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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2019 11:00am-11:35am +03

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pakistan withdraws its ambassador to india as war fighting kills four soldiers and then. also coming up a report from brazil's border where hundreds of medical help and plain asylum every day. israel creates a new law to withhold millions of dollars in palestinian farms. and an italian male once held hailed for welcoming refugees as awaiting trial on charges of aiding
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illegal immigration. has recalled its ambassador from new delhi as tensions in the engines of kashmir continue to escalate and these four indian soldiers and two rebels have been killed in a gun battle and more than paul won the district attorney for his current in force off the forty four security personnel dies in suicide bombing on the day. group. claimed responsibility for the attack. in just a moment but first let's go to fast in new delhi for us so development pakistan recalling. india as this violence continues in the cash. pakistan says it's officially recalling its ambassador for consultations but
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analysts say in reality it's a response to india blaming it for last week's attack and the current security situation pakistan is taking issue with new delhi ice tray isolating it or trying to isolate it diplomatically and economically on the international stage box sounds protesting this they're saying they're being blamed without proof or even an investigation and they say india should instead focus on the intelligence lapses and security lapses which made this happen now security is an ongoing issue as you mentioned just on monday two gunmen were killed along with four soldiers and a civilian after fighting broke out late on sunday and the tensions are still high in the region now on top of all of that india has announced that they're withdrawing security for separatist leaders inside indeed at mr bashir and analysts warn this could make things a lot worse as because the security was originally provided after several separatist leaders were killed in fighting now analysts worry if that happens again
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could destabilize the entire region ok testimony thanks for bringing us that update there from dennis curve and that's where you can join kemal haida these tensions happening as the saudis are impacts on the for reform as. has been weighing in what's he been saying. interestingly on the issue of tensions between india and pakistan over the disputed territory of kashmir minute. by country on the side of the line of control. he is going to. try to defuse. the crises between new delhi and if. it should be under. your new delhi. but so did weighing in on this particular dispute is concerned with
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an attempt to deescalate the crisis that you saw in that report by phase. two and that's issue aside this is an important visit to pakistan is that which is to kill billions of dollars in investment from saudi arabia but how significant also for the saudis which attending east in search of allies. where that's an interesting question because the so did. something that was simply that so did not realize that they are isolated in some regions of the water and therefore they are now trying to focus also primarily because of the progress on china economic order dulce so did want to become a part of the chinese have red gums that they're so does of course and raise billions of dollars in budgets on perhaps the highest rates also the chinese announced over forty five billion dollars and then brought structural projects in
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all of that so did warn people to people relationship to focus on the prime minister cone britain's. dollars in august on a prisoner languishing in so d j is a crime and should be delayed because they've got close to his heart and that their families while waiting in august on anxiously for them the saudis then read just announce that they are releasing over two dollars in august on a prisoner who are in jail and saudi arabia it must also be understood that one of the large there's progress on the population and of god as they did saudi arabia almost two point five million buckets on a label and white collar. dad to hide it joining us from as i'm bad science can all . but as well as government members of the european parliament from entering the country they were happy to invited to meet. by the opposition.
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trying to enlist the help of volunteers to confront a government blockade on u.s. aid at the border hundreds of thousands of civilians are expected to try to take supplies through on saturday. we're being expelled from venezuela our passports have been withheld we've not been informed of the reason nor do we have any document that justifies it because they have just thrown us out we came to venezuela with an official invitation from the national assembly a body that is recognized internationally and even recognized by the venezuelan president we are the first international delegation that was visiting the interim president one guy do when in a country a dictator closes the windows and turns off the lights that is when he goes from words to actions long live a free venezuela. hundreds of migrants continue to cross into brazil every day as the standoff between the president on the opposition leader intensifies. spoke to
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some of them on the border town of pak arrive hoping to gain asylum and access to a better life. on brazil's border with venezuela the migrants continue to arrive many of them relieved at least for the moment to have seemingly put their desperation behind them back home jackson maria just twenty three years old had quit school to work in a bakery and. young people like us can achieve our goals and it is well i had to stop my academic studies because it became a choice between studying and eating. but even that choice difficult as it may have been didn't make things much easier. the money i made from one week or four was only enough to buy me one kilo price. his friend i modify ghetto also twenty three tells me things were unbearable well before the current political crisis and can't help but laugh when describing the dark absurdity of the past few weeks when
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the so you say made those who he said look at those people are now saying we have two presidents one issues in order the other refuses it one last for eight the other says the eight one pos it's public disorder in politics and neither of them is looking out for the welfare of the people but at this processing center in the town of pocket i'ma run by brazil's federal government and supported by the united nations refugee agency exhaustion is also palpable officials tell us that today alone over six hundred venezuelans cross from venezuela into brazil and many of those migrants will be applying for asylum and many of them will be seeking medical care but now we see more people arriving in very bad conditions arriving with the urgent need for medical attention so a lot of people who are right here because you need to immediately transport to board these different care some people arrive here we actually do nothing but they
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will still be wearing stefania i decided to leave when she realized it would be too expensive to have another baby in venezuela philip went to get our medicine but as a villain my sister said she couldn't believe i was leaving i said yes i'm going i took my child and left time i got here by getting rides and travelling for two days and. like many others here she's happy for a brief respite in this very temporary setting where children play with soldiers and things do albeit fleetingly seem a little bit better. al-jazeera and parker dima on brazil's border with venezuela. israel has implemented a new law that will take away millions of dollars of tax revenues from the palestinian authority and they have penalizes the authority for supporting the families of jailed palestinian prisoners by force that has more from west jerusalem . benjamin netanyahu began his weekly cabinet meeting insisting that he would
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follow through on the course he said we could go to start with holding money from the palestinian authority. today i will submit to the cabinet for approval the deduction of the salaries of terrorists from the palestinian authority money the cabinet will hear a detailed report regarding the money from security officials this is important legislation that we've advanced and today we're going to implement it as i promised the money in question is taxes raised by israel on behalf of the palestinians and sent to them every month for years netanyahu and his allies have attacked with palestinian policy of paying prisoners families calling it incitement to terror pointing to the fact that the longer the sentence the more serious the conviction the higher the payment last july those criticisms were translated into israeli legislation now in the midst of an election campaign in which the right wing vote could prove crucial netanyahu is implementing the law withholding one hundred thirty eight million dollars in palestinian taxes in the face of widely reported
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warnings from his own security establishment suggesting such a move could in fact increase instability and violence. the palestinian prisoners club says about ten percent of the nearly six thousand inmates in israeli jails have been involved in deadly attacks the rest jailed for lesser offenses their families all deserving of support its president says the israeli move won't change a necessary policy. that the aid money that we give to the palestinian families is not for the prisoner or for the martyr who is dead we give the money to the family israel wants to practice collective punishment for most palestinians. the system is a consequence of life under occupation abandoning it and the israeli pressure is politically all but unthinkable the palestinian authority has condemned the israeli decision as piracy saying it's part of an effort to increase the pressure on the head of the publication of the trumpet ministrations peace plan expected some time after israel's april election are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem still ahead head on out is there on the
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links between the anti vaccination movement and the sa prize amazing on opposite sides of the globe. thus we talk to activists who want to highlight the environmental costs of the fashion industry. head of the most remarkable thing about the weather of europe at the moment is the temperature regime the count so much and satellite data in is to cloud going south says normally when you think it's cold and then are coming in from the atlantic but if i just clear that away and get underneath the forecast center for monday we're talking about the teens for much of western and central europe it is only february mind you then he subzero is across the board so moscow's at minus two and that's
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not particularly cold to be honest so this could be not more snow in the air it's going to rain that's just as edgy and from the atlantic making its its self felt already in southern portugal and that's where it's going to be on monday edging into western spade and bits of the british isles and france that really is just rigged markedly warm considering most that rain band just crosses into germany and eastern more than rain the temps to stay much the same on the high side now i think the most action from that frontal system will be seen probably sons of push through just into morocco maybe a bit further south already the cloud is curving in mostly that's going to be rain but rain will spoil your day in morocco and as it edges across a monday night into tuesday it will reach the atlas mountains there of course it will fall is still because only for a brief snow. whether sponsored by qatar or. by major vision every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through
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the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching al-jazeera as reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan has recalled its ambassador from new delhi as tensions and minutes of kashmir continue to escalate it is for indian soldiers have been killed in fighting between
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suspected separatists gunmen and security forces in the disputed region. members of the european parliament invited to visit venezuela been refused entry and expelled from the country they were due to meet the country's national assembly and opposition leader. to discuss the ongoing political crisis. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has implemented a controversial new law that will take away millions of dollars of tax revenues in the palestinian authority a move penalized for supporting the families of jailed palestinian prisoners. iran's foreign minister says there's a growing risk of war between his country and israel. made the comments on the final day of the annual munich security conference so we've called the u.s. a destabilizing force which could increase the chances of a new conflict and the middle east to bow shell has more phonetic on the third and final day of the munich security conference it was iran's turn to talk about the
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challenges facing peace and stability around the world its foreign minister david zarif telling leaders it was american and israeli policies that threatened international security and not those of his government at the recent meeting of let me just call it the underbidding. and you open the quest in war so the u.s. vice president. and the secretary of state both blasted europe on european soil. put even attempting albeit without much success to abide by its obligations under the j c p o a and under security council resolution twenty two thirty one yesterday right here in munich. mr pence repeated this course then he added again to be demanded that europe must join the united states in undermining its own security and breaking its obligations.
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one of the main discussions at the conference was about the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal and even though the u.s. on the president donald trump has withdrawn from it senior american politicians continue to stand by the agreement as when you as a strong supporter of the. nuclear agreement with iran and have we want to stick with supporting them in their reign in foreign minister however fail to address to her policies in syria and its support for president bashar assad both or accused of killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and now that's iran and i said seem to have won the war it seems that syria is being welcomed back into the international fold but not everyone is happy about that we are seeing countries are running back to normalize with the syrian regime inviting this year jim to come back to the arab league and we raise the question what. what the syrian regime has done in order to be rewarded by normalization rewarded by coming back to the legal fight
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of says another edition of the munich security conference has concluded yet many of the reasons for insecurity around the wild remain critics say those include some of the leaders who themselves were present at this conference now mutual interest were also discussed such as cyber security but it is new solutions to old problems that many are looking to world leaders for. you nick. iran has unveiled a new submarine which it says is capable of firing cruise missiles president hassan rouhani introduced the laces addition to its naval fleet in the port city of banda a bus dubbed the conqueror iranian media says it's the country's first semi heavy submarine honey says the domestically produced vessel is state of the art when randy as an iranian affairs analyst and a professor at the university of tehran he said developments in iran as defense systems will deter the u.s.
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from taking any military action i think the iranians feel that it would be silly and foolish if they did not have a robust defense capability and the iranians believe that it is because of it defense capabilities and its defense industry and its high tech capabilities that the united states has refrained from any aggressive aggressive act towards iran well one of the things that the iranians have done is that they've developed a very. capable missile defense capability and both surface to surface surface to see surface to air and sea to sea and therefore it's made it much more different month many of iran's defense in sedations are deep underground this is the experience of the two thousand and six war between the israeli regime and hezbollah when the israelis invaded southern lebanon and were soundly defeated i think that experience really is part of iran's
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defense strategy in other words taking all of your sense of it installations underground so that the potential enemy cannot strike them and would not know exactly where your facilities are so you run has extensive underground facilities and of course a submarine would be a part of that. yemen's government and the rebels have struck a deal over the withdrawal of troops from have data the warring sides have agreed on the first phase of a pullout from the port city it comes after two days of un led talks aimed at ending the four year conflict representatives from both sides have not given a date for the redeployments a strenuous government says political parties have been targeted in a cyber attack carried out by a foreign state the breach of the parliament's network was detected on february eighth promises scott morrison says the attack was sophisticated but investigators have found no evidence of interference in upcoming federal elections andrew thomas has more from sydney. the prime minister scott morrison didn't name any particular
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country when he talked about a sophisticated state actor being behind this cyber attack but most people think the security service is most suspect china although russia is another possibility as indeed the united states or even is right now this all started ten days ago when the prime minister said the security services detected a cyber attack on the parliamentary computer system including the email accounts of some m.p.'s and it's been during the investigation into that cyber attack ten days ago that has revealed that political parties computer systems have also been attacked not significant because the major political parties here hold huge amounts of personal information about voters they use that of course when it comes to targeting votes is in the run up to elections and there's a national election here jew probably in may now the prime minister said there's no evidence yet that there's been any electoral interference by states but the concern
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of course is that that could come. well health organization says the anti-vaccination movement is in part responsible for a spike in measles cases around the world most recently in the u.s. and the philippines was it blames conflict and poor access to vaccines measles cause at least one hundred thirty six thousand deaths globally the philippines is struggling to contain the disease in january there were more than four thousand cases that's an increase of one hundred twenty two percent in the same period last year seventy people most of them children died in the past month seventy two people died in europe last year and two hundred seventy people most of them children have been infected with the disease in the recent u.s. outbreak. is an associate professor at the university of sydney's school of public health and an expert on immunization she says health professionals need to do more to gain the trust of vaccination skeptics. it really boils down to two things
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really access and acceptance of vaccination we hunt look at one fact there are a number of them and to deal with the measles problem effectively we are going to look at the way those problems affect access and except in subjects a nation building trust around vaccination requires action and a number of different levels starting from not using vaccination for political or military purposes through to making sure that health care systems. themselves trustworthy and running well that is transparency in the way that any program in medicine is brachial a shit and the safety systems that are in claims to monitor the safety of vaccines are shared with the public so they can see just how much if it carries at a global and country level to make vaccines as safe as possible and in that the
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health care professional level to support health professionals to have those conversations with parents who has attention about vaccination so that we can try to maintain individual trust in childhood vaccination and intrude at the sort of community level where there is clustering of opposition to vaccination working we in those communities is challenging in many ways we need to drive the discontent but it's very important to. trying to build trust because essentially confidence about vaccination rests on people's ability to trust that scene's medicine health care systems and governments. it was once a model of integration in its lee but the town of ras che came under attack last year when is lee's far right interior minister. ordered hundreds of refugees be
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moved out and suspended may is now waiting trial for aiding illegal immigration many residents say the area have been revived by the arrival of the immigrants so here you go reports from riyadh in southern italy these quiet streets will once bustling with activity people and purpose but reaction has become a shadow of its former self. raffia has been living here for four years she came from pakistan her family made this place their home and they are one of the few migrant families that remain here because before the project is from. the u.s. everything's. finish the project is finished crumbling buildings were turned into shops restaurants and homes now lie empty again the occupants left after pressure from the all thirty's those that live here say riyadh
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she had once been full of optimism now no more. this playground used to be full of children now nothing no one's left here. last year the mayor the when he was arrested for allegedly encouraging illegal immigration the main accusation that he arranged a marriage between a talian man and a nigerian woman who had been forced into prostitution so that she could remain in the country the action is integration model breathed new life into this village but it became a target immigration politicians including the deputy prime minister. who frequently voiced his antagonism towards this project so now once again the actual lies practically deserted and all the effort that went into rejuvenating this place is now wasted. well the mayor was praised for pioneering
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a model of integration that benefited the area matteo salvini led a campaign to stop the movement of humanitarian rescue ships out of italy sports and revelled on social media what mr mcconnell was arrested. no longer allowed to set foot to mr lucado is awaiting trial and says he is being used as an example for those who do not meet the new immigration policies. the message that came from here was that for once it was possible to create a diverse multi-ethnic society and that wasn't allowed. instead they created political success from propaganda which turned the least people against each other the quietness here a reflection of the new normal immigration is no longer an issue of assistance but of control those who remain say it is a sad place hope of new life has been abandoned and the welcome it once promised no longer allowed sunny diag al-jazeera southern italy. hundreds of environmentalists
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a bloc drives around london's fashion week vans protesting against the industry's effect on climate change. to some of the activists. london fashion week is one of the most important events in the fashion calendar anywhere in the world a chance to showcase new talent and design but it's also a chance to hold the fashion industry to account when it comes to its record on the protect the environment and sustainability which is what this is all about by direct action group called extinction rebellion that believes very much the fashion industry is a part of the problem as opposed to the sure i think at the moment we're in a situation where we're heading towards must extinctions worldwide climate change is kicking in and everyone is still continuing as if it's business as usual politicians are failing us the supply chains and things with the fashion world i know it's incredibly complex but we all have to reappraise the way we're living on
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this planet link here but his london fashion week is just behind him we want to see he wants to cling to see strychnine if he could use them police right now listening . to stern and middle east to turn people on to make it so he gets to stay in business. with the other side of the street fashionistas are getting ready for another day of shows at this london venue the industry generates thirty five billion dollars for the u.k. economy and employs seven hundred eighty thousand people that's almost as big as the financial sector which is why the campaign is what they say norma's sprawling global industry the pound may have the same carbon footprint as the russian federation to do more to tackle climate change. the british fashion council says sustainable so-called positive fashion has dominated discussions at this year's event more more designers are now talking about going green but it could be some
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time before these future trends reach the rest of us. and you can find plenty more on our website the address of the screens al jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories in pakistan has recalled its ambassador from new delhi as tensions in india mrs kashmir continue to escalate at least four indian soldiers and two rebels have been killed in a gun battle and northern paul won the district twenty four hour curfew is currently in force after forty four security personnel died in a suicide bombing on thursday. group josh mohammad claimed responsibility for the us attack saudi arabia's crown prince have been summoned has led a delegation to islamabad that's agreed more than twenty billion dollars in investment for pakistan it's a much needed relief for pakistan's economy which is currently facing
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a debt crisis. has more on saudi arabia is such. a thing that what you believe that though did not realize that they are isolated in film regions of the world and therefore they are now drawing before gerd primarily because of the drying our economic order dawe so did want to become a border of the need to read come dad and that though did of course billions of dollars in august don i have been rid. of their dry need a known their over forty five billion dollars and then their project as well as government has blocked members of the european parliament from entering the country the group have been invited to meet them so as national assembly by the opposition leader. trying to enlist the help of volunteers to confront a government blockade on us at the border hundreds of thousands of civilians are
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expected to try and take supplies through on. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has implemented a controversial new law that will take away millions of dollars of tax revenues from the palestinian authority a move penalize israel thirty for supporting the families of jailed palestinian prisoners. as traitors government says political parties have been targeted in the cyber attack carried out by a foreign state the breach of the parliament's network was detected on february the eighth. scott morrison says the attack was sophisticated but investigators have found no evidence of interference in upcoming federal elections. now with all the headlines and back with more news on al-jazeera techno to stay with us . the week began with views of a ninety day truce in the us china trade. the largest supply of liquefied
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natural gas is leaving the biggest oil. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state. in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not living in poverty their needs are so great and that pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i gave culture and education to people i'm impairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and governmental staring that's left thirteen million brazilians
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unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in unique way. this is a show about science lol all are now by scientists. tonight. techno in search of the great american prairie where in the ironically we have such little of it left farming and over development killed it now get ready for this explosion of color and the return of these native animals how many plant species do you have in here but fall in tears trying to bring back one of the planet's most complex ecosystems for a new.


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