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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2019 10:00am-10:13am +03

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spoke to some venezuelans who despite their economic hardships are still supporting one dollar. a tiny primary health care center in caracas has picked that area latin america's largest slum. inside a sixty three year old son said they knew she has broken pneumonia and needs an x. ray medication and much more but there's none to be had she complains that the center is falling apart and that there's no medicine in stock yet she's still a firm supporter of the news wales government. those of us who support the government carry it in our veins we can't be so ungrateful i had a son who had three open heart surgeries thanks to our government not everyone thinks the same but i remained faithful. years of shortages rising crime a social welfare state in disarray and the world's worst hyperinflation has seen millions of venezuelans calling for president nicolas maduro ouster. for twenty
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years after deceased president hugo chavez introduced venezuelans to the concept of twenty first century socialism there are still some true believers. at the stake nonstick clinic doctors are desperate because they haven't received medicine for two months but the community council representatives have an explanation the same one as president model. it's all the fault of the us empire they blocked the entry of food and medicine into venezuela we have money to import what we need but now the empire wants to appropriate venezuela's oil wealth. in actual fact the sale of food and medicine to venezuela isn't blocked although in the last two months the trumpet ministration has applied even tighter economic sanctions aimed to hasten mother's ouster. that makes it even more difficult to import all these food boxes called clapp which mcdougall has been distributing over the last two years a welcome sight of poor residents of all political colors. boxes are heavily
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subsidized they sell for one hundred twenty that is and everything that's in here costs more than twenty thousand in fact many families depend on this to survive. although critics accuse the government of using hunger as a tool for political control the majority of those on the distribution list like. oppose the government anyway. but not. in quanah sanchez they're among the minority who remain faithful to the promise of the bolivarian revolution at the end we have to give this government time we just have to wait for the situation to. we need is that it's a dream and nobody said it would be easy especially since we are confronting not just a new person but the world's most powerful. there was a time when the majority of in israel and shared that dream but after six years of political strife corruption and economic hardships their numbers had dwindled but
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not their stubborn determination to remain loyal to chavez's legacy you see in human i'll just see that in his way that. saudi state media says four soldiers have been killed fighting with hooty rebels on the border with yemen rebels say they're continuing their military offensive at the border taking saudi military positions south of jazz and a large number of weapons. elsewhere five civilians including two young brothers were killed in mortar shelling by hooty rebels in the data that's despite the un's announcement of a breakthrough agreement on the withdrawal of troops from the port city the un special envoy t.m. and says the pullout will provide an opportunity to end a four year war martin griffiths says it will begin with two small airports before moving to her date as main terminal diplomatic answer james bays has more from un headquarters in new york the u.n.
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security council was told by the special envoy for yemen mohsin gryphus that the redeployment of forces around today this stage one would start in the next twenty four hours of course the redeployment was supposed to start after the stock called peace deal and that two months ago and all the while the humanitarian situation on the ground in yemen has been getting worse the u.n. was briefed by the undersecretary general mark local ensure mr president things are very bad and unfortunately aid agencies are running out of money among the many challenges the eight eight operation faces funding is quickly becoming the biggest we expect current resources to be used up by the end of march just six weeks from now the special envoy martin griffiths also told the security council there's been progress in talks on trying to get
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a prisoner exchange between the various parties fighting in yemen again talk of progress but like redeployment no actual progress yet. a report in the new york times is raising questions about whether the us president went further than previously reported to try to stop investigations into him and his close allies to call him has the full story from washington. as federal investigators were closing in on the president's former fixer and lawyer michael cohen the new york times says u.s. president donald trump called his acting attorney general matthew whittaker and asked that a trump loyalist be put in charge of the investigation whittaker didn't make that move and cohen went on to plead guilty to coordinating with the president to make payments to keep news of two affairs out of the headlines before the election along with other crimes the call could possibly be seen as the president trying to obstruct justice he's denied it and i have a view that this more fake it is
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a lot of there's a lot of fake there's a lot of fake news out there no i did the new york times is not known for producing fake news and if true it could spell trouble for whitaker who said this to congress under oath at no time has the white house asked to work nor have i provided any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel's investigation or any other investigation. mind congress is a crime the justice department is denying the new york times story but the paper is also reporting the lawyers for the president reached out to lawyers for two of his former top aides to talk about potential pardons his former national security advisor michael flynn who has pled guilty to mind the f.b.i. and his former campaign chairman paul metaphor who has been convicted of a litany of other crimes this is a story of a president already under investigation for obstructing justice potentially making it much worse for himself at the very least giving special counsel robert mueller
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even more to look into. al jazeera washington a british teenager who joined i saw in syria when she was fifteen years old could be about to lose her citizenship shamima begum was one of three girls from east london who went to syria and twenty fifteen it's reported the u.k. home office has issued an order to remove her citizenship just days ago she gave birth to a son in a syrian refugee camp a lawyer says they will fight the decision of thousands of people have protested on streets across france against a rise in anti semitic attacks one of the latest incidents more than one thousand graves a jewish cemetery in eastern france would desecrated french president emmanuel mccraw visited the cemetery on tuesday france's home to the world's largest jewish population outside of israel and the us a friends of karl lagerfeld say his humor wit and passion for fashion will live on forever after his death at the age
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of eighty five sought a height at looks at how he went from an apprentice to an industry icon. instantly recognized. ponytails hat and sunglasses called lagerfeld was at the top of the fashion industry for more than half a century. born in pre-war germany his big breakthrough came in the nineteen fifties ofter moved to paris when he won an apprenticeship with designer pierre balmain going on to find success with fashion houses including chloe a trendsetter his modern and useful designs found their way into high street shops like them giving him unprecedented popular appeal but it was chanel that propelled him to rock star status you know fashion is not needed. or a problem in the world who may be more important so that is not the problem but it's an industry and you don't question has to go with time efficient doesn't go
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with times vision would be lost. lagerfeld dressed some of the most famous people in the world oh the best of the supermodels miami campbell includes shifa oh jerry hall and even madonna and more recently the offspring of hollywood stars. his outspoken and stinging remarks for their own politics are a person's size and him the nickname keiser call but friends and colleagues in the industry and beyond describe him as a genius and a visionary. lagerfeld spent much of his life in the public eye but remained a launch an elusive figure hiding behind those trademark song glasses. it was when not working he retreated to his large library of books. he worked primacy to the end and he's behind
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a huge legacy and his much loved cats to pat. it says al jazeera it's going to round up now of our top stories senior officials in the trumpet ministration have been accused of advancing the sale of nuclear technology to saudi arabia while ignoring legal objections democratic led committee is investigating the allegations the time limit for corridor to allow syrian stuck in a refugee camp to leave has now ended but none of the forty thousand people inside the camp were able to use the passages which was set up by russian force forces. venezuela's military says it will remain loyal to president nicolas maduro ignoring calls from opposition leader one who i don't know and president trump to switch
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allegiance soldiers are deployed at several places to block us aid from crossing into the country. if you want to search and if you want to blackmail us blackmail us but you want to achieve your mission you want to achieve it we'll take the sanctions will listen to your blackmail but will definitely remain with the home with our home but stop the manipulation already and say that this is an issue of a political even personal nature sorry state media says four soldiers have been killed while fighting with hooty rebels on the border with yemen who say they are continuing with their military offensive at the border taking saudi positions south of jan and a large number of weapons. a veteran new york times correspondent has been denied entry into egypt to report david kirkpatrick says he was held on arrival in cairo without food or water for several hours the former cairo bureau chief was then sent back to london the new york times is blaming kirkpatrick's denial of entry on the
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ongoing media crackdown in egypt. a british teenager who joined i saw in syria when she was fifteen years old is going to lose her u.k. citizenship shamima begum was one of three girls from east london who went to syria in two thousand and fifteen it's reported an order was issued by the u.k. home home office to remove her citizenship just days ago she gave birth to a son in a syrian refugee camp a lawyer has said they will fight the decision those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now in nigeria it's inside story. and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. big brother is watching in china millions of people are being punished
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for what's considered bad behavior under a government monitoring scheme is this ethical and could it be taken surveillance. this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. whether we like it or not we are constantly being watched security cameras and smartphones making it easier to monitor our lives china's government wants to take first further eventually rating everyone on their conduct.


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