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al-jazeera it's sweat every. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes white house officials are accused of repeatedly ignoring the legal concerns while pushing a nuclear sales to saudi arabia. imran khan says pakistan would retaliate if india
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responds to the bombing in kashmir. they have the money and the power we have the people back on the presidential campaign trail bernie sanders says he's running again for the democratic ticket to the white house and karl lagerfeld one of the dominating figures in high fashion for half a century dies at the age of eighty five. and i'm we are harding and doha with all of your sport indonesia's capital jakarta becomes the first city to officially submit a bid to host the two thousand and thirty two summer olympic games we'll have that for you and more later news hour. thank you for joining us u.s. president donald trump's former national security adviser and other white house officials pushed a venture to bring nuclear power plants to saudi arabia that's according to
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a new report released by the u.s. house democrats they accuse the trumpet ministration of ignoring repeated legal and ethical warnings in its quest to have american companies build thousands of nuclear power plants across the kingdom potentially at the risk of spreading nuclear weapons elevations are made in the twenty four page report from the house oversight and reform committee. mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. mike this is a damning report implicating some of the people closest to the president what more can you tell us about. well having read through the twenty four pages repeatedly what strikes one most is the absolute detail that the committee provides it attributes this detail to whistleblowers it provides dates it provides specific names of individuals and it provides a timeline for these attempts to essentially bypass congress in terms of providing nuclear technology to saudi arabia with one intention and that is personal profit
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now there's a litany of names in here so shake it with president trump and his campaign among the many that have already been interviewed by the special counsel robert miller a number a number of them convicted this includes paul manifold to rick gates thomas barack former campaign chairman for president trump and specifically michael flynn now he's a former national security adviser he was part of trump's campaign and the report makes clear that he continued to advocate for a nuclear power company ip three during the campaign during the transition period and during his time as the national security advisor he continued to play a role for i p three throughout the months succeeding i p three is one of the privately owned companies that is attempting to build nuclear power plants for saudi arabia and provide them with nuclear technology and at the end of its report
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and this is a very significant part of the house oversight committee says that only last week that something the twelfth number of privately owned need companies met with president trump at the white house among them the founding member of i p three so clearly there is a long strand through this this is not a sudden flash in the pan issue this is a lengthy concerted campaign it would appear by trump administration officials and they're so sure it's to bypass congress and provide nuclear technology and information to saudi arabia ok so now this report has been released and we have this information but what what could happen to these findings where could it lead. well this may very well be only the beginning as an indication of this attached to the report that the house oversight committee released is a letter written to president trump's chief of staff in which it outlines the
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findings of the report and makes an urgent request for a number of details a number of documents the number of issues pertaining for example to president trump's meeting with the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed been solved and back in march two thousand and seventeen there are a number of other specific incidents asked for information pertaining to the committee also indicates that it's going to be sending out requests to these secretaries of defense of energy to find out any information they may have about this ongoing campaign in particular the secretary of energy rick perry who's mentioned a number of times in the report as having encourage these privately owned companies to put in a bid as it were to provide nuclear technology to saudi arabia others who are going to be questioned by the committee or subpoenaed it could be by the committee president trump son in law an adviser jared cushion or whose name also comes
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through repeatedly in the report in terms of his links with saudi arabia and its leadership so the committee has the power to ask for further information it has every indication that it will intend to do so now i must just stress as well that only a week ago as well a senate committee sent a will outline a resolution which called the president to stop any form of exchange with saudi arabia that may lead to the development of nuclear technology this was a bipartisan motion that was introduced so clearly this is a bipartisan issue this is something that strikes at the very heart of the trumpet ministration and given the detail we can expect statements on the record from the whistleblowers who are extensively quoted in the report from the house committee and i can i with the latest on that from washington mike thank you. pakistan's prime minister has rejected india's accusations that his country is behind
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thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region a bombing which killed forty one indian paramilitary soldiers imran khan said pakistan would retaliate if india launched an attack in response to the bombing but he also offered to cooperate with his neighbor to investigate the bombing and asked for evidence suggesting pakistani involvement india's foreign ministry dismissed his remarks we are not surprised that the prime minister of pakistan refuses to acknowledge that attack on our security forces and pull lama as an act of terrorism prime minister of pakistan has neither chosen to condemn this ainus act not conducted with the beaded families disclaiming any link between the terrorist attack and pakistan is an oft repeated excuse by pakistan the pakistani prime minister has ignored claims made by the gesture moment as well as by the dentist
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who put their treated this highness cream it is a very long fact that gesture moment and its leader muscled as her are based in pakistan this should be sufficient proof for pakistan to take action in a moment as jimmy will report on india's full reaction from new delhi first though here's kamau hyder in islamabad. tensions between india and pakistan remain at an all time high although dayton all far from saudi arabia and foreign minister are there out of your bag that so did a b i would use its influence to try and deescalate the crisis between india and pakistan pakistan is also not taking any chances the bug italian prime minister said that he did not respond to the wild accusations from and they are saying that it was because pakistan was holding a very significant gone friends for investment involved just on records being
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attended by that so did delegation he questioned as to what would be the benefit for progress on conduct such an attack at that time which would be tantamount to separate dodging that go on friends and progress on it said he wanted to talk to india on all bilateral issue but the andean he said had already done progress on gulf whenever pakistan or for dialogue the prime minister said that bogged down one hundred feet in the region of foreign minister also created a dating that dad should be based in the region however prime minister emraan khan also had a warning for india should they plan an attack against pockets don understand also today i am offering the indian government thought what is a vista geisha new do in disk each to suggest involvement of any pakistani we are ready to cooperate with you if you have any actionable intelligence to provide us with us and we will take action and it's not because we are under pressure but
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because they are enemies of tax tony because they go against our interests. the funerals continue across india the bodies of the security forces killed in recent attacks are returned to their homes. as the country mourns pressures on the government and officials to show that action is being taken. down in. security officials in indian administered kashmir blame pakistan's spy agency the i.s.i. for the car bombing by the group jaish e mohammed or jem that. brought . reflective sort of either side of the facts that are. while the investigations continue many in india are wondering how it was allowed to happen critics say that any major attack can be considered an intelligence failure but the scope and complexity of this one made it the worst attack on indian forces in the
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region in three decades it leaves the question what went wrong. indian agencies in kashmir rely on locals for intelligence but some analysts say the goodwill needed for that intelligence has dwindled the past five years have been a period of extremely disruptive polarizing communalistic politics now that is undermining d.n. violent that is what is resulting in more and more frustration and more and more recruits. this analyst says the current intelligence agencies are understaffed and resources are mr directed because it is involved in political intelligence that is involved in the hold range of other activities many of them underlaid to to core security as indian officials continue to blame pakistan for supporting armed groups prepared to launch attacks on indian troops critics say the government needs to take a look at its own security apparatus to prevent more deaths as jamil al jazeera new
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delhi. or for more of this let's speak to dr melinda ms ross senior lecturer in peace studies islamic politics and conflict management at lancaster university sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera it was obviously inevitable that after thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region in which forty one indian paramilitary soldiers died there were going to was going to be an escalation in the tit for tat that we've seen between the leaders of india and pakistan where do you see this diplomatic fallout leading. well at the moment what we have is a war of words we haven't had a kind of military exchange. and i think it's going to go down that path first of all for two reasons strategic a little blond for india because whenever war has been thrust upon it it has managed to defend itself and it has managed to win a victory but so did start a war against pakistan it doesn't know whether it will backfire and as the prime
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minister of pakistan the imminent one has already highlighted if they're going to retaliate and here we are talking about two nuclear powers so what is it going to end that's number one that's the strategy part of the second one is the moral part india has managed to claim a sort of moral victory at the international level by trying to isolate pakistan by trying to highlight it as a state and it has been going on for a while from the forums of the united nations to different capitals across the west and none western wall so serbs new delhi started a war against pakistan then it is going to lose that moral capital which your target at the moment so i don't think indian government is ready to go for any kind of retaliatory action against the pakistani side and that is hardly mental as
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well what we have in india is a domestic politics in a couple of months time the federal government is going to change we're going to have a new election a new government in place and the question of course is where the the current government can afford to initiate a war when it has to fight an election that is coming up in a couple of months time so if you sort of put all these things being three things together that it becomes plentiful it clear that water is not in the offing what we had was a lot of chest thumping effect. put it that way from the indian side of the pakistan side so it is going to come down in a couple of. days of weeks you have only heard from your reporter speaking from his large so there may be a some degree of hope from the saudi intervention and given the fact that the saudi prince from prince ahmed bin some of them has been to pakistan is in new delhi now
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he might try and push weird the indian side not you know we know that mommy been someone has obviously been forgive me for interrupting of into pakistan there were also he years he has arrived in the indian capital in new delhi but of course this attack on thursday was the worst stuff for years and years i guess an intelligence failure on the part of india do you think it's likely that we're going to see more of these attacks on a similar scale and how damaging could it be to relations between the two countries . a foster book which has been described as one of those projects in the last thirty years in the past one we had twenty six eleventh's several years ago now we had the petang go dark when the terrorist managed to get into the army base in the heart of western india and we're talking about the similar repeat isn't in this case and cost me now what is happening it is happening in the course of the last
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amy is why is it that you dilly hasn't broken not to the demands sounding intelligence why has something not happened credible something concrete it is not going to change anytime soon what we are talking about is a democracy in india which is very caretake where the politics is divided the politicians are fighting against each other day in and day out so the national security issue is always put in the back burner so that is where the pakistanis are scoring a massive victory because it is more or less a kind of militarized state a greater part of its modern independent history has been dominated by the military and the current government also the critics say has been cropped of by the military as well as the security internal security apparatus i.s.i. so india has a lot of catching up to do so far as they diligence is concerned and it is not forthcoming especially in the context of cost me a because it has lost the best it was lost public support and so we are in
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a land where we have to work on misery i'm sorry we're going to have to leave it there for time constraints dr london israel from lancaster university sir thank you for sharing your views with us. and still to come on the al-jazeera news hour russia says it's open the passage for tens of thousands of people to escape from a remote syrian camp shock and france's eighty graves are desecrated in a jewish cemetery near strasburg and the tennis world number two goes in search of career victory number two hundred there we'll have all of that and more in school. u.s. politician bernie sanders entered the twenty twenty presidential race. i'm running for president the seventy seven year old independent senator from vermont has launched his second bid to win the democratic party's nomination sander says he's
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running to defeat donald trump who we described as a pathological liar and racist sanders lost the democratic nomination to hillary clinton in two thousand and sixteen who was interned defeated by the current president donald trump well john the finger is the former communications director of the democratic national convention he joins us live now from d.c. sir welcome to al-jazeera well he didn't manage to get the tragic nomination back in two thousand and sixteen obviously very different scenario then but do you reckon the bernie sanders the chances are much better now. it's a whole different ball game although it does feel very familiar in some unpleasant ways i think there are a lot of democratic primary voters who would really like to put twenty six thousand behind them and suddenly we're having some flashbacks here if you're handicapping his chances i think it's a very different situation in two thousand and sixteen he was the only alternative to hillary clinton who was much vilified in the general media all over the place
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here he has a bunch of hardcore supporters still who've been hanging on many of whom were turned on or introduced to politics for the first time by his candidacy in two thousand and sixteen what's interesting is i think he'll have a hard time with folks who weren't with him back then because there are a lot of all other alternatives now and so people who don't like him from back then but if the field is split broadly you could actually see him getting a plurality and doing well enough to be competitive into the later rounds where there aren't that many choices so it's tough to see how this plays out i mean is the front runner now and of course a lot of people haven't officially announced that the they will run for the right nomination but people like joe biden better rock from texas i mean they could be seen as competition because i guess they have that recognition that perhaps some of the other candidates lack. absolutely joe biden certainly has all the name recognition you could want better work was a phenomenal phenomenal race last fall in texas you have come
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a harris and elizabeth warren both very marquee names people are noticing their candidate is he's taking them very seriously and you have a lot of other challengers any one of whom could break through in the debate start and the dates are starting very early they're actually starting this summer which is much earlier than they did last cycle so i think it is a wide open field for sure more important i think think about bernie sanders specifically is the question whether he's in it to win it or whether he is there to be part of the conversation for many years before he ran in two thousand and sixteen he was an important voice making sure that liberal or progressive priorities were on the table and people were fighting for them and he's had a great influence especially since two thousand and sixteen in shaping the democratic party's agenda i expect that will continue since he will be very much in the fray and making his opinions known from here on if he was in it to win it what advice would you give him you know that he does win and not just the democratic nomination but then of course the presidency. yeah so if i was giving bernie
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sanders some advice i think the first thing i would have to say is to stop making comments like he's made over the past couple of days where he made comments suggesting that we need to look at the candidate not just the demographics of the candidate well he's a he's a straight white guy straight white guys are not at a disadvantage in this world and i think for him to imply that maybe he isn't a democratic primary or maybe democratic primary voters are just voting for their own skin color i think he needs to figure out how to talk about this stuff he does have a strong core of of people of color who are supporters of his as well for other reasons but there are some gaffes that he just keeps going back to and i think both for his candidacy but also for the broader good of the party we just don't need to be talking about that we should be talking about donald trump and our own priorities john the former communications director of the democratic national convention sir thank you so much for sharing your opinions with us thank you now russia says it is
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opened to corridors in syria to give people safe passage out of the rock band refugee camp it's home to more than forty thousand internally displaced people mostly women and children and it sits in a remote corner of the desert near the borders of iraq and jordan and run khan reports now from. russian military patrols secure what are described as two humanitarian corridors which moscow says with people mainly women and children living in the old brick by a refugee camp to leave the russians in coordination with the syrian government say a fifty five kilometer area has been secured to twenty four i was the cook started ticking at nine o'clock tuesday morning. so far no one from the camp has used the corridor and the russians blame the free syrian army which are backed by the united states and which has controlled the camp. so lucky to be. under the circumstances the syrian government with assistance from russia made the
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unprecedented decision to open to humanitarian corridors to ensure the exit of internally displaced people from this camp to chosen places of residence it's unclear whether the russians and the syrians set up their humanitarian corridors after negotiations with the free syrian army tell our people from out of the camp walking the few kilometers to where the humanitarian corridors actually start or they simply just set up the humanitarian corridors on their own now the situation within the camp itself is incredibly die they were only able to get a first shipment the first of a couple in a few months of aid to the camp a few days ago and many women and children who are the main residents of that camp absolutely desperate. meanwhile in southeastern syria fighting continues in the last i saw held village of alba who was the syrian democratic forces the kurdish led troops backed by the u.s. have surrounded the village most of which has been reduced to rubble inside around
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two hundred villages are being held hostage by eisel intense many of them apparently being actively prevented from leaving by high school and continued to be subjected to a tense a fight aaron granbury strikes by the u.s. led coalition forces and their s.t.'s allies on the ground. so high commissioner puts it and i quote civilians continue to be used as pawns by the various parties and she calls on them to provide safe passage to those who wish to flee while those who wish to remain must also be protected as much as possible. i saw fighters according to the s.d.s. have dug tunnels beneath the village and are hiding there slowing the fight down and stopping the s.d.f. from declaring the end of isis on flavin syria imran khan al-jazeera gaziantep. egyptian security forces have killed at least sixteen armed fighters in two separate raids in north sinai state media says the deaths were a result of an exchange of gunfire in the city of police also seized firearms
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ammunition and explosives in the raid it comes after three policemen were killed in a suicide bombing in central cairo on monday. thousands of people are protesting on the streets of paris and cities across france after a series of anti semitic attacks this follows the discovery of over ninety grays in a jewish cemetery in eastern france that had been desecrated the swastikas french president emanuel across and then the attack visited the cemetery earlier on tuesday the passion of reports from the french capital. it's the latest attack against jewish people in france on saturday in paris french philosopher fingal kraut was insulted for being jewish during a yellow fest protest about to get lost france's hours we are the people. reacting to the attack the french president wrote on twitter the anti semitic insults he has been subjected to all the absolute negation of what we are and what
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makes us a great nation we will not tolerate it last week a memorial tree to a young jewish man who was tortured to death in two thousand and six was vandalized near paris while in the city the german word for jews was sprayed across a popular bagel shop and the poor trade was defaced with one of france's most famous women holocaust survivor and feminist minister see more of a the graffiti on these letter boxes may have been a raise but the french government is struggling to make anti jewish sentiment disappear across the country in fact the french interior ministers called it a poison spreading across the country because over the past year attacks against jewish people have risen by more than seventy percent some people say that the yellow vest movement is being used as a platform by some protestors to express anti jewish ideas but the head of france's jewish students union says the recent attacks are
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a reflection of what he describes as an increasingly intolerant society. we can clearly see the level of violence in society this anti-semitism which takes many forms from islamist. movements of the extreme right and the ultra left we also see an extremely high level of homophobia zina phobia and racism against migrants for daniel can all the events of the past week of evoked painful memories his eighty five year old mother was murdered in a home less than a year ago police said she was targeted because she was jewish. of course and i think that france has fallen very low these people are fools on educating and they have no place amongst the yellow vests during the second world war france's government collaborated with germany's nazi regime and deported tens of thousands of jewish people today france is home to the biggest jewish community in europe but for some the shadow of the past is never far away natasha butler al-jazeera paris still to come on the al-jazeera news hour amid the violence and the production's
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thousands are displaced in south sudan in spite of a peace deal signed the end of the five year war the mystery of the missing four hundred fifty million dollar davinci painting emits a special that it could be a fake and ferrari is the fastest team again on day two of formula one testing in barcelona the world have more in sport. or spring's in the air has been for several days than virtually every country on the continent of europe the allies have played a couple of the atlantic haven't made a lot it's a little if they've not attempt to back to still twelve degrees in london the cloud itself might develop a little bit of rain as it runs into germany in poland but the most active weather around is in norway is here almost up was off the top of your screen now in the
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fall and also know we talk about minus twenty four is two and there's been rain and snow falling across country there is more to come but that is the exception not the role. stock and drop down to minus two everywhere else is still on the high side whether it should be four five ria for the most part it's warm sunshine for central and western europe you can see paris at fifty degrees thursday so all the action is up there which means mid-range that she clear of showers meanwhile to around the east is a secular nation southern our geria which will kick up the dust to dust storms are possible now dearie i'm running up maybe to the coast otherwise if you're about enjoy twenty one if you're in cairo a bit of an onshore breeze but twenty degrees all the same there are a few shows showing up now in the ivory coast and garmin there in the forecast so you but mostly the heaviest rain in this part of africa is still near the equator so long and is has for rwanda to uganda.
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welcome to all to. a soviet era automobile manufacturing booky books. with the decades old google has been torn up and we will buy side. and western style management and socialism working hard as it appears destined for a cock. the russian a witness documentary on al-jazeera. donald trump as told of a special bond with kim jong un. now the u.s. president and north korean leader ought to meet again this time in vietnam were both very honored to eight months after making history in singapore and they strike a deal on nuclear weapons. and finally end the korean. followers on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera democratic members of congress are investigating an attempt by the white house to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia was a blow was inside the trunk administration on ledge the senior officials were prepared to ignore legal advice in order to build nuclear power plants in the kingdom pakistan's prime minister imran khan says his country wasn't behind a car bombing that killed dozens of indian troops in kashmir india as the smiths khan's offer to cooperation and vesta geisha and us politician bernie sanders has announced his candidacy for the twenty twenty presidential race sanders built
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a popular movement when he ran for the democratic nomination in two thousand and sixteen but ultimately lost his bid to hillary clinton. venezuela's military has reaffirmed its support for embattled president nicolas maduro the defense minister says his forces are on alert for any border violations following threats from the u.s. president donald trump trump has origin venezuela's army to abandon model and support the self declared interim leader one. i look at but it didn't set a precedent this again minister to those who attempt to be president here in venezuela you will not be able to pass through the conscious picher yogic spirit of the men and women of the army three force to impose a puppet government of done that hands over and that is. you won't be able to do it you will have to pass over our dead bodies. maduro may have the backing of the military but on the international stage he's becoming increasingly isolated the opposition leader one way though has the support of fifty countries now and has
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been meeting with the ambassadors of germany the u.k. and france in caracas european nations pledged more than eighty million dollars in aid and seventy tons of medicines and food for venezuelans hundreds of people have been killed during years of anti-government protests in the country while local independence monitor estimates the police and military killings rose by a staggering fifty percent last year to disavow reports for caracas. finding people that dare speak about police brutality is not easy in venezuela these days you get there a lot of says she lives in constant fear since her nephew ali son who she races he was a baby was killed during demonstrations against the government last month he was fifteen years old i don't know. i never expected anything like this because if ellison had been a criminal then you can expect anything but he was not the case he worked in a bakery and apparently he went with friends to protest against the government navy
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s. as her nephew was killed by a police special forces unit known as face when they entered got the neighborhood and got back us where protests have intensified in the past year support for all of a socialist revolution used to run high in neighborhoods like this one by the situation has changed because of young going economic crisis and that's why the government has started a crackdown in neighborhoods like this one when the protests take place using special forces and other units people tell us that they're intimidated harassed and sometimes killed when they raise their voice against the president. for this violence has been on the rise in venezuela especially in the country's poorest districts among those who want supported a watch of a socialist revolution. katie morning asuncion i get it was also killed by the police she was preparing a manger just before christmas when the police raided the area she says officer started shooting at everyone. my son said it hurts but i thought he was talking
12:35 am
about his cousin i didn't know he had also been shot they killed him my son play baseball and he said mom when i'm bigger i'll buy you a decent house and now he is dead good you didn't. and i guess cousin we got a look at that will suffer fine you were logical disorder his mother says he was helpless. i saw a car and i heard the shot is. what i thought my son was hiding i never imagined my son was already dead he was disabled me though in two thousand and fifteen the government launched what's known as the people's liberation operation to fight crime in the country slums the fear is that as opposition against the government's threats so will its attempt to curtail descend the independent group violence observatory says that more than ten thousand people have been killed in the past two years you and. this is yet the reported in two thousand and seventeen five
12:36 am
thousand people killed because of crime fighting operations last year increase to seven thousand five hundred this means that every day in venezuela the police and the military killed twenty people because they resisted authority that is the excuse they use in venezuela we don't have a death penalty we are talking about people killed on the streets or in their homes the government denies any wrongdoing and insist that those killed are part of criminal gangs people like avi moreno say that's nonsense and that their children were victims of the security forces excessive and unnecessary abuse of power. back us. the u.n. says thousands of people are being the splays by recent fighting in south sudan's a state that's despite a pic despite a peace deal signed five months ago to end the five year civil war armed groups that didn't sign the agreement continue to fight against the government in areas
12:37 am
like a river state for mayor here but morgan sent us this report. there's not much to live on in this house for betty and her children but she says she can't complain after all this is not her home the rather an abandoned house she found and was able to shelter in after fleeing her village to escape insecurity but. we were at home when we heard guns being fired we started running we ran in one direction the children ran in another we found ourselves in the bush and spent four nights there then we wanted to go back home but we found that everything had been looted so we left the village more than ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the river state in south sudan the fighting between government forces and the opposition group known as the national salvation front are ness started in mid january south sudan descended into civil war in twenty thirty two years after independence from sudan more than four hundred thousand people have been killed and
12:38 am
a quarter of the country's twelve million population have been displaced as a result of a peace deal signed in sudan's capital her tomb in september last year the second attempt to end the war but not all worrying sides have agreed to peace refused this peace agreement disagreement of course does not address the root causes of the problem. issues so far governance system that you want as a result the fighting continues as does the displacement and it is a good idea i ran away soldiers in uniform wanted to shoot me but one said they shouldn't shoot an old woman i saw them shoot and kill a child in front of me right in front of me he was killed. aid organizations say the violence makes it hard to reach those who've been displaced from their homes and are in need of aid to survive many people who fled from villages in a river state have ended up here in the state's capital but thousands of others have fled into neighboring uganda and the democratic republic of congo eyed into the already huge number of south sudanese have been displaced by fighting since
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twenty fifteen the local government in the river state says it abides by the peace deal signed last year it's accuses the national salvation front of targeting civilians in its campaign to end president salva kiir is rule this group is reduced to being citizens in their own local locations. using citizens to come to town. abducting says citizens wherever they find them killing citizens. south sudan is a young country less than a decade old fighting and the displacement of its population has dominated throughout its existence and the peace its citizens crave is elusive now as ever he morgan al-jazeera a river city. one of the world's most famous fashion designers karl lagerfeld has died the creative director of chanel was an i call of the global industry for over
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half a century sort of tied up looks back on his life and. instantly recognisable in his dark suits ponytailed hat and sunglasses called lagerfeld was at the top of the fashion industry for more than half a century born in pre-war germany his big breakthrough came in the nineteen fifties ofter moved to paris when he won an apprenticeship with designer pierre balmain going on to find success with fashion houses including chloe. a trendsetter his modern unuseful designs found their way into high street shops like h. and m. giving him unprecedented popular appeal but it was chanel that propelled him to rock star status you know fashion is not needed. or a problem in the world who may be more important so that is not the problem but it's an industry and you don't question has to go with time efficient doesn't go
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with times vision would be lost. lagerfeld dressed some of the most famous people in the world oh the first of the super models miami campbell includes shifa oh jerry hall and even madonna and more recently the offspring of hollywood stars. his outspoken and stinging remarks for their own politics are a person sized and him the nickname keiser call but friends and colleagues in the industry and beyond describe him as a genius and a visionary lagerfeld spent much of his life in the public eye but remained a laundry list of figure hiding behind those trademark song glasses. if you but when not working he retreated to his large library of books. he worked primacy to the end and he's behind a huge legacy and his much loved cats chew pads. well
12:42 am
the margin jake is a london based fashion stylist who was worked as a consultant for a number of leading luxury fashion brands and joins us now thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera obviously a huge loss to the fashion world why do you think he was i guess not only so well loved by all the brands but such an icon himself really i mean definitely in the fashion community there's been an outpouring of love and respect for him he has a he's almost like an icon for the industry it's that one name hero so imagine for hollywood the last of say somebody like elizabeth taylor for the fashion industry it's on that level somebody who's worked in the industry since the fifty's who elevated brands from the doldrums such as what he did with should know when he went there in one thousand nine hundred three to now almost ten billion turn over us
12:43 am
when they were brave they revealed their figures for the first time last year so he's a global icon in the industry and his passing can't be underestimated its effects on the industry and i mean he was a quintessentially sort of european in the sense of german swedish the sense that in most languages fluently languages paris was home and yet he really did become a global brand what do you think it was about his designs that managed to last the test i think what's very clever about him is every house he worked with he both managed to understand and work with the d.n.a. of the brand to many research on stand so we should know which i'm wearing today out of respect for him you know the boot and the go button to see the iconic bag but with fendi with that label he also understood how to make those brands by for elephant elevate themselves by addressing younger audiences the collaboration which is unveiling night later this year with far fetch so he understood how to keep it
12:44 am
relevant the shows are always spectacular the most exciting event on the paris fashion week calendar he sort of became a. and himself recognizable the high colors sort of white hair the ponytail the glasses i mean even his cat should pay yeah leave i know the cat's name but i do you think that was on purpose or do you think that was just i do think it's very clever marketing and i think actually now in all a fashion industry in particular which is a reflection of other industries perhaps you have to become a brand in order to stay part of the conversation so i think where is the design is a more or potentially invisible he understood that i mean but by wearing the sunglasses and having the fan in a way he's protected and so so the images there is also a marketing tool but also as a protection ok well he'll certainly be remembered by a lot of people not yes in the fashion world to margin ject london based fashion stylist thank you thank you very much thank you. now a painting believed to be by leonardo da vinci is now at the center of
12:45 am
a mystery solved on monday it was sold in two thousand and seventeen for a record breaking four hundred fifty million dollars but it hasn't been seen since now art critics are wondering if it was a fake gabrielle in his own there's more now from new york. it's named salvador moody a painting by leonardo da vinci depicting jesus christ thought to be five hundred years old it's said to be one of the world's last long lost davinci original sydney one for that's why when it was auction in two thousand and seventeen the bidding was unlike anything ever seen before in the art world so you are limited to real down. three hundred million at three hundred and seventy million dollars that is four hundred million dollars is the bit so. that including the buyer's premium salvador monday sold for a record breaking four hundred fifty million dollars that's more than four times
12:46 am
what anybody in the art world predicted the identity of the buyer initially shrouded in secrecy was eventually revealed to be a wealthy saudi working on behalf of crown prince mohammed bin salomon who then gave the painting to the move out to dubi museum as a gift but the announced unveiling of the artwork was abruptly canceled without explanation salvatore moody has not been seen since leaving pulitzer prize winning art critic jerry salts to say it was all a fraud if you bought the most famous painting in the entire world by the most famous artist who ever lived at the highest price ever paid why are you hiding it my the painting be a fake you don't have the confidence to show the most famous new painting in the world something's fishy here. but oxford professor martin kemp one of the
12:47 am
world's three noun experts on defense she thinks the painting is authentic but with every day it's kept hidden with no information he worries it is somewhat disconcerting to find that it's not appearing i presume the ownership is secure but even that wouldn't entirely confident about nobody who might know the status of the painting is talking request for information to the museum to abu dhabi department of culture and tourism and the saudi embassy in washington were all not returned by one of the great mysteries of the art world likely only to be solved when and if the world's most expensive painting reappears gabriels on doe al jazeera new york. it's a close call for one. in the u.s. media will bring you that story and spoil.
12:48 am
business updates. going places together.
12:49 am
business updates. going places together. with her. now he. thank you barbara well we'll start with the champions league and not much in the way of goals in tuesday night's last sixteen first leg matches liverpool and bayern munich are still goalless while the situation in france is the same leon and barcelona still love about two zero zero just a few minutes left in both of those games now the action continues on wednesday when italian champions eventis take on a politico madrid christiana ronaldo will be the main focus there when he played at
12:50 am
real madrid he were to meet tormented atletico and his new italian team will be hoping that he can continue that streak he's netted twenty two times against them over the years even champions manchester city will also be on the field for their first leg last sixteen shaka the german club will enjoy home advantage in the first like but they are struggling to mystically they lie in the fourteenth place in the bundesliga standings but man city are taking nothing for granted with many dreams you know i had to learn to do a good competition to make a good game tomorrow to do bring. those games in the best position for i was to be . strong with a lot of confidence. and of course to us to you know to make a good game in the special to try to score goals and to push important away to try to screw the minimum one goal but asian football confederation is ramping up its
12:51 am
efforts to tackle pirate channel b. out q they've called in leading experts to help after the saudi based channel illegally broadcast asian cup last month other football governing bodies like fi find a way for have already pursued legal action against the out queue for stealing content that belongs exclusively took the tars b.n. sports in the middle east b.n. recently announced it would not renew its deal with formula one because they felt the sport was not doing enough to stop piracy b. out q. emerged in two thousand and seventeen after saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt launched an economic and trade blockade of qatar. indonesia is the first country to officially submit a bid to host the twenty thirty two summer olympic games the country's capital jakarta will host the games if the bid is successful last year they hosted another successful asian games if they win the rights they would become the fourth agent city to host after tokyo seoul and beijing tokyo host next year's olympics with paris and los angeles to host the two after that. the i.o.c.
12:52 am
have come and witnessed the success of the asian games with the great success of the asian games the i.o.c. have accepted an interest but this is still going to be a long process the start of the new major league baseball season is still some five weeks away but teams are still signing on players most notably the san diego padres they just said many machado in the most lucrative free agent deal ever machado has agreed to a three hundred million ten year deal with the team he's hit thirty home runs in each of the last four seasons and is likely to fill the gap at third base for a team that haven't reached the playoffs since twenty two thousand and six however the agreement is still subject to a successful physical the last time a deal like this was made was back in twenty fifteen when. stanton signed a three hundred twenty five million thirteen year deal with the miami more. and tennis naomi osaka lost her first match since being crowned the world number one on
12:53 am
tuesday osaka was up against france's christina bitch at the dubai tennis championships lydon of it's raced into a three love first set lead and never looked back the frenchwoman taking the honors six three and six three a saka split with her coach about a week ago and was emotional during the post match news conference. no offense to you guys i'm pretty sure like as time goes on you guys will stop talking about it but for now it's like the biggest tennis news i guess. it's a little bit hard because i feel like people are staring at me and not in like a good witness. world number two some on a holiday has won her two hundred career main draw match the romanian defeated canada's eugenie bouchard in the second round of the dubai tennis championships on tuesday the twenty seven year old winning this one seven six and six four for what
12:54 am
is also her fourth career win over the shard. and two time wimbledon champion patrick is also through to the third round in dubai the world number four did not have it as straightforward as howlett though after losing the first set in the tiebreaker to her fellow checked that events in the uk over she fought back to take the second six four veto but managed to hold her nerve in the deciding set taking that six four to progress to the next round the twenty year old will be there caroline garcia or jennifer brady next. the world's top sportsmen and women have gathered in monaco at the laureus sports awards france's world cup winners were honored as the team of the year understandably tiger woods won the comeback word after his tour championship victory and tennis number one novak djokovic picked up the world's fourth man of the year admitting he almost gave up on the sport when an injury during his twenty seventeen season and american gymnast moaned biles won
12:55 am
sportswoman of the year but he was not in monaco to collect it it was an emotional night though for lindsey vonn who retired from scheme just last week she picked up the spirit of sport and work. mckayla schaeffer and ron were the winners of the parallel slalom in stockholm on tuesday fresh from the world championships and or american here schifrin face some stiff competition in the swedish capital but eventually beat. germany in the final by a margin of point of the second and it isn't and isn't this just really fascinating to watch really sweden and the larsson came in. for a top the time sheets again after the second session on the second day of formula one testing in barcelona. battle had set the pace on monday his new teammate charles clarke was a second faster than the rest of the runners on tuesday williams wore were a no show for a second day their car not quite ready for
12:56 am
a world champion lewis hamilton concentrated on piling up laps rather than speed and with seven fastest in his mercedes. others weren't so fast daniel ricardo had a spin out after the rear wing of his car broke apart on the main straight the damage kept him from improving on this time in a push to beat the click i think globally speaking it's hard to know if. it's hard to know if we've got a good car or not a good call but i think the long i did a bit of a long run this morning that was the only real proper run i got to do and i think that was quite encouraging the way we kind of use the tires throughout that run and then the way it came back a bit at the end. yeah that was i feel good after that run basically. and why ski down a hill when you can drive up it former world rally cross champion mathias extreme managed to climb up this steep slope in austria in an electric powered car he
12:57 am
called on help though from retired olympic skier axel and spend to navigate the course the gradient on this run it was a shocking eighty five percent so the team used metal spikes on the tires to give it. your birthday why would you do that it's a lot to rescan or award but for me i've been doing a lot of crazy things in my life in sport or with cars. doing big for doing riding whatever everything comes with danger but that's also true to squeeze the limits is something that i like and while stunt drivers have dangerous jobs sometimes sports reporters do too especially if you work in the n.h.l. commentator pierre mcguire is a lucky man here he was inches away from being hit in the face with this at monday's game between the columbus blue jackets and tampa bay lightning thankfully though only the camera was hit sphere to space just by a hair that's all your support for me we'll have more later good grief those
12:58 am
pictures leah thank you and that is it for this news that remember you can get much more on everything we've been covering on the web site al jazeera dot com or just stay with us and be back in just a few minutes with more of the day's joined by. i am a fish every week a new cycle going to see any simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump count through the eyes of the outstanding ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the least named kindest as we turn the cameras on the
12:59 am
media on how they were caught on a story that matter the most in bad news a free palestine a listening heist on al-jazeera. it's the fos day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades on multiples of nearby and out that falsus. most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years whole war. six year old sala that was how dumb ass like his home almost wiped out his entire family in our lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the professor his son for the first day in school is hopeful new friends would hope is that a company. only you and a feast for all practical purposes yes i support science and truth one of the figurehead for the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence
1:00 am
then that justifies anything and do you accept that religion has done good things despite all of ahmad's police and americans who believe that science holds only on says that the world be a better place if religion disappeared tomorrow yes many as nine guys head to head with richard dawkins on al-jazeera. white house officials are accused of defying the legal advice to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up pakistan's prime minister says his country had no hand in the killing of forty one indian soldiers in kashmir.
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they may haue the money and the power we hire the people.


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