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where every. not everyone is supporting one guy when the venezuela crisis as a military backs the president. alone down in jordan this isn't a zero live from doha also coming up pakistan says india needs to produce evidence for its claim that it's not about was behind a car bomb the disputed kashmir region. a u.s. congressional report raises concerns about the trumpet ministration sharing nuclear
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technology with saudi arabia. they may have the money and the power we have the people and u.s. senator bernie sanders delivers a familiar one campaign cry as he announces another bid for the white house. but as well as military has reaffirmed its loyalty for embattled president nicolas maduro defense minister vladimir putin says the armed forces will remain in position along the border to prevent potential threats speaking on state t.v. but reena described the us president's recent speech about his country as are ignorant and senseless trumpet ministration has been calling them a do as army to defect and support opposition leader one guy they all are latin america etc see anyone spoke to a group of hard core loyalists who blame the us for the crisis in venezuela. a
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tiny primary health care center in caracas has picked out a area latin america's largest slum. inside a sixty three year old son said they knew she has bronco pneumonia and needs an x. ray medication and much more but there's none to be had she complains that the center is falling apart and that there's no medicine in stock yet she's still a firm supporter of the news wales government. those of us who support the government carry it in our veins we can't be so ungrateful i had a son who had three open heart surgery spanx to our government not everyone thinks the same but i remained faithful. years of shortages rising crime a social welfare state in disarray and the world's worst hyperinflation has seen millions of venezuelans calling for president nicolas maduro ouster. for twenty years after deceased president hugo chavez introduced venezuelans to the concept of
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twenty first century socialism there are still some true believers. at the stake gnostic clinic doctors are desperate because they haven't received medicine for two months but the community council representatives have an explanation the same one as president model. it's all the fault of the us. empire they block the entry of food and medicine into venezuela we have money to import what we need but now the empire wants to appropriate venezuela's oil wealth. in actual fact the sale of food and medicine to venezuela isn't blocked although in the last two months the trumpet ministration has applied even tighter economic sanctions aimed to hasten mother's ouster. that makes it even more difficult to import all these food boxes called clapp which has been distributing over the last two years a welcome sight of poor residents of all political colors. as are heavily subsidized one hundred twenty that isn't everything that's in here costs more than
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twenty thousand that is in fact many families depend on this to survive. although critics accuse the government of using hunger as a tool for political control the majority of those on the distribution list like. oppose the government anyway. but not. there among the minority who remain faithful to the promise of the bolivarian revolution. we have to give this government time we just have to wait for the situation to. me need is that it's a dream and nobody said it would be easy especially since via confronting not just a new person but the world's most powerful. there was a time when the majority of in israel and shared that dream but after six years of political strife corruption and economic hardships their numbers had dwindled but not their stubborn determination to remain loyal to chavez's legacy you see in
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human i just see that in his way though. brazil is creating a task force to deliver humanitarian aid to the venezuelan borda is working with the u.s. to send shipments by saturday was ill says it comes at gliders request and that the opposition leader would be responsible for its distribution but there was government has blocked u.s. aid from entering from neighboring colombia on a jump jim has more now from but the stuff in brazil. brazil is coordinating and cooperating with the united states to supply aid to venezuela and that supply of aid is set to begin on saturday february twenty third that's all according to brazilian presidential spokesman ottavio bottomless he said all this during a news conference in brasilia it was stated that the request for this aid came from venezuelan opposition leader juan and that it's. who will be responsible for getting that aid from brazil into venezuela and then distributing that aid which is
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to be comprised of food and medical supplies once inside venezuela now this announcement was expected because there was this looming deadline we'd heard about of february twenty third and yet there was still confusion until the announcement was made as to exactly what was going to happen was brazil going to be taking aid into venezuela has been israel are going to be picking up aid from brazil the question now is where exactly will this aid be taken to along brazil's border with venezuela will it be in pocket i'ma that is the most logical place as that is a border town right on the country's border with venezuela it's also the main entry point for venezuelan migrants when they leave in israel and come into northern brazil still many questions to come as exactly what is going to happen it was also stated that there is going to be an interim in the cereal cask force that is going to be dealing with the logistics of this all we expect more details in the days to
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come. pakistan's prime minister has rejected india's accusations that his country was behind last thursday's car bombing in the disputed region of kashmir that attack killed forty one indian soldiers in one can ask for evidence of pakistani involvement and promised retaliation if india attacks his country india's foreign ministry says need to take strong action against armed groups we are not surprised that the prime minister of pakistan refuses to acknowledge that attack on our security forces and pull lama as an act of terrorism prime minister of pakistan has neither chosen to condemn this ainus act not. with the video families disclaiming any link between the terrorist attack and pakistan is an oft repeated excuse by pakistan it is a very long fact that gesture moment and its leader muscle are based in pakistan this should be sufficient proof for pakistan to take action we have categorically
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denied this allegation because that's what this is an allegation my prime minister this morning again rejected these allegations we believe these are irresponsible statements coming from the indian side this is not the way to proceed in an environment which is already fraught the only way that the two countries can result in differences is to talk to each other that is reasonable that's rational and that's important first trial has more now from new delhi. the funerals continue across india as the bodies of the security forces killed in recent attacks or return to their homes. as the country mourns pressures on the government and officials to show that action is being taken. down a little better security officials in indian administered kashmir blame pakistan's spy agency the i.s.i. for the car bombing by the group jaish
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e mohammed or jem that. reductive site. while the investigations continue many in india are wondering how it was allowed to happen critics say that any major attack can be considered an intelligence failure but the scope and complexity of this one made it the worst attack on indian forces in the region in three decades it leaves the question what went wrong. indian agencies in kashmir rely on locals for intelligence but some analysts say the goodwill needed for that intelligence has dwindled. bost five years have been a period off extremely disruptive polarizing communal politics now that is undermining dean violent that is what is resulting in more and more frustration and more and more recruitment. this analyst says the current
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intelligence agencies are understaffed and resources are mr directed because it is involved in political intelligence that is involved in the hold range of other activities many of them under aged two to core security as indian officials continue to blame pakistan for supporting armed groups prepared to launch attacks on indian troops critics say the government needs to take a look at its own security apparatus to prevent more deaths as jamil al jazeera new delhi. five civilians including two young brothers have been killed during mortar shelling by who threw rebels in yemen the attack happened in her data province at least fifteen people were injured it follows the un's announcement of a breakthrough agreement for the withdrawal of troops from the port city of her data who things on the saudi backed government agreed to redeploy forces in an attempt to end the war yemenis desperately need aid and her data is a key port for supplies senior members of the trumpet ministration have been
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accused of pushing for nuclear sales to saudi arabia repeatedly ignoring legal objections a detailed report by the house oversight committee outlines a secret campaign to build dozens of nuclear power plants in saudi well now democrats and launching a probe mike hanna reports the twenty four page report is extensive in reaching detail providing names dates and specific communications relating to u.s. nuclear technology in saudi arabia the oversight committee under representative elijah cummings based the report on what it calls whistleblower accounts evidence provided by career officials within the administration deeply concerned about what would appear to be a deeply corrupt process circumventing congress what is surprising us is the scope of u.s. government officials. directly involved and business to business
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talks. with out this close and potential economic interest in the work that they were doing and that is certainly what is new among those named in the report president trump son in law and adviser jared cushion or who refinanced a deeply indebted new york building with a company called brookfield business partners which had just acquired a nuclear services company westinghouse electric under scrutiny as well question is ongoing relationship with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman. and central to the report longtime trump supporter and one time national security advisor michael flynn who the report says was deeply involved in pushing a nuclear plan for saudi arabia that included the construction of as many as forty saudi nuclear plants the report says michael flynn was a paid advisor to a company known as i p three international during the presidential campaign through
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the transition period and even while serving as national security advisor the report ends on february the twelfth that is last week president trump participated in a white house meeting with private nuclear power developers initiated by i p three international and as a democrat led oversight committee commences a large scale investigation the question is whether house republicans will commit to it as well mike hanna al-jazeera washington time for a short break here and i'll just say when we come back russia says it's open the passage for tens of thousands of people to escape from a remote syrian refugee camp plus. i'm wayne hay in phnom penh where one of the strongest economies in the world is expected to continue its growth this year but we'll tell you why this concern about a particularly vulnerable section of society. hello
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this is one part of the world where winter is hanging on particularly in the northeast corner and this streaking cloud here's the back edge of the culture which left snow in new england now this looks pretty cold because satellite tends to pick up the colder the tops of cloud there's no cloud the cold on the ground and indeed that is true the arctic air does still sit there modest eighteen winnipeg a massive snow developing in the upper midwest and that's running again across the lakes towards the northeast corner this is the forecast for wednesday where it's warmer you got rain significant rain i think running through the southern states and again there's a bit of snow forming itself in the higher ground in california not as much as there was recently restricting sas to towards arizona new mexico be more rain running through l.a. as well so the two areas have been affected recently by winter are reflected as you
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can see in temps regime maybe it won't a little bit in chicago in toronto but it is still looking wintry if you're in the caribbean central american generally apart from the breeze an increasing possibility of nicaragua and honduras it's actually a fine time of year the clouds are valid on the smaller islands in the daily basis is light showers maybe but otherwise it looks good. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. in the meaning baulch understand the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them in all my been enjoying what men when they. make it and survived the initial. sound of the box this is europe on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera venezuela's military has reaffirmed its loyalty for embattled president nicolas maduro the defense minister says the armed forces will remain in position along the border to prevent potential attacks. pakistani prime minister in one khan is denying indian allegations that his country was involved in last week's bombing in the kashmir region forty one indian soldiers were killed in the suicide blast india has dismissed as offer to cooperate in an investigation. and senior members of the trump administration are
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being accused of pushing for nuclear technology sales to saudi arabia repeatedly ignoring legal objections democrats are launching an investigation after releasing a report based on testimony from whistleblowers. now russia says it's open to humanitarian corridors in syria to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home the u.n. says most of the forty thousand people there are women and children who've been stranded in extremely harsh conditions for years when the camp lies in the remote syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq as more. russian military patrols secure what are described as two humanitarian corridors which moscow says will allow people mainly women and children living in the old brick by a refugee camp to leave the russians in coordination with the syrian government say a fifty five kilometer area has been secured for twenty four hours the clock started ticking at nine o'clock tuesday morning. so far no one from the camp has
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used the corridor and the russians blame the free syrian army which are backed by the united states and which has controlled the camp. you're so lucky to be. under the circumstances the syrian government with assistance from russia made the unprecedented decision to open to humanitarian corridors to ensure the exit of internally displaced people from this camp to chosen places of residence it's unclear whether the russians and the syrians set up their humanitarian corridors after negotiations with the free syrian army tell our people from out of the camp walking a few kilometers to where the humanitarian corridors actually start or they simply just set up the humanitarian corridors on their own now the situation within the camp itself is incredibly die they were only able to get a first shipment the first of a couple in a few months of aid to the camp a few days ago and many women and children who are the main residents of that camp
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absolutely desperate. meanwhile in southeastern syria fighting continues in the last i saw held village of alba who was the syrian democratic forces the kurdish led troops backed by the u.s. have surrounded the village most of which has been reduced to rubble inside around two hundred villages are being held hostage by eisel intense many of them apparently being actively prevented from leaving by high school and continued to be subjected to a tense a fight aaron granbury strikes by the u.s. led coalition forces and their s.t.'s allies on the ground. so high commissioner puts it when i quote civilians continue to be used as pawns by the various parties and she calls on them to provide safe passage to those who wish to flee while those who wish to remain must also be protected as much as possible. i suffices according to the s.d.f. of dug tunnels beneath the village and are hiding there slowing the fight down and stopping the s.d.f. from declaring the end of isis on flavin syria iran can al-jazeera. seven syrian
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refugee children all members of one family have died in a house fire in the eastern canadian province of nova scotia investigators described the blaze as the most deadly in recent history a refugee support group said the family moved to the area in twenty seventeen the oldest child was fourteen the youngest was born in november the children's fathers in a serious condition in the hospital their mother was also injured. veteran new york times correspondent has been denied entry into egypt david kirkpatrick was detained without explanation after you arrived at cairo airport on monday the former cairo bureau chief was then escorted onto a flight back to london the following day the new york times says her patricks the nihil of entry is part of a wider purpose press crackdown under president abdel fattah el-sisi. aziz a professor of law at rutgers university she says the u.s. government is partly to blame for the situation. it's in bold and by the trumpet
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ministration pompei o. was just there in january in egypt and claimed that america was doing good in the middle east and last july of two thousand and eighteen the white house and congress released two hundred ninety five million dollars that had been withheld from military aid to egypt on account of their human rights violations so clearly what's happened is that the u.s. has caved on its commitments to human rights which is consistent with the trumpet ministration and that's emboldened president sisi of egypt to do things that had never been done in the past it's one thing to oppress your own journalists which unfortunately has been the case in egypt over multiple decades but it's very unusual for the egyptian regime to exclude journalists of the stature of david kirkpatrick from an international mainstream newspaper based on no grounds whatsoever david kirkpatrick is known for being quite independent particularly insofar as his willingness to critique the egyptian regime and even the sisi regime
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and he recently published a book called into the hands of the soldiers which was at least viewed by many in the egyptian government to be critical and to identify what happened in two thousand and thirteen as a coup which is and that them how to the current sisi regime so it's actually no coincidence but still even previous journalists were critical even david kirkpatrick when he was in cairo up to two thousand and fifteen he didn't experience expulsion so what we're seeing is a ratcheting up of press repression that is both within the country of twenty five journalists in egypt at least twenty five that are imprisoned and egypt trading is one hundred sixty one out of one hundred eighty at the world press freedom index so egypt is not even in a good situation regrets to its press freedom. al jazeera journalist mahmoud her saying has been an egyptian prison for more than two years he's been held without charges trial or conviction saying was detained on december twentieth twenty sixteen by gyptian authorities upon his arrival in cairo for an annual vacation to
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visit his family egypt is accuse the cats are based news producer broadcasting falls news al-jazeera denies the charges called for hussein to be released to nigeria now where the death toll from an attack on civilians in the north has doubled to more than one hundred thirty people do not state authorities said police investigations are under way after sixty six bodies were discovered in eight villages on friday governor nicea revised says the motive behind the attack appeared to be ethnic tensions in clashes between christian farmers and muslim herdsman over land and water of escalated in recent years. a report in the new york times is raising questions about whether the us president went further than previously reported to try and stop investigations into him and his close allies article again as the latest from washington d.c. . as federal investigators were closing in on the president's former fixer and
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lawyer michael cohen the new york times says u.s. president donald trump called his acting attorney general matthew whittaker and asked that a trump loyalist be put in charge of the investigation whittaker didn't make that move and cohen went on to plead guilty to coordinating with the president to make payments to keep news of two affairs out of the headlines before the election along with other crimes the call could possibly be seen as the president trying to obstruct justice he's denied it and gave you that there's more faith is a lot of there's a lot of fake there's a lot of fake news out there you know i did the new york times is not known for producing fake news and if true it could spell trouble for whitaker who said this to congress under oath at no time has the white house asked to work nor have i provided any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel's investigation or any other investigation. line to congress is a crime the justice department is denying the new york times story but the paper is
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also reporting the lawyers for the president reached out to lawyers for two of his former top aides to talk about potential pardons his former national security advisor michael flynn who has pled guilty to mind the f.b.i. and his former campaign chairman paul metaphor who has been convicted of a litany of other crimes this is a story of a president already under investigation for obstructing justice potentially making it much worse for himself at the very least giving special counsel robert mueller even more to look into. al jazeera washington. u.s. president donald trump says trade talks with china are going well the chinese delegation arrived in washington on tuesday to resume talks with the u.s. officials that follows last week's negotiations in beijing which ended without a deal from brussels and indicated the march first deadline for raising tires from ten to twenty five percent could be extended. i can't tell you exactly about timing but. the date is that a magical date a lot of things can happen
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a group question will be will we raise the tariffs because they automatically kick in to twenty five percent as of one two hundred billion dollars worth of goods that they sent so i know the china would like not for that to happen so i think they're trying to move fast so that doesn't happen but. we'll see what happens i can only say that the talks with china and trade have gone very very well in the meantime our economy is very strong we're doing well. well cambodia has been one of the best performing economies in the world over the past two decades and that's forecast to continue this year but there are threats to cambodia's growth as wayne hay reports now from the capital phnom penh. the story of cambodia's rise is a remarkable one from the ashes of genocide and civil war this country has in four decades rebuilt and transforms on the back of foreign investment and strong exports this year cambodia is to have the sixth fastest growing economy in the world
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ranking its head for twenty years the wealthy have become very wealthy although exactly how much money they have is in many cases impossible to know given that cambodia results are regarded by some as one of the most corrupt countries in the world in the last few years a small middle class has also begun to emerge thanks partly to a surge of foreign investment in real estate led by china. for the country making. the land more expensive and some people can get money from selling a piece of land and this capital has been moving around in a country where poverty rates in cambodia have fallen in the last fifteen years with twelve percent of the population now classified as severely poor lower figure than before but the overwhelming majority of those who have climbed off the bottom are only just above it meaning they could easily slip down again the united nations
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estimates that more than twenty percent of cambodians are vulnerable to poverty the statistics are heading in the right direction but there's an underlying fragility cambodia's economy has been largely built on agriculture and textile exports to seke business still very much relies on the concern is there hasn't been enough emphasis on diversifying the economy and because of that it's vulnerability could be easily exposed. there are a number of threats to cambodia's growth including drought that's forecast this year a possible global economic slowdown or tariffs being imposed on it explodes by the european union over its human rights record but for many people there are more immediate concerns made worse by the real estate boom than coldly with the constant fear of being forced out when a property developer comes knocking now i need to know that going on the really happy living in this community i'm very concerned every day i don't have a land title because authorities haven't bridges to to the people so we're always
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worried about being evicted. cambodia is developing fast but there are many threats emerging that could make for an uncertain economic future and a long way for some to climb out of poverty when hey al-jazeera nonpaying us politician bernie sanders and to the twenty twenty white house race it's the independent senators second attempt to last the democratic party's twenty sixteen nomination to hillary clinton who was then defeated by donald trump the seventy seven year old will campaign on many of the same promises as last time including universal health care a higher minimum wage and free public college tuition. bernie sanders i'm running for president and i'm asking you today to be part of an unprecedented grassroots campaign of one million active volunteers in every state in our country our campaign is not only about the feeding donald trump the most dangerous president in
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modern american history it is not only about winning the democratic nomination and the general election our campaign is about transforming our country and creating a government based on the principles of economic social racial and environmental justice. all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com. time for a quick check of the headlines here venezuela's military has reaffirmed its loyalty of embattled president nicolas maduro the defense minister vladimir pitino says the armed forces will remain in position along the border to prevent potential threats brazil's creating a task force to deliver humanitarian aid to the venezuelan border it's working with the united states to send shipments by saturday at the request of the opposition one. pakistani prime minister imran han is denying indian
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allegations that his country was involved in last week's bombing in the disputed region of kashmir forty one indian soldiers were killed in the suicide blast india has dismissed khan's offer to cooperate in an investigation. senior members of the trump administration are being accused of pushing for nuclear technology sales to saudi arabia repeatedly ignoring legal objections democrats are launching an investigation after releasing a report based on testimony from whistleblowers five civilians including two young brothers have been killed during mortar shelling by hoofy rebels in yemen the attack happened in her data problems at least fifteen people were injured follows the un's announcement of a breakthrough deal to the withdrawal of troops in the port city of her data who these on the saudi backed government agreed to redeploy forces in an attempt to end the war yemenis desperately need aid and her data is
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a key port for supplies. seven syrian refugee children all members of one family have died in a house fire in the eastern canadian province of nova scotia investigators describe the blaze as the most deadly in recent history a refugee support group said the family moved to the air in twenty seventeen the eldest child was fourteen the youngest was born in november the children's father is in a serious condition in hospital their mother was also injured. and a veteran new york times correspondent has been denied entry into egypt they would cut patrick was detained without explanation after he arrived at cairo airport on monday the former cairo bureau chief was an escorted onto a flight back to london the following day the new york times says trips the mile of entry as part of a broader press crackdown on of the president abdel fattah el-sisi. for those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after this is
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the arab states have done so much. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world around. so many times when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. yes but i'm not.


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