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tv   The Ceska Murders Case Solved  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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and the korean. followers on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. dennis in doha are in these are the top stories here of al-jazeera and investigations been launched into whether senior officials in the trumpet ministration have been trying to sell sensitive nuclear technology to saudi arabia a committee in the house of representatives led by the democrat says whistleblowers warned business interests are being called ahead of the law mike hanna reports from washington the twenty four page report is extensive and reach in detail providing names dates and specific communications relating to u.s. nuclear technology in saudi arabia the oversight committee under representative elijah cummings base the report on what it calls whistleblower accounts evidence
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provided by career officials within the administration deeply concerned about what would appear to be a deeply corrupt process circumventing congress what is surprising us the scope of u.s. government officials. directly involved and business to business talks. with out this close and potential economic interest and the work that they were doing and that is certainly what is new among those named in the report to president trump's son in law and adviser jared cushion or who refinanced a deeply indebted new york building with a company called brookfield business partners which had just acquired a nuclear services company westinghouse electric under scrutiny as well question his ongoing relationship with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon. and central to the report longtime trump supporter and one time national security
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advisor michael flynn who the report says was deeply involved in pushing a nuclear plan for saudi arabia that included the construction not as many as forty saudi nuclear plants the report says michael flynn was a paid advisor to a company known as i p three international during the presidential campaign through the transition period and even while serving as national security advisor the report ends on february the twelfth that is last week president trump participated in a white house meeting with private nuclear power developers initiated by i p three international and as a democrat led oversight committee commences a large scale investigation the question is whether house republicans will commit to it as well mike hanna al-jazeera washington the iranian foreign minister mean
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miles denounce the alleged bed by the u.s. to sell nuclear technology to riyadh the homage of and zarif tweeted first to dismember journalists now illicit sale of nuclear technology to saudi arabia fully experienced hash tag u.s. hypocrisy the united nations has expressed concern over the escalating tensions between india and pakistan after last week's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region thursday's blast killed forty one indian soldiers pakistan's prime minister has offered to cooperate in the investigation but has also warned of retaliation if india attacks pakistan based armed group jaish e mohammed claimed responsibility. or so looking at the situation in general between india and pakistan were deeply concerned at the increasing tensions between the two countries in the wake of the attack on indian security personnel on for be fourteenth in full warmer. the secretary general stresses the importance for both
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sides to exercise maximum restraint and take immediate steps to deescalation and his good offices or always available should both sides ask. a twenty four hour window open by syria's government and russia to allow people to leave a remote refugee camp has now passed and no one has left rock band camp is in the syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq forty thousand people most of them women and children have been living there in desperate conditions fan israel's military has reaffirmed its loyalty to embattled president nicolas maduro despite calls from the opposition leader and donald trump to switch allegiance al-jazeera well it is next.
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about what they've become the son told me and this i had reached this yacht and i managed to see. it. was a lot more times than i thought ok. i mean. no matter what it was that got to the flight to believe the first one that the learned about you not mentioned again what about it and it was not. in may two thousand and
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thirteen crowds and media gathered outside the munich high regional coltan various south in germany. the trial they were following was one of the highest profile criminal cases in europe in recent history and it was about to begin. it would involve fines defendants six hundred witnesses over fifty lawyers four hundred eighty eight pages of criminal charges and two hundred eighty thousand pages of interrogation record holds that. this was a milestone case for germany which would already caused a great deal of social and political fallout. if not a shuttle job and i'm not one of them exams and all shows i was in understand all. this. is simply yeah well yeah. this kid is my dad and it needs
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to be easy is. the call would hear the cases of those accused of involvement in the murder of eight ethnic turks one grief in a policewoman to bomb attacks and fifteen bank robberies in different parts of the country because. two thousand and two thousand and seven a little bit what would it look like if you feel. the ninth of september two thousand. come saturday in nuremberg in the german state of the variance. and version check of flower wholesaler was on his way to deliver an order to league
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news history. while parked at the side of the road she was shot with a bullet from two different guns used in silence us. alive but seriously wounded she was taken to hospital he died two times. he was thirty eight years old and the father of two children. nine months later in june two thousand and one two other ethnic turkish shopkeepers were also killed on the thirteenth of june also in nuremberg a tailor abderrahim also daughter was shot dead while sewing clothes then on the twenty seventh of june in hamburg a greengrocer silly man touched called pro or shot three times and killed.
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nine months after the first murder german police came up with a clue. they'd identified that all the victims had been shot with the same type of gun an unusual check manufactured cheska eighty three a seven point six five millimeter caliber pistol hence the cheshire murders. but the police investigation went down the road of organized crime they went into the personal life. of the victims the supposed business connections and social backgrounds but they were singularly on able to establish anything in common between the individual cases than their ethnic origin and the murder weapon. on the twenty ninth of august two thousand and one two months after the murder of solomon tosh called through another ethnic turkish greengrocer was found dead in shop in munich. hobby
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college had been working in a wholesale market for thirteen years he doped in his own shop with his wife seventeen months before. the family was understandably too traumatized to talk at the time but their friend in key with this and their bare hands spoke on their behalf. charlie said one isn't a gun that them if they are all on the get to them by what i think should have been a ram if the challenge was to get a killer though i've evolved as not at them and then i'm an obvious none can still lay so lay them that highly political team is getting in there because although nigel garrison getting in is so with them that they're no doubt going to charge when. they get them all under now them to be whole and actually make sure in that interim keep an eye on them and they have not been asked the near future is the biggest if you name your book mo can hide it in their. ideal
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chalk even reassign chalk earth sarkin meter marci i listen to children are saved by earth of us are thirty pulcifer idea really shaky there and only there would be a good if it is not he she developed actual market actually shrunk you could of the children you guys took me to mars if i live over three there. in september two thousand and one the bavarian murder investigation was brought under a special commission called tellingly franson. but he continued to focus on the victims businesses and their alleged drug related connections this line was reflected in the media coverage of the case. maybe i took it to the out on the truck i did most of the round there is a leak down there go there to rethink my kitchen guess the bean mickey chin hangin bush given by chicago aside you could. tedder legally
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without a court jag any legal go along. under the i told you that i live near term old artist of your id the ole nag a dinny be diminishing. this is chaotic a village in a province in eastern turkey. it's where the fifth victim in the chest is serial killings men with two good grew up measurement and his brother eunice to recruit emigrated from here to rostock in northern germany in search of a better life. and kids can do any ice on the mall and on when you do need to. move. however unison messmate entered germany illegally when they arrived they trying different jobs before taking on a donor kabob shop in rostock. like
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them done with. the test as well for a lot. of the law. because you are one of the germans attack you. know used. it makes them. mad total good was murdered early in the morning while at work in the combat shop on the twenty fifth of february two thousand and four. the police found eunice to the good side density card in measurements pocket so they reported you this as the deceased. but by then the owner of the id card was already back in his home village in eastern turkey after his brother's death. in that denial. and you can well i'm
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a dying out. in britain young out of now because floodwater. and i'm not. and he should really get my miserable i. met not too good was the fifth ethnic turkey for years to be killed using the same gun after the german intelligence service for the protection of the constitution expressed doubts about the drug trade line of inquiry police and law stock focused instead on the victims' families and friends. or about also a problem for the police but. i get the more they. are more poisonous. this man as. you have as for them you. can move one of those what i mean and this one's was. all of that as
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young as. it is sonny studies them as if i knew them and bank and michelle's i'm on that at the national i knew them in. along the war like on for the good. and. you are thinking the only other thing called the un is i planned your plan the. way i used and commute i give you the un is there using is done in cuba one in one. cologne in the west of germany. the cheska case was quiet for four months in two thousand and four. but then on the ninth of june there was a huge explosion in the middle heim district. cope strasser is well known for its
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totally shops. a handmade cluster bomb a chub packed with thousands of nails destroyed the whole street seriously injuring twenty two people. so you keep each syllable of the guard under her would you are longer is each city getting omaha on the. coffin in the. east. john kerry on the marshmallow. was. somewhat or the pump on one part of the year that. i have about the shooter. and father saw out of a saw that the troops saw a lot socially. because of the economy one john lot of good to know here live in
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sunlight here they are till. the murders of the previous four years and the cologne bombing all seem to have targeted people of turkish origin. but the german state stuck doggedly to the line that the killings had a criminal rather than a racist motive. here came to city all those years burden to serve one mission over until it was just me into one some of i know this means your. witnesses said the man in his thirty's wearing a hat left his bicycle with a bomb in front of the john headdress or. the cologne police decided the target had been john yielded in the owner of the salang. but some local people disagree. even if not all that are going to go on the only one know that it is there and then just did it well as it can all lucian that
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you join us here weekend it but you didn't get in the most of them to have us it wasn't that what you learned that night it will lose you already it is and they will have to serve it. their normal. good of a show of vision and conviction em is a tough mean day them as all a billion live is a monsoon judge did they keep. mafia shade of us have. to align administer makes them equal mikes then that's when a it's not. a shake up obama had his. own wish no money but he is the one she didn't need ya want you to get one should be on control. yeah oh oh. ya try.
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to try oh i have a modest if. this serial killings continued. on the ninth of june two thousand and five is smiley a shot who worked in a combat takeaway in nuremberg was murdered as he was opening the shop in the morning. witnesses said they saw two men near the scene over a six foot tall wearing baseball hats on bicycles. then in june two thousand and five a new investigation commission called bosphorus was announced. it comprised one hundred sixty experienced police officers. between two thousand and five and two thousand and six the bosphorus commission contacted around nine hundred trains men
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. but it still relentlessly search for clues to link the murders to organized crime in nuremberg in munich. and now the phantom moving undetected around german cities targeting ethnic turks acquired the name headlines now talked about the murderer and the kept bad killer even though only met him a total good ismailia shot actually worked in food outlets but the media like a snappy headline. media researcher fed out a man followed the coverage of the serial killings in both the german and turkish press. that mostly because i heard him on now finally deny modder not come ashore and damage that he's lost cause he's the for what site is. this in dallas took a little macguffin that demands so puts the less than five hundred thirty bus boss zocor the highest on it as well as vice more on the edge of the top of.
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this little shop belong to fall for these bulgari there's a great man who'd lived here in munich with his family since one thousand nine hundred seventy three. it was in trap and trace street and the great district of the city. in two thousand and five forty one year old bill getty this was shot in the head in his shop by a bullet fired from a gun and became the seven serial victim. the murder investigation was stuck in a blind alley. from two thousand to two thousand and five six turks and a greek had been shot dead using the same cheska pistol but the case was no nearer to being solved. and the death toll
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continued to rise when many tradesmen of turkish origin in dortmund became being victims. of political when they had. a month out and i mean. god even had the sign. that says an amoeba and. where i live. the stones are. so divided to the victim. and the fact that my father. asked him one of us how to feed.
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i would leave. this man and. when mehmet kobashi first came to germany he and his family lived in a house for refugees in dortmund for two years. then they moved to a rented home so that only four years old at the time could start preschool. here which one of us would be asked. why shouldn't sides here. and surely it came time to find all of us a hard. session. and i mean really good reason. auden division is the very
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reason we're literally. candy. land cantata. here from ed to me going missed by minute. do you buzzards touch on skins. as a. turkish. nothing here. covers a for us i said to very. british just follow post was coming. over here in here found them. off to doing on skilled jobs in construction and transport mammoth kobashi saved enough money to open his own shop. but about midday on the fourth of
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april two thousand and six he was shot dead in his shop with a cheska pistol using assignments. to. go to the police to. kill or to get what we can call not a look. or excuse and all they want to kill should. my party. were to ask us. to put it's. also a game on. as it is obvious to me. but then than now. we're not a spear to. the stars and the most. less tragic alister tells on the
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sabbath off by the police. then everyone's on guard ya body hard because i see how mr and i handle this is what i know from moved on from your own country it's nice to political good or at least to put in a lot of those political tolls elevated to church illustrated as a circus a little less trouble she's a more finished in the who also lives on what never been deluded it's all about it it was used to getting little chick used to see it we sure do you know love the movies where it leads me to say yes this. as my father. ever and for me and. part of our good as it is just a belief new song my friends own mother michelle michelle and had her kindle and admission been to ask me to blame the how did my father go also mr myler mortal.
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wound on scams. i've had. and then why is the any good that us a little then is it. that my. dad the holes in the car at my son's alison's manda. make kobashi ex-wife elephant daughter gams a close down the shop and never walk down that street again. to raise that day from their memory they avoid all questions about the murder. that the sun. dance from the side songs. ya man had. been had among the one i have a dozen towns in the same as anything ma ya ya it's nice in ma.
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the only just. losing mom it was bad enough for games and her mother but seeing headline suggesting he had mafia connections rub salt into their wounds. it seems extraordinary in retrospect the racist motive was never explored. an error that would soon cause both social friction and political embarrassment. but not before more killings had taken place. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing glance can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the unconventionality of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness
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documentaries on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the confusion. about the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. all you and a fixture for all practical purposes yes i support science and truth one of the figureheads for the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence then that justifies anything you do accept that religion has done good things despite all of our mad beliefs and americans who believe that science holds all the answers in the world to be a better place if religion disappeared tomorrow yes mehdi has
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a son goes head to head with richard dawkins on al-jazeera. hello again dennis in doha with the top stories here it is their senior aides in the trumpet ministration have been accused of trying to sell nuclear technology just saudi arabia ignoring legal objections a committee in congress is investigating the accusations iran's foreign minister meanwhile has denounced the alleged attempt has us support chrissy. the united nations has expressed concern over the escalating tensions between india and pakistan after last week's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region pakistan's prime minister has offered to cooperate in the investigation but has also warned of retaliation if india attacks pakistan based group jaish
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e mohammad claimed responsibility or so looking at the situation in general between india and pakistan we were deeply concerned at the increasing tensions between the two countries in the wake of the attack on indian security personnel on for be fourteenth in. the secretary general stresses the importance for both sides to exercise maximum restraint and take immediate steps to deescalation and his good offices or vailable should both sides ask a twenty four hour window open by syria's government and russia to allow people to leave a remote refugee camp has now passed but no one has left rock band camp is in the syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq forty thousand people mostly women and children have been living there in desperate conditions venezuela's military has reaffirmed its loyalty to the embattled president nicolas maduro despite calls from the opposition leader. and donald trump to switch allegiance the
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defense minister vladimir padrino says the armed forces will remain in position along the border with colombia. if you want to sanction us sanction us if you want to blackmail us blackmail us but you want to achieve your mission you want to achieve it we'll take the sanctions will listen to blackmail but will definitely remain with the homeland with our home but stop the manipulation already and say that this is an issue of a political even personal nature. egypt has executed nine people for the killing of its top prosecutor in twenty fifteen about a cat was attacked just a day before the second anniversary of mass protests that prompted the military to al's former president mohamed morsy let's go back to al-jazeera now. the word.
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you. in two thousand and six a serial killer or killers had moved undetected around germany for six years killing seven ethnic turks and one ethnic greek since the murder of envy in nuremberg in two thousand german police had only really come up with one clue in six years. all the victims were killed using a cheshire eighty three pistol and the gun was used again in two thousand and six
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when a daughter and shop owner was killed. made kobayashi's family was shocked by the idea he might have had maffia connections. as a lost soul is an office task of this man and the fact fared. ten thousand. calls promised him to stand thought as well and nothing. that as an ally love the stuff that's was less than an ace. often is that if you alter those bob or you. are going to come out their toes are going to vent here in new york and they are wrong good time too much influence through. all the learning when to shut down all those who learned over two days after the murder of measurement kobashi call the sixth of april two thousand and six harlot yours guard a german citizen of turkish descent born in castle was killed in the internet cafe where he worked with his father khalid was the ninth serial victim.
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six years after his death a crowd gathered to pray and commemorate khalid by naming this square on holland dishes after him opposite where he was born and died thanks . to victims' families believe there was a racist motive to these murders but german police still refused to take this line of inquiry seriously. the prosecutor in charge of the investigation came upon a surprising witness in holland's murder case. he was under arrest tell me a german intelligence services agent known as little as adolf in his hometown
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because of his right wing views. tema said he'd been in the internet cafe. when the murder took place but hadn't seen it is evidence it being emitted from the investigation by folco both year interior minister at the time. twenty one year old khalid yours guts death brought the victim's families together. they'd all suffered similar pain but in isolation. together the families combined to draw public attention to the fact that most of the attacks had targeted the german turkish community. you know my alma mater things a lot of the yours i go there other than our grown europe you know further grill next europe we're. we're.
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by now the families had all been exhausted by the long and complex police investigation. waldemar kindler was the chief of police in very aware five of the murders had taken place that snakes moved the song does you hear the piece on the side and does by the sword if you saw the form words faded beneath soft devised a sort of off a i give it a false needs. is is very bad you belief you and i'll know it when dick does the police i don't feel any good when is to get the morphine we keep. mr lighter than constant veins on the man of him for there's a good love gone to him you mention fall off and in words he knocked me. over and the dolly. and boyd stunned would be an easy. field out
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on the field to politicize homelessness and sneaky group these two seem worthy to fill in done without need to feel. the investigation had reached an impasse. but then five years after the last murder a breakthrough suddenly presented itself. on the fourth of november two thousand and eleven the town of eisenach in central germany witnessed a bank robbery. two mass gunman made their getaway on bicycles before transferring to a white caravan. three hours later police found the caravan by the side of the road and inside it the bodies of two men one had been shot in the head the other in the chest.
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later the same day police identified them as loss and burn hot. at three in the afternoon on the same day one hundred ten miles away from eisenach in the town of the week out there was an explosion. witnesses said that a few minutes before a woman from the ground floor rushed out of the house which then exploded in burst into flames. from a distance of a car looks like a quiet ordinary country town. of the explosion in foaling street was an end to that peace and tranquility. among the ruins lay the evidence police had been missing for the previous eleven years. firemen and police found explosives automatic weapons false identity cards and assorted documents. but all were surprised to discover the cheshire eighty three pistol used to murder
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the nine victims between two thousand and two thousand and six the documents all pointed to a far right group called the national socialist underground. that's fasts. the confident that they did that. sundance was emitted steen. so i know it's team than. back on what i'm used. the police also discovered d.v.d.'s and envelopes ready to be sent to specific addresses. the d.v.d. was a propaganda film chronicling the murders through the pink panther cartoon character . he was shown going on a tour around germany counting down the murdered victims using freshly taken photographs. the fifteen minute film was intitled
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the germany tour nine turks killed. the forty six did you too i'm tired but i took part in to nothing i can only islamic world sentiment it was your garden. of eden between decision and pull back and a few dozen of any computing naaman's not united socialistic indoor corns in this seat into an even over going to station and out head of business but suki the impulse would more to entail that. some of the d.v.d.'s posted by the national socialist on the ground arrived at the addresses they were sent to. journalist was one who watched the n.s.a. use d.v.d. . i'm not really a summer fish of the us if it becomes just radio two and the things i need to push
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comes on and. on top of it i think i'm in a number in his defense force than it cost that i don't go. over so many but a common. courtesy of interest here on. the idea that any bad in an ocean. and as one get on to me. to put it's iverson experience needs to see months on video footage which he had under orders and sets him a closer a month or so in tartan because i scout todd order food and. over to. our. before food. six morrisons a few don't make him order torn in order to feed his communal mia. the mysterious woman from the burning house eventually turned up with her lawyer at
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a police station in jenner. i'm the one you're looking for she said. the name on the rental agreement for the burnt house was susanna do you know nicknamed mickey mouse her real name was be at a chip there thirty six years old and a fugitive along with lawson hoover bernhard since nine hundred ninety eight. seats are also not been involved. it's obvious that settlement and are. not informed. this extremist action told us most of it will not. be a to jump as involvement in far right politics goes back to nine hundred ninety one . the three associates who were among the founders of the right wing group the general comradeship. that. they attended weekly meetings
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of the third england homeland protection league of the state's most active neo nazi group in the late one nine hundred ninety s. numbering up to one hundred seventy members. at that same time chappie began her life of crime on the twenty sixth of january nine hundred ninety eight before the serial killing started police raided a gal raj the three were renting and found several pipe bombs and t.n.t. . they lived on the ground with fake identity papers for thirteen years while they hid from the police and intelligence services. just as shockey haven't as this should turn to a lesser stuff bendish does fear allan border and the dog. psycho just beyond these aside any of us are just plain. such was the
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strength of the reaction across the. tree on the twenty third of february two thousand and twelve a minute's silence was held at midday. this remembrances vent also served as a ceremony of apology to the victims and families move in a year to learn to hear this from weirdly extremist this should go with an intern in more than an. i in you go under we go shunyata save. winter for that does this design us claim and. does it easy. gartin better to let him argue a lot about. who does that on the other to their. time that the author of
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publishing. simmias is the daughter of enver the first murder victim in nuremberg in two thousand. mine had. this and want to. partition the sheer. missional mind fattah and clearly mission deaf not finished in dutch land to hold. the apology direct from the government was not enough to restore trust among the german population. pine's from the chief of germany's domestic intelligence agency at the time resigned he lost confidence in his organization after he discovered it had destroyed some of the neo nazi evidence this triggered considerable self criticism by state institutions the full chiefs of the organization for the protection of the constitution in the states of saxony
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saxony and holt and burley in all resigned the bundestag instigated a committee to look into why the investigation neglected a racist motive which enabled the killers to evade detection for over a decade. german member of parliament sebastian added he headed the committee. to makati year. as i know this. is a guy and. i'm trying hard for banking interests. in davos what soonish calling for back and. was he to mention boy i'm. just object to you. on my tie a bit and. yeah. mine i'm always busy elf. as we can sell shoes are but
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it could be t. it just. went flying and on the right but in the middle mission in tuscany cotton this is so that's why i feel this just months before the encounter with only four void that's his first direct it's from his to tell was most indulgent given current . professor hio is a researcher into far right ideology in germany he's clear there was social and political reasons for the growth of neo nazi groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. he's got plenty of his own visit to a two on a new gold door chance. schools of impulse there's been a shift on the child it could tell it if you have my nigga vote could be gone from cancer it's new nurses to inspirit and just have to feel more than the food tube or not from morgan so i had to do and he would so twenty shown so it's fine for show and can organum on just as kind.
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i. was. under four of me ground in super slow down and less of an easter grunt if we get more crowd the link. i'll see verdun and get different she won't even enter and the ripple be totality here. in december two thousand and eleven barbara yourn former commissioner for foreigners affairs in berlin was announced as on birds men. a mission to deal with the problems and demands of the victims' families. she helps the relatives to try to overcome the trauma and to recover their trust in government. does is an awful lot if it was done who commented about it he did family here i
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mentally and as you know how does your best interest for feel other it's got austar got my hands on. i know there's nothing on the chernoff. billion. didn't already know but instead of one how i lived. wouldn't you bertie a bit closer. now to listen for here to be added as a bus is the hook if you want skivvies and you fuck about on mine found out about them when you invited my to talk to this list you know to eat meat with yards of it all as very very good. if bumble would often have them write in custody and still i leave letters are all the yeah right that's moving and you know that one turn up between the bunny not because nobody else could never believe you now know if you turkish can see the really young man that's going to contact young man when he's up and it is him yes in fact not now be down
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here get that guy. i remember as a missile mention by the iron but that was a season of slush to the bench but you could is it sufficient even if you don't know can miss an order if it has a fusion of its caves has been talking this and a lot of nutrition i wish but i know it's a bit because of all of its missions mention the good bye it was you would you kindly provide us with or does village to not send only two you can do it because that would have visual you would get cleaned. as a bin. and one is five the piece is. a start. at home club or one. in the phylum it is midnight and as alice
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about sept can on the lad. then and so forth on. here. and i send this man hi miles. as a part of this unless. this is all that. can mean a forced and i am among them lance names can be off next question and i'll start. on the eighteenth of november two thousand and twelve beyond the chapter was charged with forming a terrorist organization the n.s.u. of murdering eight ethnic turks one ethnic greek and a policewoman and with fifteen robberies two bombings and other attacks of five hundred page indictment had been prepared by the federal prosecution office
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and presented to the munich higher regional court and the hearings began on the sixth of may two thousand and thirteen. also on trial vali been charged with helping beata chepe to find the cheshire eighty three gun and cast and hold gavel and andrea and ingo would charge with providing money guns identity cards and cards to the n.s.u. . this is a disease or lung a unique addict one bar is and based on the shores he has for patients on the shores of this hype very nifty. new d.v.d. was a heaven's on the and also in the friendly it went any night you'd like the good luck . to be at the chapel national socialist underground trial was one of the biggest in postwar germany's history and lasted five years. on the eleventh of july two thousand and eighteen the munich high regional court
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finally reached a verdict. it found beata chapter guilty on ten counts of racially motivated murder his sentence was life imprisonment. not even this all tied in. the hope on the clock terms of water shortages for can be economically chuffed and told us the shooting for. the oil now was. more and more. in code and of course tiger also wanted the quote. i submitted to the un funds from certain. soviet. i know it's a lot on box office why put its life on for short because. the munich called also
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found the other defendants guilty. it sentence called valenti ten years but constant schultz and all good given three years in jail and under any two and a half years. gums a kobashi crisp on that on behalf of the victims' families. means that many to freedom it. would cost insurance or. may target. buses and torsion finda that tallest in the or and me as my behalf most on issues that cite. it out went out so come. on and. getting a shot of a comment myname i know. that's good even and is there as they're getting the shaft become finished back in the can now slope. choice on in the national forget that
3:56 pm
the the slime mad out towards a v.b. are to chipper. the three sentences sparked protests across germany demanding inquiries into failures in the murder investigations. the case raised serious questions about social conditions in germany that enabled the n.s.u. to carry out these crimes. and the trial took place as a new rightwing alternative for germany party gain ninety four seats in the bundestag suggesting the cheshire murders reflect a wider shift towards anti immigration ideologies and far right politics across germany as a whole. how
3:57 pm
the heaviest downpours in brazil that were in the east of drifted further west to be constructing around matter grosso the souls of collation here they don't exclusively there as you can see and the talent has gone down towards such power and rhea for i think the trend of the next day or so will still be back west through bolivia more especially peru and ecuador leaving areas to the sas through paragon argentina find dry and lofty sunny and particularly hot in essence here at forty three but the showers are also drifting north up sure colombia and panama be all not is not what she got decent breeze of course daily breeze and increasing the
3:58 pm
cloud is partly up against the coasts nicaragua and honduras methinks hail sea rather more in the right way of writing than was the case recently chartreuse possible in jamaica in the us and canada yet another snowstorm that's way through this hump yr is a significant snow in the upper midwest move east winds coming down through the californian coastline is a breeze breeze taking snow not just into california with her utah down towards arizona and new mexico but that's a significant one again several sent to business now rapidly pushing through to the east and after that i consider a warming trend. the weather sponsored by cats own. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of backed you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is
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where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on their smartphone they're on the tablet they're on their computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. whether online. went to the leadership for them we've not got that or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice and that's your boss here twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current
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affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha. and it's coming up in the next sixty minutes the trumpet administration is accused of ignoring legal objections while trying to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia. the president of pakistan and.


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