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his colleagues we stand with press from. pakistan withdraws its ambassador to india as more fighting kills four soldiers in any injured administered kashmir. this is live from doha also coming up a report from brazil's border where hundreds of venezuelans seek medical help and claim asylum every day. israel creates a new law to withhold millions of dollars and palestinian funds. and a sophisticated cyber attack on the strain is major political parties the
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government claims a foreign state. pakistan has recalled its ambassador from new delhi as tensions in the indian mists of cash mc continue to escalate at least four indian soldiers and two rebels have been killed in a gun battle and none of them paul won the district a twenty four hour curfew is currently in force officer forty four security personnel died in a suicide bombing on thursday august on bass group josh mohammad claimed responsibility for the attack will get the latest from come on. just a moment but first let's go to fest in new delhi for us so a significant development phase with pakistan recalling its ambassador to india and as volatile as continuing in kashmir. baucus on recalling its ambassador officially for consultations but it's being seen
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as a retaliation for india blaming it for last week's attack india has been launching a campaign to isolate pakistan on the international stage both diplomatically and economically and baucus town is fighting back there saying that they're being blamed though without any proof let alone an investigation and they say instead india should be focusing on the intelligence lapses and security lapses which led to the attack in the first place as you mentioned the security situation is still fraught in india to mr mir on monday there was an attack which actually began the day before late in the night where four soldiers a civilian and two gunmen have been killed prime minister narendra modi on monday during a media conference with the argentinean president condemned those attacks but the situation is seems to be getting even worse because on top of all of that india has announced that are going to be withdrawing security for separatist leaders in india
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and mr mir now this was originally given by india after infighting years ago led to the deaths of several of these separatist leaders and the worry is if that happens again this could further destabilize the entire region ok if as many thanks for finding some context from the new delhi has given that we can join come all hides a and come all these tensions as the saudis in pakistan i'm leaving him from the saudi foreign affairs and. he's been weighing in what he's been saying. absolutely tensions between the two countries. and the saudi foreign minister. that saudi arabia lord play a role in trying to diffuse the crisis between the two countries to be escalated the great case to be understood that saudi arabia also had the. indian community
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like the budgets are needed also a very large labor force could tell g.a.b.r. throw the toadies of course drive to you with their influence and because the crown prince bomber had been thought a man will be traveling to new delhi next it is possible that he may discuss dates with the indians into a conference his visit an important one for pakistan and the country to kill billions of dollars and investment but how significant also if a saudi arabia well just heading east in search of new allies. absolutely what days so de crown prince was saying is that focused on would be an important country in the future and that saudi arabia wanted to be a part of that he said also that we were waiting for the right leadership to emerge and focused on now that it's all gets done has such a leadership that there would be a great future for saudi arabia and pakistan he also emphasized that the investment
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in pakistan was focused on his interest as well as the i didn't trade that was not shattered and then i read jack the saudis also announcing that they would release over two thousand august on a prisoner. in saudi arabia engaged after the pakistani prime minister brought up that if you were that that would be crowned prince saying that these people close to his heart and their families waiting for them to get done so indeed a monument to the way they did because it must be understood that the number billions of dollars that they did was a second door to lead china's investment in recent years where they are now focused on the economic order dole or the one bed one road initiate david under way that saudis of course would like to use this particular quarter dough for trade with china china is also an emerging market for saudi oil and gas or indeed it
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is considered to be in when the chinese not objecting to this over the enrichment and interestingly moment when some on results will be going to china which is part of a drive to negotiate absolutely ok come out for the moment thanks very much. as well as government has blocked members of the european parliament from entering the country the group had been invited to meet as national assembly by the opposition leader. while trying to enlist the help of volunteers to confront a government blockade on u.s. aid at the border hundreds of thousands of civilians are expected to try to take supplies through on saturday. we're being expelled from venezuela our passports have been withheld we've not been informed of the reason nor do we have any document that justifies it because they have just thrown us out we came to venezuela with an official invitation from the national assembly a body that is recognized internationally and even recognized by the venezuelan
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president we are the first international delegation that was visiting the interim president one guy do when in a country a dictator closes the windows and turns off the lights that is when he goes from words to actions long live a free venezuela. hundreds of migrants continue to cross into brazil every day as the standoff between venezuela's president and the opposition leader intensifies. spoke to some of them on the border town of pak araya who are hoping to gain asylum and access to a better life on brazil's border with venezuela the migrants continue to arrive many of them relieved at least for the moment to have seemingly put their desperation behind them back home jackson maria just twenty three years old had quit school to work in a bakery and a lot of. young people like us can't achieve our goals and it is well i had to stop my academic studies because it we came
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a choice between studying and eating. but even that choice difficult as it may have been didn't make things much easier they left another the money i made from one week before was only enough to buy me one kilo price. his friend i modified also twenty three tells me things were unbearable well before the current political crisis and can't help but laugh when describing the dark absurdity of the past few weeks ok even the so in the same name though so he said no ok so people are now saying we have two presidents one issues in order the other refuses it one last for eight the other says the eight one pos it's public disorder in politics and neither of them is looking out for the welfare of the people but at this processing center in the town of pocket i'ma run by brazil's federal government and supported by the united nations refugee agency exhaustion is also palpable officials tell us that today alone over six hundred venezuelans cross from venezuela into brazil and many
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of those migrants will be applying for asylum and many of them will be seeking medical care but now we see more people arriving in very bad conditions arriving with the urgent need of medical attention so a lot of people can come here right here because you need to immediately transport to board these different care some people arrive here we actually do nothing but they will still be wearing stefania decided to leave when she realized it would be too expensive to have another baby in venezuela a little bit different because her mother sent me a message illness and my sister said she couldn't believe i was leaving i said yes i'm going i took my child and left time i got here by getting rides and travelling for two days and. like many others here she's happy for a brief respite. in this very temporary setting where children play with soldiers and things do albeit fleetingly seem
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a little bit better. in parker on brazil's border with venezuela yemen's government and the rebels have struck a deal of the withdrawal of troops from her data the warring sides have agreed on the first phase of a pullout from the port city it comes after two days of talks and ending the four year conflict senses from both sides have not given a date for redeployment. government demonstrations have been taking place in the yemeni capital sana'a atheists have been protesting against what they believe is the normalization of relations between yemen's government and israel. sitting next to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu during a summit in warsaw. israel has implemented a new law that will take away millions of dollars of tax revenues from the palestinian authority the move penalizes the authority for supporting the families
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of jailed palestinian prisoners have forced it has more from west to islam. benjamin netanyahu began his weekly cabinet meeting insisting that he would follow through on the course he said we could go to start with holding money from the palestinian authority. to today i will submit to the cabinet for approval the deduction of the salaries of terrorists from the palestinian authority money the cabinet will hear a detailed report regarding the money from security officials this is important legislation that we've advanced and today we're going to implement it as i promised the money in question is taxes raised by israel on behalf of the palestinians and sent to them every month for years netanyahu and his allies have attacked the palestinian policy of paying prisoners families calling it incitement to terror pointing to the fact that the longer the sentence the more serious the conviction the higher the payment last year why those criticisms were translated into israeli legislation now in the midst of an election campaign in which the right wing vote could prove crucial netanyahu is implementing the law withholding one hundred
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thirty eight million dollars in palestinian taxes in the face of widely reported warnings from his own security establishment suggesting such a move could in fact increase instability and violence. the palestinian prisoners club says about ten percent of the nearly six thousand inmates in israeli jails have been involved in deadly attacks the rest jailed for lesser offenses their families all deserving of support its president says the israeli move won't change a necessary policy. that aid money that we give to the palestinian families is not for the prisoner or for the martyr who is dead we give the money to the family israel wants to practice collective punishment for most palestinians the system is a consequence of life under occupation abandoning it under israeli pressure is politically. but i think the palestinian authority has condemned the israeli decision as piracy saying it's part of an effort to increase the pressure on the head of the publication of the trumpet ministrations peace plan expected some time
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after israel's april election ari force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. has attempted to order british ships to leave the port and gibraltar supporters government says ships already in the area stayed in position and the british navy dispatched its own vessels. as reports of venice slowly sailed away with its weapons uncovered unmanned still ahead here on al-jazeera the links between the anti vaccination movement and a sharp rise in missiles on opposite sides of the globe. plus horsing around look at the ancient sport of tent pegging in iraq.
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a much the same i think is down the queensland coast which increasingly is cathy and i think you'll see high seas this circulation really will bring the big ways towards the coast of queens and sometimes we wednesday or maybe thursday. a face can tell a story without uttering a single lie. and knowing god. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the unconventionality of life witness through the men's of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching alexander has a reminder of our top stories this hour as dawn has recalled its ambassador from new delhi as tensions in indian administered kashmir continue to escalate at least for indian soldiers have been killed in fighting between suspected separatists gunman and security forces and the disputed region. members of the european parliament invited to visit venezuela have been refused entry and expelled from the country it would use a meet the country's national assembly and opposition needs a white day to discuss the ongoing political crisis. and it's also prime minister benjamin netanyahu has implemented a controversial new law that will take away millions of dollars of tax revenues from the palestinian authority move penalizes the authority for supporting the
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families of jailed palestinian presence. iran's foreign minister says there's a growing risk of war between his country and israel mohammed serif made comments on the final day of the annual munich security conference so we've called the u.s. a destabilizing force which could increase as increase the chances of a new conflict in the middle east similar shell has more from munich on the third and final day of the munich security conference it was iran's turn to talk about the challenges facing peace and stability around the world its foreign minister david zarif telling leaders it was american and israeli policies that threatened international security and not those of his government at the recent meeting. let me just call it the unveiling. and you open the quest in war so the u.s. vice president. and the secretary of state both blasted europe on european
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soil. for even attempting albeit without much success to abide by its obligations under the j c p u a and under security council resolution twenty two thirty one yesterday right here in munich. mr pence repeated this course then he added again to be demanded that europe must join the united states in undermining its own security and breaking its obligations. one of the main discussions at the conference was about the true thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal and even though the us on the president donald trump has withdrawn from it senior american politicians continue to stand by the agreement as when you as a strong supporter of the. nuclear agreement with iran and have we want to stick with supporting them in their reign in foreign minister however fail to address to her policies in syria and its support for president bashar assad both or accused of
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killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and now that iran and said seem to have won the war it seems that syria is being welcomed back into the international fold but not everyone is happy about that we are seeing countries are running back to normalize with the syrian regime inviting the sierra jim to come back to the arab league and we raise the question what of. what the syrian regime has done in order to be rewarded by normalization rewarded by coming back to the legal fight of says another edition of the munich security conference has concluded yet many of the reasons for insecurity around the world remain critics say those include some of the leaders who themselves were present at this conference now new challenges were also discussed such as cyber security but it is new solutions to old problems that many are looking to world leaders for. munich iran has unveiled
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a new submarine which it says is capable of firing cruise missiles as and hasan rowhani in the least addition to its naval fleet in the port city of. the concordia iranian media says it's the country's first semi heavy submarine honey says the domestically produced vessel is state of the arts. yes special envoy for syria has tried to reassure allies that the withdrawal of american troops in the country will not be a sudden one james jeffrey insists it will be a step by step process imran khan reports. now the take he said. in was designed to reassure european allies the u.s. special envoy to syria said this on the planned withdrawal of troops from syria first of all this is not going to be an abrupt or rapid withdrawal it's going to be an artillery step by step withdrawal and each point at each phase we're going to look at our underlying goals that i just laid out ensure that we have means
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capabilities and partners that can carry them out for us this still no plan at least one that is public on the details of the withdrawal however there did seem to be differences with turkey on what to do about the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces led by the kurdish group white b.g. . at the same conference in munich the turkish defense minister reiterated his country's view that the y.p. g. is a terrorist group the main body main issue of the are you and your goals security so that to get rid of. terrorists. regardless of who they are going to be of light p.g. they are whoever they are. the syrian democratic forces will be concerned that the u.s. has plans and some in the group fear the u.s. may abandon them once the fight against isis last enclave in booze in southeastern syria is over with one of the syrian democratic forces most of all he has.
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even said he says there are about a thousand civilians that are trapped in the village also says fighters have dug tunnels underneath the village and the vast majority of their fighters are hiding in those tunnels the u.s. president donald trump says is a pull u.s. forces out of syria when the eisel caliphate is defeated with a battle limburg was approaching a stalemate he may have to wait a few more days before making the victory declaration he's promised iraq does or doesn't it haiti's government says it will deepen an investigation into alleged corruption in a key oil program that attempts to calm anti-government protesters. can't also announce economic measures including budget cuts for himself and other government ministers at least seven people have died over the last ten days and demonstrations demanding present governor step down as straightly is government says political parties have been targeted in this cyber attack carried out by foreign state
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a breach of the parliament's network was detected on the eighth of february prime minister scott morrison says the attack was sophisticated but investigators have found no evidence of interference in upcoming federal elections andrew thomas has more from city. the prime minister scott morrison didn't name any particular country when he talked about a sophisticated state actor being behind this cyber attack but most people think the security service is most suspect china although russia is another possibility as indeed the united states or even is right now this all started ten days ago when the prime minister said the security services have detected a cyber attack on the parliamentary computer system including the e-mail accounts of some m.p.'s and it's been during the investigation into that cyber attack ten days ago that has revealed that political parties computer systems have also been attacked now that's significant because the major political parties here hold huge
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amounts of personal information about voters they use that of course when it comes to targeting votes is in the run up to elections and that's a national election here jew probably in may now the prime minister said there's no evidence yet that there's been any electoral interference by foreign states but the concern of course is that bands could count. the world health organization says the anti vaccination movement is in part responsible for a spike in measles cases around the world ice recently in the u.s. and the philippines and the conflict and poor access to vaccines. cause at least one hundred thirty six thousand deaths globally the philippines is struggling to contain the disease in january there were more than four thousand cases that's an increase of one hundred twenty two percent on the same period last year seventy people most of them children died in the past month seventy two people died in europe last year and two hundred seventy people again most of them children have
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been infected with the disease in a recent u.s. outbreak. she is an associate professor at the university of sydney's school of public health and an expert on immunization she says health professionals need to do more to gain the trust of facts vaccination skeptics. it really boils down to two things really access and acceptance of vaccination we hum look at one fact there are a number of them and to deal with the measles problem effectively we are going to look at the way those problems affect access and except in subjects a nation building trust around vaccination requires action in a number of different levels starting from not using vaccination for political or military purposes through to making sure that health care systems themselves trustworthy and running well that is transparency in the way that any
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program in medicine is brachial a shit and the safety systems that are in place to monitor the safety of vaccines are shared with the public so they can see just how much if it carries at a global and country level to make vaccines as safe as possible and into the health care professional level to support health professionals to have those conversations with parents who are has a chance about vaccination so that we can try to maintain individual trust in childhood vaccination and intrude at the sort of community level where there is clustering of opposition to the acts in action working we in those communities is challenging in many ways we need to drive the discontent but it's very important to. trying to build trust because essentially confidence about vaccination rests on people's ability to trust that scene's medicine health care
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systems and governments. war and political instability in iraq has held back its economic development the decades and surprisingly investment in sports has also suffered one to stand empty as great cultural significance for rockies the winds are legion tent pegging that went to baghdad to find out more. it's called tent to taking an ancient horse riding skill believed to be practiced by armies around the world over two thousand years ago and some of these a rocky ride is a rather good at it. is a member of the iraqi equestrian team he rides an eight year old arabian far abroad called she has. this is the fall of saddam hussein in two thousand and three until now i have one around forty five medals and four of them were gold but
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the equestrian sports here are no longer taken seriously they suffer lack of government support and of private investment iraq's equestrian federation used to be a sporting institution that the country was proud of his club was a favorite hangout for saddam hussein's sons to show off their wealth both owned horses worth millions of dollars which they kept at the stables years of war the political instability means the club's facilities for for the long haul times iraq's a question federation was set up in nineteen twenty two during the year is overall short lived more to keep the six thousand forces here that saw him were raby and sorra breeds the envy of the questions and breeders around the world now during the war that toppled saddam hussein all the horses here was stolen and even today the federation still struggles to survive. but
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a few of iraq's elite who didn't flee the country still come to ride secondary school students in schol assad harmeet right eleven year old horse called nivo in show low represented iraq at the youth to lympics held in argentina last year she came twenty fourth out of thirty participants in the horse jumping event i feel comfortable i feel i am or i am going to heaven when i am writing courses because it's my honest because it's a culture of our town because the horse is far ahead for the killings and it's my history which strict international quarantine rules prevent iraq you reuters like inshallah taking their horses abroad to compete in events instead they have to ride animals supplied by the host nation the world health organization says iraq relax sufficient expertise to deal with infectious acquiring diseases that we cannot participate properly meter national tournaments because of these quarantine laws
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cannot show our true potential this is the biggest challenge we face. the writers here say despite the ban they will continue to strive towards international success and recognition and preserve a cultural tradition so in taking over to iraq and the arab world transcribe it i'll just hear a baghdad. without is there these are our top stories pakistan has recalled its ambassador from new delhi as tensions in india and said gosh may continue to escalate and these full indian soldiers and two rivals have been killed in a gun battle and know them call won the district. is currently in force off to forty four security personnel died in suicide bombing on thursday. mohammad claimed responsibility for the attack. saudi arabia's crown prince bandar bin sultan has
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led a delegation to islamabad secrete more than twenty billion dollars in investment for pakistan as much needed relief for pakistan's economy which is currently facing a debt crisis has more on saudi arabia's allies the. thing that was here believe that though did not realize that they are isolated in film regions of the world and therefore they are now trying to for gerd primarily because of the drying our economic order door so did want to become a part of their dream need to read gummed and that though we did of course again billions of dollars in progress don i have been in richmond after drying the the known through over forty five billion dollars and then for a doctor a project that is when his government has blocked members of the european parliament from entering the country the group has been invited to meet venezuela's
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national assembly by the opposition leader one. meanwhile trying to enlist the help of volunteers to confront a government blockade on u.s. aid at the border hundreds of thousands of civilians are expected to try to take supplies through on saturday and a spanish warship has attempted to order commercial ships to leave and criticize and ship the warship broke broadcasts in order for vessels to leave what it called spanish territorial waters poses government says ships anchored in the area stayed in position and the bush navy dispatched its vessels and spanish warship is reported to then have slowly sailed away with its weapons uncovers and. your headlines up in more news continuing here on al-jazeera off the witness. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. digital media piety and maria ressa is the founder of online side. riyadh forty years if they can use it is whatever power doesn't like the president of the philippines abroad rico deter day says he wants to kill as many people involved with drugs just as possible and lists his critics as public and a. rap clerk and online news site and known to be critical of the government had its license revoked a few weeks ago the end goal is to silence.


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