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leon says that the world be a better place because religion disappeared tomorrow yes mehdi has a son guys head to head with richard dawkins on al-jazeera. white house officials are accused of defining legal advice to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia. or this is al jazeera live from london also coming up pakistan's prime minister says his country had no hand in the killing of forty one indian soldiers in kashmir . they may have the money and the power we have the people back on the campaign trail bernie sanders says he's running again for the democratic ticket to the white house and the high priest of high fashion karl
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lagerfeld danis at the age of eighty five. in the welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump's former national security advisor and other white house officials are accused of ignoring legal advice in a bid to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia that's according to a new report released by u.s. house democrats now they accuse administration officials of pushing for american companies to build thousands of nuclear power plants across the kingdom the efforts were in defiance of legal and ethical warnings that included concerns the saudis would use u.s. technology to develop a nuclear weapon mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. and has been following the story said that ming reports implicating some of the people closest to the president just explain to us how badly these findings are for
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particular individual. well on the surface of it it's explain lee damning this is an extensive report and what's breathtaking about it is the detail that is provided names dates types of correspondence relating to the whole issue but one must remember that this is just the beginning the first salvo in what is likely to be a lengthy process this the first step in what the house committee insists is going to be an extensive investigation into this whole affair of essentially the. members of the trump administration and this soche it's attempting to circumvent congress and provide nuclear technology and information to saudi arabia now there are a number of names in the report who've already been the subject of the special counsel's inquiries paul man a foot name may be familiar he is facing conviction in the coming months gates has been indicted michael flynn himself pleaded guilty to giving false information to
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the f.b.i. so these are just some of the names you also have the name of energy secretary rick perry who is connected directly to some of these companies then there's the president's son in law and close adviser jared cushion or that report indicates that a nuclear powered company a subsidiary actually paid for an apartment building that he home on fifth avenue new york in the last couple of years so this all the distractions as i said to tazz extensive detail but this is the beginning of the committee now has to conduct a full investigation to take it further but after that investigation like what could the actual consequences be for those named in that report. well the consequences could be immense so once again the first step is to ascertain whether or not these individuals all these members of trump's administration attempted to
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circumvent the atomic security act this is an act that governs the release of u.s. technology to foreign countries and specifically prohibits the release of such technology for the advancement of nuclear power so that would be the first consequent should the inquiry come to an end but what is happening at this particular phase so not to get ahead of ourselves is the committee has sent a number of inquiries to a number of agencies including the number of secretaries as well of energy secretary defense secretary and to the chief of staff the acting chief of staff of the white house asking a number of questions and asking for more detailed information in the letter to the chief of the wives star for example it points out that a private entity promoting nuclear efforts in saudi arabia i p three send documents directly to their national security advisor michael flynn for president trump to
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approve as recently as february the twelve twenty nineteen that's a week ago president trump participated in a white house meeting initiated by i p three international so the committees asked for all document documentation pertaining to this it's asked for details of president trump's meeting back in march one thousand nine hundred ninety eight twenty seventeen with the crown prince of saudi crown prince as i asked for all sorts of exhaustive detail similar debtors would have gone to the secretary of defense to the secretary of energy all of the still be collated and importantly to probably the first step by the committee is to bring these whistleblowers into the house to go on record giving the information in person that they have provided to the committee on the whistleblower process. mike hanna with the latest on the developing story in washington think here pakistan's prime minister has rejected
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india's accusation that his country is behind thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region which killed forty one indian paramilitary soldiers imran khan said pakistan would retaliate of india launched an attack in response to the bombing but he also offered to cooperate with his neighbors investigation in this foreign ministry meanwhile meanwhile dismissed his remarks we are not surprised that the prime minister of pakistan refuses to acknowledge that attack on our security forces and pull lama as an act of terrorism prime minister of pakistan has neither chosen to condemn this ainus act not. with the beaded families disclaiming any link between the terrorist attack and pakistan is an oft repeated excuse by pakistan the pakistani prime minister has ignored claims made by the gesture moment as well as by the dirtiest who perpetrated this highness' crime it
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is a very long fact that gesture moment and its leader muscled as her are based in pakistan this should be sufficient proof for pakistan to take action well in a moment as jimmy will report on india's full reaction from new delhi first though here is come out hyder in islamabad. tensions between india and pakistan remain at an all time high although dayton all far from saudi arabia and foreign minister are there out of your bag that coded rabia would use its influence to try and deescalate the crisis between india and pakistan pakistan is also not taking any chances the pakistani prime minister said that he did not respond to the wild accusations from n b a saying that it was because pakistan was holding a very significant gone friends for investment in volga stand which was being attended by that so did delegation he questioned as to what would be the benefit
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for progress on to conduct such an attack at that time which would be tantamount to separate dodging that gone friend and pakistan it said he wanted to talk to india on all bilateral issues but the andean he said had already gone pakistan's all whenever pakistan all for dialogue the prime minister said that bogged down wanted peace in the region of foreign minister also created a dating that they had to be based in their region however prime minister emraan khan also had a warning for india should they plan an attack against pakistan in the sun also today i am offering the indian government thought what is a vista geisha new do in disk each to suggest involvement of any pakistani we are ready to cooperate with you if you have any actionable intelligence to provide us with and we will take action and it's not because we are under pressure but because they are enemies of parks tony because they go against our interests. the
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funerals continue across india the bodies of the security forces killed in recent attacks are returned to their homes. as the country mourns pressures on the government and officials to show that action is being taken. down in litter security officials in indian administered kashmir blame pakistan's spy agency the i.s.i. for the car bombing by the group jaish e mohammed or jem that. reductive part of my insight and the facts that i. while the investigations continue many in india are wondering how it was allowed to happen critics say that any major attack can be considered an intelligence failure but the scope and complexity of this one made it the worst attack on indian forces in the region in three decades it leaves the question what went wrong. indian agencies in kashmir rely on locals for
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intelligence but some analysts say the goodwill needed for that intelligence has dwindled. bost five years have been a period of extremely disruptive polarizing communalistic politics now that is undermining dean violent that is what is resulting in more and more frustration and more and more recruitment for. this analyst says the current intelligence agencies are understaffed and resources are mr directed but it is involved in political intelligence that is involved in the hold range of other activities many of them under the eight hundred to two core security as indian officials continue to blame pakistan for supporting armed groups prepared to launch attacks on indian troops critics say the government needs to take a look at its own security apparatus to prevent more deaths as jamil al jazeera new
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delhi. us politician bernie sanders has entered the twenty twenty presidential race. i'm running for president the seventy seven year old independent senator from vermont has launched his second bid to win the democratic party's nomination sanders says he's running to defeat donald trump who he describes as a pathological liar and racist sanders lost the democratic nomination to hillary clinton in two thousand and sixteen many democrats though say the circumstances of bernie sanders this time around are very different we spoke to john f. injured the former communications director at the democratic national convention it's a whole different ballgame although it does feel very familiar in some unpleasant ways i think there are a lot of democratic primary voters who would really like to put twenty sixteen
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behind them and suddenly we're having some flashbacks here if you're handicapping his chances i think it's a very different situation in two thousand and sixteen he was the only alternative to hillary clinton who was much vilified in the general media all over the place here he has a bunch of hardcore supporters still who've been hanging on many of whom were turned on or introduced to politics for the first time by his candidacy in two thousand and sixteen what's interesting is i think he'll have a hard time with folks who weren't with him back then because there are a lot of all other alternatives now and so people who don't like him from back then but if the field is split broadly you could actually see him getting a plurality and doing well enough to be competitive into the later rounds where there aren't that many choices so i just have to see how this plays out. still to come on al-jazeera we've reported on the personal stories behind the hundreds killed been venezuela's years of violence and the peace deal in south sudan is making little difference to thousands of people board this place.
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hello there is still rather a lack of rain in queens and certainly northern queens and northern australia all together as you can see from the satellite picture the showers do blue in the afternoon most of the rain is caught up with this thing which of course are clone omagh which is now passing new caledonia and drifting around in the open water however it's been there for so long and is circulating that such a rate that it's sort of a big swell on to the coast of queens as to swell warning from the gulf coast northwards otherwise it's quiet and over land is quote not to be hot any more than twenty seven ish right about thirty mark i think say for perth possibly the cooling trend here that is reason enough in adelaide but in melbourne you might still be a little bit on the disappointed side and here is the proximity of the center of
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that storm all to see a much just see a shower out to sea but i think it's mainly this well you will notice and new zealand well in a few days time you might wonder if this will incorporate itself and bring some rain to northern ireland to see the cloud is already spreading down there but at the moment it's more normal weather and so you've got a bit of rain in south and disappearing altogether than a couple of find days twenty one to twenty four degrees who's going to complain a lightish breeze the most part this is going to be right at first it will be in the far south. whether it's totally in australia while the ferocious in bangladesh. redresses the balance between endangered wildlife and their noisy neighbors. or it's right there and there's nothing between how you how would you that i'm human how the learning to live together. how many people here have seen
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a tiger but you can. really. know welcome back years in the mind of the top stories on al-jazeera democratic members of congress are investigating an attempt by the white house to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia was a blow was inside the trunk of ministration alleged the senior officials were prepared to ignore legal advice in order to build nuclear power plants in the kingdom pakistan's prime minister among says his country wasn't behind the car bombing that killed dozens of indian troops in kashmir india as the smiths khan's
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offer to cooperate in an investigation and u.s. politician bernie sanders has announced this candidacy for the twenty twenty presidential race sanders built a popular movement when he ran for the democratic nomination in two thousand and sixteen ultimately though he lost his bid to hillary clinton. it's going to yemen now where five people have been killed and more than a dozen others injured in mortar shelling in the port city of data the shelling targeted the out to a yard this three and among the victims were two young brothers earlier on tuesday the u.n. special envoy said an agreement had been reached to withdraw fighters from the strategic city within the next twenty four hours a day that is a key entry point for the desperately needed humanitarian aid russia says it is open to corridors in syria to give people safe passage out of the rock band refugee camp it's over to more than forty thousand internally displaced people mostly women
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and children and sits in a remote corner of the desert near the borders of iraq and jordan imran khan reports now from that russian military patrol secure what are described as two humanitarian corridors which moscow says with people mainly women and children living in the old brick by a refugee camp to leave the russians in coordination with the syrian government say a fifty five kilometer area has been secured for twenty four hours the cook started ticking at nine o'clock tuesday morning. so far no one from the camp has used the corridor and the russians blame the free syrian army which are backed by the united states and which has controlled the camp and that's you when you. stay you're so lucky to be. under these circumstances the syrian government with assistance from russia made the unprecedented decision to open to humanitarian corridors to ensure the exit of internally displaced people from this camp to chosen places of
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residence it's unclear whether the russians and the syrians set up their humanitarian corridors after negotiations with the free syrian army tell our people from out of the camp walking a few kilometers to where the humanitarian corridors actually start or they simply just set up the humanitarian corridors on their own now the situation within the camp itself is incredibly die they were only able to get a first shipment the first of a couple in a few months of aid to the camp a few days ago and many women and children who are the main residents of that camp absolutely desperate. meanwhile in southeastern syria fighting continues in the last i saw held village of alba who was the syrian democratic forces the kurdish troops backed by the u.s. have surrounded the village most of which has been reduced to rubble inside around two hundred villages are being held hostage by eisel intense many of them apparently being actively prevented from leaving by high school and continued to be subjected to a tense a fight aaron graham berry strikes by the u.s.
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led coalition forces and their s.t.'s allies on the ground. so high commissioner puts it when i quote civilians continue to be used as pawns by the various parties and she calls on them to provide safe passage to those who wish to flee while those who wish to remain must also be protected as much as possible. i suffices according to the s.p.f. and dug tunnels beneath the village and a hiding that slowing the fight down and stopping the s.d.f. from declaring the end of isis on flavin syria iran can al-jazeera. shamima begum the british teenager who joined deisel in syria when she was fifteen years old is to be stripped of her u.k. citizenship the move pushed forward by the home secretary sanji job it comes just days after the former eisel member gave birth a spokesperson for the home secretary said his priority is the safety and security of britain and the people who live here the government was part of
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a trio of teenage girls from east london who travelled to the war torn nation to join the group in two thousand and fifteen. brazil is mobilizing a task force to deliver aid to the venezuelan border in four days time of the request of venezuela's self the clarity interim leader won by doe but the vet is when the military says it will be monitoring the border for any violations of its territory while reaffirming its support for nicolas maduro trungpa storage the army to abandon the embattled president i look at but it didn't set a precedent this again minister to those who attempt to be president here in venezuela you will not be able to pass through the conscious pitchy audix spirit of the men and women of the army three force to impose a puppet government of laws done that hands over and that is patriotic you won't be able to do it you will have to pass over our dead bodies. well mother may have the backing of the military but on the international stage he is becoming increasingly isolated the opposition leader won by door has the support of fifty countries and
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is been meeting with the ambassadors of germany the u.k. and france in caracas the european nations pledged more than eighteen million dollars in aid and seventy tons of medicines and food for venezuelans hundreds of people have been killed during the years of anti-government of anti-government protests in the country while local independence monitor estimates that police and military killings rose by fifty percent last year cristobal reports now from caracas. finding people that dare speak about police brutality is not easy in venezuela these days you get through a lot of says she lives in constant fear since her nephew ali son who she races he was a baby was killed during demonstrations against the government last month he was fifteen years old i don't know. i never expected anything like this because if ellison had been a criminal then you can expect anything but he was not the case he worked in
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a bakery and apparently he went with friends to protest against the government media says her nephew was killed by a police special forces unit known as face when they entered got the neighborhood and got back us where protests have intensified in the past year or so for for all the chair of a socialist revolution used to run high in neighborhoods like this one but this situation has changed because of young going economic crisis and that's why the government has started a crackdown in neighborhoods like this one when the protests take place using special forces and other units people tell us that they're intimidated harassed and sometimes killed when they raise their voice against the president. for this violence has been on the rise in venezuela especially in the country's poorest district among those who want supported or chavez socialist revolution. the more you know sunshine i was also killed. by the police she was preparing a manger just before christmas when the police raided the area she says officer
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started shooting at everyone. my son said it hurts but i thought he was talking about his cousin i didn't know he had also been shot they killed him my son play baseball and he said mom when i'm bigger i'll buy you a decent house and now he is dead good you didn't. and i guess cousin billy got a look at that will suffer fine you were logical disorder his mother says he was helpless. i saw a car and i heard the shot is. what i thought my son was hiding i never imagined my son was already dead he was disabled me though in two thousand and fifteen the government launched what's known as the people's liberation operation to fight crime in the country slums the fear is that as opposition against the government's threats so with its attempt to curtail descend the independent group violence observatory says that more than ten thousand people have been killed in the past two years you and. this is yet the model we reported in two thousand and seventeen
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five thousand people killed because of crime fighting operations last year increase to seven thousand five hundred this means that every day in venezuela the police in the military killed twenty people because they resisted authority that is the excuse they use in venezuela we don't have a death penalty we are talking about people killed on the streets or in their homes the government denies any wrongdoing and insist that those killed are part of criminal gangs people like avi moreno say that's nonsense and that their children were victims of the security forces excessive and unnecessary abuse of power. back us. the u.n. says thousands of people have been displaced by recent fighting in south sudan's a state that's despite a peace deal signed five months ago that was supposed to end the five year civil war armed groups that didn't sign the agreement continue to fight against the
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government in areas like the river stage from where he's been morgan sent us this report. there's not much to live on in this hunt for betty and her children but she says she can't complain after all this is not her home the rather an abandoned house she found and was able to shelter in after fleeing her village to escape insecurity but. we were at home when we heard guns being fired we started running we ran in one direction the children ran in another we found ourselves in the bush and spent four nights there then we wanted to go back home but we found that everything had been looted so we left the village more than ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the river state in south sudan the fighting between government forces and the opposition group known as the national salvation front are now us started in mid january south sudan descended into civil war in twenty thirteen two years after independence from sudan more than
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four hundred thousand people have been killed and a quarter of the country's twelve million population have been displaced as a result of a peace deal signed in sudan's capital her tomb in september last year the second attempt to end the war but not all were in sides have agreed to peace refused this peace agreement disagreement of course does not address the root causes of the problem. the issues are clear. issues so far governance system that you want as a result the fighting continues as does the displacement animated. i ran away soldiers in uniform wanted to shoot me but one said they shouldn't shoot an old woman i saw them shoot and kill a child in front of me right in front of me he was killed. aid organizations say the violence makes it hard to reach those who've been displaced from their homes and are in need of aid to survive many people who fled from villages in a river state have ended up here in the state's capital but thousands of others have fled into neighboring uganda and the democratic republic of congo eyed into the already huge number of south sudanese have been displaced by fighting since
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twenty fifteen the local government in your river state says it abides by the peace deal signed last year it's accuses the national salvation front of targeting civilians in its campaign to end president salva kiir is rule this group has been disturbing citizens in their own locations only using citizens to come to town. abducting says citizens wherever they find them killing citizens. south sudan is a young country less than a decade old fighting and the displacement of its population has dominated throughout its existence and the peace its citizens crave is elusive now as ever he will morgan al-jazeera a river city one of the world's most famous fashion designers karl lagerfeld has died the creative director of chanel was and i call of the global industry for over
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half a century sort of looks back on his life and legacy. instantly recognisable in his dark suit ponytails hat and sunglasses called lagerfeld was at the top of the fashion industry for more than half a century born in pre-war germany his big breakthrough came in the nineteen fifties ofter moved to paris when he won an apprenticeship with designer pierre balmain going on to find success with fashion houses including chloe. a trendsetter his modern unuseful designs found their way into high street shops like h. and m. giving him unprecedented popular appeal but it was chanel that propelled him to rock star status you know fashion is not needed. or a problem in the world who may be more important so that is not the problem but it's an industry and you don't question has to go with time efficient doesn't go
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with times vision would be lost. lagerfeld dressed some of the most famous people in the world oh the best of the supermodels miami campbell includes shifa oh jerry hall and even madonna and more recently the offspring of hollywood stars. his outspoken and stinging remarks for their own politics are a person sized and him the nickname keiser call but friends and colleagues in the industry and beyond describe him as a genius and a visionary lagerfeld spent much of his life in the public eye but remained a laundry list of figure hiding behind those trademark song grasses. if you want to hear that when not working he retreated to his large library of books. he worked primacy to the end and he's behind
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a huge legacy and his much loved cats to pat. and i remind her of our top stories on al-jazeera democratic members of congress are investigating an attempt by the white house to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia was a blow was inside the trumpet ministration alleged to senior officials were prepared to ignore legal advice in order to build nuclear power plants in the kingdom a report by the lawmakers also alleges a conflict of interest in the deal by former national security advisor. pakistan's prime minister in montana says his country wasn't behind a car bombing that killed dozens of indian troops in kashmir a group based in pakistan claimed responsibility for the attack india has the smith's khan's offer to cooperate in an investigation. today i
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am offering the indian government thought what a vista geisha you do in this case that suggests the involvement of any parks dorney we are ready to cooperate with you if you have any actionable intelligence to provide us with that it will take action and it's not because we are there pressure but because they are enemies of pakistani because they go against our interest u.s. politicians bernie sanders has announced his candidacy for the twenty twenty presidential race sanders built a popular movement when he ran for the democratic nomination in two thousand and sixteen but ultimately he lost his bid to hillary clinton he says he's running to topple donald trump or we described as a liar and a. syrian and russian forces have opened corridors to allow refugees in a camp in the syrian desert to return home forty thousand people are currently in brooklyn and near the borders with jordan and iraq most of those in the camp are women and children and the corridors will remain open for twenty four hours. in the
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north of nigeria the death toll in an attack on civilians as the baltimore that one hundred thirty people could do in a state authorities a said police investigations were underway after an initial sixty six bodies were discovered and eight villages on friday the governor says the motive behind the attack appears to be ethnic tensions between christian farmers and muslim men. and german fashion designer karl lagerfeld has died in paris of the age of eighty five he was artistic director a show now and then i call of the global fashion industry for over half a century his dad has gone tributes from designers models upon us those are the main headlines and stay with us earthrise is coming up next thanks for watching. from sunrise to sunset across asia. and the pacific explore on top fascinating stories one on one on
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al-jazeera. the relationship between humans and animals has always been one with elements of conflicts but as the number of people on the planet continues to grow it's becoming increasingly strained and imbalanced with the world's human population approaching an extraordinary eight billion sprawling settlement some activities are encroaching on animal habitats more than ever scientists estimate humans are driving species extinction at around one thousand times the natural rate largely due to habitat loss and climate change we urgently.


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