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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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the week began with views ninety days in the tip u.s. china trade. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest one. we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. led by california sixteen u.s. states say they'll challenge donald trump's national emergency declaration over his demands for a border war. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. new day coming. supporting venezuelan opposition leader one quiet oh
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donald trump issues a warning to venezuela's military. we speak to survivors of religious violence in nigeria where one man has lost more than twenty family members. and the new dam project to stave off a water crisis in the northern philippines that threatens sacred grounds. sixteen states including california and new york challenging u.s. president donald trump's declaration of a national emergency there accusing trump of violation the constitution to secure funding for his mexico border wall the president made the move on friday after congress refused to grant him the five point seven billion dollars he demanded the lawsuit argues that trump doesn't have the power to divert the funds because congress is in charge of spending the coalition of states says it's take. legal
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action to protect its residents natural resources and economic interests john hendren has more from washington d.c. president donald trump faces his biggest challenge yet in the effort to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico that is because sixteen states on monday filed a suit in the u.s. federal court asking the court to stop the president from moving forward with spending money based on his declaration of an emergency on the southern border they have a couple of reasons for that challenge the first they say is that the president does not control spending congress does under the u.s. constitution the argument that is likely to made be made on the president's side is that congress delegated some of that authority to the president under an one nine hundred seventy six law called the national emergencies act with those states also say that they will be using the president's word against him he said i didn't need to do this but i just wanted to do it faster and those states say that they are
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hurt because they are losing money for law enforcement military and drug interdiction and military construction and the case is likely to go to the u.s. supreme court the u.s. district court in california where it will first be heard has often overturned president trump's arguments including on such things as immigration it is possible he will be blocked from this spending but it is unclear whether this case will take weeks months or possibly even longer john fredericks is a syndicated radio talk show host and a member of the trump twenty twenty campaign advisory board he says the president's declaration is justified. well this is an emergency and the present is ultimately going to be successful it's securing about eight billion additional dollars towards the barrier in the wall that he's advocated for along the southern border of the united states this is a frivolous lawsuit brought by the six democratic states that basically want an
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open border situation so they can have additional people commit to the united states under documented illegal and eventually turn into democratic voters that's what this argument is about everybody sees through it it might get a state in the ninth district which is a very liberal set of judges out of san francisco what makes its way up to the supreme court of the united states which is inevitable i think it will get fast tracked this the president is going to be successful and he's going to be able to take those funds and continue to build the wall and this is going to go right into the twenty twenty campaign that's going to be in the number one issue on everyone's minds the amount of illegal immigration crossings with these caravans coming up is increased dramatically we have gangs we have violence we have drugs that the policy
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analyst bill schneider says many americans disagree with comes to assessment of the border situation. the president claims that they are carriers of the border they're infiltrating the united states the word he used was invading the united states for the evidence suggests that most of the people who come to the border are asylum seekers they're not seeking to invade the united states they're seeking refuge in the united states because when they do get a career if they do get across the border the first thing they do is go up to a border agent and say i'm here i'm in the united states i'm seeking asylum that's not quite an invasion so the definition of the emergency is going to be a very difficult problem for the courts to work out the president claims it is a threat to our national security but most americans would not agree with that they don't see it as a genuine crisis i'd say that most americans see the issues on the border as a problem but not quite a crisis the president says it's an emergency he has the power to do that the
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courts are going to have to decide whether this is really a national emergency or not but the president does have that power meanwhile a forty five year old mexican migrant has died in u.s. border patrol custody in texas and the report said the past seven who hasn't yet been identified was admitted to hospital on february third suffering liver and heart problems it's the said death in u.s. border patrol custody in as many months to cause a mother and children died in hospital in december to illegally crossing into the united states those cases true widespread condemnation. well trump is continuing to ramp up the pressure on embattled venezuelan president nicolas maduro in a speech to the venezuelan community in florida he called on the country's military to throw its weight behind opposition leader why don't and you got to go reports from miami. the crowd at florida international university was invite only and most were venezuelans eager for a change in a country many have fled in
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a wide ranging speech president trump said venezuela's path to democracy was irreversible and he had a simple message for the country's military leaders the eyes of the entire world are upon you. today. every day and every day in the future you cannot hide from the choice that now confronts you you can choose to accept president riders' jenner's or for amnesty to live your life in peace with your families or your countrymen president ride-a does not seek retribution against you and neither do we outside students gathered to watch the show their support or protests what some see as unnecessary interference but for those who have a close affiliation with venezuela trumps message resonate today there's no food there's people eating dogs and there's even cases where like people go to the zoo and like economy. is horrible so they need to be something done especially since
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the recent elections this the potential of people deciding that like they don't want to mean they want change it's a lot of countries around the world are saying hey this is an elf it's a dictatorship but there's nothing democratic about what happened in venezuela and the past twenty years and it should be called out as so instrumental in trying to push to remove nicolas maduro is florida senator marco rubio he just returned from a trip to the colombian border where humanitarian aid is being blocked by the venezuelan authorities what is happening here today what is happening in venezuela is a manmade crisis of epic proportions not caused by a natural disaster but by manmade one of a criminal regime that is willing to starve and kill its own people before it gets the power. it's clear that the trumpet ministration is ramping up pressure on nicolas maduro but the president also railed against an ideology he sees as an evil force across the americas socialism by its very nature. does not respect borders it does not respect boundaries or the sovereign rights of its
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storages the president's speech here is being seen in two distinct ways for example venezuelans desperate for change it's a genuine effort to end what many see as a brutal dictatorship for others this was trump on the campaign trail keen to win over florida's latin voters and label his democratic opponents as socialists by the way there's a lot at stake for the people of venezuela and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida well just after president spoke in miami president nicolas maduro hit back accusing trump of trying to give orders to a foreign nation's military. they want to enslave us that's the truth today trump was giving orders attention generals listen trump is giving orders again to our armed forces who does he think he is the commander in chief. and hundreds of people have rallied in support of president nicolas maduro outside the u.s.
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embassy in argentina the crowds monster buenos aires calling on washington to stay out of venezuela's affairs. you're not usually high ranking u.s. officials remind us every day with arrogance and definitely that when it comes to even as we are all options are on the table including military people will judge any new paralysed military intervention in the region and the complicity of those who irresponsibly go along with it. well the school system is among the many institutions struggling in today's venezuela many classrooms are now empty with stuff on strike and no money for supplies our last in america as well you see a new man reports from caracas. venezuela and teachers chants there no money try no no we don't want to leave we want to dignified salary so that we can live. a physical education teacher genius. about al is one of hundreds who are on a go slow strike her sign reads three university titles fourteen years of service
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and an empty refrigerator. out children a rake in the teacher's passout and class from hunger not to mention the messick siddhis of teachers have left our country our education system is in a state of emergency. we went to see for ourselves in this working class neighborhood school for seven thousand nine hundred students was empty because striking teachers are working only ten days a month. and there's only one bathroom for seven hundred children the lights are broken there is no water and the school meals are no longer being served nor i told me that the children have no food at home and they come here to at least get one meal but we haven't had food for year because the kitchen is broken the children faint during physical education classes because their stomachs are empty. absenteeism is soaring because many parents can't afford bus fare to send their
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children to school especially if they receive insufficient food once they get there . at this school children say there was no breakfast the catholic relief organization that he does says malnutrition in the last three years has risen to critical levels and that the most vulnerable are killed in under five or i look at a little demo they are at high risk of suffering from what we call chronic malnutrition which means that the damage to their growth their physical and intellectual abilities is irreversible this is a problem for the child the family and society as a whole. another school and the parents of kindergarten and primary school children say their complaint fall on deaf ears. let the direct to defend the physical integrity of our children the school is falling apart. they become more and. more agitated these parents are here protesting and demanding that the director are
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allowed to go inside so that we can see the deplorable conditions that they say their children are having to study and. were practically pushed inside to see their principal complaint a gaping hole in the school playground wall that offers no protection from a steep ravine. but it's not nearly as steep as venezuela's economic slide the basque social welfare state that was the whole block of deceased president hugo chavez is no longer able to offer the same protection to those on whom the future of the new depends you see in human got access to police officers have been killed in a suicide bombing in the egyptian capital cairo or the offices were trying to arrest a suspect wanted in connection with an attempted bombing us a mosque last friday when he blew himself up the blast injured at least three other people. nigeria's electoral commission says political campaigning can resume its controversial decision to delay the general elections by
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a week president is calling for an investigation into why the vote was pushed off his ruling party has held an emergency meeting at a bridge or a once the reasons behind the delay to be made public but on the polling takes place on saturday if you need to. make. history. after the election we have to know exactly what you have been. employed to. make sure that. we willing to accept. is that making progress which is the huge except you think it is. well religious violence between christians and muslims is also a concern ahead of saturday's fires officials in the northwest have discovered the bodies of sixty six people killed by what they're calling criminal elements now the
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dome that some of the survivors there. is one of the survivors were blown up hard by hundreds of men armed with guns and machetes ishak wizkid with a bullet wound to the arm but twenty two members of his family including his wife four children and there's a limit on further what killed him imagine example mike that you know well let's go back to no i have no hold or anyone left what wrong did we commit to deserve this brutality several villages in the area and could do no state of north of nigeria are tucked among the rules of bodies found while at least twenty two children under the age of ten these. at the hospital in could do nothing or two more could die is taking care of two grandsons four year old. and two and a half year old but she'll boff were injured in the attack they are the only
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surviving members of my extended family doctors operated only brought him to remove what list that to political road in his interest bags in between tears she talks about the moment her life changed forever those are the harder they govern as a community square my husband of the first to be beheaded anybody who tried to escape was shot came to finish his or. government office will say at least sixty six people were killed in the tuck it's a figure disputed by community leaders the county is still on but assad yesterday is over sixty seven. and the counting is still on because over a hundred something and something are still missing yeah i mean most of the cows are not deposition our wedding imo is not known we met some of those who survived huddled together in the open they're still in shock. by what they witnessed the killings beheadings and torching of houses the pain of seeing their loved ones
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getting killed by the attack us is still vivid in the minds of these people there i've here after a three day strike and now say they need help with food cruel thing and shelter against the cold nights. the killings in can do no shocked the nation within hours prison muhammadu buhari called the vile and the body was an attempt to say to stock religious conflict between christians and muslims in this region we're not g.d.s. muslim north meets nigeria south is prone to religious tension how does a nick flynn the muslim muslim well the farmers a muslim christian where there is breakdown into community relations this are the kind of things that society so far from for the past twenty years has been neglect of you didn't and architecture for harmonious core existence
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a moral rule communities of nigeria respect and resolutions however rare and with the demand for land growing by the day there fears the violence will only intensify mohamed atta walsh's era kaduna nigeria. weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera tensions off to build after a spanish warship challenges commercial vessels sailing in the british territories waters. and we'll tell you what israel's acting foreign minister said that led to a summit being scrapped. how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast some onset of weather in the forecast for parts of the middle east but by and large is fine
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and dry some cloud and rain there just south of the caspian sea pushing over towards the himalayas through afghanistan maybe some snow to all the more than most fringes of the system further west where we have got some pleasant sunshine coming back into beirut getting up to around seventeen celsius sixty will seventy over the next couple of days and large the clear skies just want to show is just around cyprus for the middle part of the way but cycle of favorites will see a eastern sort of the region possibly because that eastern areas of pakistan could see some really heavy rain further north into afghanistan liz that snow three degrees talk temperature in couple briscoe's come back in behind nine hundred the baghdad and for kuwait city further south here in qatar should be lousy father dry just a just a little bit some pieces of plaster on the streets of moves a little bit of cloud the northern parts of the gulf where you see that cloud just to catch a spot or two of right essentially largely settled and sunny twenty two celsius in doha so i will freshen up a touch over the next dial so fun to drive across much of southern africa but we
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have got this developing system around madagascar causing some flooding rains and also the mississippi. with a sponsor it's only. when the online. to do to you for them. or if you join us on the senate all of us have been calling names in some form or something this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal friend to me you have seen what it can do to somebody people you can make you drop. and some people. everyone has a voice from does your boss your twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on now does iraq.
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hello again i missed. a reminder of the news this hour california is leading a coalition of sixteen u.s. states to challenge donald trump's declaration of an emergency to help fund his border war with mexico the states argue the president doesn't have the power to divert funding. u.s. president donald trump has issued a warning to the venezuelan minute she asked for a rally in miami says there'll be no way out if the military continues to support president nicolas maduro and that to pull options are on the table. nigeria's electoral commission says political campaigning can resume after its controversial decision to delay the general elections by a week president rouhani is calling for an investigation into why the vote was. a new round of trade talks between the united states and china is set to be held in washington from tuesday and follows last week's negotiations in beijing which ended
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without a deal but negotiators say some progress has been made at resolving the ongoing trade war between rounds two largest economies edging brown has more from beijing will lou hurt china's vice premier who is leading the chinese negotiating team will be on his way back to washington shortly to continue those resumed negotiations which will be held at the end of the week high noon is approaching zero because president donald trump has warned that unless there is a deal by march the first beijing time march the second washington time that he will raise tariffs from ten to twenty five percent on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products i think while there has been progress made clearly not enough progress has been made otherwise these talks would not be continuing in the united states it's also a recognition that the negotiating model that has served china so well in the past is no longer working china is prepared to address the trade deficit it's prepared
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to buy more stuff from the united states the stumbling block is really the the wholesale changes that the united states wants china to make to the way china manages its economy in particular the vast subsidies that the chinese state gives to domestic companies the united states argues that creates an unfair playing field there's no doubt that president xi jinping does want a deal but he's not prepared for total capitulation. plans to dam a river in the mountains of the northern philippines are being fiercely opposed by tribes people who live there they say the reservoir which the chinese government is helping pay for will destroy the area as jamila island again reports from the sierra madre mountains and. tribal leaders are appealing for help in a last ditch effort to save their way of life. they will forest is steeped in legend and with the arrival of tourists and modern living the good
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people struggle to be heard which is why they insist on practicing their age old customs no matter how out of place the may seem. the cully war river is sacred for the dumas get they have been praying here for centuries a new government project is threatening to take it away. this ecosystem is our life our livelihood this is our home and we would like to fight for it the people are coming together to speak up so that everyone will know that this land belongs to us we inherited this from our ancestors. the philippine government wants to build a seventy meter high water reservoir here this placing not only the people but also endangered species in the forest that plan threatens to obliterate a way of life here that is centuries old the multimillion dollar project partially
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funded by the chinese government is expected to ensure water security for the capital manila by damming because you are river. experts say you water sources are needed millions of filipinos don't have access to clean safe and reliable water supply is the asian development bank among others is warning the philippines it is likely to face a water crisis within the next few years threatening not only drinking water shortages in towns and cities but in heavily dependent agricultural communities to . a program that. in the works for more than forty we have been dialogue with people in public even in the. week we see the the whole field of the people except that there are certain things that. despite the assurances opposition remains because of the
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destruction of the fragile ecosystem here. i think it's not worth it because we have other means to supply water to metro manila there are several in them expect the sharing magri mountain mention that can only be seen in the philippines so the first effect of any kind of a watershed is the death of those species it is a tough balance and as government looks for solutions there may be lessons that can be learned from indigenous tribes for centuries they were able to survive and live in harmony with nature without destroying it. similarly in dugan al-jazeera tonight is our northern philippines. israel's plan to host a summit of eastern european countries known as the fisher grad group has been cancelled poland and member of the bloc pulled out after israel's acting foreign minister said many poles had collaborated with the nazis in the second wild war
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kept everything official us in diplomacy we always try to ensure people don't get offended but nobody will change the historical truth for anything of this sort of thing that the poles collaborated with the nazi. poles collaborated with the nazis certainly they collaborated with the nazis who had been ok the elder is a senior economist at. he says israel has been engaging in diplomatic relationships with governments that have promoted anti semitism it could have been avoided but i don't think that in the long run israel could. you know it decay can have it if you want to be still didn't think too well the whole of course you cannot sell clearances and have this kind of a barter where is the collaborators of the nazis during world war two and do all program clearance from un to seventy isn't meant to get clearance to keep creation and to try and divide and conquer reclean eastern europe and western
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europe and use the alliance ways that those regimes like an angry and poland you know that are to be taught m d a q creation resolution in brussels. seven members of britain's opposition labor party have resigned in protest against jeremy corbin's leadership the politicians say his failure isn't relations of bricks this anti semitism and a culture of bullying left them no choice the group has split into an independent group it has no plans to form a new party says he's disappointed by the decision. to brawl to has dismissed actions by a spanish naval ship as a childish attempt to bully the territory the crew of a spanish warship has been accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave waters near gibraltar before being challenged by the british navy it's the latest in a string of diplomatic disputes over the tiny mediterranean peninsula very talents
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has this update from. as the spanish warship radioed commercial vessels anchored at gibraltar and told them to leave spanish waters now according to the governments of gibraltar these are foolish games only of nuisance value played by those who don't accept unimpeachable british sovereignty over the waters around gibraltar as recognized by the whole world in the united nations convention on the law of the sea now gibraltar is a british overseas territory and it was ceded by the spanish to the united kingdom in seventeen thirteen in perpetuity so the british say it's ours now and it will be forever more but of course with the u.k. trying to leave the european union at the moment relations with spain are important and gibraltar becomes a pressure point essentially that the british fear the spanish are going to use
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because they've always wanted gibraltar back against the u.k. in its negotiations with the european union essentially what it becomes is another example like northern ireland of britain's complicated colonial history and its territorial legacy coming back to bite it basically in the here and now and making things very complicated as brics it unfolds and the u.k. tries to leave the european union. and i must tell you with the headlines on al-jazeera california is leading a coalition of sixteen u.s. states to challenge donald trump's declaration of a national emergency to help fund his border war with mexico the states argue the president doesn't have the power to dive that funding. u.s. president donald trump has also issued a warning to the venezuelan military as
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a rally in miami trump says they'll be no way out of the military continues to support president nicolas maduro and that all options are on the table we want a rational or venezuelan democracy and we believe that the venezuelan military and its leadership have a vital role to play a. price if you choose the spare you have the opportunity to help forgery say prosperous future for all of the people of venezuela or you could choose the second continuing to support. the jurors accusing trump of trying to give orders to a foreign nation's military hundreds of people have rallied in his support outside the u.s. embassy in argentina the crowds marched through what is there he's calling on washington to stay out of venezuela's affairs two policemen have been killed and
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several people injured in a suicide bombing in the egyptian capital cairo the officers were trying to arrest a suspect in connection with an attempted bombing at a mosque last friday when he blew himself up nigeria's electoral commission says political campaigning can resume after its controversial decision to delay the general elections by a week president bush is calling for an investigation into why the vote was put off the election will now be held on saturday a new round of trade talks between the united states and china are set to be held in washington from choose day that follows last week's negotiations in beijing which ended without a deal negotiators say some progress has been made resulting in the ongoing trade war between the wild two largest economies those are the headlines do join me for more news here after the stream stay with us.
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