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the apply the witness through the men's of the human eye the is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. new violins in the disputed kashmir region absence soaring tensions between india and pakistan. hello i'm fully back to go this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead kurdish forces in syria warn of an ice old time bomb as its prisoners overflow with captured fights his boss an exclusive report from northern nigeria where conflicts between christian farmers and muslim head is has left at least sixty six people dead and a spanish warship is accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave waters the
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edge of broad top before being challenged by the british navy. thank you for joining us tensions are worsening between india and pakistan after a suicide bombing in indian administered kashmir last week at least forty one indian security personnel were killed both countries have called their ambassadors home after india accused pakistan of having a hand in thursday's attack pakistan denies that meanwhile there's been more fighting in the troubled himalayan region for indian soldiers have been killed as well as two gunmen from an armed group and a civilian. as well from new delhi. in the past few hours as more fighting in indian administered kashmir several soldiers as well as a deputy inspector general of the kashmir police have been injured but the police officer has been taken to hospital with a bullet injury to his leg and this is. from the battle that began late on sunday
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where security forces that corner two gunmen holed up in a house now there in that incident four soldiers and a civilian the man who owned the house were killed the gunmen fled were later pursued and found another battle ensued and those two gunmen were killed now this comes just days after that massive suicide bombing on thursday killed at least forty once paramilitary troopers has really reached ten cities in the area as well as a tween india and pakistan. or saudi arabia has promised to help deescalate tensions between the two countries crown prince mohammed bin someone is preparing to head to india after visiting pakistan have been demonstrations in new delhi ahead of his arrival protesters say the crown prince is responsible for killing thousands of civilians in yemen and accuse him of ordering the murder of saudi journalists. come on haida is in islamabad to tell us about the tensions between india and pakistan and also mohammed bin salman says it. tensions between india and pakistan are
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running high. in d.n.a. administered kashmir. the indian then quickly putting the blame of responsibility on august on august on thing that day should have been a proper investigation and that this was the need reaction. that there were tens of thousands of people killed in this country and deadly bomb attack but despite the fact that that patients the neighborly wars it did not deny anyone pakistan wanted to improve its relations with india something that the pakistani prime minute. again and again it is. there is a feeling emerging head in pakistan that the indian prime minister narendra modi is trying to capitalize on that and keep august on. from what is happening inside indian administered kashmir and. the upcoming
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indian elections that concern by de wardes. between india and pakistan by the foreign minister i think that saudi arabia will be the crisis between new delhi and it. and also coming at a time when the so. new delhi third will be important to see where the saudi arabia would be able to play a role in trying to defuse tensions between the two nuclear nation and the world news to bombast in syria's northwestern city of adelaide have killed at least nine people a u.k. based savagery for human rights says the bombs went off in the close neighborhood during rush hour seen several bombings in recent months which have wounded and killed scores of people a city is controlled by the high at. school. i could be sure thought. these in
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northern syria say they won't release the eight hundred for an eye so pfizer is being held in prison insisting it's up to individual countries to take responsibility for its citizens it also warned there aren't enough jails for the fighters captured and worry about what could happen if they skate well germany's government meanwhile says it's in talks with france and the u.s. about the return of for a nicer fight is donald trump wants european allies to take them back and put them on trial germany wants to prosecute its citizens who joined i saw but says it will be difficult to organize their repatch as speaker imran khan who is in gaza and test for us on the turkey syria border eman tell us first about the numbers of fighters and their families who are currently being held by the kurds. well according to the syrian democratic forces foreign relations committee there are some eight hundred foreign fighters that are being held in prisons in the
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territory now they say that those numbers are growing by the dozens every day they made a very impassioned plea saying they're not going to release them but individual countries like france britain and germany must do more to take their citizens back however they haven't broken down the numbers of fighters from individual countries and it's likely that there are going to be more fighters from non european countries chechens. iraqis as we've heard in amongst those numbers that are rather than fighters from europe itself but the kurds are also saying that they need to the international community needs to step up and take responsibility for these fighters and to bring them back home they say they really worried about and that's haq on the prison which might release those fighters back and they may well be able to regroup and start mounting attacks within the territory so they are very concerned that those fights is becoming a threat despite the fact that they're in prison and what do we know about germany
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being in discussion without the e.u. nations about taking these fighters back are they all on the same line. i know there's a lot of differences between all of the two countries the german interior ministry spokesman that was its press conference he told people that it was a fundamental right of every german to return back home and that was the right enshrined in german law however how are they going to get home i mean the germans haven't said that they going to send consular services people to those prisons i mentioned prisons to talk to german citizens about bringing them back and we've also heard from the brits as well the brits have said that if i still fight his wives and children can actually get to a embassy in either iraq or turkey they'll be offered consular services but they're not going to send people back into syria to be able to allow them to talk to them and to find out what exactly they need and how to bring them back britain doesn't have any kind of diplomatic representation within syria right now doesn't have an
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embassy within. damascus itself so although the u.s. president is putting a tremendous amount of person pressure on his european allies we still don't know how many european fights is that and what kind of number they are and how those european countries despite the fact they said ok if they can get in britain's case to an embassy we can help them and the germans said yes they can return but we don't know how that will happen and certainly the syrian democratic forces are very concerned about all of this i very worried that these ice with fighters as i've said pose a threat if they're able to escape thank you for that. nigeria's president has called for an investigation into why the country's presidential election was postponed by a week motto biharis ruling party had an emergency meeting in the capital abuja on the election commission's surprise a session to move the vote to saturday the nigerian leader criticize the commission
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saying it needed to explain its cold incompetence he also called for the reasons behind the delay to be made public but only after polling takes place definitively . why such incompetence militias sent. history explain to the nation after the election we have to know exactly what happened and. i know it's our efforts to. make sure that this is still we willing to accept. is that making progress which is . except in confidence while religious violence between christians and muslims is a concern ahead of saturday's vote officials in the northwest of nigeria have discovered the bodies of sixty six people killed but what they're calling by what they're calling rather criminal elements mohammed abdul met some of the survivors.
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the two year old it. is one of the survivors a wood blocks hoch by hundreds of men armed with guns and machetes ishak wizkid with a bullet wound to the arm but twenty two members of his family including his wife four children and is a limit on further were killed here in that you're going on what you know well let's go back to no no hole already when looked what wrong did we commit to deserve this brutality several villages in area and could do no state of mufon no judio autocracy. among the rules the bodies found while at least twenty two children under the age of ten these. at the hospital in could do nothing or two more could die is taken care of two grandsons four year old. and two and a half year old bashir both were injured in the attack they are the only surviving members of my extended family doctors operated only brought him to remove at least
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thirty pellets loads the news interest bags in between tears she talks about the moment her life changed forever. they give that as a community square my husband was the first to be beheaded anybody who tried to escape was shot he came to finish it all government officials say at least sixty six people were killed in the attack it's a figure disputed by community leaders the counting is still on but assad yesterday is over sixty seven and the counting is the because over one hundred something and something are still missing yeah i mean most of the cows are not their position are where they are i'm not is not known. we met some of those who survived huddled together in the open they're still in shock scourged by what they witnessed the killings beheadings and torching of houses the pain of seeing their loved ones
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getting killed by the attackers is still vivid in the minds of these people there i have here after a three day strike and now say they need help with food cruel thing and shelter against the cold nights. the killings in can do no shocked the nation within hours prison muhammadu buhari called the vile and body was an attempt to say to stock religious conflict between christians and muslims. this region where nigeria's muslim north meets nigeria south this prone to religious tension how does a nic fly in the a muslim muslim well the farmers a muslim christian where there is breakdown into community relations this are the kind of things the site is so far from for the past twenty years the has been neglect of architecture for harmonious core existence a moral rule communities of nigeria respect and resolutions hard to read and with
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the demand for land growing by the day their fears the violence may only intensify mohamed atta while jazeera kaduna nigeria the weather is up next and still ahead peacekeepers in central african republic face a damning assessment of very sponsor of a wave of violence across a foreign government is paying for a sophisticated cyber attack on australia's major political parties. having the really shouldn't be quite so much rain in china at the moment but as you can see from the massive cloud there's more than a hint where it's already fall and there is more to come i think you've got one more day of it reaching its peak and it may well fall in hong kong so it's quite widespread it goes up towards shankar and the cold bit run well has produced some
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pretty interesting architecture sculpture if you like of snow and rhyme and ice on the trees pretty side and there's more to come otherwise it's rain but the ration dried up in hong kong but i only get first the starter when seabrook of twenty five degrees humid ish degrees but twenty five on site. and there's more rain developing in pakistan eastern iran and afghanistan you don't see much from this next system is coming in the picture for tuesday isn't that dramatic a little bit of rain or snow in the far north eastern afghanistan hindu kush and then you watch it overnight to see into wednesday all of a sudden the blue green which is rain and again it's focusing on pakistan significant amount of rain here obviously snow where gets colder and as hard ground in eastern afghanistan but the western edge still looks far i'm going to be very brief develop began through the go also doha temperature drops to a max of twenty two.
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talk to. you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want relations with india that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers about the stories that matter to syria. and watching al-jazeera
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a reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan has called is some bastard home from india marrying a move by new delhi as tensions escalate across indian administrate kashmir at least for indian soldiers have been killed in fighting between suspected separatist gunmen and security forces in the disputed region after a suicide bombing on. two bombs in syria's northwestern city of it may have killed at least nine people the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says the bombs went off in the neighborhood cheering rush hour and nigeria's president wants an investigation into why the election was postponed by a week not of wire he says the election commission needs to explain what he calls its incompetence. roving passive spectators that's how an international aid agency has described u.n. peacekeepers deployed during days of violence last year in central african republic al-jazeera has asked the u.n. mission for a response but so far we haven't received any priyanka go to has more on the
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allegations. about the. you know these homes and bought and good food were meant to shelter people displaced by conflict in central african republic but now these houses stand as a reminder of six days of murder arson and looting that began last october. there was six days that brought what the un described as an unacceptable humanitarian tragedy it began as isolated attacks by the mainly christian groups and mostly muslim fighters stash aid agency doctors without borders says the four were celica fighters soon at least a wave of violence but civilians at aid workers caught the middle it says you had peacekeepers deployed to protect civilians at the time to do much. you can well imagine sneaky since if the un battalion which is supposed to protect the civilians has been inefficient when confronted with this violence we used to military and
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workers had to open the gate of our hospitals or the population could take shelter because they found no other shelter. allegation groupie to by the city's mayor and witnesses a lot over a year. so we were watching these arguments they were at the gate and they were just filming and they were smiling it's not serious. i want to know the blue helmets were in their vehicle and they were following the extra work of fighters they were on the roads and they were watching the rebels burning down the i.d.p.'s site. the un peacekeeping operation said laughing public has had more than twelve thousand members from several nations says twenty fourteen it's aimed at protecting civilians were armed cops control eighty percent of the area earlier this month the government side peace deal with forty rebel groups after holding direct talks for the first time it's the eighth attempt to give end to the six year conflict.
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al-jazeera. now the crew aboard a spanish warship has been accused of orin commercial vessels to leave disputed waters near gibraltar before being challenge by the british navy the government of the british overseas territory says a spanish ship sailed away after the brave confrontation a status on gibraltar tiny piece of land jetting out of spain southern coast has long been disputed between spain and the u.k. let's take a listen to an excerpt of the radio conversation that took place between the ships on gibraltar as waters. vicious page. called the forty four three steamy aside spanish territorial waters writing condition of you know safe passage i suggest you change your speed of a spanish date or a waters over us as a definite surtees i for for the eyes of currently we are of course.
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of you for alpha. if you verify you are of the firings of your. dates. so the government of gibraltar says that a spanish warship radioed commercial vessels anchored at gibraltar and told them to leave spanish waters now according to the governments of gibraltar these are foolish games only of nuisance value played by those who don't accept unimpeachable british sovereignty over the waters around a broader as recognized by the whole world in the united nations convention on the law of the sea now gibraltar is a british overseas territory and it was ceded by the spanish to the united kingdom in seventeen thirteen in perpetuity so the british say it's ours now and it will be forever more but of course with the u.k.
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trying to leave the european union at the moment relations with spain are important and gibraltar becomes a pressure point essentially that the british fear the spanish use because they've always wanted gibraltar back against the u.k. in its negotiations with the european union and century what it becomes is another example like northern ireland of britain's complicated colonial history and its territorial legacy coming back to bite it basically in the here and now and making things very complicated as brics it unfolds and the u.k. tries to leave the european union accord in the mall d.s. has ordered the arrest of former president abdoulaye yemenis to stay in custody at least for the duration of his corruption trial after the prosecution accused him of attempting to bribe a witness he's also been charged with laundering one million dollars while in office i mean lost his bid for reelection last year. venezuela's government has
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brought members of the european parliament from entering the country the group had been invited by opposition leader one guy go to meet the national assembly which is controlled by the opposition is also trying to enlist a million volunteers to head to the border on sunday to receive foreign aid being stored in neighboring countries and if. we're being expelled from venezuela our passports have been withheld we've not been informed of the reason nor do we have any document that justifies it because they have just thrown us out we came to venezuela with an official invitation from the national assembly a body that is recognized internationally and even recognized by the venezuelan president we are the first international delegation that was visiting the interim president one guy do when in a country a dictator closes the windows and turns off the lights that is when he goes from words to actions long live a free venezuela now as a standoff intensifies between why do and president nicolas maduro venezuelans
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continue to leave the country in droves the crumbling economy has already forced more than three million to seek a new life abroad. spoke to some of them in the brazilian border town of pie kyra where hundreds are crossing every day. on brazil's border with venezuela the migrants continue to arrive many of them relieved at least for the moment to have seemingly put their desperation behind them back home jackson maria just twenty three years old had quit school to work in a bakery and a little. young people like us couldn't achieve our goals of it as well i had to stop my academic studies because it we came a choice between studying and eating. but even that choice difficult as it may have been didn't make things much easier they left i know that the money i made from one week before was only enough to buy me one kilo price. his friend i modify
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also twenty three tells me things were unbearable well before the current political crisis and can't help but laugh when describing the dark absurdity of the past few weeks ok even the so in the same name though so he said no ok so people are now saying we have two presidents one issues in order the other refuses it one last for eight the other says the eight one pos it's public disorder in politics and neither of them is looking out for the welfare of the people but at this processing center in the town of pocket arima run by brazil's federal government and supported by the united nations refugee agency exhaustion is also palpable officials tell us that today alone over six hundred venezuelans cross from venezuela into brazil and many of those migrants will be applying for asylum and many of them will be seeking medical care but now we see more people arriving in very bad conditions arriving with the urgent need for medical attention so
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a lot of people who are right here because we need to immediately transport to board these different medical care some people arrive here we actually do nothing but there will still be wearing stefania decided to leave when she realized it would be too expensive to have another baby in venezuela a little bit different to get them medicine but it's a deal something my sister said she couldn't believe i was leaving i said yes i'm going i took my child and left time i got here by getting rides and travelling for two days and. like many others here she's happy for a brief respite in this very temporary setting where children play with soldiers and things do albeit fleetingly seem a little bit better. in parker dima on brazil's border with venezuela australia's government says political parties have been targeted in a cyber attack carried out by a foreign state the breach of the parliaments that work was detected on february
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eighth the government says there is no evidence of interference in the upcoming elections andrew thomas has more from sydney. the prime minister scott morrison didn't name any particular country when he talked about a sophisticated state actor being behind this cyber attack but most people think the security service is most suspect china although russia is another possibility as indeed the united states or even is right now this all started ten days ago when the prime minister said the security services have detected a cyber attack on the parliamentary computer system including the e-mail accounts of some m.p.'s and it's been doing the investigation into that cyber attack ten days ago that has revealed that political parties computer systems of also be attacked non-significant because the major political parties here hold huge amounts of personal information about voters they use that of course when it comes to
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targeting votes is in the run up to elections and there's a national election here jew probably in may now the prime minister said there's no evidence yet that there's been any electoral interference by states but the concern of course is that funds could come. out residents of the seventy talian town of react chase say it's been decimated by an order for hundreds of refugees to be moved out the suspended mare is now waiting trial for aiding illegal immigration from riyadh change sonia gago has our report these quiet streets will once bustling with activity people and purpose but reaction has become a shadow of its former self. raffia has been living here for four years she came from pakistan her family made this place their home and they are one of the few migrant families that remain here because before the project is to.
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give us everything's they help us. all the moves finish the project is finished crumbling buildings were turned into shops restaurants and homes now lie empty again the occupants left after pressure from the old thirties those that live here say riyadh she had once been full of optimism now no more. this playground used to be full of children now nothing no one's left here. last year the mayor the when he was arrested for allegedly encouraging illegal immigration the main accusation that he arranged a marriage between a talian man and a nigerian woman who had been forced into prostitution so that she could remain in the country the action is integration model breathed new life into this village but it became a target immigration politicians including the deputy prime minister met any who
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frequently has voiced his antagonism towards this project so now once again the actual lies practically deserted and all the effort that went into rejuvenating this place is now wasted. well the mayor was praised for pioneering a model of integration that benefited the area. to campaign to stop the movement of humanitarian rescue ships out of italy sports and revelled on social media what mr mcconnell was arrested. no longer allowed to set foot. is awaiting trial and says he is being used as an example for those who do not meet the new immigration policies. the message that came from here was that for once it was possible to create a diverse multi-ethnic society and that wasn't allowed. instead they created political success from propaganda which turned the least people against each other
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. the quietness here a reflection of the new normal immigration is no longer an issue of assistance but of control those who remain say it is a sad a place hope of new life has been abandoned and the welcome it once promised no longer allowed sunny diagonal al-jazeera southern italy. hello again i'm fully back to blow with the headlines on al-jazeera pakistan has called it some bastard home from india marrying a move by new delhi as tensions escalate across the indian administered kashmir indian soldiers have been killed in fighting between suspected separatists gunmen and security forces in the disputed region this after a suicide bombing on thursday that left forty one indian security personnel dead saudi arabia meanwhile has promised to help deescalate the tensions between the two countries crown prince mohammed bin salman is preparing to head to india after
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visiting pakistan they've been demonstrations ahead of his arrival protesters say the crown prince is responsible for killing thousands of civilians in yemen and accuse him of ordering the murder of saudi journalist. in syria two bombs in the northwestern city of idlib have killed at least nine people the u.k. based syrian observatory for human white says the bombs went off in the neighborhood during rush hour i jarius president is calling for an investigation into why the country's presidential election was postponed by a week mohammed who bihari says the election commission needs to explain what he calls its incompetence. definitely very. well i said incompetence militias so it. has to be explained to the nation after the election we have to know exactly what happened and.
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i know it's our employees to. make sure that this is still we willing to accept. is that making progress. except in confidence. the crew of a spanish warship has been accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave disputed waters near gibraltar before being challenged by the british navy the government of the british overseas territory says a spanish ship sailed away after the brave confrontation members of the european parliament have been refused entry to venezuela by the government they were invited by the national assembly and opposition leader one who has declared himself interim president of venezuela. those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's talk to al-jazeera to stay with us and watch. the week began with news of a ninety day truce in the to protect u.s. china trade will the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving
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the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. after having everybody here to it and you have a certain side that almost pretends it doesn't exist pretty much pretends it doesn't exist so unless we're going to have something that we all agree to we can't be put at the disadvantage of going by a treaty limiting what we do when somebody else doesn't go by that treaty. our american partners stated they will stop their participation in the treaty so we will also stop them they stated that they will do research and development of arms so we will also do the same. president trump and present.


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