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and finally end the korean war follow us on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm on team denis coming up in the next sixty minutes pakistan's prime minister says he's ready to talk about the suicide bombing in kashmir but warns india against escalating tensions. russia says it's ready to open a safe passage for tens of thousands of syrian refugees stopped at a camp in the room by. u.s. senator bernie sanders enters the twenty twenty presidential race. the end of the
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road japanese car manufacturer honda confirms the closure of its only plant in the u.k. . and i'm we're hard in here but all of your sport indonesia's capital jakarta has become the first city to officially submit a bid to host the twenty thirty two summer olympic games i'll have that story for you and much more later on in the program. prime minister has rejected india's accusations that his country was behind the ses car bombing in the disputed kashmir region in a televised address a man khan said he was ready to cooperate with the investigation and he asked for evidence which suggested pakistani involvement he also warned of retaliation if new delhi attacks. today offering the indian government thought of
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investigation you do in this case that suggest the involvement of any park star any we are ready to cooperate with you if you have any actionable intelligence that provide us with take action and it's not because we are the pressure but because they are enemies of bucks because they go against our interest. well earlier the top military commander in the administered kashmir blamed pakistan's spy agency for being behind the attack in which forty one indian paramilitary soldiers were killed a pakistan based armed group jaish e mohammed claimed responsibility for the attack the complete attack on the call made last match to me reported stolen they are safe in the jail from across the border what happened when the local contest is a matter of illustration so we have to leave our very clear anyone later especially will not go back to late in detail so our focus is very little. well
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a conflict between these two nuclear power nations has wider implications for the region but he sounds ambassador to afghanistan says a violent response from india could affect the ongoing peace a lawsuit in the u.s. and the taliban let's go live now to the pakistan capital islamabad our correspondent there is. the tone of the rhetoric is gradually gradually rising kemal is this is this a departure from the the usual ebb and flow of pakistan india relations. where there is certainly an escalation although tensions between these two neighbors always remains high when there is a cease fire while a stern and god happens all the time also north to forget that every day that are shared read in indian administered coach made and lead to the forces being used against the civilian but this time the threat from india is being taken
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seriously and that their time and it is pressure mounting not just on the eastern front where then but also accusations from iran where don't bog it's on say they're gone for good relations the pakistani foreign minister has. recorded of august on talk of a smarter new delhi and he's been talking to him he also said that the attack was carried out by an indian it didn't and are dead the indians were always quick to point the finger of responsibility to work focused on going into a proper and sorrow investigation in the past kemal when the rhetoric has been flying at such a heated level between the two countries how have they managed to step down i'm just wondering whether eman comes off of dialogue is likely to be accepted and be
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to the poem even if it's behind closed tolls. well the the feeling head on the pakistani side a is and it's something that the budgets on the part of minister mentioned in an interview last night he said he had ordered a boat going today five members and members of the security council earlier. said it's the idea that before the indian elections there would be up august on bashing campaign and that campaign would be a cause to try and gone as much. indian nationalists aboard that is that right wing indian religious group gone to de wardes so bugger it's gone he did as a lawyer. didn't modi it appears that's painted themselves into a corner according to most buckets on the on the left until it is important to see
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what comes out of their saudi arabia had already all put. that so did game is going to india and they've ordered all four tried to deescalate the situation but it would be a big important to see read the data to head otherwise the international community or laughter jump in the bucket on a foreign ministry minister rather i'd already did turn to the secretary general of the united nations all asking him to deescalate this very serious crises come out i live in the pakistan capitalize on that i thank you well another that correspondent his fate is jim eland he has reaction from new delhi. india has to walk a fine line to balance appeasing voters in the upcoming election to show that the country is strong and the country is secure while also trying not to escalate the situation in which pakistan may retaliate now there are expected to be any type of armed military retaliation a time soon that's because of a visit by saudi crown prince mohammed bin so mine is expected in india on tuesday
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and leaving on wednesday but india is still insisting that pakistan's spy agency the i.s.i. did have a direct hand in last week's attack on its paramilitary convoy this is because india says their armed groups that are currently in tory have publicly stated their intention to attack indian forces in the disputed kashmir region that's why india has continued to push in its campaign to isolate pakistan diplomatically and financially now with iran hon the boxing prime minister offering an olive branch to try to deescalate the situation india will hold firm that something has to be done about these armed groups in its territory or else they will continue their campaign and really push the all of branch away. and iran has arrested five people it accuses of carrying out an attack that killed twenty seven revolutionary guards in the southeast of the country two of them apparently pakistani three of them are
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ethnic baluchis and one person remains at large iran had initially blamed saudi arabia and the u.a.e. for the attack but now says it was planned from inside pakistan denies this but a group. has claimed responsibility the sunni group says it's fighting against the iranian shia government and for minority rights. now russia says it's open to humanitarian corridors in syria to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home to the camp that lies in the remote syrian desert very close to the border with jordan and iraq it's home to more than forty thousand people most of them women and children now these corridors are expected to remain open for the next twenty four hours and that's you when you're probably in the most or you're so lucky to be uncivil as of today the rock band refute g. camp located near the military base keeps having problems the situation there
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continues to be catastrophic and its residents practically being held hostage by the us live on the edge between life and death under these circumstances the syrian government with assistance from russia made the unprecedented decision to open to humanitarian corridors to ensure the exit of internally displaced people from this camp to chosen places of residence. ok we can go live now to imran khan a correspondent who's in gaziantep that's in southern turkey on the syria border and forty thousand people say we think then iran expected to use these corridors to get out of this camp to go where. well all of a going to use these corridors that's the real question here now is to give you some geography you have the. refugee camp last controlled by the free syrian army
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then you have like this no man's land of about a kilometer or a mountain that's where those two humanitarian corridors start now the russians are already speaking you've been hearing from one command just now about another statement from the same commander said that he felt that these free syrian back at the u.s. backed syrian bands as he called them won't allow people to leave the. camp so what's going on is that the russians and the syrians but you set up these two humanitarian corridors but what we don't know what we call find out is whether they actually negotiated with the free syrian army in the elbow or income to allow these people to actually leave the camp and go to the humanitarian corridors or whether the syrians and the russians set up these corridos completely without any negotiation with the free syrian army so whether they'll be allowed to actually leave and use those corridors is a whole other questions one that we don't know is going to happen you don't know if that negotiation actually took place all right and let's go now to that area
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of conflict a bit closer to actually where you are iran and that is the area around baghdad is because the u.n. human rights chief is now saying that two hundred families that are trapped in this the last remaining pocket of territory held by ice or u.s. backed syrian democratic forces has surrounded the villages and is it is expected to be. within days at the un human rights chief michel basher they she also reemphasize the openly gay sion of the s.t.'s and its backers to protect civilian life we think about three hundred eisel fighters blocking the civilians from escaping back live now to iran so quite a clear message then coming from the un human rights chief about these two hundred families also who we think of being held as human shields by us who fight fighters
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. well certainly the idea that they've been held is here and shields has developed in the last few days because isis fighters simply on allowing them to leave the villages in actually the eisel forces interested keep those families within the villages so most of the village has actually been destroyed it's now a series of tents on the outskirts of the village that where those two hundred families are also hearing that there are a number of tunnels underneath the village where the vast majority of isis fighters are they are digging in the syrian democratic forces have long said that they will take this village this last on clay of eisel fighters and they keep saying oh it will happen in the next twenty four hours or so in the next few days but because of the civilians that are trapped there in this tent a village they simply can't go in with the full force of they need to go into writing or to simply it's a capsule sort of kill those arsenal fighters iran can talk into us live there from
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gas and tap in the south of turkey very close to the syrian border. now the field say of the saudi journalist is again urging world leaders to take action against his killers gen dj's has been addressing a human rights panel in brussels democracy was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october last year so. the moment has come for all international organizations to move forward as quickly as possible to perpetrate is of this particular dark crime have to be prosecuted and justice has to prevail one might think this is a very exceptional event but we just contemplate that this may not be as exceptional as one thinks this type of crime maybe something very frequent but we simply don't hear about it. sixteen u.s. states a suing donald trump attempting to block his declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for a mexico border war the coalition of ses in clues california new york and illinois
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and it's accusing the president of violating the constitution president made the announcement on friday after congress refused to grant him the five point seven billion dollars he wants for the war with a lawsuit argues that president trump doesn't have the power to divert the funds because congress is in charge of spending our correspondent john hendren explains the how the trumpet ministration is likely to respond. president donald trump faces his biggest challenge yet in the effort to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico that is because sixteen states on monday filed a suit in the u.s. federal court asking the court to stop the president from moving forward with spending money based on his declaration of an emergency on the southern border they have a couple of reasons for that challenge the first they say is that the president does not control spending congress does under the u.s. constitution the argument that is likely to meet the maid on the president's side
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is that congress delegated some of that authority to the president under an one thousand seven hundred six law called the national emergencies act but those states also say that they will be using the president's word against him he said i didn't need to do this but i just wanted to do it faster and those states say that they are hurt because they are losing money for law enforcement military and drug interdiction and military construction. the case is likely to go to the u.s. supreme court the u.s. district court in california where it will first be heard has often overturned president trump's arguments including on such things as immigration it is possible he will be blocked from the spending but it is unclear whether this case will take weeks months or possibly even longer. we've got a lot more to come on this hour including why fountains continue to be displaced by
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violence in south sudan mom after peace deal was reached and the sacred river and ancient rituals of a tribe in northern philippines under threat from a new government project. we'll tell you about an emotional night at one of biggest awards coming up. in the u.s. . has ended the twenty twenty presidential race. i'm running for president. the seventy seven year old independent senator from vermont is launching his second bid for the white house sanders says he's running to defeat donald trump him he described as a pathological liar he lost the democratic nomination to hillary clinton in twenty sixteen he was then in ten defeated by trump let's go live she have a chance he is
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a correspondent for us in washington d.c. so he lost out to hillary in twenty sixteen he's now entering a race it is already crowded with the rather outstanding women she have. right but one of the reasons why the race is already so crowded is because these candidates wanted to get some momentum before bernie sanders announced bernie sanders enters the race now as the front runner he has the best nationwide organization he has the best name recognition he has the biggest network of donors around the country many of them small donors who gave you often say what twenty seven twenty seven dollars or so he is now to beat the only person who polls better than bernie sanders amongst the democratic primary voters is joe biden barack obama's vice president who would then represent that centrist ring center right wing of the democratic party right wing on the economy on foreign policy leftwing on social policy and bernie sanders would would represent the progressive wing from that progressive
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revolution that he began with in the democratic party has transformed the democratic party as a result of his twenty sixteen run even though as you mentioned he is in fact an independent right is also seventy seven could it be that barry sanders moment has passed quite simply. well it's funny that people always say that because you know joe biden is seventy six of them maybe but he just was his age a little bit more obviously even though he has a lot of energy the problem that he faces that we heard what he was going to be running on very similar messages to what he ran on in twenty six feet economic inequality i think we can get used to a catch phrase they used in his announcement this morning of in the world's richest country it is it is immoral for the top three billion to earn the same amount of wealth as the bottom fifty percent of the country inequality is the big issue but also universal health care a fifteen dollar minimum wage. free or at least your payment free tuition and so on
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the problem he has though is that various other people are not running on a lot of these messages because he was so successful with them in twenty eight sixteen however all glee and said i'm skepticism about some of these other candidates come all aras cory booker for example who are very corporate centrist candidates but now they say they believe in and fighting inequality and fighting wall street and fighting big pharma and that's what he does still have going for him that his people believe him when he says he believes in trying to eradicate inequality where some of these new candidates who jump on the bandwagon of a progressive platform frankly have pretty dodgy records and it comes to this because not least because they've taken so much money from wall street and big pharma so he still has a trust issue on his side which a lot of the other candidates don't have interesting times in washington thank you very much he have tons. but honda has announced it is to close its only british plant within two years a decision the automaker insists is not related to bricks hit the shutdown of the factory in swindon southwestern england will see around three and
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a half thousand people lose their jobs the british government says it's deeply disappointed honda says it's responding to changes in the global market and that it'll also start making a popular model in turkey nonetheless the u.k. closure is the latest in a run of pre-breakfast it bad news with this and jack euro land rover also scaling back their operations let's think that al-jazeera is economics editor a bit early hondas saying it's got nothing to do with do we believe that so the u.k. has been home to the japanese manufacturers for nigh on about more than more than three decades and the u.k. sold itself to japanese auto makers as a as a gateway to europe and the japanese as such at the operations going back to nine hundred eighty five and with. turning up there are issues because number one.
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the japanese signed the only trade deal with the european union which means that they will stop producing cars back in japan which they can send over and the tariffs on those will be reduced over the next ten years now. coming up. britain has a transition period should they get over the divorce which is happening on march twenty nine there were a transition period of two years it gives enough time for condor to leave the the u.k. and to basically set production back in back in japan ramp up production back in japan so it is very much related but also related to the changing technology there within the auto industry absolutely yes so basically this is. as attempting to electrify more of his cause by twenty twenty five they want to sell two thirds of the vehicles are going to be electric there's been a kind of
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a backlash against diesel vehicles and petrol physicals the e.u. has introduced tougher a mission rules in europe so automakers have to come to reach these levels but to do that it's better just to produce electric cars and all the manufacturers of moving further and further to produce more cars have it early thank you for that there are chinese allegation as jews are arriving in washington for a new round of talks in the latest attempt to resolve the trade war between china and the united states it follows last week's negotiations in beijing which ended without a deal but they get it and say some progress has been made to reach an agreement before president travels palls on increasing tariffs on chinese goods expires next month from beijing adrian brown explains the challenges that lie ahead for both countries. well lou her china's vice premier who's leading the chinese negotiating team will be on his way back to washington shortly to continue those resumed
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negotiations which will be held at the end of the week high noon is approaching zero because president donald trump has warned that unless there is a deal by march the first beijing time march the second washington time that he will raise tariffs from ten to twenty five percent on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products i think while there has been progress made clearly not enough progress has been made otherwise these talks would not be continuing in the united states it's also a recognition that the negotiating model that has served china so well in the past is no longer working china is prepared to address the trade deficit it's prepared to buy more stuff from the united states the stumbling block is really the the wholesale changes that the united states wants china to make to the way china manages its economy in particular the vast subsidies that the chinese state gives to domestic companies the united states argues that creates an unfair playing field
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there's no doubt that president xi jinping does want a deal but he's not prepared for total capitulation. now around eighty graves have been desecrated of the jewish cemetery in eastern france the damage was discovered in a village close to strasburg and it comes ahead of planned demonstrations in paris against a rising number of attacks on france's jewish community president macro has condemned the anti semitic abuse after a prominent intellectual was targeted over the weekend a report from the french capital. it's the latest attack against jewish people in france on saturday in paris french philosopher alan finkel crowd was insulted for being jewish during a yellow fest protest. to the low low reacting to the attack the french president wrote on twitter the anti semitic
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insults he has been subjected to all the absolute negation of what we are and what makes us a great nation we will not tolerate its last week a memorial tree to a young jewish man who was tortured to death in two thousand and six was vandalized paris while in the city the german word for jews was sprayed across a popular bagel shop and to portray it was defaced of one of france's most famous women holocaust survivor and feminist minister see more of a the graffiti on these letter boxes may have been a raise but the french government is struggling to make anti jewish sentiment disappear across the country in fact the french interior minister has called it a poison spreading across the country because over the past year attacks against jewish people have risen by more than seventy percent some people say that the yellow vest movement is being used as a platform by some protestors to express anti jewish ideas but the head of france's
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jewish students union says the recent attacks are a reflection of what he describes as an increasingly intolerant society. we can clearly see the level of violence in society this. anti-semitism which takes many forms from islamist movements of the extreme right and the ultra left we also see an extremely high level of homophobia in a phobia and racism against migrants for daniel can all the events of the past week of evoked painful memories his eighty five year old mother was murdered in a home less than a year ago police said she was targeted because she was jewish. i think that france has fallen very low these people are fools are educated and they have no place amongst the yellow vests during the second world war france is government collaborated with germany's nazi regime and deported tens of thousands of jewish people today france is home to the biggest jewish community in europe but for some the shadow the past is never far away natasha butler al-jazeera paris.
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all right it's time for the weather now his staff and looking quite bright for much of europe absolutely glorious weather i'm used to dark gray damn february's but this has been completely different across many parts of europe to be absolutely glorious plenty of sunshine and the temperatures have been well above average this is what it looked like in paris yesterday you can see the blue skies that we've got there people around without their jackets on it certainly isn't looking great and cold and it's going to stay glorious for many parts of europe as we head through the next few days from paris today there is a little bit more in the way of travis drifting its way across us and that has dragged down the temperatures a little bit so on sunday we go to eighteen degrees yesterday we were fifteen and today we're around ten or eleven at the moment but that cloud really isn't bringing us a great deal of wet weather a tall and all of that sunshine is extending as far down as towards this is istanbul and you can see the blue skies we got there a little bit murky there was a bit of fog first things are the temperatures here are too far above average but
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still plenty of sunshine to be found during the day and that's why all of sunshine extends all the way across europe and it will stick around as we head through the next few days a little bit more cloud just for the northeast there as we head through the day a wednesday that's just really the tail end of what we saw in paris so just dragging down the temperatures a couple of degrees but further west the sunshine returns and the temperatures will bounce back up so by thursday i think paris will see the temperatures back to around seventeen or eighteen in the only significant rain is out towards the far west over ireland marty said frank you very much indeed still to come here on the edge of their news out of the mystery of the missing painting where is the world's most famous and expensive work of art testing times a williams ahead of the new f one season but ferrari topped the time sheets on day one lear we'll have the details in.
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when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. and the remaining bunch of. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them and all measuring what men when they're. in a given survival initial. sound of the boxer this is year. on al-jazeera.
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time to think a lot of the top stories here at out in syria pakistan's prime minister says he's ready to cooperate with india to investigate thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region whilst warning against retaliation all of them forty indian security personnel were killed. russia says it safe into humanitarian corridors in syria to allow people in the real refugee camp to return home the camp lies in the remote syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq is home to more than forty thousand people most of them women and children. bernie said those running for
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president. and bernie sanders is entered the twenty twenty presidential race in the u.s. the seventy seven year old independent senator from vermont is launching his second bid for the white house he says he's running to defeat donald trump who just arrived as a pathological liar. well the u.s. president has warned members of venezuela's military that they are risking their future by remaining loyal to president maduro in a speech to florida's venezuelan community donald trump support for the opposition leader. andy gallagher reports now from miami. the crowd at florida international university was invite only but most were venezuelans eager for a change in a country many have fled in a wide ranging speech president trump said venezuela's path to democracy was irreversible but he had a simple message for the country's military leaders the eyes of the entire wow are
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upon you. today every day and every day in the future you cannot hide from the choice that now confronts you you can choose to accept president riders jenner's or for amnesty to live your life in peace with your families or your countrymen president ride-a does not seek retribution against you and neither do we outside students gathered to watch the show their support or protests what some see as a necessary interference but for those who have a close affiliation with venezuela trumps message resonate today and there's no food there's people eating dogs and there's even cases where like people go to the zoo and like eat animal. is horrible so they need to be something done especially since the recent elections this the potential of people deciding that like they don't want to mean they want change it's a lot of countries around the world are saying hey this is an elf it's
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a dictatorship there's nothing democratic about what happened in venezuela in the past twenty years and it should be called out as so instrumental in trying to push to remove nicolas maduro is florida senator marco rubio he just returned from a trip to the colombian border where humanitarian aid is being blocked by the venezuelan authorities what is happening here today what is happening in venezuela is a manmade crisis of epic proportions not caused by a natural disaster but by manmade one of a criminal regime that is willing to starve and kill its own people before it gets a power. it's clear that the trumpet ministration is ramping up pressure on nicolas maduro but the president also railed against an ideology he sees as an evil force across the americas socialism by its very nature. does not respect borders it does not respect boundaries or the sovereign rights of its or its neighbors the president's speech here is being seen in two distinct ways to
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exult venezuelans desperate for change it's a genuine effort to end what many see as a brutal dictatorship for others this was trump on the campaign trail keen to win over florida's latin voters and label his democratic opponents as socialists either way there's a lot at stake for the people of venezuela and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida and the venezuelan president nicolas maduro hit by a president trump speech we've gone out of the market they want to enslave us that's the truth today trump was giving orders attention generals listen trump is giving orders again to our armed forces who does he think he is the commander in chief. the u.s. has confirmed that american citizens were among eight people arrested for protesting in haiti local media says police found the group heavily armed with rifles pistols and satellite phones it's been almost two weeks a violent antigovernment protests in haiti hundreds of thousands of people have
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been demonstrating demanding president juvenal moyes step down at least seven people have died nigeria's government says the death toll from last week's attack him could do no state has doubled to more than one hundred thirty people women and children were among those killed by gunmen across several villages mohammed's day has been to meet some of the survivors. the two year old is shock was sub you is one of the survivors a wood block tuck by hundreds of men armed with guns and machetes. ishaq was killed with a bullet wound to the arm but twenty two members of his family including his wife four children and there's a limit on further what killed him younger imagine going on like that you know will they go back to no no hold or anyone left what wrong did we commit to deserve this brutality several villages in any in could do no state of north or no judio are
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tucked among the rules of the bodies found while at least twenty two children under the age of ten these. at the hospital in could do nothing or to mco days taking care of her two grandsons four year old brian c. and two and a half year old bashir both were injured in the attack they are the only surviving members of my extended family doctors operated only brought him to remove what list that depend on his interest facts in between tears she talks about the moment her life changed forever all those overheard and they gathered as a community square my husband and her first to be beheaded anybody who tried to escape was shot came to finish it all. the counting is still on but assad yesterday is over sixty seven and the counting is the because over a hundred of something and something are still missing yeah i mean most of the cows
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are not their position are where they are not is not known we met some of those who survived huddled together in the open they're still in shock scourged by what they witnessed the killings beheadings and torching of houses. the pain of seeing their loved ones getting killed by the attackers is still vivid in the minds of these people there i was here after our three day strike and now say they need help with food cruel thing and shelter against the cold nights. the killings in could do no shock the nation within hours prison muhammadu buhari called the vile and body was an attempt to say to stalk religious conflict between christians and muslims. this region where no genius muslim north meets nigeria south is prone to religious tension how does a muslim a muslim well the farmers
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a muslim christian where there is break down into community relations this kind of things the society so far from for the past twenty years has been neglect of you didn't an architecture for harmonious square existence rule communities of nigeria respect and resolutions however rare and with the demand for land growing by the day there are fears the violence will only intensify mohammed at all jazeera kaduna nigeria the un says thousands of people have been displaced by recent fighting in south sudan's yays state that despite a peace deal signed five months ago to end the civil war armed groups that didn't sign the agreement continue to fight against the government in areas like the usa rivers state and where have been morgan said this report. there's not much to live on in this house for betty and her children but she says she can't complain after
4:39 pm
all this is not her home the crowther an abandoned house she found and was able to shelter in after fleeing her village to escape insecurity but. we were at home when we heard guns being fired we started running we ran in one direction the children ran in another we found ourselves in the bush and spent four nights there then we wanted to go back home but we found that everything had been looted so we left the village more than ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the river state in south sudan the fighting between government forces and the opposition group known as the national salvation front are ness started in mid january south sudan descended into civil war in twenty thirteen two years after independence from sudan more than four hundred thousand people have been killed and a quarter of the country's twelve million population have been displaced as a result of a peace deal signed in sudan's capital her tomb in september last year the second attempt to end the war but not all worrying sides have agreed to peace as
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a result the fighting continues as does the displacement and it is a good idea i ran away soldiers in uniform wanted to shoot me but one said they shouldn't shoot you know woman i saw them shoot and kill a child in front of me right in front of me he was killed. say the violence makes it hard to reach those who've been displaced from their homes and are in need of aid to survive many people who fled from villages in a river state have ended up here in the state's capital but thousands of others have fled into neighboring uganda and the democratic republic of congo eyed into the already huge number of south sudanese hope been displaced by fighting since twenty fifteen the local government in a river state says it abides by the peace deal signed last year it's accuses the national salvation front of targeting civilians in its campaign to end president salva kiir has ruled this group. as we distribute citizens in their own law locations only refusing citizens to come to town.
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abducting says citizens wherever they find them. killing citizens for no reason south sudan is a young country less than a decade old fighting and the displacement of its population has dominated throughout its existence and the peace its citizens screen is elusive now as ever he morgan al-jazeera to reverse the. two police officers have been killed and at least three others injured in a suicide bomb attack in egypt they were trying to arrest a man wanted for an attempted bombing at a mosque last friday but he blew himself up the blast happened in cairo's historic center close to the mosque. in the northern philippines a plan to build a dam on a river that's held sacred by a tribe has been met with fierce opposition the reservoir is supposed to secure
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water supplies for the capital manila barters jamila arlindo the reports from the sierra madre mountains in time a tribal leaders say it'll destroy their way of life. the whole forest is steeped in legend and with the arrival of tourists and modern living the good people struggle to be heard which is why they insist on practicing their age old customs no matter how out of place the may seem. the callee why river is sacred for the market they have been praying here for centuries. a new government project is threatening to take it away. this ecosystem is our life our livelihood this is our home and we would like to fight for it the people are coming together to speak up so that everyone will know that this land belongs to us we inherited this from our ancestors. the philippine government wants to build
4:43 pm
a seventy meter high water reservoir here this placing not only the dome other people but also endangered species in the forest that plan threatens to obliterate a way of life here that is centuries old the multimillion dollar project partially funded by the chinese government is expected to insure water security for the capital manila by damming the river. experts say you water sources are needed millions of filipinos don't have access to clean safe and reliable water supply is the asian development bank among others is warning the philippines it is likely to face a water crisis within the next few years threatening not only drinking water shortages in towns and cities but in heavily dependent agricultural communities to . a program that. in the works for.
4:44 pm
over forty we have been dialogue with people in public even in the cases we will see the the whole feel of the people except that there are certain things that. despite the assurances our position remains because of the destruction of the fragile ecosystem here. i think it's not worth it because we have other means to supply water to metro manila there are several in them expansion is the sharing agreement and mention that can only be seen in the philippines so the first effect of the watershed is the death of those species it is a tough balance and as government looks for solutions there may be lessons that can be learned from indigenous tribes for centuries they were able to survive and live in harmony with nature without destroying it. to melinda again al-jazeera tonight is on northern philippines.
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he was the creative. industry.
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it's time for this full she's now with lydia thank you martin will indonesia is the first country to officially submit a bed to host the twenty thirty two summer olympic games the country's capital jakarta will host the games if the bed is successful last year the city hosted a successful asian games if they win the right they would become the fourth asian city to host after tokyo seoul and beijing tokyo will host next year's olympics with paris and los angeles to host the two after that and. the i.o.c. have come and witnessed the success of the asian games with the great success of the asian games the i.o.c. have accepted an interest but this is still going to be a long process manchester united are into the quarter finals of the f.a. cup paul pogba scored a goal and set up another as they won two nil away at chelsea the last puts chelsea's manager but it sorry under increasing pressure david stokes has the action. this was the standout time of the f.a.
4:48 pm
cup fifth round hold his chelsea hosting a manchester united team reeling from their defeat to p.s.g. in europe last week sergio rivera was called into action early on but this was his busy is not got those to chelsea's only two shots on target alone at the other end you noted with clinical pull poke his pinpoint cross found and herrera i don't see where a head with call for that would go on. and they made it to before the break but again pulling the strings when the pull of the halfway line to release marcus rushed it down the wing he then sprinted into the books. to finish off the move. france is world cup winner has been transformed since joe seven radio left the club he's now schooled knowing goals and sets up six so it's only going to so schizo charge in december you know it's different stood firm in the second half to three straight chelsea and the pressure on coach the rich sorry they've now conceded
4:49 pm
knowing goals in three games that were pulled off by some of the fans at the time. to united into the quarter finals to face wolves another with making it difficult not to give you the job on a permanent basis david stokes al-jazeera. well united's attention now turns to sunday's massive game against their rivals and premier league leaders liverpool one mata says the team is happy just to be competing at a high level again under ole gunnar sol shire. well obviously we have a difficult result against p.s.g. but we still believe that we can come back into permanent our main target this to the top four after a very good run of results you know it was one or two months ago it was pretty impossible to get where we are knowledge so we want to keep that position on in the f.a. cup we are close to him is hopefully we can we can go to him live again with our
4:50 pm
fans because he's he's a very nice feeling but even football confederation is ramping up its efforts to tackle pirate channel b. out q they've called in leading experts to help after the saudi based outfit illegally broadcast the asian cup last month other footballs govern their football governing bodies and clean feet for any way for have already pursued legal action against be out cue for stealing content that belongs exclusively to qatar's b n sports in middle east b.n. recently announced it would not renew its deal with formula one because they felt the sport was not doing enough to stop piracy be a q. emerged in twenty seventeen after saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt launched an economic and trade blockade of qatar. former heavyweight world champion tyson fury has signed a broadcast deal with e.s.p.n. reported to be worth one hundred and three million dollars but this could make it difficult to set up fights with his main rivals dante wilder and anthony joshua who have both have separate deals with different broadcasters fury and while there have
4:51 pm
been trying to set up a rematch since their draw first back in december meanwhile joshua is set to make his u.s. debut against miller madison square garden in june boxing journalist scare davies says he hopes the broadcasters just don't get in the way of this. if you go back in history mike tyson and lennox lewis had separate t.v. deals with rival broadcasters they made it happen floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao exactly the same we don't want to wait as long as it took five years to make mayweather packie out in the end they will way past the best fight sports are at their best when the best meet the best when that at their best so i do hope that sense prevails and the three different broadcasters and promotional groups align to two simple cost if you like and get these guys all three undefeated heavyweights tyson fury called the lineal champion and to me joshua with three belts do you want
4:52 pm
a world with the other principal belts that they do meet within the next eighteen months and i think that's what the fans are going to have to wait for if they may well all have as we say we just sure miller interim battles if you like against people who aren't really on their level but we do need to find out who the number one in the division in this area is the world's top sportsmen and women have gathered in monaco at the laureus sports awards france's world cup winners were honored as the team of the year understandably so tiger woods won the comeback award after his torre championship victory and tennis number one novak djokovic has picked up the world sportsman of the year admitting he almost gave up on tennis when an entry during his twenty seven thousand feet in the i've learned so many lessons about life and about myself in the last three years i had to do a lot of inner engineering because i like to call it in those moments of. when you're facing adversity and when you're challenge. you should always look inside
4:53 pm
because that's where guns are lies american gymnast sports woman of the year but was not in monaco to collect it it was an emotional night though for lindsey vonn who retired from skiing just last week she picked up the spirit of sport the word. combats have always made me stronger person and i'm very sad to be leaving my sport but i know that because of everything i've learned i can take that into the next chapter of my life and do something even more incredible so thank you all so much for your respects and. i'm going to make thank. you in formula one the teams are into the second day of testing in barcelona hoping to fine tune their cars before the start of the new season and it's certainly looking good for ferrari
4:54 pm
at this early stage the italian teams set the pace on day one and so far on the second day have been the fastest four time world champion sebastian patel topping the time she again the ferrari's ran a second faster than the rest of the field which again was without williams they have a show car in the garage because their real car is still being built at the team's factory in the u.k. and won't be ready until the earliest on wednesday. and while formula one drivers have dangerous jobs sometimes sports reporters do too especially if you're reporting on the n.h.l. look at this commentator pyrmont gore is a lucky man he was inches away from being hit in the face with the puck a monday's game between the columbus blue jackets and tampa bay lightning it's worth a second look though thankfully it was just the camera that got hit wait for it. better than your face let's offer as there is here is a play thank you lear now a painting believed to be by leonard of n.t.
4:55 pm
is now at the center of a mystery salvage on monday as it's called was sold in twenty seven day very record breaking four hundred fifty million dollars but it hasn't been seen since and now our critics are wondering if it was a fake gabriel is on to has more from new york its name salvador moody a painting by leonardo da vinci depicting jesus christ thought to be five hundred years old it's said to be one of the world's last long lost davinci original sydney one for that's why when it was auction in two thousand and seventeen the bidding was unlike anything ever seen before in the art world so you are limited to real down. three hundred million at three hundred and seventy million dollars that is four hundred million dollars is the bit so. including the buyer's premium salvatore would be sold for a record breaking four hundred fifty million dollars that's more than four times
4:56 pm
what anybody in the our world predicted the identity of the buyer initially shrouded in secrecy was eventually revealed to be a wealthy saudi working on behalf of crown prince mohammed bin salomon who then gave the painting to the move out to darby museum as a gift but the announced unveiling of the artwork was abruptly canceled without explanation salvatore moody has not been seen since leaving pulitzer prize winning art critic jerry soltz to say it was all a fraud. if you bought the most famous painting in the entire world by the most famous artist who ever lived at the highest price ever paid why are you hiding it might the painting be a fake you don't have the confidence to show the most famous new painting in the world something's fishy here but oxford professor martin kemp one of the
4:57 pm
world's remount experts on davinci thinks the painting is authentic but with every day it's kept hidden with no information he worries. somewhat disconcerting to find that it's not appearing i presume the ownership is secure but even that wouldn't be entirely confident about nobody who might know the status of the painting is talking request for information to the museum to abu dhabi department of culture and tourism and the saudi embassy in washington were all not returned by one of the great mysteries of the or world likely only to be solved when and if the world's most expensive painting reappears. al-jazeera new york they do say with us here and out is there i'll be back in just a moment or two with much more of the day's news including the very latest on the tensions between india and pakistan as well as the rest of the day's news stay with
4:58 pm
us. between two thousand and two thousand and seven there were nine racist murders in different parts of germany but the police were painfully slow to track down the killer. al jazeera world reveals the truth about the deaths linked by a single weapon the involvement of the far right and the serious political fallout that ensues the cheska murders case solved on al-jazeera. dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young three men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two
4:59 pm
thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine we formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the tradition russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. to al-jazeera. we ask you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want a split edition of in india that's not exactly by point we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter is there a. pakistan's
5:00 pm
prime minister has to work with india to end violence in kashmir while warning bell retaliate if attacked. alone again imo seen dennis show with al jazeera live from doha also coming up a safe passage for tens of thousands of people stuck in a remote unforgiving corner of syria all say. they made the money and the power we the people u.s. senator bernie sanders delivers a familiar.


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