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the dharm roll well with it if it really were not told in just a marshal we're talking before we actually. knew violence of the disputed region of kashmir adds to soaring tensions between india and pakistan. have them seek this is ad is it are live from doha also coming up. kurdish forces in syria warn of an eyesore time bomb as it's prisons overflow with captured fights and. an exclusive report from northern nigeria where conflict between christian farmers and muslim herders has left at least sixty six people dead. and millions of
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people on the wrong end of china's social credit scoring system find themselves banned from traveling. tensions are worsening between india and pakistan after a suicide bombing in indian administered kashmir last week at least forty one indian security forces were killed there both countries have called their high commissioners home after india accused pakistan of having a hand in thursday's attack pakistan denies that meanwhile there's been more fighting in the troubled himalayan region for indian soldiers have been killed as well as two gunmen from an armed group and a civilian. has more from new delhi. in the past few hours has been more fighting in indian administered kashmir several soldiers as well as a deputy inspector general of the kashmir police have been injured the police
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officer has been taken to hospital with a bullet injury to his leg and this is from the battle that began late on sunday where security forces that corner two gunmen holed up in a house now there in that incident four soldiers and a civilian the man who owned the house were killed the gunmen fled were later pursued and found another battle ensued and those two gunmen were killed now this comes just days after that massive suicide bombing on thursday killed at least forty once paramilitary troopers is really rage tensions in the area as well as between india and pakistan a saudi arabia has promised so how deescalate the tensions between india and pakistan commodity has more on that from islamabad. tensions between india and pakistan are running high after recent attacks in india now administered kashmir over forty indian soldiers the indian then quickly putting the blame of
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responsibility on august on august on saying that they should have been a proper investigation and that this was the need to reaction pakistan. that there were tens of thousands of people killed in this country and deadly bomb attacks but despite the fact that pakistan had such patients that other neighborly countries right in war it did not they didn't anyone pakistan wants to improve its relations with india something that the pakistani prime minister said again and again it is also important to note that there is a feeling emerging head in pakistan that the indian prime minister narendra modi is trying to capitalize on that and keep august on. and shy away from what is happening inside indian administered kashmir and do you forded that. the upcoming indian elections are concerned by de wardes. draw. between india and pakistan by the foreign minister i think that saudi arabia were
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tried to deescalate the crisis between new delhi and it. and that also coming at a time when the so. new delhi so it will be important to see where the saudi arabia would be able to play a role in trying to defuse tensions between the two nuclear nation of the saudi crown prince will head to india on cheese day the big demonstrations in new delhi ahead of his arrival protesters say the crown prince is responsible for killing thousands of civilians in yemen and accuse him of ordering the murder of a saudi journalist. a two bomb blasts in syria's north western city of idlib of killed at least fifteen people the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says the bombs went off in the neighborhood during rush hour seen several bombings in recent months the city is controlled by the have yet to hit a sham. the commander of u.s.
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backed rebel forces in syria has called for up to fifteen hundred international people to remain to help stamp out the remnants of i saw syrian democratic forces commander in chief muslim call bani made the remarks during the visit by general joseph votel the head of the u.s. central command kabbani also expressed hope the u.s. would halt its plans for a total troop withdrawal of voto told them the pullout is going ahead a kurdish authorities meanwhile say they won't release the eight hundred foreign i saw fighters being held in prisons insisting it's up to individual countries to take responsibility for their citizens they've also warned there aren't enough jails for the fighters captured and they worry about what could happen if they escape germany's government says it is in talks with france britain and the us about how to bring fighters home u.s.
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president donald trump wants european allies to take them back and put them on trial iran can has more from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. a member of the foreign relations committee for the syrian democratic forces a kurdish group has been speaking he says he's very concerned about the eight hundred foreign fighters isis fighters that they have in their custody he also says that there are about fifteen hundred women and children in camps who were married to myself i says that this is becoming a problem for them they simply don't have enough prison space to be able to hold them all and dozens more myself being arrested or surrendering every single day he's also the international community to step up to kate france and germany and britain however we don't know exactly how many of those are still fighters belong to france germany or britain is likely to be a lot more fighters that come from say countries like pakistan the iraq or tension
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was pakistan now as all of this is happened the germans have been speaking as well the german interior ministry had a press conference and they said it was a fundamental right for every german citizen to be able to return back to germany but they didn't give any details about how that might happen the germans haven't said that they're going to send. the offices to those prisons in held areas to be able to provide consular services and to be able to bring them back britain has been a little bit more resistant it's ruled out the idea that it will send any of its consulates to prison saying instead if. the wives and children can get to embassies within iraq or turkey they will be offered consular services so there's a real concern from the syrian democratic forces that their prisons vulnerable because they've been rable they're worried that they might be subject to an outside
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attack all free those are still fighters and there's also forces we have to regroup amount attacks within territory. and i hear is president has called for an investigation into why the election was perspiring the week mohammed who hardy's ruling party held an emergency meeting in the capital a bugger to discuss the election commission's surprise decision to move the vote to saturday he said it needed to explain what it called its incompetence he also wants the reasons behind the delay to be made public but only after the vote violence between christians and muslims is also concern ahead of saturday's vote officials in the northwest of discovered the bodies of sixty six people killed by what they're calling criminal elements mohamed omit some of the survivors. the two year old ishaq was sub you is one of the survivors of a ball not by hundreds of men armed with guns and machetes ishaq was killed with
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a bullet wound to the arm but twenty two members of his family including his wife four children and there's a limit on further what killed him. you know well let's go back to no i have no hold or anyone left what wrong did we commit to deserve this brutality several villages in the area and could do no state of north or no judio are tucked among the rules of bodies found while at least twenty two children under the age of ten these. at the hospital in could do nothing or tumor could die is ticking two grandsons four year old. and two and a half year old but she'll both were injured in the attack they are the only surviving members of my extended family. doctors operated only brought him to remove at least thirty pellets in these interest bags in between tears she talks
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about the moment her life changed for ever. think of it as a community square my husband was the first to be beheaded anybody who tried to escape was shot he came to finish his. government officials say at least sixty six people were killed in the attack it's a figure disputed by community leaders the county is still on but aside yesterday it's over sixty seven and the counting is still on because over one hundred something and something are still missing yeah i mean most of the cows are not their position are where they are i'm not is not known we met some of those who survived huddled together in the open they're still in shock. by what they witnessed the killings beheadings and torching of houses the pain of seeing their loved ones getting killed by the attackers is still vivid in the minds of these people there i have here after a three day strike and now say they need help with food cruel thing and shelter
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against the cold nights. the killings in could do not shocked the nation within hours president obama bahati called the vile and the body was an attempt to say to stock religious conflict between christians and muslims in this region we're not g.d.s. muslim north mit's nigeria south this prone to religious tension how does a nick flynn the a muslim muslim well the farmers a muslim christian where there is breakdown into community relations this are the kind of things the society so far from for the past twenty years has been neglect and architecture for harmonious core existence a moral rule communities of nigeria. respect the resolutions hard read and with the demand for land growing by the day their fears the violence will only intensify
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mohammed atta while jazeera kaduna nigeria. still ahead when we come back a spanish warship book used of ordering commercial vessels to leave disputed waters near gibraltar. peacekeepers in central african republic get a damning assessment of their response to a wave of violence. and other showers in the caspian the coming of a frontal system heading south in fact that's the arc of cloud that brought the first lot and his the second not coming down so it's cold to share commuters wall beach water the result is thunderstorms and a bit of height like the branches nor the tear and you tend to get snow out of it that you'll notice that it's just this part of iran and further research something afghanistan there's a development taking place dogs are running from tuesday overnight into wednesday
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more snow shows up particularly afghanistan was rain into the south and down through pakistan leaving behind well actually if i'm looking picture seven in toronto and all this time though i've been standing here it three rock in the levant the pictures been a fine one bit of a breeze but not much in the skies otherwise that's true for the south as well the tail end of the cloud rock shows so we might get a share out of it for example in kuwait and northern side and the following breeze a northerly means once again it'll start to feel not quite as warm as you might like in riyadh and there are nineteen to twenty two degrees but the skies lushly going to be white or blue significant rain has been reported in the middle of mozambique in this this arc is very easy to see rain of course some local flooding and of course has more to come in malawi mozambique and tanzania.
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when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. in the meeting don't understand the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them in all modern history and what men when they. don't make it and survive for initial. sound of the boxset this is europe on al-jazeera. again you're watching are just a reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan has called its ambassador home from india
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a move by new delhi as tensions go across the indian administered kashmir the latest incident there has killed at least four indian soldiers. two bombs in syria's northwestern city have killed at least fifteen people u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says the explosions went off during rush hour. and i do as president wants an investigation into why the election was postponed by a week how much it will hadi says the election commission needs to explain what he calls its incompetence. how people are gathering in several u.s. cities to protest against president donald trump's declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for the mexico border war trump is using the emergency powers after congress refused to give him the money he demanded for the barrier which was a signature promise of his two thousand and sixteen election campaign and she had pretense he joins us from one of those protests in washington so she had how big is
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this gathering that. a couple of hundred people sort of just getting going right now that the organizers are hoping for several thousand around the country were outside the white house president. he's in florida right now playing golf last i looked but the point of these demonstrations is to show president trump that he doesn't have support for terror and a state of emergency and national emergency in order from the border war that he's failed to fund through notable channels through congressional travelers which constitutionally has congress has the power of the purse the case for many people here is that donald trump is simply breaking the law he's being unconstitutional by declaring an emergency when they say there isn't an emergency and that congress anywhere in such a situation has the power has been. the only body that has the power to appropriate funds for the border wall would join but so jewish crime you know from the a.c.l.u. now he's one of the organizers or he's one of the groups it's organizing this demonstration i mean so you is actually taking course what basis you think you have
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a legal case against donald trump that's correct we're following a lawsuit this week i think it basis is we have the president on tape making it up on the theory of there is no national emergency during his declaration he pointed out that he could have gone he could've done it legally he could've done it the congress you can continue to build up your pension is trying to undermine the rule of law with this national budget so it's not just a feeling to his base which i should be is part of it's not just about appealing to the fact that there's an election trying to rile up his base he has been showing time and time again over the last two years that his goal is to undermine the basic checks and balances that allow republicans and she and so well that will be part of the case it will be make and you know we have much a point of view but the president is up to the president to look out for national security but you know. what in the policy have to defer to executive authority when it comes to if you both national security might not be a problem for well i think something to keep in mind is of the fifteen other times that a national emergency has been reduced and funding has been used this is the first
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time in our country's history that the president is using this that actually circumvent congress yes to bed this falls when the president of the congress is where is to be you know has the power of the purse is to make make sure the executive has the funds necessary to make sure the public's providing input on how those funds should be spent and by taking this route he's creating a very very dangerous precedent not just for is a ministration but i think for how we see the executive for the largest in a country but it's a pretty clear they don't trump expect to pursuits to be. having stacked the supreme court with people who are sympathetic to his world view is that they're trying to this might in the end. well he might prevail and go into action as a result of our legal team does not believe. the several the lawyers we talked to across. country. in litigation as well states that are calling litigation as well so we understand that he has provided you understand that in many ways he has been making efforts to push the courts to further undermine it but we feel very strong legal backing that we have on this case and again. from the examples we've seen of
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how it's played out in the last two years is just to continue to train it's abundantly clear that part of the goal here is to actually undermine the legality of the practices and also just i mean from the a.c.l.u. thank you thank you very much at the very least for this does sort of the whole issue of the wall on the back burner this puts issues likely to be held up in the courts for some time to come meanwhile president trump in florida is expected to speak in a few hours in around the ostensibly about the situation in venezuela but i'm sure we can expect some comments on his national emergency in between his golfing sessions. you have thanks for that you have a tan. washington other crew aboard a spanish was ship has been accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave disputed waters near gibraltar before being challenged by the british navy the government of the british overseas territory says the spanish ship sailed away after the brief confrontation the status of gibraltar a tiny piece of land jutting out of spain southern coast has long been disputed
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between spain and the united kingdom rory chalons as more details from london. so the government of gibraltar says that a spanish warship radioed commercial vessels anchored at gibraltar and told them to leave spanish waters now according to the governments of gibraltar these are foolish games only of nuisance value played by those who don't accept unimpeachable british sovereignty over the waters around her brother as recognized by the whole world in the united nations convention on the law of the sea now gibraltar is a british overseas territory and it was ceded by the spanish to the united kingdom in seven hundred thirteen in perpetuity so the british say it's ours now and it will be forever more but of course with the u.k. trying to leave the european union at the moment relations with spain are important
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and gibraltar becomes a pressure point essentially that the british fear the spanish are going to use because they've always wanted gibraltar back against the u.k. in its negotiations with the european union and century what it becomes is another example like northern ireland of britain's complicated colonial history and its territorial legacy coming back to bite it basically in the here and now and making things very complicated as brics it unfolds and the u.k. tries to leave the european union. honda plans to shut its u.k. car making plants southwest of london by twenty in the southwest of london by twenty twenty two with the loss of about three thousand five hundred jobs but the decision isn't related to brakes and that's according to british politician justin thomas a new met representatives from the japanese company he says honda wants to consolidate production in japan about two weeks ago fellow japanese car maker cancel plans to
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make its new s.u.v.s in britain blaming the looming e.u. departure of seven british members of parliament of resigned from the opposition labor party in protest at jeremy corbin's leadership politicians say his failures over break that anti semitism and a culture of bullying had left them with no choice they've split off into an independent group or won't be forming a new party yet. roving passive spectators that's how an international aid agency has described un peacekeepers deployed during days of violence last year in central african republic the un mission says it's seen the report but hasn't commented further priyanka gupta reports. these homes unbutton good food were made to shelter people displaced by conflict in central african republic but now these houses stat is a reminder of six days of murder arson and looting that began last october.
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there was six days that brought what the un described as an unacceptable humanitarian tragedy it began as isolated attacks by the middle east christian group and mostly muslim former celica fighters the stache aid agency doctors without borders says the former seneca fighters suit at least a wave of violence civilians at eat workless caught the middle it says you had peacekeepers deployed to protect civilians at the time didn't do much. you can wait in the society since it is the un battalion which is supposed to protect the civilians has been inefficient when confronted with this violence we assumed a tarion workers had to open the gate of our hospitals or the population could take shelter because they found no other shelter. allegation groupie to buy the city spare and witnesses i low over
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a year. so we were watching these elements they were at the gate and they were just filming and they were smiling it's not serious. i want to develop the blue helmets were in their vehicle and they were following the xcel like a fighters they were on the roads and they were watching the rebels burning down the i.d.p.'s site. the un peacekeeping operation said laughing public has had more than twelve thousand members from several nations says twenty fourteen it's aimed at protecting civilians were armed groups control eighty percent of the area earlier this month the government side peace deal with forty rebel hoops after holding direct talks for the first time it's the eighth attempt to get add to the six year conflict now called the al jazeera. a millions of people in china been banned from traveling on planes and trains as the government expands its social credit program that ranks people's behavior and trustworthiness in twenty eighteen
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more than seventeen million people with low scores were barred from buying plane tickets and another five million are not allowed to get on high speed trains nearly four million companies have also been blasted blacklisted from a number of activities including bidding on projects rights activists of raise concerns about the scoring system which relies on mass data of government agencies and millions of surveillance cameras. so the social credit system a works actually by principle very much similar to those in europe and america it's just the chinese government is collecting data from a much broader type of indicators like whether people pay their loans on time what they say on the internet whether day visit their parents on time all sorts of those petty behaviors that we don't think normally would be including devout in that about the world it just seems that the arm of china's government is really reaching
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too long. and for myself i really feel uncomfortable for to see all those millions of people are affected already by being denied of their access to flights and high speed rio's because a lot of those people are actually all part of the most disadvantaged a group in china they're very much in need of bigger help if they did do something wrong on the key thing to help them is actually threaten cation to cheat teach them the consequences of their behavior and try to help them inside of just taking scores and i can see the system probably maybe by out of good intention but hurt the very much the group of people that it should help. this really fundamentally it's a social justice problem it's also about how they draw the line because i know that many of the top leadership and their families are not included in the system and then eventually who is being being monitored and which group are actually being
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helped is their own clear. our war and political instability in iraq have held back its economic development for decades and surprisingly investment in sport has also suffered one discipline in particular has great cultural significance for iraqis ten pegging charles traffic reports from baghdad. it's called tend to taking an ancient horse riding skill believed to be practiced by armies around the world over two thousand years ago and some of these a rocky ride is a rather good at it. is a member of the iraqi equestrian team he writes an eight year old arabian far abroad culture has. this is the fall of saddam hussein two thousand and three until now i have one around forty five medals and four of them were gold but the equestrian sports here are no longer taken seriously they suffer
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lack of government support and of private investment iraq's equestrian federation used to be a sporting institution that the country was proud of his club was a favorite hangout for saddam hussein's sons to show off their wealth both owned horses worth millions of dollars which they kept at the stables years of war the political instability means the club's facilities for for the long haul times iraq's a question federation was set up in one thousand nine hundred twenty two during the year is over iraq's short lived monarchy the six thousand forces here at the time were raby and sorra breeds the envy of the questions and breeders around the world now during the war that toppled saddam hussein all the horses here was stolen and even today the federation still struggles to survive. but a few of iraq's elite who didn't flee the country still come to ride
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a secondary school student in schol assad harmeet writes eleven year old horse called nivo in show low represented iraq at the youth elim pigs held in argentina last year she came twenty fourth out of thirty participants in the horse jumping event i feel comfortable i feel i am there i am in the heaven and when i am writing courses because it's my honest because it is a culture of our town because the horse is far from the for the killings and it's my history that strict international quarantine rules prevent iraqi writers like inshallah taking their horses abroad to compete in events instead they have to write animals supplied by the host nation the world health organization says iraq relax sufficient expertise to deal with infectious a coin diseases. we cannot participate properly need for national tournaments because of these quarantine laws cannot show our true potential this is the biggest
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challenge we face. the writers here say despite the ban they will continue to strive towards international success and recognition and preserve a cultural tradition so in taking over to iraq and the arab world transcriber al-jazeera. alright let's get a roundup of our top stories now pakistan has called its ambassador home from india mirroring a move by new delhi as tensions grow across the indian administered kashmir at least four indian soldiers were killed in fighting between suspected separatist gunmen and security forces in the disputed region after a suicide bombing on thursday. saudi arabia as promised to help deescalate the tensions crown prince mohammed bin salmen is for brain to head to india after
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visiting pakistan have been demonstrations ahead of his arrival protesters say the crown prince is responsible for killing thousands of civilians in yemen and accuse him of ordering the murder of saudi journalist to mouth ashaji two bombs in syria's northwestern city of it liberates killed at least fifteen people the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says the bombs went off during rush hour nigeria's president is calling for an investigation into why the country's election was perspiring week muhammadu buhari says the commission needs to explain what he calls its incompetence definitively. where i sit in the. military sense. deletion after the election we have to know exactly what happened. our employers to. make sure that this system we wouldn't really accept.
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is that making progress which is the use except incompetence of the crew of a spanish warship pers been accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave waters near gibraltar before being challenged by the british navy the government of the british overseas territory says the spanish ship sailed away after the brief confrontation seven british members of parliament of resigned from the opposition labor party to protest against jeremy corbin's leadership the politicians say his failures over break that anti semitism and a culture of bullying had left them no choice those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's inside story.
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it's one of the world's most contagious diseases and it can kill we thought we had it under control even eradicated in some countries so why is measles and spreading this is inside story. and welcome to the program. now infectious diseases that were once considered under control a making a comeback the world health organization the w.h.o. is raising the alarm about a shop rise in measles cases across the world but the.


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