communicate on that point but in terms of getting europe to somehow do more it's not exactly clear what the expectation will be so for example for most european countries for most countries they will have laws about their citizens or people who reside in their territory that relate to activities in those countries so british citizens or people who live in britain in the things they do in the u.k. are what would normally be the subject of parliament and not so much what things
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what activities people will be involved with outside but it's very different in the united states where they have prosecuted successfully under very wide powers not americans who've never been to america who've been engaged in terrorist related offenses elsewhere this happened to him so who is extradited from britain to the united states where he is currently in prison and so this call for the europeans we doing things it seems the americans are able to do it the americans are probably better able to prosecute they want to win or choosing not to which is seems to be very hot fighting is taking place between suspected separatist gunmen and security forces in indian administered kashmir secures he said this is say the area is cordoned off with several fight is trapped inside a twenty four hour curfew is currently in force after a suicide bombing killed forty four security personnel on thursday let's speak to
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al jazeera as fi is jamail he's live for us in new delhi fi's what do we know about this latest attack. well details are just trickling in as firing has resumed in the past thirty minutes now what we do know is that this began late sunday night local time and went on until monday morning as security forces encountered two or three gunmen in a gun battle ensued four soldiers were killed with it along with at least one civilian but the gunman escaped now as you mentioned this comes just a few days after that major attack last week it actually happened in the same area of interest in the administered kashmir now this will only further add tension between india and pakistan and will only further push india likely to continue its campaign to isolate baathist on diplomatically and economically in a response now as for any military action india is taking they're going to restrict that to india to mr mayor and take against these armed groups itself there but as
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far as attacking these armed groups in pakistan india blames baucus on for harboring these groups in its territory that likely won't happen any time soon now that's because saudi crown prince mohammed bin samana is visiting the region this week now coincidentally this is also the same day monday when india and pakistan will have a case heard in from the international criminal justice international court of justice rather in the hague and the centers around it indian man convicted by a pakistani military court and sentenced to death box on says he's an innocent businessman but baucus john says he's a spy so there's a lot going on today. for us thank you files. members of the european parliament invited to visit venezuela have been refused entry to the country they would usually meet with the country's national assembly and opposition leader to discuss the ongoing political crisis according to the
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opposition and members of the delegation they were denied entry at airports and then expelled into the building those are the most you know at this moment we're being expelled from venezuela they've retained our passports they've not told us the reason of not provided any documents that justifies why they're throwing us out of the country we came to venezuela on the official invitation of venezuela's national assembly which is an internationally recognized institution even if i migiro it's a constitutional institution yet even invited by a constitutional institution they've not let us enter we are the first international delegation that was going to visit the interim president one guy you do this is not about letting us in but about preventing interim president one guy you do from seeing any dignitary from outside venezuela when a dictator closes the window and turns off the lights it means he's going to go from words to deeds long live a free venezuela meanwhile u.s. republican senator marco rubio has visited the colombia venezuela border
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a day off to tons of american aid arrived in the city of. it's the second shipment of american supplies that's been sent this month rubio played a major role in convincing the trump administration to increase pressure on president maduro. what is happening here today what is happening in venezuela is a man made right or not qualified an absolute disaster by a manmade a criminal regime that's moving to start to kill its own people before it gets the power we are inspired by the people. that remind us our value liberty freedom in. your mind this hour for it's always present. why we are willing to fight for dark matter how long it takes. now aid is also being delivered to neighboring brazil homage on june reports from pak araya near the venezuelan border. while brazil's government continues to indicate that they will soon begin attempting to deliver aid from brazil into neighboring venezuela it's still unclear exactly when that is
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going to start meanwhile migrants who cross the border from going as whaler into brazil well they come to this facility this isn't pocket i'ma in the northern state of florida right on the border with venezuela the migrants that are here many of them are applying for asylum many of the children are getting vaccinated and inoculated and there are many pregnant women that are here that are trying to get medical care before they are taken to a city about two hundred kilometers to the south where they will be able to be housed in a maternity ward and get better care i guess the thing that impacted me the most that i heard today was from a twenty three year old this venezuelan migrant he said to me that if he continued to stay in venezuela he had two choices one was either to continue studying to was to be able to eat really showcasing the depth of the humanitarian crisis there at a time when venezuelans continue to come into brazil and at
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a time when it looks like that will not stop anytime soon i weather update is next but still ahead on al jazeera. the saudi crown prince arrives in pakistan as part of a regional tour designed to steer investment deals and boost relationships with asian allies. and the high environmental price apply fashion we need the activists trying to change that trend. we got some quasi weather pushing into the middle a still some bits and pieces of rain and snow pushing across iran into afghanistan northern parts of pakistan but come behind it's generally going to be fine and dry has been a little disappointing just around the levant recently fourteen celsius in the
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sunshine there then as we go on through monday for beirut a similar temperature to four lapper struggling in jerusalem with the top temps to here just eight degrees celsius to the fair bit of cloud and some wet weather myself just to for a couple on monday off maybe go on into tuesday it could turn a little colder with some snow just notice some snow there just around the southern fringes of the caspian sea to run should be largely dry temperatures here around ten celsius less pushover towards western side of the region lebanon doing quite nicely at seventeen celsius getting up to ten celsius double figures the last that fortress there with a little more sunshine but yes sunshine meanwhile across it is set fair here over the next couple of days and a lot winds feeling quite pleasant wednesday just freshen up a touch here in doha on cheesed off need for the top temperature twenty three degrees meanwhile this must drive now across the good parts of south africa the heavy showers continue to central areas of mozambique will be down post to into madagascar leaving.
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a team of chinese scientists embark on a daring deep sea mission searching for rare resources and new species. one of the nice reveals china's underwater hunt. an al-jazeera. we you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case. if you want to visit india that's not exactly a point we meet with global newsmakers and the stories that matter just zero.
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hello again i missed. a reminder of the news this hour iran has warned of an increased risk of war with israel foreign minister mohammad javad zarif accused the united states of being the destabilizing force that could trigger a new conflict in the middle east. the u.s. special envoy for syria has reassured allies that the withdrawal of american troops from the country will not be abrupt speaking from the munich security conference james jeffrey insists it will be a step by step process. members of the european parliament invited to visit venezuela have been refused entry and expelled from the country they would usually meet with the country's national assembly and office. to discuss the ongoing political crisis. the world health organization says the anti-vaccination movement is in part responsible for a spike in easels cases around the wilds most recently in the united states in the philippines it also blames conflict and poor access to vaccines last year measles
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caused at least one hundred thirty six thousand deaths globally the philippines is struggling to contain the disease in january there were more than four thousand cases an increase of one hundred twenty two percent in the same period last year seventy people mostly children died in the past month in the philippines. seventy two people died in europe last year and two hundred seventy people mostly children have been infected with the disease in a recent u.s. outbreak judy leask is an associate professor at the university of sydney school of public health and an expert on immunization she says health professionals need to do more to gain the trust of vaccination skeptics. it really boils down to two scenes really access and acceptance of vaccination we hunt look at one fact there are a number of them and to deal with the measles problem effectively we are going to look at the way those problems affect access and except in subjects
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a nation building trust around vaccination requires action and a number of different levels starting from not using vaccination for political or military purposes through to making sure that health care systems. themselves trustworthy and running well that is transparency in the way that any program in medicine is regulation and the safety systems that are in place to monitor the safety of vaccines are shared with the public so they can save just how much if it carries at a global and country level to make vaccines as safe as possible and into the health care professional level to support health professionals to have conversations with parents who are has a chance about vaccination so that we can try to maintain individual trust in childhood vaccination and intrude at the sort of community level where there is
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clustering of opposition to vaccinate ssion working within those communities is challenging in many ways we need to drive that use can change but it's very important to. trying to build trust because essentially confidence about vaccination rests on people's ability to trust that scene's medicine healthcare systems and governments israel has implemented a new no that will take away millions of dollars of tax revenue from the palestinian authority the move penalizes the authority for supporting the family as have jailed palestinian presidents out of there as hard. a force that has more from west to. benjamin netanyahu began his weekly cabinet meeting insisting that he would follow through on the course he said we could go to start with holding money from the palestinian authority. today i will submit to the cabinet for approval the
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deduction of the salaries of terrorists from the palestinian authority money the cabinet will hear a detailed report regarding the money from security officials this is important legislation that we've advanced and today we're going to implement it as i promised the money in question is taxes raised by israel on behalf of the palestinians and sent to them every month for years netanyahu and his allies have attacked with our list in policy of paying prisoners families calling it incitement to terror pointing to the fact that the longer the sentence the more serious the conviction the higher the payment last july those criticisms were translated into israeli legislation now in the midst of an election campaign in which the right wing vote could prove crucial netanyahu is implementing law withholding one hundred thirty eight million dollars in palestinian taxes in the face of widely reported warnings from his own security establishment suggesting such a move could in fact increase instability and violence. the palestinian prisoners club says about ten percent of the nearly six thousand inmates in israeli jails
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have been involved in deadly attacks the rest jailed for lesser offenses their families all deserving of support its president says the israeli move won't change a necessary policy. that that aid money that we give to the palestinian families is not for the prisoner or for the martyr who is dead we give the money to the family israel wants to practice collective punishment for most palestinians the system is a consequence of life under occupation abandoning it under israeli pressure is politically all but unthinkable the palestinian authority has condemned the israeli decision as piracy saying it's part of an effort to increase the pressure on the head of the publication of the trumpet ministrations peace plan expected so. time after israel's april election ari force it out west jerusalem saudi arabia has invested twenty billion dollars in pakistan on the festive crown prince mohammed bin salmond's three country asia visit the deals was signed shortly off to here
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arrives in the capital as i'm about on sunday pakistan is facing a major debt crisis the crown prince outlined the deals at a press conference with prime minister imran khan. we believe that pakistan going to be very very important country in the coming future and you want to be sure that we are part of that so. we are waiting for that kind of leadership to partner with and to build a lot of things together today we signed him or use we believe it's the amount of that kind of investment is twenty billion u.s. dollars it's big for phase one and definitely going to grow every month to be in the bigger numbers and it would be beneficial for both countries sammy handy is editor in chief of current affairs magazine international interest he says the crown prince's visit is a desperate attempt to gain some political leverage over u.s. president donald trump. donald trump deeply resents the opec institution which is technically run by the saudis and in part by the russians and indeed there is
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a law being passed now by congress that is being that is going to allow the us to prosecute opec states if they try to play with the price this is a big thing for saudi arabia which its whole foreign policy is built on oil it's built on iran co it's built on this ability to manhandle countries through its oil mohammed bisan man once essentially to rebuke trump to essentially say trump you can't do this to us i have other allies i can go to china i can go to india i can go to pakistan the reason why i believe that this visit is a reaction and it's not something that mohamed bin sentiment is proactively seeking other investors is because mohamed bin said man the affair is still rife everybody's still talking about it it's still affecting his image if you notice the india indonesia and malaysia visits have been postponed because he's worried about this backlash that might take place so why risk this p.r. only if you are desperate that's why you would do it saudi arabia is in desperate need of diversification it continues to rely on oil it is looking for political
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leverage from pakistan it is looking to india in order india one billion big economy it is looking to encourage the indians to come and invest in saudi arabia i'm not sure china will take too kindly to saudi arabia neither will the indians but this is a desperate plan by mohammed bin cement to save salvage whatever he has. the head of the united nations mission monitoring the cease fire in yemen's port city of her data has been meeting with ruthie and yemeni government representatives tentative agreements have reportedly been reached between the two sides over the withdrawal of troops but both parties postponed discussing an actual date elsewhere anti-government demonstrations have been taking place in sanaa these have been protesting against what they believe is the normalization of relations between yemen's government and israel it's in response to yemen's foreign minister yemeni sitting next to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu during the war sore summit. haiti's prime minister has announced budget cuts for himself and other
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government employees in an attempt to end mass rallies over corruption people have been demonstrating for the past ten days demanding president juvenile mores step down his administration is accused of mismanaging the economy at least seven people have died since the protests began. hundreds of environmentalists have blocked roads around london fashion week to protest against the fashion industry is effect on climate change needs barca spoke to some of the demonstrations. london fashion week is one of the most important events in the fashion calendar anywhere in the world a chance to showcase a new challenge to design but it's also a chance to hold the fashion industry to account when it comes to its record all that protect the environment and sustainability which is what this is all about direct action group called extinction rebellion that believes very much the fashion industry is a part of the problem that's opposed to the sure i think at the moment we're in
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a situation where we're heading towards much to sink sions worldwide climate change is kicking in and everyone is still continuing as if it's business as usual politicians are failing us disappoint changing things with the fashion world i know it's incredibly complex but we all have to reappraise the way we're living on this planet. we're here because london fashion week is going just behind us and we want to be some people we want to cling to cease to recognize that they could use them police right now in this movie to just start the revolution to turn people on to make it so against them it's a business. for sale the side of the street fashionistas are getting ready for another day of shows at this london venue the industry generates thirty five billion dollars for the u.k. economy that employs seven hundred eighty thousand people that's almost as big as the financial sector which is why the come pain is what this enormous sprawling global industry the pound they have the same carbon footprints as the russian
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federation to do more to tackle climate change. the british fashion council says sustainable so-called positive fashion has dominated discussions at this year's event more more designers are now talking about going green but it could be some time before these future trends reach the rest of us. hello i'm the stasi attain doha with the headlines iran has warned of an increased risk of war with israel foreign minister mohammad javad zarif accuse the united states of being the destabilizing force that could trigger a new conflict in the middle east the u.s. special envoy for syria has reassured allies that the withdrawal of american troops from the country will not be abrupt speaking from the munich security conference james jeffrey insists it will be a step by step process. fighting is taking place between suspected separatist
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gunman and security forces in indian administered kashmir reports say at least three soldiers have been killed in the battle security services say the area is under cordon with several fighters trapped inside a twenty four hour curfew is currently in force ofter a suicide bombing killed forty four security personnel on thursday members of the european parliament invited to visit venezuela have been refused entry to the country they would usually meet with the country's national assembly and opposition leader. to discuss the ongoing political crisis according to the opposition and members of the delegation they were denied entry at simone airport and then expelled meanwhile u.s. senator marco rubio has led a delegation to the city of kuta on the border between colombia and venezuela the visit comes twenty four hours after two u.s. military planes arrived in colombia with aid destined for venezuela the aid is
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being blocked by president nicolas maduro. the head of the united nations mission monitoring the ceasefire in yemen's port city of how data has been meeting with who see and yemeni government representatives tentative agreements have reportedly been reached between the two sides over the withdrawal of troops but both parties per spurned discussing an actual date elsewhere anti-government demonstrations have been taking place in sanaa who these have been protesting against what they believe is the normalization of relations between yemen's government and israel it's in response to yemen's foreign minister yemeni sitting next to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu during the wasil summit those are the headlines i'll be back with more news here after one on one east do stay with us. battling against addiction then very thing that brought her down now she can teach people how to come back up. it's hard for me to believe that he's going to get
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a full time job in radio but i have to be supportive family i have to learn to put my prize side in just say ok there we have our issues but we have to leave speech and health i'm going to keep morgan part time this moment i feel good holiday. on al-jazeera. a team of chinese scientists are traveling to places no human has ever been. in working on a daring deep sea mission and to hunt for rare resources and new species. i'm steve cho on this episode a one on one east we go on board with so much china's top engineers and scientists as china explores the depths.


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