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my return to kosovo and the little village of but one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. says india needs to produce evidence for its claim that islamabad was behind a car bomb in the disputed kashmir region. also brazil is sending aid to venezuela and the quest of opposition leader. russia opens a passage for tens of thousands of people trying to escape from a remote syrian camp. and white house officials accused of repeatedly norene legal
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concerns while pushing nuclear sales to saudi arabia. welcome to the news are pakistan's prime minister has rejected india's accusations that his country was behind last thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region that attack killed forty one indian soldiers but iran can ask for evidence of pakistani involvement and promise retaliation if india attacks his country but he also offered to cooperate with his neighbor to investigate the blast india's foreign ministry expressed disappointment at the pakistani leaders remarks saying failed to denounce the group jaish e mohammed which has claimed responsibility for the attack. that the prime minister of pakistan refuses to acknowledge the attack on our security forces
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and. as an act of that as prime minister of pakistan has neither chosen to condemn this act not. with the family's disclaiming any link between the attack and pakistan is an oft repeated excuse by pakistan it is a fact that. and. are based in pakistan this should be sufficient proof for pakistan to take action. from new delhi. the funerals continue across india as the bodies of the security forces killed in recent attacks are returned to their homes as the country mourns pressures on the government and officials to show that action is being taken. down in. security officials in indian administered kashmir blame pakistan's spy agency the i.s.i. for the car bombing by the group jaish
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e mohammed or jem that was. brought out reductive order by a site. while the investigations continue many in india are wondering how it was allowed to happen critics say that any major attack can be considered an intelligence failure but the scope and complexity of this one made it the worst attack on indian forces in the region in three decades it leaves the question what went wrong. indian agencies in kashmir rely on locals for intelligence but some analysts say the goodwill needed for that intelligence has dwindled. have been off extremely disruptive. communal politics now that is undermining. d.n. vironment that is what is resulting in more and more frustration and more and more
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recruitment. this analyst says the current intelligence agencies are understaffed and resources are mr directed but it is involved in political intelligence that is involved in a whole range of other activities many of them under a limited to two core security as indian officials continue to blame pakistan for supporting armed groups prepared to launch attacks on indian troops critics say the government needs to take a look at its own security apparatus to prevent more deaths as jamil al jazeera you delhi. he is pakistan's ambassador to the united nations and she joins me now from u.n. headquarters in new york ambassador lodhi thanks for joining us live on al-jazeera you were to meet the u.n. secretary general to discuss the issue of what is going on between india and pakistan at the moment have you had that meeting and what's come out of it. yes i met the u.n. secretary general this afternoon and before that i met the president of the u.n.
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security council and to both of them i emphasized the need for the u.n. to play its role and live up to its obligations i told the secretary general that he had put prevention at the very heart of his agenda this is the time for him to act because the situation between pakistan and india is deteriorating we see an escalation in rhetoric from the indian side we see a spate of threatening statements by indian leaders and in occupied kashmir we also see attacks on ordinary kashmiris and on muslims so the situation is very fraught we in pakistan would like to see a resumption of dialogue with india so that we can address all our outstanding issues prime minister in round one only this morning renewed his offer of talks to the indian leadership he also said that he is willing to talk about terrorism he's willing to talk about the occupied territory of kashmir so i think what we have is
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a situation which can turn into a very grave security threat not only to our region but also to international peace and security if that's the case you general i have to say was very very he was very attentive let me just finish it because he was very attentive and he said he we live in troubled times he said he was willing to offer his good offices and pakistan certainly would like the good offices of the u.n. secretary general to have a conversation with india so that we can address all these issues in a peaceful manner we don't think that the kind of irresponsible rhetoric that's coming out of delhi is the way to go ok well let's get to the nitty gritty then ambassador can we just get this on record did the pakistani government its military or secret service have anything to do with the planning coordination or execution of that attack on indian servicemen last week. we have categorically denied this allegation because that's what this is an
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allegation my prime minister this morning again rejected these allegations we believe these are irresponsible statements coming from the indian side this is not the way to proceed in an environment which is already fraught the only where that the two countries can resolve their differences is to talk to each other that is reasonable that rational and that's important and i believe it's also urgent because i think with electoral politics in india coming in the way and when perhaps on the minds of indian leaders there's all the more reason for the two countries to sit down and talk about the issue let's not forget the context the backdrop against which this violence occurred and that context is the denial of the right of self-determination to the people of jammu and kashmir they have suffered they have suffered last year in fact it was one of the deadliest years in recent history but in occupied kashmir five hundred civilians died they were killed and let me say
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that every time somebody dies in occupied kashmir it's not just another statistic it's somebody who's mother somebody is father somebody is. going to get to know because they're different from others i've got to get in there because you obviously are talking about sort of pakistan's point of view if we get back to obviously what's been going on and the rhetoric what is it what it is what the pakistani government talk about not just you talk about the backdrop ambassador you talk about the backdrop the backdrop is also the jaish e mohammed does operate in pakistan as a masood is there he's taken responsibility. for that attack in. what is the government going to do to the group's leader when he so openly said i'm responsible is he going to be arrested and questioned at least nothing seems to have been done even on that score when an individual or says i on an individual has said i am responsible for this. i think you already decided and
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determined what is happening and what is responsible all i can say in response to what has actually been. responsible. it's a prescribed organization let me finish it is a proscribed organization in my country and as i said every time there is an incident in occupied kashmir the indians operate in a kneejerk manner they put all the blame on pakistan and then never acknowledge their own failure in managing a situation where they are an occupation force i think unless as my prime minister said the indian leadership is willing to introspect it is willing to look inward it is willing to look at its record of human rights violations in occupied kashmir violations that have been documented not just by international human rights organizations but also by the un by the high commissioner for human rights of the united nations and this is something i did in ninety eight the un secretary general
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today i told him that is all on organizations report has said that there is a need for an independent commission of inquiry into the brutal violation of human rights in occupied kashmir we need to look at this issue in its proper context indeed. this issue of context and instigator and then begin to and then begin to see it from that prism i mean you speak from your prism i am here to give you the government of. the prison doesn't have any and the president doesn't do that at the moment ambassador. a we know that your you've got the pakistani position certainly sacristan to in your mind but we also need to know i think as an international community if information is gathered by the indian authorities and they present that to pakistan as the prime minister has requested in islamabad today how is he going to act because we've seen dossiers given to pakistan in in
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the past that have been backed up by the americans if we just take the attacks for example and they've been dismissed by islamabad and this is the worry that the indians have what do you want to see in terms of documentation handed to your capital. let me repeat what the prime minister said this morning he said he is prepared for an investigation provided there is actionable intelligence of credible evidence that is provided to pakistan i think his words are loud and clear there is no need for you to be either skeptical or doubtful about this but i think you should also examine india's not doc's posture they need to be talking to pakistan and we are ready able and willing to have this conversation not just about the incident that occurred but about all the outstanding issues that divide our two countries we think the situation is a dangerous one we don't think this kind of escalation is in the interest of either pakistan or india or the entire region or indeed of the international community
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that you speak off it is irresponsible not to have a conversation the conversation cannot occur through the media it cannot occur through threatening statements it cannot occur through television interviews it has to occur directly between the governments of the two countries and for that my country is ready well if that conversation does happen between the two countries where we look forward to welcoming you back on this news program ambassador to discuss developments there for the moment ambassador lodhi thanks very much for joining us from the u.n. thank you onto our other top story in venezuela the military has reaffirmed its loyalty for embattled president nicolas maduro defense minister vladimir adreno says the armed forces will remain in position along the border to prevent potential threats speaking on state television during the describe the u.s. president's recent speech about his country arrogant and senseless the trumpet administration has been calling on murderous army to defect and support opposition
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leader on quite a. or brazil is creating a task force to deliver humanitarian aid to the venezuelan border it's working with the united states to send shipments by saturday brazil says it comes at quite as request and that the opposition leader will be responsible for its distribution. june is in the brazilian town of of east or near the border with venezuela mohammed of course what are we hearing now from brazil in terms of that aid effort. well there was a press conference in the last hour and a half in brasilia in which the presidential spokesman. told a news conference that it was going to be this interment a serial task force that is set up to try to set up these logistics for supplying a that would be distributed in israel as well as you mentioned just a moment ago the form that this would take as we understand right now is that
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brazil ward name cooperate with the united states in order to get medical supplies and food supplies to brazil's border with venezuela and that then the venezuelans would be the ones that would be in charge of coming into brazil picking up that aid in taking it back into venezuela and distributing it again as you mentioned this request according to brazil's government comes from venezuelan opposition leader. now it's going to be interesting to see what form this takes we don't yet know where exactly this is going to happen we have courts are involved that is the capital of the state here in the north of brazil now we assume that this would happen that is a town a border town right on the brazilian border with venezuela we were there just a few days ago we will be going back in the next few days it has been widely assumed that because that is the main entry point for going israel in migrants coming from going into brazil that that is where this aid distribution center would be set up but that's still not quite yet clear it's
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a very fluid situation in terms of where the aid is building up or where it could actually end venezuela so any statements by respective neighboring countries have to be taken with a pinch of salt because nobody knows whether they can get that aid into the country itself. yeah that's a very good point and also we should remember that you know it took until today until we finally got clarity from the brazilian government look it had been expected that there would be some kind of formal. smith made either today or tomorrow because this looming deadline of february twenty third which has been said many times by the united states and by why go this is just this next saturday the brazilian government had not confirmed until just in the past ninety minutes that in fact they were making preparations to start having aid being supplied on that date clearly there was you know clearly there was pressure to release some kind of
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a statement because the media has been asking questions but up until yesterday we were speaking to local officials here involved who said they had not yet been informed by the federal government when exactly this was going to happen if some kind of task force was going to be here in this state in the north if an aid distribution center was going to be set up to even though this announcement has now been made whether or not it will go smoothly we're just not sure what exactly is going to be happening come this next saturday so hill for the moment we'll leave it there mohammed thanks for joining us russia says it's open to corridors in syria to allow people in the refugee camp to return home and these pictures of the preparations are being released by the russian news agency ruptly one camp is in the remote corner of the syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq it's home to more than forty thousand people mostly women and children. in the most oh
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you're so lucky to be a sensible one as of today the rock band refute g. camp located near the military base keeps having problems the situation there continues to be catastrophic and its residents practically being held hostage by the us live on the edge between life and death under these circumstances the syrian government with assistance from russia the unprecedented decision to open to humanitarian corridors to ensure the exit of internally displaced people from this camp to chosen places of residence. five civilians including two young brothers have been killed during mortar shelling by rebels in yemen the attack happened in the who data province at least fifteen people were injured it follows the un's announcement of a breakthrough agreement for the withdrawal of troops from the port city of data as soon as wednesday these and the saudi backed government agreed to redeploy forces in an attempt to end the war and he's desperately need aid and he data is a key port for supplies our diplomatic editor james bays has this update from the
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latest u.n. meeting on yemen the un security council was told by the special envoy for yemen martin gryphus that the redeployment of forces around today the stage one would start in the next twenty four hours of course the redeployment was supposed to start after the stock called peace deal and that two months ago and all the while the humanitarian situation on the ground in yemen has been getting worse the u.n. was briefed by the undersecretary general mark local in short mr president things are very band and unfortunately aid agencies are running out of money among the many challenges the aid aid operation faces funding is quickly becoming the biggest we expect current resources to be used up by the end of march
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just six weeks from now the special envoy martin griffiths also told the security council there been progress in talks on trying to get a prisoner exchange between the various parties fighting in yemen again talk of progress but like redeployment no actual progress yet. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news a conference in brussels puts the spotlight on human rights in the gulf and the murder of sanity journalist. also while thousands are still living in fear in south sudan months after a peace deal was reached. and the twenty thirty two olympic games has its first official submission layer will tell us who it is and support. senior members of the trumpet ministration are being accused of pushing for nuclear sales to saudi arabia repeatedly ignored legal objections democrats who have
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a majority in the u.s. house a launch an investigation after releasing a report based on testimonies from anonymous whistleblowers former national security advisor michael flynn and energy secretary rick perry monks' those named as strong advocates of the nuclear sale by kind of joins me now live from washington d.c. mike these are quite damning findings are they not. they are very damning indeed and what is remarkable about this report is the detail that is in there to give specific dates and give specific names. specific correspondence passed between various parties so basically though based on whistleblowers testimony as the report says it is clearly extensive and would appear to come from career diplomats within the trumpet ministration with access to a great amount of data so very damning indeed for a number of those named obviously the house committee is just beginning an
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investigation but it's going to be a very intensive investigation indeed and the names that are there in the report may be familiar to some poor man a fort who's been prosecuted by the special prosecutor gates who's been indicted as well along with michael flynn who you mentioned about michael flynn has been central to this right from the beginning it would appear while he was working for trump's campaign during the transition while he was national security adviser and even after he was fired and then of course the report says that on the twelfth of february that's just a week ago that the company for whom flynn was working as an adviser led a delegation of nuclear companies to hold a meeting with president tram at the white house so this is not only with past event but very current event as well is it being suggested that they could be called sequences for those needed the report. very much sir well the first
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consequence of course is contravening the atomic safety act now that does have major criminal row consequences and clearly what the whistleblowers have stated in their findings is that there's great concern that there's a conscious attempt by members of the administration along with the associates to intentionally circumvent congress to provide nuclear technology to saudi arabia with the single aim of personal profit at the level of the people is exceedingly high to the energy secretary rick perry is one of those named so yes there would be consequences should this report gain traction in the investigation now that investigation is under way a number of letters have been sent out by the committee rick good question further information including a letter to the acting chief of staff in the white house asking for this very specific details concerning meetings both with the nuclear companies as well as with the crown prince of saudi arabia so this is now going to be an ongoing process
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the clear question here is whether it is going to be a bipartisan process within congress at the as it has been incidentally in the senate where only last week as well a bipartisan group of senators introduced a resolution demanding that any nuclear deal with saudi arabia exclude any possibility of saudi arabia becoming a nuclear power but it will leave it there mike thanks sir let's cross over to ellen world who saw this story and consultant on the energy and geopolitics she joins me now live on skype from jacksonville in florida good to have you with a cell and i mean gulf countries are considering or in the process of trying to find other alternative sources of energy the u.a.e. are constructing nuclear power plants so some may say why is the u.s. so concerned about saudi arabia getting its hands on nuclear technology but perhaps recent events give us part of the time. well let's put this entire issue
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into context we're not talking right now about nuclear weapons technology that's an entirely different ballgame from what we're talking about retirement nuclear power technology saudi arabia has there's no indication that saudi arabia wants to enrich its own your brain am you have to enrich uranium in a much higher level or any kind of nuclear weaponry than you would for a nuclear power plant now saudi arabia is first of all it's very expensive to enrich your own uranium and enrich uranium for power plants is actually quite cheap so it really wouldn't make any sense for saudi arabia to want to build its own nuclear weapons technology what we're talking about is the power generation and here's here's here's basically the lay of the land saudi arabia forty four percent of saudi arabia's electricity generation right now comes from oil and that's both
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horrible for the environment and bad for the country economically that much rather sell that oil or turn it into petro chemicals or some other profitable substance basically any toil that they burn for electricity is basically wasted now this is a country that cannot use hydroelectric power which is very very beneficial for baseload electricity generation and so the only non hydrocarbon electricity source of electricity that they can really turn to at this point is nuclear so it's extremely beneficial and these see it is as basically an imperative to build nuclear power plants and that is not just saudi arabia it's other places in the gulf as well of course and so if you look at it from a purely economic point of view is the white house looking at this in terms of the the money can make the investment it can have the say it could have in terms of nuclear plant construction within saudi arabia because if it doesn't take the first
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step russia south korea and china are just waiting on the doorstep are they not to fill a void. exactly and right now saudi arabia has made it very clear that they're going forward with an energy electricity generation transition within their country and it's going to happen and so the question is only who is going to be providing that technology and doing the work when they've invited or said that they have in the short listed russian and south korean farms possibly also u.s. friend or chinese firms these firms are all just waiting to get their hands on this to get into saudi arabia so it's not unexpected to say the u.s. would want to be the ones are providing that technology and getting those contracts which could be very lucrative and of course the political dynamics of what's going on in the middle east of course are impacting on saudi arabia's persona and reputation whether it be the war in yemen or the alleged murder of jamal khashoggi
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the saudi consular office in turkey the issues play heavily on the minds of politicians at the moment and of course the legislation that needs to be passed to allow any country to gain nuclear technology in any form from the u.s. so if you put economy to one side the politics of saudi arabia getting its hands on any nuclear technology from the u.s. seems very difficult at this present moment in time. oh without a doubt i mean this is basically a subject that you don't want to be on the side of looking like you're your assistant in saudi arabia in any way at this point because it's really a topic that's that's very difficult to touch right now but on the other hand do you want to let russia south or south korea or china get in there instead would it not be better for americans to be the ones with their with their hands in there
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with that with the firms getting the contracts and doing the work and keeping their eye on things so that's that's the calculus that has to be weighed at this point and there are only as a small number of firms in america that they do this technology that have these keep abilities and so it wouldn't be unforeseen or or out of the. common thing to see these firms you know listed in in reports and such and it's definitely something that has to be weighed do you want to have any involvement at all or is it better to have some involvement so that you know what's going on there well for the most but we'll leave it there alan well thanks so much for joining us from jacksonville thank you. the true new york times correspondent has been denied entry into egypt david kirkpatrick was detained without explanation after he arrived at cairo port on monday the former kyra bureau chief was then a scored on to a flight back to london the following day the new york times says patrick's denial
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of entry is part of a broader press crackdown and the president of the c.c. . there is jenna's behooved the same has been in gyptian prison for more than two years he's been held without charges trial or conviction you say it was detained on december the twentieth twenty sixteen by egyptian authorities upon his arrival in cairo for the annual vacation to visit his family egypt has accused the qatar based news producer of broadcasting false news. denies these charges and calls for the same to be released. now the fiance of saudi journalists. world leaders to take action against his killers. yes address the human rights panel the parliament to brussels was murdered inside the saudi calls listen to stumble. the moment has come for all international organizations to move forward as quickly as possible the perpetrators of this particular doc crime have
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to be prosecuted and justice has to prevail one might think this is a very exceptional event but let us contemplate that this may not be as exceptional as one thinks this type of crime may be something very frequent but we simply don't hear about it. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our. they may have the money and the power we have the people. u.s. senator bernie sanders delivers a familiar anti establishment campaign cry as he announces another white house bid . and camargo felt who dominated fashion for half a century died at the age of eighty five. and tennis as well the two goes in search of predict three a two hundred lire will be hit with that story in school so you stay with us.
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hello this is one part of the world where winter is hanging on particularly in the northeast corner and this streaking cloud here's the back edge of the culvert which left snow in new england now this looks pretty cold because satellite tends to pick up the colder the tops of cloud there's no cloud the cold on the ground indeed that is true the arctic air does still sit there minus eighteen winnipeg a massive snow developing in the upper midwest and that's running again across the lakes towards the northeast corner this is the forecast for wednesday where it's warmer you got rain significant rain i think running through the southern states and again there's a bit of snow forming itself in the higher ground in california not as much as there was recently restricting sas to towards arizona new mexico be more rain running through l.a. as well so the two areas have been affected recently by winter are reflected as you can see in temps regime maybe it warms a little bit in chicago in toronto but it is still looking wintry if you're in the
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caribbean central american generally apart from the breeze an increasing possibility of shower nicaragua and honduras it's actually a fine time of year the clouds are valid on the smaller islands in the daily basis is light showers maybe but otherwise it looks good. growing green bacteria in a boardroom and. gas escaping from. the gritty the halls of innovation in the for what happened to experiments. and. how counter the impacts of climate change the science of capturing. the scientific on the back of my montagne and why does it happen ten zero. zero. donald trump has talked of a special bowl with kim jong. now the u.s.
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president a north korean leader ought to meet again this time in vietnam were both very honored to eight months after making history in singapore and they strike a deal on nuclear weapons. and finally end the korean. followers on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news with means the whole robin a reminder of our top stories pakistani prime minister imran khan is denying indian allegations that his country was involved in last week's bombing in the disputed
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kashmir region forty one indian soldiers were killed in the suicide blast india has dismissed khan's offer to cooperate in an investigation brazil is creating a task force to deliver humanitarian aid to the venezuelan border it's working with the united states to send shipments by saturday at the request of opposition leader one quite. and senior members of the trumpet ministration are being accused of pushing for nuclear technology sales to saudi arabia repeatedly nori legal objections democrats are launching an investigation after releasing a report based on testimonies from anonymous whistleblowers. a report in the new york times is raising questions about whether the us president went further than previously reported to try and stop investigations into him and his close allies article white house the latest washington d.c. . as federal investigators are closing in on the president's former fixer and lawyer michael cohen the new york times says u.s.
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president donald trump called his acting attorney general matthew whittaker and asked that a trump loyalist be put in charge of the investigation whittaker didn't make that move and cohen went on to plead guilty to coordinating with the president to make payments to keep news of two affairs out of the headlines before the election along with other crimes the call could possibly be seen as the president trying to obstruct justice he's denied it and gave yet. just more fake news a lot of there's a lot of fake there's a lot of fake news out there and no i did the new york times is not known for producing fake news and if true it could spell trouble for whitaker who said this to congress under oath at no time has the white house asked for work nor have i provided any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel's investigation or any other investigation line to congress is a crime the justice department is denying the new york times story but the paper is also reporting that lawyers for the president reached out to lawyers for two of his
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former top aides to talk about potential pardons his former national security advisor michael flynn who has pled guilty to light the f.b.i. and his former campaign chairman paul metaphor who has been convicted of a litany of other crimes this is a story of a president already under investigation for obstructing justice potentially making it much worse for himself at the very least giving special counsel robert mueller even more to look into. al-jazeera washington u.s. politician but the sun doesn't of the twenty twenty white house race it's the independents and it is second to ten t. last the democratic party's twenty sixteen nomination to hillary clinton who was defeated by john trunk the seventy seven year old will complain on many of the same promises as last time including universal health care a higher minimum wage and feed public college she was. bernie sanders running for president and i'm asking you today to be part of an unprecedented grassroots
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campaign of one million active volunteers in every state in our country. our campaign is not only about the feeding donald trump the most dangerous president in modern american history it is not only about winning the democratic nomination and the general election our campaign is about transforming our country and creating a government based on the principles of economic social racial and environmental justice the twelve candidates of throwing their hats into the ring to challenge donald trump they include massachusetts senator elizabeth warren a new jersey senate colleague booker and california senate. they share a similar leftist agenda with bernie sanders centrist line is minnesota senator amy code blue car code blue shar she's described proposals like universal health care and aspirations that likely contenders include former vice president joe biden and
2:38 am
beat a rock a former congressman who narrowly lost the texas senate race last year she returned see as the latest from washington d.c. one of the reasons why there are so many potential democratic presidential nominees is because many of them wanted to announce before bernie sanders got into the race they wanted to get some momentum because bernie sanders is the front runner of the declared candidates he has the best nationwide organization he has the most on the biggest small donor base he has the best name recognition the only other candidate who does better than him is joe biden before vice president under barack obama who has not yet declared whether he will be running and if he does there we will see a very similar pubs very bitter campaign season between that centrist or stablish went right wing section of the democratic party and the bernie sanders wing the younger wing of the democratic party who say more fundamental change is needed when the democrats have offered up to now christine close is a member of the democratic national committee she says bernie sanders is most
2:39 am
likely to be the front runner in the race. well i think it's very exciting that bernie sanders is running again he has millions of voters who supported him last time who are certainly seeing him as the front runner i also think it's really important to clarify that it's not so much a matter of a contrast between the left part of the party and the right part of the party it's a matter of how deep and authentic your policy beliefs are he has an organization he has candidates he's helped elect to public office and party office in the last couple of years he also wants to be careful that he's not a victim of his own success one of the successes is that people start to realize that there is a winning message and having universal health care college tuition and rising wages the downside of that success as you mentioned is that there are other candidates who can come in and be a fresh face adopt his ideas and perhaps. beat him because this time around he
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is the establishment his ideas are still challenging but logistically speaking right now he's the front runner he's the establishment which means that he is the one everybody is out there trying to be. u.s. president donald trump says trade talks with china going well the chinese delegation arrived in washington will choose it to resume talks with u.s. officials it follows last week's negotiations of beijing which ended without a deal trump has also indicated the march the first deadline for raising tyrants from ten to twenty five percent could be extended i can't tell you exactly about timing but. the date is not a magical date a lot of things can happen a group question will be will raise the terrorists because they automatically kick into twenty five percent as of one two hundred billion dollars worth of goods that they say and so i know that china would like for that to happen so i think they're trying to move fast so that doesn't happen but. we'll see what happens i can only say that the talks with china and trade have gone very very well in the meantime
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our economy is very strong we're doing well. let's head to africa now where in the north of nigeria the death toll in an attack on civilians of doubled to more than one hundred thirty people could do to state authorities said police investigations were underway after sixty six bodies were discovered in eight villages on friday governor. says the motive behind the attack of his to be ethnic tensions violent clashes between christian farmers and muslim herdsman over the land of become deadly over recent years brings us the latest from a big. increase in the number of the dead what was expected from the beginning more than one hundred people have been marked missing in the aftermath of that other types and now security forces have been haunting that area looking for survivors as well as bodies say they found more bodies in either of the most of them they say well beyond beyond recognition. in the roles of bodies that were discovered.
2:42 am
on in the villages eight of them in that could you local government area there were twenty two children under the age of ten years and tall women we met by was who told us that hundreds of men armed with guns and other crude weapons had descended on the villages of dorm killing and beheading anyone they saw some of the survivors we met had killed their families and tire families killed in the tux and this area of nigeria is prone to such toxic is where the mainly muslim north meets the mainly christian south. well staying on the african continent the u.n. says thousands of people have been displaced by recent fighting in south sudan that's despite a peace deal signed five months ago to end the five years of war of groups that didn't sign the agreement continue to fight against the government in areas like
2:43 am
a river state from where he said this report. there's not much to live on in this house for betty and her children but she says she can't complain after all this is not her home the crowther an abandoned house she found and was able to shelter in after fleeing her village to escape insecurity but as. we were at home when we heard guns being fired we started running we ran in one direction the children ran in another we found ourselves in the bush and spent four nights there then we wanted to go back home but we found that everything had been looted so we left the village more than ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the river state in south sudan the fighting between government forces and the opposition group known as the national salvation front are ness started in mid january south sudan descended into civil war in twenty thirteen two years after independence from sudan more than four hundred thousand people have been killed and
2:44 am
a quarter of the country's twelve million population have been displaced as a result of a peace deal signed in sudan's capital her tomb in september last year the second attempt to end the war but not all worrying sides have agreed to peace refused this peace agreement disagreement of course does not address the causes of the problem. the issues are clear. issues so far governance system that you want as a result the fighting continues as does the displacement and it is. i ran away soldiers in uniform wanted to shoot me but one said they shouldn't shoot you know woman i saw them shoot and kill a child in front of me right in front of me he was killed. aid organizations say the violence makes it hard to reach those who've been displaced from their homes and are in need of aid to survive many people who fled from villages in a river state have ended up here in the state's capital but thousands of others have fled into neighboring uganda and the democratic republic of congo at into the already huge number of thousands have been displaced by fighting since twenty
2:45 am
fifteen the local government in year over state says it abides by the peace deal signed last year it's accuses the national salvation front of targeting civilians in its campaign to end president salva kiir is rule this group has been disturbing says citizens in their own locations only if using citizens to come to town. abducting says citizens wherever they find them killing citizens for no reason south sudan is a young country less than a decade old fighting and the displacement of its population has dominated throughout its existence and the peace its citizens crave is elusive now as ever he morgan al-jazeera to reverse the. thousands of people have taken to the streets across friends in protest against a recent rise an anti semitic turks now this follows the discovery of over ninety
2:46 am
graves in the jewish cemetery in eastern fronts that had been desecrated with swastikas french president who's condemned the attack visited the cemetery earlier on tuesday france is home to the world's largest population outside of israel and the u.s. . one of the world's most famous fashion designers karl lagerfeld has died at the age of eighty five friends led the tribute saying is humor wit and passion for fashion will live on for the creative director of chanel was an icon within the industry for more than fifty years so the cut it takes a look back at his life. that. instantly recognisable in his dark suits ponytailed hat and sunglasses called lagerfeld was at the top of the fashion industry for more than half a century born in pre-war germany his big breakthrough came in the nineteen fifties ofter moved to paris when he won an apprenticeship with design appear balmain going
2:47 am
on to find success with fashion houses including chloe a trendsetter his modern unuseful designs found their way into high street shops like h. and m. giving him unprecedented popular appeal but it was chanel that propelled him to rock star status you know fashion is not needed. for a problem in the world who may be more important so that is not the problem but it's an industry and you don't question has to go with time efficient doesn't go with times vision would be lost. lagerfeld dressed some of the most famous people in the world. the best of the supermodels miami campbell includes a shift. to jerry hall and even madonna and more recently the offspring of hollywood stars. his outspoken and stinging remarks were on politics or person size and him the nickname keiser call. but friends and
2:48 am
colleagues in the industry and beyond describe him as a genius and a visionary. lagerfeld spent much of his life in the public eye the remains. of figure hiding behind those trademarks. was when not working he retreated to his launch a library of books. he worked tirelessly to the end and he's behind a huge legacy and his much loved cats.
2:49 am
2:50 am
welcome back it's time for sport now his. thank you so much trouble start with the champions league and not much in the way of goals in tuesday night's last sixteen first leg matches liverpool and byron munich finished goalless while the situation in france was the same with leon and barcelona drawing nil nil as well now the action continues on wednesday when italian champions eventis take on athletico madrid christiana rinaldo will be the main focus here when he played at real madrid he were team lee tormented atletico and his new italian team will be hoping that he can continue that streak he's that a twenty two times against them over the years. english champions manchester city will also be on the field for their first leg last sixteen against child cup the german club will enjoy home advantage in the first leg but they are struggling domestically they lie in fourteenth place in the bundesliga standings but man city
2:51 am
are taking nothing for granted with many dreams you know i had to learn to do a good competition to make a good game tomorrow to do bring. those games in the best position for i was to. strong we feel a lot of confidence. and of course to us to you know to make a good game in the special to try to score goals to push the important away to try to school and minimal goal but asian football confederation is ramping up its efforts to tackle pirate channel b. out q they've called in leading experts to help after the saudi based channel illegally broadcast asian cup last month other football governing bodies like feet for a new way for have already pursued legal action against the out queue for stealing content that belongs exclusively took a tar's b.n. sports in the middle east b.n. recently announced it would not renew its deal with formula one because they felt the sport was not doing enough to stop piracy. emerged in two thousand and
2:52 am
seventeen after saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt launched an economic and trade blockade of qatar. indonesia is the first country to officially submit a bid to host the twenty thirty two summer olympic games the country's capital jakarta will host the games if the bid is successful last year they hosted another successful asian games if they win the rights they would become the fourth agent city to host after tokyo seoul and beijing tokyo host next year's olympics with paris and los angeles to host the two after that. the i.o.c. have come and witnessed the success of the asian games with the great success of the asian games the i.o.c. have accepted an interest but this is still going to be a long process the start of the new major league baseball season is still some five weeks away and teams are hard at work in spring training one team looking to make a statement is the send you a padres they signed up many machado in the most lucrative free agent deal ever machado has agreed to
2:53 am
a three hundred million dollars deal ten years with the padres he's hit thirty home runs in each of the past four seasons and is likely to fill the gap at third base the agreement is still subject to a successful physical son diego finished bottom of their division last year and haven't reached the playoffs since two thousand and six this would also be the second largest deal in baseball history of years young carlos stanton's three hundred twenty five million dollars thirteen year deal with the miami marlins was signed in two thousand and fifteen. and ten if they only osaka lost her first match since being crowned the world number one on tuesday osaka was up against france's christina dinner at the dubai tennis championships lived in a village raced into a three love first set lead and never looked back the frenchwoman taking the honors six three six three asako split with her coach about a week ago and was emotional during the post match news conference.
2:54 am
no offense to you guys i'm pretty sure like as time goes on you guys will stop talking about it for now. biggest tennis news. it's a little bit hard because if people are staring at me and not in like a good. world number two some on a holiday has won her two hundred career main draw match the romanian defeated canada's eugenie bouchard in the second round of the dubai tennis championships on tuesday the twenty seven year old winning this one seven six and six four for what is also her fourth career win over. and two time wimbledon champion patrick is also through to the third round in dubai the world number four did not have it as straightforward as help though after losing the first set in the tiebreaker to her fellow czech company in sydney after over she fought back to take the second six for witold but managed to hold her nerve in the deciding set taking that six four to progress to the next round the twenty eight year old will be there caroline
2:55 am
garcia or jennifer brady next. michela schiffer and reminiscent hauser know where the winners of the parallel slalom in stockholm on tuesday fresh from the world championships an aura american skier shifrin face some stiff competition in the swedish capital but eventually christina geiger of germany in the final by a margin of point twenty seven seconds sweden's and larson came. for the top the time sheets again after the second session on the second day of formula one testing in barcelona. battle had set the pace on monday his new teammate charles leclerc was a second faster than the rest of the runners on tuesday williams wore were a no show for a second day their car not quite ready for time world champion lewis hamilton concentrated on piling up laps rather than speed and with seven fastest in his mercedes. others weren't so fast daniel ricardo had
2:56 am
a spin out after the rear wing of his car broke apart on the main straight the damage kept him from improving on this time in a push to beat the clik. i think globally speaking. it's hard to know if we've got a good car or not a good car. i think i did a bit of a long run this morning that was the only real i got to do and i think that was quite encouraging the way we kind of use the tires throughout that run and then the way it came back a bit at the end. yeah that was i feel good after that run basically and why ski down a hill when you can drive up it former world champion mathias extrem managed to climb up this steep slope in austria in an electric powered car he called on help though from retired olympic skier axle and spend to navigate the course the gradient on this run it was a shocking eighty five percent so the team used metal spikes on the tires to give it. your birthday why would you do that it's
2:57 am
a lot to rescan or award for me i've been doing a lot of crazy things in my life and in sport or with cars. doing big boy doing riding whatever everything comes with danger but that's also to squeeze the limits is something that i like and while stunt drivers have dangerous jobs sometimes sports reporters do too especially if you work in the n.h.l. commentator pierre mcguire is a lucky man here he was inches away from being hit in the face at monday's game between the columbus blue jackets and tampa bay lightning thankfully though only the camera was his spirit is face just by a hair well that's it for me we'll have more later. thanks very much lee how that was a lucky mess and of course you can follow all of those stories that we're covering here on al-jazeera by logging on to our website at al-jazeera dot com the top story of course is the news is breaking out of the u.s. and the potential sale of nuclear equipment to saudi arabia more news on the other
2:58 am
side of the break to stay with me. everything dude is being am it's being late and it's being measured that's what intelligence agencies are they are tossed to do things in secret that are a lawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. big could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents on al-jazeera.
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with bureaus spanning six continents across the. al-jazeera is corresponding snooping bringing the stories they tell of it's. not like it is the bottom of the letters. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian dressier food in world news. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the meeting don't choke on the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them no matter what men when they. make. it. sound the boxset this is us. on al-jazeera.
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bucket's dan says india needs to produce evidence for its claim that islam was behind a car bomb in the disputed kashmir region. raman you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in there are also coming up brazil is sending aid to venezuela at the request of opposition leaders. also a u.s. congressional report raises concerns about the trumpet ministration sharing nuclear technology with saudi arabia plus new york times reports suggest donald trump tried to stop investigations into.


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