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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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news and current things that matter t. . al jazeera. accuse it back on. india's top military commander in kashmir says i was involved in the attack that killed forty indian soldiers. watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead sixteen u.s. states filed a lawsuit against president donald trump for declaring an emergency over the border wall. we are here to for klein. a new day is coming to them are. supporting venezuelan opposition leader juan wydow donald trump issues
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a warning to the military and a sacred river and ancient rituals of a tribe in northern philippines under threats from a new government projects. we begin with breaking news this hour from pakistan where prime minister imraan khan is about to address the nation on the attack in indian administered kashmir this will be the first time he's speaking on the issue after thursday's a suicide car bomb that killed forty one indian paramilitary soldiers will bring you the latest news lines on that address when it begins meanwhile india's top military commander in the disputed kashmir region says pakistan's spy agency was involved in last week's suicide bomb attack the pakistan based on a mohammed said it was behind the. pakistan has denied any involvement in the
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complete attack and a call late last month much to me to report a story in the usa and the jail from across the border what happened to the local content is a matter of illustration so we have to leave you have a very clear anyone who enters this community they're not going to collate in detail of it so our focus is a little uncomfortable but she will be speaking to. a very shortly where again the prime minister is due to address the nation but for his says go to a new delhi face so india's top army commander in kashmir blaming the i.s.i. but what evidence are they providing. we're just going off what the common narrative that india always gives its here in india it's a well believed fact well believed in their mind that baucus ston that these armed groups are based on pakistani territory and that they're with impunity and in many
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cases they do have evidence on that this specific case they haven't presented any though because they're also one of the things of this news conference was trying to cover over the intelligence lapse that occurred many analysts and critics are saying that one of the reasons this attack happened the first place was a major lapse in intelligence why was of the convoy the paramilitary convoy so large why didn't anyone check the road why was a civilian vehicle allowed and how could so much explosives be gathered by one group and tell just officials not know about it so they're trying to shift the attention away from there for one thing the other thing is they're trying to put more pressure on the pakistani government to to address these issues of having armed groups groups that have publicly said have condemned india being in the indian administered to schmear that are based in pakistan in terms of hard evidence none but whether this is they're trying to show that something is being done and
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that they're really taking all action that they can at this point to clearly prime minister under pressure i imagine to take action in the wake of this attack but what are his options or any. well they're fairly limited currently the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some man is visiting the region due to come to india on tuesday itself so that nothing will is expected to happen during his visit but indeed he has to kind of balance what he does in terms of to what he does sorry wrote what he want can do to appease the domestic audience but also what he can do to antagonize that wouldn't tag a nice pocket stand without causing any significant retaliation escalate the situation even further so it's a balancing game that most of the in the government are playing right now thank you for that phase in new delhi less costs over now to come on hydra an islamic bad
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imran khan is due to address the nation this hour about this latest flare up in tensions in the disputed kashmir region what tone what stance and we expecting him to take. well bulger song had gold rated gig in a very made jordan bad lens for this show and i thought i'd describe to this concern devoted minister saying that they had a. constraint on this issue despite the provocation from india imran khan is not a wall monger and he's of god already said that he wants to improve relations with india and talk about all outstanding issued when he first became prime minister he said and offered to india there had been one step toward august on that focused on what to do so we are going to see probably the prime minister again reiterating that fact that the only solution is through dialogue through thought and rhetoric
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like this nurtured all it should be remembered that the pakistani foreign minister has returned to the secretary general of the united nations are asking him to help deescalate this crisis richard i mean aiding from the strong record a foreign minister also saying that he had warned the permanent members of the security council a few weeks ago that up august on bashing campaign would probably be under way in india and for the bulk of trying to galvanize the hindu extremists who are now it must also be to member did i say no lawyers in india would heed that that there should be an issue as now where an indigenous issue india did read they were more rather than pointing fingers across the board which could escalate into something way ugly which all the country cannot afford and as we speak come up imran khan has begun his address to the nation the pakistani prime minister speaking
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a live in islamabad his first public address his first address to the nation in the wake of the attack in disputed kashmir on facey that killed forty one engine indian security personnel and attack which has been claimed by the. based group of pakistan's a school but pakistan denying involvement in the attack. you've covered the kashmir issue for a number of years now how do the recent events compare to previous crises just how high is the risk of escalation right now given the rhetoric we're hearing from new delhi. this. is just. where this is something that is not new india strong rhetoric and up walk the dog country go in more game to a shooting wall when watched by the leader of the janata party or the prime minister . tag on the indian parliament but india limited option did get an order for do it
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delayed it created their time to go you heard. that crown prince were those who expected they're also going to weigh in and dry dry dry to calm down that you asian because they showed your foreign minister. that he were dried to play a role in deescalating that prices between india and budget stars ok come on thank you very much for the moment we will keep a close eye on what imran khan is saying and come back to you if there are any important new signs from his address to the nation about hyder is a correspondent in islamabad. as move on to other world news now in sixteen u.s. states assuming donald for declaring a national emergency to secure funding for his mexico border wall the coalition of safe includes california new york and illinois and it's accusing the president of violating the constitution trott made the declaration on friday after congress refused to grant him the five point seven billion dollars he wanted for the wall
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but also argues that trying doesn't have the power to divert the funds because congress is in charge of spending the coalition says it's taking legal action to protect its president natural resources and economic interests. john hendren explains our why chum's emergency declaration has met several challenges president donald trump faces his biggest challenge yet in the effort to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico that is because sixteen states on monday filed a suit in the u.s. federal court asking the court to stop the president from moving forward with spending money based on his declaration of an emergency on the southern border they have a couple of reasons for that challenge the first they say is that the president does not control spending congress does under the u.s. constitution the argument that is likely to meet the maid on the president's side is that congress delegated some of that authority to the president under an one
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nine hundred seventy six law called the national emergencies act with those states also say that they will be using the president's word against him he said i didn't need to do this but i just wanted to do it faster and those states say that they are hurt because they are losing money for law enforcement military and drug interdiction and military construction and the case is likely to go to the u.s. supreme court the u.s. district court in california where it will first be heard has often overturned president trump's arguments including on such things as immigration it is possible he will be blocked from the spending but it is unclear whether this case will take weeks months or possibly even longer. at a forty five year old mexican migrant has died in u.s. border patrol custody in texas eddie for so the person who hasn't been identified was admitted to hospital early this month he was suffering from liver and hot
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problems this is the third such death in border patrol cassidy in the past few months to guatemalan children died in hospital in december after crossing into the united states. the u.s. president has warned members of venezuela's military they are risking their future by remaining loyal to president nicolas maduro in a speech to florida's venezuelan community donald trump support for the opposition leader one quite ill and to gallagher has our report from miami. the crowd at florida international university was invite only and most were venezuelans eager for a change in a country many who fled in a wide ranging speech president trump said venezuela's path to democracy was irreversible and he had a simple message for the country's military leaders the eyes of the entire world are upon you. today every day and every day in the future you cannot hide from the choice that now confronts you you can choose to accept
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president writers jenner's or for amnesty to live your life in peace with your families and your countrymen. president ryder does not seek retribution against you and neither do we outside students gathered to watch the show their support or protests what some see as unnecessary interference but for those who have a close affiliation with venezuela trumps message resonated there's no food there's people eating dogs and there's even cases where like people go to the zoo and like eat animals and there is or so they need to be something done especially since the recent elections this the potential of people decided that they don't want to mean they want change it's a lot of countries around the world are saying hey this is an elf it's a dictatorship there's nothing democratic about what happened in venezuela in the past twenty years and it should be called out and so instrumental in trying to push to remove nicolas maduro is florida senator marco rubio he just returned from
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a trip to the colombian border where humanitarian aid is being blocked by the venezuelan authorities what is happening here today what is happening in venezuela is a manmade crisis of epic proportions not caused by a natural disaster but by a manmade one a criminal regime that is willing to starve and kill its own people before it gets the power. it's clear that the trumpet ministration is ramping up pressure on nicolas maduro but the president also railed against an ideology he sees as an evil force across the americas socialism by its very nature. does not respect borders it does not respect boundaries or the sovereign rights of its storages neighbors the president's speech here is being seen in two distinct ways to exile venezuelans desperate for change it's a genuine effort to end what many see as a brutal dictatorship for others this was trump on the campaign trail keen to win
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over florida's laskin voters and label his democratic opponents as socialists by the way there's a lot at stake for the people of venezuela and gallacher all jazeera miami florida . and he has even his weight and president's response nicolas maduro hitting back at the speech we've done to a lot of the naca they want to enslave us that's the truth today trump was giving orders attention generals listen to trump is giving orders again to our armed forces who does he think he is the commander in chief. japanese carmaker honda says it will close its only british factory within two years the announcement was made a short while ago at a press conference in tokyo the shutdown of the plant in swindon will result in three thousand five hundred job losses the move is seen as another blow to britain's calm making industry before breck's it two weeks ago nissan cancelled plans to build new vehicles in the u.k. and jaguar land rover and ford announced job cuts in europe. still ahead on
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al-jazeera passive spectators why u.n. peacekeepers in the central african republic of being criticised by an international aid agency. hello there we've got glorious weather across europe at the moment we're seeing plenty of sunshine and it really is quite warm for many of us as well this is what it looked like in paris you can see the blue skies we had there plenty of people out and about enjoying the sunshine and the temperatures for many parts of europe are around five or ten degrees above what they should be at this time of year looks like that's going to stay as well we do have this area of time here this just drifting its way southwards that is dragging the temperatures down
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a little bit so in paris today we'll get to around twelve degrees so that's slightly lower than we've seen recently but still a long way above average the real wet weather across europe well that's here working its way over parts of island through britain and up into norway there as we head through wednesday well the wet and windy here but elsewhere still fine unsettled even on wednesday so fifteen in madrid there as you have for the east we've got eleven in vienna and even kiev is all the way up five degrees so really a long way above what we should be at this time of year for the other side of the mediterranean will be seeing a fair amount of cloud in the northwestern parts i move the most of that that system's disintegrating as another one is pulling itself together this one's working its way eastwards we're seeing the winds pick up as well could be a fair amount of dust here for wednesday. who was it sponsored by qatar in. examining the headlines searching the discussions a warning from aired over the risks of
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a no deal breaks in sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the globe to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire brazilian people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan's prime minister says only dialogue can resolve the kashmir dispute with india imran khan was making his first address to the nation after the attack in indian administered kashmir forty one
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indian soldiers were killed in the attack which has been claimed by pakistan based on the group iran khan has rejected india's accusations that pakistan is behind the attack. sixteen us states os suing donald trump for declaring a national emergency to secure funding for his mexico border wall they argue the president doesn't have the power to divert funding the us president has asked members of venezuela's military to switch allegiances to opposition leader one donald trump said they were risking their future by remaining boyle to president nicolas maduro returning now to our top story and the tensions between india and pakistan in the disputed kashmir region imran khan the prime minister has spoken to the nation justice. while ago saying that only dialogue can resolve the dispute he was speaking after thursday's attack in which forty one indian security personnel were killed in kashmir indian administered kashmir and attack that's been claimed
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by pakistan based let's speak to our. in islam about once again a very conciliatory tone from iran khan. same time very straightforward replied to india. it wanted to know what would be buggered benefit and the tag that there was no benefit for budgets on number of. government it would be. if. you gave evidence solid evidence that he would make sure that he would do something about a dead body also had a very stern warning for india saying that if this were an election law and if the indians were planning. for the wal-mart. think about. what indeed go for delegation and gain of such a method. of reconciliation and dialogue augustana sending
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a signal to the prime minister form on it. would be disappointed and ok thank you very much for that come on in islamabad let's go to phase john maine our correspondent in new delhi now face india's top army command in kashmir directly they blaming pakistan and pakistan's intelligence services the i.s.i. for the attack in full lama how will india now respond to what we just heard from the pakistani prime minister this extended hand for dialogue but nonetheless said bad very firm tone from the pakistani prime minister. well india and the indian government will have to play a balancing act because they do want to show to voters here as mentioned there is an election coming up here soon in india so they have to balance on how the show to
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the public in india how they're handling the situation but then also trying not to escalate tensions with pakistan become a little mention that yes imran khan is not really known as a warmonger he was actually very well known in india as a cricketer and he. bill has a lot of popularity for that so it is a very good goodwill gesture but many in india believe that you know that iran doesn't have full control over the military or the spy agency i.s.i. and it's the i.s.i. that india is blaming for supporting rebels in india that mr kish mir so although i'm ron han is you know giving this all of branch he might not be the person who needs to get it thank you for that is general in new delhi in egypt super nice offices have been killed and at least three others injured in a suicide bomb attack they were trying to arrest a suspect wanted for an attempted bombing at a mosque last friday but he blew himself up a blast happened in cairo's historic center close to the famed mosque while attacks
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in the capital city are read as an ongoing battle against eisel in the sinai peninsula. passive spectators that's how an international aid agency has described u.n. peacekeepers deployed during days of violence last year in central african republic doctors without borders says the force did not protect civilians in the city of bandung go far where at least fifteen people were killed. the details. of these homes and bought and go food were meant to show to people displaced by conflict in central african republic but now these houses stand as a reminder of six days of murder arson and looting that began last october. there was six days that brought what the un described as an unacceptable humanitarian tragedy it began as isolated attacks by the mainly christian group
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and mostly muslim fighters the aid agency doctors without borders says the four were celica fighters sugata least a wave of violence civilians at aid workers caught the middle it says peacekeepers deployed to protect civilians at the time didn't do much. you can well imagine shrieking since if the un battalion which is supposed to protect the civilians has been inefficient when confronted with this violence we assumed a tear in workers had to open the gate of our hospital so the population could take shelter because they found no other shelter. allegation group petered by the city's mayor and witnesses a lot over a year. so we were watching these arguments were at the gate and i was just filming and they were smiling it's not serious. i want to the blue helmets were in their vehicle and they were following the extra work of fighters they were on the roads and they were watching the rebels burning down the i.d.p.'s site. the un
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peacekeeping operation in central africa public has had more than twelve thousand members from several nations says twenty fourteen it's aimed at protecting civilians were armed groups control eighty percent of the area earlier this month the government side peace deal with fourteen rebel groups after holding direct talks for the first time it's the eighth attempt to begin end to the six year conflict. while the u.n. secretary general said to the spokesman says it's hoped the report will bring about effective change the appreciate receiving this new information from medicines on frontier any sort of information that can help us do our work better is to be lauded actually and we will be studying these findings to see whether there's any truth to what can be improved if we fix but deficiencies with any particular
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contingent we'll try to respond accordingly but right now we're the stage simply of studying what these new findings are. campaigning has resumed in nigeria after the election commission delayed the presidential vote by a week president wants the reasons behind the delay to be made public but only after polling takes place on saturday is also ask security forces to be quote ruthless with anyone who tries to disrupt saturday's vote. a chinese delegation is of my being in washington for a new round of talks in the latest attempt to resolve the trade war between china and the united states it follows last week's negotiations in beijing which ended without a deal but negotiators say some progress has been made to reach an agreement before president trump spalls on increasing tire of sun chinese goods expires next month from beijing adrian brown explains the challenges that lie ahead for both countries . well lou her china's vice premier who's leading the chinese negotiating team will
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be on his way back to washington shortly to continue those resumed negotiations which will be held at the end of the week high noon is approaching zero because president donald trump has warned that unless there is a deal by march the first beijing time march the second washington time that he will raise tariffs from ten to twenty five percent on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products i think while there has been progress made clearly not enough progress has been made otherwise these talks would not be continuing in the united states it's also a recognition that the negotiating model that has served china so well in the past is no longer working china is prepared to address the trade deficit it's prepared to buy more stuff from the united states the stumbling block is really the the wholesale changes that the united states wants china to make to the way china manages its economy in particular the vast subsidies that the chinese state gives
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to domestic companies the united states argues that creates an unfair playing field there's no doubt that president xi jinping does want a deal but he's not prepared for total capitulation. now to the northern philippines where a plan to build a dam on a river how sacred by a tribe has been met with fierce opposition the reservoir is supposed to secure water supply for the capital manila but as linda again reports from this year madre mountains in tiny tribal leaders say it will destroy their way of life. the whole forest is steeped in legend and with the arrival of tourists and modern living the good people struggle to be heard which is why they insist on practicing their age old customs no matter how out of place the may seem. the cully why river is sacred for the dumaguete they have been praying here for centuries
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a new government project is threatening to take it away. this ecosystem is our life our livelihood this is our home and we would like to fight for it the people are coming together to speak up so that everyone will know that this land belongs to us we inherited this from our ancestors. the philippine government wants to build a seventy meter high water reservoir here this placing not only the dome are good people but also endangered species in the forest that plan threatens to obliterate a way of life here that is centuries old the multimillion dollar project partially funded by the chinese government is expected to ensure water security for the capital manila by damming the caly were river. experts say you water sources are needed millions of filipinos don't have access to clean safe and reliable water
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supply is the asian development bank among others is warning the philippines it is likely to face a water crisis within the next few years threatening not only drinking water shortages in towns and cities but in heavily dependent agricultural communities to . this program that. in the works for. over forty years we have been dialogue with people in public even in the cases we will see the the whole field of the people except that there are certain things that we will be despite the assurances our position remains because of the destruction of the fragile ecosystem here. i think it's not worth it because we have other means to supply water to metro manila there are several in them expansion is sharing magri mountain mention that can only be seen in the philippines so the first effect of the cholera watershed is the death of those
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species it is a tough balance and as government looks for solutions there may be lessons that can be learned from indigenous tribes for centuries they were able to survive and live in harmony with nature without destroying it. to melinda again al-jazeera tonight is on northern philippines. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister says only dialogue can resolve the kashmir dispute with india imran khan was making his first address to the nation since there is a tie in indian administered kashmir which killed forty one indian security personnel the pakistan based on group jaish e mohammed with claimed responsibility for the attack but the top indian military commander in kashmir has accused the pakistani intelligence agency of being behind
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pakistan denies says sixteen u.s. states is suing donald trump for declaring a national emergency to secure funding for his mexico border wall they argue the president doesn't have the power to divert fundi the us president meanwhile has asked members of venezuela's military to switch allegiances to opposition to the one guy dole said they were risking their future by remaining loyal to president nicolas maduro. we want to restore venezuelan democracy and we believe that the venezuelan military and its leadership have a vital role to play in this process if you choose this path you have the opportunity to help forge a safe and prosperous future for all of the people of venezuela or you could choose the second path continuing to support.
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japanese carmaker honda says it will close its only british factory within two years so a shutdown of the plant in swindon will result in three thousand five hundred job losses the move is seen as another blow to britain's cami king industry before bracks said earlier this month nathan nissan council plans to build new vehicles in the u.k. and john landrover and ford announced job cuts in europe and a chinese delegation is arriving in washington for a new round of talks in the latest attempt to resolve a trade war it follows last week's negotiations in beijing which ended without a deal but negotiators say some progress has been made to reach an agreement before trump spazz on increasing types on chinese goods expires next month the stream is next. talked to old is there a. week you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want relations with india all that's was exactly my point we meet
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with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is there a. high for me ok and you are in the stream today will india trade privacy for protection i'm really could be critics say a government plan to curb the spread of misinformation online could. lead to censorship let us know what you think tweet your comments or leave them in the need to chat and we'll do our best and threw them in our conversation. he started discusses what. was always. timetable she. said everything just counseling should. also not sharing nuance. triangle price everything happens on the.


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